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Tomorrow, a life-size SnowGordonBrown….

David Davis

But today, these…

SnowMandelson exercising on trampoline

SnowNickGriffin, expostulating

SnoWBama, messiahrising

Yep, you’ve spotted the deliberate deception! They are all the same man! Happy Christmas, old fellas and slappers, and let’s look forward to a politician-free new year….sometime in the distant future.

We’ll try and say a few things over Chrstmas…

But don’t worry if we’re a little tight (I meant “light”.)

David Davis

Photos of interesting and exciting snowmen, if they have a libertarian air about them, may be put before you. I haven’t seen a snowGordonBrown yet, or a snowCameron, but if one comes up I will tell you about it. Mark Stein did a snowGeorge Bush about 8 years ago.

Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year…

Peter Davis

As we enter the year of the Mandelson, we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Mandelson-free new year! here’s part of the Duty-Chipmanzees’ Nissen Hut crew of today, blogging:-

Anglican Priest “advises hard-pressed pensioners to shoplift” at Christmas

David Davis

I really need Ian B to start telling us about Anglosocialism, for I think someone in a certain organisation has caught a touch of it here.

He thinks they sould only steal from “large businesses”. Better choose Waitrose then, old fella, for the stuff’s more expensive, and you only harm the staffs’ pay – did you know who owns Waitrose, old priest?

And here’s a Christmas message for the planet, from the Greens, in their own words, via CountingCats.

Ten reasons to leave the EU at Christmas

David Davis

Daniel Hannan lists them of course.

And if we go quietly now, slipping the door-latch after us, the buggers won’t notice for some days. Neither will our Parlimanent, cos’ it’s all getting sloshed on holiday at our cost.

The Libertarian Alliance Christmas Message, 2009

David Davis

Imagine a land.

Imagine this land here, now, if you can! It’s Christmas again, so let us dream a little. Come with me, now, let’s go there….

Imagine this land, where these things I will list for you, are taken for granted. I’m not presenting them in any particular order, they’re just nice things. I could dream up others, but fourteen is a nice number – it’s flashing blue and white and appears to me like a little bar code in my brain.***

You could call them David Davis’s Fourteen Points. Fifteen actually! The number of the Fourteen Points! (Fifteen’s green and red: yellowish in some contexts…)

(1)            The State’s organisation is so small and so un-visible, that you can spend most of your life without having to encounter one of its staff. They may be able to help you with the inconvenient documents you’d need, to cover you for travel in less fortunate lands and to call for protection by your State’s global-blue-water-forces – and that’s all. The State still runs a few libraries, staffed by some polite old ladies, and retired colonels who know about organisation and getting overdue books back.

(2)            There is a flat rate of taxation – say 10% for now – which everybody, including businesses on their profits, might reasonably be expected to pay without complaint. Progressive taxation is not approved of, but people earning under a certain amount are not taxed, which helps with those on a Shilling an hour, until they do better.

(3)            The Franchise is a Freehold Property qualification. It is qualified otherwise by age – 21. This has a number of benefits: (I) It cuts the number of voters down to those who own freehold land or buildings, or known parts of or all of a business – businesses, being property, can vote through their owners, and business votes are pro rata. (II) It reduces to almost zero the votes that would currently go to socialist parties. (III) It causes MPs to aggressively strive for all voters to own private freehold property of all kinds. (IV) Elections are important, and competition to gain property is immense.

(4)            This land is not in the EU. It has left, and simultaneously, having denounced and repudiated all the relevant “treaties”, has also downgraded its own bureaucracy’s ability to resist and defeat the measures stated. The said bureaucracy is also about 99% smaller. This land is rich, and businesses in EU-enslaved countries compete fiercely to sell their wares here. They need the Gold and Platinum and Rhenium Bars, to prop up their toilet-paper-monopoly-currency

(5)            The currencies which circulate in this land are whatever traders here will be pleased to accept as payment: there may be lots, even including fiat-papers, which may have tactical use for things such as holidays. The prevailing one, however, backed by a number of hard Bullions with commodity-prices, such as Gold, Platinum, Rhenium, Iridium, Cobalt and Silver to name a few, is universally respected. Many industrially-useful metals can be currencies. And you can take this State’s Promissory Note that you got, to any branch of the Central Bank, and they’ll hand you in return the right weight of the metal of your choice.

(6)            The Police are unarmed civilians who do, for you, what they do just like the lifeboatmen of the RNLI do what they do. The Police have not much to do these days, except sit about at the few remaining “Police Stations”, drinking tea in funny uniforms with pointy hats, and occasionally going out to the odd primary school, to tell humorous horror-stories of what it was like under the “Government”, when “some people used to commit crimes! And people thought that “crime” was caused by “deprivation!” ” (Chorus of screams and laughter from children who can factorise cubics before lunch.) You are allowed to keep any arms that please you, up to but not including heavy artillery for which you need permission from some retired colonel or other, locally: crime, therefore, is very rare.

