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On the Persecution of Christian Bakers in Ulster

by Simon Muir

Note: I have spent much of my life denouncing the persecution of homosexuals. More recently, I have turned to denouncing the persecution of Christians by homosexuals. I do both on exactly the same grounds, of freedom of speech and freedom of association.

I urge our gay readers to join in these denunciations. The current persecution is wrong in itself, and is also undertaken without regard for its consequences. These, I have no doubt, will eventually include the recriminalisation - probably indirectly in the first instance – of homosexual acts. Homosexuals are the weakest element in the pc coalition of the oppressed. On the one hand, they are widely hated within the other groups. On the other, most of them have the option of creeping back into the closet the moment the winds shift direction – one whiff of persecution, and the gay lobby will become a leadership without a membership.

Now is the time for us all to take a stand for the traditional liberal values of freedom of speech and association. These cover the right of gay people to live as they please – and also of traditionalist Christians to have nothing to do with them. SIG

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What They Got Wrong In The Rolf Harris Trial

James Knight

A very interesting, but highly contentious, issue reared its ugly head yesterday as Rolf Harris was convicted of 12 counts of indecent assault.

What’s extremely contentious about the outcome is that he was charged under the sexual offences Act of 1956, because the offences happened at a time of old legislation. Basically, if he’d have done the same things now he would have received a heftier sentence, because cultural evolution has shifted people’s perspective and tolerance on crimes like paedophilia, with penalties now being severer.

Having had a night’s sleep on this, I don’t think it’s right that someone should receive a shorter sentence that has been matched to the legislative time of the crime(s). It seems clear to me that past crimes should be penalised according to the present legislation (and I mean this generally speaking, not just taking into account Rolf Harris’s situation).

Given that legislative measures and acts of jurisprudence are built on a cultural evolution of the increased wisdom and revisions of human beings over time, I’m of the view that sentencing for any crime should be administered according to the legislation of the time of the trial, not the offence – otherwise it rather undermines the perceived wisdom that went into the revision processes of jurisprudence over time.

My friend Mark made an interesting point; he warned that it could set a dangerous precedent. He says: “If we raised the age of consent to 18 we could then punish all those who had sex at Continue reading

Rolf Harris – Beyond Reasonable Doubt? 2 Attachments

Rolf Harris – Beyond Reasonable Doubt?

Posted on July 3, 2014 by admin

Rolf Harris has been convicted and for many that is conclusive proof of his guilt. However, we should not forget that the British justice system is not perfect, it can make errors, as these high profile miscarriages of justice show.

I do not know if Rolf Harris committed the crimes he was accused of. However, I find the fact that he was convicted, based on the evidence reported by the BBC, alarming.

Let me explain why: Continue reading

British State Invents New Kind Of Porn. (New Law, number 014/3429456-254ngj-ftry-78923)

David Davis

There are no comments allowed on the Daily ToryGraph, on this matter. But I said this on facebook   instead:-

It will be intriguing to see whether, when the law that will be drafted and passed (as you and I all know instinctively that it will be) it will also apply to women posting pictures of their ex-boyfriends…for example, “doing this or that”, or “wearing something from my lingerie-collection”, and so on, and so on.
I bet you all £5,000,000,000 (each) that it won’t. Only “women will be protected” by this new, groundbreaking and far-reaching rectification of a crying injustice emanating from Tory Cuts, and that tragically and psychologically affects and damages millions of British women every year”….

You see…I can bullshit all the politically-correct stuff with the best of the Frankfurt School themselves. In fact, I can simulate the stuff better than they can, like Michael Caine imitating himself. He even sounded better than he would if he was acting… As indeed he did once on the “live” wire-less Tele-vision.

You can take the bet or not as it pleases you. (Form an orderly queue to drop your bank-transfer-notifications into my hat when the time comes, plus any “bearer-bond” Gold-Deposit-certificates that you care to adduce as part-payments.

I feel pretty safe making that monetary estimate of my takings.

Since human beings are Free Individuals, with Free Will (given by God of course…) nobody can force them to be deliberately photographed in any sort of position or act whatsoever. If they did agree, then it’s their lookout. If they didn’t and the photos were “made”, then a different crime, already very well understood and legally covered, was simultaneously committed, and there is no need for a “new law”.

Further Thoughts on Gay Marriage

by Vabadus

As a libertarian, I cannot object to the legalisation of gay marriage, whatever I personally think of homosexuality. If consenting adults draw up a contract and decide to call that marriage, we have no business utilising the weapons of state power to intervene. The state should not be holding a monopoly on the legal definition of marriage anyway.

