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I don’t like it….it’s too quiet…

Michael Winning

Not much about poor Ireland right now, perhaps the journos are all stuck in the snow.

It says over at Conservative Home blog (HOward Flight, he of the comments about paying the underclass to beget more labour voters) that Germany might leave the Euro. I can’t see a problem myself, the Merkel-Hilda just has to say the word. I think most of “her” people are baying quietly for he to do it.

What the EU-governmint thinks of elections…

especially in places like Ireland.

David Davis

How soon will the Euro implode?

UPDATE:- I said this the other day, too.

David Davis

About 12 years ago, or it may be 13, I bet a YEM* person £25 that the Euro, recently issued, would sink to UD$1.00 by that Christmas. It did fall, a bit: my prediction was only wrong in degree –  but I lost my bet and ponied up.

Now Peter Oborne thinks the project is at last about to come undone.

* “YEM” was the “Young European Movement”. God knows what’s happened to that.

How to win friends and impress America

Josie  M. Jordison (guest writer)

There could be trouble brewing, here in California. Someone called Joao Vale de Almeida has taken it upon herself to lecture the USA and this state in particular about the use of the death penalty.

There are of course libertarians who oppose it on fundamental objectivist grounds. There are moreover those who say it is jurisprudentially allowable in circumstances where sovereign individuals have the right of lethal force against intruders and those who would harm them and theirs. In this scenario they can delegate their right to punish lethally, to an externalised agency.

This interference in our businesses here will not go down well.

Addendum: Getting used to this dashboard. I now find that the Eudude is a man.

101 Years Ago – G.K. Chesterton on Home Rule

Christopher Houseman

Although he wrote the following passage in 1909 about the United Kingdom and the question of Irish Home Rule, G.K. Chesterton might just as well have written it about the EU and UKIP. Enjoy:

union is no more a good thing in itself than separation is a good thing in itself. To have a party in favour of union and a party in favour of separation, is as absurd as to have a party in favour of going upstairs and a party in favour of going downstairs. The question is not whether we go up or down stairs, but where we are going to, and what we are going for? Union is strength; union is also weakness. It is a good thing to harness two horses to a cart; but it is not a good thing to try and turn two hansom cabs into one four-wheeler. Turning ten nations into one empire may happen to be as feasible as turning ten shillings into one half-sovereign. Also it may happen to be as preposterous as turning ten terriers into one mastiff. The question in all cases is not a question of union or absence of union, but of identity or absence of identity.
Chesterton, G. K. (2010). Heretics (255). Bellingham, WA: Logos Research Systems, Inc.

Chesterton wrote the above in the context of correcting the idea that older politicians like Gladstone were idealists whereas newer ones like Joseph Chamberlain were materialists. In fact, he noted, the real difference between them was that Gladstone thought of his ideals as things he would like to change reality to resemble, whereas Chamberlain thought his ideals simply described the way things were in any case.

Truly, there is nothing new under the sun.

Could the Limp-Dems have gone off the idea of “Proportional Representation”?

David Davis

Obnoxio thinks so. Logical conclusion.

The Falklands, the Treaty of Lisbon, and the EU

David Davis

I have also facebooked this to “try it on the dog” as it were.


Fred Bloggs.

Of all the things the EU has done over the years, i have to admit that this one suprised me.
The EU is now going to be producing a comic book, detailing the crimefighting shennanigans of two European Commission bureaucrats.
Take that free market capitalism! *BLAMMO!*
Eat this civil liberties! *THWAP!*
Wave goodbye Freedom of speech *KLONK!*

The EU: Daniel Hannan tears one of the curtains away

David Davis

The Queen cares more about being “Head of a Church” than…

…looking after her Subjects’ sovereignty.

David Davis

This actually upset me as well as making me realise that the Queen must have deliberately given assent to things like ROME, the SEA, Maastricht, Nice and Lisbon.

If a “Senior Adviser” to the Queen has asked for a meeting with the Asse-Hatte “Rowan” Williams”, then it must mean that the Queen asked for it to take place.

The Pope is perfectly entitled to try and “poach” “Anglicans” from England into the Universal Church, if he can. He’s a classic aggressive campaigning battling Christian Pope of the Old School, and good luck to him: he’s also fun to watch, and smiles often, which makes you want to like him as a person.You can imagine him on a destrier, in full armour, wielding his flanged mace (so as not to shed blood while killing) in the middle of the Battle of Hastings.

Equally, by sovereign constitutional precedent and settlement, the Queen as the Anglican Boss is entitled to try and hold on to her “farm animals”. She might also care to think about defending our liberties sometimes. But what she’s clearly doing right now is a harmless game that has no bearing on how we real individuals live our lives, which are our own: this is one of the few real comforts available to us in a darkening and less free world.

But the Queen – rather than get exercised about playing harmless games – ought to have spent most of the last 50 years resisting far far more dangerous and important threats, both to our status and hers: such as the encroachment of the fascist EU upon especially and in particular British Sovereignty – no?

It’ll be the Churches to go next…

Fred Bloggs.

The Church of England has finally begun to notice that the EU is a large pile of dog excrement, albeit a very clever and malicious pile of dog excrement. The Church attacked them on multiple fronts, both financially and politically, saying that “millions of pounds of public funds risk being wasted on redevelopment projects unless local people and religious groups are also involved to bring about spiritual regeneration” and that “The European institutional public sphere is largely a public discourse for elites, it is a sphere in which citizens remain uninvolved. This has in turn contributed to the EU’s democratic deficit.” 

It’s nice that people are beginning to wake up to this sham of  a “Union”, although I fear that the Churches will be found guilty of made up crime and shut down because they dared to speak out against this bureaucratic dictatorship  “Economic Friendship”

Britain and the EU: time for a divorce

David Davis

Norman Tebbitt gets it right here. The only fly in the ointment for libertarians, most of whom would be cool about the idea of the UK leaving the EU right away, is that we still here have our own sadly home-grown gramscoFabiaNazi enemy-class, which habitually gold-plates everything the EU decrees before foisting it upon us.

These people would have to leave office by force, in a “great burning” of their work-premises, records, filing cabinets, pension-entitlements (sorry, Sean, I cannot view them with such equanimity as you sometimes do) hard disks and the like. A rebirth of British let alone English sovereignty and liberty would be still-born while such organisations staffed by such people remain in being.

The thing is worth quoting in full:-

By Norman Tebbit Politics Last updated: January 22nd, 2010

319 Comments Comment on this article

It may well be that Mr Cameron regards any discussion of the EU as “banging on about Europe”, but here in the Telegraph blogosphere – to judge from the over 350 comments on my last blog post – it does seem to be a matter of some interest.

However, I should first say to Gary 4 that I certainly did NOT tell people “to get on their bikes”, I am not, and never have been a “Monday Club politican”, although I see nothing shameful in being one. After all, it is not like being a Fabian. Nor have I ever urged people to vote UKIP.

On the other hand, ZigZag says he cannot understand the logic behind my view on the EU since he thinks that “the English are just a European Nation” and “the EU is simply an institution to which most European nations belong”.

So let me explain. The English are, of course, a European nation, but we are different by virtue of our history from the others. And I suppose that at this stage I should come clean about my own background.

Yes, we are all immigrants, since during the depth of the most recent ice age Britain was not inhabited by man. Even since the land bridge to the mainland was submerged there have been a good number of new arrivals, not least the Scandanavians, Romans, and Normans. My paternal forebears probably arrived here sometime in the 16th century from the continental lowlands. Indeed had they not got on their bikes, so to speak, I might have been born a Belgian. Happily they passed the cricket test with flying colours and integrated into the East Anglian turnip taleban of their time.

They, and most of us who came here until recent times, adopted the history and culture of England and the English. We were much infuenced by the Scandinavian practice of the folk moot, wherein lie some of our democratic ideas and which had a part in the thinking which led to Magna Carta.

