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The FoodNazi farm-animal-Police dishonoureth us, doth bully us and yea, seriously degradeth us (from and old and unremembered tongue-twister)

David Davis

Here we see the Salt-Nazis regrouping for another attempt to either ration salt, or tax it, or both. As War Secretary of an incoming British Libertarian Minimal-Statist Classical-Liberal government’s first administration, I’m not especially worried about these people, for they will simply “have to go”. What salt is in what purchased food will become a matter for the manufacturing sellers and their buyers, as is good and right.

However, there is hope for proper capitalism still since there seem to be enough people still alive who are old enough to write stuff like the following:-

I have no objection against government offering advice and to an extent it is duty bound to pass it on. I don’t, however, go along with the tiresome narrative that food companies are evil because they deliberately hide toxic, addictive, additives to make profits knowing full well that it is killing their customers. Go along with that and one ends up demanding that the state should protect us by ‘acting’ against ‘Big Food’. It’s a trope that is encouraged by the WHO and ‘health’ activists, peopled as they are by those whose agenda is to use health as a tool for attacking western capitalism via global companies. Simplistic though it is, the idea of sinister corporations covertly poisoning populations to make money is a powerful one and seems to find sympathy with many people. I’m quite sure that in the ideal world as envisaged by the WHO and it’s cohorts that state food rationing would be the norm. Perhaps by manufacturing fears of ‘Big Food’ it will eventually encourage a demand for the state to control the food supply? Some might want this, I don’t know, but it certainly isn’t a world I’d wish to inhabit.

The Laughable Delusion Of Sarah Wollaston MP

by Dick Puddlecote

The Laughable Delusion Of Sarah Wollaston MP Apparently, the government shelving minimum alcohol pricing is not because it’s a ridiculous idea; is deeply unpopular across party voter preferences; would effectively tax the poor; and is backed by the worst junk science imaginable. No, according to Sarah Wollaston MP, it is a conspiracy, no less, facilitated by hiding crucial data. Continue reading

I think we need to say things about these fellows

David Davis


Pasties, Chocolate Oranges, Chicken, And Now Sugar Puffs

by Dick Puddlecote

Pasties, Chocolate Oranges, Chicken, And Now Sugar Puffs A week is a long time in politics? Ha! Try a few hours, Harold.

The title above didn’t include any cereals when I penned it as a draft last night, but then this turned up on the BBC early today. Continue reading

The Continuing War on Motorists

by Rex Poulton

Are you aware of the following about the new (secretive) speed cameras ? See the item below

When speed cameras are widely known for failing disastrously in the purpose given them by an overbearing and dictatorial government, why are more types of camera being tried and installed?

We all know that speed does not cause accidents. Speed cameras do not pick up the inattentive, the drunken, those on drugs or the illegal immigrant drivers having no licence or insurance. And do not forget that 80% of road accidents occur at less than 20 miles per hour and 70% of accidents occur on urban roads.

As a mere 5% of main road traffic accidents are in any way speed related, why is Governmental fixation on speed control so manic ?

As a secretively employed and unmarked means of speed detection, isn’t this further proof of a burgeoning dictatorial police state where “We will catch you breaking the law no matter what it takes”. Isn’t it just to bring more stealth tax money into government coffers? That, and to remind us who is the boss?

And most importantly, funded ultimately by the motoring public, isn’t this most underhand secret criminalisation of drivers an illegitimate use of our tax money?

You may want to watch out for these rather sneaky new speed cameras. Two are already in operation on the A52 dual carriageway into Nottingham (I’m told), see attached photograph, and six further cameras became operational on the A1 between Great Gonerby, Lincolnshire and Oakham, Rutland on Monday 22nd October 2012. Take care.

The Monster In The Living Room

by Dick Puddlecote

Yes, your kid will die!

No slippery slope here, obviously. Continue reading

Sock Puppet Report Touches A Nerve?

by Dick Puddlecote

A new graphic has appeared on the Cancer Research UK website, most probably following something the IEA said recently.

In the last 15 years, state funding of charities in Britain has increased significantly. 27,000 charities are now dependent on the government for more than 75 per cent of their income and the ‘voluntary sector’ receives more money from the state than it receives in voluntary donations.

It looks something like this. Continue reading

Scrap All Drink Driving Laws!

Libertarian Alliance News Release Friday the 2nd December 2011 Release Time: Immediate Contact: Dr Sean Gabb,, 07956 472 199

Scrap All Drink Driving Laws!

The Libertarian Alliance, the radical free market and civil liberties think tank and pressure group, today calls on the British Government to repeal all laws against drinking and driving. Drivers should be free to drink as much alcohol as they like before and while driving. The Police should be allowed to intervene only if a driver appears from his actions to be a danger to other road users, or if he causes an accident. Continue reading

William (Brown) the Conqueror

by Derek Turner

British children’s writers usually find favour in America—from A. A. Milne and Kenneth Grahame to J. K. Rowling and Nick Park—but one who has never quite captured American hearts is Richmal Crompton, author of the classic Just William stories. Continue reading

Drive safe…Or else…

Fred Bloggs.

Howdy all, long time, no type. I have had a forced absence from the duty-nissen hut of late due to exams and other nefarious global warming questions.

Anyway, back on topic, (even though I haven’t mentioned the topic yet, but thats beside the point.)

This morning, due to fears of triple to quadruple pileups of cars, which then burst into flames and explode, leaving a crater 14 feet deep, The well loved (by some) cartoon character Peppa pig has been forced to wear a seatbelt due to health and saftey fears. The team is also going over all the old episodes and editing them to make it seem that she always wore one, much in a manner akin to Nikolai Yezhov, the water commisar (except that he was shot then removed from a photo, rather han forced to wear a seatbelt).

Where Do You Live?

Fred Bloggs.



Todays lesson is…Stand very still and you might not get hurt.

Fred Bloggs.

The say that some parents wrap their children in cotten wool, but the Goverment armour plates them (in an enviromenally friendly way of course). So you can now send your children to school and they can do.. [Subjet Deleted Due To Heath And Safty Concerns].

Brilliant isn’t it… Is it?

The (national) curriculum today

Fred Bloggs.

Chemistry = Geology and why we shouldn’t mine/ Jolobial Warmin’

Physics = Basic math with nice pictures about Jolobial Warmin’/how we mustn’t use any electricity

Biology = Heathy eating/save the whales/how farmers all cause pollution, all the time, everywhere

English = illitrcy/pretentshoos twiiadle masceradin’ az poemz.

Geography = Anthropology/Evil Capitalists dumping illegal waste (everywhere, ‘coz they want to and it’s what they have to do)/evil TNCs exploiting WEMs in LEDCs to make globalised goods for consumers in MEDCs…

IT = The difference between a keyboard and a Monitor. And how “Ness” organises the fields of her “database” of her members at a “fitness centre”…

RE = How peaceful other religions are.

PE = Dont move! You might hurt yourself!/ Fitness programs for disabled lesbians/obese people.

PSHE = Don’t go there.

“Citzenship” = How great the EU and the UN are.

Gardening on the cheap

Fred Bloggs.

The other day I was travelling down the A 580 ( The East Lancs to normal people) and I saw that a entire lane was cordoned off for about a kilometer with traffic cones, so, fearing holdups, I had a good look to see what was causing all this commotion upon my usually quiet journey. Upon further investigation, I saw about 20 guys with what seemed to be riot gear, patrolling up and down the pavement in a very militaristic and thisiscostingthepublicalotofmoney fashion.

 And then I realized just what they were doing. They used twenty heavily armoured guys, three tractors and cordened off a lane on a duel carriageway for a kilometer, TO CUT THE GRASS. And this wasn’t any old grass, no, this was a two foot verge on the pavement. I mean really, is all of that really necessary? Probabaly the thrice cursed heath and saftey people up to their shennanigans again.

Well thats my whinge for the day done.

Oh, one other thing. Although it gained a bad name due to the Battle of Bosworth during The War of the Roses, the Chelsea Flower show is now much more respectable.

Oh look, it’s that nice man again.

Fred Bloggs

I would like to start this article with a word of thanks. Thank you New Labour!.

Now you are most likely wondering why i thanked New Labour, well, i was having a read of (I needed a laugh) and i found a new video of that lovely man, Daniel Hannan. Now, i would have never found this video without labourlist, so again, thank you.

One other thing, ajoining the video of Daniel was a another video, this time John Prescott replying to Daniel’s vid. To briefly summerise John’s rant, the video consisted entirely of John saying “Daniel’s wrong, ‘cos, er,er,he’s wrong.” 

Ok, here’s the vids:

The comment that John said about America wanting something like our health care system, genuinly shocked me, as i thought that the Americans were against compulsory euthenasia

Nightjack is shutting shop, but there’s still lots to say

David Davis

There are, some say, 130 million blogs. I have no idea, and it doesn’t matter really, for 129,900,000 are read by one person a day, and you can guess who. I don’t even bother with “David Davis” and “Ordure! Ordure!” – not yet anyway, for I write nothing there at this time, being busy enough with this one. (We do try to think about what to write, you know.)

But via The Landed Underclass, our primary eyes and ears in the foremast director position, for he spends much time there, and from whom we learned first I think about Nightjack. Nightjack states that he now has said everything he thinks he ought to, and has other plans, such as a book which is fair enough – he does have a job to hold down too.

Says Nightjack:-

It is still fun but  I have now written  down everything that I think is worth me writing. In some areas I am conscious that I am starting to repeat myself.  If I keep on going I believe that I will end up spending the next year or so attack blogging the government rather than blogging about policing.  I don’t want to be all about that. There are plenty of other people doing that better already.

But, attack-blogging the government will provide everyone who wants to, and more besides, with more than enough material, almost for ever….sadly. In an ideal world, none of us liberal blggers would need to do what we do: we could become rich instead by selling things people want to buy, such as electricity, burgers deep-fried in goose-fat, tungsten, cars, steel, space-rockets, cigarettes, and sex. Furthermore, if we do not attack-blog the government, stridently, enthusiastically and with relentless ferocity, then it and lookers-on will start to think that it is winning, and we are losing heart.