I do, on the other hand, find the opposing arguments of social liberals and religious conservatives insipid and unconvincing, with the former pontificating about ‘equal’ rights, and the latter outraged about deviating from Biblical morality. Let us take an objective view of history here. Continue reading

The ‘Gay’ Mafia that Won’t Give In or Grow Up

by Stewart Cowan
The ‘Gay’ Mafia that Won’t Give In or Grow Up

Matt Briggs writes: If You Disagree You Are Full Of Hate, You Bigot. It’s how the Left thinks. Not that they tend to think in any meaningful way. Anyway, he reminds us of how it used to be,

The Mind-Your-Own-Business used to play strong. You did what you wanted, I did what I wanted, and with the usual provisos and within well known boundaries, as long we both kept to ourselves, we could still get along. We could even be friends.

But this idea is now dead. To modern moralists, everything is their business. And nothing makes them happier than telling people what to do.

Disagreement is not and cannot be tolerated. Disagreement makes the modern moralist feel bad about himself, and there is no worse sin than making somebody feel bad. If a person disagrees with a modern moralist, the only explanation the modern moralist can imagine is that this person is full of hate, that he is a raving bigot, or that he is insane.

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Max Clifford

I’ve just heard that Max Clifford has been found guilty of various crimes. Because I no longer read the newspapers, I’m rather hazy about the nature of his offences. But I feel obliged to say something, so I’ll say this:

1. I have always found Mr Clifford repulsive. He is one of the creators – or perhaps just one of the main beneficiaries – of the manipulative, PR-driven media inflicted on us since the 1980s. I hate public relations people. I hate their smooth evasions of every question, and their pin-stripe suits, and their fixed belief that reality is something they can make up as they go along. If Mr Clifford is now coming to a bad end, I feel no particular sympathy for him.

2. On the other hand, though he probably is guilty of what the Jury found against him, all of these crimes seem to have taken place a long time ago. I believe there should be a three year limitation on all criminal proceedings that turn on oral testimony – three years from the alleged date of the offence, or, when the complainant was a child at the time of the alleged offence, three years from when the complainant turned eighteen.

For this reason – and assuming I am right about the dates – I grit my teeth and proclaim Mr Clifford a victim of injustice.

Protecting Children, Enslaving Adults, by Sean Gabb

Protecting Children, Enslaving Adults:
Latest Case Study
By Sean Gabb

I have just heard about the existence of the Authority for Television On Demand (Atvod). This is yet another of those “independent” bodies that exercise powers of compulsion delegated by the British State. Its powers derive from the Communications Act 2003, and allow it to regulate the market in streaming video. Its latest act has been to announce that large numbers of children – which it seems to define as persons under the age of eighteen – are watching pornographic videos on the Internet. To deal with this alleged problem, it wants a law to stop British banks from handling payments to any pornographic video site, anywhere in the world, that does not check the age of all its visitors.

At the moment, British sex sites are required to check the age of their visitors, whether or not they buy anything, and to make their records available to the authorities. Because they are outside the jurisdiction, foreign sites cannot be directly forced to do the same. But the British market is large, and Atvod hopes that blocking payment to foreign sex sites, unless they comply, will close this loophole. Every act of watching a pornographic video, free or paid, will then be on the record.

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William Roache Should Never Have Been Put on Trial

Note: This release was held over while I took advice on whether it might be in contempt of court. SIG

Libertarian Alliance News Release
Thursday the 6th February 2014
Release Time: Immediate
Contact: Dr Sean Gabb, sean, 07956 472 199

William Roache
Should Never Have Been Put on Trial

The Libertarian Alliance notes the acquittal today of the actor William Roache on all charges of sexual assault against minors during the 1960s.We also note the quality of the evidence given against him, mostly by women whose identities we cannot know, and who are nearly old enough to be collecting their old age pensions.

We make no comment on the motivations of the prosecution witnesses in this case. Nor do we make any comment on any case currently in progress. However, we suggest the following reforms to the law:

1. That no accusations of sexual assault should be received by the authorities more than three years after the date of the alleged offence, or more than a year after the accuser has reached the age of eighteen, whichever is longer;

2. That the identities of all prosecution witnesses should be made public.

We further suggest that whoever in the Crown Prosecution Service authorised the charges against Mr Roache to go to trial should be named and sacked and deprived of his or her pension.

The Libertarian Alliance believes that sexual assaults, involving actual or reasonably prospective violence, should be punished. We also believe that sexual assaults against children should be punished. At the same time, we believe in fair trials. No one should be put on trial so long after the alleged offences as Mr Roache was. No one should be put on trial except when there is reasonable evidence of guilt.

We deplore that these arguments are put so rarely in the mainstream media.