(7)            The State, such as remains in organisation, has no function in employment or wage regulation. There are jobs in which people may work for less than Five Shillings an Hour, even in 2010. There is no “unemployment benefit”.

(8)            But the Shilling, restored to its rightful value, and fabricated in Sterling Silver, buys all this stuff at once, from Tesco or from your “local” little shop: a loaf of bread, a pound of butter, a Pound of bacon (454 grams to you lot) for which is for four people, a frying pan, and the electricity to turn it all into good old Bacon-Butties!

(9)            There is no “Ministry of Education”: not even a “Department of Skills”. Schools of all sorts flourish – you can even go to an Islamic one in Skelmersdale, or Wigan, or Wimborne, if you want, or a Jewish one in (don’t know) or a sort of funny one started in Birkdale by some scientist-madman who hated the “National(ised) Curriculum” under the GramscoFabiaNazis, and decided that when times got better he’d start his own Science and Engineering Academy for Boys and Girls who were “interested”. He’d take anybody – you just had to agree to turn up every day no-fail (or you’d be sacked) and you’d get lots of “prep”, which meant self-study in your own time, and in return he’d always answer all your difficult questions. A very, very old, smoking man with horn-rimmed spectacles, driving a Hillman Super-Minx, reg no “5518 PL”, goes round schools, when he feels up to it, seeing to it that they at least teach “Joined-Up-History”, with dates of kings and queens and important battles against continental Statists, and the easiest ways to solve simultaneous second-order-partial-differential-equations, for the eleven-year-olds to be able to compute the inter-orbital interactions of Saturn’s moons. Other stuff is up to them.

(10)      DEFRA is gone. Zapped. As if it’d never been. Farmers can grow food now, if they like. They are no longer “wildlife” or “countryside” “stewards” – they grow food efficiently and mechanically, for people, and they make real money. Butterflies are a nuisance anyway, being extinct all the time, and as for the white ones, they lay eggs which hatch into nasty caterpillars which eat all our five-a-day-broccoli. If farmers want to conserve wildlife, then they can, and can balance the cost of this against the potential lost revenue from food-buyers. It’s now their choice in this new land. But nobody will come and murder all their animals at gunpoint, and run away, ever again. If their animals get ill, nobody will buy them and they’ll lose money: it’s up to them.

(11)      Defence spending is enormous, but astonishingly efficient. The Armed Forces of this nation’s free people, even while inactive which is hopefully most of the time, strike terror into the hearts of evil-doers, other pirates, dictators of legacy-Statist-polities, and anti-liberal governments. The reason for enormous spending is the terrible threats from the other 190-odd “nations’ “ governments, continually received via the “Foreign Secretary”, whose title is soon to be changed to “Minister for War”. Procurement of kit is “open-source”: anybody may tender to provide, say, encrypted radios that work properly in cold bogs and hot sand, or real helicopters that actually exist right now today for hire or sale, and the like. The MOD is a small office in Whitehall with a telephone, an iPod dock for visiting Corporals’ mp3s, a laptop and a few gentlemen, one of whom sees to buying things.

(12)      The State has nothing to do with “Culture, Media and Sport”: from “State involvement” with these things, nothing but pretentious trash has been shown to emerge. What “culture” is, emerges by free interactions between individuals and voluntary institutions in this nation. No “grants” are given to any “groups” – whether “gays”, Moslems, LGBT groups, “Christians”, Jedi Knights, Zoroastrians (whatever those are), Jews, Rasta-men, new-agers, Gypsies and other “travelling people”, “settled folk”, or whatever. Each makes his own way and raises his own funds if needed, privately, if need be by jumble-sales in Church Halls. If the Mosque can’t hold a jumble sale, it will be legal for it to hire the Church Hall. I care not.

(13)      The astonishingly brazen up-front-scam of AGW has been exposed. Raging mobs of the “bourgeoisie”, irate small-business-owners, and other taxpayers have raided the offices of “climate-consciousness-organisations”, “Green” pressure groups, fake charities and DEFRA, have burnt all the records, malleted all identified hard disks, disk-stores, backups and pen-drives, and turned the staff into the street in the clothes they stood up in. The way is open for anyone, including Mutt and Jeff and their white van, to offer private-building-solutions to local people’s community-nuclear-power stations.

