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Teh funneh

David Davis

Go here and enjoy.

Missing him yet?

Michael Winning

Spotted this on Guido, http://minnesota.publicradio.org/collections/special/columns/news_cut/archive/2010/02/billboard_mystery_partly_revea.shtml?refid=0

The devil you know

Let’s just remind ourselves how the CHICAGO-GAULEITER won

David Davis

Sex was invented in 1963 – roughly when he was born -  in order to put him in power in 2008. 45 years is all it took, to bring down The City On The Hill (You idiots! Asleep! Isolationism! You let the GramscoFabiaNazis into your patch, when you might have got away with locking them out just on ours…):-

But at least human beings can bugger these FabioDroids up. Listen up, people: it matters to us in other nations who is the President of the USA. The right one, and we shall be all right – the wrong one, and we shall all fail including you:-

You people in North America clearly did not get it right in 2008.

I shall be writing, in the next few days, perhaps, or perhaps not, about why the next US President, and subsequent ones, should be chosen by the Executive Committee of the Libertarian Alliance, UK, London-Kent-Scotland-and-Lancashire, England.

Perhaps there is hope in The Last Best Hope

David Davis

I was encouraged by this here.

But I’m not holding my breath: traditionally, Good People do not make the first move against bad. This is sad and regrettable.

But this time, just for once, could it be different? Could we eat the GFNs, before they bankrupt, starve and freeze us?

This is a very sinister and worrying development

David Davis

President Obama has been awarded the Nobel “Peace Prize”.

Look, I just gve up. I have continually warned the American people about this man – even to the extent of how he used sex, the enjoyment of which is a liberal capitalist property of Free Individuals and not of GFNs (who use it to enslave), to sell his election, even. And now, you all just sit and watch calmly, while he collects a “prize” commonly awarded to stalinists and terrorists, for the valour of their acts in the great pageant of destruction of Western liberal civilisation (there is no other sort of civilisation: sorry. And I know I am right.)

And isn’t the scrag-doid in this movie the evil, wicked and deliberately-stalinist-murdering-butcher Michael Moore?

What a clever trick

You have to admire the man’s cunning.

David Davis

In the final reality it does not matter if the UK is “at the top table”, whatever that is, so long as we are a free people. Places like Western Samoa and Finland do all right without the clout.

We could be like Norway, but with nuclear weapons and without the heavy taxation and big-state.

Or just perhpas she does not fancy him

Michael Winning.

Mrs Obaba didn’t hug or kiss poor old Mr Berlusconi. Shame on her. Perhaps they don’t like him in the Enemy Class because he got to have all the girls before the real game was exposed. Perhpas my master will call a caption competion, i know he likes those, the prizes are fore what Obama is thinking….

No Silvio, you have enough of us already on your yacht!

No Silvio, you have enough of us already on your yacht!

I wouldn’t trust the buggers…

…further than a tired old sidewinder could fly.

David Davis

“A world without nuclear weapons” will not only take us back to 1939 and the sort of sword-wielding-mountebanks we either faced or (just as scary) had in 1941 to do business with and thanklessly supply: it also will provide today’s dangerous mountebanks with the excuse to covertly go about getting more anyway.

Knowing what its true mission is, as you do, the sort of snotrags who get to “represent” people at it and the kinds of countries in it which invoke collective-lynching-parties against liberalism, would _you_ trust the UN to police such an arrangement?

We said it would happen

Michael Winning

First you try to do some dirty deals with a dirty old shitty murdering dictator who’s no better than he ought to be. (It’s ALL ABOUT OIL!….choris offstage.) Those deals could not be more designed to piss of the uSA your friend and ally, and also individual people associated with the Lockerbie-dead, like their surviving relations and legatees, even if you tried hard to bring it about.

Then you pretend somebody else did them, not you.

That gets Scotland into trouble (your tirn will soon come) which also pisses off the Scots while you’re at it. Even the Scottish Labour party.

Then yo go into hiding, pretending there’s nothing to talk about.

Then it comes out that you did it after all.

People like my colleague warned of the strategic consequences. Even Guido has noticed.

Then of course the soft-boiled-egg does actually connect with the electric fan after all. Brown’s apparent flatfootedness has gone beyond mere galumphing ineptitude and is thus a position cultivated for a reason. he hates us, he hates liberalism and the west and he wants it to fall down.

Now Brown is a rapidly-addressed kitchen servant, compared with these:

“It was disclosed earlier this week that Mr Brown would not hold bilateral talks with Mr Obama, despite the President hosting individual meetings with the leaders of Japan, China and Russia. Downing Street claimed that this was not unusual.”

This is not good for libertarians if the USA is going to tactfully pull up the ladder against us, while obviously talking to more impoartant people in Japan Russia and China. Actually I’m surproised India France and Germany were left out of that list but the journo might just not have finished his whistky in time to write them down.

I note this blog has been critical of Obama in the past. Clearly he’s no liberal in the libertarian true meaning of the word, but he also clearly knows which side the USA’s bread is buttered.

