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One sometimes does not know what to do or think

David Davis

As I get older and older ( I have already outlived our old chum Chris Tame by almost seven years – and I never imagined that I would be talking about being er, sort of, er, old) the world seems to lurch from one cock-up to another, or one disaster to another. Most are government-mediated. It’s difficult, sometimes, to distinguish a “natural” disaster like an earthquake from a government-mediated one such as the “banking crisis”. Both kinds usually result in lost and wasted resources: the poorer the country, the more the UN wastes in hotels, escort girls. “feasibility-studies” and jet-flights: and the bigger the bank, the more the Treasury wastes in Continue reading

The New Fourth Estate: Anonymous, Wikileaks, and –archy
The New Fourth Estate: Anonymous, Wikileaks, and –archy

“When people talk of the freedom of writing, speaking, or thinking, I cannot choose but laugh. No such thing ever existed. No such thing now exists; but I hope it will exist. But it must be hundreds of years after you and I shall write and speak no more.”

- John Adams


As government and industry collude, the interests of the powerful trample the rights of the multitude. Technology has granted invasive new eyes and ears to government agencies, spurning the right to privacy. Felicitously, the individual has also been empowered with two new tools to check the corporate state: hacktivism and leaks. The press has been captured by a handful of news corporations that are generally uncritical of government and fail to expose corporate injustice. The techno-libertarian culture has birthed the do-it-yourself fourth estate—usurping the illegitimate media and furnishing a viable alternative to the cartelized press. Two entities, Wikileaks and Anonymous, have emerged under this banner. This inquiry seeks to understand their history, methods, and to ascertain whether use of the discrete figurehead is efficacious. Continue reading

E-Cigs Continue To Embarrass And Create Ridicule

by Dick Puddlecote

E-Cigs Continue To Embarrass And Create Ridicule There has been a lot of writing about e-cigs in The Times the past few days, this article being the best to illustrate my long-held view that they are a magnificent tool for pricking the huge bubbles of of hysteria around nicotine, so cleverly-constructed over decades by legions of anti-smoking scaremongers. Continue reading

Sean Gabb on Drinking and Driving: A Police Officer Writes

Note: I have removed the officer’s name, but this e-mail is reproduced here on the LA Blog exactly as received. I think he is inaccurate in several of his factual claims, especially since I know people who have been subject to random breath testing around the Christmas period. I have also encountered any number of police officers who struck me as either mad or high on drugs. However, since he has taken the trouble to write at such length, and so politely, I do require that those who wish to respond should do so in a calm and factual manner. The officer will, I am sure, be following your comments. It would be useful if he were to go away with a better idea than he appears to have of the objections that we have to police powers and to the frequent use and misuse of these powers. SIG Continue reading

Anyone able to say which London street this is?

I picked this up in a charity shop. Anyone able to tell me about the location? All help gratefully received.



A Message from James Lovelock

I am James Lovelock, scientist and author, known as the originator of Gaia theory, a view of the Earth that sees it as a self-regulating entity that keeps the surface environment always fit for life… I am an environmentalist and founder member of the Greens but I bow my head in shame at the thought that our original good intentions should have been so misunderstood and misapplied. We never intended a fundamentalist Green movement that rejected all energy sources other than renewable, nor did we expect the Greens to cast aside our priceless ecological heritage because of their failure to understand that the needs of the Earth are not separable from human needs. We need take care that the spinning windmills do not become like the statues on Easter Island, monuments of a failed civilisation. –James Lovelock, 12 December 2012

Article 50 And Withdrawal

Article 50 And Withdrawal
Not so long ago, it seemed unlikely that any country politically was willing to contemplate leaving the European Union. Nothing illustrates this better than the fact that all of the treaties pre-Lisbon were silent on the question of withdrawal. There were a number of theories for this; partly it would have been contrary to member states’ commitment to “ever closer union”, partly it could have encouraged members to make the outcome more likely and partly that the process of leaving is a significant legal challenge best left unspecified in a treaty – a legal challenge made more complicated the longer member states remain within an ever integrating Union. Continue reading

Sisters Merciless.

by Anna Raccoon

Note: I am among the many who rejoiced when Bobby Sands starved himself to death in 1981. SIG Continue reading

Abusive Bailiffs: Old but Possibly Relevant Thoughts

That Sheep May Safely Graze
by Sean Gabb

This evening, the 26th September 2006, the BBC will broadcast its latest Whistleblower programme. This investigates the sharp and often illegal practices of court bailiffs. They are accused of tricking debtors—and frequently third parties —out of thousands of pounds that are not owed.