(14)      Hospitals abound in this land. The “NHS” is gone, without trace, but doctors, nurses and medicines of all sorts seem to be everywhere. You can even buy penicillins, the early ones, (via the chemist, at first!) in Tesco, as is right. (They’re not for everybody all the time, and scientific education has to catch up some decades of deliberate darkness in short order!) There is a hospital in almost every large village, in all small and large towns, and many in each city. These initially Spartan places (but they will get better) consist of some Doctors each, who do their own rota, plus some Nurses who might shout kindly at you for not taking your medicine on time but who will heroically attend you without complaint in the night if you are in great pain. There are many many interesting  and advanced machines, and always a couple of telephonists who know everyone in the area, and perhaps a duty-chemist too, to issue the more abstruse drugs. Plus lots of old ladies under an irascible local retired colonel, who come and clean up properly everywhere with strong stuff, every day, for a few quid. The poor buggerettes would stay alive outside care homes for longer if this was the case – they’d have something to do in their lives. There are no “managers” – the Colonels can do that stuff in their sleep. If you’re poor and can’t pay, they’ll fix you for nothing. If you’re insured, no problem. If you’re Sir Alan Sugar, you might also be asked if you’d like voluntarily to “pop something in this little box, it’s really just for the other ones, who, er, can’t really, you know….” on your way out…

(15)      The State wants nothing to do with the internet. Except to be a client, to make its operation more efficient for citizens, so you don’t even have to see anyone if you wanted a passport. Why’d you want a passport? Not to go to Spain [for example] for a holiday: “Spain” and all Spaniards would know you are protected, for you come from here, and they are civilised there, and you’d need no passport – your State has left the EU anyway and so they know you’re “good for the money you carry” and also well-protected forces-wise, so no change of a successful mugging there, then. No, you’d want a “Passport” (a modern wifi one) to call down protection by your Armed Forces, when you go for a working holiday, to less fortunate foreign lands for example – like North Korea or Cuba. You will want to distribute internet-ready computers and usb-G3 wifi devices to the oppressed natives of these poor places in the blinding darkness still. You’d regard it as your duty, so you’d need to go, and be protected by your State’s Armed Forces while you are doing your bit for world liberalism.

All of us here, in the Libertarian Alliance, and those of us locked in the Lancashire typewriting-Chimpanzees’ blogging-team Nissen-Hut (current temperature here = -3C) would like you all to have a marvellous and 100%-climate-free Christmas, and a relaxing and fully-non-Statist New Year, this time and always.

If you are not careful, we shall release video footage of us blogging.

***I have synaesthesia, I discovered about three years ago – I thought everyone saw numbers as strong colours like I do, and I was disappointed and saddened to find they don’t. Music is very very highly coloured too, for me, a lot (It’s numbers too I guess.) Shame really, it’s nice – others miss out on this sensory experience.

But it is utterly obvious that this is a joke…

David Davis

If our God, who is a Unitary Trinity of Beings, can’t let us tell jokes about Him, and His Acts that it pleased Him to do whe he was a young-‘un, and what the guys in the Pub thought of them, then what use  are we to Him as ambassadors? He is (they are) our Ossifer: we can scrag and rag Him/Them (but we will try to follow Him,  _/even/_ when He has a map and He Is Sure that He knows where we are, in the face of the Enemy…)

Humour drives out evil: DISCUSS.

He is of course all-powerful, omniscient and benevolent, as the great mathematician Gottfried Leibniz suggested, so it can’t matter that we cheek Him and take the piss out of Him. This is the real one-over that we have on all other versions of “God”…

We’ve really got, we Western liberals, the best possible God: if you think about it. The rest can eat cake.

Australia, and a strange affliction

David Davis

A “Dr Nathan Grills” (must be a made-up name, to signify apparent  harmlessness) states that “Santa Claus promotes obesity and drink-driving among children”, and ought to be modified.

Apparently, Dr “Grills” is a “health expert”, whatever that might be. I think he’s just an ordinary fascist killjoy scumbag, who also happens – very sadly and unforgiveably – to be Australian. And in “Monash University too? The good Old Man must be turing in his grave. For that reason alone, being what Dr “Grills” seems to be, he ought to know better than to espouse nasty fascist notions of control and repression.

All Australians whom I have met in my time have not been like that at all, and are all charming and normal human beings, who thus like a drink or three and some fried food (and probably pies too) so I wonder what’s getting into them – specially after that Conroy fellow the other day was gassing on about internet censorship and some sort of Australian “firewall”.

Perhaps Dr “Grills” ought to see more to whatever pox is invading the minds of him and his countrymen. He’s a medic I suppose?

If not, I suggest you poms down there underneath (oh, no that’s us isn’t it, we’re the actual poms) kill and truss and barbecue and eat the bugger. Leave his head and spinal cord uneaten, you’ll get Mad-Sociologist-Disease if you don’t…

The end of the PUb

Michael Winning

I like writing for this blog, really I do. You know what? I’d never writ on the internet thing befor in my life before you fellows and your boss down in west-Lancs asked me if I’d do it. He and his boy came up here to the farm and showed me what to do, it was nice. The connection is still dialup up here, so it takes an age to laod each post but we’ll get there.