My real worry is that the American People will think the worse of us now, for things we didn’t want to do but wree done in our name. Even their Bankers despise us.

Interesting take on the tottering of Gordon Brown


More on Obama: Lockerbie, the “Scottish Government”, socialism, and tail-twisting

David Davis

Surely, this does not surprise anyone. At least President Obama and even Hillary Clinton had the grace to criticise the usurping Stalinist mountebanks who currently tyrannise poor old Scotland (I’ll reserve comment on the mountebank Scots who have tyrannised Westminster for 12 years, until later.)

I chanced to watch the Wireless Tele Vision “News” at 10.00pm last night. The adulation and celebration, positively dripping from the lips of the “Lady News Caster”, at the joy over this murderer’s release, was a sight to behold – I mean a sound to savour. I was very angry for many minutes, and could not concentrate on Max Hastings’ “Overlord” during the vital last chapter.

This is done, probably not with the connivance of the Scottish voters at all, but as an anti-Anglosphere-tail-twisting exercise on purpose. The Scottish people are in the position of the Germans in 1933: they have simply walked into a potentially great future disaster by failing to reject GramscoFabiaNazi mountebanks at an important series of elections.

All the same, this does not convince me of the necessity to keep on trying to preserve the United Kingdom. I do not really know what the majority opinion about it is currently in Scotland, but all in all it seems better for Scotland to go its own way, even, slightly comically, in Foreign Policy towards Libya and murderers therefrom. “WE” would not need “Libyan Oil and Gas” if only GreeNazis in the West did not prevent development of vast fields still available to all people, “due to Caribou” etc.

We could tell the posturing Libyan tent-dweller and his spoilt son (I bet you 9p they’re really wannabe-Lebanese: they look just like my uncles and cousins did) who I bet you also 17p (longer odds) will take over as President of Libya aka the Kim-dynasty in North Korea, exactly [with anatomical details] what to do with his blasted oil. (I’m sure the Chinese will buy it anyway.)

Some people may like this site…

others may not. I’ve put in on the bog-roll anyway, as although they may not smell nice to some Libertarians, they may do things which make them into our friends for a time (like how Churchill thought that “…if Hitler was to invade Hell, then Imight at least make a favourable reference to The Devil”.)

David Davis

Take your choice. Their take on the saddo GramscoFabian Gordon Brown***, and his posturing over Afghanistan, is instructive.

***I don’t think he genuinely thinks he’s a Nazi, the poor fellow, so I won’t call him a GramscoFabiaNazi by name [in public] in case we get sued.

***But he __is__ a Gramscian, which is true by observation and therefore not actionable by him, and he __is__ a Fabian, evinced by the way he has gone about things for the whole of his political life.

I wish he’d stick to this sort of stuff…

David Davis

Obama‘s told the Afro-Kleptocracy to shape up and grow up. Good. It’s a start.

They won’t, though. Sorry. Fiercer measures will be needed – like sending no more Mercs to the Jerks.

Pity about the $7-trillion cap-and-trade tax, as well.

Proper libertarian-directed Régime Change(s). All over.

Then, this time, we stay for 200 years at least, to see it through. Maybe 300. Or more if need be.

(We: not the French, not the Belgians – definitely not the Belgians – not the Portuguese, not the Germans, not the Spaniards, not the Dutch – and of course not the Cubans or the Russians either.)

Then, only then, will it be fixed.

Perhaps we are!

Free, I meant. Do read the whole thing.

David Davis

This guy ought to be the President….or on second thoughts, perhaps we ought not to have those.

Two out of three cheers for Sarkozy

David Davis

I leave you to guess which ones.

Incidentally, the illiterate scumbag technocrats at the Torygraph have called him “Nicolas Sarokzy”. I might call him that in future….actually. Or Nicholas Psychosis.

The G20 stimulus package

And Jeff Randall in the Daily-harrumph-graph is worth a good read, also the comments, which at time of posting made 82 pages in Word. Thanks to LUC , the grand old fellow, for re-finding the link which was broken for most of today.

Just what we need

…A new world order.


David Davis

Simon Heffer thinks they can’t do it anyway, even if they really wished to.

Yes, we can...er...can we?

Yes, we can...er...can we?



Financial Fools Day.

Fools pretending to be protestors. Terrorists pretending to be protestors. Vandals pretending to be protestors. Greenies, Beardies, Trots, Commies, Scroungers, Losers and Wasters all pretending to be protestors. They are not protestors, they are f***wits.

What were they protesting for…………they weren’t. They were protesting against. Against everything that most people want in life.

These f***wits state that they speak for the population of Britain. No they don’t, they speak only for the idiots that support their cause. They are not interested in anyone else. They are happy to use violence and vandalism to get their message across. They are thugs, idiots and hypocrites.

Much beefing up of the Police in the blogosphere (I am guilty of this too). The only Coppers interested in starting a riot are the PoliticoPolice, those that stand to gain reward from Labour. The types that belong to Acpo. The ones at the very top. The ones have spent today, sat in ‘Head-Quarters’ , staring at CCTV monitors fed by 3000 cameras, watching the ‘real Coppers’ out on the street.

