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“Bad news coming” thought Winston…

Christopher Houseman

No, not the impending cuts of so many public payroll salaries (some of which have jobs associated with them), but rather a certain commonality in the Coalition about the motives for their present course of action.

Nick Clegg has assured the LibDems that he doesn’t want to cut the state for the sake of cutting it. No, he wants to cut it so he can rebuild the state differently. Likewise, Liam Fox has informed the Tories that he doesn’t want to cut defence and nor does David Cameron (cue Tory applause) – but at the moment, he has no choice.

Thus is the libertarian ideal of a smaller state smeared in the eyes of political activists and the wider public as a necessary evil, a stopping-off point to be endured on the road to the sunny uplands of a reshaped and re-expanded State tomorrow.

Unless libertarians can convincingly and appealingly present to the public the truly joyous reality of being able to work (or not) as we please, with whom we please, to offer goods and services we’re proud of to whomever we please, libertarians will remain marginalised and misunderstood. They’ll be seen as an articulate but callous bunch, perversely rejoicing over the wider dislocation and misery caused by the State’s champions ditching the minions they think they can most easily do without.

When faced with people determined to do exactly the wrong thing, Lenin’s “The worse the better” dictum may be an accurate response to their failures. But it’s no way to market anything to anyone.

PS. I note the Tories’ pledge to let headteachers discipline children for misbehaviour on the way to and from school. I leave the last word on this news to John Taylor Gatto:

As schooling encroaches further and further into family and personal life, monopolizing the development of mind and character, children become human resources at the disposal of whatever form of governance is dominant at the moment.

…that GCSE stuff’s not a “science paper”…THIS is a Science paper!

David Davis

A little time ago I published a recommended High School Science test paper, designed to better prepare those who were planning to pursue Natural Sciences of all kinds at a “University”. It’s been revisedf a little:-

Improved science paper for GCSE, devised by David Davis for the Libertarian Alliance, a free-market, civil liberties and Classical liberal education think-tank and publishing house in London, originally issued in Sept 2009.



1                                            Estimate the DC current, flowing in a one-turn copper coil which follows the earth’s equator, which would cancel the Earth’s magnetic field at either pole. (Take the horizontal component of field at lat 86o 30` N and longitude approx 30o W to be 0.18 gauss: vertical component = 0.9 gauss. State the relationship between the c.g.s Gauss unit and the MKS Telsa unit.)

2                                            Calculate the cross-sectional area of a square copper turn, smoothed and unblacked but not polished, and fully suspended, whose surface temperature will not exceed 800 K in dry air temperature of 310 K. Assume the specific conductivity of the supports to ground as being 0.2 Joule m-2 sec-1. If the young’s Modulus of the supporting material is 50GPa, calculate the minimum cross-sectional area of each support assuming you place one every five metres of copper conductor. State how many supports will need to be ordered to circle the Earth at your designated line, and, in still air, their minimum height to prevent the ground temperature rising more than 5 K.

3                                            Calculate the gravitational field strength existing between the Milky Way and a hypothetical galaxy 13 billion LY away. Use 2E42 Kg for the mass of the Milky Way: make an informed estimate of the mass of your further galaxy, stating clearly any assumptions you have made. Using your figures thus obtained, and your informed estimate of the mass of Galaxy M31 whose data regarding mass, position and relative speed you already will know, decide where approximately to place your spacecraft so that the resultant vector of gravitational forces from the three galaxies on it is zero, assuming no other interactions.

4                                            Estimate the cross-sectional area of each of two Duct-tape fixtures, (tape is of 48mm width and 0.5mm thickness) applied always parallel to the direction of force, which would be required to separate reliably two opposite charges of 1C each at a distance of one meter in free Space. (Young’s Modulus of Duck Tape is assumed to be 4E9 Pa.)

5                                            Estimate the number of moles of human DNA on the Earth as of now, its total estimated mass, and the molar mass of human DNA. (Assume that one haploid human genome, complete, = 1 molecule. Also assume that the mean volume of all human cells is about 1.9 picoLitres.)

Ignore human gametes in this answer, but also estimate the total number of human gametes present on the planet at any moment. Use your knowledge of human population trends and age-band-statistics to derive as accurate an estimate for this number as possible, differentiating male from female gametes. State the assumptions you have made about the relative frequency of each gamete.

6                                            Calculate the reduction in heat capacity of the Gulf Stream over a calendar year, caused by a wind farm of 10,000 turbines directly in the path of the airstreams above it at latitude 55oN, each turbine having an installed generating output of 100Kw, at a height of 100M and operating at a 16% duty cycle. Use your own knowledge of geography, natural climate movements, astronomy, the heat capacities of water and moist air. (You may assume that the Sun’s radiated power output is about 3.92E26 Watts and is deemed for this question to be constant.) Estimate the extra mass, surface area and volume of North Polar ice that would build up in the Barents, Norwegian and Greenland Seas in one year, assuming that no other areas are affected, as a result of this set of turbines. (For quickness of solution, assume polar ice above latitude 65 radiates IR into space at 25 Watts/M2 at all temperatures above 230K.) Specific heat capacity of water in liquid phase = 4.18KJ per Kg per degree K.

7                                            You are to deliver a shell weighing 1.5 imperial tons, at a range of 60 miles, from a barrel of diameter 460mm, at a target at the same elevation as the emplacement. (g = 9.81m/s2) Devise a suitable mathematical model from which the answers could be derived, and then calculate, in no particular order:

(a)   The barrel length

(b)  The time of flight

(c)  The maximum height reached by the projectile

(d)  The required muzzle velocity at 40o barrel elevation

(e)   The mean gas pressure (assume uniform) in the barrel

(f)    The acceleration of the projectile in the barrel

(g)  The muzzle velocity (you may neglect air resistance for this question.)

8                                            Calculate the number of 25Kg sacks of rice that would be required, and also the total volume of rice grains in cubic miles, if the Great King had been able to grant the wish of the Resident-Court-Mathematician who had invented Chess for him. The inventor asked for “one grain of rice on the first square, two on the second, four on the third, eight on the fourth, sixteen on the fifth…..”. Assume a grain of rice is a cylinder of length 7mm and diameter 1.25mm and that they pack approximately efficiently. State your grain-packing-density assumptions in your answer.

If the sacks used above are made of polythene, and must be 850 microns thick, estimate the area of film to be manufactured including excess cutting-flash needed on the packing lines, this amount’s mass, and the number of barrels of Saudi Heavy Crude that may have been used to make it. Use your knowledge of thermal cracking procedures, the mean composition of linear alkanes in Saudi heavy Crude, and also of the average mass of a “barrel” and how much of this is realistically convertible into monomers for this question’s use. Density of polythene (MDPE type) is about 0.932 g/cm3.

9   Calculate the rate of change of mean global temperature, stating in which direction it will move, if unbroken polar ice caps cover the Earth down to latitudes 50 North and 50 South. Assume the boundary is a straight line in both cases. State what percentage (to 3sf) of the earth’s current land area would have to be moved by tectonic drifting to be below latitudes 50N/50S, to bring about the cooling you have calculated.

An Easter Message

Christopher Houseman

Today, April 4th 2010, is Easter Sunday, when Christians all over the world celebrate the Resurrection from death of the Lord Jesus Christ, the God-Man sometimes known by the title “the Son of God”. Christians claim, on the basis of written accounts handed down from eye-witnesses, that three days after enduring death by crucifixion, Jesus of Nazareth came back from the dead. Those accounts add that the risen Jesus was seen, heard and even touched by up to 500 of his followers at a time over a forty day period before ascending into heaven.

The Resurrection is an event which Christians have celebrated for about forty generations past, but to we who believe it’s more than an event – it’s the Event which changes human history forever. According to the Christian Church, the Resurrection shows that God in Christ has conquered even death, and that the Jesus who willingly offers everlasting life to his followers is able to do what he’s promised. In Libertarian terms, the Easter story is about the triumph of Life and Truth over an unholy alliance of Imperial Politics and State-sanctioned Religion.

The Easter week-end marks the climax of one of the most distinctive aspects of the Judeo-Christian revelation. The story of world religion normally revolves around human beings trying to reach up to God. The Judeo-Christian story, by contrast, is about God reaching down to us. It’s based on two contrasting but related assumptions: that on the one hand human beings can’t bribe, cajole, or haggle their own way into the good books of an all-sufficient God; but that on the other the God who loves us enough to make and sustain us won’t just leave us to live and die without the chance to relate to God.

You might be wondering what much of this has to do with the Libertarian Alliance. The Alliance includes many atheists and agnostics who would accept little or none of what I’ve just written about the Lord Jesus Christ. It has no unified position on much of anything except the right of everyone to speak and live by the truth as best they understand it – without the modern, centralised, over-regulating, greedy, grasping State to stand in their way. Where might Christianity fit into a Libertarian world, except perhaps as one life-style option among many? The truth is that Christians and Libertarians have much more to offer one another here in Britain than mere tolerance of one another.

For instance, the Christian Institute has recently pointed out that the current understanding of “equality” in British political discourse means that many Christians have “a growing feeling that ‘equality and diversity’ is code for marginalising Christian beliefs” (Marginalising Christians: Instances of Christians being sidelined in modern Britain, page 7). Christians, it seems, should be “free” to practice their faith privately but not publicly. They should be “free” to answer questions (although even this freedom is under attack), but not to initiate conversations. They should be “free” to live under the law of the land, but not to initiate (or even retain) laws which embody and reflect their beliefs and priorities.

If such limitations were successfully applied to an ethnic group rather than a religious one, the results would often be marginalisation and, eventually, extinction. As noted above, British Christians are increasingly concluding that this is exactly what some British and European political leaders and social commentators have in mind for them and their faith. And while this cadre of anti-Christians is currently small, it is vocal, well-connected and highly motivated. If its members succeed in their legislative and cultural objectives, I suggest that the results will be horrifying for Christians and Libertarians alike.