It saddens me that in the bastardised ruins of what was once an educational system even children taught the importance of what happened at Runnymede are often told that the barons forced King John to grant rights, such as free speech, freedom from arbitrary arrest and imprisonment and the right to a fair trial. No, not quite so. The King was forced to sign a declation that he would not interefere with, nor abridge, those rights which were were the inherent rights of English freemen (and women too, Harriet) according to rank.

Our fellow Europeans may well enjoy similar rights, but they are rights which have their origins in constitutions and laws. The right of a German or Frenchman to free speech is a grant by law – essentially an entitlement rather than a right. Here, it requires a law to set limits upon that right, which in this Kingdom is (I’m sorry Professor Dawkins) the God-given right of an Englishman or woman from birth.

What I discovered during many days (and not a few nights) negotiating and dealing around the table in Brussels was that my colleagues were, with a few wonderful exceptions such as Count Otto von Lamsdorff, not just corporatist by nature, but inclined to the unspoken assumption that man was made for the state rather than that the state was made for man. At its worst, that became an assumption that whilst the citizen must obey the law and his rights were limited by the scope of the law, the state could do whatever was not specifically forbiden to it.

The basic assumptions underlying the two systems of law, English Common law and European law, are such that they cannot exist side by side. While we are members of the EU as it is constructed today, wherever the two clash on a matter within European competence, European law is superior.

Nor is it just a matter of law. Our history has shaped our society to be different. We have suffered no invasion nor conquest since 1066 and no civil wars, revolutions nor military dictators since Cromwell’s time, and we have stopped one attempt after another to create a pan-European state. Philip of Spain, Napoleon, Hitler and Stalin have all been frustrated by the people of these islands. In short, we have form as a destructive force against European political and military union.

Churchill was right. We should wish European union well – so long as it does not seek to cross the Channel. Certainly I have no ill will towards our friends on the mainland, but I think it is time the British dog got out of the federalist manger. I could live happily on the mainland as a foreigner. I believe that we should have a treaty relationship with other European nations covering matters of mutual interest, but that our Parliament should remain fully sovereign.

Divorce is never easy, but it may be better than persisting in an unhappy marriage. The question should not be whether we part, but what sort of relationship would follow.

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Ten reasons to leave the EU at Christmas

David Davis

Daniel Hannan lists them of course.

And if we go quietly now, slipping the door-latch after us, the buggers won’t notice for some days. Neither will our Parlimanent, cos’ it’s all getting sloshed on holiday at our cost.

Britain to “leave the EU”

David Davis

Well, it was nice to dream if only for a second or two. Via the eternally-estimable Devil, we learn that Douglas Carswell has tabled a Bill, asking for a referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU.

It won’t happen like that, of course. Carswell will get his marching orders and P-45 from the Camoron, and for now we’ll have business (or not any) as usual. But one day, one day…..

And to end, a comment on the front of The Devil’s thread on that posting, stated that it says in the Register that “online publications are to be regulated by the PCC”. But not those of Soviets, for these are “marketing material“. Well, the Libertarian Alliance Blog has just this minute become one of the LA’s “marketing publications”. Officially. You have read it here first!

The Libertarian Alliance is a Soviet, at last.

That’s the problem

It’s 2nd December 2009, ans this place does not really feel any different from what it did on 30th November (2009.)

David Davis

The fact that the UK is no longer a Sovereign State, I mean.

Libertarians, these last 50 years, have spent too much time hailing the virtues of Sovereign Individuality, and Rand has much to be blamed for here.You just can’t go off and do a John Galt any more, however good it makes you feel to read about it, in a world where all the Statists have guns and satellites, and you have nothing except, possibly a candle if you are allowed the fat (meat-eating) and string (global rain forests) to make it. (And nothing to light it with, for Health and Safety.)

Simultaneously Libertarians have spent too little time thinking about the inevitably-partly-Statist environment under which we all have for now to operate.  Too much effort has been devoted, with the best of intentions, to suggesting via think-tanks lots of interesting and entirely logical ways of “increasing choice” while simultaneously negating the influence of The Enemy Class.

Since the Enemy Class is currently in charge, this will no longer do. It is a waste of effort, since (a) they won’t listen and (b) they’ll “surveille” and then take down names. Some protection of an at least slightly non-fully-statist environment ought to have been undertaken, such as the British Conservative and Unionist Party, as an example of something we’d have liked to take over and redirected to proper objectives.

Perhaps, in our trying to take over Conservative Movements here and there, we ought to have covertly hidden our neutrality towards things like Guns, Drugs, Homosexuality, low tax, Rock Music, fast cars, gender-equality and proper education, until we’d got proper control of whatever movement it was we were trying to subvert. Our Policy Position should have resembled The Daily Mail for as long as it was convenient to do so, and as we are all more sexy than 1,000 Paul Dacres and Melanie Phillipses, we would have wiped the floor: Obama would be begging under a Chicago flyover by now, if we had thus had our way.

The future of libertarianism as a mass philosophy, if one exists, lies not in think tanks: these have been, are and will be bright stars of reason and correctness for sure, but are increasingly designed to be surrounded by armed Endarkenment backed up by a comatose population, which has been first disarmed, then de-educated and de-mobilised, and finally starved on purpose all together for one objective.

The passing of the UK into history in its form as a Soveriegn State does not seem to matter to most people in any way much. There is still the Wireless Tele Vision, which broadcasts much the same material as on Monday: Non-Denominational-Community Winter Trees still appear in all shops, slightly earlier and slightly more expensive than usual: Cheryl Cole still has “nights out” while wearing various items of clothing: the Tele Vision News still broadcasts footage of a “house fire” in which a “mother and young children died while a man was seen running away”, accompanied by a grieving Chief Constable who “appeals for information” while stating that “_his thoughts are with_”.

Perhaps it does not really matter that this is happening, or even that it happens against the background of public apathy about big things and shallow voyeurism about tiny ones. Except that both these trends are driven by and happening in a State which has actively sought to being them about. It did this so it can refortify itself behind a more powerful wall of absolutism, the EU (or should I say the USE?) than would have existed if Lisbon hadn’t been able to happen.

In 2010, Libertarians ought to consider how best to help existing parties and statists tactically, who have the best chance of forming British governments which are specifically not this one: even if it means only a slowing of the drift towards slavery for now and not even a cessation of the drift. This is better than falling down a torrent.

If that does not work, then one day perhaps we have to consider the alternatives.

Some more marvellous news!

David Davis

Jean-Pierre Cafard, and Baroness Bentbint Torporsen, are the first new “Officers” of the United States of Europe.

Will opposition to the EU fragment in the face of new Labour….

...and what ought to be done about it?

UPDATE: there is a good debate going on over at Samizdata, here.

David Davis

There is a school of thought (to which I do not subscribe) that the Tories are cleverly allowing themselves to be the hard-done-by party, courtesy of Labour who has reneged on a referendum promise about Lisbon. The “Labour has boxed us into a corner on this one, so we’ll have to make the best of a bad job” might wash with Old One-Nation-Tories, and perhaps with neo-Labour-voters coming across. But what about the increasingly large constituency of liberals (both Tory and from elsewhere) who think UKIP is more in the right?

There is a danger of fatally splitting the Tory vote in constituencies where it matters, either for the Tories to hold on to them or to throw Labour out on its ear to simply get a bare majority. We must agree that, if Labour failed properly to rig the election-results in its favour (it  _will_  try: you and I both know it) then a Tory majority, however slight, might give sovereign individuals precious time: either to get out to Montana or Alberta with their assets intact, or to continue to oppose GramscoFabiaNazi creep and EuFederalism, for a bit longer – so that there might – just might – be created what Chris Tame used to call “enough people to make a difference”.

