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Astonishing discovery for politicians: People actually don’t like paying taxes after all!

Peter Davis

I wonder when all of these politicians will actually come together like the G20, and actually find out, or make a discovery, if you will, of something that might actually help ‘The people’ and ‘The chldren’
Something like:-


I‘m really trying to get sort of a message board started, so please comment on this, or else……

(Cue Evil laugh)

John Sentamu is right in his observations but wrong in his analysis

David Davis

Christians are indeed regarded as “mad“. But that’s just a enemy-class-tactic. The Enemy Class knows full well – and would if pressed be mildly pleased on TV to admit – that it is evil and wicked, as does Satan. (Just look at the up-yours-junk in Tate Modern.) The point is to marginalise first, and then destroy – once they have become sufficiently unpopular –  your enemies. If Christians persist in behaving like enemies of amorality, then they will just get swept away with the rest of the reactionary trash.

Poor Dr John Sentamu thinks that droids like “Fabians”, “the Cabinet”, the makers of mass-hypnosis-TV-programmes, the upper echelons of the BBC, and the denizens of quangos, are not innately and institutionally evil beings. he is sadly mistaken, for these do evil because it’s er, umm, what they do, it’s their, er, job and objective in life.

From the way in which the Universe seems to behave in reality, as manifested by Gramsco-Marxians, it is reasonable to suppose the existence of absolute Evil.

Don’t worry. We WILL post a libertarian alliance Christmas message, even though it “is evil”. (But not 4 abt 8 -10 days yet, gotta write it.)

David Davis

Anjem Choudary thinks we ought not to. All right then, Anjem, old bean, come and do your worst! Pull down my children’s Christmas tree, while they wait!

(I’ll email you when it’s up, so you can get up to Lancashire, if you can find it.)

Poor old socialists, they’ve bust the Banks so they’re sitting about in the Student Unions, with nothing left to do for now….

Polly Toynbee bashing time … at last the evil woman has revealed how deeply tainted with wickedness she is.

(Edit: And here’s another manifestation, from Legiron this time, of why collectivists and (what he dubs creatively-correctly) “the Righteous” are evil and deliberately so.)

David Davis

I don’t think Polly Toynbee is an ordinary kind human being. Years ago, this hypothesis was moderately tenable, but not any more. Specially after this, just spotted (hat tip Guido.)

As I have never failed to make very clear, I equate a belief in collectivism – in all its forms – with a deliberate will to do evil, and to set out to actively embrace wickedness, on behalf of a theoretical ideal which has consistently failed in practice. This is because the controverting evidence is as clear as bright glass. Therefore, anyone who not only persists in such beliefs but actively proselytises them, must be premeditatedly wicked. Keir Hardie. Stalin. Hitler. Mao tse Tung. Chavez. Ken Livingstone. Polly Toynbee.

There are of course other evils that stalk the World: this is merely a carefully-designed one, and quite new, less than three centuries old. This special evil arose as a result of the Enlightenment, the Scientific Revolution, and Man’s progressive realisation that He could get along quite nicely without self-appointed authoritarian rulers or priests f*****g up His life, taking his stuff, and pissing Him about. Other evils have been conquered in the past: also some, arising in the Dark Ages in South West Asia, pretend to torment us today, specially when in league conveniently with the modern one I have just described….these are not the main problem, and may even wither away.

But the awfulness of being in such a state of existence appalls me.

Perhaps wickedness is not perceived as such by its doers? Maybe they really DO see the world differently from other people, as though through a lens which inverts values as well as brightness and contrast? Or as if with a moral compass where the needle has been repolarised the wrong way round?

The prospect that I could be right fills me with horror.

Let’s make every british subject into a policeman, and then there won’t be any crime.

At all at all at all.

David Davis

Now, we will be faced with handheld fingerptint scanners. Then anyone who even mildly dipleases the every increasing occupying army of “More Policemen On The Beat” – whether they are real or artificial ones – will be able to have his pawprints forcibly taken, and deleted afterwards kept on file for ever and ever.

Truly, the solution must be to force everyone to be a Policeman – whether he will or no. Then we can all spy on each other all the time, for ever, and crime will be a thing of the past, even though there will be more indictable offences than ever before.