According to a report in The Daily Mail, the bailiffs in one firm are accused of:

  • Doubling or tripling a judgment debt, and then appearing generous by deducting £100—and keeping the whole excess for themselves;
  • Telling the relatives of debtors that they would have their own possessions seized;
  • Threatening debtors with violence;
  • Breaking and entering the premises of debtors and of third parties.

So far as they are true—and I have not seen the programme in question—these accusations show patterns of behaviour of which I was not previously aware. Continue reading


First Law of Democratic Politics

A Lefty Writes Complete Sense

by Richard Girard (1781-1858)

Beethoven Haus Bonn Public Domain

Three G’s and an E-flat, or Why Beethoven Rules!

By Richard Girard

Three G’s and an E-flat. Bom-bom-bom-Bomb! The Morse Code three dots and a dash for “V,” and “V” is for victory. Fate knocking on the door.

All of these descriptions have been used to describe the first four notes of Ludwig van Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. And all of them are completely inadequate to describe the power and majesty of this orchestral masterpiece; or any of Beethoven’s other voluminous folio of work. Continue reading


I was lucky enough to attend one of the first London performances of this in 1985. I didn’t understand it, but was very impressed.

Cameron, yawn!

by Anna Raccoon

Note: Of course it’s a fraud. We’ll be softened up by years of advance propaganda. The referendum will be delivered or delayed according to the opinion poll findings. The question will be slanted. Unless out masters decide for their own reasons to leave, we’re staying in. However, I repeat my belief that the Conservatives will win a good overall majority the year after next. SIG Continue reading

A Mote in Brussels’ Eye


A Mote in Brussels’ Eye
By Ashley Mote

The diary of a Member of the European Parliament

A full, frank and controversial account of five years fighting the EU from within the castle walls. Continue reading

What has happened to Emma West?

What has happened to Emma West?

Posted on January 8, 2013by Robert Henderson
Robert Henderson
It is now 14 months since Emma West was charged with racially aggravated public order offences after she got into an argument on a tram which led her to make loud complaint about the effects of mass immigration. This was captured by a passenger on a mobile phone and uploaded to YouTube. The details of her arrest and treatment plus a link to the incident on YouTube can be found at
Three times her trial has been delayed, on the third occasion in early September last year (

No further trial date was set then and to the best of my knowledge none has been set since her last appearance in court. (If anyone has more up to date information please let me know). On each occasion the delay was ascribed to the need to complete psychiatric reports on Miss West. It stretches credulity way beyond breaking to believe such reports could not have been completed long ago.
Why has there been this inexcusable and increasingly absurd delay? Despite being put into a high security prison for more than a month ( and having the risk that her son be taken into care, Miss West has made it clear throughout that she wishes to plead Not Guilty. The reason for the delay probably lies in that plea. The liberal elite rely on people charged with such offences being intimidated into pleading Guilty. A full blown trial would mean public discussion of the consequences of mass immigration and the ruthless measures which the liberal elite use to suppress such debate. They greatly fear that because it would risk the politically correct emperor being shown to have no clothes. .
The facts of the case speak for themselves: the behaviour of the authorities is not compatible with a free society.
UPDATE 9/1/2013
Miss West was scheduled to come to trial on 2 January, but the case was adjourned for the fourth time because an unspecified expert was not available. A new trial date has not been set (
The continuing and ever more absurd delay suggests that the powers-that-be are in a quandary about what to do. It is unlikely Miss West will change her plea to Guilty after this length of time and the awful prospect for the authorities of a trial in which the official omerta against speaking honestly about race and immigration will be broken looms ever larger. On the other hand, if the case is dropped it will be a signal to the public that the liberal elite are afraid of any public challenge to their creed.
Miss West has also been charged with assaults against the police:
West was also due to appear at Croydon Magistrates’ Court on Monday charged with assaulting two police officers at her home on March 3, 2012.
She denies both charges and the trial has been rescheduled to occur on March 4.” (Ibid)
To the best of my knowledge this is the first time these charges have appeared in the media. If the assaults took place ten months ago it is a little difficult to understand why the case has not already been tried as it is magistrate court case or why the case did not proceed on its original January date , which I take to have been 7 January. It will be interesting to see if it does take place on 4 March. If it does not, and the Crown Court case on the race-related charges has not been heard by then, it will be a strong indication that the CPS want the racial abuse case out of the way before she is tried for the alleged assault. It could be that it has been kicked down the road simply to give the authorities two months to think about whether the Crown Court case should proceed.