More than one of us on here has already stated that we propose to verbally assault the Tories (if they manage to form a government) just as vehemently over their Europhile and other GFN-type policies, and for their flagrant betrayal of liberal ideas. But the election that matters is _this_ one. There may not be another chance after it.

Their election is (a) more probable than that of UKIP,

and (b) the ratchet of GramscoCollectivism will proceed slightly more slowly under tham than under ZanuLieBorg.

Imagine if you will the re-election of a Gordon Brown administration, next June. How do you all think the bastards are going to feel, and therefore to proceed with all their most nefarious plans? And at what sort of pace?

PRAVDA…rips face-mask off Lisbon, plus a USSR soldier-robot

I never thought I’d see this here.

Michael Winning

Either it’s a wind-upp and I’m being had or the USSR continus its strategic policy of being open and clear about its objectives and its helpers.

And I spotted this film while I was in Pravda:-


Sorry I cant work out how to directly embed the video like a U-tube whatsit, I’m not a geek. Sohere’s something else you might not have known, or else as I suspect, it’s been PhotoShopped cleverly:-


This is thought to be funny in the USSR:-


And this is just a sawn-off-old-Bear, but with jet-engines stuck on:-


TEN YEARS ON: Britain without the EU…order your free book!

David Davis

Get it here. The first 5,000 copies are free. (Thanks to the Taxpayers’ Alliance for the resource.)

So what should we do now?

David Davis

It’s the morning of the General Election result, UK, 2010.

All the ballot-boxes for Labour’s Rotten and Pocket Boroughs have been mysteriously “mislaid” in the small hours, after the solid 90% majorities for Gordon Brown and his GFNs were triumphantly declared by the BBC during the night on uncommonly high turnouts to show workers’ solidarity, so a number of unfathomable evil people have been re-elected to the Commons, incliding “Jacqui” “Smith” and “Gordon” “Brown”. But the overall picture gives “Cast Iron Dave” a tentative working majority of about 40 seats. A number of “New Labour new-Britain-franchise extension facilitators” were caught during the night, trying to open and stuff ballot boxes in what they termed “safe Tory seats”, and were summarily shot at the roadside by “vigilantes” claiming to be members of the “Libertarian Alliance”, an extremist-right-wing fringe political group of skinheads and Gramscian intellectuals.

The draft-make-up of the Commons seems to be:

Conservative = 343

Lib Dem = 24

Labor = 260 (further enquiries to be made about counting irregularities later, although “no-one to be charged”)

UKIP = 14

BNP = 1

SNP = 2

IRA = 2

So what could be done about the Lisbon disaster?

The easiest plan is for the incoming administration simply to say that we have left the EU. Since it will probably be the Tories, and since these have already nailed their colours to the mast by saying that any referendum can only be about whether more powers can be extended to the EU than now (and since the EU now has all the powers it needs, Lisbon being automatically-self-amending) the only substantive decision to be taken is whether to leave the EU or not.

1641 again: We knew it would happen: they love the expenses, the sexy food, the Zils and the kudos

David Davis

Well, he’s ratted on us too. Now watch UKIP being systematically taken apart, by the prevailing Gramscian-system, before the next election…if one is allowed.

All power is delightful, and absolute power is absolutely delightful.

When the food and electricity run out, the buggers will simply have to be killed and eaten, if only so we can survive one winter and then see what we can do about simply growing food and eating it. No time for lamp-posts and piano-wire. Not allowed by health and safety anyway.

It’s no use “lobbying your MP” any more, “writing to the papers about it”, or any rubbish like that. The time for that was past long ago. We simply have to force them to do what we want, by whatever it takes.

I feel that it is 1641, all over again. Very sad. All this time, wasted, for nothing.

That’s nothing!

One million?

Bah, humbug. The government gives that to the EU every 40 minutes.

Michael Winning

Watch this space

Michael Winning

I hear it was a good conference. Next year maybe I’ll reveal myself. Meantime David Munchingbanana does have the right idea about what the EU ought to do about the EU head-honcho-thing, if we are all stuck with one. Not saying I’m in favour of that, just that somebody like Barreloso-of-laughs, or that Mitterand guy if he is still alive, would just have himself shot in the foot if he so much as showed his face in Chindia or the US. Or maybe that’s better? No on second thoughts let’s not have Blair, get a EUNonentity as planned. Billy-D-Banana was wrong as usual.

Vaclav Klaus: the last European?

Michael Winning

You cans ee what Daniel Hannan thinks here. Please wread hole thing.

Whar goes around comes around, and we are now the Faraway Country of which the Czechs know little

David Davis

The Czechs have given in. (Who can blame them? Not I.)

BUT they have betrayed Britain!

Shame! We wuzz robbed! Klaus knuckles under! Munich! Death! War! But….

Poor guy, what can he do? We are not ultimately his problem. Like they were not ours, in 1938.

We will have to look to ourselves. AND I don’t care what Cameron says or pretends to say or not say, about “referenda” and on whay terms, or means or does not mean, for it is quite irrelevant. Nothing will change unless individual Tory politicians in power are forced at gunpoint to do so and to yield to majority opinion and gracefully accede.

We have all known this, for many many years, which is why all the thousands and thousands and thousands of  liberal blogs exist: we all pretend it is otherwise, but it is not.

In the early 1990s in the warm wet afterglow of Soviet-Imperialist dégringolade, I used to, while over there, tell my Czech and Slovak friends about the deceptive and only partially-visible undercurrents embedded in “the End of History”, and that “The Germans are Not Your Friends”. Happily I guess, they did not believe me for a moment about the Germans, for there are many German car factories in the Czech republic, employing thousands of Czech and Slovak workers, and turning out not Trabants but rather snazzy VWs rebadged as Skodas, and also a lot of Skodas. Rovers and MGs are now of course Chinese. This is probably for the best, and probably a good thing for us all, if all factors are taken into account. I also warned them about the post-Gorbachev-USSR, but that will be another future story, the end of which cannot yet be perceived.

In the meantime, a new threat to individual liberty and small-nation-self-determination has emerged. If you are here, you know all about it. It is called the EU. Now you must be told, if you are new here and also perhaps not a Subject of The Queen or even a citizen of the wider Anglosphere, that “the EU” was not what was originally being sold to us here. What was initially aggressively, and very, very, very submissively sold, as an “honest, Guv, this is a really really great train, you ought to be on it” thingy,  to the British was a “Free trade Area” or “Common Market” – we should have got our hackles up at that already but didn’t. We already could have had free trade but it was supressed by the GramscoStalnists in power in the UK  from 1945 to 1979. The Schumanno-Monnetia-Nazis thought we’d bite on “Market” and fail to notice the barbed tarantula-sting in the “Common” bit, and they were quite right. We were had.

It did help them of course, that in the decades involved we did have more or less perverted-GramscoFabiaNazi-collectivophile administrations: these saw the way things were blowing in Europe and the world, saw the nice food with olive oil and garlic and the lovely sexy girls and the warmer and drier and more predictable weather and the vineyards and the cheap sex, and jumped in, on our behalf but for them and not us. (Why else did upper-class women throw wine over Sit Ternece Conran at parties, as a punishment for selling glass Tuscan pasta-jars in Habitat for £3.99 so “everyone” could buy them?)

To the British Enemy-Class, the EU is about power, money, unaccountability for expenses, junkets to Bamberg (twinned with Bedford!), sex with expensive “escort girls” (and you can pass it through as “entertainment”, which it of course is) and “calling for harmonisation”. To British people who can afford it, the EU is about lovely, lovely, sexy food at “bistros” that we were “just passing”, not having to “change money”, sex with expensive British chavettas in Ibiza so you can chat them up while pissed, getting English beer in Benidorm, garlic to make everything taste of something, and being able to fly to Prague for “stag” “dos” for 99p return. Oh and “buying that really great farmhouse, to live off the land”….

