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War and liberalism

David Davis

Statists and other varieties of socialist have more or less succeeded in making the planet as dangerous a place as the buggers can get away with. Liberal minimal-statism will never, ever be forgiven for causing useless pre-capitalist-barbarian intellectuals and poseurs to be fully redundant.

This article in the Torygraph caught my eye this morning, and filled me with forebodings concerning certain things that happened in Britain’s recent history. I regard event like WW2 as having happened “this morning”, sometimes, in the light of how I perceive the March Of Time.

It is in general not good to (as the late Osama-bin-Liner said about weak and strong horses) seem to be a weak horse. This is because that Man’s biological instincts and use of neo-English-social-rationality are not at all walking in step in the majority of populations, nations and races today, in contrast generally with how they are in populations inside the Anglosphere.

Modern “Democrat” US Presidents seem to be an exception, a sort of throwback to pre-settlement-primitivism, in which you Continue reading

Watch your arses (number-142a)

David Davis

A number of years ago, Richard Littlejohn wrote about the EU using this dreadful device in his novel “To Hell In A Handcart”. In his story, the people win. I’m not so sure about how reality will pan out.

Now, people, do you still want to remain in the EU after reading this? Expect the cars of all libertarian, classical-liberal and other anti-EU bloggers to be “remotely stopped” frequently.

Many years before this, in fact in about 1985, Bernard Adamczewski gave a talk at the Institute of Economic Affairs in London, saying that the coming technological revolution (this was before the internet, remember) would free people from government tyranny. He seems to have become wrong about this.

(I know when it was, for I have a b/w photo of him and me talking there, on the wall of my Library. And I know which suits and tie I wore that year.)

I think that few of us spotted this one coming. EU reintroduces death penalty via LISBON “in the case of war, riots, upheaval”

David Davis

I think it might be time to flag this one to The Faithful. Some of us may not have noticed it – I certainly didn’t. Do you read Eurotreaties? I do not, for I have not time.

And since it was in a footnote to a footnote to something that few if any normal people would be willing or able to spend the time reading through comprehensively, we all might be forgiven.

The entire notion now throws, into ever-sharper focus, this Nation’s relationship with the EU. I have nothing to add to that sentence for you may all have your own thoughts.

As we all know, I am not in favour of modern States being able to take life: this is because in all cases the right to do that to another human has been denied by the state’s law.

If I have not a right to end someone’s life who has wronged me and mine, and if my arms and guns and kitchen-knives and screwdrivers have been seized off me in that regard,  then I also have not the right to delegate that right to Continue reading

Thinking about witch-burning

David Davis

It does not usually fall to me, to comment on such matters: this is because of today’s PuritaNazi “guilt by association” meme, as in what used to happen to people that even just _/looked at/_ Witches that were on their way to being burned.

I’m not sure that I ought even to be opening my mouth here, as any sort of comment can be so dangerous, and taken the wrong way can lead to death.

I’m hoping that I shan’t get dragged by the happily-screaming-mob into the fire-tumbril merely by referring obliquely to the bound-and-gagged man, as he is drawn past me on a ground-hurdle, spat on, and pelted with dogshit.

Being alive and a young man in the 1950s, 60 and 70s meant this thing, amoong others. You _knew_ (we all knew, we weren’t stupid you know) that to simply _be_ a disk-jockey, and (specially) _on the radio and the telly!_ was to be able to _get_ all the girls that you could possibly handle. They literally _threw themselves_ at these people. Being Men Of The World, we’d advise our teenage female counterparts “not to go with that fella” (I’m not implying here that it would have been Continue reading

Obesity: the new Nazi term for the next group of humans to be demonized.

David Davis

It’s nobody’s effing business how fat people are.

If it is, then the demandor-Nazis are making people into their Farm Animals.

Well, sorry about that one. Here’s Auberon Waugh to cheer you up instead.

David Davis

Reprinted from the Spectator, 1966…

Auberon Waugh’s Christmas Sermon

18 comments Auberon Waugh 25 December 2013 11:00

Writing in the 23 December 1966 edition of The Spectator, Auberon Waugh considers the role of Christianity, in all its forms, in an English Christmas.

It’s not hard to see why most grown-ups detest Christmas nowadays. It is expensive and tawdry, a time for self-deception and false sentiment. It is a children’s feast, which is why we all pretend to be children and show gratitude for unwelcome presents and rot our fragile insides with poisonous green crystallised fruit. To crown all the meretricious jollity and make-believe, an enormous number of grown-up Englishmen go to church.

This has become as much part of Christmas as Continue reading

The Libertarian Alliance Christmas (sermon): I did want to say something positive, but I can’t. Sorry.

David Davis

Well, this is Christmas, I guess, and time goes around and comes around, and it seems like five minutes ago that I wrote the LA’s first Christmas Message on this blog, six or seven years ago. I’m not sure that there’s much else new to say from that time, but the Chimpanzee Type-Writors in the Blog’s freezing, damp Nissen-Hut must at least pretend to keep up appearances.

On every day and in every way, our rulers (do we need such people, really?) conspire to push us further and further down the outfall-pipe. It’s actually very depressing to be alive in Britain in 2013, knowing that one was being born some number of decades before, in a country which, while less blessed with the planet’s offerings, was at least less unfree in most ways.