Sad Anniversary

Victoria, Regina et Imperatrix: 24th May 1819 – 22nd January 1901

Should There be Laws Against Drinking and Driving? Flash Animation

Sean Gabb, Director of the Libertarian Alliance, speaking on BBC Radio 4 on the 22nd January 2013.

The excuse for this discussion was a story about an Irish local authority that wishes to relax the drinking and driving laws.

Sean argues these points: Continue reading

When Is A Straight Line Not A Straight Line?

by Dick Puddlecote

Note: I heard this story on the Today programme and thought it was a lie. My thanks to Dick for nailing it. SIG

When Is A Straight Line Not A Straight Line? I don’t know where the usual half-wits who put their name to BBC website smoking articles have disappeared to, they seem to have been rather quiet of late. As such, today’s breathless paraphrasing of a classic case of tobacco control industry ‘science by press release’ was left to Adam Brimelow to present.

There was a sharp fall in the number of children admitted to hospital with severe asthma after smoke-free legislation was introduced in England, say researchers.

A study showed a 12% drop in the first year after the law to stop smoking in enclosed public places came into force.

Well, actually, it didn’t but I’ll come to that later. Continue reading

Agorism and Nazism: A Study in Polar Opposites
Agorism and Nazism: A Study in Polar Opposites

The following article was written by Neil M. Tokar.

In the Gorilla Experiment episode of the Big Bang Theory, Dr. Sheldon Cooper attempts to teach Penny some rudimentary physics. True to his pedantic nature, Sheldon begins his sketch of the history of physics by mentioning the agora, from which we get the modern term agorism. Following Samuel Edward Konkin III’s (SEK III’s) An Agorist Primer, the word “agora” is still used to this day to mean simply the “open marketplace.” Continue reading

This Might Help, So Let’s Block It

by Dick Puddlecote

This Might Help, So Let’s Block ItSnowdon reported on Wednesday that e-cig retailer Nicolites have had their TV ad pulled for naïvely claiming them to be 100% safe. It will no doubt be temporary, and they’ll be on your screens once the offending copy is amended.

They’d best get a wiggle on, though, because The Times yesterday revealed that one of their competitors has been given the green light. Continue reading

Review of “Fifty Shades of Grey” by E. L. James

by Foseti

Review of “Fifty Shades of Grey” by E. L. James

A while back, I had drinks with one of this blog’s best commenters, and he strongly recommended this book (he also provided some thoughts, some of which I’ve taken).

The recommendation came with a set of warnings, which should be heeded. To put it bluntly, the book is quite horrible. I merely repeat the obvious by saying that the writing is poor (it’s not just not good, it’s prole, it’s juvenile, it’s absurd), the characters are unbelievable, etc. Consult a mainstream review for more on these obvious aspects of the book.

And yet . . . Continue reading


This is an ex cathedra statement, not an invitation to debate. It is made in view of certain comments recently posted on this blog.

The problem with anti-semitic conspiracy theories is that they involve continuous selection. Therefore, you take the fact that Karl Marx was a socialist, and overlook that he was a racist and cultural conservative. You take the fact that Mahler was a musical revolutionary, and overlook that he was a German nationalist. You wholly overlook people like Ayn Rand and Ludwig von Mises, or Paul Gottfried and Meyer Schiller. You also overlook how many poisonous lefties there seem to be in Israel, calling for open borders and the demotion of Jewish symbols. Continue reading

The Frankfurt School and “political correctness”: Conspiracy to Corrupt

Note: Much good stuff here. As libertarians, of course, we are in favour of many of the “corruptions” listed – so far as they approved of them, the lefties weren’t all bad. Also, I don’t believe they were ever so well organised as is claimed. However, it’s an interesting read. SIG Continue reading

The EU And Its Imaginary Tobacco Friend

by Dick Puddlecote

The EU And Its Imaginary Tobacco Friend As if to illustrate the incredibly blinkered ‘thinking’ from those pathologically opposed to tobacco, this amusing article turned up at the New Europe website over the weekend. Continue reading

“Gun Control for the Children?” Sorry, No Sale.

by Thomas Knapp
“Gun Control for the Children?” Sorry, No Sale.