All this of course is not what Europe was really about.  Not even Jean Monnet, the Great buroNazi, envisaged that it would be that easy to defeat the Real Enemy. We did that ourselves. Europe, as in the “EU” is about recreating a Reich.

That’s why you have to keep voting until you give the right answer….until the Terror-Police are here which means you are relieved of having to vote, for the choice is the right answer or else to be killed. They are a little late with the Terror-Police, but I am sure this is being worked on even today.

Poor Vaclav Klaus, noble and intelligent chap that he is, cannot help us now. It is even the fate of his people’s principal politicians who mattered to be like that. How ironic and sad can you get? So. Either our history as a nation, and as the foundry-crucible of libertarianism, comes to and end here, or else something is done. There is no long-term strategic problem, as the history of Russia and the USSR has shown, in denouncing and repudiating things laughingly called “treaties”. We should look as a nation to our own interests. If we are a libertarian nation, then we ought to look out for our own interests even more fiercely, since we shall find ourselves under open threat even from those whom we once called our friends – as I have always warned and will continue so to do. There is no founding libertarian doctrine that says a nation state, once it has discovered itself either again or anew, ought to observe treaties that are inimical to its survival and which have been made by its predecessors.

Even Westminster says that no Parliament can irrevocably bind its successors.

So, well, there you are.

Shall we just go, now?

2009 … and in a Faraway Country Of Which We Know Little…

David Davis

Daniel Hannan is directing fire upon the EU BuroNazis, but for how long can Klaus stand, against EU commands to his own politicians to “impeach” him? The EUBastards must truly fear a Cameron rearguard action on Lisbon. Wonder why?

English libertarians have not, historically, taken the EU very seriously. It’s just them silly EuroNazis mountebanking about in the way they love to, and it’s over there somewhere, and it was only going to be about “regulating”  pipe-cleaners and fish. But now it starts to resemble the dark sprites in the Ark-opening-scene towards the end of “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, we should worry.

Irish referendum vote “a fraud”

Michael Winning


Boris is a pussy-footer pantywaist Tory scumbag too

He’s pussyfooting about “details”, to make it look like he’s a fine upstanding liberal proper neocon conservative, without getting into trouble right now this second with his “leader”, in a way which could upset the “project” which Blair initiated and in which they are all friends.

David Davis

“Key parts” means those smallish bits of Lisbon which don’t affect its action at all.

F*** the referendum. We are not going to get one, whatever. You and we all know this already. Furthermore, if the scumbag GramscoFabiaNazis who think they are our masters in Westminster (whichever party it does not matter a toss) want to pretend that they are doing us a favour by either deciding to have one or not deciding to have one, it means nothing until the physical structure of the EU is torn down and malleted, for the guys in charge over there will never say sorry and never let go of the money until either we are dead or they are.

But the substantive problem remains, which is that the EU has to be detached from the UK and cast out to where it belongs, in the slime.

Vaclav Klaus quote of the day

David Davis

Vaclav Klaus: “I am afraid that the people of Britain should have been doing something really much earlier and not just now, too late, saying something and waiting for my decision”

h/t Englishman’s Castle

This is our Munich: what goes around comes around. It’s us in the firing line now, and if the Czechs decide not to come to our aid, then we have at last become the “faraway country of which [they] know little”: it’s our fault, and we should as he says, have been much more agressive towards [all] our scumbag politicos, much earlier.

The time, sadly, for merely delegating to our “representatives” is past. We need to “do more”.


It is unfortunate that we keep having to resort…

…to WW2 imagery, in the ongoing battle against the forces of slavery and theoretically-based compulsion.

David Davis

But Daniel Hannan is correct that Cameron (if he wins the next GE which is at least a probability***) is not obliged, as the PM of a sovereign nation (whatever the EU-wierdos keep chanting) to :-

(1) Not hold a referendum on the “Lisbon Treaty”,

(2) Not treat it as the “scrap of paper” which it actually is,

(3) Go along with it.

Ireland and the EU: never in the field of human conflict…

…have so many people changed their mind in so short a time, about something so important, and in return for so little.

David Davis

I smell a rat. I think Samizdata does also.

Let’s see how Cameron gets out of offering that one

David Davis (not his: ours)

Ho-hum. The EU will continue to be writ large on our stage: depite its staggering nugatoriness and utter unimportance.

If only we were to learn to treat it, its strictures, its structures, and its instructions, like all the other proper Europeans do, then we’d have no trouble getting on with our proper business as a liberal civilisation, cheerfully passing all its directives and equally-cheerfully flouting and ignoring them. (Like all the rest do – else how could you eat, drive, sell things, grow things, make stuff, shag, have a bit of fun, laugh a little, and live what approximates to a normal unStatized life as most Europeans manage to do?)

I don’t think libertarian governments in the UK would have much problem with the EU: we’d just denounce and repudiate Rome, the SEA, Maastricht, Nice and Lisbon, and we’d charmingly and cordially invite the offices and staffs of the EU in the UK to leave.

I expect everyone on the Continent would still be keen to trade with us, since we owe them far more money than they owe us, and have longer-term prospects of being able to pay, once we have got Gordon Brown out of our hair.

If fruit lorries cannot cross the border, then soldiers will

Look, people: I’m pissed off with this sort of puerile stuff now. It only occurs when States get involved in distorting markets. If only they’d bloody keep out of it, and inefficient French kumquat-growers were buggered out of the market temprarily by less-inefficient Spainsh ones, the whole caboodle to be overtaken by even cheaper Ethiopians who have got rid of “Bob Geldof and the effing money (which never arrived)” then everybody would be happy.

David Davis

Date: 20/08/2009 17:24:57 GMT Daylight Time
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(ANSAmed) – ROME, AUGUST 20 – About 150 French fruit and vegetable growers have today set up a partial roadblock of highway A9 along the border with Spain, in order to stop Spanish lorries transporting fruit from entering France. The producers began protesting after an appeal from the National Federation of Farmers and Young Farmers Unions and will be handing out, as part of the protest, peaches and nectarines to car drivers going by. “No Spanish lorry will get past the border this morning,” warned Michael Pntier, head of the farmers unions, who spoke out against the unscrupulous Spanish competition on fruit and vegetable products and urged French citizens to only eat national products in order to help the sector get through the crisis. (ANSAmed).
2009-08-20 17:17


Such a clever boy

A pity they are  __all__  Enemy-Class Scunbags: some of them night even have made good in proper jobs.

Boris Johnson hits out at EU regulation of London…what a surprise

David Davis

Now, look here Boris my old chum

You, as an honorary member of the Political-Enemy-Class (as you sadly are, be your heart ever yet so in the right place) have always, always known what the EU would wish to do to :-

(1) Any British industries and activities that competed directly with those of the Fourth Reich,

(2) Any others which didn’t directly, but which could give the UK any tactical advantage however small.

The first public revelation of this was when the buggers stole all our Fish, on the night that Traitor Ted signed the treaty of Rome –  he let them have it, “to overcome the last little diffculty”.

Boris, as you are reading this (I know you are, for you are at least 150% smarter than you look) you know you are currently the most powerful politician in London. you are indeed among the less-stupid politicians forcibly “bringing themselves closer to The People” today. (Poor, miserable people.)

__You__, Boris, have the power to cause London to do three things:-

(A) Secede from the UK

(B) Simultaneously withdraw London from the EU! It would happen constitutionally if you took London our of the UK anyway…

(C) Slash London taxation!

Your problems, and ours, are then over. London will become profitable again, as 100% of all EU-based financial service firms fall over themselves to relocate their head offices to it. Furthermore, you will be able to draw on the enlarged pool of (now even cheaper) labour available to London from the new-low-wage-economy of neighbouring England!

Think, just think! Think of all the English you could now easily afford to employ, at Polish wages! You’d slash English unemployment at one stroke, and Labour would never govern England again – you could FREE us! Hong Kong at the end of the M1!