I may try to make some dish aerial or something to hack some banker’s unsecured network down the valley, I have a pattern for a 2.4GHz dish thing which you oculd make out of fusewire and a piece of thin frying pan. I need your boss to do the maths.

We like to go to the pub, us, sometimes. Formerly we’d just get in Landrover and go. Now, I guess we shall be staked out by the coppers. As its Christmas, none of us is going, its too dangerous if we can’t drive the vehicles after. Pub is gutted so I guess it’ll close eventually. Perhpas that’s what the buggers want, after all you can’t easily eavesdrop on local confabs in a North Lancashire pub in the hills, so it’s got to go. You could force Jim to video everybody going in and give the film the the Police every day, but then they fellows wouldn’t come or else they’d waer Skull Halloween masks from asda or Morrisons. So Jim will get closed anyway for allowing it.

Their friends in British State Soviets are doing this today…

…even as we speak, cadres of crack GramscoFabiaNazi*** “élite district troops”, impersonating “Councillors” and “Deputy Directors of multicultural community engagement”, and “Community Includers”…

David Davis

are talking about variations on “Winterval“.

Libertarians probably on the whole are either atheistic, or else have no interest in how others wish to celebrate what are probably harmless religious festivals. However, there is a strong strand of liberal thought which argues the need for this: a strong conservative basis of morality and of generally-tolerated and supported institutions and customs. These have to have become generally established and have fairly universal support, before a real hard-liberal civilisation can evolve to be so durable that Gramscian-animated uprooters and deconstructors can gain no traction.

Why else would the NSDAP have spent so much effort trying to cut off or subvert the roots of the host-culture in Germany and then the world? Why, indeed, are our home-grown left (and it _is_ the “traditional left) trying to do the same thing here?

***(Reasons for calling the Enemy Class “GramscoFabiaNazis”:  no 139a/2 in a series)

Nah. They just go to more parties, where they are happy.

David Davis

“More pressure on teenagers to have sex at Christmas.”

I would have thought it was the obvious time. Midwinter: priests are haranguing people: you’re cold and tired: there’s a party: there’s free alcohol provided by someone else: and of course it’s when Jesus Christ was born. So there. Go to it teenagers.

In 1966, at Christmas, I first cuddled my first proper girlfriend properly, in a big armchair, in a darkened room, while the softer slower record was put on at the party, by the parents of the host, in the other room. I was 14, she was 13. My friends in the same room were the same age or not much older. We were all in the “Lower Sixth”.

Now THAT was what we called “sex”! (But it was before sex was invented on the Wireless Tele Vision.)

I still wonder about her even today.

Be of Good Cheer: Christmas Greetings from Sean Gabb

Sean Gabb

Free Life Commentary,
A Personal View from
The Director of the Libertarian Alliance
Issue Number 178
25th December 2008

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Be of Good Cheer:
A Christmas Greeting
from the Director of the Libertarian Alliance
by Sean Gabb

There being nothing else on any of the channels we can receive, my wife and I have spent much of the day watching the various Christmas greetings from religious and political leaders from around the world. These range from the vacuous (Her Majesty the Queen), to the impressively malevolent, so long as the volume is turned down (the Bishop of Rome), to the plain stupid (the Archbishop of Canterbury). I will not bother with reviewing these utterances. Instead, I will issue one of my own.

There is little doubt that 2009 will be a bad year in every respect where the politicians have influence. In England, we may have a general election before the summer. If this happens, and if the votes are fairly counted, or if the police decide not to arrest all the opposition leaders, Gordon Brown and his Labour Party will be ejected from office. In the past decade, he has helped turn this country from the incipient police state established by the Conservatives into a true police state that is tempered only by the mockery we are still permitted to heap on its projectors. It would be nice to see these people out of office – especially since they could never be re-elected, and the only thing they have ever really wanted in life was to be in office. But there is no reason to suppose the Conservatives would do much to prevent our final slide into totalitarianism. They have too many nasty inclinations of their own to break up the vast apparatus of control brought near perfection by Labour. Even otherwise, I suspect they are too stupid and lazy to know how to break it up.

I would ignore political developments elsewhere in the world – only it would deprive me of the opportunity to feel sorry for the Americans. I saw their President-Elect in a newspaper the other morning. Posing shirtless, he looked for all the world like one of the more raddled black boys you see selling their bodies in Leicester Square. I think this says more about the tone of his coming leadership than his choice of Hillary Clinton and the usual neo-con suspects to run his foreign policy, or his having accepted the full climate change nonsense. I have no doubt the BBC will cover his inauguration as if it were the Second Coming. It will be watched in much of England, even so, with laughter and contempt. President Obama will be rather like Tony Blair, but without the taste or restraint which Princess Tony will, by comparison, be shown to have possessed.