“This is our first task as a society,” said US president Barack Obama at a January 16th press conference: “Keeping our children safe.”

The event’s purpose was to leverage last month’s school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut into support for a set of new executive orders and legislative proposals relating to what supporters euphemistically refer to as “gun control.” Continue reading

If Cuts Look Like Biting, Break Out The Swag Bag

by Dick Puddlecote

If Cuts Look Like Biting, Break Out The Swag Bag I see that the UK tobacco control industry is proposing yet another method of stealing other people’s money to fund their non-jobs. Continue reading

It’s an odd world, isn’t it?

by His Grace The Devil

I would never, for instance, have expected to read the following headline:

Anti-gay activist lawyer guilty of child pornography after videotaping daughter

But it gets worse… Continue reading

British Membership of the EEC: A Trip Down Memory Lane


Most politicians, if not all, know exactly what the European Union is to turn into, for it is written clearly enough in Hansard. It is only the ordinary people of the Country that these politicians of yesterday and today didn’t see fit to enlighten. Yet these ordinary people trusted them, they voted for them to look after them and this their Country.

As I take words from Hansard, and to mean anything at all, they have to be the words taken from before we actually joined the European Community or Common Market as we were told. My one difficulty is, there are so many words to choose from on this subject it is difficult to choose which ones to set down for you to read. I have put the dates and column numbers for your own confirmation.       Continue reading

Who wields the Royal veto?

by D.J. Webb

An intriguing article on the Telegraph website claims that the Royal family are regularly vetoing new laws, although the article appears sloppily written, and in particular the writer doesn’t appear to know the difference between the formal casting of a veto and the registering of some kind of objection to a law in advance. Continue reading

Was Hitler Really Anti-Gun Control?

by Anthony Gregory

Was Hitler Really Anti-Gun Control?

A article by Alex Seitz-Wald called “The Hitler Gun Control Lie” is making the rounds, purporting to challenge a myth Second Amendment enthusiasts spread that blames the Holocaust on Hitler’s policies of civilian disarmament. The thrust of the argument is that Hitler’s 1938 firearms law indeed ratcheted back restrictions from the Weimar era. But here is the most telling paragraph: Continue reading

Liberty: The Other Equality

Liberty: The Other Equality

The following article was written by Roderick T. Long and published by The Freeman.

Equality is an ideal upheld by a number of ideologies, but nowadays it is seldom associated with libertarianism or classical liberalism. Indeed, both libertarians and their critics typically think of equality as an ideal in tension with the ideal of liberty as libertarians understand it. Continue reading

Guilty Before Proven Innocent In Ireland

by Dick Puddlecote

Guilty Before Proven Innocent In IrelandSimon Clark reports on the ‘next logical step’ (© every professional prohibitionist organisation, everywhere) on the never-ending path of smoker bullying. This month, it is banning smoking in cars.

But this part should be worrying to anyone who is interested in personal liberties and the proper application of judicial process. Continue reading

Economics and Its Ethical Assumptions

by Roderick Long
Economics and Its Ethical Assumptions

The following article was written by Roderick T. Long and published with the Mises University, May 20, 2006.

When I was given the title “Ethical Assumptions of Economics,” my first thought was to say, “economics has no ethical assumptions.” But then I thought this might not be the best way to earn my keep here. So I’m going to talk about some senses in which economics might have implications for ethics. Continue reading

Neigh More Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

by Matt Wardman
Neigh More Don’t Ask Don’t Tell


It is official.

Section 5 is changing.

It will soon no longer be a criminal offence to enquire as to the sexuality of a horse if that is deemed ‘insulting’ to a random third party.

But I want to ignore the funny cases, saying woof to dogs and ‘scientology is dodgy‘ to the public, and examine changes that will actually be made to legislation. Here the picture is depressing.