What good people we shall have become!

Let’s all “av-a-luff!”

You can work out why I’m getting at the bugger. I don’t even have “anything to add” (as Pres. Benes put it in 1938, when shafted by us.)

I expect the Nazis would have collected this stuff. In private of course….it’s not Socialist realism, after all. What my old father would have called “shit without wit” (as opposed to the plain original variety.)

VLAD the invader…

…is correctly spotted, with his pants down, by Freedom and Whisky.

David Davis (still not that one.)

It is a source of great sorrow, to me and to Sean Gabb, and others who write for us, that this blog seems to be all about war and conflict at this time. it is pre-capitalist stalinism that is to blame. We didn’t invent it: it merely falls to us to try to help eliminate it, before we die.

There is no point to be a libertarian, if there is nowhere to be a libertarian in.

David Davis (as if you had not guessed.)

Read John Bolton here.

Better to be dead that red “socialised”.

The USSR says “Poland is now a nuclear Target”. I thought, that with Gorbachev, that the USSR had grown up.

I od hope everybody notices this one, since it it now getting serious (as Stalin would have said.)

Civilised nations DO NOT GO ABOUT defining in public, or otherwise, other nations as “Nuclear Targets”. Specially in a time when OUR companies are enriching, by YOUR PM’s leave, YOUR oligarchs who own OUR Foot Ball Clubs.

Sorry General! You shall have to go. If I ever meet you, even at a Chatham House Symposium, at the Royal Institute (for) (of?) (who cares a f*** which!) International Affairs (or whatever the thingy is called) I, a Lancashire Bumpkin, will have to kill you.

David Davis

How can we sit here on our arses, and say that “what goes on in Georgia is not our concern and _does not affect our vital interests_ … “, when unsocialised, pre-capitalist barbarians say this? “THIS” is a USSR General Officer in the DT, describing what his government would do to Poland, a nation in NATO, because it has decided to have some American missiles, a good move I would have thought in view of the coming war, which crept up on us while we were asleep.

I have to return, to entrench the necessarily hawkish position that I have been taking here. I know that many libertarians are rightly suspicious of statist aggression. I am also. But the present most crying need, as far as libertarianism is concerned, is to defend what’s left of roughly-liberal-western-democratic nations, so as to keep fertile ground for libertarianism itself.

It’s much harder if we are starting out from the Gulag itself, or from the face of a firing-squad, than from London or Liverpool, be they ever so trodden-under by local stalinists.

It’s no use to carry on, if we are all 100% dead, or enslaved. The wicked will then have won.

I repeat: “Russia”, while it continues to be socialoist and to behave as though it can direct events and regimes in other nations, must be regarded as having no “near abroad”.

WE have a near abroad – it is called “the world”. Governments that behave like the current one in the USSR, are making messes in OUR backyard. It is OUR job to clear it up, kick their butts, take names, and impose detentions.

Can’t all you buggers get it into your heads that there is Good, and there is Evil, and that both are objectively definable? A war may come: You have to know how to decide which side you are on.

Anybody need to work for the wicked Fabians this summer?

This looks like a sort of “Internship”. Could be a good one – if you took it, the gestapo Government might be able to force your university to give you a place!!!

Website and blog intern [advertiser logo]Reference:15272  
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Georgia can fall, and then the rest. A moral case for going to war against Russia

David Davis

What appears below is the substance of a riposte that I have just placed on an anti-EU newsgroups called “eurorealist”. This was in response to a slightly shallowly-thought-out question about what quarrel we have with somethng called the “Russian People”. The point I try, inexpertly, to make, is that there is no such quarrel: the problem lies within the institutionalised Russian State – and there is no solution except revolution…what I think we in the Anglosphere call euphemistically, “Regime Change”. Here goes…

First. we should make the DISTINCTION between the People of (poor, oppressed) Russia, and its GOVERNMENT. Russia, wretched, ground-down country, has no tradition of secular liberal political democracy. None. None whatever – not even folk-memory of it.