With the demise of Christianity, our primary cultural basis for distinguishing between the individual and the State would disappear too. Instead, the State would become the Western world’s arbiter of moral values, the assessor of the value of each individual human life, and finally (by a remorseless logic) the giver and taker of life on a scale unknown in the West (certainly not since 1945 at any rate). In short, the State would become a fully fledged pretender to godhood. During the 20th century, the loss of the boundaries between God and the State cost Eastern Europeans and Asiatics over 100 million civilian lives between them in what was probably the most expensive educational project in recorded history. You can read more about it in Professor RJ Rummel’s book Death by Government. How many millions of lives might the West be willing to throw away in the 21st century in order to learn the same lessons?

Would democratic humanists offer much resistance to such a State? I suggest their opposition would amount to very little. In the first place, if this life is all you’ve got, will you really risk it during the rise of an increasingly violent dictatorship to prevent an unknown number of complete strangers being killed? Some might, but most wouldn’t. Why lose so much forever in exchange for what one will never see? Some brave parents might make the ultimate sacrifice for their children – but what if the State subsequently took those orphans into “care”?

Secondly, the democratic humanist critique of dictatorship often rests on the twin pillars of utilitarianism and respect for legal procedure. This kind of critique is fuelled by current affairs. It suffers badly once State control of news and education can shape a nation’s understanding of what is socially “good” and can also spare a government’s blushes. What’s more, modern totalitarian States have often killed, exiled or co-opted prominent intellectuals and lawyers into ensuring that legal minutiae are complied with wherever possible. This second point in particular may help British Libertarians understand why their critique of the modern nation-state is only just starting to attract the mass media attention it needs and deserves.

By contrast to the democratic humanist approach, the Christian faith, rightly understood, proclaimed and applied, has the power to act as the moral conscience of the Libertarian movement in Britain and of the wider nation – as indeed it did to the Gladstonian liberals of the nineteenth century. In so doing, it would offer the Libertarian movement the moral ammunition it needs to see off the old criticism that Libertarians are really conservatives who want to smoke pot without getting arrested. It would also give Libertarians an acceptable basis for discussing the importance of family, community, culture and society. “laissez faire” isn’t rhyming slang among Libertarians for “I don’t care”, and I’ve yet to meet a Libertarian who thinks it should be.

But how can an assortment of classical liberals, cultural conservatives, voluntaryists, and anarcho-capitalists help the Church? What do Libertarians have to offer Christians, apart from the promise of leaving them in peace? To put it bluntly, if Libertarians could only offer Christians good-humoured toleration, it would be a great improvement on the current situation of the British Church. Even the most humanistic Libertarians I’ve met genuinely believe that the Church should be free to promote and live out its message in Britain to the greatest extent its moral, spiritual and material resources will permit. In Libertarian thinking, equality means equality for Christians too. Christian, if you really think this is what the current Establishment and its supporting chorus of so-called “New Atheists” are offering you, kindly reconsider. In fact, I suggest that Christians and Libertarians can and should actively co-operate in a number of areas.

Consider for instance the Libertarian slogan “For Life, Liberty and Property”, which potentially contains much that Christians should find appealing (see, for instance, John 10:7-10, Luke 4:18-21; 2 Corinthians 3:16-18). There can be no doubt that consistent application of this slogan would offer us all far greater freedom of conscience than we presently enjoy. Why, for instance, are Christians and everyone else in Britain forced through the tax system to pay for most of the 7 million plus babies aborted in the United Kingdom since 1967? How can forcible subsidies of the taking of millions of innocent lives be justified in a country that supposedly upholds our freedom of conscience as well as that of women who choose to have an abortion? I can assure any Christians who want to pursue this matter further that they’ll find a hearing and a number of sympathisers in the Libertarian Alliance.

For their part, Libertarians can help Christians put meat on the bones of lines such as “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”. Christian teaching has not only to be proclaimed and explained. It must also be applied, which begs an obvious question: how? Let me give but one example where Libertarians have put in a great deal of thought over the past few decades. Western governments are becoming ever more desperate to suppress reports of their national debts by blaming the media, “speculators” and anyone else they can find. The politics of State-run redistribution, financed by ever-larger government deficits and overseen by corporately-sponsored political parties, is about to collapse in on itself (as is the custom of oversized black holes).

The results will be devastating for many ordinary households. As in times past, adversity will bring many to the doors of their local church looking for answers. When that happens, Christian leaders will have a choice. Will they emphasize that we are given God’s grace to live here and now too? Will they prepare now to explain later that the centralised, politically driven issue of fiat money (mere pieces of paper) through central banks is an abomination to God? A government-run fiat currency violates God’s commands to use just weights and measures (Deuteronomy 25:13-15), and involves secretly moving the landmarks (Deuteronomy 19:14) of savers by diluting the purchasing power of what they own in favour of the politically connected mega-banks and multinational corporations who get the new money first. The end result is that Big Banking and Big Business get to bid for today’s resources at today’s prices with tomorrow’s money supply. Little wonder that the rich get richer and the poor fall further and further behind when the state controls the money supply!

Will Church leaders also call for the State-controlled, relativistic National Curriculum to be scrapped? The Bible places the primary responsibility for education on parents, supported by the leaders of God’s people (Deuteronomy 6:4-7; Joshua 8:34-35; Nehemiah 8:1-10). I’m amazed how many Christians keep imagining all will be well if they can just give a Christian gloss to the God-hating, Christ-killing, micro-managing, grasping, one-size-fits-all State – and if that sounds like an overstatement, try looking at governments as God and Satan see them (Daniel 7; Luke 4:5-8). The compelling, conformist violence of the law (especially in the field of so-called “social engineering”) and the exercise of free choice informed by the royal law of love (James 2:8) are fundamentally different in nature. True, God gave the Law of Moses – but that was to teach people the reality of their sinfulness and their need for Christ (Galatians 3:21-29).

Will Church leaders have the knowledge and courage to inform the Christian call to repentance with specifics about how foreign policies, government “aid” programs, so-called “free trade” agreements and “conservationism” have been used to retard the industrialisation of the countries formerly known as the Third World? Closer to home, will they call time on the politics of State-run redistribution as a massive exercise in electoral bribery from the voters’ own pockets? Or will those leaders just say that God wants the suffering crowds to know the presence of Jesus and ask them to keep coming back to learn more about a better hereafter? Such a message, while not false in its content, would clearly be an inadequate portrayal of the Christian life to a materially and spiritually impoverished people in desperate need of both eternal Truth and practical responses amidst financial ruin.

Whether you’re a Church leader, an “ordinary” Christian, or just someone looking for a principled, reasoned and radical alternative to the database state, please accept this invitation to contact the Libertarian Alliance. Meantime, regardless of your own beliefs, I hope you’ll accept best wishes for a very Happy Easter from the Libertarian Alliance and I.

How to destroy private schooling in the UK

David Davis

First, get to be the “government”. Then, get your hands on some shiny levers called a “ministry of education” or whatever: if necessary, build the machine with the levers on it and staff it with your fellow-travellers.

Next, make noises about “investing in people”, and that your priorities are “education, education, education”. (They are of course, just not in the way people think you mean.)

Then, get your digits round the windpipes of institutions that have flocked to your bait, of “money” and “funding”. Threaten them with cold turkey if they don’t admit who you say…

Finally, attack the already-struggling private schools, with threats to modify their “taxation status”, or with extra supernumerary burdens “in the community”.

I could go on: but you all know where this is heading.

And furthermore (to the last post)…

David Davis

Simon Heffer talks sense about our universities (too many) and history (too little and too truncated and deliberately-not-joined-up) as commanded to be taught by the GramscoFabiaNazis. The connection between this and misunderstanding the more serious parts of my post below, is obvious.

Very good and sound logic

David Davis

From David Farrer at Freedom and Whisky (.com)

And Freedom and Whisky finds more justification for leaving the State out of your arrangements.

Green Paper

David Davis

This is a day of minor observations about small things. I feel I want to say things about education this afternoon.

This matter which I will relate was commonplace in the early 1960s. Even in “State” schools, whose teachers still thought they were there to pass knowledge on, or at least some of them did.

When I was a young teenager at school, if you did a piece of either homework (it was actually called “prep” then by us, and you did some between 6.15 and 7.30 pm at school, before going home if you were not a boarder, to do the rest before tomorrow am) or classwork that fell below your recognized usually-achievable standards – and you were /told/ what these would be as required-  you would be commanded to redo the work on “Green Paper”, perfectly, for resubmission to the relevant master. Otherwise, you would not be classed in your class ratings for the “Tri-Weeklies”. There were four of these per term. If you missed a “Tri-Weekly” in all subjects fully…..

“Green Paper”, which was of a particular shade and was lined and punched and of Foolscap size – so you could not buy it at Pullinger’s “the stationers” in the town – could only be collected, in individual sheets of the prescribed number for the work, from your Housemaster. He would note how many sheets you were commanded to ask for, which master it was for, and which subject, and by when (usually tomorrow) and would note your marks from the failed-piece. You had to sign for these sheets.

If you “got” three Green Papers (over all subjects) in one tri-weekly, you would then go on “Satis”. You might be beaten as well by the Housemaster or the House Tutor, at his or his discretion, especially if you were thought to be “intelligent and lazy”. (Boris Johnson types please note.) Potential officers in the Prussian Army would have jumped over the wall by this time and buggered off to their favourite peasant-girls, in disgust, at their views of this attempted humiliation. “

“Satis” meant that you had a brown _Blauschein_ thingy handed to you, with all the lessons you had to go to marked on it in a grid, for the next three weeks (tri-weekly) and each master (all of them, for all subjects) had to sign it to the effect that you had performed “satis”factorily in his lesson. Each time,  it made you late as you had to queue up to see him at the end-bell of each lesson, before moving on to another building: (The boys moved and the masters stayed put then.) It identified you to the other boys as a person who needed watching. Some would withdraw the hem of their garment from you, especially the clubbable popular convivial not-very-bright-but-politically-able-boys, whom everyone wanted as their friends.These boys, who are now in their 60s all very rich and relaxed in their old age, did not want to be associated visibly with other people’s failures: that is only right and natural. It was a lesson in life.

