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I wonder if they did it on purpose

David Davis

[Subsequent edit by author] Further to receiving one-star ( = very poor) I should just rectify my omission, which was clearly observed by the respondent. I forgot to mention the requirement, that will encumber any incoming Libertarian or Revolutionary-Liberalist administration, whether in England, or the UK, or elsewhere, to criminalize and proscribe the existence of any bodies calling themselves “Trade Unions”, which behave in ways shown by the 19th- , 20th-  and 21st-Century British models of same. These outfits have proved themselves, through the deliberate policies and actions of their “officers”, to be far far more insidiously dangerous to life and liberty than any “terrorist” organisation, even the IRA and “Al-Quaeda” (whatever that might be), both of whom might be thought responsible for the deaths of up to 10,000 people each. The deaths probably attributable to the prevalence of “Trade” “Union” and “Workers’ Council” actions within the past 120-odd years probably run into the millions, aside from the planned and avoidable destruction of the UK’s heavy industries, docks, mining industries, railways and shipyards. (None of this needed to happen: the ability to fire all redundant labour upon the advent of better technology, thus keeping wage rates and hours to JapoChindoBraMexican levels, was prevented.)

Roll on the custard pies and rotting tomatoes….but Libertarians ought to begin speaking for real people, not just metropolitan political intellectuals like ourselves.

The coagulation-government is getting stick and rotting-cabbages from various quarters, for seeming to allow Francis Maude (who is, I admit, a bit of a slimy toad at times) to suggest that people should stock up on motor fuels before any putative strike by tanker drivers.

But I wonder…there could be a subtext here. Perhaps some clever Tory strategist thought that by artificially creating a fuel shortage at the pumps before any strike took place, the mass of inchoate but not negligible public opinion could be turned angrily against “UNITE”, whatever sort of GramscoStaliNazi front-organization that might be. I mean to say, it describes itself as a “Trade Union”, although it’s f**k-all to do with trade, and isn’t a union in any meaningful sense with regard to its members’ welfare – only its “officers’ ” wefare, power and prosperity.

Some of this unfocussed but very public mob ire might then rub off against the “Labour Party”, which predictably has failed to come out condemning the “union” – only mouthed platitudes about “the way to solve the crisis is by the negotiations”, as if there was anything meaningful for the drivers’ employers to talk about.

I just wonder if it’s a “cunning plan”. Of course, the predictable mainstream-media-response has been to toast the coagulation for its incompetence and “dangerous advice” (I mean to say! We used to keep old Duckhams 1-gallon oil cans and keep petrol in them for year after year – I always had 6 gallons in the house at any time, when in London years ago – about two-thirds of a tankful). But them the MSM is not on the side of any administration that is not overtly and aggressively GramscoStaliNazi. Perhaps because it thinks that most people viscerally are that, inand to their very bones….and they may sadly be right. Hitler got in, after all, by not misreading the mood of the German general public.

What causes cold winters? Global warming of course. I’ve been waiting for this

by Dave Barnby

 Did anyone watch the pathetic attempt to square the cold winters of the last three years in the UK with ‘global warming’ theory on the State Broadcaster’s Horizon Programme entitled GLOBAL WEIRDING (what a weird name for a programme) tonight? I expect that will be the new buzz word having been unable to make Global Warming and Climate Change stick. Continue reading

Another Hero of the Freedom Movement: Jeremy Hammond

by Kevin Carson

While the anarchist, antiwar and information freedom movements focus their attention — rightly so — on Bradley Manning’s torture and detention for exposing U.S. war crimes, let’s also spare some attention for another hero: Jeremy Hammond. Continue reading

Big Brother is Back – ID Cards Were Nothing Compared to This Government’s Snooping Plans

Note: I had been idly wondering when the evil of which ID cards are the public face would be rolled out again. Let’s hope this whole thing turns out to be a money pit, and that the money soon runs out. There will be no other brake to this. SIG Continue reading

What are new citizens expected to know?

