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Armoured Libraries and survival of culture and law

David Davis

Various prominent British libertarians seem now agreed that The Endarkenment approaches. The signs have been increasingly clear for some time. The fact that liberty is the mother of order and not its daughter is inconvenient for those that mean to boot the vast majority of Mankind – except themselves – backwards, cruelly, painfully and hard into pre-enlightenment misery, starvation, disease and servitude.

Being a scientist myself by training and thought-modes, and therefore by definition not an intellectual –  I have never figured out why humans get to want to bring about – and worse, specifically for others than themselves – what I described above.

It always seems after careful analysis of their plans, that they would like to visit upon the whole of humanity what Churchill described as “the torments that Dante reserved for the damned”.

[Incidentally, I think that "intellectual" (the noun) is is a mere imaginary literary concept, applied by primitive pre-scientific mystics to themselves and their friends who still work according to neolithic non-tribe-male-skull-crashing theories of how to behave towards others, and are driven by emotion and wishful thinking. This may become the subject of another discussion, but perhaps I may accidentally have defined "conservatives" as definitely not these people. We shall have to see, when I have time to try to write something again.]

Various commenters on recent postings here have said things like this, and this, and this. In the darkness however, someone said this, and Continue reading

Fancy That!

I can’t say I’ve ever seen a Moslem of either sex naked. However, from looking at their faces, I’d always assumed that the men were somewhat shaggy. Isn’t life a constant surprise? SIG

What is the ruling on shaving a man’s chest?.

Praise be to Allaah.
Hair is of three types: Continue reading

Moving Toward War in Syria by Ron Paul


Moving Toward War in Syria

by Ron Paul

Recently by Ron Paul: Hands Off Syria

Listen to Ron Paul

Last week the House passed yet another bill placing sanctions on Iran and Syria, bringing us closer to another war in the Middle East. We are told that ever harsher sanctions finally will force the targeted nations to bend to our will. Yet the ineffectiveness of previous sanctions teaches us nothing; in truth sanctions lead to war more than they prevent war.

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Gatwick Airport’s Cultural Revolution

by D.J. Webb

I read a story in the Daily Telegraph today that reminded me somewhat of my experience in Gatwick airport last year. A man who, incidentally happened to be the creator of the Fireman Sam children’s character, made a comment while going through security checks about a Muslim woman in a veil who had not been subject to the same level of checks that he had. His comment was not a racial attack, or a diatribe on the subject of immigration or multiculturalism, but the following: “if I was wearing this scarf over my face, I wonder what would happen.” Continue reading

From the Arab Spring to the Fall Revolution?

by Kevin Carson

Let’s start with a recap. In Summer 2010 Wikileaks published a cache of tens of thousands of top-secret State Department cables, much to the outrage and chagrin of the American national security establishment and its Amen Corner. The documents included embarrassing details on the internal corruption of a number of Arab regimes, and helped to spark a “Facebook/Twitter Revolution” in Tunisia that ended in the overthrow of the government. From there the grass-roots revolutions, in which social networking technologies played an important role, spread to Egypt and Libya and brought down those regimes. And the fires are still burning in Bahrain and Syria. Continue reading

The Islamic Path to Freedom

Islam Without Extremes: A Muslim Case For Liberty

via TheWhitePath: Akyol in English — On Islam, Turkey and More. by Mustafa Akyol on 7/3/11


Osama bin Laden: more dangerous dead than alive?

by Robert Henderson

The story coming out of Washington is incoherent. We are told that Al Qaeda at the time of Osama bin Laden’s death was a terrorist organisation with SMERSH-like global reach and capability with bin Laden as its directing mastermind. At the same time the US administration (falsely) depicted him as a coward who used his wife as a human shield, and showed him as a prematurely aged man living in physical circumstances verging on the squalid. As the story moves along they add further demeaning details such as claims that herbal Viagra was found in bin Laden’s medicine chest ( and a large amount pornography discovered in the compound. (

Even as unabashed propaganda that is inept in a world which contains the Internet. Long gone are the days when contradictory propaganda messages could be delivered to different audiences safe in the knowledge that the “wrong” message would not end up in unintended ears and eyes. Not only that but the propaganda is remarkably crude. Successful propaganda does not smack you in the face and say “Hey, look at me!” Rather it suggests by circumstance and implication. Continue reading

FLC204, Brief Reflections on the Revolution in Egypt, Sean Gabb, 12th February 2011

FLC204, Brief Reflections on the Revolution in Egypt, Sean Gabb, 12th February 2011.

Abstract: Yawn…. Egypt very foreign…. Not like us at all…. Moslem Brotherhood waiting its chance…. Men in beards…. Settling down at last…. No real change out there…. Business as usual in oil market…. Real light bulbs on sale in Alexandria…. All a good advert for Richard Blake’s Blood of Alexandria…. Yawn – when will there be something else to watch on the telly?

Arrested? Shot on Sight, More Like….

Blair must be arrested

John Pilger

Published 04 August 2010

Having helped destroy other nations far away, our former prime minister — “peace envoy” to the Middle East — is now free to profit from the useful contacts he made while working as a “servant of the people”.

Oh dear, a spat with Pakistan, again

David Davis

UPDATE: I forgot to include a link to the report – apologies.

Our Coagulation-PM has got into hot water, it seems, with certain nationalist elements in the Pakistani Intelligence Services.

Apparently this is what Cameron said:-

”But we cannot tolerate in any sense the idea that this country is allowed to look both ways and is able, in any way, to promote the export of terror whether to India, whether to Afghanistan or to anywhere else in the world.”

The problem of interpretation centres on TWO WORDS…”able” and “promote”. If his advisers had said to him to say “unable” to “prevent”, or even “finds it difficult to prevent”, then I don’t think the ISI could have complained – for that would, as we all know, be substantively true.

Perhaps the coagulation is going to founder on the rock of the British Political Enemy-Class, which still owns the Terms Of Discourse, which wants our culture and civilisation dead, which believes what it is saying and thinks we don’t think that, and still, sadly, briefs Cameron’s speechwriters.

Pakistan is a surprisingly large place, like neighbouring Afghanistan, and it is difficult to police much of it, even had its government the strategic will and vision to supress “certain elements”.

“Johnny-Taliban” is clearly getting his gear (even if not his squaddies) from somewhere, and nearby – given his logistics-set-up – is the obvious place. I don’t think the Russians’ writ quite runs as well as it did in those parts in the 1970s/80s, so “north” is probably out: furthermore, ShootinPutin187 knows, to a nicety, how far to push us or not, and this is not something he’d go the the stake over.

France always makes trouble for the Anglosphere on principle, whenever it can. That’s how it is: it’s France’s job and has been for 1,000 years. So I’m prepared to believe that money might be coming from there, if not explosives and IED-technology. But Occam’s Razor does, sadly, point to our old chum “West Pakistan”.

If the ISI geeks want to flounce, let them.

There is, of course, no homosexuality in Morocco!



(ANSAmed) – RABAT, MAY 7 – The Moroccan Islamic Justice and Development Party (PJD, opposition) asked today to ban British singer Elton John from participating in the festival Mawazine "because this risks encouraging homosexuality in Morocco," said Mustafa Ramid, the party’s leader in Parliament. "We categorically refuse the participation of this singer because this risks encouraging homosexuality in Morocco," said Ramid. Elton John will be present at the Mawazine festival, which takes place from May 21 to 29 in Rabat with numerous signers such as Julio Iglesias, Mika, Carlos Santana and BB King. "The problem is not him, but the image that he has in the public opinion," said MP Lahcen Daoudi, one of the party leaders. "Society has a negative perception of this singer and we must take that into account." The PJD party filed a request in the lower house of Parliament today calling for "the British singer’s "participation to be banned", also criticising "the welcome that has been reserved for him". (ANSAmed).


Marching about

Michael Winning

I saw this just now.

its actually quite interesting to see the link between the fascist far British left and international jihadists and Caliphiles. Just look at this, I mean:

Griffin and the BBC – The Alf Garnett factor

Robert Henderson

In the 1960s one of the most celebrated British sit-coms Till Death Us Do Part appeared. Its central character was an elderly working class Londoner Alf Garnett (For American readers his character inspired that of Archie Bunker).