It bloody made you perform.

If your “Satis” card was in order at the end, and you had not acquired any more Green papers, then the record of the previous Green Papers you had obtained was expunged.

I am not suggesting that a libertarian education system – if that is not indeed a tautologial notion – would invoke such a thing as this system for making people remember things learned. But if there was a Free Market in Schooling, then some places might go for this method, as in a “That’ll Teach-‘Em!” strategy. I fully expcet that the children of people like Tony Blair, the Milibands, Peter Mandelson (he has children, but he is just dissembling for the camerae) and Harriet Harman would go here.

The problem today of course is that there is no failure and no success. Everyone has to be equally “advantaged”, and as well the “curriculum” contains no content of actual factual use or relevance. So I suppose they don’t need Green papers then.

Richard Feynman would have agreed

David Davis

Knowledge first: teaching will follow.

The problem with the British-State-Collective-Indoor-Relief-Initiative-plus-Childminders-and-Crèche, known colloquially as “state education”, is that the “syllabuses” contain almost no knowledge.

Meanwhile, in the Nissen-Hut, working out the subtext of this message

David Davis

“Ministers will say” that “the professions” should “stop recruiting young people in private education”.

I’m not sure what the duty-Chimpanzee type writers dislike more: the notion that the governmentists will “say” that people who have paid twice for their children’s education must now get nothing at all, or that this “government” has decided that it is a set of farmers, who farm animals called “The Middle Class”, that can be farmed for taxation-revenue as required by varying the size of said farm.

Wikipedia, the modern British Nazi-State, and children’s learning

David Davis

The internet helps to create the largest library in the history of the world, and then along comes “OFQUAL”.

We’re the government: let’s find out what people want to know and how, and tell them it’s wrong….tell them to use the Met Office and Hansard instead!”

I am already fed to the back teeth with stories of teachers trumpeting “you musn’t use Wikipedia, because anybody can edit it”. This smells to me of British GramscoFabiaNazis being pissed off at the fact that their neoMarxist bedfellows can’t any longer control the content or flow of knowledge and information.

It’s no use giving essay-writing projects to average British State-(dis)Educated schoolchildren, not to say even University students, in this centuryas things stand. they have not been given, and I say this is on purpose, the thinking and thought-planning skills needed for constructing arguments and explanations in the first place.

For example, the entirety of the British-State-Primary school years are wasted. This is functionally from age 4 or 5 to about 11, when these particular skills, based on rigorous grammar and the meaning of words, should be put in. Designing and colouring posters about “healthy foods” and “slavery”, using keywords and zazzy pictures, is no good at all. they are reading about “Floppy” who is a dog that lives in a multicultural rural village community, and the child-owners of which dog are of indeterminate gender by name and by appearance. The dad wears a polo-neck a lot of the time, (like Carl Sagan in the 70s when this was respectable.)

Here is an illustration of what I think I could achieve…By age 11, and faced with the question /Was Haig the Butcher of the Somme? Use sources C to F to explain your view, in four paragraphs of six lines each/, they should be able to not type in to Google /was haig the butcher of the somme/ but these sample phrases I have crafted instead, in order, and have in fact tried on an intelligent 11-year-old after about two hours in total of instruction in how to think:-

(1) /Somme military “grand strategy” – [ = as in 'minus' or excluding the word] butcher/

(2) /Verdun relieve pressure French 1916 – [ as in minus] “General John French”/

(3) /Haig attrition “trench warfare” “modern industrial nation” + artillery/

(4) /New army kitchener “civilian soldiers” Accrington/ (or + “pals” as an additional search)

I ask readers who are old enough to come up with either confirmation or refutation of the idea that averagely bright State-educated children in Britain in the 1950s could have understood what the above engine-strings meant (on being told how Google works for about 5 minutes) and would have been able to effectively craft their own.

The enmity on the part of the State (dis)educationists is IMHO based on their full knowledge of what they themselves have been doing. They have on purpose hollowed out and degraded (and corrupted what was left of) the the body of knowledge which ought to be part of everybody’s folk-inheritance – as Brian Micklethwait often says – “IN A GOOD WAY”. They have replaced it with a set of beliefs which the structure of learning of which they approve compels one to conform to, as there are no other answers allowed. To me, this is Nazism applied to education, as described by William Shirer in “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich”, in his fairly-early-on chapter about the subversion of the schools and universities there.

Obviously, it would be clumsy and gauche of a student to simply copy and paste a tract from somewhere, without even bothering to format it correctly to his/her document style. Even I am not this bad here on the blog, as that! The poor bastards only do that because, as they explain sorrowfully to me often, they “DON’T KNOW WHERE TO START”…That to me and you says they have not been shown how to think about how to ask for, then to sift, data. Perhpas they even have no data… (and who’s fault is that then?)

Instead of one-dimensionally-punishing untrained pupils (for that is what they are – untrained – and whose fault is that then?) for this, simply explain that it is _/OK/_ to get stuff from other sources, _/IF/_ you (a) say where from, and (b) you understand the content of what you have put up. (Oh, and we will test you on it next week to make sure you do understand it!)

He is clearly a rich man

David Davishas no objection to that. But “rich” and “poor” are not defined by this “leading economist”. Although what he says is strictly logical in a Newtonian sense, it is not clear to me that “the poor have been subsidising the rich” in what remains of the education market: quite the opposite in fact.

Charity-waving tarts ought to lead by example. Wonder how much he got paid for being on the Bank’s “Monetary Policy Committee”….can’t think what that would be for, in a Free Market, except for having good lunches.

He can start by offering to pay to send a couple of our younger bloggers to Oxford, where they’d like to go. I’m poor and so are they, by his standards.

Shooting civilisation in the foot, at Christmas

David Davis

The Tories have gone and done a non-PR-friendly thing, in an environment where the GramscoFabiaNazis have lynched all the words. The Tories have learned nothing, either from being in opposition for 125 years, or from being infiltrated by some of us in the 1980s…when they might have listened to us libertarians, and none of these currently enacting tragedies need have occurred.

Far better to just say” we will give Vouchers to all parents of children from age zero to age 18 – the State owns them and not you so we might as well admit that fact and just give you the coupons for you to give to whom you please.

Old Holborn exposes the (real) class traitors

David Davis

I had no clue that so many, many GramscoFabiaNazis, in the Labour(ing) party, went to private or grammar schools.

Clearly a case of “I’m all right Jack, I’m pulling up the ladder and never mind you”.

It merely compounds the evidence, that their unfathonably deep malice towards ordinary sovereign individuals is deliberate and focussed. How they got like that, having had the finest education that money can (or even cannot) buy, beats me.

Ken Clarke rubbishes Harriet Harmperson rubbishing George Osbore

Michale Winning

You couldn’t make it up if you tried.

I’m holding the frot today for the Boss who is doing chores he has to do sometimes.

The trouble with Labour’s reversion to “class war” in the coming election campaign is that it WILL work as a strategy. People are brought up under the school system to believe all that tosh.That’s why Labour are playing the class card because they know it will get them lots of votes.

You have to believe it’s deliberate. Just one look at what the poor blighters in schools, the childrenm of my farming colleagues, have to learn for English GCSEs and exams, tells you what theyre supposed to come out believeing. In two ticks you can persuade people educated like this that the Tories and toffs and Labour are “on the side of working people”. All that twaddle.

There’, Ive tried to write an intellectual essay. I hope its worked!

Good idea from John Dvorak

David Davis

Have kids build the school’s computers…in school. Why’s nobody thought of this before?

It’ll cost next to no money, as the hardware is usually in skips already. The internet has loads of drivers for wierd unlabelled stuff such as your Zektharg-64-ultra-rage-killer graphics card with no manual. And they can play with electricity.

And…the key libertarian benefit is it’ll cut out of the loop all those hyper-expensive hardware and “systems” “suppliers, such as Alan Sugar, who feed off the teets of the State’s procurement “agencies”, charging astronomical prices for last year’s quite pedestrian kit.

Climate Change, and what people really think

Update:- Good physics-based demolition of the CO2 myth over at Counting Cats….h/t the Devil

David Davis

I was intrigued just now by something Bishop Hill has done, in placing different strands of opinion about AGW and climate change generally, on a sort of Johari Window.

Here it is, but do read his piece.

Tories, education and schools: this is all very well, but…

if I was them, then I would not have started from here.

David Davis

“Sink schools” exist because the GramscoFabiaNazis have brought them into being on purpose. The justification to create them was the pressing and fast need to de-educate an entire civilisation. Therefore, the punishments for bringing them into being, and which will be retributed from the perpetrators, will be exemplary. I will not say what here: it will be revealed in due course. But the Enemy Class’s surrender will be unconditional, and we have no peace terms at all, to offer for discussion.

The perpetrators of these “sink schools” are not the current “heads”, nor even probably most of the present or absent teachers, or even the poor robbed children – subjected as they are to the planned secondary assault by “popular culture”. The guilty ones (of which there will an excitingly large number) among these Enemy-Class-minor operatives will merely become people without any job or any future income of any kind whatever until their death. No. The War-Criminals are the “educationist” GFNs themselves, and their lackeys and running-dogs of the Enemy-Class, who deliberately planned for the generation of, and required for their success in domination and tyranny, a populace of uncurious helots to be elected as the New People brought into being.