Governments know, with perfect clarity, what they are doing, and they are doing it all, without exception, on purpose. They are composed of GramscoFabiaNazis, which is the sort of person who wants to be a GoverNazi – and that’s it, just it.  And thus everything is pre-planned and pre-agreed by them, from the first places where they meet each other: for these are astonishingly bright people we are up against, and not only that, but they have been to the finest education establishments you can buy, and have met each other and have been Eagletonized, and vulcanised, to (jack)boot (sorry.).  

For example, there was no “mistake” or “oversight”, or “error”, on the part of the husband of “Jacqui” “Smith”, a “Bair Babe”,  in claiming for whatever passed as “pornography”: it was claimed for deliberately, to check if it would get through, so that other MPs would know thereafter that they could do it also, and that this sort of expense would pass. There is no other reason – as the bugger is the Home Secretary, and his wife the “Bair Babe” sits in Parliament and does his wishes, this must have been the plan.

Nightjack’s loss to us in The Line is sad: his perspective as a proper Serving Police Officer was useful and illuminating, but his ceasing to write will not be a disaster. Others will come. But if you have any favourite Nightjack posts, I guess you’d better copy-paste them down to your Type Writing Machine as soon as you can, for as he says, his blog will self-destruct in not many days, as they do.

Electronic search terms;

Babes; Blair; parliament; guy fawkes; police; right to roam; farming; common fisheries policy; silver iodide; rain; acid; road access; education;

MARK STEYN and the Canadian “Human Rights” GESTAPO-Sondergerichte … this is very funny and apposite from NRO …

ha ha ha ha ha

David Davis

I don’t know a lot about Nazi Canadian Sondergerichte, but they seem to be wanting to deingrate and expunge Western Civilisation, which is the basis of Libertarianism.

They also want to get at Mark Steyn, who is funny, writes well, amuses people, is right, and is a conservative.

So I’ve decided that I’m against them.

Here it is if the link does not work:-

There’s a New Sharif in Town   [Mark Steyn]

Jonah, re: Omar Sharif saying that, when he has a problem with some guy, he finds it far easier to go to the neighborhood sheikh to sort it out than to have to mess around with all that western legal mumbo-jumbo. He’ll be happy to know they’ve introduced a similar system in British Columbia: The sheikhs sit on a “human rights” tribunal and lay down the smack without any time-wasting rubbish about rules of evidence, presumption of innocence, etc.

Andrew Coyne is live-blogging the first day of the Steyn/Maclean’s show trial from the Robson Square courthouse in Vancouver, and from the Omar Sharif perspective it seems to be going swimmingly. The Canadian Islamic Congress lawyer says that freedom of speech is a “red herring”. If it were, it would be on the endangered species list. And the New York Times guy says he “can’t believe what he’s witnessing”.

With their usual low cunning, the “human rights” sheikhs chose a courtroom that only seats 40 people so a big crowd (including CBC reporters) were wedged up peering through the glass in the door until the head sheikh (a judge best known for fining the Knights of Columbus for declining to rent their hall for a lesbian wedding) said the pressed faces of the people were distracting her and shooed them away. Typical. A third-rate bureaucracy that tells everyone from McDonald’s to Maclean’s magazine how to run their affairs can’t even organize a show trial with minimal competence.

Maybe the folks who can’t get in should file a “human rights” complaint against the “human rights” tribunal for denying them the human right to attend a human rights trial. Say what you like about Saddam’s justice system, but at least I’d be dead by now and out of my misery.

06/02 03:13 PM

Today we got……

…..seen by:

“Nazis + Green Police”

“Green police + nazi”

“Why you should smoke”

I love the smell of Google in the Morning! (What was that Vietnam movie called again? I can’t remember just now – oh, “apocalypse now”, yes?) I never watched it in full, but it is so famous that I can imagine exactly what it would have been like, such as if I had been shagging (a somewhat younger) Elizabeth Taylor.

Chris Tame would be proud of these search strings.

Political Correctness – more on this and the enforcement thereof. Degrading of property rights in the UK by stalinist government

In today’s TIMES, we have this;

Here is a summary if the link breaks;

Greater powers for official ‘snoopers’
Jill Sherman, Whitehall Editor
More than a dozen Bills going through Parliament extend

the powers of state inspectors to enter
people’s homes, the Government has admitted.
Despite a pledge by Gordon Brown last October
that he would limit powers and introduce a liberty
test, he has extended the right to enter property in
planning, crime, environmental, education and
health legislation.
A parliamentary answer obtained by the
Conservatives shows that nine Bills and one draft Bill contain
new powers of entry, with three others entrenching
existing powers.

“The fact that Gordon Brown is entrenching and
extending powers of state bureaucrats to enter
people’s homes makes a mockery of his so-called
review into powers of entry,” Eric Pickles, the
Shadow Communities Secretary, said.
The Counter-terrorism Bill and the Criminal Justice
and Immigration Bill, for example, allow entrance to
properties to enforce “social disorder” and
anti-terrorist laws. The Education and Skills Bill
allows the State to inspect private schools and the
Climate Change Bill allows officials to enter homes
to enforce black bin charges and to monitor
carbon-trading schemes.

Mr Pickles, who said that there was a need for
measures to tackle crime and terrorism, added:
 “Yet this uncontrolled extension contradicts Gordon
Brown’s empty promises on liberty and is another
worrying sign of the surveillance state.”
A survey of state powers to enter people’s homes
by the Centre for Policy Studies last April highlighted
a significant expansion of entry powers under Labour.
The spokesman from the Home Office said that all the
Bills would be included in the review of powers
of entry. The spokesman added that it was inevitable
that some new powers had to be included in the Bills
to ensure the laws were enforceable.

[This is a typical response from a person stripping you of your
liberties, and a somewhat lazy and casual one at that -Christina Speight] (see her blog)

There comes a point where, if we consider what property rights are, the line dividing them from the “rights” (temporal) delegated by consent to a “state” becomes stepped-over, and not by us but by the “state”.

We have to begin putting the word “state” in parantheses, to indicate our further and further sundering from it and its now avowed objectives. This is despite however in favour we were formally, even slightly, of a minimal “state”, as minimal-statist libertarians (there really are such people!)

We ought to consider what remedies can be taken, against this increasing tide of forced entry and (inevitable) turning-over of our private possessions, including our rubbish (which ought also to be private, for quite sound reasons.) So you green-nazis you can go stuff this new stuff up your jacksis – look it up if you don’t know what a “jacksi” is (and I bet you won’t find it on any wiki either.)

Suppose I wanted to dig a coal mine in my back garden, here? I will have to go quite deep, at least 11,000 feet as the “Wigan-Nine” – that great and renowned seam which drove the Battle of the Atlantic in WW1, and which probably does still yet underlie me here, had its shafts about 20 miles east, and tilts west at a gradient of about 1 in 11. Apart from the problem of disposing of the spoil (a simple matter of property rights and contract) why can’t I do it?

The boundary of property rights between the individual and the “state” stops at the individual’s fence. If we allow “states” to tax fixed property (and there are reasonably sound minimal-statist arguments for allowing a limited measure of this, as opposed to “direct taxation of income” which can be corrupted and get out of hand as is now the case) then in return we must have rights of limitation of allowing Nazi bureauphilia-crazed loons to trample unannounced all over our property. If there is no private sphere (the Englishman’s Castle) then we live in Cuba or North Korea and we might as well go there.

Political Correctness: the history of a Marxist effort to remedy its own failure and breathtaking unpopularity, now on the brink of victory: useful grand astounding video

David Davis 

Here is an excellent video on Google Video entitled ‘The History of Political Correctness’. It shows how it had its origins in the Marxist left of the 1930′s and was brought to prominence by Herbert Marcuse in America in the 1960′s. Also known as Cultural Marxism, it is a political strategy that aims to chip away at the foundations and structures of Western society and ultimately destroy it.

When ordinary, persecuted mortals say something in the press, such as “this is political correctness gone mad”, they know not what they do. They are  – quite unintentionally -implying that this machinery of tele-stalinization, called “political correctness” has a place in reasoned discourse, and can contribute to the goodness of all our lives. Nothing could be further from the truth.

“Political Correctness” is not and can never be “mad” or out of control – far from it. It is entirely disciplined, acutely thought out, and a finely-honed weapon used very effectively against the very civilisation that these poor old men and ladies have – in most cases fought for in peril of their lives. 

Nobody who is on the side of Good, against unutterably staggering evil, must ever, ever say the words “Political correctness gone mad” – it just plays into the enemy’s hands, gives him the credence and credibility that he is dangerously short of by making him look “sane”, and it abolishes his dangerous isolation and lack of suport. 

More on the chemistry set. I invite comments from anyone about what ought to be done about the preposterous British GCSE “science” “syllabus”.

David Davis 

See title, and please feel free to comment!

Today, I tore up my afternoon lesson plans for my students (they are rather hypothetical anyway, it depends what I feel like educating them about after a morning think and a read of the papers) went out with a new cheapo German microscope by a firm called Bresser (I don’t know anything about this firm yet, but I could not leave the machine in a Lidl store for £39.95 just sitting there) and taught.

I used a collection of slides made by my father in the late 1930s when he was a botany/insect-physiology student at Imperial College, and the boys and girls were wowed. None ever imagined that small things in the Natural World could look the way they do.

The machine comes in a kit with a digital camera-thingy, a USB cable and software for Windows/Mac – you can display the image on-screen as well as shove optical eyepieces in and look at it traditionally.

Chemistry in British schools is similarly emasculated, and we need to change this fast, or we as a nation will sink into a new Dark Age of fear, un-knowing and credulousness, much-to-be-desired by wicked socialist politicians and “movers/shakers”.

These people hate us, for showing the world the Door Out Of Hell, pointing the way to it, and teaching the world How To Live.

PS (update) I am now convinced that ALL good chemistry sets should contain a small phial of Mercury (metal), say about 50 to 100 grams,  plus the apparatus needed for its proper handling and use to make stuff like small barometers etc – also for it ot be used as a mobile cathode in electroylsis experiments.

“Political Correctness Gone Mad”. I wish…God, how I wish, that it was just some sort of madness…..

  David Davis

……and that this was true and it was just a bad dream, and not a misrepresentation of what “PC” is really for. How many, many times do you read in the papers about some poor, sensible human being, tormented by The Forces of Darkness in the form of officials of some British Soviet or other?

A nice old lady who is forbidden to tidy her grass verge outside her house and plant plants on it, because she must wear a hard hat and a yellow-fascist-jacket, and have cones to stop the traffic?