I took the UK Citizenship Test at to see what questions they ask. I got 14 of 24 questions right. I wonder if that means my passport will be revoked. 45 minutes are allowed for a test that takes 3 minutes. Continue reading

A Militant Authoritarian Writes

Note: This was first posted here as a comment on the alcohol pricing thread. Some blogs, I have no doubt, would remove it at once. I think it is worth promoting straight to the front page. It is a classic statement of what we are up against.

Look at the statistical assertions. 80 per cent of Melbournians frightened to use the public transport there? This sounds unlikely. If it isn’t a straight lie, we can ask what questions were asked of how many people. Or “48% reduction in costly and sometimes fatal alcohol related incidents.” What does this mean. What is the nature of these incidents? How many of them were fatal? How many fatalities were caused in any reasonable sense by people whose faculties had been impaired by drink? What is meant by costly? Or “(70% assaults in Oz are down to binge drinking.” Another suspicious claim.

Or look at the debating trick. Let us assume that these laws have dissuaded people from harming others. Even if true, is it necessary to set the limits so low? If you want to discourage bank robbery, is it necessary to hang shoplifters? The obvious purpose of all this is to produce large number of convictions and to frighten people out of drinking.

Then we have the continuous assertion that the right to stay alive is a civil liberty. This is a good one to throw about in a studio. It sounds reasonable, and explaining that it isn’t requires an argument rather than a soundbite. You can argue that staying alive is not a civil liberty, but one of those things that civil liberties are supposed to guarantee. Say that, and wait for the obvious sneered riposte. You can say there are better ways to protect the right to life than abolishing all the freedoms that make life worth having. That’s weak, because it requires you to explain that most of the alleged problem is made up, or that it is more effectively dealt with by enforcement of very old laws.

Yes – has anyone an effective one line response to this point about life as a civil liberty? Michael Howard once came out with it in private. He knew he was twisting words, and backed down when I laughed at him. But I’ve also heard Tony Blair use it. Any answers here? SIG Continue reading

Have a Heart?

by D.J. Webb I read today that Vice president Cheney of the US, 71 years of age, had had a heart transplant. I hope all those under 71 years of age were in the queue first. I don’t think people over 3 score years and ten should be anywhere near the front of the queue for such things. Continue reading

Should Alcohol Have a Minimum Price? Radio Appearance


Sean Gabb on LBC with Iain Dale, on Friday the 23rd March . They discussed whether the British Government should set minimum prices for alcohol.

Sean says no for these reasons:

  1. The drunks who make a nuisance of themselves in public have not been drinking cheap alcohol. They have been drinking at some very expensive establishments. Sticking a pound on the price of each drink they consume will have no effect on the trouble they make.
  2. The real purpose of this measure is to increase what David Webb has called fiscal embezzlement by the ruling class. This is a tax by any other name.
  3. It is a tax that will hurt the poor. A few pounds of a bottle of shiraz will have no observable effect on the middle classes. No taxing or regulation of alcohol will have any effect on the Members of Parliament – they can drink subsidised alcohol all round the clock in the Palace of Westminster. But minimum pricing will hurt the poor. These are people who, more than anyone else, need the break from stress that alcohol provides. But any increase in prices will force them to choose between going without their drink or cutting down on some other necessary.

Oh, Happy Days when we did the blacklisting!

Propaganda for Fiscal Embezzlement

by D.J. Webb

I have commented on Peter Oborne’s blog on the budget, where he says “the decision to educate ordinary citizens about how their taxes are spent is inspired: it is one of those apparently small innovations which over time can generate profound cultural changes”. I don’t regard this as a positive thing, and this is the comment thereon that I left on his blog: Continue reading

Minimum Alcohol Pricing: Better England Free than England Sober

Libertarian Alliance  Contact Details: Dr Sean Gabb 07956 472 199, Friday 23rd March 2012 For immediate release


The Libertarian Alliance, the radical free market and civil liberties institute, today condemns proposals to make it harder for poor people to buy alcohol . The proposals include higher taxes, compulsory minimum prices for drink, further controls on advertising, and power to close down retailers. The only disagreement between the three main parities is how far they wish to go. Continue reading