All I’d really like to say to Libertarians this Christmas is that I think we are running out of time. It’s slipping by us all fast and I don’t know when there might be another time. I’m certain I said it before, possibly last year and the year before that and the year before that: it’s quite fortunate that statistNazis are rather inefficient and take longer than they might, to do what they need to do. Even Enoch Powell said once: “be of good cheer: for the rot has set in, but it will take quite some time”. There are some choices now open to us, as follows:-

(1) We can continue to try to “influence debate”, by publishing, by some of us (not enough to make a difference) going about having eggs and turned-off-mikes thrown at us in universities and on radio stations and in “Conservative” gatherings and meetings and stuff like that. We can continue to do that thing. But I don’t think anyone that matters, or is on our side, is listening. The ones not on our side will simply delete the file they got sent for airing, or turn off the mike when we get too near the truth.

(2) We can espouse “activism”, but all this will do is get us imprisoned, possibly for ever for we are right, and out families broken up, our computers “taken into local authority-care”, and our children “seized for hard-drive analysis”. As a strategy, this will therefore avail other people nought. The trouble is that we have been shown time and time again that “activism” pays, since people like Nelson Mandela, Gerry Adams, the dead pigs Castro and Stalin, the other dead leftist pig Hitler (he got lucky while young) and Ho Chi Mhinh “got into government”. But I don’t think any living Libertarian conservatives are willing to pay the price or are even young enough to see it redeemed.

(3) Each of us can build an “armoured library”. How you all do this is entirely up to you. It needn’t even be armoured, so long as you didn’t tell policemen, who’d of course tip off scumbag mobsters to come and accidentally burn it as soon as it was convenient for (them).

Sorry to be so depressing this year. It’s no use getting excited that “over 145 people” got to see the lecture at (somewhere or other) by “Dr Human Hope”, the really really articulate and perspicacious founder of the “freedom free thingy”, at some place or other, and which several hundred Libertarians from at least “20″ countries attended. Nor, even, that his lecture got “published on the internet.

Merry Christmas: the time has come to face reality. Nobody’s really interested enough in liberty – either for themselves or for others, and certainly not for others – for us to make a difference any more.

I’m not saying we should give up and die. Just that we must not expect victory, for we shall not get it.

Is it possible simply to shut-down Quangos, Sefras and NGOs?

David Davis

I just wanted to pose a question to lawyers on here.

In the event of a British Libertarian-inclined government being elected, with a good enough majority, and taking over the administration of the UK, what is the position of all these various bodies out of reach of democratic or any normal form of civilised control, of we decide we don’t like them and want to close them?

Do their banks (they must have some) have private contractual obligations to “pay wages and salaries” and “honour debits”, regardless of what the War Secretariat might want to do?

Would the administration have to “administer” their banks also simultaneously?

How ideally might it be arranged that all previous-government-patronage-scumbag-apparatuses’ wages/salaries/ utility-bills/building-rents/pension-conts etc could simply “cease to be paid forthwith”, without getting somehow at the banks themselves, and what legal ground would we be on?

We’d clearly be in breach of fraud or civil tort Law if we failed to pay legitimate private suppliers of goods, taxis, prostitutes etc, up to invoices rendered before the date of shut-down: whether this would include public utilities is a matter of libertarian philosophy right now, given their hand-in-glove-relationship with the State as it stands.

I’m just asking.

Nelson Mandela RIP (maybe…)

Davud Davis

One of us is going to write something about the late President Nelson Mandela, of the Republic of South Africa, and probably soon. But I can’t say who it will be or what he will say. On this blog, none of us knows who will say what next: it’s a bit like a Quaker Meeting actually (good analogy – I just thought of it now! Ho ho.)

If it was me that gets there first, I may not be quite as charitable as the political-EnemyClass would like. Although at least he didn’t actually kill anyone directly after he got elected.

One of us will probably have more to say later, although I have already been nicely mealy-mouthed on my facebook yesterday.

Armoured Libraries and survival of culture and law

David Davis

Various prominent British libertarians seem now agreed that The Endarkenment approaches. The signs have been increasingly clear for some time. The fact that liberty is the mother of order and not its daughter is inconvenient for those that mean to boot the vast majority of Mankind – except themselves – backwards, cruelly, painfully and hard into pre-enlightenment misery, starvation, disease and servitude.

Being a scientist myself by training and thought-modes, and therefore by definition not an intellectual -  I have never figured out why humans get to want to bring about – and worse, specifically for others than themselves – what I described above.

It always seems after careful analysis of their plans, that they would like to visit upon the whole of humanity what Churchill described as “the torments that Dante reserved for the damned”.

[Incidentally, I think that "intellectual" (the noun) is is a mere imaginary literary concept, applied by primitive pre-scientific mystics to themselves and their friends who still work according to neolithic non-tribe-male-skull-crashing theories of how to behave towards others, and are driven by emotion and wishful thinking. This may become the subject of another discussion, but perhaps I may accidentally have defined "conservatives" as definitely not these people. We shall have to see, when I have time to try to write something again.]

Various commenters on recent postings here have said things like this, and this, and this. In the darkness however, someone said this, and Continue reading

Should all teachers be “unqualified”?

David Davis

There is a bit of a to-do in the MSM at present, with the LabourNazis saying that all teachers should embrace Marxism, have QTS, and other saying that it’s counterproductive. It rather depends what you want, as a nation, out of an “education system”, as if that entire term was not already tautological.

My own thoughts, reflecting on a longish life and how I got here, are this.