Why do we think that Kenneth Tynan said “f***” on live Tele Vision exactly when he did? Why was sex invented precisely in 1963? It is because the GFNs were ready with the next, the first-occupation-wave, of the assault.

A whole nation’s schools have been used as machinery for the attempted, and largely successful, de-civilising of that entire nation, for the first time in recorded history. In the 1930s, the NSDAP, while “righting” knowledge to make a similar but craftier “people”, was merely tinkering at the edges: they had a global war to win, and “National Socialist Mathematics” was not going to cut the mustard with people like Stalin and the like, as was borne out by uncomfortable fact. Even with my A-level physics teacher on board for the Allies, it was an effing close-run thing.

It will not do to “close sink schools”: there is not time to resurrect proper ones to take the slack, and the damage will continue to be piled up against us if we do not drain the swamp, cleansing out the Augean Stables of wicked doctrine and “unfit thoughts” on day one.The “Nationalised Curriculum” will go, and knowledge and truth will be substituted.

These schools will have to be operated. But the terms will be initially harsh. The first people to get the point of it – after about Day Three – will be the students, who will be our first adherents and supporters in the plan.

There is such a thing as “political correctness”: and it is not what the Enemy Class says it is. It means being right. And they are wrong, they know it, have done it on purpose, and will have to pay.

The Enemy Class MUST remove all good teachers…

before more damage is done to “The Project”.

David Davis

Little scumbag monsters who disrupt classes ought to be beaten to within an inch of their lives. Then, but only in the absence of the Enemy Class, will Liberty become the mother of Order.

This is sadly now the remedy to be adopted, in default of terminal culling, which has been sadly presented as an alternatove owing to the existence of a socialist Enemy Hegemonic Class.

How West-stalinist governments destroy education and deliberately de-civilise – part 2942A/-3. Bullying in schools

David Davis

I chanced on this just now.

This government is not content with forcibly occupying schools in the Austro-Serbian-1914 manner. Nor indeed in the manner of that of R3 in post-1933.

I respectfully suggest that this government is determined to exclude from society, and if possible destroy physically even including the use of death, any children whose outlook and innate relpectiveness might prejudice the growth of a population of biddable pro-GramscoFabiaNazi helots.The (a)moral position is halfway achieved already, since today British children are, functionally, State Property.

Hence, “bullying”, a custom long in use by children (until they learn property rights and about liberty)  but hiterto controlled adequately by real schools, is allowed and promoted pro-actively. This is actively accomplished in schools by plans known as “anti-bullying policies”.

“Bullying” is probably a primordial hominid-survival-mechanism, useful perhaps 300,000 to 1 million years ago, and probably co-eval with the reise of language as a skill. It may have had a utility in ensuring that the most aggressive and the most “celebrity-clubbable” juveniles (of either sex but mainly males – and who would be popular on account of their size/outgoing-nature/use of growls to threaten predators/warped-sense-of-humour/…etc) survived better in the presence of scarce gatherable resources, to reproduce, at the expense of the more retiring and noncommunicative ones in a group environment. By either killing the “geeks” or driving them off into the bush to be eaten by Short-Arsed-Bears, the survival of the more clubbable and aggressive juveniles could be helped.

My hypothesis may imply that “bullies” could be quite “intelligent”. This is not a problem for me, for most bullies I have ever met were at least not very much more dim than most normal people, and probably had other useful qualities if only these could be exposed and/or channelled.

Regarding “Policies” …. I relate the story of the Bishop who, when asked what was his policy regarding SIN, replied “I’m against it”. Schools today in the UK, for the benefit of our overseas reader, all have to have “policies” tod eal with “bullying”. these are often highly comples and deliberately unintelligible documents (we don’t want parents detecting that the verbiage means sod-all now, do we) which talk about the appointment of “peer mentors” (which is to say other children) to whom one should go on being bullied. Or that “The School absolutely does not tolerate bullying of any kind, and works with the appropriate practitioners, carers and organisations towards a strategy of agreement on how to co-ordinate the relevant activities, measures and experts’ skills in order to  formulate a pastoral-care-pathway designed to eliminate the ….”...f***-it –  I could go on.

In my day in the 1950s and just after, there was indeed bullying. My parents firstly tried to help me combat it by saying to the bullies: “But I will go to University and you will not!” Poor buggers my parents: they simply didn’t understand the mind of the English young male post-war bully. But schools had a more robust attitude happily. After a little time I was encouraged by the teachers, mostly ex-WW2 RSMs and redundant ex-Imperial ADCs from upper-Jipoopooland, to take matters into my own hands. I was not strong or large, but there were sharp things such as my teeth, fountain pens and compass-points, which it seemed I was not … officially … discouraged from using. So I did.

Injured bullies leaking blood were generally chastised by the nearest teacher and sent to Matron to be sewn up again and given permanganate swabs, plus a stern note to their _Father_ . It stopped after a few weeks, and I was not thereafter troubled.

Bullying will stop if recipients or “bullees” are permitted to retaliate with force. I believe that there are no conditions under which it will stop if the existing “policies” (which expressly preclude absolutely any retaliation by bullees) are allowed to continue. Since the kinds of people targetted as “bullees” are generally either not the product of the Labour-spawned underclass, or else do not generally conform to TV-driven “cultural norms” such as chavs, thugs, hairless-male-youths-who-crash-W-reg-white-Vauxhall-Novas-full-of-girls, and celebs, then “policies” for “anti-bullying”  must be a deliberate attempt to wipe out, by self-harm, the young population of those reflective enough not to conform and agree.

I rest my case.

…sorry…the end of the poll-question should have said “The New Utopia”.

Libertarian Alliance quote of the day No 1-today

From Legiron commenting at The Devil:-

“High marks used to mean clever – now they just mean obedient”.

David Davis

Beware: this is what the Enemy Class does to people…

…on the way to its hegemony. By deliberately fostering antifamilial and atomisational Trash-tv-mediated-policies and cultures, it turns ordinary, perfectible human beings into inchoate barnyard animals.

This is just down the road from here.

David Davis

Beware the Enemy Class, for this is the sort of thing that its activites being about, and which it likes to do on pupose. It does. Believe me, for I am the Director of Northern Affairs for its opposition, and I sometimes watch in horror. It sets out to cause individual humans, who would otherwise behave normally towards, say, new-born-babies, to just ditch them in the attic in a box, if it means having to not watch Big Brother or Top of the Pops instead. And the removal of anything worthwhile from school learning has only a majority-part in this and not the whole blame.

Libertarian Alliance Examination Board: a sample Science Paper

Fred Bloggs.

Here Is a newly issued paper from the LAEB (Libertarian Alliance Exams Board)

Appreciate or Die (Quote from Socialist art gallery).


Please only use a black ballpoint pen in this examination, as our exam marking                                                                                                                                                                                     monkeys are colour blind.

Time allowed : 3.278×10-29 sec

  • The maximum mark for this exam is 34.7
  • Show some of your working, but not all, if you do so marks will be deducted.
  • You will be awarded extra marks for answering these questions in a specific different language, but we’re not going to tell you which, if you answer in the wrong language you will automatically fail.

Any injuries sustained during this exam are the fault of the person taking the exam and not the LAEB (Libertarian Alliance Exams Board)

Sign Here: ________________________

Questions Start

1  Estimate the DC current, flowing in a one-turn copper coil which follows the earth’s equator, which would cancel the Earth’s magnetic field at either pole. (Horizontal component of field at lat 86o 30` N = 0.18 gauss, vertical component = 0.9 gauss. I gauss = 1E-5 Tesla.)





Maximum Mark: 2.3

2   Calculate the cross-sectional area of a square copper turn, polished and unblacked, and fully suspended, whose surface temperature will not exceed 800 K in dry air temperature of 320 K.





Maximum Mark: 6.1

3   Calculate the gravitational field strength existing between the Milky Way and a hypothetical galaxy 13 billion LY away. Use 2E42 Kg for the mass of the Milky Way and 9E41 for the other galaxy.





Maximum Mark: 7

4   Estimate the cross-sectional area of each of two Duct-tape fixtures, of 48mm width and 0.5mm thickness, applied always parallel to the direction of force, which would be required to separate reliably two opposite charges of 1C each at a distance of one meter in free Space. (Young’s Modulus of Duck Tape is assumed to be 4E9 Pa.)





Maximum Mark:2.4

5   Estimate the number of moles of human DNA on the Earth as of now, its total estimated mass, and the molar mass of human DNA. (Assume that one haploid human genome, complete, = 1 molecule. Also assume that the mean volume of all human cells is about 1.9 picoLitres.

Ignore human gametes in this answer, but also estimate the total number of these present on the planet at any moment. Use your knowledge of human population trends and age-band-statistics to derive as accurate an estimate for this number as possible, differentiating male form female gametes.





Maximum Mark: 0.6

6   Calculate the reduction in heat capacity of the Gulf Stream over a calendar year, caused by a wind farm of 10,000 turbines directly in the path of the airstreams above it at latitude 55oN, each turbine having an installed generating output of 100Kw, at a height of 100M and operating at a 16% duty cycle. Use your own knowledge of geography, natural climate movements, astronomy, the heat capacities of water and moist air. The Sun’s radiated power output is about 3.92E26 Watts.

Estimate the extra mass, surface area and volume of North Polar ice that would build up in the Barents, Norwegian and Greenland Seas in one year, assuming that no other areas are affected, as a result of this set of turbines. (For quickness of solution, assume polar ice above latitude 65 radiates IR into space at 25 Watts/M2 at all temperatures above 240K.)