Notes to Editors

The Libertarian Alliance was founded in 1979, and is the foremost civil liberties and free market policy institute in the United Kingdom. With over 800 publications already available, its website grows by the week.

Dr Sean Gabb is Director of the Libertarian Alliance. He has written over a dozen books and around a million words of journalism, and has appeared on hundreds of radio and television programmes. His seven novels have been commercially translated into Spanish, Italian, Greek, Hungarian, Slovak and Complex Chinese. His novel, The Churchill Memorandum, can be found on Amazon

Jonathan Bowden’s Sade

Note: An interesting essay, from a very naughty website – so naughty that prim libertarians like Yours Truly should not admit to knowing its existence, let alone to reading its articles.

Jonathan Bowden and I were contemporaries, and I believe we were several times together in the same room – he used to attend Libertarian Alliance conferences in the early 1990s. If this latter is so, we must have said hello once or twice. But I have no recollection of having met him. Then again, people whose writings are interesting often come over in person as terrible bores.

Now to the Divine Marquis. Along with Voltaire and Bayle et al. and Margarite Yourcenar, he is one of the few French writers I know well in the original. I read him in my teens for the porn. When I found that to be a gigantic trade misdescription, I turned to sneering at his philosophy. A few years ago, I looked again at his Philosophie dans le Boudoir. It bounces along from one utterance to the next, and is shorter than the novels. But the utterances are still piffle, and he writes in the style of a verbose bureaucrat. You can almost hear him licking a pencil between sentences. I am sure the occasional flash of comedy is unintentional.

Therefore, while I haven’t read it, I agree with the main thesis of Jonathan’s book, as described in this review. De Sade is at best silly. He did himself no favours by spending so much time away from playing with himself. His reputation survived through the 19th century because he had the misfortune to be locked away by every French Government from the ancien regime to the Restoration, and because the notoriety this gave to his name became an opportunity for poseurs like Swinburne to look shocking. His reputation is high today because he was taken up by a group of French lefties even more piffling and verbose than he was. If the European New Right wants to claim him as a luminary, my opinion of the European New Right will only tend to sink lower than it already is.

Most philosophical and political wisdom is to be found in – Epicurus, Sextus Empiricus, Bacon, Locke, Berkeley, Hume, John Stuart Mill. There are valuable insights beyond this progression. But these are the writers who asked the only questions that matter. If their answers are often conflicting, they all dance close by the probable truth. SIG Continue reading

Thinking about witch-burning

David Davis

It does not usually fall to me, to comment on such matters: this is because of today’s PuritaNazi “guilt by association” meme, as in what used to happen to people that even just _/looked at/_ Witches that were on their way to being burned.

I’m not sure that I ought even to be opening my mouth here, as any sort of comment can be so dangerous, and taken the wrong way can lead to death.

I’m hoping that I shan’t get dragged by the happily-screaming-mob into the fire-tumbril merely by referring obliquely to the bound-and-gagged man, as he is drawn past me on a ground-hurdle, spat on, and pelted with dogshit.

Being alive and a young man in the 1950s, 60 and 70s meant this thing, amoong others. You _knew_ (we all knew, we weren’t stupid you know) that to simply _be_ a disk-jockey, and (specially) _on the radio and the telly!_ was to be able to _get_ all the girls that you could possibly handle. They literally _threw themselves_ at these people. Being Men Of The World, we’d advise our teenage female counterparts “not to go with that fella” (I’m not implying here that it would have been Continue reading

Free to be damned – the hidden facts about illegal images.

by Margaret Jervis

Free to be damned – the hidden facts about illegal images.

Post image for Free to be damned – the hidden facts about illegal images.

Thousands of legal websites have been hacked to re-direct users to child pornography the Internet Watch Foundation has reported.

Whether or not there has been a surge in such activity over the past few weeks, the phenomenon is far from new, as the IWF knew or should have known.

Back in 2009 it was reported that a quarter of illegal child abuse images were found by the IWF on legal free to view sites. In a further third it was not clear whether the hosting sites were legitimate or not. Only a minority were clearly illegal sites. Continue reading


by The Rev Dr Alan Clifford

I don’t agree with Dr Clifford in his view that legalising gay marriage will bring on the Judgement of God. Indeed, I regard the New Testament prohibitions of homosexual activity in itself as ambiguous in the Greek original, and I regard the whole of the Old Testament as of no binding force on Christians. Oh, and I do wish Christian ministers would bring the same moral fervour to denouncing our various wars of aggression as they do to a spot of buggery. I publish this partly because it will give Ian B a stroke, and partly because I want to show support for Dr Clifford’s right to freedom of speech if the police decide he is guilty of hatecrime. SIG Continue reading

5 and a half years for schoolteacher

by D.J. Webb

What do you think of a the 5.5 year prison sentence for the 30 year old teacher who absconded with a 15 yo girl, now 16 years of age, to France?^headlines

He is hardly a real paedophile – and even less a risk to children at large – and the girl is over 16 and wants to marry him!!! He shouldn’t have just absconded with the girl, but people do much worse (rape etc) and get much shorter sentences. Are you as perplexed as I am?