I don’t think I was every taught by a “qualified teacher”.
***Miss White was a WW1-widow who’d been teaching little boys for 39 years before she began to confiscate my dinky-toys.
***Mr Roberts was an ex-RSM who taught us maths and PT, had fought in Sicily and later was ordained as a CofE priest.
***Mr Woods had run a portion of Kenya the size of Wales. He taught History and Scripture. He explained patiently to us instead of a scripture lesson, why we needn’t be frightened of nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis. After that, none of us was afraid for we then knew what was going on and why. He thought that “knowledge can drive out fear”.
***Mr Warner was a chemistry graduate looking for any job he could get. He fired me off on exploring science, from which I never wavered and to which I returned in old age.
***Mr German Went Over The Top at Serre on 1st July 1916 with a Lancashire battalion, and lived to teach us Latin, Ancient History and Maths (at a turn.) In every first week of July, he’d scrap Latin for a lesson or two and teach us about the geopolitics of WW1. He was very bad-tempered but we forgave him for we thought it was “shell-shock”.
***Robert Roseveare taught A-level pure maths, and broke Enigma at Bletchley Park (we only learned that after he died not long ago.)
***(Dr) Barnes Wallis turned up when he still could (he was old) and taught us Mechanics and Properties of Matter for A-level Physics.
***David Miller was a concert pianist, and became our Head of Chemistry after he badly injured his hands in an accident. It’s also worth adding (I had forgotten) that he covertly taught us 6th former scientists the grand game of BRIDGE, in the Physics Library, at times when we were really supposed to be playing Rugby or uselessly running. He’d “sign off our “sick chits”  for us to give to the “prefects” afterwards, so we’d not get detentions. He was a genuinely nice and kind man and we all loved him, even though he was short-tempered and bitter about his injuries.
***Michael Squibbs was quite mental, and taught us German better then the subsequent native speaker/student who took us over after a year. I therefore only got a “grade 6″: shame really.
*** Dennis “Batty” Barnham turned out to be a “spitfire ace” who defended Malta, shot down 7 enemy aircraft, and lived. From him we learned “the history of western architecture”, and he taught me personally how to _really really draw_ … As he put it, it was: Continue reading

We may need these things one day, when the socialists come for your telephones.

David Davis

A morse code translator.

Why should we care?

David Davis

This caught my eye earlier today. I sort of feel it could only be taken seriously in a polity where a lot of the votariat’s money’s proferrers came from the Nazi class of socialist GreeNazi greens.



Saying what we have always said

David Davis

Dear readers, you may find that from time to time articles written by us in the last 1,100 years will resurface at the top of the blog.

This is on purpose. As you know, the Earth is tectonically-active, and every 100 or 200 million years the Mantle more or less turns over, and brings new plumes of asthenospheric rock to the surface – some of which becomes “plastic”, and may re-emerge from under the Crust.

Thus will this blog from now on renew your acquaintance with posts, some over 1,000 years old that would otherwise have disappeared into the slime to which you might have otherwise thought they belonged.

We hope you don’t mind, but none of us is getting any younger, and really, if you think about it, there is only one thing to say about socialism.

How many times can we really sayit then?

In 2010, we thought we’d bought a little time

David Davis

The disgusting Maria Miller is proposing state regulation of media, and, to cap it all, here in Britain. I have to admit that the only-narrow defeat of David Cameron in 2010 by the triumphant Gordon Brown – the real winner of that election – was seen by many of us as buying a little time, so that we’d not slide down quite so rapidly into the cesspool of socialism.

But it didn’t work out like that. I’d actually doubt whether even the foul Tony Blair would have put through such a measure. These sorts of things happen in Cuba and North Korea, not here.

I’ve not yet on this blog proposed my solution for people such as this. It is “voluntransportation”. It is for people that don’t like certain things the properties of free(ish) markets and free(ish) nations, and want to deprive others in those nations of the same things that they themselves disapprove of.

They are to be voluntransported to a place or places where there is nothing of what they don’t like and want to ban, regulate, ration or destroy. They can then be happy with each other. The first place suggested was the South Sandwich islands, where there is not much of anyting at all. So it would be very good and they’d have nothing to grumble about.

For mere regulators of the press, the penal-boats would set the voluntransportees adrift, about 100 yards off the “shoreline” (look at these) in boats made of newspaper. Preferably old unpulped copies of the News Of The World.

For GreeNazis, they’d be botted at gunpoint, off the gunwales of said boats, about 880 yards off (the boats will be very full and therefore large, and can’t “land” people in the full sense of the word there.) Some will make it, clinging to the frost-frozen corpses of those that didn’t.

I was reminded of “The Final Solution”

David Davis

Driving near Bootle this morning, I spotted a van of “some firm or other” (I can’t remember sadly what – and there was a police car nearby so I couldn’t lift my phone and photograph it) that said on its side:-


Since we have “Fake Charities”, whose site is at ,

then perhaps someone should set up a site called

I bet you all 5p that “WORKING  WITH  COMMUNITIES  TO  DELIVER  SOLUTIONS” gets about 100% of its revenue, to a first approximation, from the State.

I just thought all you people would like to see how the EU is allowing Nazis to say things about Britain and Gibraltar. Nothing about the fact that these are “minors” at schools then.

David Davis

There’s no point in trying to keep on buggering on and on, and on and on and on and on and on, about “Ceuta and Melilla” as the SpanNazi Government will simply unlisten as soon as its GCHQ get the syllable “ceu”. Apart from giving nuclear weapons to Morocco, there is nothing to be done about this one.


But this relates back to what I said in a comment on an earlier post: this was about whether, and how, or even if, we allow the expression of GramcoFabiaNazism after a victory.

My thesis is that we really, really, truly, madly, deeply, do NOT want to have to go through all this stuff all over again.


Queen Elizabeth-the-Useless failed in the execution of her Coronation Oath. But I expect we will all cry sincerely when she passes on.