Garnett’s most noted characteristic was what we would call these days being non-PC, especially about race and immigration. The author Johnny Speight swore blind that he had no sympathy with the character’s views and he had created him only to show how bigoted and unpalatable they were. (The suspicion grew as the character of Garnett became more and more dominant in the sit-com and ever more outrageous in his words that Speight was actually peddling his own secret views. Speight vehemently denied this but the accusation followed him to his grave.)

The effect of the Garnett character was the exact opposite of Speight’s stated intention because he became a character who, far from being treated universally as a figure of fun or despicable, was taken by many people as a conduit for their opinions, opinions which otherwise were even in those days severely censored by a liberal media and a political class (with the exception of Enoch Powell) which had already fallen under the liberal Omerta on honest discussion of race and immigration. (The first British Race Relations Act was passed in 1965).

Something similar to the Alf Garnett effect has taken place with the BNP. It did not really matter how well or badly Griffin did on Question Time. What counted was the fact he was on it saying, amongst a good deal of confused nonsense, what large numbers of Britons felt about mass immigration and the multi-cultural reign of terror which prevents people in any normal circumstances saying what they feel about its consequences. That Griffin was crude in his claims, lacking in examples to back up his claims even where examples were readily available, for example he failed to quote one of the many Churchill statements on race which would be considered unequivocally racist today by the liberal bigot definition, and palpably nervous was of little account. What mattered was that he was saying things which had not been said in such a forum for many a long year.

The BBC, hermetically wrapped in their liberal bigot cocoon, played into his hands. There was never going to be a detailed discussion of the issues and the choice of a panel which was not only universally hostile to Griffin and to any honest discussion of immigration, but also emblematic in its make up of the grip that politically correctness has got on this country with three members of ethnic minorities out of the five panel members – Jack Straw (Jewish), Sayeeda Warsi (Asian Muslim), Bonnie Greer (black American) – ensured that the viewer would see the programme as an exercise in liberal elite control. (Had I been Griffin, before I said anything else I would have pointed out the unrepresentative nature of the panel. Coincidentally, Greer is the woman I crossed swords with over Obama’s Nobel Prize on BBC Radio 5 a couple of weeks ago. List members will be delighted to hear that for Ms Greer the panel far from being an unrepresentative travesty “celebrated a racial mix. Sayeeda Wasi was amazing and I was very moved to hear about Jack Straw’s Jewish background. I had no idea. (Telegraph 24/9/2009″. Exactly how someone supposedly very well attuned to British politics could not know Straw is Jewish is a mystery only Ms Greer, a UK resident for 23 years, can explain. Equally difficult to explain is why the BBC think she, someone who has never been elected to public office in her life, deserves to be wheeled out to give her political opinions so often.)

Add in the chairman David Dimbleby’s grossly biased questioning of Griffin – “Is it fair that the BNP has hijacked Churchill as its own?” – and the choice of questioners (disproportionately ethnic) and universally hostile questions from the audience and none but the most dishonest liberal bigot could see the programme as anything other than hideously unbalanced and unfair.

The other mistakes Griffin made were:

(1) trying to ingratiate himself with other panel members especially Greer.

(2) Smiling too much.

(3) Getting into ridiculous discussions about whether the indigenous population had been in the islands 17,000 years or not – they haven’t and even if they had it would be irrelevant.

(4) Absurdly playing the pc game by claiming that the colour of skin does not matter, the determining factor of acceptability being how long a people have been in a country, absurd because the BNP’s position has been unequivocally that race matters right up to the present, including the banning of non-whites from membership.

The most interesting single response came from Straw when Griffin was being questioned by Dimbleby on the subject of the Holocaust. Griffin said that he could not explain his original position on the Holocaust because that would put him at risk of being extradited to places such as Germany on an European Arrest Warrant. Straw immediately jumped in and stated categorically that it could not happen. This is nonsense as Holocaust Denial is one of the categories of crimes extraditable under the warrant. As a one time Foreign Secretary, a lawyer and now Justice Minister, Straw must have known that what he said was untrue. (BTW his real name is John Straw. Whilst at university he changed it to Jack Straw, in imitation of the Peasant’s Revolt leader).

It wasn’t only Griffin who was nervous on that programme, it was also Jack Straw and Chris Huhne, both of whom were utterly terrified and incoherent when the question of immigration over the past 12 years was discussed. That is why they mainstream politicians fear the BNP: they force discussion on the ultimate treason which is mass immigration. – Griffin has given so many hostages to fortune in the past with the Holocaust denial and dalliance with the likes of the Klu Klux Klan that it tells you all you need to know about the utter failure of mainstream British parties to deal with immigration that they have had the success that they have had. Griffin and the BNP are catalysts to drive the major parties towards a more reasonable position of immigration. They are doing that regardless of the quality of the membership or leader.

Some idea of the extent to which the British people feel betrayed by their political elite can be seen from the facts that 8 million tuned in – a phenomenally high number for a UK politics programme – and over 500k of hits were made to the BNP website in the next 24 hours.

The Question Time programme is on the BBC IPlayer for another 4 days. Just go to the BBC website and type in Question time and the link will come up near the top of the page. RH

Congratulations! Nobody told us!

David Davis

Old Holborn has converted to Islam!

Given how western GramscoFabiaNazis have corrupted large parts of Islam, are using it as a cats-paw to overturn this civilisation (Islam ought to watch out what’s to become of it once they have done their “Useful Idiot” thingy with it and don’t need it any more) and currently are winning the strategic war, it seem a good tactic in the short term – say about 10 or 15 years.

Attack the System » Blog Archive » Program for a fictional ARV-ATS Scholars Conference

Attack the System » Blog Archive » Program for a fictional ARV-ATS Scholars Conference

Sean Gabb

This would be an interesting conference to attend, if exhausting.

Pope Tank

Fred Bloggs.

I have just heard from a very reliable source that the Pope, during his trip to the potentially dangerous middle East, has, for his own personal safety, just got a new Popemobile:-


Also, according to my source, the Police are getting a new patrol vehicle, which will be more suited to the environments in which it needs to operate, due to the fact that criminals are now beginning to use medieval weaponry:


EDIT: I just found out,  that due to budget cuts, the Police will instead be using these:


Well, who would have thought it!

David Davis

“Sources” sat that the Police “believe” that “an Al Quaeda cell” was “days away from“…doing something a bit down south from this type writer here. Better install a few weaponised dustbins inside the Trafford, to be on the safe side….

Maybe they were, maybe they weren’t. Who now can tell? 

I don’t watch the broadcast MSM “news” any more, finding it as I do rather sensationalised and unhelpful in discerning the truth of matters. But I expect this is all over it already. Gordon Brown and our MPs are sinking fast and need to be make to look big again, with some security-theatre: why? Because everybody slumped in front of their Idiots’ Lanterns has already totally forgotten whatever it was Carla Sarkozy and Michelle Obama were wearing at G20 – and how it was designed by Sarah Hobbsbawm on an inspiratory revelation from the Dear Leader Himself. (Her reward was to get to borrow a £9,000 bra, and only have to pay 10% of the price…)


Let us now play an informal little war game together:

Let’s pretend that there actually are (for there may be some) dudes out there, inflamed by certain pre-Rennaissance and amoral-barbarian beliefs, egged on by a number of “deeply-respected” mountebanks and pisstaking mysogynisticoNazi scumbags who stand to gain a lot out of the result, that the West is comprised of sub-human turds who have turned our faces from God, deliberately underdress their women and other sex-slaves, and thus surely deserve to die – as must be obvious to everyone.

Now are these dudes doing what they allegedly have just been doing  _because_  we have decided to assault the buggers in faraway countries who put them up to it? This is predicated upon the notion that the vast majority of adherents to these ideas want nothing at all to do with blood and gore and explosions – which is patently clear although none of them seem to want to come out and say so….

Or, would the said dude-droids be doing it anyway regardless,  _because_ certain “belief-systems” explicitly exhort that this is the right thing to do, and it’s fun to kill people you don’t know in very large numbers? I incline to the latter.

Thus, the “War on Terror” (a conflation of ideas substantively empty of meaning as we all agree) has been talked up as an excuse by the new ruling Enemy Class of the West, to introduce control of individuals’ lives more typical of those Police States which the detonating-buggers come from, than of a Classical liberal civilisation.