The Soviet of a large British city which celebrates “winterval”, whatever that is? (Must be Nazi….it sounds sort of neopastoral/Nordic/pagan.)

The (many) schools which do not stage a Nativity Play any more (it’s supposed to be “offensive” to other “faiths”) and in a Christian Nation?

I could go on. You know them all, for you – and the entire civilised world – are all irritated by the supposed need these threatening leftist busybody stormtroopers have for upsetting ordinary conservative people, as some sort of displacement activity to make up for their staggering lack of social graces, or of educational/cultural qualifications of any actual value whatsoever.

“Political Correctness”, as a phrase, shows all the marks of self-regarding intellectual arrogance plus an assumed monopoly of the truth. (And I thought the fascist left derided monopolies?) We liberals, being not (infantile or grown-up) leftists but on the “extreme-right” (their term for our position, not ours!) by contrast know that we ARE correct. This is because history bears out the truth of our hypotheses, about how and why the world and civilised human society functions as it does.

Moreover, we do not distort the terms of civilised discourse by banning the use of certain words that we think can define concepts with which we disagree.

To associate the English word “correct”, with (a) political discourse, and (b) the censorship of words so as to lead to the censorship of ideas, is a crime. I only have to wonder for how long a War Crimes judge will send each of these min-Gramscians to prison for, when we finally get our teeth into their bollocks, in return for all the harm they have done to people.

Merry Christmas, and peace and goodwill to all men – but not to you buggers who are trying to destroy our civilisation. I’m sorry, but I can’t make myself extend the Forgiveness of God at this Christmas time to you bastards. There is too much at stake, too many defenceless people alive whose lives you plan to ruin,  and your gloves have been so very, very off, against us, for so long now, and we have run out of patence with you evil imbeciles.

You understand force and threats and death and abolition of cultural ideas you don’t like; so be careful that your ideas don’t end up perishing in the same way. Better just to become real liberals and forget all that childish Marxist stuff, before it’s too late for you to recant.



Ghastly, sick socialist behaviour by the Gauleiters and “ushers” of the “Europarliament”, against a very very large and loud protest IN THE CHAMBER by EuroMPs.

The Curse of the Carboncrats. Stalinism, tyranny and destruction of all that we are, rolled into one. I thought you’d like this from Moonbattery.

From Moonbattery on 12th December in case you’d missed it. I was polishing a staircase for a friend so i had not time that day to scratch my arse. But here it is now…….

Global Warming Totalitarians Push Personal “Carbon Limit”

The totalitarian moonbattery known as environmentalism is really getting scary in the UK, where under cover of the global warming hoax, authoritarian bureauweenies now want to impose a “carbon limit” on each individual.

Subjects of the British bureaucracy would be required to carry a “carbon credit card,” to be used when paying utility bills or buying gasoline. Joseph Stalin, who killed millions by withholding food from his own populace, would be delighted to hear that you’ll need a valid carbon card to buy food.

When you’ve used up your carbon limit, you’re out of luck. Escaping to a free country won’t be easy, because the carbon card will also be required for travel. Think of it as envirokooks’ version of the Mark of the Beast.

It’s looking more and more like Britain would have held onto more of its liberty if it had allowed itself to be defeated from without by the Nazis, rather than from within by moonbats.

With Chindia going hell-4-leather for growth as is its right (can Africa be far behind? I can’t see Chindian firms ignoring its potential, can you – even if we are forced to?) there is absolutely no point in trying to limit anybody’s use of energy.

It all points to my first hypothesis, some years ago, which is that socialism’s latest wicked, sepulchral, ghoulish re-incarnation as the greenazis of Morgoth (green outside, red inside, brown-shirts all over) is a special punishment for BRITAIN, for showing the rest of the world the WAY TO THE DOOR OUT OF HELL.

Education education education. What a bastard, evil, wicked liar Tony Blair was, to emulate what his political forebears had also said……to think that governments could (and worse, should) educate humans

David Davis

The Torygraph was kind enough to publish today what I had said on its comment pages – remarkably quickly by its usual standards I might add - about how we could make “Britain’s education world class”….again or at all? The question about what “world class” meant was not strictly addressed, but this is what I said;

Britain’s education WAS “world-class”; in fact we invented the world using the curriculum and system we had.

Here’s a “TEN_POINT_PLAN” !!! (1) Junk the National(ized) Curriculum, hook line and sinker. (I mean the Nazi one curently used.)(1A) Teach ENGLISH GRAMMAR, properly, early on. About age 5-7 is not too late to save these people.

(2) Return to proper liberal Classical education, as it was more or less up to 40 years ago, and thus rooted in the continuous history and cultural development of the Christian West, found on Rome and Greece.

(3) Teach joined-up-history/maths/science as a unified philosophy, as it was for us then.

(4) Teach proper Geography, rooted in the History of the Earth, and the places therein. (Tourism trends, social/foreign-aid/government intervention issues and traffic control have no part in this, they are for bureaucrats.)

(5) Teach Latin and Classical Greek -the latter especially, and both especially to scientists. Teach them using the original timeless texts, as well as any shilly-shally-modern-themed stuff you want.

(6) Tony Blair’s pledge to have every school on the internet by 1999 or summat, has proved to be a hollow achievement. Put proper libraries, with books containing large numbers of words and text, back in every school. 99% of the internet is junk. The skill comes in knowing how to sift junk from seeds and nuggets that are useful. teach this for Christ’s sAKE, there must be people, mostly old, who know what to do. It’s called “knowing how to think”.

(7) Inject pride back into British history and culture. We did invent the world, and we should say so. Children will then want to learn this story, as it will be cool – it was for us, but we did not even need the word to describe it, for it just, er, was.

(8) Sack all teachers who are (a) Marxist or left-leaning, for it is a fact that the Left hates liberal Classical (that is to say, English) culture. Honest leftists admit this bent freely. take them at their word, and take them out of the education system. Either we are right, or they are. If we have the courage of our convictions as to what is right, we should steel ourselves and do this.

Hire all the old ladies and retired colonels instead who are left. I’m sure they’d be glad of the opportunity Once More to go unto the Breach.

(9) Remove ALL government involvement in what is taught. This will eradicate lies such as anthropogenic global warming, hatred of “firms”, for “polluting rivers”, hatred of farmers for “destroying the countryside”, and hatred of supermarkets for “ripping off consumers” and “third world growers”. Children have no business learning what governemtns say about themselves in schools owned and run by governments.

(10) Abolish the BBC, close it down, auction the archives to other broadcasters. Politicians will then not have a willing mouthpiece hostile to all the above plans.

At the risk of attracting major opprobrium, and at the risk of being called unlibertarian, I really really would advocate the cleansing of the UK school system of teachers who are even slightly sympathetic to socialist and (therefore) anti-liberal ideals. Now I know this is controversial, but I have (in my old age) difficulty figuring out how it’s possible for a socialist to become a libertarian. Either socialists agree that libertarianism is right, or they do not. if they do, then they are not socialists. If they don’t, then they are opponents of liberalism, which is to say conservatism.

I do not believe it is unlibertarian to expunge non-libertarians from posts where they could promote unlibertarianism. Either libertarianism is right, or it is wrong. If it’s right but will not fight, it will be right but it will fail. We live in an imperfect world, and many libertarians do not reailise this, and we may still have to fight for it, as this is still The Dawn of Time.

If they, the socialists, say that they are our opponents, then it does not matter so long as they do nothing to hurt people and force then to be things they don’t want to be.  they do not NEED to invoke Utopia. Capitalism bring them all the benefits they need and also to the people they say they srve. But the moment they hurt people, such as telling them untruths in classrooms of children, or growing “bio” “fuels”, then they do harm and hurt to all-people, and ought to be opposed, and by force if needed.

I wonder when the first “task forces” of assault-liberals, will assault biofuel fields, and (I don’t know what) burn them? It would be pointless, but also simultaneously symmetrical. 

MOONBATTERY. If you want to stay sane in this darkening world, drink pints of it now. (It comes in pints…)

David Davis

Moonbattery is quite good today.

And, and and.

While you are about it, you can look up and download our approx 800++++++ publications on the LA website. I need periodically to remind all you good people, for you are all busy striving to eradicate socialism and expunge it from the face of the Earth. and blogging is a part-time activity or it is nothing.

Reminding you all, saves me having to publish sermons – after all, we are not a blasted church, where you have to sit and listen to the poor old chap mumbling, while the dinner burns. You don’t need me to orate it, you can read the bloody stuff yourself! About three million words. (All good gear, by the way! Trust me.)

Is it better for a Sovereign Human to exist or not? Some sub-Human socialists think not….well, there is a place where they may feel comfortable.

David Davis 

I got this by accident from Mark Steyn about five minutes ago. (Eat my petrol-and-wee-stained-trousers, all you Steyn-hating-slairs!) The implication of its meaning is so awful, and so obscenely disgusting, that I had to post it to you all to show what we liberals are up against.

I say liberals (that is to say; conservatives and libertarians of MOST kinds) to differentiate us irrevocably (now I see the whites of our enemies’ eyes, if indeed that is what they have in their “heads”, rather than bottomless, non-radiating sinks of unutterable evil) from what is being described. 

What is being described here in this piece from Mark is Nazis, other kinds of leftist such as “greens” and other classes of death-lovers, Castro-c***-lickers and planet-corpse-f****rs. Here is his “CORNER” piece for 08.12.07;

Christmas gift ideas   [Mark Steyn]

There’s no better holiday gift than a great book and, courtesy of Oxford University Press, here’s a stocking stuffer that’s sure to bring a glow to the environmentally aware loved one in your family this Christmas morn:

Better Never To Have Been: The Harm Of Coming Into Existence
by David Benatar

Most people believe that they were either benefited or at least not harmed by being brought into existence. Thus, if they ever do reflect on whether they should bring others into existence–rather than having children without even thinking about whether they should–they presume that they do them no harm. Better Never to Have Been challenges these assumptions. David Benatar argues that coming into existence is always a serious harm… The author shows that there are a number of well-documented features of human psychology that explain why people systematically overestimate the quality of their lives and why they are thus resistant to the suggestion that they were seriously harmed by being brought into existence. The author then argues for the ‘anti-natal’ view–that it is always wrong to have children–and he shows that combining the anti-natal view with common pro-choice views about foetal moral status yield a ‘pro-death’ view about abortion (at the earlier stages of gestation). Anti-natalism also implies that it would be better if humanity became extinct. Although counter-intuitive for many, that implication is defended, not least by showing that it solves many conundrums of moral theory about population.