You will instantly become the Hong Kong of the North Eastern Atlantic Greater-co-Prosperity-Sphere! (Which will instantly form up alongside you.

Whole valleys of Nanobot-factory-complexes in Cornwall and Brittany, anyone?

Lord Mandelson and the EU: a stitch-up?

David Davis

Tom Utley articulates a conspiracy-theory in the Daily-Paul-Dacre.

It may be, as Sean Gabb often says: the EU is “a” problem, but not “the” problem, for British – and in particular English -liberals. But I am not so certain of an ultimately successful outcome for English liberty if the EU continues to act like a beacon for all our own home-grown GramscoFabiaNazis: it sits there, wordlessly “being” – and by merely existing, thus encouraging them from afar to perform more heinous acts and crimes here at home, against individual freedom than they ordinarily would, out of their merely ordinary wickedness.

The Irish are a grand and noble people, and ought to be our brothers and sisters

David Davis

I just spotted this which crystallises everything about Britishness and Irishness combined.

We even share an ocean, which is more than we do with the EU – sorry you buggers, the North Sea is ours.  And our fish.

I would like to offer the Irish a referendum on rejoining England, when we will as England have left the UK.

And, eventually, we may defend the North Sea with boats. Like these ones here…I think the FrancoSpanioRussians will just try, er, to be elsewhere:-

Our fish, so f*** off, Traitor Ted had no authority

Our fish, so f*** off, Traitor Ted had no authority

The (national) curriculum today

Fred Bloggs.

Chemistry = Geology and why we shouldn’t mine/ Jolobial Warmin’

Physics = Basic math with nice pictures about Jolobial Warmin’/how we mustn’t use any electricity

Biology = Heathy eating/save the whales/how farmers all cause pollution, all the time, everywhere

English = illitrcy/pretentshoos twiiadle masceradin’ az poemz.

Geography = Anthropology/Evil Capitalists dumping illegal waste (everywhere, ‘coz they want to and it’s what they have to do)/evil TNCs exploiting WEMs in LEDCs to make globalised goods for consumers in MEDCs…

IT = The difference between a keyboard and a Monitor. And how “Ness” organises the fields of her “database” of her members at a “fitness centre”…

RE = How peaceful other religions are.

PE = Dont move! You might hurt yourself!/ Fitness programs for disabled lesbians/obese people.

PSHE = Don’t go there.

“Citzenship” = How great the EU and the UN are.

How to be a Prime Minister: this is the real thing.

UPDATE1:- NB!!! This does  __not__  mean that we don’t still look kindly upon the LPUK.

It’s just that your lot ought to take lessons in resolution and moral fibre, and knowing how and when to Do The Right Thing, before you go onto the ice properly, from The Lady. That she was a Conservative was actually a tragedy: it was a waste.

David Davis

Poor sad defeated and miserable Gordon Brown ought to have taken lessons, when he invited The Lady for tea. I found this while idly trawling:-

Daniel Hannan has got seven+ times more views in a twentieth of the time, but that does not alter the clear skill of The Lady’s perfromance on this video.

Thatcher is an Oxford chemist. This tells you something about what clever and upwardly-mobile girls from poor and/or FabiaNazically-despised backgrounds ought to be encouraged to do.

She will go down in history, which will be kinder to her than Tony Hollick is now going to be, as one of the three greatest and most important women who have ever been (so far of course.) Sorry, Tony, but you probably have some dirt about the woman!

(The leftiNazis is 1971 called her “Maggie Thatcher, milk-snatcher”. So she must have been right then….mostly we tipped the stuff down the plug-hole, while the teacher wasn’t looking – in 1950s-winters it was frozen solid anyway by the time you got it, so you wozz on a n’-hiding-to-nothing”…) (Here’s an interesting take on 1950s free milk given out by governemtns.)

Interestingly, if you wiki “milk snatcher“, you get Margaret Thatcher herself. What a surprise.

This is what wiki says:-

Education Secretary (1970–1974)

When the Conservative party under Edward Heath won the 1970 general election, Thatcher became Secretary of State for Education and Science. In her first months in office, Thatcher came to public attention as a result of the administration of Edward Heath’s decision to cut spending. She gave priority to academic needs in schools,[30] and imposed public expenditure cuts on the state education system, resulting in, against her private protests, the abolition of free milk for school-children aged seven to eleven.[31] She believed that few children would suffer if schools were charged for milk, however she agreed to give younger children a third of a pint, daily, for nutritional purposes.[31] This provoked a storm of protest from the Labour party and the press,[32] and led to the unflattering moniker “Margaret Thatcher, Milk Snatcher”.[31] Of the experience, Thatcher later wrote in her autobiography, “I learned a valuable lesson. I had incurred the maximum of political odium for the minimum of political benefit.”[32]

She successfully resisted the introduction of library book charges. She did not volunteer spending cuts in her department, contrary to her later beliefs.[31] Her term was marked by support for several proposals for more local education authorities to close grammar schools and to adopt comprehensive secondary education. Thatcher was determined to preserve grammar schools, which prepared more students for admission to universities.[30] She abolished Labour’s commitment to comprehensive schooling, and instead left the matter to local education authorities.[30]

BNP: How seriously lefties fear other lefties. A great boon that we don’t have these problems.

David Davis

The Independent tries, flailingly and hyperglycaemically, to stop the BNP from winning, er, what?  A couple of council seats, and maybe one at Brussels. Or even not. The BNP. Oh, come on, and think of the BNP: thikn what they are, and think what they say. Thibk, after reading their stuff, how socialist they are. So! Why do British lefties fear them?

Who cares? Those of us who can read, and who therefore can analyse parties’  policy, can see that the BNP is an Old Socialist Party. It competes with the “modern” Stalinist or Hitlerite or Pol-Potian-Left, for the votes of what it thinks, still, is the “old white working class”.

The “modern” lefties, which is to say, the british Stalinists, of which there are a few too many in the £”public sector” and elsewhere, and some are in Parliament, think this class has disappeared. Not. Not quite yet. Thye have shot their semen too early, while wanting a Stalinistically-beautiful orgasm, into the **** of global-one-nation-socialism based on the AnnaBramwelliaNazi-interpretation of how things are.

Look at its policy position on the railways for example. That’s just one. “British jobs for British workers” – that’s another: what’s the diff between that and North Korea? We are no better or worse off with the BNP in power here (and there) than we were with ZanuLiebORG – but all that we could hope is that we may get a few more years of time to mitigate the worst excesses of Stalinism, ‘coz the BNP are “not very serious at all” (ask Stalin if they shoot priests. As far as I know, they still do not do so.)

Now, it does not mean that an being  [or even aspiring to be]  an old fascist-lefty, as opposed to a new one, or a “Labour Party Supporter”, or a “Liberal Democrat”, is a wrong thing to be in a liberal democracy (although actually being an old-fascist-lefty is indeed wrong objectivistically and will lead to tears, famine, death and an Extinction Boundary.) You could even be a “Conservative”, and old-fascist-leftyness – unless you have your thinking-cap about your person – cannot be far from your pledge-list.

No. The problem about the BNP is that the wrong people think it stands for the wrong things. It is  _not_  a “right-wing”, anti-government, anti-socialist party. It is a temporary repository for the votes of people (who would norlally be socialists) who have not thought things through properly, but who are rightly angry about what’s been done to them and theirs, by people whom they thought were on their side. In this respect it is precisely like Hitler’s NSDAP: it is the cradle of the franchhise of all those people who have felt let down by those whom they thought they trusted.

There is nothing that can be done about this matter for now, for the UK’s governing party has done all that it can – via its own policies – to bring about a great result for the BNP. This will be sad but I am afraid inevitable. 

We will have to Drain The Bitter Cup. For now.