Sean Gabb on the Horrors of Internet Pornography

The Beeb woke me at the crack of dawn to deal with these fatuous and endlessly-recycled lies about the tendency of porn to turn good men into sex-crazed zombies. Don’t be surprised if I sound as bored here as I felt. The most interesting thing for me about the interview was staring up at the contours of my bedroom ceiling.

Whither consent?

Writing in spiked! recently, barrister Barbara Hewson suggests that the age of consent for sexual activity should be restored to its pre-1885 position of 13.

Reducing the age of consent to 13 for all sexual acts would bring the UK in line with Spain, although Spain has a legal caveat that allows for prosecution where sexual consent is obtained by deception in the case of a person aged between 13 and 16. Until 1995, the age of consent in Spain was 12. Indeed, Britain’s age of consent is high by the standards of European countries, many of which have an age of consent for heterosexual acts of 14 or 15, although the age of consent for homosexual acts is not necessarily the same. Among other developed nations, Japan has an age of consent of 13, although this is subject to further restrictions.

An interesting note to this matter is that until 1993, English common law held that a boy under the age of 14 could not commit rape as a principal offender because he was irrebuttably presumed to be incapable of sexual intercourse. That a boy of that age is indeed so capable has been the subject of some publicity.

While there is some merit in arguing about the moral, physiological, emotional and cultural import of an age of consent, and the extent to which children need to be protected both from the attentions of adults and their peers, we should also consider all this in the context of what consent has come to mean in the implementation of the law. Consent is not, and never was, the same as a contract, whereby terms are mutually agreed and non-performance brings with it an entitlement to compensation. Rather, consent is a highly complex concept which is changing rapidly in its meaning. Continue reading

Ian B on Paedomania

by Ian B

My heart sank when I saw the Hall guilty plea. Yewtree needed a first scalp, and now they have it. The concept of justice has been entirely trampled now by a stampeding mob frenzied by moral panic.

I can understand why an elderly man in his position would accept a plea bargain, for the reasons described by Ecks above. But it is sad.

Ecks quotes me, some time ago, saying they want a Steven Lawrence Moment. I still stand by that. The thing they are after though is a complete repudiation of the 1970s. It represents the period between the two Feminist waves, when First Wave Political Correctness all but collapsed, and before Second Wave PC had been installed, under which we now live. Continue reading


Proof that Evil Traitor Heath Infected with Evil Paedo Virus by Evil Shape-shifting Lizard Jimothy Saveloy

Oh, but I’m getting so bored by the paedo witchhunt that I can barely feel alarmed by the latest turns in its lunacy. A Coronation Street actor is now being done for an alleged assault 46 years ago – the complainant is now 61! I suggest that anyone who waits this long before making a complaint should be ignored without further investigation. There should be a limitation on child sex prosecutions of three years from the date of the alleged offence, or one year from the complainant’s reaching the age of 18, whichever is longer.

This isn’t because I think well of people who have sex with persons under the age of consent – I don’t – but because the present law is almost self-evidently unjust, and will eventually bring the criminal justice system into ridicule and contempt.

The Reprobate Keynesian Mind

by Don Hank

I recently had a stimulating discussion with a UK pastor regarding the imminent legalization of a radical new definition of marriage, which for 5000 years, in over 600 languages and dialects, has always referred to a union between a man and a woman. True, some cultures have included polygamous marriages in this definition, but still, marriage was never between members of the same sex. The suggestion of such a union had always been regarded as unnatural.

This pastor made a startling assertion: the power in Europe is in the hands of sexual perverts. Continue reading

Let us have Gay Marriage – but not yet! by Sean Gabb

Let Us Have Gay Marriage – But not Yet!
by Sean Gabb
(Unedited Version of Article
Published in TakiMag, February 2013)

Bearing in mind its nature, I think anyone who writes about the gay marriage Bill, now before Parliament, has more than a usual obligation to be honest about his underlying beliefs. Mine are easily stated. I have never shared or understood the moral prejudice against homosexual acts. Even as a boy, I thought the legal penalties were unjust. A quarter of a century ago, I wrote an essay in which, among much else, I called for gay marriage to be allowed. I have a long and consistent, and open, record on gay issues. Continue reading

Review of “Fifty Shades of Grey” by E. L. James

by Foseti

Review of “Fifty Shades of Grey” by E. L. James

A while back, I had drinks with one of this blog’s best commenters, and he strongly recommended this book (he also provided some thoughts, some of which I’ve taken).