Look now. We here always, always get blown up by successive historical swarms of evil fat-heads, not because of what we have done to the afforesaid fat-heads at sometime or other, but  _because_ they are innately evil (“they just are”, as a British teenager would harrumph, inarticulately unable to acticulate exactly why) and can’t stand to be outshone by real civilisations: it happens to us all the time. It’s an occupational hazard of being right.

The fat-heads’ ultimate unimportance and actual destructiveness and negative value is threatening to them, for they would if made to operate as normal humans merely fade away and become sad meths-drinkers and hobos: deep down, in what passes for their hearts, they know fully that it is as I say. They are those who would be helped to a dignified death by concerned old ladies and retired, heavily-decorated wing-commanders.

We must just stop being so wimpish and accept the fact that if we want to be “The City Upon a Hill”, we shall continue to be attacked by those who still inhabit the cesspools.

There shouldn’t need to be all those Policemen there…

not to mention the obscene, nasty barriers.

David Davis

Update by Charles Moore, the Torygraph 14th March 2009


So how do you give them flowers then?

So how do you give them flowers then?

What sort of a country are we living in? What the f*** is the matter with this place, and why have the multicultiGramscoFabians done it?  

And why does Islam go along with it? It should know better, since Allah is merciful and good and all-powerful….isn’t he? Isn’t he just Leibnitz’s same God? They Moslems ought to be on our side, against statists.

If they bastard Gramsco-Fabians would have merely let us alone, we could have let them, the blasted wastrels, just live out their functionless lives shagging each other’s wives and daughters amid boring lefty books, if they’d only let us have Capitalism and liberty and let us get on with it. Good triumphs when evil Men do nothing: all they had to do was…nothing, and everything would be fine.

Why do socialists want to ruin our world, as well as their own? I think it’s a mental disorder, and they should be sectioned.

Biofuels to be banned in Barbary? Brilliant!

David Davis

This from is nearly the best news all day: let the Moslems proceed to kick a hole in the bottom of the biofuels bucket starvation-racket as fast as they like. My enemy’s enemy is my friend. For now.

No music tonight, just this.


The Night Duty Boy-First-Class Type Writer, commanding his Chimpanzee Shift, might put some music up as it’s Saturday: we shall just have to see.

Hat tip The Landed Underclass. That blog just gets better and better, and he will outlive us in The Line.

Some people are more equal than others now.

The Policeman concerned has found a clever and opaque way of saying he’s not the friend of all people: just those of them that happen to be powerful today.

Well then.

On totally unrelated matters, readers might like this book.

Sir “David Ormond” knows best. And, the Libertarian Party of the UK tells it to you like it is.

David Davis

Personal Privacy” will have to be sacrificed in order to fight “terrorism” and suchlike.

We already knew that, but now they’re saying it out loud. And the LPUK has a much better-argued and fuller rendition (ha ha ha ha ha! Rendition! is this another word for the lefties to lynch or have they merely invented it to sound like clever-clogs?) of the matter.

Is this YET _another_ anti-English smear, or do we actually torture people?

I have to say that I don’t know. But torture is “institutionally” non-English, and does not originate here. Asia, and other places, are where the Europeans learned it, from having undergone it by defending against invasive incursion in things such as Crusades (I am not allowed to say against what we were defending, for then my son would get suspended from his history course.) And to   _not_   torture while investigating, is essentially an English practise. Read your Paul Johnson: “The Offshore islanders” – chapter ref: “this Realm is an Empire”.

David Davis

This article here is full of implications and non-sequiturs. You lazy indolent buggers out there had better read the entire thing. The  (shifty-looking)  [allegedly] “up for it” guy ( = dude) walked off the plane, in the UK, to his family and to his “law_yers” (if you wozz a state, wott  seriously, regularly, “did” people, in the basement of the “Ministry” for a living, really, like Nazi Gramsco-Marxian scumbags habitually do) then would you let a torturee do that? Walk off the plane in front of camerae? No, I would not either) but the text implies he was tortured at the command of the British “security services”.

There is, as my old co-director used to say about bailiffs, Health-and-Safety-Gestapo, and other fascistically-motivated non-marketeering State-predator-scumbags who used to be paid, out of our taxation, to psychologically-torment us and functionally-impede us in the course of our business, “MORE TO COME ON THIS ONE, SON”. I take great exception to the entire thing, but I will report back tomorrow when it has all got cooked a bit more and I can smell the rats floating in the air.

Derek Draper is funnier than the music we were going to put up.

David Davis

The whole “achievement” of the topic and also – more importantly – the comment thread, is really quite astounding.

Truly, there is no humour in socialism: there are no jokes: everything is utterly serious. Like Islam, whatever that may be. Perhaps both will actually have to go, after all.

Ummm…..which one did I mean, that should go…??

Geert Wilders, Islam and fundamentalist Christianity: further analysis

David Davis

Dizzy Thinks that some counterfactual thinking is in order. Hat tip Guido Fawkes.

We learn now that Geert Wilders is to be charged with “hate speech“-  whatever that might be. And this is intruigingly disarming and frank about what the problem is we face in the West.

Geert Wilders speaks on Fox News about his film “Fitna”

It is sad, and a bit unfortunate, that there are now fewer and fewer people who either believe, or want to say, that there is such a thing as an absolute scale of goodness or evil.

It is not shameful to believe, and to believe it strongly enough to defend the same, that the values and achievements and liberal civilisation of the Classical liberal West indeed  _are_ better than all other competitors for the honour of showing The World How To Live.

It is distressing that there are not more chaps like this strange-looking Dutchman, who reminds me of one of my maths teachers in the 1960s.

Could libertarianism survive in a state-sponsored militantly-anti-Christian environment?


David Davis

I commend to you the post by Leg-Iron about this matter. Moreover, for as long as either the other Officers of the Libertarian Alliance, or those of the NewLieBorgFabiaNazi State – whichever crowd comes here to remove me first – this Blog will maintain the following:-

That for Classical liberalism to survive – and indeed to spread – an institutionally-Judeo-Christian background to society,  is an absolutely necessary pre-condition, but not in itself a sufficient one. The State, in such a society, insofar as it has functions, ought to publicly maintain and defend positions based on the Gospels and the Mosaic Decalogue. it is then up to libertarians to force the State’s institutions (if need be) to take further positions based on natural Rights: that is to say, to abide by the spirit and the letter of all our usual life/liberty/property guff.

So no let-up for you people regarding Christmas messages on here, then. Easter ones if I can get round to them: got a good one building as a draft. And, if you’re not careful, and young Northwood fails to eat his boiled greens (without salt) on Friday nights, I’ll hit you all on Ascension Day.

Further to Mr Geert Wilders’ movie-making and travel complications, an elucidation of the last days’ events.

David Davis

By The Landed Underclass. Read his entire and most plausible analysis here.

Geert Wilders (never ‘eard of him.) But let’s see how quickly he gets beheaded in the street in London, and then decide who’s more liberal.


UPDATE2:- This is what Obnoxio the Clown thinks of the matter. I didn’t even know Geert Wilders was a Dutch MP and that he’s been kicked out due to some threat or other from some crack-heads from upper-Jipoopooland: sorry, you see we live in Lancashire, we don’t really get multiculti-crack-heads here, ‘cozz it’s miles away, thank God at least that Copper Wire has been discovered, so I can say something and you’ll hear it by August next year…..

UPDATE1:- I gather he’s been deported. Can’t think that Keeley Hazell would approve of that, although of course she might, it’s her choice. However – let us suppose, hypothetically, just suppose – that he’d made a movie about how misogynistically-repressive the Catholic Chruch was, about women.

That it said, for example, that they don’t allow women to be priests….or that women should ordinarily “submit to their husbands’ “demands” ” – whatever that may mean…or, even – wait for it – a movie about “what a Jesuit is really thinking”. You know the sort of thing: sinister backlit shots of faceless, unrecognisable “Jesuits”, silhouetted, saying unmentionable things, such as there is Right and Wrong……

……and that “some things are good, some things are bad”.

D’you think Wilders would get deported for that?

Neither do I.

P’raps it’s because he looks like every young female Gramsco-Marxian teacher’s nightmare-phantasm of a socialist Nazi SS trooper blond beast?

…and…he ought to have worn a nice red tie…..the blueish one is death on stilts…..