The Russian Administration (and I said this in the Torygraph comments on the article (front page) yesterday) behaves no differently from its medieval, Czarist and Communist forebears. Why ought it to? What advantage is there for it? The Russian people are there for it as a “human resource”, often turned by it into “human remains”, but as Stalin said, “one death does not matter very much”. As the unspeakable pig Yezhov said in 1938, “if we shoot 1,000 people too many in any monthly plan, it’s no big deal”. (I’m not making this up, by the way.)

WE are fighting Russia, because we want a world in which such tyrannical, pre-capitalist/barbarian/sub-human attitudes to other people and their wishes, have no place. Russia’s present governmental structures are savage and pre-capitalist/barbarian, and they have NO place in the world that we and Ahmet want.

Russia’s regime will HAVE TO GO. Just that, very simple. The Russian Foreign Monster said in today’s torygraph that “Regime Change is a Western concept that we do not use…..” I bet you mean that, mate, but not in the way you thought.

If we do not do, in the West, at least some warlike things, over Georgia, the following things will happen:- (i don’t care about the oil or gas anyway – we should not buy oil from tyrants, nor give them money for theyr services. we invented nuclear power, let’s just Do The Right Thing and USE IT.)

(1) Georgia will disappear, rent apart piece by piece, just like Czechoslovakia in 1938. This incident is a virtual re-run of the Hitler-Henlein-Sudetenland script.

(2) Putin will then go after the other Caucasian republics which are “faraway counteis of which we know little”. these have less firepower than georgia could even muster.

(3) Putin will then dismember Ukraine by hoovering up the Trans-Dniester.

Of course we will do nothing – what do you think we now are? We are the modern West, trained by home-grown, wicked and ingrate internal Gramsco-Marxians to take weak relativist positions on everything that reflects well on our past absolute moral greatness and rightness: these days, we now must glorify and salute the betrayal of our friends, by our masters who arrived while we slept, and betrayal of those who see right and would emulate us, but for now need our strong arms against evil ones who would expunge them.

It always has been, is now, and will be, the job and duty of Anglosphere nations to go to war not for their own interests, but for simple principles of right and wrong. For example, Britain had no possible or conceivable foreign policy interest in defendingeither of the following:-

(1) Belgium’s neutrality (we only undertook to because we signed a 19th century treaty that said we would – the Imperial General Staff excuse that we could not allow the French Coast to fall into German hands is more plausible, I admit)

(2) Poland’s territorial integrity in 1939. Again, we had merely given our word (is not that something?) that we would do so. I am publicly on record, seven times in 19 years, as saying that we could no more defend Poland by force that land soldiers on mars, but that’s not the point. The point is to Do The Right Thing, as described by example in the Gospels (specific and empirical) and positively enjoined (as generalities for modelling) in the Mosaic decalogue.

Of course we will blink first if it comes to a standoff with Russia. Don’t worry, You can sleep easy in your beds for a few….months?….years? What difference does it make? So yes it WILL get worse, because we did not react correctly (for the defence of Good against the machinations of the Wicked) before it was too late. It was too late before this South ossetian nonsense.

Why do you all think Bismarck sprayed Imperial German passports all over Schleswig-Holstein, before marching in and chopping it off Denmark? Look at what the Russian State (not the Russian people!) did all over South Ossetia.

It’s too late to do anything but “declare solidarity with Georgia”. That’s honourable, but insufficent to save it. By not preparing for war, you will all now get it. not now, but when it’s almost too late and you’ll have to hope to survive by the skin of your teeth.

Much, much more should have been done, by the West, INSIDE RUSSIA, in 1991. That was the time, and we could do no wrong in the eyes of the world. The moment was lost, and we let all the vile fascist left spiders and their friends crawl surreptitiously out of the woodwork, and slime back into almost their original positions.

Yep, the moment was lost. We were so drunk with rejoicing over the Berlin Wall and Gorbachev and Yeltsin, that we forgot to look under the flagstones in the cellar, and shoot anything that moved, before moving in with the bulldozers.

Look, WE KNOW how to build libral pluralist civilisations with Free Institutions. Having taken 15 centuries to learn it the hard way, we ought now to be able to do it the easy way. What we propound accords with Human Nature: socialism does not – it is the specific and major difference, which is why its experiments always and invariably fail bloodily, with colateral damage. WE SHOULD have “done” Russia while we could do it for no cost in either blood or treasure…..but we didn’t, and so you will all pay now.