Libertarian Alliance Blast-from-the-Past, No:1 … More on metrication, the EU, and British home-grown fascists

David Davis

(I originally wrote this on 18th October 2008. But some of the points raised deserve a new airing in the light of recent events in Parliament and how these relate to fascism and the Enemy-Class-Hatred of all things moral and English.)

Earlier today I just flagged this up. I now have time to say something. (The original post is not only lower down your page but also here.)

The EU, with its usual disarming frankness about objectives, has gone on record as saying that it’s not really important if people here (or by inference elsewhere) go on using pre-metric, which is to say “Imperial” measurements. For one thing of course, these are still commonly encountered in all sorts of places on the continent of Europe.

The real subtext of the assault on “Imperial” measurement use in the UK is of course, and always has been, ideological and manichean. It is obvious, now that we know the facts. Those kinds of people who so publicly have championed “metrication” (and that also included the quite un-necessary and politically-motivated “decimalisation” of our currency) share a fully philosophical objective: what is this objective, then?

It is the exemplary punishment of Britain: especially, it encompasses an objective of the destruction of a place which they view as “England” – together with all its customs and traditions which act as a sort of conservative glue. The whole idea of “England”, historically, is essentially conservative. England’s history returns almost like clockwork, to a theme of looking to tradition and custom (as understood at the time of decision about the future) to decide what to do. This is mortally dangerous to gangsters like Lenin, Marx, Stalin, Hitler, Gordon Brown, Pol Pot, Kim Jong Il (who will continue to remain dead), Huggy the Chav, Ken Livingstone, Castro (who has been dead for some time) and whoever that bugger was who ran the Sendero Luminoso (I hope there won’t be a pop group called that any time soon.)

This stuff, this conservative glue, hard to create over the centuries, but easy to abolish with a Gestapo-sweep of A4 paper containing “enhanced statutory requirements”, holds a free people in friendships and relationships in a comfortable place, and confers order on civilisation. This of course is quite inimical to the fascist/stalinist concept of “more and faster change”, beloved of “management” “consultants”, or one of the other ones, which is “best practice in health and safety”.

Most importantly, it is because an essentially conservative civilisation is all that stands in the way of the intended destruction of what helps ordinary people to live and get better and better as time advances – that destruction which is crucial for the survival of wreckers, murderers, fascists, socialists and other theoretical idealists who have never inhabited anything more important (such as a factory or a mine or a ploughed field) than a room at a university. These latter groups know, with every fibre of their being, that their usefulness and significance diminishes visibly and fast, with the arrival of every person who can make his own way and decisions in his life.

You can’t, if you are a statist, allow people essentially to better themselves and their lives…and then you just go home and grow stuff or watch TV. The hog won’t slaughter itself.

There will come a time when they won’t need you or your “help”, and they will be able to know it. If they are armed, then you are toast already (so you’d better have got their guns off them quite early on.) If they are unarmed, then you will still have a difficult time, and you may have to shoot the right people (they didn’t in this case), but you may get through if you can manufacture a scare or two, preferably together, and hobble them further.

I think that British statists, being cleverer and more (what Stalin called) “serious” than continental ones (their weather is better and the food and girls are nicer, so they don’t really have to concentrate so hard) are far, far more finely-tuned to the threat of incipient liberty arising in a population, than their European conterparts.

I shudder to think with what ruthless efficiency the Police authorities in the UK would have complied with Nazi orders to round up people and have them “resettled”. Anti-Imperial-measure-police-and-Soviet-staff are merely taking a “directive” at its face value, and applying it to the letter, together with their own ingrained (ought I to say “institutionalised”?) racism against a civilisation which they (rightly) see as the one which has done most to try to make them as redundant as possible.

Eurovision update

I’m just watching the Eurovision thing now, and Russia will win


More on this later.

Peter Davis

(They didn’t win – wonder what went wrong?   PD  )

(Seriously, Norway’s song was fun, but the Iceland girl was prettier.  -ED- )

Speaker, it’s time to resign. Douglas Carswell tells it like it ought to be

David Davis

In the midst of all this Tulkasian levity, which we seem to be able to generate as is right and British about our travails, it’s time for the Scumbag-Speaker Michael Martin to do the right thing and resign. Nothing very much will change, about our Enemy Class, at least not this decade, or the next, but a point can have been made.

In time, people who feel the need to “enter Parliament” will be rather older than is now usual. Gordon Brown for examploe is much too young to know how to behave, and David Cameron is a mere boy who has done nothing whatsoever that had value as a way of givng value for reward received, before he “entered” Parliament. David Davis’s contributions are not quite so marginal, but he is still a bit young to be taken quite seriously, specially as he had a portico built onto his house.

The right people will have already completed the bulk of the great actions of their lives, in Classical liberal occupations.

They will feel no need to gain more money from the Treasury, since they will have more or less enough to do what they need, and they of course will want only to offer the benefit of their wide world experience and wisdom to those of us who know what should be done in a minimal State: a State whose function is to prepare and possibly provide only against “preventable evils”, but we outside this groupare busy, and have not the time or the resources to help it out.

These people will have the leisure time to do their Good Works by authorising monies for the building, say, of a Public Park with statues of Great Historical Figures who discovered The Universe, and the like. In it, perhaps, there will be a full-scale model Coal Mine, down which primary school children can descend on Saturdays and Sundays, for no money.

The LPUK offers hope here.

What they have done will be such as:- (in no special order)


soldiering in reality, with guns, while States or Quasi-Religious-Pre-Capitalist-Conqueror-Memes  (such as socialism and some “religions”) yet threaten humankind,

selling things that people would like to buy,

or epic Scientific Discovery, and the endowment of free and independent institutions of Learning and Philosophy.

We want, insofar as these people are prepared to give up time in the evening of their lives to help direct the small and ample resources of a State, to what we can still regard as “the common good” (even as the libertarians we are), to be able to respect them, and not to despise them for petty Wireless Tele Vision type venality about things such as money.

Evil bastard bureaucrats

David Davis

This is what happens when you corrupt, into bureaucracy, people from the home of liberty. They become monstrous inversions of Good – far, far worse and far, far more evilly-motivated in subtle ways, than their counterparts from less institutionally-free nations.

One wonders what might have happened to the British Civil Service in 1940 had things gone another way. Enthusiastic collaboration, I have no doubt.

Here’s how Fido the Dog analyses the scumbag Nazis bureaucrats who ought to know better, h/t The Landed Underclass. Either Red Traitor Ted Heath liked us or he did not. I think not. It’s a moot point what he liked, except choirboys and himself.

Daniel Hannan on newsnight, behind enemy lines

And for light relief, here’s JamieOliveOil, talking about the EU Common Agricultural Police:-

Here’s what Prodicus thinks of the BBC, as it now stands, in the modern world…the poor old organisation just does not get it.

Daniel Hannan rips trousers off Gordon Brown. Tears new arshole in public. Shit happens.

Here’s what Labourlist thinks of Daniel Hannan. The comment thread is entirely anti-Labour…..

UPDATE1:-And some very bad news from the Gilts Markets. If the Government can’t sell on its debts, we are all f****d.

UPDATE2:- And this just in from Alex Singleton, about how Gordon Brown’s Attack-Apparatchik-GramscoNazis, such as Harriet Harman, whipped up the mob to attack Sir Fred Goodwin’s house, is even worse. That a person’s private property can be asaulted and trashed, by mobNazis, under the auspices and authorisation of other GoverNazis because they found the soundbytes convenient, is unacceptable, in a civilisation. Therefore, the Nazis will have to go, all of them, including Polly Toynbee, for ever, and ever, and ever, for we can’t afford to have any of these droids encumbering humanity and our destiny in the Universe.***

It will be too expensive to keep Nazis on this earth in the meantime, and the Universe is a dangerous and morally-neutral place. Full of flying rocks, ice, supernovae and other fell objects, none of which have our interests at heart neutrally or otherwise, and we have about 50 million years, only, to find out how to comprehend The Face Of God, and see It,  and Understand His Mind. And get off, to somewhere else (global warming, but not yet as we think we know it.)

