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Announcement re L. Neil Smith

Note: Now Cathy has formally announced this, I will say how worried I have been by the decline of Neil’s health. For about five years, it’s been one thing after another. I hope that he will make a good recovery and be able to go home to his loved ones.

I will add that Neil has been one of the most significant libertarians of the past forty years. Of course, we need our economists and philosophers. But we also need our poets – that is, we need those who can inspire as well as explain. In more than thirty novels, Neil has reached out to the world at large, spreading the good news of what our lives could be like without the State and its attendant institutions of control. So far as libertarianism has a presence in popular culture, it is in large part thanks to Neil.

My own debt is more personal. I owe much to Neil’s advice and moral support. It isn’t from jealousy or rivalry that writers tend not to comment on each other. We are all trying to make a living, or just wrapped up in our own work, and paying attention to someone else is a diversion from this. Even so, Neil has always been astonishingly generous with his time.

In brief, my very best wishes to Neil and to all his loved ones. They are in my thoughts.

Oh, and, if anyone wants to go beyond thoughts, you can send some money to Neil and his family.


Cathy Smith Writes:

To our friends who have patiently refrained from asking, Neil suffered a stroke on June 28. He is currently in an excellent acute rehabilitation program at a facility in Northern Colorado and is making good progress. I’m happy to share information. If you want updates, please let me know by email and I’ll reply. Giovanni and I are working on making the house (built in 1949) accessible for Neil’s eventual return.

Neil, Cathy, & Giovanni

Peace Through Superior Firepower

David Davis

Three and more decades ago, when the Libertarian Alliance kept “The Alternative Bookshop” in Covent Garden, we used to print badges that said useful things to people: rather as if we were Marxists-Turned-Upside-Down – in the words of one of my very perceptive and incisive University chums.

I call this badge to mind [I have kept in the Main Lower Library's Archive Of Objects an example of all the best ones we made] in view of the events of Thursday et-seq. If the Liberal Capitalist West was properly at “Defence-Stations” – and it is not – then it is quite inconceivable that the Russian dictatorship-Junta would even dare to contemplate thinking even privately of destabilizing Ukraine to chew off bits of it – let alone (worse) inveigling traitorous Marxist-sympathisers within Ukraine to do so as its catspaws.

Incidentally we also wouldn’t have more than a light regional but nugatory difficulty with “Islam”: which it is believed is a sort of mysogynistic pre-capitalist desert-survival-guide, but which most of its tacit adherents resignedly accept the Fatwa that it is a “Religion”. For the individual human costs of trying to “leave” it, as prescribed in its Book, don’t bear thinking about.

A major and exact historical parallel, in the same continent, is in front of our noses. In 1938 as you all know, this is when the Third Reich privately egged on the Sudeten-“Germans” under the fascistleftoid Nazi Conrad Henlein, in their efforts to dismember Czechosolvakia. In that instance a major reason was the intended confiscation of Europe’s third largest military organisation, plus the hijacking of Czech and Slovak heavy industry like the Skoda armaments-complex. The Czechoslovak Army alone fielded 43 divisions in that year, not counting its armour-capability.
Eastern Ukraine, as you all know, contains the major part of that country’s industrial and coal mining areas.

I leave you all to draw your own conclusions.

In the meantime, as War Secretary, I’ll ensure that all Anglosphere Nations that wish to “travel with us on the Rad Map For Peace”  – the proper one, not the US Democratic Party one – at the very least, are armed to the teeth, without any sort of restriction.
I’ll also be tearing up the Ottawa Treaty and denouncing it on behalf of the UK, for which I will have defence responsibility. It will be my decision, taken in the UK’s best interests. It’s no other nation’s damn business whether we choose to deploy “airfield denial weapons” or not, for example.

Event in Deal Library

Meet the author – Richard Blake

KCC events, Talks & Presentations

Deal Library , Deal

Meet local author Sean Gabb writing as Richard Blake at Deal Library for an insight into his historical fiction writing.

Sean Gabb is a historian, broadcaster and university lecturer and lives in the Deal area. He has written eight fiction books some under the name Richard Blake.
He has also written for The Times and the Birmingham Post. Sean has also written a number of nonfiction political titles.

Saturday 19th July 2014

11.00 am


Deal Library
Broad Street
CT14 6ER

John Peaseland, Any Seaside Town






From the Reviews: Continue reading

A Brief Guide to Self-Publishing and a free book offer

by Sean Gabb

Dear All,

I commend the attached article on self-publication. If you are interested in publishing yourself, but don’t know where to begin, this is a good overview of the current options. I write from long experience, even if some of my earlier efforts illustrate one of the big mistakes I warn against – this being the need to get someone else to read your work before you hit the publish button. No matter how well you think you’ve proofed something, you will tend to read what you think ought to be on the page, not what is there. I crawl with horrified shame at some of the howlers I used to let through.

But the other function of this post is to follow the advice I give about free gifts. In 2006, I published my first novel, The Column of Phocas. This was well-received at the time, and led to six commissions from Hodder & Stoughton and translations into half a dozen languages. Because I withdrew it from sale, I still have three boxes left from the second impression. Continue reading

Justice Denied: The Reality of the International Criminal Court

“Ex Africa semper aliquid novi”



The Africa Research Centre has published Justice Denied: The Reality of the International Criminal Court, a 610-page study of the International Criminal Court by Dr David Hoile.

The book is available to read or download at <>

Justice Denied: The Reality of the International Criminal Court finds the ICC, established in 2002 by the Rome Statute, to be unfit for purpose. The ICC’s claims to international jurisdiction and judicial independence are institutionally flawed and the Court’s reputation has been irretrievably damaged by its racism, blatant double-standards, hypocrisy, corruption and serious judicial irregularities. The study demonstrates that while the ICC presents itself as the world’s court this is not the case. Its members represent just over one quarter of the world’s population: China, Russia, the United States, India, Pakistan and Indonesia are just some of the many countries that have remained outside of the Court’s jurisdiction. The author points out that a court is only as credible as its independence. Far from being an independent and impartial court, the ICC’s own statute grants special “prosecutorial” rights of referral and deferral to the Security Council – by default its five permanent members (three of which are not even ICC members). Political interference in the legal process was thus made part of the Court’s founding terms of reference. The Court is also inextricably tied to the European Union which provides over 60 percent of its funding. The EU is additionally guilty of blatant political and economic blackmail in tying aid for developing countries to ICC membership. The expression, “He who pays the piper calls the tune”, could not be more appropriate. Continue reading

Prof Richard Tol speaking in Westminster 7th July 2014

Palace of Westminster
Wednesday 7th July 2014
Committee Room 10* 2pm – 4pm

The IPCC Fifth Assessment Report and its Implications for UK Climate Policy
Dr. Richard S.J. Tol
Professor of the Economics of Climate Change
University of Sussex Institute for Environmental Studies & Department of Spatial Economics
Co-editor Energy Economics

Arranged by Sammy Wilson MP

for further information: 01480 399098

* These room bookings can change venue without warning – so check on arrival. Allow the usual time for security etc.