The author is a professor at the University of Cape Town. That’s on the Cape of Good Hope, though evidently not in this case. 

(via Spiked and Tim Blair)

The harm of coming into existence?

The tragedy for us is that if there had been no “existence”, then there would have been no “utopianism” and Nazi philpsphies such as socialism, for us to have to spend the strength of our lives blogging against.

The tragedy for the Great Enemy is that, if this writer was right, then there would be no stage on which to act, and lie, to All Creation. There would be no audience. I don’t think the sad dude Benatar has thought this one out.

We on the liberal and conservative blogs will scragg him to bits, and he will have himself to blame for his nemesis. 

Surely, seen from this point, when socialist idiots are saying rubbish which they thinlk nobody will contradict, then we are now approaching The Last Battle, Armageddon; when the Forces of Good take on the Forces of Evil for the last time.

We may still lose, but let’s take comfort. At least we can rest happy that Polly Toynbee and all the other leftist fascist pigs like Castro, Putin, Chavez, Jim the Jolly mayor of Newtingstone, bendy-buses, wheely-bins, uneducated socialist teachers and those chaps that run government departments and quangos and think they are right so to do, and ALL the computer-suppliers-to-the-state, will all get swallowed up in the cesspit of Satan’s maw.

“TESCOS LAW ON FOOD” – yet another teacher getting at her pupils I think. (Search-engine-string.)

David Davis 

What do you, our bolg-reader, make of “Tesco’s law on food”?

Does Tesco make law? Can it control food in any way?

Do any children know, either way, about either concept? 

Interesting I thought – as to what is going on in our schools perhaps?

Perhaps someone ought to McCarthy-ise our state schools, and even the others too, just to make sure. Now I know this is a very un-libertarian thing to say – but undefended Libertarianism is all very well and good in a Market-Civilisation in which the other side also plays by the rules, but it does not get very far in the real world, which is very dark and full of evil people who lie.

The trouble is, the other side contains people like Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, Jim Livingstone the Jolly Mayor of Longdon, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara (he WAS a murderer, and your T-shirt is NOT cool), Mayo-zee-Tung, that man in Vietnam called “Chew-Ing-Gum” or something like that (we nearly bombed him out of Haiphong but were stopped by the fascist pig Brzhezhniev, who made the other democrat fascist pig who was then the President of the USA blink) Chirac, Putin, Billary Clinton and Al-Gore-the-Goracle…..evil wicked man, who lies about gases and planets – I mean, of all things to lie about, what would you choose to lie about?

Back to Tesco’s Law on Food. A prize of a ration-voucher (one per responder maximum) for a 2p bottle of Non-Alcoholic British-State Champagne-Substitute, for the first 500 blogger-repliers, who can each tell me what this string ought to mean.

ACRYLAMIDE…(don’t they mean acrylaldehyde?) and the EU – another assault on FOOD. I mean, what do these fascists want?

David Davis 

“Acrylamide” – CH2=CH-CO-NH2 – a fairly harmless organic intermediate in the production of some forms of plastics, has received a wide press lately, having been slated by the EU (no less!) for “increasing” the risk of uterine and ovarian cancers in “women” – (not in men, I hasten to notice.) it is apparently and allegedly a product of overcooking food in all the “nice” ways; that is to say, toasting and frying it. In fact all the ways that Man had cooked food (except boiling which produces tasteless crud and is the reason that “English” cooking has been satirized and execrated the TV-world over for 60 years, and is why “telechefs” exist at all.)

I mean, yer-no’……can you imagine a world without…..bacon? (No I don’t mean “boiled ham” either…) Or “Barbies”…?

Firstly; the pretentiously-higgorant journos don’t mean “acrylamide” at all – they mean “acrylaldehyde”, which was what we chemists call “acrolein”. It is mildly oxidizing in the presence of liver-alcohol-dehydrogenase, inhibits it, and can extend hangovers caused by other reasons. It tastes and smells nasty and so it therefore might be a little bitty toxic as is the case with other poisons. It is produced in small amounts by carbonizing fried food further than necessary. Its formula is CH2=CH-CHO….a bit different form acrylamide (which does not occur naturally.) (But we’re all going to die anyway sometime; the evolutionists say it’s necessary but I’m one of them and I’m not so sure, for the Universe is quite large.)

The pretentiously-higgorant journos don’t know this of course. They are merely busy imbibing some press-release, rendering its content so it’s a lot less exact than it was, draining it of meaning, and regurgitating some copy.

 The EU has now stipulated that we must not toast bread “more than is absolutely necessary”. We mjust fry potatoes to a “light yellow colour” and not any shade of “brown”. The PM ought to listen here.

Truly, we have become their farm animals. They are doing this for “our good”. Bugger them then, for a start. They’ll be telling us not to smoke next.

I think that the fascist master “Honestiories” want the “Humiliories” to eat tasteless nasty food as befits (our) station.

Fascist assaults on Advertising gather pace; now it’s the turn of “junk foods” and “alcohol”.

David Davis 

The Sunday Telegraph carried in its business setcion a thingy saying “new ad curbs would slash TV income.” The gist is that proposed “controls” (it’s “for the children” of course) and a 9pm “watershed” for ads for the next things this gumment disapproves of will lower the share prices of the TV contractors further, and “cost the advertising industry” £250million.

ALL THE BLASTED STUPID MYOPIC BUGGERS, collecting their salaries for the now, HAVE MISSED THE POINT. They are heading for disaster, rather fast.

They will go the way of the cigarette manufacturers in the last century, as they will not make this fight a fight about individual freedom and censorship, which is actually what it is.

In a market-civilisation, advertising is essential to individual liberty. Advertising a good product, or one which people want, ensures its success. Advertising a bad product causes it to be garotted fast and relatively painlessly, except for the maker who chiefly suffers, but that’s freedom for you.

Socialists and other Nazis can’t take this at all. They are so hung up on “planning” and direction of masses of people that they just can’t see that successful advetising means there has to have been a successful and wanted product, which people, er, wanted. If they did not want it, they would not buy it. They even teach my students that “advertising makes people buy things they don’t want or need.” Yes, they do, in England, in 2007. It’s difficult to combat except one-2-one, when you can use logic and reason, but you can do it, slowly. (But that’s not enough.)

Many of you here know the pre-capitalist societies of Central and Eastern Europe pre-1989. There was by then little or no advertising – notwithstanding that there were rather few goods available anyway. This was not the fault of producers, who were not allowed. Totalitarian societies are characterized by the lack of goods and info thereof, and the plethora of State glorification of their leaders and “parties”. We are heading that way rather quickly in England.

In about 1980 I was asked with a good friend, now a succesful London IP lawyer, to draft a case for tobacco advertising, courtesy of Peter Marsh, of Allen Brady and Marsh, for whom I worked at that time. (Rod Allen died recently.) This would be presented to a committee of marketing directors of the major tobacco companies, in support of their opposition to an ad-ban. My friend and I came up with a liberal (I would not go so far as to say Libertarian) defence of any advertising including that for tobacco products, based on the fact that control of information, or its suppression, amounted to censorship. We said that if the product was legal to make and sell and own, then people who made it ought to be allowed to speak well of it. Any encroachment on their ability to do so would amount to suppression of free speech, and oculd not be tolerated in a free Market-Civilisation. Thatcher was young, FOREST was young, and they might just have got away with it while the enemy-class flank was unguarded.

Instead, the report was blown out. They said “we can’t get away with this”. They decided to try and contradict the medical evidence about lung cancer (not possible to do) and also to try to say “advertising is all about getting the consumer to switch brands”…”we can switch them to “lower tar” brands!”

I and my friend said we would recommend this plan if they took it up as they wanted to, as a recipe for utter disaster, and ultimate defeat by the State.

The rest, as they say, is history. (Our recommendations were not adopted, although dear Peter Marsh endorsed every word.)

So, now that smoking is almost outlawed, people, espeically  poor people, drink heavily and eat nice-tasting food from hot-food-joints, to help distance themselves from the eternal hellfire of safety-socialism for a few minutes or hours more. The state-sponsored prevalence of post-Christian atheism means that they can’t expect anything after this life (the gumment says so) and nobody believes all those Moslems about all those virgins anyway, and half of the poor buggers are also non-virgin women and certainly not lesbians as they have children, so where do they go to, then? Hell? 

So there is only tobacco (where still allowed) burgers and chips, and drink.  Gambling will stop when they poor-buggers all run out of money, and as the state is bust there won’t be able to be a “weekly lucky chance benefit payment” scheme (to keep it running) masterminded by that man whose name I can’t remember but who is described as a “Chancellor of an Exchequer”.

There is talk that the “industry” will “work with” the gumment. That, alas, is what happened last time.

Those who do not learn from history will be condemned to repeat it.

Global Warming Politics ___ added to the blogroll. Go there now.

Here it is if you want it directly:

Time some other people got to cybergrips with the global rentacrowd of murdering, fascist environment-Nazi moochers and whingers, who kill people by denying them (and us) the use of powerful sources of energy. They kill especially poor ones in places like Africa, in countries which have become under-developed and over-Nazified since we left.

(There is “no safe level” of Nazification by socialists that ought to be allowed, unlike DDT or food-additives.)

Industrial loads of concentrated energy will be what liberates human beings, not socialism.

I hope it’s bloody big. Let all Those Who will visit Earth after us, know that Man passed this way too.

Bugatti Veyron Carbon Footprint.” Google it now

1,000 horse-power; more than the first Spitfire.

Libertarian overtakes Marxism on Google. (2nd July 2007, an update of that position.)

The first part is what the title was.

Here are today’s results from about a minute ago:

Libertarian = (about) 11,600,000

Marxist = (about) 8,370,000

Marxism = (about) 6,420,000

And some addons, now, for some effect;

“Right Wing” = 3,350,000

Interestingly, “liberal” = (about) 77,200,000

“left liberal” = 294,000 (really? That little?) (almost-real lefties, sort of holograms of one)

“genuine liberal” (that is to say, REAL lefties who are Stalinists and Castro-worshippers) = 17,100 (WHAT??????)