Dangerous man, young, white, sinisterly-nordic, politically-incorrect,

Dangerous man, young, white, sinisterly-nordic, politically-incorrect,

I don’t like that.

David Davis

I am indebted to Brian Micklethwait for the image. I will discourse more later, about what liberalism is up against. Again.


This is who I am getting at in reality, with my war-axe….

I call them Gramsco-Marxians. Tony will assault me…again.

(It’s his job!)

David Davis

Hat tip Samizdata.

Cathedrals: not enough money. Since the State has taken over the Church…

then it better pay for the buildings.

David Davis

£2.6 million. Well, it’s better than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick I guess.

But as it costs about £2,500 a day to run a cathedral – and that’s just the modern one down the road from here, which isn’t even quite really beginning to fall down yet –  and just keep the water from coming in, let alone major repairs to buildings that may be in parts about nine centuries old, then that shows where the government’s secularists’ priorities are.

Libertarians of course may not care very much about religion. That’s fair enough. Some believe in God, or sundry other gods, and some do not. But if we want to preserve a core of civiisation which is capable of sustaining a libertarian polity, then we have to _not_ have whole great gaps in our history filled only by gigantic and mysterious ruins. History shows us, that those people for whom totalitarians have abraded out whole rafts of their history, do less well in adjusting to being properly socialised in a market civilisation. Just look at poor Russia for example.

The mediaeval cathedrals of Europe and Britain – and Ireland – represent some of the highest art and engineering synthesis ever achieved by Man. OK, I grant you-  I own up, and ask for forgiveness: it was all done “in the name of God and to His greater glory”….but that should not deter us from trying to preserve these masterpieces of civilisation. These things took sometimes centuries to build, largely by hand and animal and sinew and spade – and required extreme faith that it would work, and a very long, long view about whether you’d ever see it done yourself – you can’t just pretend it didn’t happen.

If the State wants to de-Christianise us as a people – and it is succeeding – then at least it can spend a few coppers on “the people’s” history. Unless, of course, it does not want “the people” to have or to know any. That’s another story entirely, and it concerns Gramsco-Marxians.

Or, maybe, just maybe, this government we have right now ios just worse, and more Gramsco-Marxian than most others. it will be interesting to see what they grant, via their quango English heritage, to the repair of important Mosques. Or not. We shall see.

Obama’s started well, if words are all: it was very good. You could almost cry there, and pray for the poor bugger.

David Davis

The inauguration address.

That’s the abiding problem, with socialists, for ever. They’ll never, ever be able to help; they’re always calling on others to “do”.

They think they’re officers, probably.

Here’s what duhfrog thinks. he’s an American, I think. We’ll all just have to see, won’t we. And here’s another American.

Rebuilding Gaza: I know what! Let’s blame Israel!

Update: this is what Obnoxio thinks. Can’t say I disagree.

UPDATE2:- In response to comments, I have investigated what the Germans think about Luftangriff, which ought to be thought of in the context of what the global-leftist-MSM is saying about what’s happened to the Gaza strip. The poor Germans suffered it rather more fiercely than anybody else. (We will not go into the reasons now – that’s for another time, OK?) I just think we ought to retain a sense of perspective, that’s all.

David Davis

British Libertarians, of whom there may be at least six still at large in the wild and probably several dozen more unaccounted for or tagged by field-researchers and re-released, are kind enough to let me take contentious and unpopular foreign-policy-positions on things, on this blog.

One of these is about the strategic position of Israel, and the bind that it always seems to be in, with regard to loads of dudes who, quite publicly and with utterly disarming frankness, state their views about its worth, its anticedents, its crimes (here’s one they prepared earlier), [heaviest ever air attacks? - my trousers!] and (this is just today’s one) and its fate, on the MSM and elsewhere. These range from the BBC, to the UN, the EU, the “non-aligned nations – whatever Gramsco-Marxian concept that represents – and numberless Wireless Tele Vision channels. Sadly, I am old enough to remember when it was entirely – and I do really really mean entirely – the other way up. Nearly half a century ago, Israel’s victories against the dictators of a collection of enslaved-and-terrorised peoples who (with the almost certain exception of HM King Hussein*) wanted Israel dead, were greeted with almost universal joy and hysteria. The progamme called

C:\program files\Marxo-Gramsci-developers\International leftism\victimised groups\virtual\Palestinians\

was envisaged ultimately, but cold not be run in 1967 since no machines existed that could render the graphical virtual reality required, and it was also several hundred Mb. Later, the DOS 2.0 dungeons-&-dragons game, “palest1.exe” would run on an IBM PC-compatible with more that 256K of RAM, only requiring the following extentions:-




newlab.dll (not realeased until May 97)

but Steve Jobs managed to get it to support mice on an Apple, and 256 colours, so that was curtains for the Israelis after about 1982.

Unfortunately, all the bugs in appear to have been fixed and it now runs under all versions of Windows and MacOS, having no conflicts with any browsers. It also auto-blocks pop-ups and cookies from those historians who might attempt to integrate the timeline of the development of the virally-spread intellect-hijacking-programme, or “meme”,  called  “” with autarkic or pre-capitalist-barbarian-thought-tendencies.

It has also been released as freeware.

Now, it’s going to cost $2 billion to fix Gaza. So it says here:-

First estimates by independent surveyors said Gaza lost nearly $2 billion in assets during Israel’s three-week war on Hamas, including 4,100 homes, about 1,500 factories and workshops, 20 mosques, 31 security compounds and 10 water or sewage lines.

I’m sure Halliburton would be interested? No? Old hat now? Moved on, have we, greens and truthers?

I will resist the temptation to ask who it took three weeks of the most apocalyptic bombardment and destruction in the history of the world, causing an “unprecedented humanitarian crisis”, to destroy only as little at that – but I’ll ask it anyway as I don’t care about being tarred and feathered any more. (Oh and I don’t believe 1,500 factories and workshops for a minute – there are not that number in the entire UK today; we have even fewer of those than we have Post Offices.) in a biggish place – Gaza – (here it is) – 1.4 million people (at 10 people per home, they must live in about 140,000 homes then, so less than 3% of homes destroyed only? – after all that?)


All I am concerned about really is the strategic damage done to the potential environment of libertarianism, in a world where the MSM can be so blinded by unreality, as to believe the propaganda of a Gramsco-Marxian group like Hamas so uncritically. Also….have you noticed something about the map below? Refugee camps: why are there so many, 61 years after the founding of Israel? Do they contain only octogenarian men and women, and (must therefore be) only a few dozen? Or do they contain thousands – we are told that half the population of Gaza is under the age of 15. these pre-teens can’t be the ones who have lost factories and homes… what’s going on in the “refugee camps, then? And why are people being kept in there just to breed?

Don’t ask me, I don’t know! I’m just a Lancashire bumpkin! I just wonder if, just if, this particular lot of Gramsco-Marxians that is pretending to be champions of “the people of” pre-capitalist-desert-survival-guide-scholars, need there to be lots of “refugees” when the forced status of these poor wretches is quite un-necessary. (The electric power mostly came from Israel before, so how clever is that then? Getting your enemy to give you his electric, then rocketing him.)

*Oh, and King Hussein of Jordan was a radio ham – call sign JY1, and it is said that he collected Tektronix oscilloscopes. So he could not have wanted to kill people.

139 square miles!

139 square miles!

Nick Griffin v the “Anti-Fascist” Anti-Semites

Blackburn Demo from BNPtv on Vimeo.

This link sees to work:-

The Libertarian Allisnce has learned that he following letter has today (17th January 2009) been emailed and posted to Chief Constable Steve Finnigan at Lancashire Police HQ, Preston.

For Urgent Attention, Chief Constable, Lancashire Constabulary
Police HQ

17th January 2009

Dear Chief Constable Finnigan,

I wish to make a formal allegation of incitement to racial hatred, contrary to S.5 of the Public Order Act, whereby it is an offence to use words intended or, having regards to all the circumstances, likely to incite racial hatred.

The offence was, I believe, committed by Lauren Booth in the course of her speech to the Muslims for Gaza rally in Corporation Park, Blackburn, on Sunday 11th January 2009, a copy of which may be found on the BNPtv footage posted together with my analysis of the speech and situation on the main news section of on Saturday 17th January.