LA top 30 all-time from autumn 2006

LA top 30 all-time from autumn 2006

Getting Your Due in America

by David D’Amato

As a chiropractic student living on 60 dollars a week (“I’m on food stamps. Don’t hate me for it,” Chicago Sun-Times, March 19), Vicki Jones March hardly fits the stereotype of average or typical “welfare mom.” Continue reading

Only the little people pay taxes

by Richard North

Not content with ripping off their taxpayers big time, nearly a hundred senior local council employees are using tax avoidance schemes to minimise the amount they put back into the pot. Although these people are paid as employees of their respective authorities, they have been allowed to set up limited companies, as fronts into which their inflated salaries are paid. Continue reading

Jackboots Without Borders

by Kevin Carson

More than a year ago, I reported on the mission of Frank “Bagman of Empire” Wisner to Egypt (“Egypt: Let the Looting Begin,” Center for a Stateless Society, February 4, 2011). Wisner, formerly of Enron and AIG, was Obama’s plenipotentiary to Egypt, tasked with managing the post-Mubarak succession in as U.S.-friendly a direction as possible. Wisner’s father, by the way, was another Bagman of Empire; as a founding spook of the OSS and CIA he managed the overthrow of Arbenz and Mossadegh. Wisner had co-chaired (with another noted bagman, James Baker) a commission that developed a post-Saddam vision for the governance of Iraq. Just reading the “100 Orders” issued by the Coalition Provisional Authority, and the corporate looting pursuant to them, should give you a good idea of Wisner’s agenda. Continue reading

The Roman Catholic Church: Cross in One Hand, Gelding Knife in the Other

by David Webb

Occasionally you read something that makes clear to you that there is no going back to the old culture, which had undesirable elements to it, otherwise the current cultural revolution would not have been embarked on in the first place. Was our old culture rotten? Not entirely, and in fact in many respects the modern culture with the seizure of children for no reason and prosecution for Twitter comments is just as rotten in its own right. Continue reading

Vote for Me! Vote for Me! Vote for Me! Vote for Me! Vote for Me! Vote for Me! Vote for Me! Vote for Me! Vote for Me! Vote for Me! Vote for Me! Vote for Me! Vote for Me! Vote for Me!

by Thomas Cranmer

Ken Livingstone has been out on the campaign trail, highlighting that the Mayor of London can be an educator of the ignorant masses because the job comes with a pulpit from which he can preach. He told the assembled faithful at Holy Trinity Brompton that he had recently read for the first time in his life the words of Jesus, which he observed ‘could have been written for today as they seem to be an agenda for all humanity’. Especially, he said, those sentences where Jesus exhorts us to love our neighbour, and that our neighbour is everyone, and that in Christ Jesus there is neither Jew nor Gentile, nor male nor female, for all are equal in His sight. Mr Livingstone lauded the greatest commandment, which he said was ‘a creed for all of us’. In recognition of the scales falling from his eyes, he wants ‘to make sure that every non-Christian in London knows and understands the words of Jesus’, so it might stop ‘the demonisation of Christianity that is daily spewed out by poisonous papers like The Guardian‘. He wants to educate ‘the mass of Londoners who have no understanding of the words of the Son of God’. This, he says, ‘will help to cement’ London as ‘a beacon that demonstrates the meaning of the words of Jesus’.

Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!

Mill on Liberty – Old Review

I wrote this in 1994. I still more or less agree with it. SIG

On Liberty
John Stuart Mill
Prepared by dell from the Harvard Classics edition,
published by P.F. Collier & Son, Massachusetts, 1909
Available from gopher://
First published 1859, published on-line September 1993, 281.53kb, public domain Continue reading

Dystopian Science Fiction

Reviewed by Sean Gabb in 1991

Stuart Jackson
Sphere Books 1990 301pp £3.50
(ISBN 0-7474-0603-0)

I bought this novel in Lewisham High Street, remaindered at 50p. This says more about the bad taste of our reading public than Mr Jackson’s talent as a writer. He has produced a futuristic thriller that is nearly first rate. I shall be sad if its failure has put him off writing a sequel. Continue reading

I’ve just had my Council Tax bill for the coming year!