David Davis

I am not always precisely in tune with my colleague Sean Gabb, regarding the failings of Elizabeth-the-Useless. Although he is quite correct in stating that she _could have_ blocked Rome, the SEA, Maastricht, Amsterdam, Nice and Lisbon at any time when these were issues. On any one of these – and the earlier the more chance of success – The Queen could have refused to assign her signature to any of this pretentious socialist rubbish, could have forced a General Election, and prevented the Franco-Collectivisto-Gramscian re-Nazification of Europe, saving her own subjects hundreds of billions of Sterling, not to say even trillions, in the process. We might even have got our managed-fisheries back before they were destroyed utterly (ask my father, who worked in the 70s for the MAFF, and who is now dead.). And at least up to Nice, she might also have got away with it. It would have been wise to resist early on.

But she continues to continue to soldier on, probably because she reminds the masses of their favourite great-aunt (I also have one, my aunty Betty who is actually a real aunt for I am rather old now and who even looks and sounds like the Queen a lot, and is only slightly older) or Grandmother.

As the Queen is old, and as she is a woman, and as it is not suitable to impeach or charge women for high treason – at least not “directly” – I would like to cleave to the position that “The Queen has been very, very badly advised, continually, for 61 years, in the matter of her constitutional dealings with the Continue reading

What the GramscoFabiaNazis forget (or perhaps don’t give a f**k about) is how angry, how really, really deeply angry, we all now are.

David Davis

This organisation, the Libertarian Alliance, doe not officially endorse any political party in the UK. Not even the Libertarian Party, whatever may have now become of that.  However, libertarians consist of people, individuals, some of whom are really angry and upset at what has been done in the name of GramscoFabiaNazism. You readers all know who these bastards are, so I’m no longer going to minutely detail the buggers. Sean Gabb and I have been going on, and on, and on and on and on, for most of our adult lives, about who they are and what they would like to bring about, and at which they seem to be succeeding. It’s rather sad really for it makes it look to him and me that nobdy is listening or really cares a f***.

At the UKIP conference, a young fellow called Godfrey Bloom uttered (a) some jokes, and (b) correctly clouted a foul Leftoid “journalist”, called Michael Crick, over the head with a UKIP brochure. This was becasue the nasty foul Crickperson asked, aggressively, why there were only white faces on the front of the brochure.

Bloom was quite right that this was a _racist_ remark and question, is was therefore illegal and actionable under GramscoFabiaNazi hatespeech laws, and Continue reading

The end of Left-Wing-Conservatism: was it an “infantile disorder”, or just Alzheimer’s?

David Davis

Top Point:- Libertarians working in a statist “democratic civilisation” – which is to say: an imperfect democracy corroded by the presence, vestigial or worse, of socialistNazi components of allowed public discourse – regard political parties as advertising agencies whose job is to service, effectively, the “Liberty Account”. If they would not do the job adequately, then we would fire them and hire another one.

The Chimpanzee Type-writers have not been as active as they used to be. Perhaps, as a fellow I knew once in London said “it’s the heat” that affected their keyboard speeds. But we need to get things going again for the coming Arctic Winter, since warble-gloaming has ceased for the last 17 years, so we are now told by those who know the truth.

However, the Ukip conference is on, or was. I don’t really know if it’s more than a day. What does it matter how long Party Conferences really are? “Do all animals really fly?” is a more important question. They wree only charging £35 for a day ticket, compared with £520 from the Tories. I guess the Tory charge was that steep so as to deliberately keep out anybody who wasn’t a “lobbyist”.

You need to have money these days, to “access ministers”, I guess. I feel a “Piers Gaveston moment” coming on: ministers better beware I think.

Here’s what I wrote to the dully Tory-graph about the problem of Ukip for the British Conservative Party. I use the discriminator “we”, not because I am a member of Ukip (I am not – at least not yet) but because I think it is now speaking for the British working masses of people that live in that class that today’s MetropolitaNazi politicians find difficult to “relate to”. These are people that may not have “senior public sector, public-administrative and media jobs”.

They may drive 53-reg Ford Mondeos.  Or even older. I drive Y67LNE – that dates me…They may work in some smallish private business, a few or many miles from home, and thus have large fuel costs, mostly excise taxation. They may not have had “a pay rise” for years.

So here it is:-
It’s actually too late to do anything aout Ukip. We may win the odd Parliamentary seat, or we may not. I’d guess one, or at a push, two. We’ll clean up anyway in the EuroNazi “elections”, and Ukip will e the largest UK party in StrasNazi-bourg or wherever the thing is “sitting” now, and it will be dedicated to getting arguably the most important caged-EuroNation our of the EUSSR.

You see, Tories, you have betrayed the People of Britain. You’ve tried to be a leftyparty, thinking it’d get you elected. And even that nearly didn’t work in 2010, and you’re saddled with LeftoNazi limpDemNazis who actually hate and despise you – the despising is actually worse than the hating – _Even More that the LabourNazis do_ if that were conceivable.

We in Ukip really, absolutely, don’t give a fuck if we Continue reading

The Curse of Babylon (Richard Blake): A review

David Davis

The latest novel detailing Aelric’s autobiographical experiences in the upper bureaucracy of the Byzantine Empire yet again does not disappoint. Initially, a lot of clerical work and paper-shuffling works to slow down our hero’s progress towards climaxes of various sorts: you’ll just have to see what sorts…but the sheer nastiness and British-Politician-imitating ghastliness of certain people gathers pace, as do the Persians, in the background at first, but increasingly moving centre-stage.

The irremediable repellence and cruelty of people towards their fellows, in the Dark Ages, is not stinted, as you would indeed come to expect of a Blake novel. Aelric at one point kills several people, then later has to kill some more, and then some more – all at the same time -  after that incident. It’s a spoiler to tell you if he manages to kill the scumbag-in-chief, so I won’t: you must find out for yourselves.