Maximum Mark: 1.6

7   You are to deliver a shell weighing about 1.5 imperial tons, at a range of 60 miles, from a barrel of diameter 460mm, at a target at the same elevation as the emplacement. (g = 9.81m/s2) Devise a suitable mathematical model from which the answers could be derived, and then calculate, in no particular order:

(a)  The barrel length

(b)  The time of flight

(c)   The maximum height reached by the projectile

(d)  The required muzzle velocity at 40o barrel elevation

(e)  The mean gas pressure (assume uniform)

(f)    The acceleration in the barrel

(g)  The muzzle velocity





Maximum Mark: 4.7

8   Calculate the number of 25Kg sacks of rice that would be required, and the total volume of rice grains in cubic miles, if the Great King had been able to grant the wish of the Resident-Court-Mathematician who had invented Chess for him. The inventor asked for “one grain of rice on the first square, two on the second, four on the third, eight on the fourth, sixteen on the fifth…..”. Assume a grain of rice is a cylinder of length 6mm and diameter 1.25mm and that they pack approximately efficiently. State your packing density assumptions in your answer.

If the sacks used above are made of polythene, and must be 0.8mm thick, estimate the area of film to be manufactured, its mass, and the number of barrels of Saudi Heavy Crude that may have been used to make it. Use your knowledge of thermal cracking procedures and also of the average mass of a “barrel” and how much of this is realistically convertible into monomers for this question’s use. Density of polythene (MDPE type) is about 0.932 g/cm3.





Maximum Mark:10

End Of Questions.

Just a little piece of moral relativism that floated past the window of the submersible, as we travel down into the cesspool

I bet you all 8.2p that a Moslem girl, home educated, would not be forced into a “State” “school”. The GramscoStalinist Fabian free sex buggers would never think of even daring to ask. Now I do know that most Libertarians are either atheist or anti-religious, but this is an issue of individual freedom. I have already said today on a comment that we can’t go round killing all the members of the Enemy Class upon the event of our victory on day one, since that will degrade us to their level: we will have, sadly, to continue to allow them the means to prosecute their perverted science on purpose, upon others. So the war will continue, until one side or other gets serious about a result…..

David Davis


Court orders Christian child into government education

10-year-old’s ‘vigorous’ defense of her faith condemned by judge

Posted: August 28, 2009
12:35 am Eastern

By Bob Unruh
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

A 10-year-old homeschool girl described as “well liked, social and interactive with her peers, academically promising and intellectually at or superior to grade level” has been told by a New Hampshire court official to attend a government school because she was too “vigorous” in defense of her Christian faith.

The decision from Marital Master Michael Garner reasoned that the girl’s “vigorous defense of her religious beliefs to [her] counselor suggests strongly that she has not had the opportunity to seriously consider any other point of view.”

The recommendation was approved by Judge Lucinda V. Sadler, but it is being challenged by attorneys with the Alliance Defense Fund, who said it was “a step too far” for any court.

The ADF confirmed today it has filed motions with the court seeking reconsideration of the order and a stay of the decision sending the 10-year-old student in government-run schools in Meredith, N.H.

(Story continues below)

The dispute arose as part of a modification of a parenting plan for the girl. The parents divorced in 1999 when she was a newborn, and the mother has homeschooled her daughter since first grade with texts that meet all state standards.

In addition to homeschooling, the girl attends supplemental public school classes and has also been involved in a variety of extra-curricular sports activities, the ADF reported.

But during the process of negotiating the terms of the plan, a guardian ad litem appointed to participate concluded the girl “appeared to reflect her mother’s rigidity on questions of faith” and that the girl’s interests “would be best served by exposure to a public school setting” and “different points of view at a time when she must begin to critically evaluate multiple systems of belief … in order to select, as a young adult, which of those systems will best suit her own needs.”

According to court documents, the guardian ad litem earlier had told the mother, “If I want her in public school, she’ll be in public school.”

The marital master hearing the case proposed the Christian girl be ordered into public school after considering “the impact of [her religious] beliefs on her interaction with others.”

“Parents have a fundamental right to make educational choices for their children. In this case specifically, the court is illegitimately altering a method of education that the court itself admits is working,” said ADF-allied attorney John Anthony Simmons of Hampton.

“The court is essentially saying that the evidence shows that, socially and academically, this girl is doing great, but her religious beliefs are a bit too sincerely held and must be sifted, tested by, and mixed among other worldviews. This is a step too far for any court to take.”

“The New Hampshire Supreme Court itself has specifically declared, ‘Home education is an enduring American tradition and right,'” said ADF Senior Legal Counsel Mike Johnson. “There is clearly and without question no legitimate legal basis for the court’s decision, and we trust it will reconsider its conclusions.”

The case, handled in the Family Division of the Judicial Court for Belknap County in Laconia, involves Martin Kurowski and Brenda Kurowski (Voydatch), and their daughter.

The ADF also argued that the issue already was raised in 2006 and rejected by the court.

“Most urgent … is the issue of Amanda’s schooling as the school year has begun and Amanda is being impacted by the court’s decision daily,” the court filing requesting a stay said. “Serious state statutory and federal constitutional concerns are implicated by the court’s ruling and which need to be remedied without delay.

“It is not the proper role of the court to insist that Amanda be ‘exposed to different points of view’ if the primary residential parent has determined that it is in Amanda’s best interest not to be exposed to secular influences that would undermine Amanda’s faith, schooling, social development, etc. The court is not permitted to demonstrate hostility toward religion, and particularly the faith of Amanda and Mother, by removing Amanda from the home and thrusting her into an environment that the custodial parent deems detrimental to Amanda.”

“The order assumes that because Amanda has sincerely held Christian beliefs, there must be a problem that needs solving. It is a parent’s constitutionally protected right to train up their children in the religious beliefs that they hold. It is not up to the court to suggest that a 10-year-old should be ‘exposed’ to other religious views contrary to the faith traditions of her parents. Could it not be that this sharp 10-year-old ‘vigorously’ believes what she does because she knows it to be true? The court’s narrative suggests that 10-year-olds are too young to form opinions and that they are not yet allowed to have sincerely held Christian beliefs,” the ADF said.

“Absent any other clear and convincing evidence justifying the court’s decision, it would appear that the court has indeed taken sides with regard to the issue of religion and has preferred one religious view over another (or the absence of religion). This is impermissible,” the documents said.

The guardian ad litem had an anti-Christian bias, the documents said, telling the mother at one point she wouldn’t even look at homeschool curriculum.

“I don’t want to hear it. It’s all Christian based,” she said.

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Sunday afternoon thoughts on male aggression, and socialism

David Davis

WE watched, as is usual when we have the time, the Belgian Formula 1 GP, which was slightly less unexciting than normal owing to a good pile-up on the first lap. Perhaps we subliminally enjoyed the implied violence? I do not know….

…There is something wrong with today’s car-racing tracks, which I will deal with in time. But in short, they are (1) too short, (2) have got too many really really sharp corners straight after the start, and (3) don’t allow driver/car-changes midstream if you prang or the driver gets killed, and (4) don’t allow you to jump into the spare car (and where is it then?) while the track is still covered with shrapnel. Peter Davis and I did a nice track nearly two years ago on here, about 26 miles long and rather interesting on Googleearth. We will come back to it. You can serch for it in the meantime.

But…..male aggression. It’s probably one of the things that made Homo sapiens sapiens as successful as (he) is, in the battle for survival against shithead short-arsed-bears bureaucrats, sabre-tooth tigers Soviets, and so on. I have been thinking about this for some time as I find that male students vary considerably in their ability to manage or mask or evince aggression as a statement of attitude, and it does seem to vary corelationally by school. (The Governmint might want to know that.)  Janet Daley today examines what she suggests the fascist PC-left have done to being about the explosion of gang culture and knife crime among young boys and young men. It’s worth a read, even though lots of libertarians don’t like her.

In “New Britain”, youth male aggression is not channelled, and so individual directionless crime is rife: why? Because:-

(1) There are no fathers, only “mums”. Girls are born to “mums”, but boys are born by parthenogenesis to “single partners”. “Fathers” are just devices which prodice the necessary gametes, seemingly on demand (I can’t figure out how or why.)

(2) Young boys have to have their heads shaved at three and watch football all day on the Wireless Tele Vision, and “hang out”.

(3) “Schools” have sold their football fields for the building of “affordable housing”, so there are no “competitive sports” which foster “elitism and “inequality” anyway, and so are bad.

(4) The Naitonalised Curriculum has been voided of content and also femiNazised, in order to render school (on purpose) seemingly useless to boys, so that they can be made to prefer streetgangs as a form of daytime outdoor relief.

Socialism (a fungus) of course needs this machinery to propagate within what is otherwise a highly-ordered civilisation, formed sort of accidentally under liberty.

Is socialism a fungus born out of evolution and natural selection, and which exploits a niche? DISCUSS

Truancy: and the reason is…

…that the “National Curriculum” totally outdoes even the Daily Mirror in the department of uttermost boring triviality, and unfitness to be termed a “knowledge-delivery-system”. It is a self-amplifying socialist outdoor-relief-system for increasing education bureaucracy and spending.

David Davis

If you remove all semblence of interesting knowledge – along with anything that helps one’s ability to marshall facts and opinions, let alone distinguish one from the other – from what schools teach, then you will get pupils deciding it’s less depressing for them if they just don’t turn up any more. Frankly, I don’t blame most of the poor little buggers. With of course 50 years of hindsight, I’d be turned off dead by most of what they have to “learn” today. It’s all dressed up as “child-centred” and “relevant” and “interactive”. But to pass the exams, you have to use the words in the Vulgate and tick the right boxes.

Sean Gabb had something to say about truancy a few momths ago, here.

MATHS: even more scary that a few hours ago

David Davis

So what about that then?