The Modern British Ruling Class at Work

Very Wicked Killings in France

by Sean Gabb

Nothing more to be said.

Leveson Inquiry – Harriet Harman has her deniability removed

by Robert Henderson

Note: I attended a conference entitled Taking on the Media Barons on Saturday 17 March. Its subject was media abuse including the issues under consideration by the Leveson Inquiry. Harriet Harman was the first speaker. In the course of her talk she spoke enthusiastically about the fearless way the Leveson Inquiry was going about its work. The Q and A session which followed her speech allowed me to allowed me to both put her right about the reality of what the Inquiry was doing – suppressing evidence and deliberately ignoring questions which begged to be asked – and run briefly over my own evidence to the Inquiry during which I helpfully explained that my evidence arose the failed attempt by Tony and Cherie Blair to have me prosecuted on charges of Malicious Communications in the first week of the General Election campaign of 1997. I then asked her what she and her party would do to publicise it.

Harman left immediately after the questions and as luck would have it I was sitting close to where she had to come to leave the auditorium. I stopped her and she asked me to send her what evidence I had, which I promised to do. I also got her to depart with a copy of Piers Morgan’s letter to the PCC in which he admits to receiving information from the police in circumstances which can only have been illegal in her hot little hand. The email below details the information I have sent Ms Harman and what I have asked her to do. Robert Henderson 18 3 2012 Continue reading

Big Oil, Big Government, and Big Hypocrisy

Note: I really don’t believe a word of all this. So far as I can tell, there’s plenty of oil and plenty of gas, and plenty of other things that can be burned or manipulated into producing electricity. Ratbag politicians and their corporate and activist friends may stop things. Otherwise, however, we are entering the steeper upward slope of a curve of unlimited improvement. There will be more and more things to enjoy, and more and more time in which to enjoy them. Now is the best time in history to be alive. It will be better still a hundred years from now. SIG Continue reading

The Truth About “Free Trade”

by David D’Amato

On Thursday (March 15), CNNMoney reports, “the long-awaited free-trade agreement between the United States and South Korea … went into effect,” representing “the biggest U.S. trade deal since the North American Free Trade Agreement began in 1994.” One might assume that a libertarian, promoting individual rights and free markets, would (or should) favor such a deal as the practical implementation of libertarian principles. Continue reading

I’m sorry, I’ll do it again…

David Davis

I saw this today on a real van………….U CO2 GAS …In the car lot of 79 Albert Road Southport Merseyside UK.

It was a gas fitter’s van (I presume?). Worse, he’s even a private firm, nothing to do even with the State: doubly horrible. Truly, now, we are f***ed. Unless the GramscoStaliNazis are killed and barbecued and eaten in front of their children, who may be forced to watch. This is the only way we can return to a forward-focussed-strategic-plan to get off this planet before the next Ice Age.

Sorry. I did mean what I said, not to post any more personal number plates, but this really is too very, very bad, and I had to confer my pain onto all you people so I could bear it. Horrible. A problem shared is a problem doubled. So maybe something will now be done.

Bargains Galore!

Spam Filter Perfected!

For months now, I’ve been tutting over commercial spam left on the comments pages of my personal website. I’ve now so tweaked the capcha settings the spam has ceased.

Sadly, so have the comments.

Anyone fancy trying to leave comments on my website? Among much else, you’ll need the ability to perform calculations in the old money.

A response to “War, the health of the State” (see post below)

David Davis

I wish to promote a comment up to being a main post as I think what follows should add to discussion about what human societies are like, what they have been like for millennia before, and what could happen if socialism gets its way. You all know how fixated I am about the deliberate and focussed nature of the forces of neo-precapitalist-barbarianism: and that I say that the bastards truly really want to return the entirety of Homo sapiens to not just a faux-pastoralist state but to a pre-pastoralist one. Provided that there are stilla couple of million helots to farm for girls, to do backbreaking work, and to be kept firmly out of the enclosed areas and the food-table.