The recommendation came with a set of warnings, which should be heeded. To put it bluntly, the book is quite horrible. I merely repeat the obvious by saying that the writing is poor (it’s not just not good, it’s prole, it’s juvenile, it’s absurd), the characters are unbelievable, etc. Consult a mainstream review for more on these obvious aspects of the book.

And yet . . . Continue reading

It’s an odd world, isn’t it?

by His Grace The Devil

I would never, for instance, have expected to read the following headline:

Anti-gay activist lawyer guilty of child pornography after videotaping daughter

But it gets worse… Continue reading

The New Joy of Gay Sex

From Free Life, Issue 19, November 1993
ISSN: 0260 5112

The New Joy of Gay Sex
Dr Charles Silverstein and Edmund White
The Gay Men’s Press, London, 1993, 220 pp., £16.95
(ISBN 0 85449 214 3)
Reviewed by Sean Gabb

I did think of turning this review into a plea for the toleration of sexual differences. But where homosexuals are concerned, I suspect I am about a decade too late. I will not claim that they have today no justified grievances. The criminal and civil law of this country embodies a mass of prejudice which ranges from the petty to the viciously destructive. Even so, the argument for removing that prejudice has been largely won in the minds of those who matter. There are very few middle class people left who regard homosexuality as something abominable – as justifying an exclusion that amounts to social death, or even as justifying the slightest legal disability.

Of course, such people do still exist. But they are the despised minority. They are the ones often excluded from polite society. They are even the ones whom this journal may soon be defending from a legal persecution.

This being said, I will deny my readers an unnecessary effusion, and move directly to consider the merits of this book. Continue reading

Opt out of opting in or out

by Robert Henderson
Opt out of opting in or out

Robert Henderson

The government has refused to make an automatic filter for pornography a legal requirement for ISPs with those wishing to access it having to opt out of the filters. They have not done this out of any concern for freedom of expression but because the government has Continue reading

Should There be an Automatic Filter for Pornographic Web Sites? Flash Animation

Sean Gabb, Director of the Libertarian Alliance, speaking on BBC Radio Ulster on the 19th December 2012.

The question was whether there should be an automatic filter on pornographic web sites, to protect children from the horrors of nudity and sex. Such content would still be available to adults who explicitly asked for the filter to be removed in their case, and who were not scared of being put on a list of known sex perverts. NB, the British Government had recently announced that it would not make any law to compel an automatic filter.

Sean argues these points: Continue reading

Gay Marriage, political correctness and Newspeak

by Robert Henderson

The commonly made objections to Gay Marriage are (a) marriage is traditionally between a man and a woman, a fact underpinned for many opponents by religious beliefs that only a man and a woman can be married, (b) claims that expansion of the definition of marriage to include same sex relationships will undermine the family and (c) such a novel status creates a legal anomaly whereby homosexual relationships become in some areas privileged over close non-sexual relationships between people of the same sex, for example, two elderly spinster sisters living together. Continue reading

GAY MARRIAGE – UK Prime Minister promotes decadence

by the Rev. Alan Clifford

I respect Alan Clifford, and I maintain his absolute right to state his theological position on homosexuality. However, I don’t agree with him about gay marriage. So long as no church or other religious institution or minister of religion is penalised for refusing to perform services, I see no objection to gay marriage. I am suspicious of the current proposals. Though I haven’t studied them in any detail, I suspect the proposals do enable civil or criminal persecution. indeed, I suspect that is part of their intention. Take this possibility away, though, and I don’t see why a man shouldn’t be at liberty to marry his own brother so long as they are both consenting adults. SIG Continue reading

Past Lives and Present Misgivings – Part Eight.

by Anna Raccoon

Lordy, Lordy, Lordy – this entire shebang grows more bizzarre by the hour, if not by the minute.

Overnight, a woman called Andrea Davison has emerged to claim that she was also at Duncroft, and there she first learned of ‘the existence of an Elite Paedophile ring reaching into the Government’. This is a story which has been gaining much traction on the Internet overnight.

I will take it one step at a time, otherwise I might fry your brains… Continue reading

Cardinal Keith O’Brien wins Stonewall’s ‘Bigot of the Year’ 2012

by “Archbishop Cranmer”

Stonewall has awarded its ‘Bigot of the Year’ prize to the leader of the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland, Cardinal Keith O’Brien. He apparently won it for his stance on same-sex marriage, which he compared to slavery and described it as ‘harmful to the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing’.

Let’s put this into a little perspective, shall we?