 “Fascist Bastard” (see Freedom and Whisky for more about this animal) = 713  (yes just 713.) 

Are we on the “right” (I will use the enemy’s terms here, so that their deluded map-readers can tell their Gauleiters where we are sitting, so they can throw stuff at us) all just the victims of a smoke-and-mirrors-game? Will we all wake up in a minute and find it’s just been a bad dream, and the world really is a Market-Civilisation after all?

“SHOULD GOVERNMENT CONTROL FOOD”…interesting serch-engine-term. I wonder if it’s another teacher getting at (her) pupils?

This text-string hit the starboard-hull of the Bolg, in poor visibility, in a heavy following sea, about half an hour ago. You can just picture, can’t you, the turmoil suddenly created in the Enlisted Able-Bolgmen’s Mess (Starboard, Off-Duty-Watch.) Grog-mugs and laptops scattered everywhere. And the poor buggers was writing about something else. 

Can’t have been sent from anyone doing proper work; has to beby direction, to a child, and from a member of the Unter-Kindergauleiterins-Sonderamt, within some British State-childminding-facility. 

“Should Government control food”?

I think we are beginning to see the underlying agenda driving the Fascist-lefty nonces, people-killers, narks and grasses who are behind the “obesity epedemic”.

They failed to overturn individual freedom under the Soviet Empire (although a sinister comeback is in progress there, although they did succeed in murdering tens of millions so they can be proud of limited success.) The Nazi lefties failed in Germany, although the EU is still sadly alive and (almost) well – see my posts of 3rd and 4th February 2008 - and they also managed to murder millions. They failed again when their toy Wall fell in 1989, although it was quite a lethal toy, very appropriate.

Then, capitalism still managing to limp on regardless, they tried “global cooling” in the 1970s/80s. Fortunately, the sad Jimmy Carter and the detached Callaghan wree no more, and Thatcher and Reagan shepherded the world in their strong arms, so nobody was listening.

Thne they tried “global warming”. This time, lefties, busy outflanking us while we fought the Cold War, had marched through the West’s institutions early enough and in sufficient numbers to be in positions to control the terms of discourse.

This successful March was a deeply embarrassing failing on our part, and it ought never to have been allowed. We should have realised that there was a Titanic battle between good and evil going on, against us (the good) using our own free institutions, and we should have fought back in kind. Unfortunately Hollywood  made sure that we could not do a McCarthy on our universities. Hollywood Jews ought to be ashamed of their major creative promotion of an industry, vulnerable to infiltration by lefties and anti-Americans, which set out to criticize, and even undermine, those very societies that did NOT murder them. But “global warming” has captured temporarily (I hope) the terms of debate, since its plausibility rests on the foundations of the falsified  “post-Science” now ordered to be taught as Vulgate by the Marchers. Yes, “global warming” is indeed gaining them some success; they will at least be able to hobble and attenuate the growth of freedom in some countries, those which they have successfuly marched through the institutions of.

But they won’t succeed with Chindia, no. Chindia will make them look silly in the eyes of those successful nations which cmoe after we are gone. So no future ultimately with “global warming, except to destroy our civilisation for us, here. That may be enough for them but I doubt it. They want truly global hegemony, frozen for all time. So they are ultimately doomed yet again if they stay in the gobal-warming-boat.

But wait! In the nick of time, they can bring back a version of “rationing” (does anyone remember that?) MUCH worse after WW2 even than during it, when U-boats were sinking our food as fast as we could buy it. The rationale was that the government had to control access to food, as otherwise “rich people” would buy up all the food, and “everyone else would starve” – I was even told that at kindergarten!

They’re now screaming that everybody is fat – the word “obese” somehow sounds much more like a disease requiring treatment by “experts” – reminds me of what we used to call “Soviet Government Health Farms“. Not only can they apply it directly to us as a torment now, since we are fortunate ot be able to eat enough to be full-size humans most of the time, but they can later threaten Chindia and other places with it as their standard of living increases and they can afford to but more and nicer food.

Have you noticed, how it’s always the foods which taste of anything at all, which are the “culprits”? Fats (specially the tasy ones like animal fats…) Red meats (protein mostly, but healthily leavened with salts and interesting fats.) Salt (it makes tasteless stuff, such as bare protein and starches, taste of something.) Even snails, which we may be reduced to poaching, probably illegally.

Yes I expect that governments would like to “control food”. You could even issue “coupons”; it would be like trying to buy petrol in Czechoslovakia in the 80s, they would love that! Or it would hark back to the Great Days of 1945-56, when food was actually rationed! Favoured individuals, “in” with the dictocrats, could make shagloads – like “Labour” MPs and “golden couples” (do, and would) – Cooperballs, anyone?

It’s a major aspect of individual life that this government does not yet really control effectively, so it’s probably pencilled in somewhere. You know! “No-one is suggesting that individually-focussed access to personal  nutrition requirements be made the subject of discussion-plans for centrally-determined and co-ordinated management!”

Mr No-One usually gets his suggestions adopted in time. Planning regulations….medicines….motor travel….parking….medicines….cigarettes….drugs….alcohol (soon)….cheap air travel….how long before food? 

I’m often blamed for being pessimistic. Well, I’m an optimist who has collected all the facts.

Guys get at me, for going on about how terrible it all is, and how we are going down into a New Dark Age, and the like. All right, let’s just look at today’s news, or some of it.

The Torygraph leads (2nd or 3rd) with a go about how “binge drinking” has not “been curbed” by relaxing licensing laws. The usual fascist “alliance of suspects” teams up behind “some experts”, to shout about how nasty it is that some people get pissed in public sometimes or more often than that.

Look, it’s bloody cold and wet and windy up here on the Island. This has been for 1,400 years due to Al Gore who you lot gave a Noble Prize to, for talking crap and prostituting scientists. We came here coz’ we couldn’t stand you lot of Romanized pimps wot drank wine and stuff (and ate barbecued mice in fish sauce, and little live birds in brandy, and frogs and snails (garlic-flavoured-rubber, but not entirely unpleasant if the garlic was good enough)), and other unmentionables.

We ‘azz to keep warm somehow. So wee getz drunk, alright? Usually in a “go”, now and then, as we hazz to go and work to grow stuff all year and do the hedges and things like that in the freezing rain so the cows don’t trample all over the food, unlike you lot back in Romanland who izz on benefits and getz paid by us through the CAP to not grow stuff, using our taxes. So we azz to drink gallons at once. The wenches too, it’s their night off as well you see.

It’s more economical to drink like that, as we only needz to get drunk say once or twice a week, unlike your grizzly “sweet old men sitting 3×3 on sunlit steps with moustaches smiling at the tourists’ People-Movers”, and who are probably faintly pissed to a slight haziness the whole time.

While we getz drunk, we all sing tunelessly about about how ‘orrible you lot are and about how we all killed Grendel the EUmonster the other day and we left the bloody frogs. Then we goes and rapes all the wenches afterwards in the barn, on whatever hay izz not too damp and cold and covered with rat-droppings. The wenches oblige by dressing like Big Brother and showing they’s meaningless tattoos on they’s bums (and other places) for us to notice, so we all knowz they izz “up for it” and it’s all right.

More taxation will only turn alcohol into a commodity like drugs, which will be stolen and mugged for. The Police will have more forms, and more different ones, to fill in, and less will be done to mitigate the baleful effects of adding another prohibited substance to the long and increasing list that fuels petty crime.

I wonder how long before we will be forbidden to own ammonium nitrate, or cars, or glue that sticks anything other than paper together?

Our 800+++ publications still await your free download of anything you want!

New readers of this blog (and there are many) may not know that they can read the LA’s entire published output, for nothing, on the main Libertarian Alliance website. you can also save off individual files in any categories you are interested in. Most files are pdf’s; I don’t really like pdf’s but most others like them and they are convenient; well, there you are.

Just click on “LIBERTARIAN ALLIANCE PUBLICATIONS” on the LEFT SIDEBAR which scrolls down, and you will find everything your heart desires.  We have even categorised them all, under different topics and discussion-headings!

“HOW DO YOU DEFEND TESCO AS A MONOPOLY”…(?)…Interesting search-engine-string which arrived at this blog yesterday!

“How do you defend Tesco as a monopoly?”

Two ways in which this intrigued me were that (1) somebody other than the guvmint (WHY IS THERE ONLY ONE?) and the “Competition Commission” (WHY IS THERE ONLY ONE?) thinks Tesco might be a monopoly, and (2) the poor wretched outfit might be in need of defence.

This betrays a large measure of misunderstanding, possibly fostered deliberately by our Marxist-dominated schools and this state here, about what monopolies actually are and what the word actually ought to mean (this does not surprise me.)

Yes, Tesco DOES need defending. Its directing-staff may think they can survive in an increasingly Marxist/Mooching/maundering/mingeing western world, gone to the dogs through failure to stay awake after the fall of The Wall. But they can’t; the Stalinist Nazi Wraiths of Wickedness just reincarnated themselves as greens, anti-packagers, organic hippies, ferocious followers of 4x4s, and wind-worshippers. And also as haters of successful provision of cheap food (THE PRINCE OF WALES THINKS CHEAP FOOD IS AN OBSESSION) to poor people.

Monopolies cannot exist naturally, in a market civilisation. I will no longer use the term “market economy” ever again in this blog, for one of these cannot exist for long or on a large enough scale to help Humankind, without a “civilisation” being prepared by broad consent to defend it against assaults by various nefarious “idealists”.

They (idealists) should learn a bit of physics. Every schoolboy knows that physicists deduce theories on the basis of “ideal” or theoretical scenarios about the behaviour of the universe. BUT all the while they know full well that actual observed behaviour only approximately approaches ideality, but THAT IS GOOD ENOUGH for today’s imperfect setup (“we see through a glass, darkly”). Utopians don’t understand the Nature of God and thus therefore can’t stand this state of affairs, and therefore can never, tragically for themselves, be scientists. They have to gas on and on in the Guardian instead like poor sad Polly Toynbee or that ghastly other woman whose name I can’t remember, or if all else fails, get jobs teaching politics and English in Universities while the people who pay for them are sleeping or unconscious.

Tesco wants defending, because (a) it is not a monopoly (these collapse naturally anyway in market civilisations), (b) it provides cheap food for the Prince of Wales’s employees not to mention everybody else, and (c) its tough business model exposes brightly the machinations of greenazis and EuroCAP Nazis to real scrutiny, bringing itself into the political spotlight in the process.