That semi-lovable, unimaginably crusl and drug-addicted but highly intelligent rogue-in-the-Grand-Challenge-Cup-Class  Priscus (readers of other novels will know him well) falls upon hard times but achieves redemption, which I have to say did please me.

An excellent read as is always the case from Mr Blake. As usual, some of the scenes of violence  – and there are a few – are disturbingly graphic. You will enjoy it.

In writing this, the Chimpanzee Type-writers seem to be locked out of the full editing screen on wordpress. So no tags, no formatting etc, sorry.



UKIP and the Tories…what will the Toryawayday say tomorrow?

David Davis
It’s actually too late to do anything aout Ukip. We may win the odd Parliamentary seat, or we may not. I’d guess one, or at a push, two. We’ll clean up anyway in the EuroNazi “elections”, and Ukip will e the largest UK party in StrasNazi-bourg or wherever the thing is “sitting” now, and it will be dedicated to getting arguably the most important caged-EuroNation our of the EUSSR.

You see, Tories, you have betrayed the People of Britain. You’ve tried to be a leftyparty, thinking it’d get you elected. And even that nearly didn’t work in 2010, and you’re saddled with LeftoNazi limpDemNazis who actually hate and despise you – the despising is actually worse than the hating – _Even More that the LabourNazis do_ if that were conceivable.

We in Ukip really don’t give a f**k if we tip Ed Miliband into power. We know how bad he will be, and all the trolls and orcs he’ll let back into the farm to continue trashing stuff. You are no better so far.

We also don’t give a f**k if your party becomes toast permanently after a 2015 defeat. You had the chance in 2010 to give the Queen an ultimatum, and say that you were NOT prepared to go into government with either of the other groups of thuggish Nazi gangsters, and that you would _refuse_ to allow Parliament to be restarted until she called another election, which you would then have won. Of course, you still sere not going to give us our promised referendum on Lisbon and the EUSSR so it wouldn’t have made any difference, but at least you’d still have people’s respect to a tiny extent.

Face facts: you’re going to lose seats to Ukip, and probably to the LibDemNazis and Labour Nazis, because Ukip will make a point of targetting your marginals. If we get in, it’s a bonus. If you’re out, at least you’re punished. we’ll all be in the shit whichever Nazi party gets back in.

If you manage somehow to do, we’ll be only marching to the deathcamps slightly less fast than if one of the others was at the wheel.

Justice for Men and Boys, and for the Women who love them

David Davis

I was alerted to their site, and what is a new political party, by William Palfreman,

a fellow libertarian and commenter on our stuff here and on facebook.

It is very important that the influence of the GramscoFemiNazis, a sub-lethal but injurious branch of the GramscoFabiaNazis’ strategic assault on civilisation, should be exposed, and eliminated.

At this time, I cannot say if GramscoFemiNazis will “get” their “own island” in the South Sandwich Islands for themselves, as perhaps Laurie Penny, an evil and tormented Wadham-educated man-hater (It wasn’t Wadham’s fault I am sure), would wish, on the South Sandwich Islands when all the nasties will have been voluntransported from here so we that are left cannot be further harmed by them. But if they did, then they can set up committees to decide “food sharing issues in an environmetally-friendly feminist context in this day and age”, which is to say: “who is to be killed, butchered with these rough frozen stones, and eaten, first?”

Tom Paine returns

David Davis (reblogged from The Last Ditch)

It’s interesting to see Tom’s personal discussion with himself, about the effectiveness (or otherwise) of what libertarian bloggers do.

The future

Quite a few readers have kindly told me how much they missed my trip updates since I returned from the USA. Some of them however only started to read this blog to follow my American journey and would be surprised and perhaps even shocked if I returned to my old subjects.

I rather embarrassed myself at dinner at a friend’s house last week. Another guest was a retired senior civil servant and now a substantial London rentier on his savings from the money extorted for him over decades from taxpayers. Predictably, I laid into him about how out-of-control the British State has become.There was some Continue reading

Talkin’-’bout my Generation

David Davis

In the late afternoons of our lives, various thoughts occur. I had a cyberchat with my colleague, the Dear Leader of the Libertarian Alliance, Dr Sean Gabb, at some indeterminate time overnight last night. We both agreed on some things:- Continue reading

What to do about political parties in the UK, and about democracy

David Davis

First of all, please could I admonish all the Chimpanzee-Type-writers who have posting rights from the Nissen Hut, that each chimpanzee ought to post his name is italics, and in blue, at the head of each post that he lets to be typed by the junior-chimpanzees? I’ve been doing it for years, but some of the other chimpanzees, particularly the “newbugs” recently inducted in the “1995 conscript class”, don’t seem to be complying with this order. It’s merely the good old collectivist principle of “best practice”, which of course drives most forms of modern British State Repression, that prompts me to ask this favour, of course in the interests of “enhanced health and safety”.

Then, what of all this “swivel-eyed-loons” business? We certainly can’t suggest on here who said it, or even if it had been said, but Continue reading

Everyone said “You can’t unseat the Political EnemyClass by voting them out. Well, I say: “it has never been tried before, and we shall have to see.”

David Davis

Clown or fruitcake?