(That is part of The Test. To see if we can do it in time. University challenge was only the beginning. Eat your heart out Man U.)

Other matters:-

If Daniel Hannan disappears, I will put him up here.

And I see The Devil got it down too. But I think we beat him by some minutes….p’raps we get pu earlier in the North.

Sorry, I did mean, really, to type “up”. Perhaps we poo earlier too: I do not know.

Here’s James Burdett on Daniel.

*** Perhaps that’s how Evil works: life arises, gets going for a bit, gets “highly organised and highly-evolved”, then – socialism steps in, and it all coems to a sad, planetary-death-type end, before anyone can get off to The Stars.

The Irish Will VOTE YES or they will be shot resettled killed bankrupted

I mean, come on, get real, people! This is Brussels, and it’s today! And the future is tomorrow! (It always is, like in North Korea and Cuba and Venezuela.) The effing Irish are only a little offshore island rather nearer Canada and those awful folks who built ships in a hurry and stuff that sank all the subs, than is comfortable for totalitarians. So they have to be taught how to vote…for EU. For the Future. For the Children. For Ever Closer Integration. CICERO

David Davis

It’s very sad. No means yes, of course, because your “No” means you have not understood the benign impulses of your rulers. Here’s a transcript of some sad stuff:-

From: Christina Speight

Cc: circ; libertarian alliance

Sent: Thursday, March 19, 2009 2:37 PM

Subject: Fwd: EU Commission plans massive interference in second Irish Lisbon Treaty referendum … For your information


An important posting from Ireland‘s leading anti-EU worker 



Begin forwarded message:

From: John Anthony Coughlan <jcoughln@mail.tcd.ie>

Date: 18 March 2009 20:12:58 GMT

To: Recipient List Suppressed:;

Subject: EU Commission plans massive interference in second Irish Lisbon Treaty  referendum … For your information


The National Platform EU Research and Information Centre

24 Crawford Avenue

Dublin 9


Tel.: 00-353-1-8305792

Web-site: nationalplatform .org


Wednesday 18 March 2009


Dear Friends,

According to the Irish Times news report below,  a meeting is taking place in Brussels today between the entire EU Commission and Mr Martin Territt, Head of the EU Commission Representation in Ireland,  to discuss how  the Commission can influence Irish opinion in the lead-in to Ireland’s re-run of the Lisbon referendum next October.  It is seemingly planned to spend some ¤2 million on advertisements for this purpose


The article  is by Jamie Smyth, who is Irish Times’s EU correspondent.


A few weeks ago the Irish Times carried an advertisement from the EU Commission Representation in Ireland seeking tenders for  an advertising campaign in  this country to “inform” people better about the EU.  Accompanying press reports stated that this advertising  campaign  is to be specially targeted at women and young people over the next few months, as these are groups which predominantly voted No to Lisbon in Ireland‘s referendum  last June, according to opinion polls.


It is well-known that the EU Commission is itself a highly self-interested party as regards the Lisbon Treaty, for the Treaty, which is a revamped version of the 2004 EU Constitution that was rejected by the French and Dutch peoples in   referendums, would greatly  increase the Commission’s powers  and functions and would provide it with many new areas of policy for which it would have the exclusive right of initiative as regards proposing European laws –  something that must surely outrage any geuine democrat.  


In late 2007 ago, in the lead-in to last year’s Lisbon referendum,  former Irish Green Party MEP Patricia McKenna and the undersigned complained to Ireland’s statutory  Broadcasting Complaints Commission about the EU Commission Office in Dublin spending ¤360,000 on  a series of  political advertisements on Irish community and local radio stations even though such broadcast advertiments are  unlawful in this country,  as they are  in the UK and various other EU countries. 


These EU Commission-sponsored  advertisements ostensibly  aimed to tell  people about the existence of various sources of information on the EU, something that one could not reasonably object to –  but  they also contained  highly loaded  and tendentious statements about how much money Ireland had received from the EU over the years, how EU laws had made phone calls and airplane flights cheaper, how the EU had conferred various other benefits on Ireland  etc.


These adverts could certainly influence people’s attitutes when it came to  voting – that being the criterion Ireland’s Broadcasting Complaints Commission’s uses in deciding whether a broadcast advertisement  is “political” or not.      


The  Broadcasting Complaints Commission  upheld our complaint and ruled that the EU Commission’s advertisements were indeed  political and as such were  effectively encouraging  Irish broadcasters to breach the statutory ban on political advertising in this country.   


If  this complaint had not been made and upheld, one can be confident that the EU Commission Office in Ireland  would  have gone on to repeat these politically potent advertisements on national radio and TV here


It is quite outrageous from a democratic point of view that the EU Commission and its representative in Dublin,  Mr Mertin Territt, should be planning to spend large sums of EU taxpayers’ money on seeking to influence  Irish voters to  reverse their vote of last June on the Lisbon Treaty  in order, inter alia, to increase significantly the power of the EU Commission itself. 


We appeal to you to draw this outrageously undemocratic behaviour of the Brussels Commission to the attention of people in your country and in as many other EU countries as possible,  so to that they can raise their voices in protest. 


Yours faithfully,


Anthony Coughlan






Irish Times, Saturday 14 March 2009, page 11

Commission to seek ways to help State on
Lisbon campaign

Jamie Smyth in Brussels

The European Commission will hold a special meeting next week to determine how it can help the Government campaign to secure a Yes vote in the second Lisbon referendum.


All 27 EU commissioners will meet the head of the commission’s Irish representation office, Martin Territt, in Brussels on Wednesday to consider a range of initiatives that will better inform the Irish about Europe and the treaty.


They will discuss the launch of a new publicity campaign designed to inform the Irish public about the merits of EU membership.  They are also expected to agree on a high-profile series of visits to the Republic by EU commissioners and commission president Jose Manuel Barroso.


‘One of the lessons the commission and the European Parliament learnt from the first referendum on the Lisbon Treaty was that the pro-Lisbon voices were too often absent from the public debate,’ said a senior commission source, who added that the EU’s  most visible institution – the EU’s  executive – could not be absent from the debate this time.


The three main EU institutions – the commission, parliamentand council – all took a back seat during the first referendum campaign on the Lisbon Treaty on the advice of the Government, which was concerned their input could hurt the Yes campaign.  But there is a growing appreciation in Brussels that a deeply unpopular Govenmrnt will need all the help it can get to persuade the public to change their vote.


The commission is unlikely to propose getting directly involved in the referedum campaign itself, which will remain the primary responsibility of the Government.  But it will propose providing information to the public to ensure they understand how Europe plays a role in their everyday life and to clarify points of the treaty that are disputed.  A new EU-funded ¤l.8 million publicity campaign in Ireland is due to begin shortly.


Mr Territt is expected to update commissioners on the potential strengh of the No campaign, and particularly the rise of Libertas.  He is likely to discuss the changed economic context and how that could affect a second referendum.


 EU competition commisisoner Neelie Kroes is likely to be the first member of the EU executive to travel the Republic.  EU foreign affairs chief Javier Solana is also considering travelling to Ireland next month to talk about European security policy.

The Anglosphere still harbours good writers.

David Davis

I have this before me, hitted up for us by Samizdata a minute or two ago:-

“Let’s End the Misery”
The undiplomatic diplomat.

This is the text of an e-mail sent out last week from Britian’s ambassador to Poland, Charles Crawford.


This Budget thing is already dragging on too long. So here is a draft speech for the Foreign Sec or PM to use next week to bring it to a rapid and successful conclusion:

“OK, partners, here is my Budget final offer (Puts a large naff kiddies alarm clock on the table).

We all know that the hypocrisy and absurdity of this process are passing any reasonable limit.