The other nominees were: Continue reading

Past Lives and Present Misgivings – Part Seven.

by Anna Raccoon
Past Lives and Present Misgivings – Part Seven.

Evening all; pull up a chair and pin your ears back.

I have, this evening, had a long talk with Miss Margaret Jones, headmistress of Duncroft for many years. It was almost 50 years since we had spoken directly to each other, and it was riveting. She was as corruscatingly honest and direct as I remember. Anybody who is under the impression that because she is 91, she might be slightly short on the marbles is in for a shock. Her power of recall is exceptional – and will prove to be devastating. As sharp as a box of scalpels – I can’t say that I am surprised; if anybody was going to stay on the ball, she was always a good candidate. Continue reading

Past Lives and Present Misgivings – Part Six.

by Anna Raccoon
Past Lives and Present Misgivings – Part Six.

The opening sequence of the Panorama film featuring the alleged sexual abuse of children at Duncroft lingered on a huge and imposing set of Victorian iron gates. Half open, they conjured up an image of a peek inside a forbidden and forbidding world. A world where children were routinely abused in a manner which our intrepid reporters were about to reveal…it was shades of Haute de la Garenne and a dozen Hammer horror films. It was an emotive image. Continue reading

Past Lives and Present Misgivings – Part Four.

by Anna Raccoon
Past Lives and Present Misgivings – Part Four.

First some corrections from yesterday – I was very tired and didn’t proof read properly; dining is spelt dining, not dinning; I’m has got an m after the apostrophe; I was 16 and coming up to my 17th birthday not my 16th birthday; and the curtains for ‘her flat’ refer to Miss Jones’ flat – I could have worded that better. I am putting them here and in an erratum because I am very aware that the text from yesterday was downloaded several hundred times, and read many thousands times, and I don’t want to be accused of having changed the text after publication. (and my heartfelt thanks to the few brave souls who ventured into the comments to encourage me, those silent readers can be very daunting sometimes, and this is definitely one of those times!) Continue reading

Past Lives and Present Misgivings – Part Three.

by Anna Raccoon

Duncroft! I never thought I would hear that name again – and suddenly it is on everybody’s lips! It is nearly 50 years ago that the car I was in drew up outside that familiar facade and I prepared to enter yet another ‘boarding school’. Continue reading

Past Lives and Present Misgivings – Part Two

by Anna Raccoon

Where was I? Oh, yes, Cumberlow Lodge, South Norwood. Politely described as a ‘children’s home’ – no doubt to honour the strictures of the will of the Victorian philanthropist, W E Stanley, who had left his much loved home to the government for use as a ‘children’s home’. It was a detention centre, adapted to the needs of the burgeoning new fangled Social Services who were trying out their theories that the State was better equipped to care for children than ordinary people. Even the good people of South Norwood complained bitterly when it became home to Mary Bell in later years. Those of us who were there sent up daily prayers that it would disappear from the face of the earth – our prayers were not answered until 2006 when a developer blew the site off the map of South Norwood one dark night before the listed buildings people could stop him covering it in ‘affordable homes’. Continue reading

Past Lives and Present Misgivings – Part One.

by Anna Raccoon

The blog post that won’t go away is still bouncing around in my head; the Sunday newspapers today have further infuriated me – and after long talks with Mr G, I have made the decision to publish. It is going to be a painful experience for me, one that will take several days to complete, so be patient with me. You’ll get an installment each day – the ‘Perils of Pauline’ Mark II. It may be that the reason for publishing won’t be clear until I have finished the tale. That could be Friday! Who knows? Continue reading

BBC news – Jimmy Savile, George Entwistle and the balance of probabilities

by Robert Henderson

Jimmy Savile, George Entwistle and the balance of probabilities

Robert Henderson

George Entwistle gave as an abject a performance by a media experienced bigwig before the Culture, Media and Sport select committee(( ) as you will ever see. He adopted the BBC equivalent of giving nothing but his name, rank and number. (How on Earth did this timid personality with all the authority of a jellyfish become Director-General?) Continue reading

Homosexuals or Prostitutes?The Meaning of ἀρσενοκοῑται (1Cor. 6:9, 1Tim. 1:10)

Note: This is only available behind an academic paywall, and I don’t have time to do a proper job on the conversion from pdf. However, it is an interesting contribution to the debate on Christianity and homosexuality. SIG Continue reading

NCROPA on “Obscenity”

Note: Here is another document from NCROPA. The Libertarian Alliance sometimes does these responses to Government consultations, though never in such depth. I don’t think the past tweleve years have made the response obsolete. SIG Continue reading


Note: I have acquired a large number of unpublished writings from the late David Webb’s NCROPA (National Campaign for the Reform of the Obscene Publications Acts). I will upload these as often as I have time to spare. Here is a draft Bill from 1986. The schedule of repeal would need to be rather longer nowadays. But the Bill is a good template for anyone interested. SIG Continue reading

The “Football Association” is now a “Court” – official.