Well, there you are. Who’s next after Abkhazia, Armenia, Ukraine….The Baltinc States? Or…Poland again, anyone?




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[eurorealist] Re: [Fwd: WAR ALERT!!!]

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Given that they aren’t commies any more, why are we still fighting Russia?

Of course this sums up the whole problem.

When Russia abandoned the Warsaw Pact, it was on the understanding that

NATO would not move in. Why should it? It had always claimed that

Communism was the threat; not the Russian people.

What happened next? The German Wall came down as requested by the US.

Then NATO moved into East Germany. “Well why not”? “It’s all one

country now” they said. After that it was Poland et al.

No bloody wonder Russia’s worried.


— In eurorealist@yahoogroups.com, “vtam370″ <vtam370@…> wrote:


> Even if Georgia WERE a Nato member, I am sure their

> European allies would find many excuses for not going

> to its rescue. Remember what happened in the Falklands

> war?


> The Russians appear to think that the Georgians were

> egged by America and Turkey because those two countries

> had been training Georgia’s army and supplying weapons.

> They issued some paranoic-sounding warnings in the past

> few days. They don’t want either Georgia or Ukraine to

> be considered for Nato membership. Frankly, I have

> greater respect for Russia than our former allies in

> Europe. Given that they aren’t commies any more, why

are we still fighting Russia?


Amusing and instructive reading for a summer afternoon

David Davis

It’s about the nature of morality. there are many other previous lectures pre-embedded in the post it takes you to first.

We’ve also published stuff like this, from time to time, in our philosphical notes, at the LA archive of publications; see the list of thingies at the top centre of the LA homepage.

Bletchley Park, codebreaking, computers, no funding, very worrying.

David Davis

This from Little man, what now?

If the museum at Bletchley Park was to close, much history and data about what we did, not just about the War (which nobody thanks us for anyway) but about seriously early digital electronic computing, and also (worse) the future of humanity against nasty-utupio-gramsco-stalinino-marxism, would be lost.


THE EU WANTS TO REGULATE BLOGGERS … of all the people in the world whom this could have come from, ESTONIAN politicials ought bloody well to know bloody better…

I would have thought that there could not be a single Estonian person in the world, let alone an Estonian Bureaucrat, who could have the brass-neck or immortal rind or crust, to even think what this bastard has suggested about free speech, let alone say it out loud.

I wonder if Marianne Mikko can ever show his face again in Tallinn, and even under an assumed name, and with a false beard?

If he does, then I hope his Estonian compatriots beat the bloody (literally0 crap out of his intestines, before lynching him, and then kicking his head in for good measure.

David Davis will of course, being a student of history, be as upset as we are about the very fact that this post had to occur at all.

David Davis

TODAY is Magna Carta Day, how appropriate for the following:


Date: 15/06/2008 14:52:26 GMT Daylight Time
From: peter@pwwatson.co.uk
Reply-to: eurorealist@yahoogroups.com
To: eurorealist@yahoogroups.com
Sent from the Internet (Details)

No, they don’t like it up ‘em.
Your prediction is closer to the mark than you think.
According to the Infidel Bloggers Alliance – link – the EU wants to regulate bloggers.

Here is part of that article:

“…Blogs. Apparently MEPs, those people with all that cash, are worried about them. You see it is all a bit of a free for all. People can write blogs without applying for a licence or being approved by the proper authorities. Shocking isn’t it?

Euro-MPs want action: blogs with “malicious intentions or hidden agendas pose a danger”. Marianne Mikko, an Estonian centre-left MEP, is calling for something to be done in a report.
“Blogs are publicly available web pages, with personal views and links expressing the opinions and observations of a particular person, usually on a specific topic or theme and are usually updated regularly reflecting the personality of the author,” so says the Parliament’s website.
How terrible. Just imagine, anybody can think what they like or say what they like, and all by themselves too. People can (easily, what’s worse) publicly write what they think online. And, what is really worrying is that other people might read it…”

So, not only do they want to steal our democracies, our freedom of expression is now to be subject to their approval.
Thanks, Ireland, for holing the bastards below the water-line.