Since they too are influenced by the politicians, 2009 will be a bad year in most respects economic. I am not sure when the present cycle started, but interest rates have, for many years, been manipulated by the politicians below the level needed to balance savings and loans. The resulting additional demand for loans was satisfied by creating new money out of nothing. This enabled a gigantic speculative bubble that sprang a puncture last year, and that has now burst. Recession is the natural result. The structure of relative prices has been distorted. Investments have been made that are now shown to be unwise. There must be changes. The beginning of change is to allow interest rates to rise and unsound businesses to go bankrupt. The faster this is allowed to happen, the sooner we can return to prosperity.

Sadly, the political response has been to look for any scheme to save or replace the speculative bubble. Interest rates have been cut in England and America. The taxpayers’ money has been lavished on propping up the more unsound banks. Governments are threatening to inflate without limit. The stated purpose of this is to avoid recession. The result will be to make the recession longer and deeper than it needs to be. The politicians tell us that Keynes was right after all. Perhaps that is what they believe. More likely,  they have been taken in by the bankers with warnings about total collapse of the financial system, and are now responding like the victims of those Internet frauds run from Nigeria. I see the car makers have taken up the bleat for subsidies. I suppose they will be joined soon enough by the coffee bars and every other business that overexpanded.

2009, therefore, will be a bad year in the economic sense. If it is not, the pain will only have been delayed until 2010, when it will be felt with compound interest.

Here, though, is an end of my gloom. Much is bad now, and will get worse in the next few years. So long, however, as we can avoid a collapse into totalitarianism, the future is nowhere near so bleak as we are presently assured. Scientific and technical progress continue at the most wonderful speed. Sooner or later, there will be a renewed scramble to bring the results to market, and our lives will be still further enriched – and this time, I hope, considerably extended.

And there need be no relative decline of the West. We have been told for years – usually by self-righteous lefties, gloating over a fall that they assume they and their families can personally avoid sharing – that the coming economic giants of this century are China and perhaps India. This is as fatuous as earlier claims about Japan. If you type the phrase “population pyramids” into Google, the first result will be an American Government website showing how the population of every country in the world is, and will be, distributed by age. Until we know how to extend not merely life but also youth, the most dynamic people in any country will be aged between twenty five and forty five. In England and in America, this age group will predominate throughout the present century. In the Orient, every developing country is following the Japanese pattern of rapid ageing, followed by actual decline of population. The Japanese at least reached Western standards of living before they stopped having children. The Chinese may simply grow old before they get rich. After a fashion, China has been getting richer for about thirty years. We shall see how long that can continue once the majority of the population is over the age of fifty, and have neither savings nor children to support them in old age.

And China has been getting richer only after a fashion. About thirty years ago, its Communist rulers decided to turn the country into one big sweatshop, supplying the West on razor thin profit margins. They managed this by unlimited force. Ordinary working people in China have been ruthlessly exploited. With the banning of real trade unions, and with generally oppressive contracts of employment, labour there is free only in the nominal sense. Otherwise, costs have been socialised for favoured companies; and competitiveness has been maintained by an undervalued exchange rate. Look beyond those glittering towers built for the ruling class and its foreign partners, and you find endless and increasing misery.

Even without the start of demographic crisis, this may now be ending. We are told about the huge scale of the foreign currency reserves maintained by the Chinese Government and its banks – as if money were the same as riches. At least the mercantilists in old Europe wanted their governments to accumulate gold and silver. These could eventually be made into imports. What the Chinese Communists have done is to send us a continuous stream of manufactured goods, accepting in exchange a mountain of dollars – and at an undervalued rate – that are only worth anything if they are not spent. The moment these reserves are used for imports, or switched into more stable currencies, their value will collapse.

The Americans have had the main benefit from this fraud. But so far as the Orientals have had an insatiable hunger for dollars, and the rest of us have had no trouble in getting dollars to hand over, all other Western peoples have benefitted.

This brings me to the supposed crisis of our national debt. The English and American Governments have been borrowing for the past decade on a scale that would once have been thought reckless. Gordon Brown has already given this country the ratio of debt to output that we last had after the Second World War. This is without the further borrowing he has announced. The Americans are facing the same explosion of public debt. Some economists are telling us that we shall have to pay higher taxes for at least a generation to service these debts.

But this is not true. Our governments will borrow little from us – most of us having no savings to lend. They will instead continue selling bonds to the Arabs and the Orientals, and a few Russians if the price of oil recovers in time. The real value of these will then be inflated away.