The Copper on the ground doesn’t want a riot. The regular Copper has been set up by his master (and he/she knows it). If they suppress trouble, those as the top will take all the glory. If they are seen to be inflaming it, they will be hung out to dry. Like the rest of us, the average Copper can’t win. He is just a pawn in the big Political Game.

I have watched the footage this afternoon, and I don’t care what anyone says, the Coppers on the ground have conducted themselves with great skill. And they should be applauded. It is very easy to see them as a group that ply the wares of this Labour Government and it is easy to forget that all those Coppers are just people like you and me. I myself, in the last couple of weeks have been swept up by the whole ‘Plod is out to get us’ way of thinking.

It is easy to forget that whilst I, as a member of the public, hate the restrictions this Government sees fit to put upon me. What I can drink, what I can eat, where I can smoke, what I can think etc… the average Copper also has to put up with this, and then when he/she goes to work there are more restrictions, targets, rules etc to follow. The average Copper isn’t the stooge of this Government, it is the fall guy. And I have only just realised this (another Mummy learning curve).

All those Coppers, on the ground, in London today, are real, down to earth people. They are members of the Public. They have families, mortgages, bills and commitments. Just like the rest of us. They are involved in the protests today. But not by choice. They have to be there. The thugs, idiots and terrorists (check your dictionary) get to cover their faces whilst they vandalise property and assault the Coppers. The Coppers don’t get this privilage. They are there for all to see. If they have to use a sheild, a baton, a taser, CS Gas or just their hands to protect THEMSELVES, they will be scrutinised. They could be punished. They could lose everything. They are the fall guys. Just like our Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. These Coppers can’t say no. They have to attend these protests.

But in the real world, they are just like you and me.









A member of the public.








Members of the public.










A member of the public.

I am going to post this at my place aswell. I have learnt something today. Something important.

Obama: next, I’ll phone God

Here he will.

I mean, it’s all authority-theatre, isn’t it.


Im not nearer to you, youre nearer to me.

I'm not nearer to you, you're nearer to me.

Libertarians should be preparing for a victory over statism in 2012…

…in one of the countries that matters and is still “nominally” “free”.

David Davis

There are several blogs out there devoted to this enterprise. Here is one.  Written by a powerful and incisive libertarian analyst. Much is going on down, in the destruction of Barack Obama’s reputation for “being able to govern”, which will continue apace. More needs to be said by the substantive blogs available now and with long histories.

Not that we really, as libertarians, want people to govern other people. It’s like, just sort of expected right now, that someone will do so. Bummer. Ultimately, it would become un-necessary: the State could indeed wither away.

Very sad


No Capitalism without Capital


Better read this….

David Davis

Here at The Cautionary Revelation. I am beginning to like the way this guy thinks.

Potty-training for conservatives: start them young (see “Jesuits”)


Better out than in

Better out than in

Quite right too, ‘coz we’re stuck with the bugger for four years (at least)

David Davis

Yup. He can be as rude as he likes to Brown, and we will laugh, ‘coz we despise him as well. It was quite funny, to watch our PM being met out of his car by a “director of protocol”, whatever that thing might be (I have no idea…)

But underneath, we hope that, in the sad and continuing absence (for now) of libertarian administrations in the USA and the UK, Obama understands who the people  _really_  are, who would really in their hearts like to be his Nation’s friends.

The unbearable strangeness of being…..

…..alive right now.

David Davis

At least, these days it is. This poll renders a rather peculiar result. No, I won’t say anything else, or I might hurt myself.

Danegeld for Hamas

David Davis

Here it is! Collect now.

Good solution: really good. Whatever you do to the Israelis, so that they then have to keep on coming to trash you ‘cozz you are fascist lefty bastards, we’ll pay for the rebuilding. Yeah, good strategy I don’t think.

Is this YET _another_ anti-English smear, or do we actually torture people?

I have to say that I don’t know. But torture is “institutionally” non-English, and does not originate here. Asia, and other places, are where the Europeans learned it, from having undergone it by defending against invasive incursion in things such as Crusades (I am not allowed to say against what we were defending, for then my son would get suspended from his history course.) And to   _not_   torture while investigating, is essentially an English practise. Read your Paul Johnson: “The Offshore islanders” – chapter ref: “this Realm is an Empire”.

David Davis

This article here is full of implications and non-sequiturs. You lazy indolent buggers out there had better read the entire thing. The  (shifty-looking)  [allegedly] “up for it” guy ( = dude) walked off the plane, in the UK, to his family and to his “law_yers” (if you wozz a state, wott  seriously, regularly, “did” people, in the basement of the “Ministry” for a living, really, like Nazi Gramsco-Marxian scumbags habitually do) then would you let a torturee do that? Walk off the plane in front of camerae? No, I would not either) but the text implies he was tortured at the command of the British “security services”.