Children, by the age of seven – or eight at the very very latest – ought to be able to do long multiplication and long division. This is a simple hominid brain-skill which merely involves adding, takking away, multiplication, simple division, and “place-value” – which the Hindu philosophers invented fourteen centuries ago. None of this was beyond the wit of average, undernourished English boys and girls in the 1950s, such as myself, when sugar was on-ration and we all had Ricketts and Worms (so we must have been “eating healthily”) to do this thing, when we were starving and still bust. It was not even unavailable to people classified as “Dumb Children”, who were classed as “dumb” by their teachers, their schools and their own perfectly willing  parents, but who still tried hard, because they were given no option. Like D-Day landings, or Dunkirk, or Alamein, which some of their fathers (whom I of course knew as I played with their sons) had of course experienced without complaint.

Why they therefore can’t do it now must be down to the Universal Provider of the “skill-delivery-system” … which has to be  … “The State!” For most of them at least.

And, more worsely, the “Private sector” can afford to mark time and NOT teach cubic factorisation by the age of twelve, because it can still stay ahead even when not doing so.

It cannot be suitable to suggest that the children today are “more dumb” than 50/60 years ago. Therefore, “non-availability-of-skills” has to be down to “non-delivery-of-solutions”.

Instead, they spend seven years, – SEVEN YEARS – in “primary schooling” … and what do they do? They colour in posters about “healthy eating”, and they learn that “The Tudors” were responsible for “Pirates, Smoking and Slavery”, and that Henry the Eighth “had SEX WIVES!!!!”

So….two whole generations wasted… and the best part of a third. And all that time lost. Fred Bloggs, who very kindly sometimes writes for us, asked me the other day about what could be done to rescue the education system in the UK. I had to admit that if I was him, I would not have started from here. And it would take decades, and we probably had run out of time.

More State-tractor-production statistics this Thursday

David Davis

It’s the GCSEs this time.

I’ve found a useful Chemistry/Biology tutor for all you science students out there

David Davis

here he is doing stuff on his site about energy flows:-

And here’s his main blog:-


Libertarian Alliance SLEBWATCH 1b: “Katie” told to stop “partying”

I actually think this is very funny.

David Davis

I really do have no clue who “Katie” is, but the gravity being associated with the announcement indicates that this particular chappy is famous. Here’s even a picture of him, looking as if he has bought some chips on a plastic thingy:-

Mines a large one, squire!

Mine's a large one, squire!

The chips are the good bit: it shows just how against the prevailing grain of GramscoFabiaNazism that this Katie chap’s opinions about “healthy eating” are. This is good and right. He may go far in the libertarian movement yet.

But, sadly, Mr Katie clearly does not know either which sort of dress suits him, nor does he know when to stop applying the fake tanning lotions,  or else he does not listen to his Gestapo-minders sufficiently closely.

Mr Katie is going to feature more on here I have decided. He is going to be used as a “do not end up like me” lesson for younger readers of this Classical liberal archive, of whatever sex. Even though he is about 90.

His legs aren’t that great either.

A libertarian society would probably have some of these men working in it. I do not complain. But they would probably earn less in an average lifetine of two years each, and would not be as universally-highly-regarded through the Wireless Tele Vision. They might earn something like an “average wage”, and would marry blameless and sensible platerers and brickies, and disappear harmlessly up their own chuffers.

Perhaps the problem with modern __/post-civilisation/__ celebrities is that the mechanism of the process of killing them for the crowd to attain their _/Aura/_ after their death is misunderstood and lost. I do not for one moment suggest that the killing of  this man Katie for his “aura”, whatever it might consist of, should be done. But there clearly is something about the “aura” of these people, which makes it possible for GramscoStalinist administrations to use them to keep “the masses” in a state of consciousness that even Marx would have considered as “not sufficiently raised”.

What I also think is unfair is that this Katie man can eat his fatty unhealthy chips any time he likes, while ordinary poor children in “schools and hospitals” are bullied into not being allowed them.

Chips are nice.

And now…..waiting lists for Universities

David Davis

First, it was food (rationing, post 1945 – you must all remember that – worse than in the War…..)

Then it was “health”. The fact that Westminster’s GramscoFabiaNazis say “there are no waiting lists” means that more tractors are being produced than ever before in hospitals.

Now, it’s education. What mountebank could not have predicted this would happen?

Next, it will be cars, and alcohol. Then probably tobacco.

Just notice the order in which these things have been tried: it’s scary.

Jeff Randall on the cult of “celebrity” (more about A-levels too)

Read the whole caboodle here.

David Davis

I should perhaps add something here. Jeff Randall’s quotation of a bright young girl wanting “really” to do what he did for a living, but only to be “on” television and for no other purpose, compares interestingly with a Russian girl of 24 whom i met in Moscow in 1993. She was studying “International Journalism” at Moscow University (I forget which one). Over a dinner I asked her idly about her future career direction, as you, er,do.

She replied:

“Oh yes. Yes, the journalism (sic) is good career for me. I will like to meet famous men, I will be in the photograph, and I will make love with them”.

….But this is potentially much much worse…

David Davis

“Traditional” subjects are disappearing from the State end of the schools system.

And so will the GCSEs be even better…?

Same picture for three years running...duuuuuh

Same picture for three years running...duuuuuh

Libertarians generally don’t think the State ought to be allowed much to do with education, specially where content in concerned: this can be fatal to a civilisation as is now being shown:-

David Davis

As I predicted, there has been _yet another_ stright improvement in this year’s A-level results. Always, always, more and more tractors are produced than ever before: incidentally, whatever happened to all those tractors? Why was not the USSR and the Warsaw Pact the breadbasket of the planet?

Paradoxically, the better Universities are forced to ignore largely, the new “elite grade” A*: letting students in on this basis, and distinguishing the best from there merely competent, will lay them open to GramscoFabiaNazi lynchings and spinnings about “elitism”.

Next week, it’s the GCSEs’ turn. I fully expect 75% of everyone achieving A* to C, owing to lowering of the “grade boundaries”…..if the 11-y-o-“SATs” results are anything to go bym they’ll have had to.

Libertarian Alliance British Stalinist Soviet Exam Results week; demolition post No-1: “progress”

David Davis

Here’s Stephen Pollard saying stuff better and more succinctly than I can right now (chores to do).

If I live 1,000 years, Men will still say that we were right, about the deliberate de-civilisation of Britain which had to be accomplished in particular in order to bring about the Endarkenment.

And that the GrasmscoFabiaNazis did what they have done, on purpose.

If you deliberately make exams easier and more rote-learnable, and include Pornography and Perverted Science, then you will create the slaves that you desire.

There is now no practicable help to avoid GramscoStalinist dictatorship in the UK, whatever form the UK will take over the next 30-50 years. We are inside the entrance to the Tunnel of Endarkenment, and being propelled forwards and downwards, for there are now less than 500 people who understand what is going on truly and who can do anything individually – and that is not enough, I fear, to make a difference any more.

We must treasure memories, store them in any permanent way we can, whether in Libraries (vulnerable to mobs sadly CD-ROMs, caches of information and scrolls, whatever. WE must store science, engineering, history, high art (not the “progressive” kind for that is blind and cannot say the future even though it tries) pictures and plans of stuff like Salisbury Cathedral, the Humber Bridge, oil rigs, Apollo-11, the diode, the triode, the triode-ransistor, and so on. This must be so that thhose who come after us, or those from the Stars,= who find our records in the deepnesses of Space, will know that we tried and that we tried hard to be worthy of some place in the Universal Order of Things.

I once fantasised that we ought to send CDs into space on unknown trajectories: perhaps we ought to after all.

Wikipedia 3-millionth…

article in English, and about 13 million in total.

David Davis

Libertarians ought to be awfully-pleased about the availability of resources like Wikipedia – not only that, but the philosophy behind it.

There are a few things I have looked for there that have not been logged up by some madman, but not many. You have to try hard to outsmart it. You can even find rather-obscure German WW1- fighting ships, like Roon, for instance, which is an almost-unknown andactually quite interesting boat….

Will this object become the largest single document or library in Man’s history? (I don’t count Google, as it’s not really a unitary URL.)

Here, I want to discuss an issue that has been bugging me for some time. In the British Soviet State Brainwashing education system, most teachers I have come across badmouth and slate Wikipedia, and discourage their pupils from using it – even in some cases to thee xtent of disallowing refs and info quoted from there, in projects. their case rests on:-

“It is bound to be inaccurate and biased, because anyone can edit it”.

Now to me as a libertarian, I think that when something like Wikipedia attains a sort of critical mass (it has now done) then the tendency for erroneous or misleading info to stay up for long diminishes. The more people that know stuff thet are “on”, the more likely it is that errors of any kind will be corrected fast.

Fred Bloggs and I humorously placed a satirical cartoon about the EU on its page, a few weeks ago – and it was removed in six (6) minutes.

I don’t know: what do you people out there think?

Meanwhile, Johnny, the A-level results will be out on Thursday…

David Davis

…and, natch, on Thursday the spin-Doctor will say the following:-

“This year’s record results for A’s and A*’s, reflect the even more outstanding achievements of our dedicated teachers and astonishingly brainy young people, who are even more intelligent and have been working even harder than ever before in the history of the endangered planet, achieving mega grades in these really really hard exams which are the envy of the world.”

I will have more to say when the results actually come out.

Socialism, Baby P, scumbag-creation and de-civilisation-strategy

David Davis

Sometimes one just gets arsed off with writing, daily, daily, daily and more, about the effects of deliberate and directed GramscoScumbagism. We all know that the Enemy Class has, on purpose, created and is creating, and has cultivated and farmed (and is doing so even more fiercely while there’s time) people, so that they shall become specifically sub-human and de-socialised.