As you should already be aware, this rally was attended by many thousands of mainly young Muslim men, already in a high state of anger as a result of media coverage of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict in Gaza. As one of Britain’s leading experts in this particular piece of legislation, I have no doubt whatsoever that there is a prima facie case against Ms Booth. In particular, her use of the plural in the phrase “you are the criminals we detest”, juxtaposed with comments such as “we want Israel out of this country”, (not, please note, “the Israeli Embassy”, but simply “Israel”) are clearly likely – if not intended – to be taken by those present as a green light for hatred, indeed quite possibly actual physical violence, against individual Jews and against Jewish businesses in our High Streets.

That she intended mischief is indicated by her deliberately setting out to enrage the audience with stories – totally fictitious as far as any news reports coming out of Gaza would suggest – of “chemical weapons” being used by Israel in the targeted attacks on Hamas terrorists which she presents as random attacks aimed at innocent women and children.

Given the deep-rooted traditional hostility to Jews, simply on account of their being Jews, in the Koran and the Haddith, to make such a speech to a large Muslim audience can only incite hatred against Jews; the legal threshold of ‘likelihood’ cannot fail to be crossed.

If it should be that a ‘softly softly’ policing policy meant that you did not feel able to station a police video team in the park to capture speeches as evidence in the event (clearly foreseeable under the circumstances) of incitements to violence or racial or religious hatred, then you only need to ask and BNPtv will supply you with the original footage recorded by our camera crew in the park. Although it is shaky it is clearly audible throughout and the speaker can be very clearly identified.

I am also told that Wayman Bennett of the criminal conspiracy operation ‘Unite Against Fascism’ addressed the same rally and said, among other provocative statements that “Israeli Jews should go back to wherever they came from – New York or wherever it is”. I have not seen this footage myself, but urge that you also investigate this.

As the Gold Commander during the 1981 Burnley riots, you must have a very good appreciation of the very serious danger involved here, with outside agitators doing their very best to increase tensions in Blackburn. Should the situation in Gaza not be permanently resolved very soon, it is highly likely that Ms Booth’s call for a far larger demonstration in the town will be answered. That being the case, it is vital if the peace is to be maintained and the law upheld that the police force take action now to show that incitement to racial hatred and violence is unacceptable not only if the alleged victims are Pakistani Muslims, but also members of other races and religions.

I look forward to hearing that you have set in motion the appropriate action very shortly, not least because – as my analysis which accompanies the video makes clear – we do not have much time left in which to damp down the growing hysteria and alienation being produced by agitators such as Ms Booth.

Yours sincerely
Nick Griffin

PO Box 14
SY21 0WE

George W. Bush: A Farewell from Robert Henderson

A band plays  Hail to the Chief  Warmonger in the world. The television screen  changes to reveal   the features of the President of the United States of Moronica George W  Moron,  who looks  uncertainly at  a spot which appears to be thin air and begins to speak:


Mah fellow Moronicans,  Ah am speaking ter yah all fur the last time as yur president. Some evil  thinking’ folks are sayin’ mah presidency has bin   nothing’ but trouble fur the United States of  Moronica, thet Ah am the worstest president thet thare’s ever bin. Dick Cheney sez thet’s the exact  opposite of the truth an’ Ah’ve bin  the bestest president thare’s ever bin , jest laik he’d bin the  bestest Veep thare’s ever bin.


Ah asked Dick if  Ah  am the bestest president thare’s ever bin why ur so many folks are sayin’   Ah’m  the worstest.  Dick sez it’s ‘cos thare’s a powerful number of folks in Moronica who ain’t  patriotic and ain’t git the best interests of Moronica at heart,  not laik   me an’ Dick heve.  Ah asked  why such folks weren’t in prison fur treason an’ Dick sez they should be  if  thare wuz any justice in  the world, but it weren‘t always easy tur heve justice. . Anyways, Dick sez thet history will judge  mah presidency at its true worth.  Ah don’t know one called History  an’ I  didn’t laik tur seem  ignorant by askin’ Dick who they wuz, but Ah jest felt I had tur  know in case one of them folks in  the media  ask me an’ I look real foolish not knowin‘, jest laik they made me look real foolish ever  since I ran fur president the first taim.


Anyways,  Ah asked Dick who  this History wuz and why his opinion would be  real important.  It  must heve  bin a real difficult question  ‘cos Dick gave me a  angry look  which wuz the angriest  Ah’ve ever seen on him.. Then Dick stopped looking’ real angry all of a sudden an’  his shoulders  slumped and his head went down.  After a minute or two, Dick raises his head an’ he’s gut  this  kinda resigned smile on his face laik you’ve never seen afore.  Then he sez “If anyone asks you  about history, jest  say  thet  you will leave it two history tur judge an’ it wouldn’t be fittin’ fur you to   say whut history should be sayin’. No need tur say who history is or why  history’s opinion is real  important. Those folks in the media  will only start houndin’ him an’ yur know whut  thet’s laik.” I  truly do know whut that’s laik, so I promised  on mah  honor  as a  Moron  thet  I would nut ask agin  ‘cos if Ah didn‘t know,  Mr History would be safe frum the folks in the media. . .


Anyways,  Ah’ve asked  the folks who heve bin  doin’ things fur me since I wuz president how they  think things heve gone over the past eight years. Dick sez  thet  we heve left the economy in a real   good state. I wuz a bit confused by thet ‘cos   jest recently we’ve bin givin’ a heap of tax dollars tur   banks and the laik. We’ve even pushed  out the dough tur  the big motor companies. Ah  asked  Dick why we wuz doin’ this when they wuz private companies  ’cos  Dick hed always  said thet it  was only  commies whut did things laik thet. Dick goes real red in the face an’ sez these wuz  special  times an’ needed special  measures an’ thet it wuz all ’bout makin’ sure the market wasn’t  taken over by the commies.


Ah asked how they wuz special an’ Dick started shoutin’ at me something fearful. He sed I weren’t  tur go botherin’ ‘bout things which  I didn’t need tur bother ‘bout.  Then he calmed down a bit an’ told  me thet the money wuz goin’ tur folks thet  supported everythin’ I believed in an’ who paid fur mah  campaigns an’ the laik an’ thet made it special ‘cos they wuz all patriots an’ would only use the  money  tur do whut wuz best fur Moronica.   But Ah wuz still puzzled by one thing ,  if we wuz doin’  the same thing as the commies did why ain’t t we commies?  Ah asked Dick this an’  he went real  red again then he sez it’s  real simple, we’re capitalists an’ thare commies. Jest hold onter thet.   When Dick made it real simple laik thet I could understand real well. I guess economics is made  mech too complicated by them college professors  an’; I suggested tur Dick thet he wrote a book  explainin’ it real simple laik an’ sent to the professors so they could explain it real simple in future.  Dick gave me a real strange look but  didn’t say  nothin’.


Ah still couldn’t git mah head round the idea  why they needed folks’ tax dollars  ‘cos Dick had  always sed they wuz real bright an’ knew how tur make any amount o’ money.  So I asked Dick  why they needed tax dollars when they could make their own money an’ he got  even redder before  he  sez thet he caint’t tell me ‘cos it  might mean thet terrorists would  git tur know an’ thet could  put all the folks in Moronica  in danger. Once Ah knew it wuz  a matter o’ security ‘course Ah shut   mah mouth.


Dick sez the War on Terror ain’t wun yet  an’ probably never wull be. But Dick’s real confident thet  all the  steps Ah’ve taken laik the Patriot Act  heve made Moronica much safer than it wuz before.  Dick sez thet  the  folks who  say  Ah have taken away a  pile o’ freedoms thet Moronicans heve  always enjoyed don’t understand  whut needs tur be done now thet Moronica is  under constant  attack  ‘cos of 911. Dick sez thet by  takin’ away freedoms ourselves  meant thet the terrorist  couldn’t take them away  an‘ thet meant the terrorists wuz  left with nothing‘ tur take. Dick sez we  shot thare fox, whatever thet means.  Anyways, anyone should be able tur  understand thet if the  freedoms ain‘t thare anymore  them terrorists cain’t git at them.


Some folks is still goin’ on ‘bout  the way New Orleans is years after it wuz hit by a  real big wind.  Dick sez this is jest evil speakin’ folk makin’ a fuss over nothing’ an’ thet anyways hardly any of  them voted the raight way so they weren’t of no account an’’ might well be holdin’ treason in thare  hearts.  Anyways, Dick sez thet at only  a quarter of the folks heve returned tur New Orleans which  jest shows they weren’t real fond o’ the place tur start with.