There is, as my old co-director used to say about bailiffs, Health-and-Safety-Gestapo, and other fascistically-motivated non-marketeering State-predator-scumbags who used to be paid, out of our taxation, to psychologically-torment us and functionally-impede us in the course of our business, “MORE TO COME ON THIS ONE, SON”. I take great exception to the entire thing, but I will report back tomorrow when it has all got cooked a bit more and I can smell the rats floating in the air.

‘Ere, ‘ere ‘ere then, what’s all this about?


Health care reform: lessons from abroad

By Helen Evans, Ph. D

Published by the Heritage Foundation


Mr Eugenides guesting at The Devil does “climate change” wonderfully well.

Update1:- (from the Devil today 29th Jan 2009) where he picks up from Tom Nelson that more and more people are noticing the glaring contradictions and total lack of scientific rigour emanating form the warmists’ camp.

David Davis

We ought to use him to warm the planet for it will need it. Antarctica is of course getting both colder and warmer at the same moment, so the “mystery of global warming’s missing heat” is of course solved: the models predicted it all along. So pay up, taxpayer-suckers.

Sunday morning rapping

…it is called “rapping”, isn’t it…?

And I stumbled on this, research reading to catch up on.

Obama’s started well, if words are all: it was very good. You could almost cry there, and pray for the poor bugger.

David Davis

The inauguration address.

That’s the abiding problem, with socialists, for ever. They’ll never, ever be able to help; they’re always calling on others to “do”.

They think they’re officers, probably.

Here’s what duhfrog thinks. he’s an American, I think. We’ll all just have to see, won’t we. And here’s another American.

Barack Obama inauguration: let’s hope it works out for the poor bugger until 2012 or wherever

UPDATE:- And I have just learned that Guido is playing what we did the other day…..

and a response to Sean Gabb’s Christmas message for 2008, which he put on here.

David Davis

They’ll be partying soon. We’ll be working.

And the saddo nerdish historian fellows among you may be interested in this.

How history will show that George Bush was right.

David Davis

Andrew Roberts will be proved right about Bush here. (UPDATE:- for the majority-commentariat who view Bush just slightly less positively than I do, Andrew Roberts is more famous than I am and makes a lot more (than no) money out of his opinions.)

And Bush was right here:-

I wonder if Keeley Hazell thinks he was right? I suspect not, since she has been on SkyNews telling everyone how she’s in favour of stopping climate change:

but like Andrew Roberts, she can tell people what to do:-


Internet censorship coming soon….

….from Andy Burnham, the bust TV channels, and the Onebama…

…but The Landed Underclass has the right idea here.

Harry Haddock at “A nation of Shopkeepers” is more hard-hitting. Wish I’d had the foresight this morning,  to say what he does.

David Davis

This morning the Quislingraph led early with news of proposals to “give Internet Sites Cinema-Style Ratings”, which is of course newspeak for the first steps in censoring the internet, probably via state pressure on ISPs.

Guuido Fawkes, always with a nose checking the wind, has already made plans to move his site out of vulnerable jurisdictions, such as the UK and USA.

This is coupled with earlier tentative threats from the EU and from someone called Hazel Blears, to “regulate” bloggers (which States do not like) – this basically means Classical liberal and libertarian-leaning ones I expect. Once this power and the one flagged above are in place, Gordon Brown and his new accolyte the Onebama will be able to trumpet that they’ve done it all “for the children”. The Quislingraph piece is a classic screed of socialist caring-nonsense, dripping with parental concern which gets the sheeple nodding vigorously in agreement (we all love children don’t we?) while yet shrouding a terrible threat in the subtext, which next to nobody will pick up.

Again, once in place, i wonder which political parties a State will force the ISPs to proscribe? Obviously the BNP will go down the road of invisibility first, it being the State’s main left-wing competitor and also fully-corporatist, for mass franchise support. I expect UKIP won’t fare much better, and it will take some time for the buggers to catch up with LPUK, but they will, they will.

If “major ISPs” cave in and refuse access to sites deemed “unsuitable for children”, then “Best Practice” will inevitably be followed. You won’t even be able to get Wikipedia or Google, since this is unavailable on the LANs of most British State schools – and I dread to think how we’ll get ot Youtube.

Does anybody know how people get round this sort of restriction in places like China, Iran and Pakistan?

The socialist-democrats are getting their retaliation in first.

David Davis

I make no apologies to anybody here on this blog about the difference between right and wrong.

The Classical liberal West is truly, yes it is, the best way for people to live. ALL other systems or “philosphies” or even “religions”, except for some I may talk about in the Libertarian Alliance Christmas Post, are errors at best (and should be avoided), or else they are diabolic and deliberate conspiracies to destroy – at worst – and should be expunged. Socialism, personified by the US “Democratic” “party”, falls some way towards the second category.

The demolition job on Sarah Palin, frightened shiteless of her as the Nazis Democrats have been, since she was the nearest thing to a US President that the Republicans conservatives possessed this year, has started. Predictably, they are clearing up stuff about her family and its extensions first. they’ll start on her when they really get going.