(from Matt at the DT)

Today, for the first time a rather historically large number of British voters get to be able to elect, if they like, candidates for “Council Seats” (this to say in honest countries – “socialist Soviets”) from the United Kingdom Independence Party. Now, the Libertarian Alliance goes out of its way to be perennially nasty to all the parties extant in the UK, from time to time, and sometimes all at once. But it’s natural that a little more of our ire and frustration is reserved for those which are more truly socialist than others: for I at least can’t figure out how it might be possible to be what some people call themselves, which is “libertarian socialists” (yes I have heard that one) or even “left libertarians”, although that might just be possible.

This round of elections for regional soviets councils is notable for the frantic and public attempts by other parties, particularly the Tories, to make direct and sometimes ad-hominem attacks on the reputations and backgrounds of rather a lot of UKIP candidates. I’ve been watching British elections since 1959, more or less, and haven’t noticed any such thing on this scale ever before. If they occurred, such assaults tended to come from the socialist left.

The entire British political-class, ably egged on by the BBC, appears to have taken fright at the idea that, for once, letting people vote for who they’d like might actually change things, and not to that class’s liking. As I type, there are no results yet from vote-counting, but the morning may be interesting.

I want to continue by offering a libertarian-based policy position document for a party such as UKIP, were it to, let us say, win a majority in a regional soviet, or even a general election. But as rheumatoid arthritis is making my elbows increasingly non-functional tonight, typing is a little strenuous and exciting. So I’ll save that for a post in the next couple of days or so when the painkillers have kicked in.  Meanwhile, commenters might like to add their own suggestions.


(Incidentally, the headline owes a little credit to Air Marshall Arthur “Bomber” Harris”, who used a similar expression when someone suggested that “you can’t win a war by bombing the enemy alone”.)

The problem about Liverpool

David Davis

I write as the Libertarian Alliance’s Director of Northern Affairs.

Old Holborn’s blog, facebook and “twitter” (whatever that might be) accounts appear to have “been disappeared”, by preson or persons unknown, connected with a police investigation of allegations of what I guess we are to be voluntold to believe is “alleged hate-speech”. This alleged hate-speech appears to be to do with aspects of the modern historiography of a city in the North West of England, called Liverpool.

Liverpool has greatly suffered since WW2 as a result of being a test-bed for the more virulent, deep-rooted and vindictive forms of GramscoFabiaNazism. Mosern readers of this blog from overseas might not know that, in 1940/41 and sporadically afterwards, Liverpool suffered more air raids than any other city in the UK except London. This misfortune was due to two factors:-

(1) It is on an easily-identifiable coastline pattern (even in fog and cloud), on a well-followable compass bearing from not far away such as North West European airbases, and the Continue reading

Old Holborn blog deleted

David Davis

While we are popping pills and burying Thatcher, it’s important to bring people’s attention to the fact that the Old Holborn blog seems to have been taken down. I found that out through Guido Fawkes. Apparently it’s something to do with Old Holborn pointing out how Liverpudlians are eternally grief-stricken and self-pitying over some event called Hillsborough.

I do not propose to say anything more about that event, apparently something to do with a football match somewhere or other, since anyone who tries to speak sensibly about it encounters “an accident.” And I don’t want this blog to go the same way. But you all know to what I am referring.

The good is oft-interr-ed with their bones

David Davis

Since Margaret Thatcher is to be in-terr-ed tomorrow, I just thought we’d throw one last punch at her enemies and ours. I found this wonderful piece on The Last Ditch the other day, and one para deserves to be highlighted in our usual way:-

“If you want to know who freedom’s enemies are, mention her with approval. Mad eyes will light up all around you and foul sentiments will fill the air. Note their names and never leave them alone with anything you value; material, spiritual or ethical.”

Yes of course, I _know_ that we object to her having

(a) made the British State more efficient – as a recipe for disaster one would recommend this since the British-Political-Enemyclass is efficient already at making a powerful tyrannical state, and

(b) because she failed to absolutely destroy socialism at home and in the world, before members of that same EnemyClass destroyed her.

But I think that Tom Paine’s paragraph sums up who we are up against, whatever we as classical liberals think of Thatcher herself. I think we can lay her to rest now. May The Iron Lady Rust In Peace.

Ghosts: is there a libertarian, religious or scientific explanation?

David Davis

I came across this a number of years ago while a student, doing a subsidiary on Nuclear physics: it is not an original idea and I have tried to restate  it as I remember.

This was presented as a semi-joky _Physics_  thesis paper at a dinner, and not a metaphysical one. It was presented by a real physicist. The main audience was comprised of Classicists, Lawyers and Historians, with us, the resident hard-Scientists, present and passing the Port round. Continue reading

What to do about Margaret Thatcher

David Davis

It’s true to say that Sean Gabb’s criticisms of her recond in the above article are a reflection of her strategic failure to roll back the bounds of the state. Libertarians are primarily concerned with this strategic battle above all others.

Nevetherless, the identities of all those people that have been holding death-celebration-riots are interesting. If people like that hate her so much, more than 23 years after she left office, and if more of the rioters were not even born under her premiership, that speaks volumes about the rightness of liberalism, and the wickedness of socialism.

Just one thing…about the Thatcher business…

David Davis

I’m not at all fazed by the intellectual criticisms of Margaret Thatcher’s record, and of her failure to utterly destroy GramscoStaliNazism in the UK and also globally (although she did try.) Indeed, I agree with much of what her critics say, on here and elsewhere.

All political careers “end in failure” as Enoch Powell stated. Hers did too. This may perhaps be an admission about the rightness of conservatism, which is at heart I think a pessimistic philosophy: it is this, because you find that although you want to do so much, you end up being able to do so little.