Posted by Cheeky Monkey on June 15, 2008 1:02 PM 


You can’t get more Orwellian than this

David Davis

Something to laugh at behind your breakfast newspaper. All this stuff continues to comfirm that the purposeful destruction of an entire civilisation and culture is the point of the agenda.

It’s either a wind-up, which got released too late for 1st April, or else the Enemy Class is so sure that liberal civilisation is all-but-extinguished, that it is tidying up little details of staggering triviality.

“Is Tony Blair Evil” … new search engine string

People are learning. At last.

De-education, de-education, de-education. Further thoughts.

David Davis

Yesterday evening I dashed this off.

I think that the absolute removal of worthwhile liberal classical content and knowledge from, and the hollowing-out of, the British State “syllabuses” is a deliberate act by a socialist Enemy Class, sadly composed mostly of native British subjects. I have no real clue why they want to do this: it seems such an illogical thing to want, seem from my position as a bumpkin. 

They either instinctively hate our culture and what English liberalism is and stands for, or they have been taught to do so while our back was turned, by emplaced enemies from “outside”.

The best way to neutralise a powerful, morally-based civilisation whose people instinctively stand in your way because you are objectively evil and wicked, must be to spend some decades corrupting and perverting its education philosophy, content and objectives. If you are that evil, then you have  – as i said – all the time in the world. The Fabians come to mind, but I can’t credit them with deliberately encompassing that amount of intellectual and spiritual depravity, gestated over so long.


“EVIL WIND TURBINES” … the message is beginning to get through

David Davis

This above-string came from two directions at once, only today, and hit the port-quarter of the blog, above the waterline, in a heavy following sea.

CHARLES MOORE is quite good today on NEWSPEAK … and the ruin of Britain


David Davis 

We all know how politicians, and socialist Eageltonized Nazi Gramscicrats, who have got into the position of running our lives for us while we slept, have corrupted language evilly, to hide their wicked ends which they have in store for the world. (See MORGOTH. You all know where to find it. Sorry; I just don’t feel as positive about poor old put-upon and perscuted Morgoth this afternoon as I do normally….)

Libertarians ought to read today’s article by the wicked Conservative old-Etonian Charles Moore, though. It will cheer them up.

Tungsten or “Incandescent” light bulbs. MORE. Chris Taylor says he will do WHOLESALE amounts!

David Davis

See our earlier post on this one.  Chris says he is pleased, while the opportunity lasts legally, to supply large quantities of any still-available tungsten light bulb. He does all sorts of funnies, pygmies, oddities and the like.

Bugger the darkness-droids, for a start. As one commenter on the past one said “the light bulb is an icon of civilisation.” it is sheer moonbattery to suppose that  a free man can live not only freezing, but in the dark. And think of the carbon footprint required for all that Indium/Gallium Nitride for those high-bright LEDs that are the only reasonable alternative in the long term!

Chris Taylor Electrical, Shakespeare Street, Southport, Lancashire, tel 01704-544047

QUOTE OF THE DAY…. We don’t really do quotes of the day here as we have no staff, but this one by JOHN HOWARD (ex PM of Australia) is quite OK

As the two night-geeks who read this blog both know, we have not any actual bloggers here but a staff composed entirely of Ship’s Senior-Apprentice-Blogging-Chimpanzee-Typists. It will be remembered that, a few nights ago, their off-duty Mess was wrecked by an incoming-comment on the port side, not spotted in the (currently out-of-order) Palantir, and flinging (really quite modern) Remington Machine-Type Writers,  also (less modern) bananas everywhere, while the poor buggers slept in their hammocks.     

Minimal-statists and other Libertarians will of course have points-of-view about the legitimacy of a “government”, and its right (or otherwise) to state what the prevailing culture, religion and civilisation is in a territory. These strictures would also, I think, be deemed to apply to state-appointed “incantors” (perhaps I mean what used ot be called “precentors” or praecantors) and priests – such as the staggeringly comical caricature of the Devil Himself, Rowan Williams, currently impersonating, and described as, an “Archbishop of Canterbury”. I don’t know if the word “incantor” yet exists in the English Language but perhaps someone will wiki it.