You just watch them, while they prepare for 2012.

Barack Obama: a conservative in disguise after all?

David Davis

I don’t think so, but it could be nice to hope.

Perhaps we’ll have some music later to celebrate.

But in the meantime, this piece from friend Paul Marks on Samizdata is good reading, about bankers, greed, other kinds of sin, and dodgy election practices in places called Chicago.

Barack Obama: perhaps there will be time to buy tinned goods, firelighters, petrol-cans, tent-fabric, dressings and chicken-shit.

David Davis

Perhaps he didn’t mean all that “change” crap after all. I do hope not. Here’s what we said a long time ago.

It looks like “business as usual” on Capitol Hill, for a bit. At least, since having actually won, we shall not be leaving Iraq and Afghanistan with our tail between our legs quite this minute. Time to at least get the planes and vehciles out I guess, to sell them to some dictator or other (see “Mercs for Jerks”.)

Wonder what she will think of him in a few weeks’ time:-

Douglas Alexander (who?) thinks Zanulieborg can win the next election, but the comment thread is very instructive.

…and make sure you read the comments too! There will be a short written test later….

David Davis

A Mr Douglas Alexander has written some stuff in the QuislingGraph today. It’s quite interesting how the supertanker changes course slowly, but change course it does. This is not the first such paean of praise to Obama and generalised socialism I’ve seen in that rag recently.

For Libertarians, whoever wins (unless it’s the LPUK, or, at a remote pinch, UKIP) the result of the next British general Election is rather academic. Even if Diddy-Dave-the Cameroon gets in (sightly less improbable than the LPUK, sadly) little or nothing is going to be done to address the real, structurally-political problems that a nation faces. These are such as a government that does too many unnecessary things, very badly, and mostly with menaces: and supported by a carcinogenically-enlarged clientariat bureaucracy which depends on the same government for the filling of its dinner-pail with pig-swill, paid for by others – voting automatcally for it in return.

Really the short and medium-term prospects for liberty in the UK in particular, and in the West in general, are not good. As one gets older, the contemplation of revolution fills one increasingly with horror – although it is not easy to see what else could be done now. If Auberon Waugh had been alive today, I doubt not that he’d have trenchant views on the problem. He correctly identified certain trends many years ago, such as his adumbration, presciently, of the “Police Terror” – this and other material even in the golden days, when we foolishly all thought that all was for the best in this best of all possible worlds.

Auberon Waugh would say: “I do not suggest that we all raid the Town Halls, drag all anti-smoking-coordination-of-delivery-and-outreach-workers into the street and beat them to death right away, but…”

What the left hysterically refers to as “High-Traffic Right Wing Blogs” are what they are because people are upset and angry. Moreover, it is transparently obvious that those who write them are not spinning lines but tyring to articulate what real people really feel about this nation and what’s been done to it. It’s not clear that many opposing blogs are doing the same thing: they have to rely on “rebuttal”….why? Discuss!

Sean Gabb – Latest Director’s Bulletin, November 2008

Sean Gabb


Director’s Bulletin
9th November 2008

Libertarian Alliance Conference
Chris R. Tame Memorial Prize 2008 – £1,000 Won!
Helen Evans
Norman Barry RIP
Sean Gabb in The Times
Other Media Appearances
Barack Obama
Books Received
Attendance at UKIP Function
Speaking Engagements
Negative Scanner Wanted


I have done rather less during the past few months than usual for the Libertarian Alliance. My time has been taken up instead with finishing one novel and working on another, and with playing nursery rhymes to my daughter in many different keys.

But the Libertarian Alliance as a whole has remained very active. We have just held our most successful conference ever, and we continue to put our case in the media and wherever else we are invited.

Libertarian Alliance Conference

Our conference of two weekends ago, at the National Liberal Club in London, was our most successful ever. It is unfair to single out any particular speakers at the expense of the others. However, our three most prominent speakers were Aubrey de Gray, David Friedman and Hans-Hermann Hoppe. These all gave excellent speeches.

When advertising our conferences, I have always urged people to book early to ensure a place. Usually, we get between 80 and 90 people, and there is always room to let people come along on the day – even if dinners are less easy to arrange at short notice. This year, however, we reached the Monday before the beginning of the conference, and had 112 people on our list. The Liberal Club’s fire regulations limit for our usual room was 120. Over the next few days, another 20 people tried to book with us. When I removed the PayPal buttons from the brochure page on our website, people began to telephone us and tried begging for places. In the event, we had 120 people at the conference, and 113 booked in for dinner.

One of these, I am pleased to say, was Teresa Gorman, who was one of our most consistent friends in the Parliamentary Conservative Party during the 1980s and 1990s. Though now in semi-retirement, Teresa looks good and remains on good form.

It is not certain we shall be so crowded next year. Even so, I do recommend early booking.