Condi Rice tells me thet  mah foreign policy hes bin real successful. The good ol’ US of M  heve  brought peace an’ democracy tur  I-raq and Afghanistanistan…er…  I an’t quite sure whut thet  second wun’s called. ‘cos it’s so long. Anyways the  I-raqans an’ the Afghanistanis    ain’t git tur  bother ‘bout  Sodamn Insane and the Talibanistas  anymore ‘cos we hanged Sodamn an’ heve run   the Talibanistas  outer most of Afghanistaistan ….damn, Ah never cain git thet name right. Condi  sez thet they ‘re  on the run so bad they cain’t git any further than the outskirts of Kabul an‘ thet the  president of Afghanistania …someone with a real funny name   Ah think it’s Humid Khazi .. . ‘cos of  the Moronican troops who guard him. hez  complete control of the presidential palace, raight up to  the walls of the grounds around it.    When yur think how them Talibanistas  wuz controlling’ all of  Kabul afore we liberated the country thet shows how much progress we’ve made in only seven  years.


Ah’m more than a  mite  surprised thet Ah’m  nut goin’ tur be president any  more ‘cos  Ah heve a  strong recall of Dick sayin’  a year or so back thet  Ah wasn’t tur worry ‘bout  the Constitution nut  allowin’ a president tur heve more than two terms ‘cos  if a president wuz as fine as Ah am and an  emergency came along it would be possible tur  use a Presidential Order tur declare mahself  president fur life an‘ git the military on mah side tur make sure thet  Ah wuz president fur life. . Ah  asked Dick why we hadn’t done  whut he said and Dick jest looked kinda tired an’ said thet   important folks had decided it weren’t the best way forward, but thet Ah wasn’t tur worry ‘cos the  new president  wuz already on the payroll.  Ah asked Dick who the important folks were an’ whut  payroll the new president wuz on an’ whether it wuz a  bigger payroll than I wuz on. Dick looked  even more tired then picked his spirits up and laughed an’ laughed an’ laughed. When he hed  finished Ah asked him tur tell me the joke ‘cos Ah jest love jpokes, but he said it wuz a private wun  an’ I wouldn’t understand . With thet he went outer the room an’  Ah still don’t know who the  important folks are or which payroll the next president’s on.


Ah must confess Ah’m real puzzled by  who’s goin’ tur  replace me. Ah thought the Constitution  said only white folks could be president, but somehow everone’s sayin’ thet  Ah’m goin’ tur be  replaced by someone who’s the same shade as Condi an’ is called   Osama  bin Ladin.  I  mentioned tur Condi thet we wuz supposed tur be huntin’ down Osama after Ah’d put up a poster  sayin’ we wunted him dead or alive an’ whut Hell wuz  the FBI doin’ letting’ him run fur president?  Condi had a real big coughin’ fit fore she replied an’ I had to slap her back. Then she sez with tears  in her eyes thet  the best way tur keep Osama observation wuz if he is president. Ah objected thet  he could do a heap of damage if he wuz president laik stopping’ us attackin’ foreign folks thet  wunted us all dead. Before Condi could say anything’ more Dick spoke up  an’ said thet  he  wuz  goin’ tur tell me something’ real important an’ I mustn’t tell anyone else ‘bout it ‘cos it wuz all tur do  with security.  Ah said as it’s tur do with security wild horses wouldn’t drag outer me, not even wild  mustangs laik Ah’ve seen in all those cowboy movies. The Dick sez Osama is a Moronican agent   an’ he has been  allowed to become president  to make all them A-rabs and the laik  think  thet  Musliminism er…er.. is ‘bout tur take over Moronica an’ if they believe thet then  the US of M won’t  be in any danger of  another 911. Thet put my mind at rest real good and I went tur sleep thet night  feelin’ real proud of my country  fur hevin’ real bright folks tur think up sech things tur keep Moronica  safe.


Anyways, the movin’ words heve stopped an’ Dick sez thet once they stop this taim I don’t heve tur  ever watch them go round agin. I asked Dick why thet wuz ‘cos folks who hed bin president  always  seemed  tur go round everyplace makin’ speeches  laik thare’s no tomorrow an’ if I wuz to be laik  them I’d need the movin’ words ‘cos thare ain’t no way I could say all them words out o’ mah head.  Dick sez thet ‘cos Ah’m sech a great president it wouldn’t be fittin’ fur me tur round specifying’ after  I wasn’t president no more ‘cos thet’d be beneath mah dignity, detractin‘ frum mah oratorical  greatness as a president Dick called it, whatever thet means.  Dick always seems tur know best so   thet’s why you won’t be hearing’ frum me no more, although Dick sez that in the place Ah’m goin’  Ah cain  speechify as much as I want ‘cos thare ain’t no danger of  the public hearin’ me. Ah asked  Dick whut the place wuz called an’ he said it wuz something called a sanitorium  where folks could  go fur a real long rest after they’d bin working’ real hard. Don’t know whut the name sanitorium  means but  Ah guess it is wun o’ those  fancy two-dollar foreign names.  Ah asked Diuck how long  Ah’d be thare an’ Dick sez  Ah weren’t tur worry ‘bout thet raight now an’ thet time would show how  long Ah needed tur rest. Dick sez it might even be fur the rest of mah life…..


At this point  the microphone dies and several burly men in white coats are seen hustling  George  W away as the band plays the The Rights Mangled Banner.

Also, politicians and “their” money: and this just came in from…


And THIS is good advice about watching politicians and what they do with their (own) money.

David Davis

Of course, many libertarians disagree about the real extent of the threat of a NBC-type terrorist attack – whether on the USA or any other western nation. In militarily “tough” nations, such as the UK, Australia and USA for example, the threat is probably minimal, and “measures” are really designed to enslave the population to State Bureaucrats rather then do anything about “the War on Terror”.

I suspect that the most vulnerable nations are those whose administrations are weak-willed, or who are currently structurally-left-leaning, such as Spain.

Israel Gaza biased BBC

David Davis

Just got this through in passing  past uk1884.

Israel Gaza UN hospitals death: here we go again, and it’s only today.

David Davis

I’ve just come in after helping a few people, and now the global world community opinion MSM amplifies it to this.

Israel drew a chorus of international criticism on Thursday after its forces attacking Gaza hit several hospitals, offices used by international media groups and the United Nations aid headquarters.

(quoted from the DT – see link above.)

What are brave little plucky Hamas up against, you people? A bunch of Nazis or what? Get real about who really has your civilisation’s interests at heart, and who does not.


…..and hitting the

offices used by international media groups

is of course a capital offence. Scumbags they are, lice and

Should better have known!

Hit the f*****g BBC you should have!

(Yodaquote Service plc.)

So I’m not really totally alone after all.

David Davis

Here you all go! Here’s the actual article.

The heat’s really on the Jews now.


JANUARY 13, 2009 – During the past months, Canada has increasingly become one of Israel’s staunchest supporters as reported today in The Toronto Star.

“OTTAWA–Canada stood alone before a United Nations human rights council *** yesterday, the only one among 47 nations to oppose a motion condemning the Israeli military offensive in Gaza. (*** what is that please?)

The vote before the Geneva-based body shows the Stephen Harper government has abandoned a more even-handed approach to the Middle East in favour of unalloyed support of Israel, according to some long-time observers.

Thirty-three countries voted for the strongly worded motion, which called for an investigation into “grave” human rights violations by Israeli forces, while 13 nations, mostly European, abstained.

The United States, regarded as Israel’s greatest ally, is not a member of the council.

Marius Grinius, Canada’s representative on the council, said the language of the motion, which accused Israel of sparking a humanitarian crisis, was “unnecessary, unhelpful and inflammatory.”

He said the text failed to ‘clearly recognize’ that Hamas rocket attacks on Israel triggered the crisis.”

The report can be read in its entirety at:


Call to move Arab League to Venezuela

KUWAIT CITY (AFP) – A Kuwaiti Islamist MP called on Wednesday for moving Arab League headquarters from Cairo to Caracas after Venezuela expelled Israel’s ambassador because of its onslaught on the Gaza Strip. “I call for moving the Arab League from Cairo to Caracas,” MP Waleed Al Tabtabai said during a special debate in parliament over the Israeli offensive. Tabtabai said that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez “has proved that he was more Arab than some Arabs”, after he expelled Israel’s ambassador to Caracas on January 6. Israel retaliated a day later, saying it was expelling Venezuela’s charge d’affaires.  - Jordan Times, January 14, 2009.