David Davis

A private “Sports Governing Body” (whatever that is for) has set itself up as a “Sondergericht”. It has issued a “judgement – a Fatwah, if you like -  and attached a “fine” – a strange sum: £220,000….Makes you wonder how it was arrived at? No?

When I’m Principal Secretary of State For War, in the Democratic-People’s-English Revolutionary-Liberalist-Party’s*** first government (minimal-statist, conservative, libertarian) private institutions that have previously and triumphalistically-set themselves up as “judges and juries” under the current climate of rampant GramscoFabiaNazism, will find themselves “under investigation”.

I do not believe in amnesties for socialist behaviour, adopted and deliberately pursued with malice-afforethought, and in the face of all empirical evidence that such behaviour was designed on purpose to kill, destroy the effective lives of or otherwise harm as many people as possible.

The FootBallAssociatioNazis will be “hauled in for questioning” by the War Secretariat’s “Operational Services Department Personnel (Domestic Division)”. A version of a reverse-PPI-Claim will be applied to their staffs, who will be “invited to re-imburse John Terry the sum of £220,000 plus interest plus 8% plus a “sum to be decreed” for “damages”.”

I said something similar on Facebook a couple of minutes ago. In case any blogreaders here can’t read Facebook, I have posted the text of my piece there:- Continue reading

Obituary: David Alec Webb, 1931-2012

David Alec Webb, Actor and Legal Reform Campaigner,
6th March 1931-30th June 2012
Prepared by Sean Gabb
First published in The Libertarian Enterprise


David Alec Webb, wit, raconteur, well-known actor on stage, screen and television, and tireless – and ultimately successful – opponent of the laws against pornography, died on the 30th June this year, at the age of 81

The son of a car worker, he was born in Luton in 1931. He attended LutonGrammar School, where he did well academically and became Head Boy. After national service in the Army Education Corps, where he became a sergeant, he got a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA). From here, he embarked on a long and successful career that began on the West End stage, but soon migrated to television. He was a prominent character in the early days of Coronation Street. Worried about the dangers of typecasting, he soon moved on, and, between the 1960s and the beginning of the present century, made well over 700 appearances in television programmes. These included Upstairs, Downstairs, Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased), Tales of the Unexpected, Doctor Who, and The Avengers. He also found time for the cinema, appearing in, among much else, The Battle of Britain. In a profession which, notoriously, has an unemployment rate of 80 per cent, he was never out of work. Continue reading

Aleister Crowley: An Appreciation

by Keith Preston

The fame of Aleister Crowley is principally derived from his reputation as a notorious occultist. It is this reputation that has made his name legendary in numerous counter-cultural and youth culture circles, ranging from contemporary enthusiasts for witchcraft of varying sorts to purveyors of certain shades of heavy metal music. Yet for all his status as a legendary figure, Crowley is not typically regarded as a political thinker. To the degree that his ideas are considered relevant to political thought at all, Crowley is frequently caricatured as a shallow nihilist or merely as a debauched libertine. Extremist political subcultures of varying stripes have attempted to claim him as one of their own. Whether they are neo-fascists, egocentric individualists, or nihilist pseudo-anarchists, many with an extremist political outlook have attempted to shock the broader bourgeois society by invoking the name of Aleister Crowley. This state of affairs regarding Crowley’s political outlook is unfortunate, because an examination of the man’s political ideas reveals him to be a far more profound and insightful thinker on such questions than what is typically recognized. Continue reading

Christianity and Homosexuality: The Textual Sources

Note: I republish this text as background matter to the long discussion that followed David Webb’s essay on homosexuality. I was also put in mind of the textual debate when Robert Henderson made emphatic claims about the meaning of Islam from his reading of the Koran in translation. Religious text are generally hard to understand in their details. SIG Continue reading

Marriage: Politics vs. Society

by Thomas Knapp

The late William F. Buckley, Jr., stated the mission of his publication (National Review), and by implication the mission of his brand of political conservatism, thusly: “Standing athwart the tracks of history yelling stop.”