As ever, we made a full video record of the speeches. Because I am busy doing other things, because it takes time to process video, and because my desktop computer is unaccountably very slow, it took me a fortnight to get the video files uploaded to the Internet. But they are now available. You can see our video record at


These files have been radically downsampled for Google. However, if you want better quality copies on DVD, you can use the PayPal buttons at the bottom of the record page. This year, we are happy to take payment in pounds, in dollars and in euros.

Chris R. Tame Memorial Prize 2008 – £1,000 Won!

The subject for this year’s essay as “Can a Libertarian Society be Described as ‘Tesco minus the State’?” I am disappointed that no one came forward to give a robust defence of corporations on libertarian grounds. I did promise impartial judging. However, I received a number of very fine entries, all of which will be published by the Libertarian Alliance. After much deliberation, I decided that the best entry was from Keith Preston in America. His was a very impressive entry, and we shall be delighted to publish this as a Libertarian Alliance pamphlet. For the moment, it can be seen on our blog:


Next year, I am hoping for several thousand pounds of sponsorship, so that we can offer a first prize of £1000, but also several dozen second and third prizes for lesser amounts.

Helen Evans

We were all naturally concerned when Helen Evans, our Events Coordinator, fell dangerously ill just before the conference. However, she is now out of danger and well on the road to recovery. Our thoughts are with her, with her husband Tim and with their daughter Petica.

Norman Barry RIP

For those who have not heard already, I must announce the death, on the 21st October 2008, of Norman Barry. I first met him in 1986, and he was one of my external examiners some years afterward. A most distinguished scholar, he was victim in his final years to multiple sclerosis.

According to the announcement on the University of Buckingham website,

“It is with great sadness that the University has learned of the death this morning of Professor Norman Barry. As one of the foremost exponents of classical liberal theory in the United Kingdom, Norman established the foundation around which the study of politics developed at the University. His work as a scholar of Friedrich von Hayek, as a social and political theorist and as a writer in business ethics contributed greatly to the academic reputation of the University after his arrival in 1982. He received the ‘Liberty in Theory’ Lifetime Award from the Libertarian Alliance (LA) in 2005. Our condolences go to his colleagues, friends and family.

“A graduate of the University of Exeter, Professor Barry lectured in Politics at Queen’s University of Belfast and at Birmingham Polytechnic (now the University of Central England) before being appointed as a Reader in Politics at the University of Buckingham in 1982. His books include Hayek’s Social and Economic Philosophy (1979), An Introduction to Modern Political Theory (1981), The Morality of Business Enterprise (1991), Classical Liberalism in an Age of Post-Communism (1996) and Business Ethics (1998). He was awarded a Chair in Social and Political Theory at Buckingham in 1984. He was also a visiting scholar at the Centre for Social Philosophy and Policy, Bowling Green State University, Ohio, and at the Liberty Fund, Indianapolis. He was a member of the Advisory Council of the Institute of Economic Affairs, London; the Institute for the Study of Civil Society, London; and the David Hume Institute, Edinburgh.”

The full announcement is here:

You can also see an interview with Professor Barry from 1991. This is in our Botsford Archive at:

Sean Gabb in The Times

I think I did send this out. If not, I should have done. On Friday the 24th October 2008, The Times carried an article by me in favour of disestablishing the Church of England. Here is the article:

Here is a longer article I wrote a few years back, in which I argue against disestablishment:

I have changed my mind about the Church and about several other issues on which I was once a strong conservative.

Other Media Appearances

I have been much in demand by the BBC these past few months. I regret, however, that I have been far too disorganised to record any of these. My most recent was the night before the American election on Radio 5, where I denounced most politicians as motivated by money, kinky sex, or the sheer joy of messing up the lives of others. I scandalised some Labour politicians and politics lecturer, who had come on in the belief that he would be worshiping at the shrine of St Barack the Redeemer. His embittered annoyance, and his attempt to turn the listeners against me with his revelation that the Libertarian Alliance believes in legalising all drugs and even incest between consenting adults, made for an entertaining broadcast. Sadly, I failed to record any of this. I will try to do better in future.

Barack Obama

I did think of betting money on the election of Mr McCain as American President. However, the more I looked at him on the television, the more I realised he was one of those figures, half comic, half sinister, who are thrown up at the end of every ancien regime. I guessed that millions of Americans would vote for him through clenched teeth, bearing in mind it was him or a black man. But I decided in the end he was not worth the risk of losing £20.

So Mr Obama it is. He will contrive, if very differently, to be even worse for America than Mr Bush has been. On the other hand, he will probably be less inclined than Mr McCain would have been to blow the world up. And if he is a closet Moslem, that is certainly less alarming than the acknowledged Christianity of Mrs Palin.

Oh – and, since he is half-Kenyan and was born before 1963, he will be the first American President in many years whose father was a British citizen. I am sure this fact will not be overlooked by Lyndon Larouche and his many followers in America. Perhaps the Empire is striking back!