(When Hugo Chavez weighs in against you, you know you are right.)

UPDATE:- Actually the phosphorus bit is quite old….here it is on All-That-Jazzera from Monday just gone (12th.) From Moliberty’s newsblog. And here’s some moral relativism from Carmenscafe.

David Davis

Oooooooh……tut tut tut !!! White Phosphorus….what naughty boys….been raiding the chemistry-lab cupboards then, have we? Even that boy Saddam (always persisted in playing with guns and killing his fellow pupils) didn’t do that….not after he gassed the Kurds anyway, and got a bit of a fright witht he ADI he got in 1991.

And hitting a UN building building which would be inevitably and predictably full of top Hamas thugs too (probably smoking indoors)…..wonder if Israel will get a detention for that one? Or will it be an ADI? *** …or, even….EXLUSION FROM SCHOOL?

Will the punishment be mitigated because the occupants were smoking? I think we should be told.

Officially the Libertarian Alliance has nothing that could be described as a foreign policy, in regard to the various wars going on around us today. Insofar as these interest most British Libertarians, if there is no vital british interest at stake, then we should take no position and not become involved. that’s fair enough.

However, the libertarian issues of interest to this blog, which is concerned about creating and maintaining a world in which libertarian ideas can spread and become effective, are that “world opinion” seems inexorably to be turning in favour of totalitarian thugs who oppose Western-style democracies however imperfect, and against the same said democracies. In the UK in particular, much of the same media bias is in favour of the setting up of a Police State that will structurally resemble a theocratic one – although outwardly cloaked in a non-religious legal system.

We should watch the progressing demonisation of Israel with trepidation.

Look at all this hearsay:- (from All-That-Jazzera)

Doctors in Gaza City have told Al Jazeera that people have been admitted suffering burns consistent with the use of the controversial chemical white phosphorus.

Human rights campaigners say that Israeli forces have used the munition, which can burn away human flesh to the bone, over Gaza City and Jabaliya in recent days.

Al Jazeera’s Ayman Mohyeldin, reporting from the Shifa hospital in Gaza City, said: “Doctors here say they are seeing unprecedented levels of deep burns.

“They cannot categorically say that white phosphorus is being used, they are saying that the munitions being dropped are unprecendented.”

Residents in densely-packed Jabaliya have described Israeli forces exploding shells that drop scores of burning fragments and spread suffocating smoke.

“Its the first time we see this type of weapon, it must be new and its seems like its phosphorous,” one resident told Al Jazeera.

“Its suffocating and has a deadly poisonous smell that I am sure will cause a lot of sickness and disease on all of the civilians here,” he said.


How history will show that George Bush was right.

David Davis

Andrew Roberts will be proved right about Bush here. (UPDATE:- for the majority-commentariat who view Bush just slightly less positively than I do, Andrew Roberts is more famous than I am and makes a lot more (than no) money out of his opinions.)

And Bush was right here:-

I wonder if Keeley Hazell thinks he was right? I suspect not, since she has been on SkyNews telling everyone how she’s in favour of stopping climate change:

but like Andrew Roberts, she can tell people what to do:-


Osama bin Laden will continue to remain dead

David Davis

Here. And here he is, speaking on tape while dead:-

Perhaps the West should release a tape of this stuff below, with a pic of “the West” leaning beside a SA-80 and praising God:-

Time for some plain plane porn I think:-

Getting at Prince Harry: the new lefty bloodsport (allowed of course)

David Davis

Prince Harry has been publicly lynched (again.) About three hundred years ago, he jocularly referred to one of his soldier mates as a “Paki” – which is what he was, and still is I think – in good humour, in an airport departure lounge in front of the other young soldiers. I don’t recall any complaints or Daily Marxist Mirror headlines at the time, do you?

Worse follows! Apparently he’s “offended” all “British Asians” – has anybody asked the Chinese, the Japanese, the Iranians, the Iraqis, the Indians, the Nepalese, the Khazakhstanis for that matter, and all the others, if they have been “offended”? Or the Siberian Esquimos…or have I offended these by failing to class them as “Inuit”?

As Auberon Waugh would have said, “I’m not suggesting that it’s yet time to summarily shoot all people who own phones with video-cameras in them”….but do you get the impression that there are some people about who, on purpose, use liberating Western technology to bring back the Endarkenment?

Perhaps I should be offended to be called a “Brit”. I happen to think it’s chav, low, horrid and insulting, and far far far worse than “Pom” or “Rosbif”.  “Brit”  of course ought to offend all English Englishmen, or even British British-people (so of course the BBC uses the awfully repellent word “Brit” all the time as often as it can – just as “Paki” is supposed to offend all Pakistani Pakistanis, is it not?

Oh, and I DON’T think Harry was wrong to go to a party four years ago wearing a swastika armband.

(1) It was a party, you wear silly stuff, and get drink while satirising bad-people.

(2) They were all young. This is their job.

(3) WE can’t aribrush nazis socialists who killed people more scientifically and industrially than other socialists did or still do, out of history, out of a desire to be “nice”, by pretending they didn’t exist. Further to this matter, look as this assinine piece of supplication by bureaucrats.

Israeli “atrocities” ! Coming soon to a TV channel near you!

UPDATE:- The Remittance Man has also picked up on an aspect of the Israelis’ problem – which is beginning to be one of PR, in the face of…..the world community (as represented by “western” media.

….and Hamas does not need to attack Israel: discuss…

David Davis

Those whom the Gods media and “international Community” wish to destroy, they first make mad accuse of atrocities and violations. You can tell what’s in store for Israel in the next epoch of the ongoing struggle to abolish it: even the Daily Quislingraph is giving prominence to UN “allegations” that a “safe house” full of evacuees was shelled.

And quite why Indonesians riot to clse a KFC “to show solidarity” with “palestinians”, is quite beyond me, I fear. I didn’t know KFC was Jewish? (It’s the sort of thing my old mother would have automatically known, or pre-assumed: she believed that “The Jews” ran every successful business in the world – a not unreasonable assumtion I guess.) I can’t seem to embed it, so here’s some silly film footage of the buggers:-

Everybody’s got it in for the Jews now, you cna tell. What an extraordinary and absolutely global volte-face, and in just under 40 years. I expect that the next principle people to be graced with the all-purpose left-Nazi portmanteau of involuntary genocide will actually be an imaginary one this time: the “Palestinians”.

But they can take comfort that, in just under a century, although there may then be no Jews left, the following will happen: aged but rich, successful and highly-westernised Ghazi-refugee emigrés, sitting surrounded by their equally successful decendents who will be the world’s diaspora of lawyers/bankers/doctors/scientists, in affluent westernised places like Peking, Pyong-Yang, or even Noo-Yoork, will collectively lament the global amnesia about their own holocaust of 2009. They will wonder, sadly and confused, about the world’s apparent forgetfulness of the plight of their people, as the pan-palestinian-enclave from Syria to Aden is assailed by the better-armed and highly-technological Hittite usurper-state.

Hamas does not need to attack Israel: discuss.

David Davis

The pointless slaughter being described, although no different qualitatively from all other pointless socialism-induced-slaughters of blameless civilians which have ever occurred and will ever occur in the future – as they will – is the result of just one thing: a Stalinist outfit deflecting our gaze from its own deliberate uselessness as regards the supposed requirements of “its” citizens captives, and towards instead a pretend-enemy: in this case Israel.

Israel is an increasingly vulnerable target of course, as memory of three things as follows: the historiographic-philosophical reasons why Jews think they exist as an identifiable entity (largely un-understood), the Holocaust, and 9/11, all recede into folk-legend….or, worse……..cease to be aired on British mainstream “Wireless Tele Vision”.

In the minds and dark hearts of people such as Hamas, whatever that might be, and its friends, whoever they may be at any given time, it is easy to demonize Israel. Israel , seen across a barbed-wire fence, represents the negation of all their deeply-held beliefs about how rights and duties work. Israel has made the Hamas-driven poverty in the Gaza strip hideous, because Israel, just a fence away, has shown what can and will be achieved instead in a pluralist democracy. Israeli democracy is not perfect, but then neither is Gordon Brown’s, Nicholas Sarkozy’s or Tony Blair’s. But it is a galactic distance improved from that exercised by Hamas, if they do at all, inside Gaza.