The socialists don’t get this at all, which is why they _will_ kill people, in megadeaths, always and everywhere, in their enraged frustration, whether they do it now, or…later. They fail at first, then trhow their toys out of the pram, reaching for their guns, knives, skull-flaying-instruments (see “Sendero Luminoso”, , for verification) and maules instead. The GreeNazis are going the same way, which is telling and threatening. But….read past my [read more tag] to the end, and see… Continue reading

Does Margaret Thatcher matter? A first and fast appreciation from one who lived then

David Davis

Before all the historiographical “studies” get published, in a few days or weeks or months, I thought it best to say something about this woman, off the cuff so to speak, as I did witness the major events she was pivotal to.

Forget the “first woman prime minster” rubbish and crap. It doesn’t matter: she was a scientist, which did matter. The FemiNazis sold the pass on that “woman thing” when they decided that all humans were equal but still insisted, even after winning, that women were more equal than men.

Thatcher’s problem stemmed from the zeitgeist of the time she was born into. The Nazis had won WW2 (although Germany had been defeated, which was a mere minor inconvenience since international socialism wasn’t critically-based on any one specific nation.) Therefore, a hard-socialist government was therefore safely installed in Britain and liberals like Churchill could be “consigned to the dustbin of history”.

The demolition of liberalism could now begin, properly, as all Nazism’s foes – except possibly Harry Truman who wasn’t proximally concerned with us and our fate – were financially bust. So the Fabian Project could go ahead.

By the time a “kinda straight kinda girl” (aka the foul Blair) got to be able to try to inject some reality and conservatism (as a starter for liberalism) into British politics, the rot had (as Enoch Powell stated) “set in”.

She perhaps, as a scientist, realised that you couldn’t “get there from here”. you had to at least make the state more efficient, and also hope to decrease its size at the same time, in order to be able to get away all its accumulated “functions”. This could be seen I guess, as a sort of soft alternative to a revolution.

Perhaps she ought to have gone straight for revolution: perhaps we will now have to anyway. But perhaps she was trying to avoid the pain and upheavals that would attend one of these.


Margaret Thatcher

David Davis

Guido reports that Margaret Thatcher died this morning.

Let the comment thread commence.

Tom Paine on Poverty and Privilege

David Davis

We all know the answers to what socialism proposes as the wrong question.

After less than two years back in Britain I am bored of the first world problems of this plump and pampered land. I am particularly tired, for example, of the overused word “privilege”. To me, the great enemy of mankind is not privilege but poverty. Those of us who are not poor represent a problem solved. The question is how to increase the wealth of those who still are. As a purely economic issue, that’s a question long since answered. Continue reading

I think we need to say things about these fellows

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One sometimes does not know what to do or think

David Davis

As I get older and older ( I have already outlived our old chum Chris Tame by almost seven years – and I never imagined that I would be talking about being er, sort of, er, old) the world seems to lurch from one cock-up to another, or one disaster to another. Most are government-mediated. It’s difficult, sometimes, to distinguish a “natural” disaster like an earthquake from a government-mediated one such as the “banking crisis”. Both kinds usually result in lost and wasted resources: the poorer the country, the more the UN wastes in hotels, escort girls. “feasibility-studies” and jet-flights: and the bigger the bank, the more the Treasury wastes in Continue reading

Originally posted on

In an ideal world we working class people would be able to stick up for ourselves. We would be able to write our own articles in The Guardian telling people how hard it is to live without hope and in poverty. We could set out on paper what our aspirations are.

But we can’t – because we are too thick to speak for ourselves. Thank goodness then that there are posh rich people who know what we think, who know what we want – and are selfless enough to write articles in The Guardian telling everyone – including us – exactly what that is.

I’m talking, of course, about the great left wing visionary Polly Toynbee, without doubt one of our own.

Polly may not at first blush seem to fit the profile of a working class hero. She was born, Mary Toynbee (named after her great Grandmother Lady Mary…

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Libertarian Alliance Christmas Message 2012. What is a Libertarian for?

David Davis

Yup. What is a Libertarian for? Why are we here? Why in the face of all this socialism going on about our ears, do we bother?

It echoes what one of my teachers sometime in the 1950s asked us once…“BOYS! WHY are you HERE?” The correct answer was:- “er…to learn how to learn, Sir!” I mean, sometimes, it’s hard to discern what the hell are we trying to do, since  comparing pissing into the wind with what can be done against the brilliantly-arrayed forces of the GramscoFabiaNazis*** produces an obvious imbalance.

The situation in those parts of the world where stuff goes on that actually matters much to other humans, is not good.Governments everywhere are falling into the hands of the 60s-generation of neoNazi layabouts.

A GramscoFabiaNazi sadly got elected in the USA in Continue reading


David Davis

It falls to me, usually, in nominal charge of the Chipmanzee Duty-Type-Writors in the Lancashire Nissen Hut, to do something occasionally. One such duty is to scratch this organisation’s Christmas message in the tidal sands of ephemeral journalism, somewhere.

I have a feeling that last year got a bit hectic and I forgot to remind the little buggers to do it, but rest assured that something will be coming up this time: to either please or annoy all you people, on the day or just before.


David Davis

I accidentally typed that (in the title) on someone’s facebook earlier today. Perhaps Ian B might appreciate the birth of a new word to describe, er….

Indeed, another internal spoonerism might be “NamscoGrabiaFartzis”.

Freedom of speech

David Davis

Despite the lapse of the 1695 Licensing Act, the “press” in Britain, although being called “free”, has enjoyed a large but nominal degree of freedom, limited by such ordinary and perfectly reasonable devices such as the libel laws, and so on.

Fraser Nelson of the Spectator wrote something apposite just now.