Theresa May has said in Hansard that the Government will remove the word “insulting” from Section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986: Continue reading

7 Reasons HMV Closed

by Carps

HMV was part of the fabric of the British high street but – like Woolworths, Jessops, Currys, C&A, Ethel Austin, Borders, Virgin Music and a slew of lesser known names – at some point in the last decade time caught up with its business model. A lot of people speculate as to why it failed.

Here are my thoughts. Continue reading

Originally posted on

In an ideal world we working class people would be able to stick up for ourselves. We would be able to write our own articles in The Guardian telling people how hard it is to live without hope and in poverty. We could set out on paper what our aspirations are.

But we can’t – because we are too thick to speak for ourselves. Thank goodness then that there are posh rich people who know what we think, who know what we want – and are selfless enough to write articles in The Guardian telling everyone – including us – exactly what that is.

I’m talking, of course, about the great left wing visionary Polly Toynbee, without doubt one of our own.

Polly may not at first blush seem to fit the profile of a working class hero. She was born, Mary Toynbee (named after her great Grandmother Lady Mary…

View original 1,181 more words

Surviving a Personal or Societal Disaster

by Gary North

Budgeting for a Lifestyle Contraction
Gary North – January 09, 2013
Reality Check

Note: I’m just finishing a novel that has survivalist themes. Richard Blake praises it highly. SIG Continue reading

Bad DREAM: Immigration “Reform” is an Unworthy and Unrealistic Goal

by Thomas Knapp

Note: Abolition of the State might easily reduce the amount of immigration into a territory. SIG Continue reading


Global Warming strikes in Jerusalem

Met Office Accused Of Fabricating Misleading Forecast Data

It would appear that the Met Office have deliberately fabricated a new version of their Dec 2011 forecast, in order to avoid making the original version look too ridiculous. Is this really what “science” has come down to? –Paul Homewood, Not a Lot Of People Know That, 10 January 2013

I don’t think it really matters at this point as nobody is paying much attention to anything the Met Office says concerning events more than a week out. They have basically made themselves irrelevant by pretending to speak with authority and then badly missing the prediction. Now they are trying to pretend they were right on the money the whole time. Nobody believes that. It is pure desperation. Actually, whoever approved that graph for publication should be immediately sacked. It is just a flat out lie. –crosspatch, Not a Lot Of People Know That, 10 January 2013 Continue reading

Fear, Violence and the Absurd

by Trevor Hultner

Note: I don’t suggest he should be deported, because it’s none of my business what people do in their own country – and because it would mean his coming back to England, and I’d rather have Abu Hamza back here than him. However, why is anyone in America paying attention to Piers Morgan? He’s a resident alien.

In a normal country, such people should have the right to life and property. Of course, they should have the legal right to speak as they please. But it strikes me as bad manners if they use this right to demand changes in the law. They don’t perfectly understand the ways of the country in which they find themselves. They’ve had no ancestral part in the formation of the country. Neither they nor their children have any obligation to share in the consequences of what they recommend.

I find Janet Daley irritating for the same reason as Americans do Mr Morgan. Some years ago, when she was banging on about the need to scrap the double jeopardy rule, so the alleged killers of Stephen Lawrence could be locked away, I suggested she should clear off home to America. She hasn’t spoken to me since.

I’ll make a partial exception from this rule for the Irish, and a larger one for people from the white dominions – ie, Germaine Greer, Peter Tatchell and so forth. Then there are variable exceptions for foreign immigrants – variable according to their degree of identification with the country. Outright foreigners should have a right to speak, but none to be heard and taken seriously. SIG Continue reading

The Date Of Guilty Knowledge Is Past For E-Cigs

by Dick Puddlecote

The Date Of Guilty Knowledge Is Past For E-Cigs It’s not often you see common sense being exhibited on the usually pro-EU EurActive website, so relish this like you would your personal celebrity heart throb in a bath of chocolate. It’s an object lesson in how to turn entrenched anti-smoking rhetoric back on the accusers. Continue reading

Who Let the Dogs Out?

by Anna Raccoon

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Cry havoc! and let slip the dogs of war,
that this foul deed shall smell above the earth with carrion men, groaning for burial.

William Shakespeare

I have been pondering this matter for days now, since before Christmas. Small details permeated my conscience, building up a picture that I could not bear to look at.