I didn’t mean to write about “Baby P”: but the images of the people directly involved shocked me – and I didn’t just mean the GramscoFabiaNazi “social” “workers” who “have lessons to be learned”:-

Only following orders

"Only following orders"

The socialisation of a person, for him (her…it…) to live peaceably in a modern complex civilisation with others, is a long and difficult process. [By complex, I mean anything that uses writing and that records history and thoughts as well as deeds, and probably after about 1,800 BC.] Painful and sometimes futile, sometimes successful, experiments were conducted in education and upbringing. These, and empirical data, brought us to about the early/mid 20th century, in which probably a higher percentage of humans than ever before was educated and socialised as children to a stage where a high Western civilisation, such as Britain, could regard barbarism, pointless savagery, totally-unrelieved destitution, and other pre-capitalist horrors as the hideousnesses that they have always been and sadly still are.

Orc, created deliberately, to do what it did, by wicked destroyers

Orc, created deliberately, to do what it did, by wicked destroyers

What that awful picture says, about what wicked, wicked, evil socialist “progressive” ideologues cheefully and with conviction and deeply-felt seriousness, do to ordinary people in the name of their doctrine, is utterly and unbelievably terrible. If I did not live in 2009 Britain, I could not credit that some people really, really aredeeply and sincerely driven to make others into machines that could do that, and that could get like that. Slavery is too small and innocuous a word for it.

I will thus maintain, in public debate if required so to do, that the poor tormented person in this photo has been created on purpose. She along with many, many thousands of others, of all the many different and mostly artificial sexes, is a planned construct of, and has been emplaced by, the Political-Enemy-Class. Like a tank-trap, or a mine. The job of these enslaved individuals is to do, individually, having been collectively manufactured, as much mortal damage as possible inside the structure of a normal civilisation which lives by evolved and mutually-agreed customs and behaviour. They will be maintained while they do this, with money and “outreach”: the fact that the money is confiscated in taxation off those who are to be destroyed afterwards, is as I said yesterday, the very, very most utterly secondary consideration – the very reason for comtemplation and execution of the evil deed is the problem itself. The people who invent these monstrosities are the wicked evil ones. The money is just “there”.

When these poor sad machines have served their purpose, or if they get slaughtered mostly be each other in the process, they will be discarded. The Enemy-Class cares not one jot or tittle. All that matters is that ordinary, classsical liberal nuclear-family-based civilisation, encompassing at least some useful education, is flattened. The majority must be forced to live in an endarkened, violent, lawless and chartless world, fighting for scraps both of food and energy and anything useful, while the _honestiores_ feast on tribute, lord over the _humiliores_,  and shag whoever’s daughters it pleases them to do.

Sons too maybe – although I firmly believe homosexuality does not exist at all, and is also a fabricated Enemy-Class wind-up. I have never been shown any evidence to convince me otherwise. (Forget ancient Greek and Roman literature about it – it could all have been carefully fabricated by Oscar Wilde for the purpose. You know! Just like how the US fabricatedall the footage of the Moon landings.)

I digress: sorry. There is so much sadness and torment in the world, that it is hard to know where to start, or how often to branch off on a by-way and gun something down there, before returning to the straight-way.

But these tragedies exist because the wicked are paying, with stolen money, for them to be set up.

Please, please, somebody:

Please try, try hard, to convince me that the GramscoFabiaNazis have not actually designed the entire system of State-intervention solely in order to convert people into mindless machines, and that they have not deconstructed liberal education as a particular strand of this strategy.

SATS: what a surprise

David Davis

If you feed children with GramscoFabiaNazi “literacy” (Floppy, Biff and Chip, and their multicultural celebratory friends) then this is what you will get.

Oh and you are not meant to be able to guess, either from the storyline (too large a word for it) or the children’s appearances or clothing in the illustrations, what sex each of them is.

For foreign readers, “SATS” stand for “standardised attainment tests”, and are this government’s Stalinist method for being able to prove every year the following:-

…that “this year’s astoundingly good results, better than ever before, reflect only the success of Britain’s children and their teachers, working even harder than ever before to achieve even more academic success in thoday’s even more competitive global knowledge-economy in a very real way in the context of this day and age”.

I only partly made that up. We’ve all heard stuff of that kind.

Oh and you can also blame the marking, if you are a primary school teacher. Of course, I might have known – it was “too harsh”…..

Jeff Randall on ZanuLieBorg on Education

Here you go.

Not hard to see that the Enemy Class is setting itself up in a hereditary manner from now on.

I’m all right, Jack, I’ll just pull up the ladder and never mind you!”

David Davis

Social Mobility and State Education: a teacher blows the whistle

John B

A decline in social mobility- the culpability of the state school system

A report on social mobility recently stated that social mobility is not only decreasing, but also that the gap between rich and poor is becoming greater.  A panel of independent experts, led by former minister Alan Milburn, suggested that doctors and lawyers who are in their late 30s today are of more affluent provenance than their colleagues in the 1950s. Strikingly, the report suggests that social mobility opportunities are not diminished only for the working class, but the middle classes are now beginning to suffer from the concentration of privilege.

For many of us who work in state education this unintended consequence is hardly surprising. Ignoring the prescient assertions by Edmund Burke that the pursuit of financial and social equality by some sort of centralised agenda was ‘a monstrous absurdity’, successive governments have sought to impose an order of sorts with disastrous consequences. Anthony Crosland’s ideological assault on the grammar schools in the early 1970s was a significant strike at the heart of effectiveness, with those from more humble beginnings denied access to higher standards of education. Of course, there were concerns about the manner in which entry to grammar schools operated but to declare war on exemplars of good practice and standards, thereby forcing talented poorer children into mediocrity, did nothing to aid social mobility for the academically able.

That said, even in the comprehensive schools (too many of which were famously labelled as ‘bog standard by Alistair Campbell), talented youngsters from poorer backgrounds could still find themselves in a top set or stream, studying for the same examinations as children at even the most prestigious schools, such as Eton.  In leafy Surrey and industrial Sheffield, the Ordinary level and the gold standard Advanced level examinations provided a certain equity and comparative experience. For the privileged, education would allow a certain continuity of success and social status. For the poor, it would serve as a means of escape from poverty and a vehicle to something better.

Recent years have seen some worrying shifts in education provision in the state sector which has seen it become increasingly distinguishable from private education. In particular, the drive for quantity instead of quality in terms of examination passes and the replacement of concrete knowledge with a vacuous skills agenda are aggravating differences in the quality of educational experience between pupils taught in the private and the state sectors respectively. In terms of the latter, the shift in emphasis will place the pupils at a disadvantage, be they working class or middle class.  Increasingly, their experiences will be substantially different to those of more knowledgeable privately educated youngsters.

Coerced by the government through its OfSTED shock troops, schools centre their policies, practices and procedures on the sole aim of increasing examination result pass rates. Schools cannot be blamed for this, given that access to the coveted ‘good’ and ‘outstanding’ judgments cannot be secured without acceptable improvements in examinations results. Attainment has become the be all and end all of contemplations for improvements.  However, this has encouraged the most nefarious strategies of window dressing.

Firstly, OfSTED, local authorities and central government are looking for raw indicators of statistical improvements which are based solely on numbers, not quality. Therefore, senior management teams in state schools are investing in ‘softer’ subjects and the expense of those which are more difficult (and arguably more necessary in terms of providing a more rounded and robust education). A BTEC in say, Sports Studies, will deliver the equivalent of 4 GCSEs in a period of study often less than 2 years. Conversely, a GCSE in German will deliver just 1 GCSE after a period of study which is usually 5 years. Equally, a combined science qualification gives an award of 2 or more GCSEs. This does not compare favourably with a GCSE in Physics which gives a statistically poor 1 qualification for the bureaucrats to consider.  Little wonder then that the number of pupils studying a language to GCSE level in state schools is now at 33% compared to 82% in the independent sector (CILT Languages Trends Survey).

Secondly, many schools are now committing themselves to a de facto ideological rejection of academic knowledge. Following an agenda called ‘learnacy’, of which Guy Claxton is a guru, schools are acting as collective sheep in rushing towards a skills based agenda called ‘Learning to Learn’.   Aspects of the philosophy are difficult to disagree with, such as the transferability of skills into real life and self-evaluative consideration of how individuals learn. However, be it a misapprehension or not, schools are now starting to teach this skills agenda expressly by merging academic subjects such as Geography, History and sometimes Languages(remember, they only give 1 GCSE).  Content has been replaced by skills, facts by competencies. In reality, humanities now involve youngsters sitting around a table contemplating skills such as those needed for teamwork as opposed to learning facts.  Of course, in ignoring knowledge we are excluding children from the development of certain types of skills. How can a child evaluate, assimilate and apply facts to situations if they do not have the knowledge to play with in the first place? Of course, knowledge is not really needed for processors is it? That is the domain of the executives. In that context the rush to ‘learnacy’ by so many state schools may create a sociological catastrophe in terms of social mobility. While the private schools invest in the creation of the executives of tomorrow, the state invests in the processors.

In sum, the decline of social mobility and divergence of experiences for those educated privately and by the state have been aggravated by an increase in state intervention and interference in education. Only when we remove the state from education and allow individuals and communities to invest locally in themselves will we see improvements. Unfortunately, the report is likely to be addressed by those in power through calls for yet more interference. Plus ca change…….

Front-line education blog added to list

David Davis

Here. Do go read all his stuff, it will scare you even more than what I write here.

Wireless Tele Vision: uses and abuses thereof

David Davis

I am pleased to see the return of The Landed Underclass, after various unproductive and confusing encounters with the denizens of the NHS.

A particular passag of his concerning what is an intrinsically harmless machine – in just the same way as a gun – is worth resyndicating:-

My firm and established belief is that the evil from which it is most important that the people be liberated is that of television (not the technology itself, which apart from its well-known hypnotic quality is relatively harmless, but its application by the forces of darkness).

I have become increasingly challenging and confrontational about this. People always agree with me that television is moronic, manipulative and pernicious, but then they say “Ah, but it’s the kids, you see.”