None of this pleases me. Inflation harms us all, if in ways that are often hard to trace. But once the mess of the last boom has been cleared away, it will become plain that the chief victims of that boom were the very countries everyone thought were the chief beneficiaries. We shall have had our cheap notebook computers and our flat screen television sets. We shall have increased our wealth in the present, and increased our abilities to grow wealthier in the future. Those who screwed their peoples to the edge of destitution to make this possible will find themselves holding our increasingly worthless paper. Chinese growth will grind to a halt. India will break up. Eventually, the Arabs and Russians will learn that we have discovered some cheaper source of energy than their carbons. All we need to do is somehow bring our politicians under control, and we shall enjoy a most agreeable twenty first century.

And so I wish all the lucky members of my mailing list a Happy Christmas, and – if the coming year will be dreadful – the prospect of much better times to come.

NB—Sean Gabb’s book, Cultural Revolution, Culture War: How Conservatives Lost England, and How to Get It Back, can be downloaded for free from http://tinyurl.com/34e2o3

Christmas Day

David Davis and Peter Davis

Bloggin may continue on Christmas Day, or it may not.Same for Boxing Day.

The Ship’s turrets remain manned. Decks cleared and sanded. All boats and flotsam thrown off and left.  All Sea-duty Men in anti-flash gear and at action. Tea and butties brought periodically up from the messes, via the shell-handling-shafts.

It depends what the Nazis Gordon Brown and “Jacqui” “Smith” say or do on that day tomorrow. If they are quiet, we shall be quiet.

If they use it as a day to bury bad news, then we shall have to say what they have done.

Happy Christmas. Welcome to New Britain 2009, soon.

Some people are not home yet

Peter Davis

A soldier’s night before Christmas:-

But one came home in a box:-

These chaps are still there:-

I got there before Boris Johnson

Here’s a post about CHUTNEY. (It’s Christmas…..in post Christianised secular Britain, we do weird things.)

David Davis

Here’s a small sample of the chutney, which I made rather earlier than he. There’s plenty more jars of it, if you buggers are not careful – almost enough to send it out next year as well, as our tomatoes ran riot this year:-

Better watch out or you'll have to eat it.

Better watch out or you'll have to eat it.

The Church of England and disestablishment: I will consider a couple of days, and then decide what to say.

David Davis

The Asse-Hat is going to go along with his socialist masters in government on this one, we can all now see.

I will decide what to think in a day or so. This is all blowing up correctly while everyone is out shopping in Woolworth’s, so that nobody will notice.

Perhaps the English cathedrals will be razed after that, and the land used for “affordable housing”. Just think what fun it would be for the builder-chaps in their jolly little plastic hats, to go at the windows with a wrecking-ball.

It’s all about “change”, you see.

Edible tree-decorations


If ths was not sad, it would be funny

David Davis

The Asse-Hat* has called the Prime-Mentalist a “drug addict”. I presume , then, that it’s just another intra-socialist spat. between one who pretends to be religious because he is the devil, and the other one who pretends to be the devil ‘coz he came from a religious background….

The problem, for Christmas, is that the world needs to get fixed, and these buggers just won’t get out of the way, and it’s about 6 days off. Oh well, God made the world in 6 days (rush job…)

We referred to the Asse-Hat here yesterday, courtesy of Iowahawk (great stuff, go read.)

Special Christmas Day Post coming: “ANNOY A BUREAUCRAT FOR THE CHILDREN AT CHRISTMAS” – Please could all readers contribute ways…?

David Davis

Please…..? Either on this comment thread, or else on the post just below.

And here’s Mike Oldfield, at Montreux  27 years ago:-

What a pompous, ill-informed, socialist prat.

David Davis

Find out who he is, here.

Don’t worry. We WILL post a libertarian alliance Christmas message, even though it “is evil”. (But not 4 abt 8 -10 days yet, gotta write it.)

David Davis

Anjem Choudary thinks we ought not to. All right then, Anjem, old bean, come and do your worst! Pull down my children’s Christmas tree, while they wait!

(I’ll email you when it’s up, so you can get up to Lancashire, if you can find it.)

Poor old socialists, they’ve bust the Banks so they’re sitting about in the Student Unions, with nothing left to do for now….

This is what may happen to Woolworth’s

David Davis

…..and….”That’s the wonder of Woolies***….” … it stays open even when fully and entirely bust!

Truly, our caring socialist masters the Stalinists in Westminster really are solicitous of people’s well-being.

***(Anybody remember that great Rod Allen/Peter Marsh tune? I worked for them for a few years, long, long ago.)

Music and advent … and let’s remember all the forgotten boys we lost in Vietnam too, and what a wonderful land we still live in today, in which people can still become “disappeared”

….like this guy, courtesy of The Landed Underclass having noticed something sinister, about our guvmint and its antics.