If we extend that analogy to other areas of political ideology, it’s reasonable to think of political progressives as firemen on a train rolling down those tracks toward Buckley and his compatriots, building up a head of steam to run right over their barricade and bust through pursuant to a theory of where those tracks must necessarily lead. Continue reading

The Roman Catholic Church: Cross in One Hand, Gelding Knife in the Other

by David Webb

Occasionally you read something that makes clear to you that there is no going back to the old culture, which had undesirable elements to it, otherwise the current cultural revolution would not have been embarked on in the first place. Was our old culture rotten? Not entirely, and in fact in many respects the modern culture with the seizure of children for no reason and prosecution for Twitter comments is just as rotten in its own right. Continue reading

Nadine Dorries MP and the Quest for Sexual Abstinence

by Sean Gabb

I have just heard that Nadine Dorries has withdrawn her Sex Education (Required Content) Bill. If passed, this would have required schoolgirls to discuss abstinence in the classroom. The summary of the Bill taken from the UK Parliament website is as follows: Continue reading

Marriage: The State v Contract and Religion

by Thomas Knapp

2012′s Republican US presidential candidates are, to a man, opposed to legal recognition of same-sex marriage. Continue reading

Far be it from me to point the accusing finger….

Sean Gabb

Of course, *IF* Mr Hague delights in a spot of bum fun – and I have no evidence whatever that he does – it’s hardly a sick bag matter. Certainly, it’s far less our concern than if he were flipping properties or otherwise fiddling his expenses. Indeed, the fact that he *MIGHT* have misled the public is of no consequence. When you have no right to ask a particular question, you have no reason to complain if you are not given a true answer.

No, what I dislike about William Hague is that he acted in 2001 *AS IF* he’d been bribed or blackmailed to throw the election, and he then somehow made millions for giving his crap speeches all over the place, and he appears to have been pushing like mad for support of British military involvement in America’s wars. He also helped stitch us up over the Lisbon referendum. All this is surely a product more of stupidity than of villainy. But I see no reason to think better of him for that.

If revelations that he has been more than “posing as a somdomite” are the only way of wiping that grin from his face, just watch how old-fashioned I can become!

Peter Tatchell on Marriage

Note: Peter Tatchell will be speaking at the Libertarian Alliance Conference, to be held in London on the 30th-31st October 2010. See the LA Website for details.

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Is marriage equality a priority?

Time to end the ban on same-sex marriage

London – 19 August 2010

A recent Pink News poll, found that 98% of its readers believe that civil partnerships are not enough. They want full same-sex civil marriage.

The main UK gay lobby group, Stonewall, does not call or campaign for marriage equality; claiming it is not a priority.

All other major LGBT groups oppose the ban on gay marriage and want registry office civil marriages to be open to all couples, without discrimination.

Peter Tatchell of OutRage! writes for Pink News

The main issue is not whether same-sex marriage is a priority but whether LGBT people should be banned from getting married. We should not be banned. Equality is the number one issue.

No LGBT organisation claiming to support equal rights should remain silent and inactive while we are denied the right to marry. Such outrageous homophobic discrimination must be challenged.

Campaigning for marriage equality does not preclude us from also campaigning against homophobic bullying or for LGBT asylum rights. It is not a case of having to choose one campaign over another. It is possible to simultaneously push for equality on several fronts.

Nor is the main issue whether same-sex marriage is a good thing. I share the feminist critique. Marriage has a history of sexism and patriarchy. I would not want to get married. But as a democrat and human rights defender, I support the right of other LGBTs to marry, if they wish. I resent the fact that people are deemed ineligible to marry, simply because they love a person of the same sex.

Every LGBT organisation should be publicly backing the right of lesbian and gay couples to get married in a registry office on exactly the same terms as heterosexual men and women.

Imagine the outcry if the government banned black couples from getting married and required them to register their relationships through a separate system of civil partnerships instead?

Most of us would condemn it as racist, to have separate laws for black and white people. We’d call it apartheid, like what used to exist in South Africa.

Well, black people are not banned from marriage but lesbian and gay couples are. We are fobbed off with civil partnerships.

Civil partnerships are not equality. They are a new form of discrimination. Separate is not equal.

In terms of law, civil partnerships are a form of sexual apartheid. They create a two-tier system of partnership recognition: one law for heterosexuals (civil marriage) and another law for same-sex couples (civil partnerships).

This perpetuates and extends discrimination. The homophobia of the ban on same-sex civil marriage is compounded by the heterophobia of the ban on opposite-sex civil partnerships. Just as a gay couple cannot have a civil marriage, a straight couple cannot have a civil partnership.

Two wrongs don’t make a right. In a democracy, we should all be equal before the law.


The views of other LGBT organisations and campaigners can be viewed here on the Pink News website:

Britain’s main gay rights lobby group, Stonewall, declined to participate and was not willing to express its point of view.


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Worthless Pigs Lose Tiger Sex Case

Sean Gabb

If it has money to spend on mounting prosecutions this bizarre and malicious, the Crown Prosecution Service is surely overfunded and in need of a few cuts.