My comments on his election can be read here:

Those who want to understand the true nature of the evil he means to America, should read my book Cultural Revolution, Culture War. You can get copies here:
<http://www.amazon.co.uk/Cultural-Revolution-Culture-War-Conservatives/dp/095410322X/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1226250079&sr=8-2 >

I am running out of copies, but want to sell all of these before I set to work on another edition. If you buy now, you may be able to give copies to your loved ones for Christmas/Hannukah/Diwali/Kwanzaa. You are too late for Eid.

Books Received

At the Libertarian Alliance conference, David Friedman gave me a copy of his novel Harald. This is a fantasy set in world loosely based on the early middle ages, and is a very good read. I wish he had brought more copies so he could have sold and signed them. I think it is important for libertarians to write about more than how to privatise the Bulgarian motorways. David has always been a diverse writer, and his novel is a significant move into fiction.

You can buy your copies of this at:

I have also been sent a copy of The Plan: Twelve Months to Renew Britain by Douglas Carswell and Dan Hannan. This is a remarkable attempt by two Conservative politicians to give their party some actual policies. Of their two main prescriptions, one is excellent, the other on the verge of terrifying. The first is to devolve to every county and city in England all the powers of the Scottish Assembly. This would at once undo the massive centralisation of power England has suffered during the past hundred years. The second is to repeal the Human Rights Act 1998 and to subject the judiciary to the restored legislative sovereignty of Parliament. Giving power with no hope of appeal to 625 of the most ignorant and corrupt people in the United Kingdom is not the way to make the country a better place.

I will review this book at some length in the next few weeks. you can buy copies here:

Attendance at UKIP Function

On the 17th October 2008, I was invited to a closed meeting of the UK Independence Party on HMS Belfast. This was addressed very ably by Nigel Farage, who spoke about his party’s strategy for doing well at the next elections to the European Parliament. Though I do not feel able to say more about what was a closed meeting, I was very impressed by all I saw and heard. Regardless of the strained relations for much of this year between UKIP and the Libertarian Alliance, it has been my settled intention to continue voting for UKIP. I am now glad to report that relations are no longer strained.

Speaking Engagements

I have accepted an engagement to speak to the Shelley Society at Eton College. This will be around the middle of the present month. I may record the event, but will only make my own speech available on the Internet.

Negative Scanner Wanted

I have several thousand negatives from the Chris R. Tame collection of photographs. I want to have these scanned in for upload to the Internet. Is there anyone out there able and willing to lend me a good negative scanner?

Sean Gabb
Director, The Libertarian Alliance
Tel: 07956 472 199


FREE download of my book – Cultural Revolution, Culture War: How Conservatives Lost England, and How to Get It Back
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Jesus Christ help us, we are now really in trouble….

because of the Messiah and his FIVE MILLION GREEN JOBS (to be paid for, er, how?)

David Davis

Barack Obama is promising a $150bn “Apollo project” to bring jobs and energy security to the US through a new alternative energy economy, if his final push for votes brings victory in the presidential election on Tuesday.

“That’s going to be my number one priority when I get into office,” Mr Obama has said of his “green recovery” plans. Making his arguments in a radio address yesterday, the Democratic favourite promised: “If you give me your vote on Tuesday, we won’t just win this election. Together, we will change this country and change the world.”

God help us now.

Simon Heffer can see through Barack Obama too…

David Davis

It is good to find that I am not the only one who thinks the Obama Presidency will crumble into the usual dust, to the great unweal of all the rest of us fighting the coming of the New Dark Age.

Barack Obama: An English View from Sean Gabb

Free Life Commentary,
A Personal View from
The Director of the
Libertarian Alliance
Issue Number 176
8th November 2008

Barack Obama and America’s 1997:
Welcome to the Club!
by Sean Gabb

I have been asked by several of my American readers to comment on their presidential election. I did think to ignore these requests. Having spent very little time there, I cannot be regarded as an expert on America. Nor am I particularly fond of the place. I think its war of independence was brought on less by the Stamp Act than by Lord Mansfield’s judgement on the illegality of slavery at common law. I also think its war between the states was won by the wrong side. It would have been better for humanity had the Union been broken up and its member states made into British satellites. Sadly, the United States survived, and was able to grow into the mercantilist oligarchy that took the most significant – because ultimately the most successful – place in the triumvirate of Soviet communism and European national socialism that ended the hegemony of English liberalism.

Having considered the request, though, I do have something to say. The range of opinion about Mr Obama’s election seems to be marked at its limits by the BBC and by organisations like Vdare and American Renaissance. The former believes he is a fusion of Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King, and has turned its news broadcasts into a hymn of secular joy. The latter believes that he is indeed Messrs Mandela and Luther King – the real ones, that is, not the constructs of the politically correct classes – and that he will surround himself with Black Panther bodyguards and declare Ebonics the official language of America.

I think both opinions are wrong. The first is not worth commenting on. The second is wrong because so many American conservatives are still in shock at the thought of having a black man to rule over them. Mr Obama got his campaign funds in the usual way – from business interests that will now want their reward. He will need to operate within a system that remains dominated by whites. Within a year or so, the non-whites who are still celebrating his victory will have noticed that nothing much has changed as it affects their lives, and will be denouncing him as a white man with a black face.