Let’s play some music for the guys:-

That’s it: the Gestapo will have to be killed.

David Davis

Norwich City Council (what is that, please?) say that “Hair Dressers” can’t offer their customers free glasses of mulled wine, or beer. if they do, “undercover officers” will grass them up, and send them to jail for 6 MONTHS or fine them £20,000.

I don’t know what the world is coming to.

I think we are turning into two nations and not one. One is good, and the other has turned evil. There will have to be a war.

I am very sad about this, for all war is horrible and destructive, and even when we win, stuff is lost and nothing is the same afterwards. Just looik at WW1 (1752-59), WW2 (1792-1815), WW3 – 1899-1989, with an armistice currently going on…

I don’t really know what sort of people work for “Councils” these days. I am not sure what the qualifications are, or ought to be, or quite how clever you have to be to get such a job. I expect you’d have to be really quite clever, as I don’t know any of these person-trons who do this sort of stuff. But if they do such evil things, and if I had a daughter, then I’m not sure I’d want her to marry a “Councillor” or even at a push, a paid citizen-slaughterer for one if she was “up-the-duff” and therefore devalued and had to accept this dude.

The Libertarian Alliance Christmas Message. The Sky darkens. The forces of Evil daily encroach on the West, but…..

David Davis 

…..there is hope.

I’m tempted to compare our lot today in the embattled Anglosphere with that of the Holy Family on that first Christmas 2,000 years ago. Libertarianism in England is a broad church. There’s room for all shades of opinion about the Grand Question, from the anti-religious, through atheism, various gnostic stuff I don’t fully understand, and all the way to belief in a grand cosmic order (“Logos”) – call it God if you will, (read ch.1 John (v.i et seq) for the full explanation,) to which practically all thinking physicists cleave eventually.

It reads, under one form of translation as “In the beginning was Order. Order was God, and Order was [with = authorised text] God.”  By contrast I prefer to read the Greek as the ablative case, which could mean any of  “by/with/from”, so you could have “by” equally well here. If God created order (in a Newtonian physical sense, in the universe out of nothing (which He can if He wills it) and Liberty is the mother of order – and not its daughter as socialists think – and if God endowed His creation, the Universe (including Man) with free will, then it’s our lot now to defend its exercise, against all-comers.

The Grand Question was posed by Alfred the Great, in his later years, trying to grapple with the embryonic notions of modern Statehood, and the toughish job of being a king of somewhere desirable in an imperfect world full of pre-capitalist barbarians as well as some better people. This troubling time in which he lived was in the beginnings of the first, oldest and longest-surviving unitary nation in the modern history of the West. (Yes and I’ll talk about ancient China and Japan another time, thanks, so you chaps just form an orderly queue please.)

He articulated his problem by asking; “What is life? Why are we here? What then must we do?”

What must Libertarians do at Christmas?

Firstly they ought to give thanks for the non-accidental accidents of geological and anthropological history which produced a quite large and rather unassailable (well nearly) island, not far to the north of the continent that contained the remnants of the Graeco-Roman inheritance. Not more than a day’s bad sailing, and sometimes even visible. There was somewhere for an alternative view of the world, unencumbered by land borders requiring armies and perpetual fighting. The climate, even, was clement, most of the time.

Secondly, they ought to thank the evolving people of that island, for their erratic but remorseless progress towards a Limited State. It took nearly 1,000 years, it sometimes ended in fisticuffs, but by about 1870 – significantly the year the railway network (private) achieved its greatest ever extent so that no house was more than 3 miles from a station – Britain was about as free as any nation had ever been or would afterwards be. Dr Sean Gabb has chronicled how a man could be born, live and die without coming materially into contact with the State, in his latest book.

Thirdly, they ought to give thanks for the Gospels, and for the Mosaic Decalogue. These documents have underpinned, do underpin now, and will underpin, between today and Armageddon, the foundations of liberal Classical civilisation. (I like John best; he took the trouble to explain to us what Jesus Christ was for, and why He came.)

The countries that bore Libertarianism into being, and which most harbour it today, pay at least lip-service to this tradition, even though it is being viciously undermined by socialist memory-wipers in all climes and in all spheres of human action. Wiping of memories is their job; otherwise evil cannot triumph – why do they always refer to a “Year Zero” – as if there has been no past worth recording and learning from, and as if they are the sole arbiters of the future? If evil is to triumph, this result rests on no recognition of its dangerous isolation and lack of support among Men.