Here’s what Ian B said about the last thing we published:-

Ian B | 14 March, 2012 at 9:16 am |


Make no mistake about it: War is killing on a mass scale, in service to and for the benefit of the state, and that’s all it is. It’s not a natural human activity.

This is basically not true. I’ve just been reading Azar Gat’s “War In Human Civilisation” and I would recommend it. War is as old as mankind; it has taken different forms, but “killing on a mass scale” is very natural indeed. It was not invented by “the State”.

I think this is a major problem libertarians have. I’ve noticed this a few times, even from greats like Rothbard; the tendency to assign a Rousseuesque state of nature to early man, and then The State comes along and ruins it all. Believing things like this is as ahistoric as the ideologies of any of our foes. It simply is not true.

The violent male death rate in primitive, “pre State” societies is at a minimum 20% and frequently higher. That is a level that States have not even achieved in appalling mass slaughters like the world wars. States actually reduced violence, whether we like it or not. They did it for selfish reasons. But they did, nonetheless. This figure includes death by war and death by (intratribal) feud, but in primitive societies they are much the same, except one is killing “them” and one is killing “us”.

Primitive war consists of two basic forms; the most murderous is the “raid”. All the guys get together, sneak up on another tribe’s village during the night, and attack at dawn when surprise is maximal. The intention is to kill as many males as possible, and steal the women for wives. Also, any carryable goods, animals perhaps, etc. The other form is the ritual war. This is less murderous. The two tribes stand a safe distance apart, shout at each other, wave their willies and throw spears. Very few get killed. THis is the thing that develops into modern war; combining the “battlefield” idea of the latter with the murderous intent of the former. Taking an example of proto-civilisation formation we were around to witness as moderns ourselves (our own is in ancient times), the Zulu nation simply swapped from raiding to a standing army with short stabbing spears instead of long throwing spears, thus to massacre unsuspecting tribes turning up for a ritual willy-waving competition.

Thomas, we have been slaughtering each other for personal gain- the destruction of “them” to benefit “us”- since the Old Stone Age. It is not an invention of modern states. The prehistoric record reveals heaps of scalped skulls, collected as trophies.

The desire for it has to be inculcated in soldiers. They must be thoroughly indoctrinated, and “the enemy” — soldier and civilian alike — must be thoroughly dehumanized in order to move them to their “duty.”

The harsh reality is that the desire to kill is part of our nature. It is not a false consciousness. Every savage tribe we have encountered- called “savages” in less politically correct times precisely because of their astonishing savagery compared to effete moderns first meeting them- has considered it both normal and desirable to think of every other tribe as an alien, less than human “them” who it is quite reasonable to kill. Humans dehumanise each other as a matter of nature, not as an invention of the State. It is not pleasurable for libertarians to face up to this, but the State has done much of the damping this down as an instinct- for selfish reasons, to allow mass societies to exist- which led ultimately to us having modern morals.

The world of the tribe is the world of “us” and “them”, and of frequent killing. That’s just the way it is. Hobbes got closer than Rousseau.

War: The Health of the State, not so Healthy for Human Beings

by Thomas Knapp

At more than ten years into the US government’s never-ending “war on terror,” that government’s excuses for atrocity after atrocity keep getting less and less convincing. Continue reading

Coming Soon to a Pig Force Near You!

From the unacceptable to the intolerable

by Richard North

Note: In a libertarian society, there will be no public infrastructure as this is presently understood, because there will be no State. However, it is increasingly plain that the infrastructure privatisations of the Thatcher/Major Governments were fraudulent. They were transfers of monopolies built up with our taxes to various super-privileged corporations. We are compelled to do business with them, but no longer have any regular influence over them. There has been little meaningful investment in them. Much more than ever in the old days, they have become instruments by which ordinary people are exploited and members and clients of the ruling class are enriched. SIG Continue reading

Conservative Promises

Dear Baroness Sayeeda Warsi,

As requested by you we have visited the website and listened to David Cameron’s Party Political Broadcast on “delivering the promises”. ()

As at the time of the leadership elections we as Conservative branch Chairman and Secretary, with our Treasurer, were the only Conservatives of our North Dorset Constituency to make the trip to the Exeter hustings to listen to David Cameron debating with David Davis when bidding for the leadership of the party.