This is not to say, however, that nothing important has happened. Something has happened, and it is both important and dreadful for the American people. America has just had its equivalent of our 1997 revolution. Looking at the eighty four years until then, power in England had become both more oppressive and less accountable. But the main features of our Constitution remained in place, and conservatives had been able to retain sufficient institutional power to slow down the drift into tyranny. The election of New Labour allowed the wholesale remodelling of the Constitution, so that little now remains around which conservatives can unite. I now live in a country where power is less restrained than at any time since the sixteenth century – where formal sovereignty has been passed to various foreign agencies, where the media is controlled, where civil liberties have been casually squashed, where the armed forces have been made into instruments of an imperial aggression that brings neither glory to their nation nor better government  to their victims.

So it is now in America. The American Constitution and Bill of Rights have always been a fraud. From slavery to civil asset forfeiture, they have never restrained any abuse of power on which the American ruling class has been determined. But the country is very large, and there has usually been strong local suspicion of Washington. Given a ruling class interested mainly in dividing up the profits of commercial privilege, and prepared to indulge any right that did not get seriously in the way of this, the American people were left with the appearance, and often the reality, of much freedom.

The new presidency is no more about having a black man in charge than New Labour was about having all those Scotch voices in government. It is about a change in the ruling class. This is the election in which those whose minds were captured in the 1960s and 1970s by the neo-Marxists have taken over from their parents. The Clinton presidency was largely a failure because the new ruling class was still too young, and because the old ruling class had not grown too old to cling to power – and because the Clintons were too easy to hate and despise. All is different now. The new ruling class has no political opposition but a group of neo-conservatives who disgraced themselves during the Bush presidency, and who are probably less interested in opposition than in a few compromises on foreign policy. And it has a figurehead that cannot be mocked or even criticised without risk of the most horrid accusations.

Mr Obama cannot be more stupid in his actions or more embarrassing in his utterances than Mr Bush has been. But his essential function as President will be to shield the new ruling class of America while it carries through a total transformation of American life. I do not know exactly how America will change. But I can predict that, come 2016, most Americans will no longer recognise their country. It will be less free. It will be less prosperous. It will be less American. What has happened in England, and what is happening in Australia, will now happen in America.

All this is to be regretted. I think increasingly, however, that if those who are transforming the English world are to be blamed, those who are being transformed are no less to be despised. In 1917, power was seized in Russia by men who were prepared to murder anyone who so much as raised an eyebrow at them. Whether they murdered thirty million or sixty million people is important in the obvious sense. Where ensuring absolute docility of the ruled is concerned, it is the first million who matter. No one can blame the Russian people for grovelling before Stalin. But none of the almost equally radical governments that have taken over in the English world has killed any of its own citizens, or is proposing to kill any. We have been enslaved by a small minority of intellectuals whose most potent weapon is words. Any people who can be so enslaved deserves to be enslaved.

But I am about to digress. I will only say for now that the American people deserve Barack Obama. To some extent, he is their punishment for tolerating, if not welcoming, eight years of George W. Bush. More generally, they are about to lose nothing more than they have long since abdicated their right to possess.

So, welcome, America – welcome to the New Labour Club.

NB—Sean Gabb’s book, Cultural Revolution, Culture War: How Conservatives Lost England, and How to Get It Back, can be downloaded for free from http://tinyurl.com/34e2o3 Any American who wants to understand the nature of the Obama Revolution should buy a ocpy.

Barack Obama: let’s at least “give him a Big Hand” and hope to God it works out…

David Davis

but I fear that it will not. I am already on record with that.

Castro approves of Obama: so….that’s it then!

David Davis

Via Michelle Malkin. Sorry it’s not too original or even new. I have to go and do some tasks.

Barack Obama: It’s now too late to save the world, but here’s this anyway.


David Davis

Yeah, the baddies have won. That’s life, and it’s a bugger, and then you die after it.

Barack Obama, John Kerry (ugh…) and the Kennedys (words fail us here.) Now the planet’s REALLY in deep shit…

…I thought the Kennedys were all dead. It seems not. No corroboration from the Booby-See, strangely…Kerry aaaaAND two Kennedys? All it wanted was the Goracle and they’d be crowing world victory. (Here’s a report of more verbal garbage from John Kerry.)

David Davis

Come to this blog again in 12 months’ time, and see if we didn’t tell you it’d be a disaster (this new US administration, not the blog…) I long to be proved wrong here, but I fear I will be right.

Well, then, to cheer you up, here’s someone called Myleene Klass, denying that she’s a “yummy mummy”. (…A what?)

Yeah, right:-



Now we have a “black” man in the White House, the “political-correctists” wi’ll have to rename it…

Peter Davis (still on inset)

…..the HOUSE! (Can’t say “black” now can we. Couldn’t call Guy Gibson‘s dog Nigger either!)

You know you have become old, when Presidents of superpowers are younger than you.

David Davis

Not much else to say really.