I’m sure the farmers who are in the position of growing Charles’s Duchy Originals can’t themselves afford to subsist on the stuff. I mean, have you SEEN the prices? Fine for Waitrose I guess. But they occupy a different market niche.

“Gay hatred Laws are anti-free-speech” – their headline!

Iain Dale in today’s wobbly-Tory  Graph is good, here

It is interesting that the “hate speech” legislation, and other recent New-Labour-type strictures about what people can and can’t say about certain “minorities”, all seem to relate to groups which are -or have in the past either been – associated with the Left’s assault on “The Establishment” or against “The West” (that is to say, post-enlightenment-Judeo-Christian Civilisation.) The public associations which the jolly toytown Mayor Jim Livingstone goes out of his way to create, between himself and such groups as “Gay Pride” , chav-Latin Dictocrats and Radical Moslems, is rather a giveaway in my opinion.

Iain Dale himself is a proper liberal, as liberals go today (with a small “l”, which is why he is a conservative.) He takes the Libertarian line which is that people ought to be able to say what they think and also to laugh about what pleases them.

It is now but a short step to more “hate speech” statutes, possibly relating to other groups whose votariat-power is important to this administration, such as any “Public Servant” whatsoever. Perhaps attacking your local MP in the letters page of your local rag (providing only that he is not a Tory, in which case it’s a Public Duty to assault him) will attract a visit from the Police, and the hated DNA-swab, if not worse.

While they are about it, why not criminalise anything even vaguely satirical about anybody – except white Bourgeois English Males who are any of the following; married to one wife at a time and living with her; self-employed; in salaried work in private firms? A single Enabling Act would do the trick!

The Libertarian Alliance does not condone any form of limitation of private speech OR thought, subject to existing Libel or Slander laws covering speech or publication, which are perfectly adequate for the task they have to achieve.

And finally, what do the New Thought Police think they can do about what we all know goes on or is said in school playgrounds? They have only to regard the fate of Ozymandias, in their attempts to stamp out smoking, drugs and sex among today’s British schoolchildren, and despair. Not one of these is going to stop telling “gay/lezzo” jokes any time soon, and the telling will merely be encouraged and amplified by restriction. 

Video record of the Libertarian Alliance 2007 Conference; also the 2006 and 2005 events, if you can click stuff!

Here they are. You can click on the date-links to get each conference.



The Libertarian Alliance has held dozens of conferences and seminars during the past thirty years. Most of these are evidenced by nothing more than an old brochure, the occasional publication arising, and a mass of photographs in the Chris R. Tame collection.

In 2005, however, we acquired a video camera, and decided that everything from then should be carefully recorded and made available. Here are the video records of the conferences held since then.

2007 Conference of the Libertarian Alliance and Libertarian International, held in November at the National Liberal Club in London

2006 Conference of the Libertarian Alliance and Libertarian International, held in November at the National Liberal Club in London

2005 Conference of the Libertarian Alliance and Libertarian International, held in October at the National Liberal Club in London 


And no, sorry! I don’t know either, why wordpress has formatted the 2005 conference in a larger pointsize! (Faced with computer-stuff, I sometimes I feel like that semi-funny guy in the movie, the one where the unlikely comedian sits by accident in the cockpit towards the end of the film, pulls levers while wisecracking, in order to try to save the world from the evil Bureautrons, or whatever. Then sometimes he even pulls the right one.)

You know!  “I wonder what this button does??!!”

Do we want children to smoke or not? I think of Auberon Waugh here sometimes.

Today, outside the tobacconist/sweetshop near my boy’s secondary school, I observed the usual groups of schoolchildren, lounging about in that studiedly televisual way (you know the attitudes and body-positions) pretending to look at nothing and nobody in particular, which the bored mass of today’s British teenagers adopts when it thinks it is performing something…..coool.

Obviously they were smoking. Currently this activity is still legal. There are no state strictures (yet) on who can smoke at what age in the only place left, which is the “street”. I was sorry for them; I would not smoke you paid me, taking as I do the Chris Tame line that smoking is a disgusting smelly habit that makes you like kissing an old ash-tray, and could make you ill (but it’s your body not mine. you are not my Farm Animal. I cannot, and I may not, do with you as I wish; that is called rape.)

You can legally buy tobacco products. (But since 1st October only if over 18….so how come you can shag or leave school at 16, and drive cars at 17 – all activities which “could cost the taxpayer” shagloads of dosh via the “healthcare budget”?)

You can legally own tobacco products – as much tonnage as you like too - provided you have not gone to the trouble of enriching the State’s coffers even further by buying lots of fuel to get them elsewhere, such as Calais, where the state-take on them is a smaller %.

For all I know, you can even grow plots of Nicotiana variations in your garden and manufacture your own (bet you can’t sell it as spunk or even tobacco though…) the flower-seeds are sold for ornament; ergo it must be possible, in these days of global warm-mongering, and ice ages as of now,  to grow your own. 

However, let is now turn to the GCSE “science” parts of the nationalised Curriculum, in particular the Biology syllabus. Here you can find one example. These days, it is quite interesting in a sociological kind of way, for it bears little resemblance to formal biological science. This is because, as we all have rumbled, the “New Science” GCSEs have been craftily designed so as to be able to be “delivered” by non-science graduates in schools. This in turn is because there are now no Formal Science Graduates, much, in the UK, who want to work as teachers of what now amounts to what my boy labels as Marxism.

The “New” Biology is all about socialising the behaviour of the “kids”. Not content with PSHE (more Marxism) and Citizenship (yet more – I told the youngfella to tell his mates all either tot ext each other or to go to sleep in the sessions, so they do) the DFEE or whatever it’s called this week has injected yet further enlargement of the parts about Smoking and Health; Alcohol and its effects; Drugs and their status/effects/penalties/results for your body and brain. I paraphrase – the language used is just too patronizing and portentious for words.

For instance – you have in one exam question (I bet you 5p it will be set) to classify some “drugs”….Alcohol, Nicotine, Ecstasy, Cannabis, as one of the following; Recreational….Addictive….Illegal….Harmful….there are no marks for ticking the wrong box in each case.

Other questions focus on “obesity”, and “heart rate” before and after “fitness training programmes” (the participants featured in these exam questions are always and invariably “athletes” and “female”……and a “student” is always “she”…… Sometimes they are called “Samina” or “Preethi”.) I don’t object to this at all, for women sometimes are athletes (Poor girls! Whyever?) and also sometimes are called this sort of thing (there may even be more Preethis and Fatimas on the planet than Kerry-Annes and Jades) but then I am not a child living in Slaidburn or Hawes or Benbecula; not all the children of the UK reside in Leicester or Tower Hamlets or Bradford, only a few.

For the scientists reading this, there is almost no Classical Biology at all. Hardly any biochemistry, except for the fine details of hormonal changes and physical structure of the uterus-lining versus days-after-last period, in the female menstrual cycle (which is well-tested, and boys have to know it too) plus stuff about how contraceptive pills can “help a woman to regulate her fertility”. There is also stuff about IVF and hormone-treatment to “facilitate planned pregnancy”. (Yep, if you’re a hard boy, who’s into the footy and yer X-Box, you have to learn this stuff too or you will not do well and you will get a “D”!)

But back to smoking, and why do these poor children do it? I mean, it smells bad, and it means you have to carry baggage about like fags and matches or lighters, and it costs a bomb coz’ of socialism whan it does not even need to, and it’s utterly disgusting – only ameliorated in totally and utterly-disgusting disgustingness by the axiom that Hitler, who brought in the first State anti-smoking laws in the world, was not someone you’d have wanted your daughter to marry. At least the smoking of fags went up every year in the Third Reich until 1945 (probably after it too, the poor sods. wonder where they got the tobacco – and what exactly was it made of by then? I mean, I’d never wish the poor Germans all the deaths they all got, but they imho were morally liable as a nation for what then occurred, having  failed to not vote for Hitler in 1933.)

They do it, I believe, because they are dinned and drummed, every day, in pshe, citizenship, and now in science (and probably in “English” lessons too if the truth be told) that they must not. That’s even worse than “ought not to”. Any child of six with a degree from a jumped-up-socialist up-the-road-Poly in psychology, would tell you that what you are told not to do, you will do. The more? The more.

Ciggies are easy to get. You just either threaten the shopkeeper if you are a big male Y11, or else you get yer-mum to get you some, or else you steal them from her bag hoping she can’t count, or you go out aged 13-dressed-as-19, on Saturday, if yoo izz a chick or a babe. (I know they do; they tell me. They know I won’t grass them up.) Then, you peddle them at 50p (the going rate) a fag.

Mr X—-, the deputy-Head, doing fag-patrol outside the shop at 3.30, can do nothing. they’ll just wait till he’s gone in freezing to death in the rain, and carry on. Their role-models, on the Wireless Tele-Vision every evening, on “Corrie” or “Eastenders“, will continue to tell them how to behave.

Once more, we have a scenario in which the Hegemonic Mediarati prescribe behaviour with one hand – and even enshrine in  the state “Curriculum” as “Science” (I mean, for f***’s sake!) enforcing draconian laws so to do, while yet allowing themselves to make an opinion-forming climate of beliefs that glorifies the very sort of habits that they purport to want to extinguish. In the meantime they collect billions in taxation, mainly from the constituency that’s least able to afford it, and in which smoking represents one of the few pleasures left to the poor. 

This leads me onto foreign aid, a probably-large and gaping orifice of state-resource-swallowing, which Peter Bauer described as wicked and immoral, in that money was hoovered off poor people in rich countries, to be given to rich people (mercs-4-jerks) in poor countries. But I’ll “do” foreign aid another time,  maybe tomorrow, maybe not.

There’s no wikipage for “Mercs for Jerks”. Would anybody like to write one? I think it should be done!

What a bummer! WHIPPED…by Little Man What Now?…Oh dear, we did not react fast enough. Jean Charles de Menezes and his sad (certainly un-necessary) death at the hands of the Met

Oh, shit! 