The single “firm” promise he made on that bitterly cold evening in the Cattle Market was, “If you elect me as leader, I promise to take the Conservative MEPs out of the clutches of Hans-Gert Poettering and his EPP/ED group in the European Parliament, not within days, not within months but within weeks”. This is the first promise David Cameron broke.

He also promised as part of the following Conservative Election Manifesto a “cast iron” commitment to give the country a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. This is another promise broken.

He assured all members of the Countryside Alliance that, if they campaigned for the Conservative Party at the General Election, he would repeal the Hunting Act. Another broken promise.

We do not need to go on; the broken promises follow one after another. We have resigned as Conservatives in disgust and our thriving branch which encompassed two wards is now moribund. If the Conservative Party does not start to be again a true Conservative Party rather than leaning ever more towards the Liberal Democrats they assuredly will not win the next General Election.

You will not be able to say you have not been warned by many life-long Conservatives.


Bill& Ann Woodhouse

Has Anyone Noticed how much like Tony Blair Francis Maud Looks?

by Sean Gabb

And has anyone noticed a difference between their Governments?

The DC Gang: Dictators Without Borders

by Thomas Knapp

As an anarchist, I have little use for “national sovereignty” as a political concept. Boiled down, “national sovereignty” is simply the assertion that mutual recognition of turf lines on the part of various overgrown street gangs (“states”) is sacrosanct: The writ of the UK’s parliament doesn’t extend to Missouri, nor are the peasants of Azerbaijan subject to the orders of Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe. Continue reading

Mortgages and Repossessions

Mortgages and Repossessions
by D.J. Webb

Traditionally in England it was considered disgraceful not to pay your debts. Yet with the current financial crisis apparently running and running the way in which financial products are rigged against the consumer—and the way in which property prices have been fuelled over decades by a number of government policies—has introduced the notion of the lenders’ responsibility into the debate surrounding the property market. I welcome this development. Continue reading

Fiddling while Rome burns

David Davis

I’m sorry, but it’s too much: I can’t stand to pass these up. The extents to which people will go in their vanity and self-regard, while all the world is collapsing about their ears and their children are taught lies on purpose, flummox me utterly.

You must remember here when criticizing me for posting frivolously unimportant stuff, that it is adult human beings who have asked for their cars to be premiumly-identifiable, for money, and also in a modern Efficient-Police State.

P4UL  D … J1LES … T4DAD … SMY11E … M155 SOF … 81GG … WH05 KJW (quite clever actually) … K66FEY … ME 04 HER  (lucky fellow) … T3ACH …

X SU51E … DUM 46 (as a recipe for disaster I’d recommend that one) … 55 OK … D1 4 WAF and B16 WAF (owned by the same people) …

I promise I won’t put up any more. Not for a while anyway.

Politically incorrect film reviews – Coriolanus

by Robert Henderson

Main Cast

Ralph Fiennes as Coriolanus
Gerard Butler as Tullus Aufidius
Vanessa Redgrave as Volumnia
Brian Cox as Menenius
Jessica Chastain as Virgilia
John Kani as General Cominius
James Nesbitt as Sicinius
Paul Jesson as Brutus
Jon Snow as TV Anchorman

Coriolanus competes with Roman Chainsaw Massacre aka Titus Andronicus as the least accessible Shakespeare play today. Its estrangement from the modern Western audience lies in its treatment of subjects – patriotism, treason, the warrior spirit and revenge – which that peculiar creature the latterday liberal has been remarkably successful in suppressing from public view, although not from the privacy of the individual mind. It is this expression of these unfashionable sentiments and emotions which make it so valuable a play for our times because they are fundamental to the way in which human societies organise themselves. That is why it should be seen, even though it is not one of Shakespeare’s great plays. Continue reading

Feeling racist? Blood pressure pill Propranolol may open hearts and minds

Article by Eric Pfeiffer.