However, if there is general tolerance – for now – of a state and its administration, and the vast majority of its taxees and farm-animals think they are – or ought – to be living in agreement with some defined set of memes, set substantially by themselves for historical reasons and therefore agreed to (willingly or no) by their bureaucrats, with whom they are stuck in a temporal sense, then that is what ought to be accepted by “other” “cultures”. This ought to be the case, be they ever so aggressive and malevolent towards the host one. Their supposed anger is irrelevant and is of course their problem, not the host’s.

This from Christina Speight: 

The United Kingdom Needs A Leader Like This!  He obviously doesn’t agree with the Archbishop of Canterbury ……..


Ex-Prime Minister John Howard – Australia

“Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law were told to get out of Australia, as the government targeted radicals in a bid to head off potential terror attacks.

Separately, Howard angered some Australian Muslims —– by saying he supported spy agencies monitoring the nation’s mosques. Quote: ‘IMMIGRANTS, NOT AUSTRALIANS, MUST ADAPT. Take It Or Leave It. I am tired of this nation worrying about whether we are offending some individual or their culture.. Since the terrorist attacks on Bali , we have experienced a surge in patriotism by the majority of Australians.’  

‘This culture has been developed over two centuries of struggles, trials and victories by millions of men and women who have sought freedom’

‘We speak mainly ENGLISH, not Spanish, Lebanese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, or any other language. Therefore, if you wish to become part of our society . Learn the language!’

‘Most Australians believe in God. This is not some Christian, right wing, political push, but a fact, because Christian men and women, on Christian principles, founded this nation, and this is clearly documented. It is certainly appropriate to display it on the walls of our schools. If God offends you, then I suggest you consider another part of the world as your new home, because God is part of our culture.’  We will accept your beliefs, and will not question why. All we ask is that you accept ours, and live in harmony and peaceful enjoyment with us.’

‘This is OUR COUNTRY, OUR LAND, and OUR LIFESTYLE, and we will allow you every opportunity to enjoy all this. But once you are done complaining, whining, and griping about Our Flag, Our Pledge, Our Christian beliefs, or Our Way of Life, I highly encourage you take advantage of one other great Australian freedom,


‘If you aren’t happy here then LEAVE. We didn’t force you to come here. You asked to be here. So accept the country YOU accepted’.

Socialism and the Left: Accidentally wrong? or less good than the best? or just plain deliberate wickedness and evil? Updated slightly 2nd March 2008.

David Davis

I have been wondering about this problem for some years. It is utterly obvious that human beings naturally want to interact by co-operation in a very large way, immeasurably outstripping even the most social animals observable. 


Insects? Bah, humbug! They are just robots; you could write a programme called “bee.com” or “termite.exe”……

Animals? …… even “fruitbat.bat” (you could even run all of these in DOS 2.0, a great prog for geeks who like us to not have Windows and stuff, saying that other stuff is better, OK you go try write something else and earn 150 billion in 30 years then) inside about 16Kb of ROM.

A subroutine of “tropicalfish.bat” might fetch a library called “vbruncloseswarm400.dll” which only runs when another bit of schmutter called “get_temp.dll” searches for the datalogger and responds to readings greater than 25deg C – this whole outfit of code might be as much as 180Kb, but not really more. (All this is crap, as I’m not a software geek at all, I know jack-shit about writing it, and I just pick up audible snippets from professionals who are publicly showing off. You know – the ones who “don’t change lightbulbs, as that’s a hardware problem…..”) Man however would need rather more disk space than that. 

Simple observation of history, the News Papers and the Wireless Tele Vision “News” programs (which on the BBC are a sort of light local magazine of ephemeral public sensation, and of individual tragedies which are properly the matters only for the families concerned) makes one want to believe the following things about leftism:-

There are two types of lefty, I think. 

Firstly, the infantile ranting student variety of socialist, such as Peter Hain used to be, which seems to execrate everything that is good because it is old (and which has therefore survived.) This type holds onto student-activist behaviour late into life, like “signing on” in the vacations when in your univ town, or being caught with your hand in the Student Union Till (you were only using the funds to further The Cause, honest Guv) or in your (posher) girlfriend’s wallet. 