Fourthly then, regarding evil’s need to suppress info about itself, we have to thank the Internet for this latest, and possibly last, God-granted ability to spread information. Many places languish yet in internet-darkness. Notably China, North Korea, Cuba (I’m sure without checking) and many countries on “Arab Street” (what an evil, condescending way to refer to poor miserable enslaved people, used as it is by the fascist mediarati and the other execrable Polly Toynbees of this world. They want i-Pods, BMWs, uncensored broadband, an electricity-grid that works most of the time, and hot and cold running water and flush-toilets, just like we do.)

But for the discovery of these technological advantages that give us yet the edge in this century’s global war against liberty (that’s what it is, folks) – we have to thank first of all and last of all, God, Who Is, through all time and everywhere, and who gave Man the gift of Free Will. This great  technological advantage of The West (born and evolved broadly in the free will of individual intellectual creation) is what Churchill called in “The River War”, the “strong arms of science”, in which he pictured liberal Judeo-Christian civilisation cradled. You may not be allowed to read this book for much longer, so you’d better go to http://www.gutenberg.org/ now and download a copy before it get deleted.

God needed to send no prophets after His Son Jesus Christ; I mean to say, whatever for? Anyone who thinks so is mistaken, and the victim of a ruse. All he needed to do was to give Man free will, and allow Man to set up the conditions for its proper exercise. This occurred, even if only once, and that has been enough for a body of lore and philosophy about liberty – as a discursible concept – to flourish, unlike any time before.

And so Liberty truly became the Mother and not the daughter of Order, and that is where I came in, as one aspect of His Creation was realised. Probably quite accidentally, and perhaps not even noticed importantly enough by That People wott dunn it, at the time. A pity, since lack of this realisation may have led to the death of liberal England, not through lack of sincerity about its rightness, but of failure to spot that it had mortal enemies.

All that Libertarians do is explain how a civilisation based on this would work in practice.

We wish a happy and joyful Christmas to all you people our readers, out there somewhere. If 2008 is looking dark, then write more; talk to more people, give them the directions to The Door Out Of Hell. And in doing so, pull the scales from their eyes about socialism and its allies.

Removal of Christmas. Hmmm. I don’t know – you’re a Libertarian; do YOU want to remove it?

I went round a minute or so ago to Hot Air, a frequent source of satirical comment on the unreality of Socialist nonsense, and found this. Moonbattery. They shall go in the bolg-roll; great stuff, and I am pleased that the planet still contains a few hundred sane people. Let’s keep buggering on!

We learn, as if we did not know, that  some people who disagree with how we interpret the world and the Universe, want to eraze some of the ways in which we do our interpreting.

Fort Collins Removing Christmas from “the Holidays”

November is the time moonbats turn their attention to suppressing Christmas. Yesterday we learned that as part of its overall strategy to eradicate British culture, the Labour Party’s beloved Institute for Public Policy Research wants to downgrade Christmas in favor of holidays from other religions, since they don’t feel they have the leverage yet to “expunge” it from the calendar altogether. On the other side of the world, in Colorado:

Fort Collins has decided to make the holidays less about Christmas, and more about our diversity.

Christmas displays are to be less “Christmas-y,” avoiding “things that scream Christmas at folks.” For example, lights will be blue and white, because red and green lights might remind someone of Christmas, which must never be done at Christmastime, since that might offend those who hate Christmas.

What kind of fiend hates Christmas? Why do the Grinch and Ebenezer Scrooge take precedence over the vast majority of Americans who are decent, normal people? The answer: because moonbats are in charge, and they are anything but decent or normal.

When progressives have succeeded in killing Christmas, it will be a major step toward their goal of replacing our culture with a vacuum that is both sterile and unclean.

Even that we won the World War 1587-1991, and we a single culture, latterly and collectively defeated at least two other evil ones while yet being bust; I want to wonder how we have ended up like this, in the foredays of Armageddon, and up against previously intelligent human beings, from among ourselves, who have become Monsters and Socialists.

Libertarians may sometimes be atheists (I know many who are, although as a scientist I have always found it 100% easy  – rationally –  to acknowledge the existence and benevolent omnipotence of God – that is what Science does – it lets us know what is in God’s Mind) but only non-libertarian Socialist Utopiomaniacs would want to forbid the festivals of one particular religion.

Let these people start to badmouth some revered festivals of a rather-strongly-promoted-and-ultra-Vulgatic-pre-capitalist-desert-survival-guide, for example; 

Or Diwali, which may have some foudation in actual religion, but I am not a 2007-British-schoolchild and do not do “R-E” so I do not know -

- and see what would happen.

If someone does not “like” “Christmas”, or want to “believe” something about it and what it is about, and the “colours that it uses”, which “could offend”…. then all he has to do is go and live somewhere else, where it does not feature in the lives of the other people round him whom he presumably despises? Or have I missed something vital here?