[Note: If this is true - and it may not be - the ruling  class will be wetting itself with joy at the thought of  modifying behaviour through compulsory mass-medication. If  "racism" can be defined as the kind of sickness that  homosexuality used to be called, we can start with compulsory  treatment of those convicted of offences. We can then move  through compulsory vaccination, when the drug becomes available,  to the pharmacological eradication of every inclination found  inconvenient by the ruling class. SIG] Continue reading

Has America Moved Left or Right in Recent Years?

by Keith Preston

This is a question that is often debated by both sides of the conventional political spectrum….. Continue reading

To End Dictatorship

by Darian Worden

Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko recently remarked that it’s “better to be a dictator than gay.” He was apparently responding to openly gay German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle, who charged that Lukashenko was “Europe’s last dictator.” Continue reading

Syria: There Are No “Good Guys”

by Thomas Knapp

Well, okay, yes, there are some “good guys” in Syria: People trying to live their lives in the midst of civil war, doctors treating the wounded and, yes, almost certainly some who are genuinely fighting for freedom. Continue reading

It’s too late: there are too few others to make a difference

David Davis

In today’s thing in the DT about “How to turn the underclass around”, I detect a note of optimism in the writer. But this is misplaced because he’s advocating the use of solutions still within the compass of the providers of the original problem.

The Underclass was specifically and deliberately created to become what it now is. Too many hapless people have been subsumed into it whether they were aware of that or not, over the last 40-50 years or so. Some families comprising parts of it are now three generations old. It was a purposeful ad strategically-focussed creation, to do what it now does: absorb vast resources wrested from taxation, cause the employment of legions of GramscoFabiaNazis, and provide a votariat (which preferably can’t read postal-voting-forms) for the paymasters of the apparatchiks to keep british governments taxing real workers to pay for all this GFN superstructure.

Sometimes I wonder why I bother to write this stuff over, and over, and over again. And again. So that’s why I say it’s too late.

Richard Blake in Hungarian

Blake, Richard:
Róma – Az összeesküvés

· 552 oldal
· ISBN: 9789632541440
· Ulpius-ház, 2011

Egy titkos társaság elárulja Rómát… Egy ember felfedi a titkot… A birodalom sorsa eldőlt… Az Úr 609. éve. Rómát háborúk és járványok súlytják, a bizánci császár és a pápa között folyó hatalmi harcok emésztik. Ebben az ingoványos helyzetben érkezik Angliából az Örök Városba az ifjú Alarik, egy misszionárius segítőjeként. Apját megölték, örökségét kisajátították, szerelmétől elszakították – ő pedig egy eretnek összeesküvésbe keveredik, végzetes következményekkel. Árulás, gyilkosság, felségsértési per, a háttérben pedig Róma, dicső múltjával és toprongyos jelenével. Richard Blake RÓMA című trilógiája a történelem egyik legsötétebb, legkegyetlenebb és legdicsőbb korszakába vezet; filmszerűen láttatva egy birodalom felvirágzását és bukását. Róma, ahogy sosem láttad még.

Compensating the British for slavery

David Davis

I have had occasion, this morning, to get very annoyed over at Facebook about what some jumped-up-politicoWoman has been saying over in Jamaica.

It appears that the old lie, told often enough and being a big enough lie, about how the British have been the prime-movers of slavery, persists. Frankly I’m not surprised. Two reasons come to mind:-

(1) We as a people are far, far too busy keeping on doing what we do, which is to keep buggering on and working and doing stuff and inventing things and selling other stuff, to be able to devote much time and energy to defending our reputation. We sort of take that as read. We _/Taught The World How To Live/_  , as I never tire of saying. It should be utterly obvious to all on the Planet that we were, are and will be for always, good people. We are So Unlike GramscoFabiaNazis***, most of whom are British sadly and shamefully, and who do harm out of all proportion to their numbers, and who are axiomatically not good.