However, “la Trahaison des Clercs” has now finally got a jaw-grip into people’s ankles, and recent assaults on the doings of MPs, footballists, “famous actors” famous for being famous, have galvanized the legislature into wanting to “regulate”. I bet it’s for “social” reasons…as Enoch Powell once stated, putting the word “social” in front of another word would (on purpose) completely reverse that word’s meaning.

Perhaps we all ought on here to comment on what we think about the clear desire of this administration (but I guess it wouldn’t matter what political colour it was really) to “regulate” published speech.

“The Last Ditch” ventures inside The Door Of Hell, and manages to return

David Davis

The grand-challenge-cup award for brave man of the week is to go toTom Paine.

What is “Wireless tele-Vision” for? Discuss.

David Davis

[late edit...] [ I have suddenly wondered to myself what it's for, given that the global % penetration of small handheld (or not much larger) devices that can access news, comment, blogs and the opinions of millions, is approaching a majority. ]

One the one hand, the British Political EnemyClass has created what it seems to be admitting is a monster - this says “ban television for the under-threes” (or words to that effect.) Yet on the other hand a modern repressive police state would be a more difficult one in which to manage thought-control, regulate the opinions of, and generally farm for eliciting the “correct public responses” without this machinery. I have drafted a few of my own thoughts, rather fast this morning, in response to a typical Daily Mail mob-hysteria-inducing breakfast-article.

Of course, an invented device can’t be uninvented. The Wireless Tele-vision [WT] (and quickly also with post-receive injected sound subcarrier) was a marvellous development of the pure Sound-wireless, but like all technologies it’s been stolen and corrupted, Morgoth-style, by governments for their own purposes.

In the British State’s case,  WT’s purpose was to anaesthatize and render uncurious “The Masses”, over decades so nobody would notice except Continue reading

One down…only a few million to go

David Davis

The foul Marxist pig Hobsbawm is dead, I am advised. As the nominal “blogmaster” of this chimp-typist-filled nissen hut, it falls to me to write an obituary for the bugger. This thus brings a little cheer to an otherwise drizzly day.

What a seriously foul, repellent and wicked man this Hobsbawm bastard truly was. Basking in the uncritical, almost sexually-driven, adulation of his almost equally-repellent Marxist peers and (worse) his students, he sat on his butt in the West, looking and acting the superior intellectial “thinker: all the while pontificating languidly to all, about the essential rightness and morality of the gigantic Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist open-prisons of the Communist bloc.

It is such a tragedy, an abiding one yet, that his tracts are staple material for vulnerable British students at our universities, not to mention our (too many) “universities”. Worse still, he features prominently on the A-level Philosophy and Politics courses, a matter which I regard as promoting child-abuse.

I really am so pleased the bastard is dead. His departure gains me nought, but the planet is a cleaner place.
Actually, thinking about the disgusting old fellow, I just want to shout….”KNICKERS!”

The “Football Association” is now a “Court” – official.

David Davis

A private “Sports Governing Body” (whatever that is for) has set itself up as a “Sondergericht”. It has issued a “judgement – a Fatwah, if you like -  and attached a “fine” – a strange sum: £220,000….Makes you wonder how it was arrived at? No?

When I’m Principal Secretary of State For War, in the Democratic-People’s-English Revolutionary-Liberalist-Party’s*** first government (minimal-statist, conservative, libertarian) private institutions that have previously and triumphalistically-set themselves up as “judges and juries” under the current climate of rampant GramscoFabiaNazism, will find themselves “under investigation”.

I do not believe in amnesties for socialist behaviour, adopted and deliberately pursued with malice-afforethought, and in the face of all empirical evidence that such behaviour was designed on purpose to kill, destroy the effective lives of or otherwise harm as many people as possible.

The FootBallAssociatioNazis will be “hauled in for questioning” by the War Secretariat’s “Operational Services Department Personnel (Domestic Division)”. A version of a reverse-PPI-Claim will be applied to their staffs, who will be “invited to re-imburse John Terry the sum of £220,000 plus interest plus 8% plus a “sum to be decreed” for “damages”.”

I said something similar on Facebook a couple of minutes ago. In case any blogreaders here can’t read Facebook, I have posted the text of my piece there:- Continue reading

The allure of socialism, or “Fighting Zombies”.

David Davis

I shamelessly reblog this from The Last Ditch.

When the Wall fell most of us thought that, even if history had not ended, Socialism was dead. Those of us who went to the East to build on the ruins wrought by decades of it little thought it still had legs. Its central thesis – that centralised economic planning would produce fairer and more effective results than the operation of market forces – had been tested to destruction. My grandfather’s trucking business was run better by himself and his brothers than it ever was by British Road Services, when expropriated by a British Socialist government.

More than half of mankind experienced socialism in the twentieth century. Almost all of us experienced some less full-blooded implementations than were tried behind the Berlin Wall. There has never been a greater experiment in all human history and It led to the deaths of millions and the impoverishment of billions. If ever an idea was ready for the dustbin of history, surely this one was? Yet it marches on. A zombie ideology; dead but still a threat.

I can see that it’s seductive. As we face the usual struggle in competition with others to Continue reading

Time to come home, and throw out the trash

David Davis

I just caught this now. Here is what I have just facebooked in my exasperation:-

Everybody knows that a society full of armed police is a police state. And yet, we are “training” the bastards. Here we have the planet’s most professional army, trying to do what is really a policing job, and being murdered sequentially by “police” in “training”, while the Police in the UK behave like an occupying army a lot of the time. Truly, the world is upside down.

This is now getting ridiulous. Every so often, an “Afghan Policeman in training” murders one or more _/specifically/_ British or American Continue reading