A news item, celebrating the inexorable rise of IVF births, how ‘wonderful’ it was that so many children should be created in a laboratory, by implication far from contact with nasty, smelly, dangerous, men. TV adverts that show smart, capable women leading imbecilic men by the hand to conclusions that would be obvious to any child. A Guardian article reviewing Steve Biddulph’s new book ‘Raising Girls’, which dealt exclusively with the need for girls to have ‘Aunts’, even pretend Aunties, as a ‘second person’ in their lives in whom they could confide – an article which managed to exclude all mention of men; ironic considering that Biddulph is justly famous for his book ‘Raising boys’ which championed the importance of men in their upbringing. A horrified quote from a former head-teacher that ’30 years ago it was considered ‘normal’ to involve parents in school outings, or for a child to see his head teacher alone in a room with a shut door – quelle horreur! Naturally they wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing today…Another newspaper report detailing how aggressively the rape laws are construed today. A newspaper report today, claiming that ‘One in Twenty women have been raped’ – the demonisation of men is almost complete. Surely the publication of the Yewtree report today, one of seven separate ’investigations’ – though I can scarcely credit an official record of ‘allegations’ as an ‘investigation’ – will complete the process. Continue reading

The Master scowls, but never takes off his wig

Competition – The Policeman’s Bawl…

by Anna Raccoon

Note: The police should be abolished, and we should return to the old system of private prosecutions. Until then, every law passed since the Protection of Constables Act 1750, that raises these people above the rest of us, should be repealed. SIG Continue reading

Cultural Marxism Briefly Described

Via one of my FaceBook friends

Cultural Marxism is the primary strategy of the American and European Left.

Italian Marxist philosopher Antonio Gramsci posited that what holds a society together are the pillars of its culture: the structures and institutions of education, family, law, media and religion, as they provide the social cohesion necessary to a healthy functional society. Transform the principles that these embody and… you can destroy the society they have shaped. Continue reading

Vera Baird and the Ineptocracy

by Matt Wardman

Note: “Deficit? What Deficit?” SIG Vera Baird and the Ineptocracy

Vera Baird PCC of Northumbria

We maintain a healthy interest in the Life and Times of Vera Baird, known as the ‘Towering Inferno’ (apparently she explodes when insufficiently respected).

Our Vera is now perambulating – presumably at significantly less than 98mph – around the North-East, telling policemen what to do.

And she managed a mention in Parliament yesterday.

Here’s Paul Flynn, Labour MP for Newport West, asking a question about the outgrageously outrageous cost of “Deputy Police and Crime Commissioners’ Salaries”, while channelling Roget’s Dinosaurus: Continue reading

A Considered Opinion on the European Union

by Roger Dewhurst

Democracy can work only with small populations, a few millions or less. Only then can the electors know their elected representatives and their elected representatives be so few in number that they can have any influence on outcomes.

An elected representative is someone you can telephone, someone you can email, someone who has regular meetings with his electors, someone whose address is listed in the telephone directory, someone on whose door you can knock without being assaulted by the fucking gestapo. It more or less works in New Zealand with a population of four million. It worked a hell of a lot better when I first came here when the population was around two million. In those days I could knock on the door of the Prime Minister and he would open it himself. On one occasion he did just that, for me. There was no policeman standing outside.

If you think democracy can work in a federal Europe with many different languages, many cultures, armed gestapos, many traditional hatreds, several hundred million people, and next to no countries which have actually experienced ‘democracy’ for more than a generation, you have nothing but shit between your ears.

Why is the State Involved in Childcare?

by D.J. Webb

Women are forced out to work by house prices. This is the real subtext to absurd plans for the state to pay £2,000 to each working woman for childminding. With high taxes and council tax, high transport fees and high childminding bills, it is hard for women to make work pay — and the only result of their trying to do so is to push up the income on which mortgage loans are calculated, thus supporting the property Ponzi scheme. Continue reading

Long Haul Layovers – Newark And Singapore

Long Haul Layovers – Newark And SingaporeNote: I am not Dick Puddlecote.

Thank you to everyone who welcomed me to Dick’s blog last month with your comments, if you missed it you can read how I introduced myself here.

We are now at that time of year when many people will be booking holidays, here are some tips for two regular airports for long haul layovers for those of us who enjoy a smoke. Continue reading