(2) Socialism, in its various strategically-morphing-disguises, as is natural for Evil to want to adopt from time to time, is a specifically anti-English phenomenon. To be anti-liberal, as opposed to be anti-English-Civilization-culture-and-thought, is a mere triviality, a mere minor generality by contrast. It’s the various modern forms of socialism that have most orgasmically-jumped, salivating and ejaculating, onto the antislavery bandwaggon, carrying anti-Englishness with them while nobody noticed they’d got it in their swagbags and could take it off them first. We were, as I said, too busy to notice.

Continuing to tolerate this level of libel, slander and malicious defamation without riposte is strategic ideological madness. It does two things:

(a) it causes onlookers to think there may be something in the charges against us. Mud sticks: you can’t help it. Sticking is, after all, what mud is for.

(b) it lulls the attackers into thinking they have kicked and booted us on a weak spot and that they are actually right, even though they know full well that they aren’t.

Does anyone on here, all of you being super-intelligent, have anything to offer about a solution to this problem?

***They will have to go, but it will unfortunately take quite some time, and there may be an Endarkenment Stage in which they’d have to prevent their stray children being killed and eaten by starving mobs who have re-learned how to operate in the dark with rushlights, while their searchlights are out and their Argentinian-plastic-mined gateways are temprarily down.

Gay marriage versus slavery: discuss

David Davis

The Catholic Church – in these modern times, being as it is, ever able to step straight into whatever dogshit has been laid before it and which everyone else looking on can see clearly – has hit out against “gay marriage”.

I, having been married to two women (and not both at once, plus having had various girlfriends in the interval) feel slightly unqualified on this ground: but to compare it to compare “gay marriage” (an oxymoron I’ll freely admit) to slavery or abortion invites ridicule, and also more assaults from those StaliNazis who’d get rid of “proper” religions (Muslims! Hear me! When they’ve finished with us Christians, you’re all, all of you, next for the cattle-trucks to Belsen! I’m not joking! really!) to replace these with their bloodthirsty, pre-capitalist barbarian Gaian unpleasantnesses.

The only problem about marriage is that states have muscled in in the last 2-300 years, probably to use it as a sort of tax-farming scam by causing the property of more people than merely the Upper-Classes to fall into the taxable-description-net. In Banks, say, in er, say, 1800, I don’t think anybody would have given a stuff about which male 14-year-old decided to shack up in a new (or old) hut or in a corner beyond the animals in either folks’ hut, with which female teen from up the pig-track thataway. They probably didn’t even know exactly how old either one was anyway. These people had nothing much in the way of goods, certainly nothing worth taxing except perhaps a boat and some string and a small patch of thatch-rushes (for the hut.)

“Gay” marriage might have bothered them, for the objective was to make as many babies as possible quickly while the female-teen was shaggable, simply to have enough hands to manage what passed for the harvest every late-August if they were lucky, and if the ice didn’t come, and if half of them hadn’t died before age 8.

I don’t think “gay” marriage bothers libertarians much: so long as the “married gays” don’t bother others by trying to get money off Christians by pretending to want to stay in their hotels where the owners don’t want them, for their own reasons. If people want to “be gay”, it’s their choice. They can even be “glad to be gay”: it’s no skin off my nose. Slavery is probably worse though, than “being glad to be gay”. I note that this churchman who was sounding off has not said anything about who is running slavery today, and where. I may have more to say later.

Essay on Debt from Outside the Mainstream

Note: I’ll begin by saying that this is an essay by someone outside and even hostile to our own tradition. Of course, linking to it here doesn’t constitute any endorsement of what may be its underlying claims, or what its author may have said elsewhere. However, the essay does make a number of interesting points that I’d like to see discussed, even if I may not have the necessary ability myself to discuss them. Continue reading

Watermelons Reviewed

by Richard North

Chapter Six has the intrepid Dellers at the Heartland Institute’s Fourth Annual Conference on Climate Change in Chicago – enjoying the lavish hospitality from Big Oil, or so we are led to believe.

He is amongst principled people, he says, several of whom have become his personal heroes. And the last thing he wants to do is make them feel unwanted. Nevertheless, he goes on to attempt just that. It really doesn’t matter how many brilliant papers Roy Spencer produces on cloud cover feedback, he writes: Continue reading

Who are these people?

Dunno, but they rule us!

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