Secondly, you have the grown-up sort that dispenses with student niceties of shiftiness based on ancestral middle-class shame at doing wrong, and now extorts money with menaces – such as dictocrasts on “Local Councils” and Ken Livingstone……or who deliberately destroys institutions that he thinks are in its way or which supposedly support and represent his enemies, such as Tony Blair, and also the anti-hunting dudes……and/or who also kills defined groups of people such as Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Castro or Che (and no, your T-shirt is STILL not cool.) These latter type are positioned by their adherents as a necessary and ground-breaking tool for “improving” “society”.

The latest attack for example on Private Schooling (for the benefit of newer American readers, we call them “Public Schools” here in the UK, for they are NOT anything to do with the State but were originally founded to make education “public”) is a case in point. These schools are charities. That is to say, they perform services for those children otherwise unable to pay the full fees through providing assisted or even free places, financed out of their own resources or via donations or legacies from (increasingly often) wealthy former pupils; in return, the British State, even under actual socialist guvmints as opposed to pretend (Tory) ones, has given them relief from some of the more bizarre taxations and imposts.

The British State’s problem is that its own schools, run nationally and financed through taxation, are mostly shit. Sorry, but it’s true. They are, especially in the most rotten Labour boroughs and constituencies, which tend to contain the worst ones financec by the highest State spending, merely rather-poor state-child-minding-centres. The State curriculum, that is to say the politically-agreed nationalised body of “knowledge” which the apparatchiks forced to work there are authorised to transmit, is regularly degraded so as to achieve an ever-increasing rate of “success”, year-on-year. This is, each time, attributed by whoever is the minister in charge of this nonsense, as “yet another vindication of the highest-ever-level of dedication by our fantastic teachers, and becuase their stuidents have worked harder than ever before”.

“Five Year Plans” do not even come close, as exercises in “It’s a Square World“-type self-parodying irony….George Orwell could not make it up.

Unfortunately for the British State, the Universities, especially the best ones, still seem to think that they ought to admit students who are best placed to benefit most from such education. This irritates the left profoundly, and means that more and more State spending on “education” produces less and less result. Public Schools still provide about two-thirds of students at the top 20-odd universities, despite educating only 7%  of pupils (the State’s own figures!) In my day 40 years ago it was about half, with many able chaps coming from “secondary moderns” (abolished since then) – so the Public schools are winning and the state is losing.

The point about “deliberate wickedness and evil” is that the effect of private education, in maximizing actual education while spreading it widely also, is only good. To threaten such places with “closure” (as is now the case, in new proposals) is not to act to spread good, which we have always been given to understand, by socialists, is the purpose of socialism. Instead is it to prevent good from being done at all, given that no comparable amount can be done (as is evident daily to millions of parents) in the State’s own schools.

I learn yesterday that the GCSE Geography “syllabus” is about to be changed (again.) It’s already pretty firmly Marxist in subliminal but insistent slant, being full of Al Gore, exploitation of Javanese women factory workers by “TNCs”, and studies of the “favelas”, “Mumbai”, and tourism-generated congestion problems in Cumbria. As a result, fewer and fewer students optf or it at GCSE. The remedy, we are told by the guvmint, will be “to re-engage the interest of young people” by making it “more relevant”, by “focussing more heavily on global warming and climate change issues”. (Their words not mine.) The young people already can’t find their own town (here) on a UK map, let alone Tokyo or Antarctica.

These are just two examples. You’d have thought that intelligent people (most socialists are graduates) would conclude that if going “forwards” makes the problems worse, then you should dump whatever hypothesis was driving you that was and get another. But they don’t. They never, never do. Nobody from the lefties ever said “sorry” to us, or even, say to the Czechs and Slovaks and Poles, not to mention the East Germans, about the Cold War. Ever. At least people like Reagan and Thatcher said, sort of, “sorry you had to wait so long”.

Staggering purblindness to the faults of one’s own deliberately prosecuted, fought-for, killed-for, decades-old ideology, serially-rammed down the throats of nations, and without any successful result ever, suggests not simple error or misguidedness – it suggests pure, bottomless, unfathomable evil and a black heart of darkness – the apotheosis of Hell, translated to Earth.

And then….we all die anyway.