I am being asked to give more UK taxpayers money to an EU which for years can not produce properly audited accounts. Mon ami Jacques with the support of most of you is nagging me to give the EU more money while the refusing to surrender an inch or even a centimetre on the CAP – a programme which uses inefficient transfers of taxpayers money to bloat rich French landowners and so pump up food prices in Europe, thereby creating poverty in Africa, which we then fail to solve through inefficient but expensive aid programmes. The most stupid, immoral state-subsidised policy in human history, give or take Communism.

As for the new member states, we like you so much that we are proposing in the Budget a huge new transfer of funds to you on a scale which will give your people the greatest boost in 1000 years. I will be attacked by my scary new teenage Tory opposition for building roads and hospitals in Poland and Hungary, rather than in poor areas of the UK. We – unlike most other old EU MS sitting here – have opened our labour markets. HMG have created more jobs for Poles in the past year than the Polish Government. Yet not one of you nor a single newspaper in any of your capitals has expressed a single word of gratitude or appreciation for the UK position in all this. So much for solidarity.

Shame on you all. Enough is enough.

In a moment I will press the button on this vulgar clock, made cheaply and well in China. It will ring loudly in exactly an hour’s time.

At that point I will ask everyone round the table whether they accept our current offer. Yes, or No.

If anyone says No, we end the meeting. The EU will move on to a complete mess of annual budgets. Basically suits us – we’ll pay less, and the rebate stays 100% intact. My ratings will go up.

However, despite the rudeness and ingratitude of the new member states as expressed here today, we in London do want to help them So if the Budget deal does end in an hour’s time, we will take action alone.

I have here with me a draft press release which says the following:

Following the failure of the EU Budget talks today because most EU member states refused to accept a generous, innovative new budget proposed by HMG, the UK Gov announces that it is going to set aside a good chunk of the money it was prepared effectively to deduct from its rebate under the current proposals, 5 billion pounds, to set up a new Strategic European Development Fund – the Mother of All Know How Funds, but on steroids.

This Fund will be accessible for those of the V4 plus Balts who agree to join its programme – if they all feel too humiliated by our lack of EU solidarity to join, that’s great – we’ll keep the money for ourselves. If only some of them join, that’s great too- those who do will get proportionately more.

The Fund will cut out all the bollocky EU bureaucracy which comes with the current spending round, which means that for every pound we pay into the EU pot for Structural Funds for new MS about a [make up a suitable percentage] goes in sticky transaction costs, local and Brussels corruption, overhead and other rubbish, and so does not benefit the intended recipients.

The Fund will go for any sensible strategic development idea that comes along, with emphasis on R&D and Innovation, plus reform of the region’s abysmal legal systems, the main Communist – era legacy problem in Europe. But if you want to build some new roads, that’s OK too.

The Fund will be managed according to state of the art transparency and efficiency:

 Internet procurement

 90% money spent to require matching private sector funds, so as to encourage new private investment on a vast scale

 top-level auditing

 explicit buy-in by recipient governments to compensate the fund on a ‘triple damages’ basis for any losses proved by independent auditors to be due to official local corruption, and to prosecute the people concerned

 up-front urgent action by recipient partner governments to set up their own streamlined procedures and new laws to allow this money to be spent fast

 oversight by independent all-party experts and bankers/business leaders in each country to ensure scrupulous honesty and agree national priorities

 hard targets set for spending with regular public updates

 hundreds of short-term fellowships to enable the brightest and best from these countries to see EU best practice in action in the UK

 [Aside: PM Marcinkiewicz: you asked me recently to help with ELT in Polish schools - spend 100 million of the Fund on this, so that every kid learns English, plus save money by shutting down French and German language classes!]

 and so on

This Fund mean that the UK’s money goes much further, much faster and much more efficiently into the regions concerned than it possibly could under any EU programme.

Five billion pounds spent this way equals far more than 10 billion spent through the EU, by building in good incentives at every level to encourage openness, free enterprise, creativity and honesty.

The Fund will give the UK and British expertise and the English language together a dominant economic, political and intellectual position in the most dynamic region of Europe for decades to come, forcing legal and business reform on a huge scale according to the purest Anglo-Saxon principles.

And it will be incredibly popular in the countries concerned, since it will force the region’s governments sitting shiftily round this table to be far more honest and accountable than they are at the moment.

More! The roaring success of the Fund will set in motion the accelerating downsizing of all EU-level spending and a fundamental rethink of global aid philosophy. UK voters and voters all across the EU will love it because it spends their money well, plus highlights the wastefulness of what the EU is doing at the moment and cuts out completely the blathering European Parliament. Wider public pressure for reforms along UK lines will become irresistible.

Basically, a terrific deal for the UK, for the modern European ideal of well-coordinated light-touch integration, and for the populations of the countries concerned.

End of draft press release.

We nonetheless remain willing to sacrifice all that in the interests of discredited, inefficient, socialistic, EU ‘solidarity’ – if that is what you really all prefer – to sign up for the latest offer for the Budget which is on the table.

Over to you, mes chers amis!

(Presses button on alarm clock. Silence. Broken only by loud ticking)

I have a suitable alarm clock if that helps.


Charles Crawford
HMA Warsaw

Euro destruction: perhaps, in 1998 I merely spoke too soon.

David Davis

About eleven years ago, I was in a newsgroup called “eurofaq”: I believe it still to be in operation somewhere (probably on yahoogroups now if you want to go searching.) To enliven our internal exchanges with intelligence from elsewhere, I had various run-ins with some starry-eyed young people from something called “YEM”.

To do this, I used to go and lurk on their groups under the name of Jacques Bommaerts, a Belgian “student”, occsionally surfacing to ask seemingly naive questions about the forthcoming Euro, such as how one currency could be imposed on 15 nations – remember! We in the UK were to be for it too! – without either elections or referenda, and under what economic parameters it was to operate.

The responses of enraged and indignant uproar were fun to behold.

Eventually I was rumbled. Years before most of us knew about internetty-stuff, a clever-clogs on the Enemy Staff worked out that my IP address was the same as an identifiable member of eurofaq, and I was expelled from the YEM crowd amid showers of rotting cyber-cabbages and virtual-tomatoes. But the fun lasted about a year.

At the end, on my exit, I bet one of them £25 that the Euro, starting about 70p, would be under 50p by Christmas. unfortunately it wasn’t and I had to pony up, which I did.

And now, today, we have this Simon Heffer analysis – of where the Euro, and indeed the entire fascist EU project, stands.

Years pass, and I might even have been dead by now, but I’m not, which is fortunate. I have lived to see the day when the Euro might actually come undone, be toast, totalled. Another Rouble-type experiment to actually bite the dust…and in my lifetime too. 

Actually, it’s very sad: I have lived to see that modern people  _still_  let their governments get away with not learning the lessons of History. This is the main problem that I think should concern libertarians, if we are at some distant time to form the very kind of administration which sets out to cull most of the State.

A major philosophical battle will need to take place about de-sovietisation of money, so that no further disastrous monetary union experiments are tried.

While we yet slave, the trough-pigs still hoover in the money

David Davis

Perhaps it would matter less that Members of the European Parliament scoop £200,000 per year in “expenses” and “allowances” (that’s about USD  $  300,000) if what they did was essentially harmless and unimportant to the rest of us.

I’m not sure that President Barack Obama even earns quite that total amount (with his ordinary pay of course) and you oculd argue that he deserves it more in return for the augmented stress of his own job.

We at the Libertarian Alliance often say that being engulfed in the EU is “a” problem, but it is not “the main” problem, for Britain and in particular England (which not only does the nett paying for the EU boondoggle, but against which and against whose traditions, customs and commercial practises “EU directives” are often specifically “directed”.

But the EU is certainly an expensive problem, aside from the legislative implications. if we could leave, we could abolish VAT.