We find that we in the Libertarian Alliance, have been CASTIGATED on his own bolg, by Little Man What Now. This is over our failure to respond to the sad business of the culpability (obvious) of the Socialist (N***) Police in London over this titled matter. This interests me personally in a sort of academic way, for I did not know that there was a distinction between “Libertarians” and “Vulgar Libertarians”, and would value some instruction so as not to make “Errors”. I’m interested in taxation policy as applied by Nazi guvmints towards poor-people who – being poor –  have therefore to work, as opposed to other people who work for guvimnts and therefore do not have to work, and who thus can pontificate about who shops for what, and where. (See tags like Waitrose, Tesco, 4x4s, etc.) I gather that one gripe agaonst us is to do with that policy position, but I may be wrong.

What exactly is a “Vulgar Libertarian”? I did not know; either a Man (and that is to say also, a Woman) is a Libertarian, or He (and /or She) is not (I thought?)

I apologise for not commenting here about this poor Brazilian, who, it now seems quite clear, was clearly murdered, very bloodily, and probably in totally unauthorised fashion by gun-wielding police, who clearly also thought that they had got someone else, and were clearly briefed to shoot first, very fully, and ask about it afterwards. 

What I would say is that there is a war to the death going on, between two “civilisations”. In this, one side refuses to admit, due to self-imposed and un-necessary multiculti-political-nazi reasons, that it is actually at war with a post-modern tactical coalition of socialism and a pre-capitalist-barbarian-warlord-system, whose priorities are the allocation of women, animals, children and slaves, in lands where there is nothing. Due to un-necesarily-retained hang-up-baggage, largely caused by internal Eageltonization, the one side chooses to attack itself as often as possible, both to show outwardly how “tolerant” it is, and inwardly to show how fierce it is in defence of its supposed real responsibilities, while the other is allowed to say what it wants.

The attacked side is hamstrung by anti-liberal multiculti, but yet it has to be seen from time to time to be “doing something”, otherwise nobody in the masses will buy into the myth that the security services are “protecting us”, and nobody will go along with the progressive erosion of liberties that the Fabian Socialists of the West demand, in order to bring about its demize.

So it was probably inevitable, that a poor Brazilian electrician, who looked  a bit semitic, and who came out of the wrong door in the wrong part of South London (the wrong part of any city on the planet imho, and I can tell you, for I have lived there!) one morning, and who ran onto the tube a bit too fast, would be shot at. Easy target; they probably did not expect the fallout, the Police didn’t. Easy way to “get a result” at a difficult time. Anybody remember “New” “Labour” and “Spin”? they probably thought they could get away with it.

I’m not sure if this answers LittleManWhatNow’s query, but as he said, we are not salaried journalists; we have lives to lead and families to feed; we have not time to scratch our bums (which smart; we ARE fixated by over-taxation by guvmints; and also their depradations against retailers like Tesco who try to feed poor-people for no money at a profit; we do our best.

We do not condone the murder of JC de Menezes by “our” Police, either in error or as a staged stunt – who knows? But there is a lot of other stuff to do, and the nonblog-media have covered it totally already. We blog about what we can, we do not get paid (!) and we do try hard to cover important stuff.

HEGEMONY OBESITY…..God, I just LOVE the smell of human beings in the morning! The unimaginable things their brains come up with! Fat Food Obesity Nazis more.

HEGEMONY OBESITY was a search-engine-string applied to some machine or other, somewhere in the world, yesterday. The seeker reached us.

How wonderful. “Hegemony Obesity”! I just have to say it to myself again, and again.

This person has just GOT to be on our side! 

In two words, the phrase just says it all, about the unimaginably horrific plans certain of our temporal masters in the UK have for us, as their Farm Animals.

First, they frame the terms of discussion.

Then, they tell us what to eat.

Then, they corrupt the life of a popular London Laddie, on the Telly, to tell Soviets what to tell schools to tell children what to eat. (The upper-middle-class-parents all love him, the Single Mums and their children who only understand chip-butties don’t, the poor starved children of all classes rebel, but nobody in Soviets pays any attention…….and then you have the psychological crust, the mental rind, to wonder about knife crime in schools?)

Then the Nazis accuse everyone of being “obese”……I wonder about the non-use of the word “fat”, and think perhaps it’s regarded as “working-class”, so the food-Nazi-dictocrats don’t want to use it. “Obesity” can be made to sound like something……..sub-human, something……..diseased, a failing. Anyway, they’ve already “done” fat, as a term of abuse for “cats”, which is to say in their terms people who make money by working quite hard serving people.

The Chemistry Set; an endangered species.


Just HAD to share this with you – found it quite by accident.

We should be in agreement with the Twelve Angry Men, that depriving children of the power to experiment, especially with interesting and sometimes hazardous stuff, for limp anti-libertarian excuses, will hand all the advantages to Chindia while shuffling the West into the New Dark Age about which I complain so vociferously.

Perhaps there is a hidden agenda here; people who “know about (hard) science” will tend to be critical, thinking individuals; just the sort who are dangerous to guvmints.

SO SHUT UP AND WATCH YOUR TELLY*…..we gave it to you with your UB40, to tell you what to think and say.

THAT’S WHAT IT’S FOR….you Moron.

WE’LL TELL YOU WHAT TO THINK….and we wrote the curriculum (no “science”, coz’ it’s DANGEROUS. Al Gore is YOUR FRIEND, he WANTS TO HELP you. If you don’t listen to us, then you might find out how to think………and then we’ll have to RE-EDUCATE you.) 

AND WHEN TO THINK IT…..when we tell you there’s an “election”.

*Wireless Tele Vision


Time to defend poor persecuted Tesco again (for being cleverer than, and with a better-adapted business model than, its rivals and “little shops”.)

The wobblyTory Graph has, as usual, all you need to know here. The Competition Commission (PRAY TELL!….WHY IS THERE ONLY ONE….???) presumably some junta of quangocrats set up by the same guvmint that permits ONLY ONE (State) POST OFFICE and ONE NATIONAL CURRICULUM, has threatened Tesco that it could be penalised for “investing and taking risks”.

The “Regulator” (???) has “concluded that there is a lack of competition in a number of local markets – although overall the sector delivered “a good deal for consumers”.

The breathtaking hypocrisy of the following barefaced statement, made with the disarming frankness of a Hitler or a Giscard-d’Estaing (thank God there has been only one of each – beware imitators who still live! Do not accept sweets from them in the street or on State Visits!) by an administration which monopolises health care, post, education, defence, money supply, and roads, and cunningly cartelises stuff like rail and broadcasting, defies belief;

As well as forcing supermarkets to sell up to 40 stores and more than 100 sites in towns where they dominate, the commission is also considering giving local authorities the power to bar supermarkets from opening extra stores in towns where they already have a certain number or their market share exceeds a limit.

 Listen up; “Local Authorities” are already vastly over-powered and under-responsible to anyone, and are acting in all respects like little (and not so little) Hitlers already. The bloated one here has armoured black Jags and a “cabinet” – at least it’s hung so it can’t go about being like the neighbouring ones. Give all these sociology “graduates” from jumped-up-techs the power to actually push businesses about even harder than they already do, and I don’t think their blood-pressures and heart-rates could stand the strain on their diet of soya mince, pasta without salt and chicken-manure.

Who is to say what the market share of a free and not-enslaved business in its sector, competing freely and legally against others, “ought” to be? What hubris is this, on the part of these ghastly, arrogant nazis? Not content with that, they’ll be hectoring us, the customers, about what to eat next! And this report presages rationing… just watch this place in ten years’ time.

I think we should all write to Sir Terry Leahy, telling him what self-regarding, jumped-up little whingers his critics are, for daring to pull his ship down for the supposed crime of being successful and expanding through generating happy repeat business.

Honestly, it makes you wonder what it will finally take, for the British to get up from the sodding telly at last, and kick out their fatal fixation on this kind of slightly nasty, faux-state-Nazism that they seem to have wanted to tolerate in their lives for so long.

Kremlin bans “cult of death”. (It’s “halloween”, whatever that now means in popular culture here….)

You can read all about it here. Very surprising, but perhaps not, for the poor assaulted Russians have been in the front line against enemies of reason, internally from intellectuals, and externally from the “east and south”, for some centuries.

Here in the North, and being a Catholic, I have running spats with aggro-chavdads every 31st October. One of whom must have come back disappointed in the night last year and superlatively-egged our car, so that I had to car-wash it five times.

No reports of untoward assaults on the house so far this evening. 

It will be time to leap to the defence of Tesco again, tomorrow morning.

Just that. Watch this space.

Parturiunt Montes; tamen, nascetur ridiculus Mus (or not.) 

The liberal (small l) enlightenment and the War against the West which brought it into being. Also use of words like “Islamophobia”. Could “Islamophobia” have been caused by Socialism infecting Islam?

I chanced on Brian Mickelthwait’s post on Samizdata about the wide and promiscuous use of this word by our masters and controllers in order to frighten us into losing our liberties to them (our masters) and I want to use it to flag certain things.

Brian found a nice post on “Metamagician and the Hellfire Club, a blog by Russell Blackford, an Australian writer and philosopher. If you go there, the text nicely illustrates the problem of understanding that exists between the secular liberal West and what our Masters call “Islam”, when I think that they think that they mean Moslems who are not “radical Islamists”, about what States ought to be allowed to do and legislate for and how, and on what philosophical grounds.

Waleed Aly (author of People like Us) is a secular Sunni Moslem and this is what Russell Blackford wishes he had said.#

My contention here is that “radical Islam” (Wahhabists aside) seems to be a rather modern infection, whose inception seems to post-date the invention of “Socialism”, which is to say, the advocacy of anihilating all the good done to all people of the world by Capitalism who have been fortunate enough to have come into contact with same (except for whoever could be a warlord, local or otherwise.) From the 17th Century during which Islam faced (and lost against John Sobieski in) its Teenage Crusading phase, until recently, inter-religional and intercultural flare-ups had been mercifully rare, and short-lived.

Churchill, in The River War, did highlight in a timely fashion Islam’s “local warlords’ ” still-abiding propensity to cause sharp local difficulties to the ordered life of modern or emerging nations and the efforts of British Civilisation to enlighten the lives of all people, but there was not some general alert, darkening the entire world. No, this seems to have happened recently. The efforts of American “Liberals” to side themselves with such people as “Truthers” , raises the possibility that Socialism may be pursuing a tactical direction allying itself with “radical Islam” so as to degrade the ability of the USA (The Last Best Hope) to resist assaults on the West from any angle.