I cannot think of a war, in those centuries of history which I have studied, in which either or both sides did not accidentally or even deliberately kill “women and children”, or even civilian non-combattants generally. I’m not sure either what today’s British lefties are silent about the fact that there’s a poor woman trying to save her “nine children” from Israeli shellfire.

Rather than blame the Israeli Navy for threatening her children with its shrapnel, should they not ask why Hamas has not arranged doctors to prescribe her the “Morning After Pill”, to be obtained at any secondary school “student services office” near her home?

Why should she have nine children, but any of my teenage students, if they wish, ought not to? She probably started when she was 14 or 15. Why ought they then not to? We ought to celebrate diversity and adopt it surely? No?

Where is the moral equivalence that we seek from these lefties, when we need it the most?

Hamas is saying it’s going to do a Stalingrad:-

A Hamas delegation travelled to Egypt to discuss ceasefire terms but its leaders vowed to continue the rocket attacks and said its were committed to attack Israeli troops “in every street, every alley and at every house.”

So what do “ceaefire terms” mean, then, when you say you’re going to do FISH to the end regardless?

I thought Israel was (a) suppling electric power, (b) sending in “aid” (consisting of food and medicines etc) and (c) had evacuated the Gaza Strip of Israelis some years ago?

What do the buggers want? Spaghetti?

it also does not look to me, a bumpkin from Lancashire, that the Ghazis are doing much growing of stuff. look at this Googleearth image:-

Don't grow stuff if the enemy gives it you!

Don't grow stuff if the enemy gives it you!

Hamas hypocrisy special alert: what’s a “Hamas” “leader” doing, supporting (I presume?) FOUR wives and living in a “five-storey-house”?

David Davis

UPDATE: You can, if you feel like it, send money to, to annoy people like David Miliband (you want to do that, don’t you surely?) or even to annoy ShootinPutin187, and also scumbags like Alexi Sayle***, Bianca Jagger****, George Galloway MP, Ken Livingstone and Sarah Teather MP…..(thanks Guido!)

***who is she?

****I can’t remember what this Bianca-man said he was famous for.

Hamas is of course naturally mindful, being their protectors and guardians, of the plight of the miserably wretched people of “Gaza City” and the surroundings. Yes. However, one of their self-appointed “leaders” – I guess we oughtn’t to joke since all our leaders theses days are self-appointed – lived in what seems to me to be a quite large dwelling.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not a socialist Gramsco-Marxian. I am that creature turned upside-down. I believe that people who say that they are setting out to help less fortunate people ought to do like St Francis did (in the beginning) and they should have no shoes. They should have nothing themselves. The Pope approximates to this state by pretending that everything he owns belongs to the Church. Some Popes even nearly achieved it, like John Paul II. John Paul II left his watch to someone (I think it was a goodish one like a Rolex, given to him as a present by some Prime Minister or other) and some books which he owned, to someone else: that’s how it’s done, that’s the real thing.

Hamas  university lecturers unconcerned merciless murdering killer thugs just like BBC-Saint Yasser Arafat (was), ought not to go about living in “five storey houses”, having loads of wives caged women to f**k when it suits them, and then expect not to be rocketed by the Israelis. Hamas, whatever it may be, is the main obstacle in the way of Palestinians generalised Sephardic Arabs (there is no such thing as a “Palestinian”  – trust me! I am nearly one myself, by the Nazi-Islamist-Gestapo-definition!) getting what comprises their natural rights within the area of the Middle East.

‘Nuff said.

Israel, Gaza and a load of crap. Happy new year.

David Davis

I know! I’m French! F*** les docteurs et les chirugéons! Let me through….I’m an énarque! L’état: c’est moi!

I’ll tell the Israelis to send in loads of food and medicine to the enemy!

In return for which Hamas will see if they can stop firing rockets and any other sorts of stuff, against the same said Israelis!

Gordon Bennett…..

Very logical as you can see.

Why ought Gaza to need aid? What is wrong with its government and its polity, that it can’t provide for itself? Why has “aid” always to come from whom it says is its sworn enemy? What is Egypt (not) doing, and why not? What is Iran (not) doing and why not?

And where’s Saudi Arabia in all this: where’s the money gone? Don’t come crying to me that some “princess” has auctioned her lingerie for food for Gazans….And don’t all you lefties come in here and tell me that Israel won’t let the stuff in. Bastards you are, liars and scumsucking turds.

If Israel goes down, it will be a setback for liberalism. You’ll all have to work much harder, later, for less certainty. You heard me say this here, read my lips, on the LA blog, on 30th December 2008, at 19.44 GMT. Out.

UPDATE: Counting Cats sums it all up. But nobody will listen.

Gordon Brown pretends to wear his Christianity on his sleeve when it is convenient….but…

…he has nothing at all to say about this matter. As a 10-year-old boy he unwittingly invites in a hoodlum and then makes capital out of it when he needs to lambast “Tory Cuts” – I expect that’s what will be spun out of it later.

David Davis

I wonder what aspect of the “Muslim State” they were criticising? To me, the phrase “Muslim State” is either tautological or else a truly frank expression of what the objective of Islam is.

Ah, that’s what it is…..pleaded guilty to making seditious comments “with intent to bring hatred or contempt against the president or the government”.

Personally, I’d want to do what they have done, if it’s true, to about 95% of what pass for “governments” in poor benighted Africa. But I haven’t got enough moral fibre, sorry. So I just blog

I’ll probably get rotting cabbages thrown at me….

David Davis

….but in 1967, the world MSM, the UN (implicitly) and all politically-consicous individuals who had any education whatsoever, sided with Israel in the “six-day-war”. In my school, I was in a minority of two, among 551 boys and about 45 masters.

Today, David Miliperson “calls for” lots of stuff about ending the violence.

As a libertarian, I ought, ought I not (?) to be concerned about violent threats to the only approximately-functioning Western pluralist democracy in the Middle East – and I didn’t mean Iraq, or even Jordan (at least it’s run by Sandhurst graduates, we should be thankful for small mercies there) both of which are still even more approximate.

In a world entering endarkenment, and where some states still partially if imperfectly resemble democracies bent on individual liberty in principle if not in practise, it is not sensible to do nothing or (worse) to have no opinion, or (even more worse!) to have the wrong one. Just as it was not sensible not to attack Axis Powers with bombers when we had nothing else.

Approximations of political pluralism – such as Israel –  are less harmful in the short term than refutations of it – such as “Hamas”. Sorry. I can’t help pissing myself in hysterical mirth….I think of “hommous” in Waitrose, of all places. How can you seriously project a grave and important image, and expect unbrainwashed Western  Telestalinised masses (not many of those now) to take you seriously, if you sound like a holiday-food they eat in “Greece” or “Turkey”?

(The afforesaid masses don’t know where those places are…..they flew there. And the young Chingfordettes who thought they’d married the hairy barmen they met last week at the Taverna, have also been flown back….)

This blasted ongoing business in the Muddle East has got to stop. What now comprises “Israel” was a pile of dessicated rocks lightly coated with congealed dried blood, until the British saw sense in 1917 and allocated it to the prevailing ethnic majority in possession – Sephardic Jews. Fascist cockroaches unwittingly – and it would certainly have been unintended if you’d asked the bastards V. I. Ulianov and his chums, followed by their later chums Hitler and Stalin – did it a favour, by causing a leakage to it of Askenazy talent and population. If the surrounding populations didn’t like that, then there was – and is – still plenty of dessicated rocks and dried blood for hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds of miles, all about the place, for them to inhabit.

I don’t think many libertarians could take issue with the position that if Israel keeps on getting rocketed, by outfits laregly supported by western fascists like the EU and the UN, then it ought to be allowed to defend itself, if needed by draining the swamp: that way the “violence” will stop……for a bit. After all, it was all right when Russia did it to Georgia, wasn’t it….. (anybody heard anything of Georgia recently? Tony, any ideas?)

It’s very interesting how, in a mere 40 years, the whole direction of world discourse can turn 180 degrees. i faind that very very fast; don’t you?