To which I habitually reply “Ah, yes. Were you even to suggest ‘deprivation-of-television abuse’ they’d report you to Esther Rantzen on the spot, wouldn’t they?”

One would expect any decent parent to react quite firmly to this sort of thing, but in fact they usually just shrug their shoulders and say “You’re not wrong there, mate.”

The problem is that a certain kind of droid has purposefully taken over the control of “programme content”, at the same time as other similar droids have fabricated an education system in which people learn that the delivered TV content is the correct kind: thus the terms of discourse are tectonically shifted in favour of GramscoFabiaNazism.

More later maybe.

We did all right I suppose…(back now)

David Davis

…and we didn’t exactly disgrace ourselves in front of several teams of highly clever people.

I’ll let you all know when it’s going to be aired. We got through two rounds. Could have been worse, could have been knocked out first time.

DISCUSS: “Is school-syllabus-and-broadcast-imposed-popular-culture a deliberate Enemy-Class “initiative” to help stamp out individual critical thought and thus also liberty?”

David Davis

“Is school-syllabus-and-broadcast-imposed-popular-culture a deliberate Enemy-Class “initiative” to help stamp out individual critical thought and thus also liberty?”

Panis et Circenses, anybody?

As I will be away from my computer for about 48 hours [and no, I am not being "detained" for anything, at least not yet] i leave you people with this interrogative to toss about like a dogbone.

Simon Heffer has a suggested antidote for one part of the fightback.

This is because I and a local friend here from Lancs, also a crusty, cynical oldie like me, have been invited by the BBC, no less, to go to London and film one or more “rounds” – depending on how we last the course against pairs from “other regions” – of a /NEW/ TV quiz show. The terms of acceptance to go on the show forbid me from telling you the format (I do know it) or the prize structure [nugatory, that's all I will say] as it will not be broadcast until October, we are told.

A post-mortem, about how terribly badly I did, will be delivered to you all, possibly on Tuesday – provided that I do not feel so completely humiliated by my failure to comprehend the more “contemporary” departmens of knowledge which ordinary graduates of scumbag*** schools find so easy to acquire.

***Not their fault that their schools gave them classes in “modern media”, instead of the Western Canon. They’ll just do better than me in all the questions about football, all other sports, celebs, global-mega-TV shows, soaps,  actroids and actressoids,  Harry Potter, novels in the Booker Prize in the 1980s, specific bars in Magaluf, and the like.

A little libertarian end-of-school book-burning ceremony

Not long ago, three of your team of expanding youn g writers got together for a barbecue here in Lancs, and we burned some stuff. The whole video is about 2Gb and won’t load to wordpress, but these exerpts are a bit funny:-

Peter Harvey and the “classroom incident”…Reading the story in full, one’s instinct is to side with the teacher on this one.


You’d stop the experiment. But read on…

David Davis

(They’d better not ask me to go on the Jury on this one!)

Go here for the details. Perhaps more later, bearing on the future of de-education in this miserable, wrecked country.

Some teachers may feel it’s time to fight back against the tide (about which I am told daily by students) of Wireless-Tele-Vision-driven amorality and lawlessness which is engulphing first the “worst” schools, and in time the rest, on the “State” side.

Update from Daily Mail: Year-9s! (I guess) I might have known: the very worst sort, it is the time of a teenager’s life when “school is dead”. An entirely an un-necessary wasted year in the “Curriculum”.

But possibly it was not the best thing for Peter Harvey to do, in the present circumstances, if indeed it turns out that he has seriously assaulted a student. One does not assault students, for it upsets the parents if the students have any, and it is demeaning both to student and teacher, for the relationship ought to work better in any case without this.

The reasons why teachers may come to the point of “losing it”, and decking the students directly, lie in the deliberate deconstruction of the educational environment. This deliberate policy has been prosecuted most particularly by this present Labour Government in order to produce a biddable and totally uncurious and uncritical “electorate”. However, previous administrations are also not blameless, notable all of them since about 1945.

One ought not of course to assault female students at all, which is the corollary of course, of the fact that it is not suitable for them to be soldiers.

We have to do other stuff first. The props of the current State “pupils are right, teachers are wrong” system have to be kicked away first, and then all Wireless tele Vision transmissions, with the exceptions of “Top Gear”, “DAVE” and the “Discovery Channel” have to be shut down for good.

Until the Enemy Class can be destroyed, and their power to deliberately currupt and enslave the minds of humans can be abolished, it is also not suitable for there to be Wireless Tele Vision transmission-ability in the hands of most of the people who run them now, and who “make the programs”. Until we can deal with the “program makers” and re-educate them in a rather special and exciting farm (un)designed for the purpose, we have to deprive them of the power to corrupt, which is to say, tramsmit.

Only Jeremy Clarkson and his friends will be allowed.

This sad event was bound to happen, sooner or later, under ZanuLieBorg, the GramscoFabiaNazis, and “educationists” – all of whom I absolutely blame, 100%. not the teacher and not these particular kids.

They are just sad lab-mice in a gagantic and wicked political experiment.

One of our blasts for the past: about education.


David Davis

Simon Heffer charitably thinks this death-throe-government is incompetent. I say it is premeditatedly wicked.

…Or should that be “death row”, not death-throe…? LOL [Ed.]

David Davis

The current Bill to make it difficult or impossible for MPs to have paying outside interests and careers may look like a “measure against sleaze”. But all it will do is turn Parliament, as Heffer states in that link, into a further-removed-from-reality Enemy Class – nay, an Enemy Superclass – of professional political hacks – which is to say, GramscoFabiaNazi by definition.

MPs, to be able to be truly representative of The People, should have been an Integral Part Of The People. They can do this by having run businesses such as retailers, and factories, or selling second-hand cars. Or by being employees of these firms. Or they can have been good Classical scholars-turned-General Officers such as Enoch Powell.

For MPs to turn into a political Enemy-Superclass, employed by (which is to say paid only by and through) the State, via machinery set up specifically to ensure they can’t do anything else worthwhile, is to permanently sunder them from those whom they were elected to represent the wishes of. It is so elementary but it needs restating clearly.

There are no conditions under which I believe for a second, that this Bill is intended to to anything other than finally break the link between electing MPs and their being actual, democratic representatives. This is deliberate and pre-meditated wickedness, all over again, and they are always at it and always will be, as long as the socialism meme thingy lasts. It   __must__  be extirpated. They understand fully how to destroy liberalism, by making its concepts unsayable and therefore unthinkable. there musy be a lesson here for us, other than Ian B’s fine suggestion in the comment thread of this post of ours here….

This is what Ian B said:-

The answer is simple, David. There is only one weakness in their fortress, and it is only a slight weakness, but this is the weakness we must exploit. Education.

Every belief system requires control of education. Every authoritarian religion knows this. Every political movement knows this. If we are to triumph, we must take their schools away from them- or rather, take the children away from the schools.

Our task then is to discredit schooling. Not to campaign for better schools, or for private schools, or for vouchers or other wealth transfers. We must fight for no schools. To do this, we must fight for real education; that is, the separation of the concept of intellectual development of inviduals from the system of factory schooling.

Our task is to denormalise schools. Our task is to turn schooling into a thing of horror, like child labour; we must seek a state in the future where people will discuss their forebears forced into schools as they now discuss infants forced up chimneys and down coalmines.

Home education, unschooling, self directed learning, individual development. Private tutelage, community tutelage, voluntary learning.

These are our levers. Think of the children they say, using the children as a crowbar. Well, the children must become our crowbar; but whereas our enemies destroy children, we seek to free them. Where our enemies seek to smother them, we must fight for their right to breathe freely.

Down with skool. That is how the evil will end.

This is not just “learning” – this is __National Socialist Learning!__

Thank you, thank you Marks and Spencer, for a grandly-appropriate copyline-template! I promise to try to buy your food…for a while. Even though it’s bloody expensive and not much better than the opposition.

This bit [above] is for foreign readers of whom we have many many, and who may not be familiar with State-British-Wireless-Tele-Vision-Advertising-Initiatives, to do with superior food-types for the Enemy-Class to buy.

It remains an extraordinary thing, to me, and unintelligible also, that people ought to be allowed to revere Marks and Spencer, as a premier-league retailer, in Brown-Bliar’s New Britain – it is Jewish, after all. Are we not supposed to hate, despise and revile the “Jews”, since they occupy “Palestine”?

No? (Sorry for the digression – I will not do it again, until tomorrow.)


David Davis

[Sorry about that above digression too...it's just the hot evenings in Lancashire these summers when we can grow vines and woad and olive trees: it gets to me and my arthritis, and I sound off against all these defenceless intellectuals, with my laptop in the garden - it's the global warming, you see.....]

Teachers will have to have a “Licence to kill teach” ….

Truly, the British National Socialist scumbag State gets more endearlingly dangerous by the day, even in its death-throes.

Actually, I don’t think it’s in its death-throes at all. And it’s going really fully after teachers that won’t like the “National Curriculum” and its newer mods, and it’s doing it now while nobody notices. While all you buggers out there think it’s just pretending not to notice that it can’t really issue any Gilts that buyers would take seriously.

And you’re not getting any election any time soon that matters. So f*** you. That’s what they think.

I think the buggers are gearing up for a renewed major assault. Why?

All because all you Tory buggers who read this (and I know you do…becasue I know…) have failed to tell diddy-David-Cameron to repudiate publicly, now, all British Government Debt contracted after this blog-post and before your (not entirely certain) election….

Grammar schools versus “public schools for Labour Toffs”…

interesting thread on Guido Fawkes today. Of course, the proletariat can just go to the local scumbag school and go hang – that is, if you are saying this and your name is something like Ed Balls, or Gordon Brown, etc etc etc.

David Davis