I only raise this because the often simplest and most transparent explanations for things may be the true ones.  Could it be that the real mortal Enemy of Man, that is to say Socialism (initially defeated as in 1815, 1918, 1945 and 1989 – and progressively assaulting Man ever more virulently as Churchill’s “Strong Arms of Science” gain more benignity and strength) has mutated?  Has Socialism entered surreptitiously into the body of Islam, now a middle-aged philosophy and most probably therefore increasingly benign and relaxed towards others, especially “People of the Book”, in order to try again to bring about the Destruction of Man? I do not say this to let the Truthers off, for I think they are disgusting, ungrateful, leftist anti-western saddo turds and slimebats, oathbreakers and quislings, their souls like those of Animal Rights Terrorists foredoomed therefore to Wander Eternally After Death,  but the temporal coincidence of “radical Islam” and of Socialism’s fightback from impending disaster does interest me.

I just wonder if it’s not Islam’s fault after all, but it’s just unfortunately caught a nasty dose of a bad pre-Capitalist disease, that still hangs about despite reality and reason? Highly-educated populations like Polly Toynbee still vote for socialist/statist politicians, so we have clearly not got the vaccine right yet. 

Libertarian Alliance holds most successful conference ever (London, 27th/28th October 2007.) Watch for further reports on here.

Reports are beginning to circulate in the blogosphere and elsewhere of the LA’s best ever Conference. Accounts of it and of the input of particular speakers will shortly feature on the Alliance’s website and on this blog.

Sadly, my rheumatoid arthritis decided to ground me from Thursday last, so I couldn’t be your correspondent as I would have wished.

On the 65th anniversary of Alamein, consider whether the Anglosphere could have been or ever will be the only Father of Freedom.

(I originally posted this about five days ago, but it so reduced bloggage-traffic to a stalinist gosplan-crawl, that I voluntarily deleted it, for the good of the blog. But I post it again now, in case everybody who could read was on drugs or something.) 

At 20 minutes to ten local time (raise a glass at 7.40 tonight here) 70 miles west of Cairo, Montgomery’s artillery started on the Afrika Korps and the Last Battle of the Old Empire, against socialism its new and mortal enemy, was under way. It was not the turning point in Africa; that was three months earlier, but it was the symbolic last appearance on their own, of Old Anglosphere soldiers, largely without Americans (no disrespect there, for they had their hands full in the Pacific at the time.)

Could modern liberalism and our notions of Liberty have arisen in any other culture than this one?Could they still, if there are remotely friendly ones still out there? If sovereign individual Liberty was to be expunged, erazed and eliminated in this Age of the World - and the prognosis is not good right now, or we in the LA would not need to have invented ourselves - could Liberty be reborn anywhere else? We ought to have a plan B.

Stuff going on such as the UN, the EU, Western lefty-dons who have collectively ruined the lives of modern Africans, a Russia re-enslaved, not to mention pre-Capitalist barbarian Creeds based on Tribal Survival in lands of little worth, gather like the black horizon-cloud bank of an approaching typhoon.

Candidates are few. Of the civilisations which have had the power to export themselves over the globe, that is to say mainly the European autarkies, none has a clean record. If a civilisation, or rather or instead a political “value-set” is to be propagated, then it helps if its practitioners apply it in their dealings with others with whom they come into contact, and if they apply it by example and with gentleness.

Let us first consider nations with originally comparable cultural and technological skills. 

Thus, the less said about Spanish and Portuguese activities in South America and Africa for example, the better (They can’t complain that we plundered their “treasure-ships” – their deeds in acquiring the stuff were largely unspeakable, and anyway we needed the dosh to fund our side of their war upon us and upon their Dutch and Belgian helots, prosecuted by them because we were being liberals!)

The Belgian Congo comes to mind. As a boy, I remember the harrowing radio broadcasts on the “BBC Home Service” from there in the 60s. There was no live Wireless Tele-Vision at the time, thank goodness, for I would have had nightmares at that age. Belgian Imperial Staff and their wives and children didn’t personally deserve the deaths they got, but their masters had a fine example Over the Water from Ostend, and they ignored us and our advice, totally.

French people for a long time were afraid to travel to North Africa. Perhaps they are still, I do not know. If I was them I would not risk it. But North Africa has now travelled to them. Their President’s remark about “canaille” is understandable but they also have brought hatred upon themselves.

The Dutch don’t seem to figure much: that wasn’t meant to rhyme…..Some wanted Indonesia to come to us in time! (Yep, and I can write convincing Kipling-doggerel too. A grand and under-rated poet, whose stuff ought to be taught today, but is not.) Perhaps the most populous Moslem nation in the world would not have been slaughtering so many Christians in East timor and elsewhere if it had joined the commonwealth in the late 1940s….or perhaps it still would, but we cannot know now.

What of Russia, a tangentially-Asian nation trying to be European, and facing in the wrong direction? Northern Tartars, starting form middle-Asian culture, speaking a West Slavonic Language, and trying to be French? Stupid British Chiefs of Police would say Russia – seen as a victim of a murder (not altogether innapropriate) was “in the wrong place at the wrong time.” Russia too tried to export itself (we’re still paying – vide the IRA etc.) We used to print badges saying “VISIT THE SOVIET UNION, BEFORE THE SOVIET UNION VISITS YOU“. I still have one somewhere, must polish it up to remind people.

Could any these have been the home of liberalism?

Er, probably not, but p’raps the Dutch? People like us, slooping about in the cold windy mud on the Outer Edge Of The World; to them and to us, the sea was/is a highway and never a border – just like us and the Norsemen, for by then we were probably all cousins anyway. The boats all looked the same. One was found in Canada. (The Dutch gave us the EF50 in 1940, an hour ahead of the occupiers - a cyber-bottle of champagne-substitute to the first responder to tell me what this is and what it was (& still can be) for, and why it was crucial!)


Nah. Almost all of China’s history is soaked in blood and serfdom. Big place for pre-enlightenment Man to handle, so if yu wuzz a warlord, and you wuzz a wannabe-big one, then you had to reach far and butcher wide. Gunpowder and writing, that’s all (and I personally don’t believe the gunpowder bit as firmly as western lefty students tell me I should.)


I admit I don’t know a lot about Japan, except that although Englishmen make the best lovers, the Japanese have found how to make them smaller and cheaper. I don’t predict that anybody will from now on stop Japan from owning nuclear weapons; the question is whether it wants to, and that’s a decision for the Japanese; the history explains itself. The tragedy is that the only hitherto use of such weapons was the strategically and tactically correct one – against an enemy nation that did not possess them. But Japan looks good, although not as good as…..


India is interesting. There has not been a longer Imperial association between Britain and almost any other country on the earth except this one. I have high hopes for India, possibly the next defender of the Free World, after the fascist lefty nazis have finished degrading America (they will regret it, when they are done, and there is nobody to speak for them, and India is parhaps not ready, or even willing.) We had a bit of a rocky start with India, I freely admit, but we were the first technologically and rationally-driven nation to have to learn how to teach others how we thought it was best to live. We got there in the end, ofr it’s a fine modenr country that can feed itself, and exports food too, and has a healthily sceptical attitude towards western nazi lefty greenazis which want it to “cut its carbon emissions”. Indians, tell the Goracle-buggers to “go forth from here, travel widely, and make children by having sex”.

“The Arab World”?

Hmmmmmmmmmm. As Sean Gabb said once at a Putnet Debate, “Islam is a fine religion!” Certainly, and unlike Islam, Christianity’s outings against other “religions” as opposed to internally, were never offensive, only defensive (such as the Crusades) unless you consider how the Spaniards blotted their copybook in South America vs the Incas and others. (But I’ve already rubbished the Spaniards – worse, they LEFT THE WAR after the Madrid bombings. You don’t become an Oathbreaker and skedaddle away from pain just because the enemy has hit your homeland. Very sad all round, a very poor show, I am sorry to say. Note to guvmint of Spain; (perhaps the people would be different but they have been deselected) consider yourselves demoted to the “under-16 extra B” subs bench.) But I was doing the “Arabs”…is there actually any such entity yet? No. They are a pile of nations just like everywhere else, but none shows any semblance of intention to overthrow its current oligarchy and wholeheartedly embrace a liberal pluralist political settlement.

We could still help them to get it right in Iraq, but we will leave, just like the last time (1991) and the time before that (1926) ‘coz it’s boring and a bit too far away. 

Me? I’m half-Lebanese. It would be nice if the Anglosphere’s relations with the “Arab” “world” could turn out like the Indians, but I don’t hold out hopes.

So we’re left with India. I daren’t mention Israel because the leftie-Jew-haters are watching, and the blog will get shut down if I said what I thought about “Palestinians” and their European brown-nozers, but maybe another time.

Isn’t that interesting? We’ve just had a major electric-power-outage here, while I was (thinking about) typing about how nice Israel might be to us in our hour of travail.

Perhaps it’s down to Haliburton, keen as ever to stifle the friends of Israel so the Hallies shall not have been seen to “go to war for oil”!

So who’s going to carry the torch for liberalism, when the Anglosphere goes down?

Fat food obesity diet nazi statist food-police diet-control. People as farm animals…

We do know, actually, in our hearts, really, why the guvmint is picking on fat people.

Daniel Hannan has a good bit of bloggage today, (see above) about this rather pressing (sorry!) matter. I quote a choice bit:

“Anti-fat campaigning unites a number of disparate interests. Anti-capitalists and greenies see it as another stick with which to beat McDonalds. Snobs seize on it as one of the few acceptable ways in which they can still look down on the poor. Above all, bureaucrats descry new opportunities to expand their powers with targets and strategies, bans and regulations, publicity campaigns and task forces.

We keep hearing that we are in the grip of an “obesity epidemic”. Never mind the faux-medical language, which suggests that fatness is an affliction, rather than the result of choices. Is it really true?

Pull out a photograph from, say, a hundred years ago. Observe those jowelly Edwardians…”

To fully enslave a population, I mean REALLY properly, you have to control not only what they think, how they live, and how you shall permit them to breed (that’s coming back next, I bet you 5p) but also what they shall be allowed to eat, and what it shall taste like (remove salts and fats, criminalize their inclusion, and you can then REALLY depress the poor bastards.)

Come to think of it, when I posted about slebs not being seen eating, the other day, I forgot politicians. When did you last see a pol eating or drinking?