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Phew, What a Scorcher!

by Richard North Continue reading

Mr Blake Does It Again!

Sword of Damascus
by Richard Blake
Published by Hodder & Stoughton
Paperback Edition: 16th February 2012
432pp, £7.99
Kindle Version £6.99
ISBN: 978-1444709681

Richard Blake’s novel The Sword of Damascus, has now been published in paperback by Hodder & Stoughton. His earlier novels have been translated into Spanish, Italian, Greek, Hungarian, Slovak and Complex Chinese. This is the fourth in his series of critically-acclaimed and internationally best-selling historical thrillers. Continue reading

End War by Ending the State

by David D’Amato

Much has been made of last Thursday’s announcement that, as reported by the New York Times, the US Department of Defense will take its “first major step toward shrinking its budget after a decade of war.” The plan represents only a minor modification (if even that), but has been presented — by both its proponents and detractors in the US political establishment — as a veritable sea change. Continue reading

Cultural Pessimism

by D.J. Webb

A nation in decline

England is a nation in decline, and as much as conservatives hope for the leadership to emerge that could stem the decline and encourage a cultural renaissance, we know in our bones that this will not, or cannot, happen. Patriotism seems to contain the seeds of its own antidote: revulsion—revulsion against what England has become. Just like Winston Smith in George Orwell’s novel 1984, who dreamt of the ‘Golden Country’,England is for us an image far removed from the country around us. If we love that image, we have to recoil from the Real England that surrounds us in our daily lives. We feel less and less confidence that there is any real thread of connection between the Golden Country and the Real England of today. Would a conservative be prepared to fight for a country such asEngland today? And if so, why? Out of nostalgia? Or confusion? Continue reading

Why Does Spam Have to be so Self-Parodic?

by Sean Gabb

I’ve just deleted this one:

New comment on your post “Emma West, immigration and the Liberal totalitarian state” Author : Blonde Girl Porn (IP: , E-mail : URL : Whois : Comment: Thank you for some other informative web site. The place else could I get that type of info written in such a perfect way? I’ve a challenge that I am just now operating on, and I’ve been at the look out for such info.

Stop and Search – What You Should Know

Stop and Search – What You Should Know

[The below information can be downloaded in .pdf format and printed in a handy card format by clicking here.] Continue reading

Thomas Jefferson: Libertarian Wordsmith

Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826):  Libertarian Wordsmith
Peter Richards

Libertarian Heritage No. 28


A letter from you calls up recollections very dear to my mind.  It carries me back to the times when, beset with difficulties and dangers, we were fellow-laborers in the same cause, struggling for what is most valuable to man, his right of self-government.1 Continue reading

Review of The Iron Lady

Note: This review is not by a libertarian. However, it tells us clearly enough that the film is best avoided. My own thoughts on Margaret Thatcher are divided. On the one hand, she made us more than ever a military satrapy of the United States; her at best tepid libertarian rhetoric disguised our transformation from liberal social democracy to authoritarian corporatism; she may not even have noticed the growth of PC ideology and its institutional entrenchment – she certainly did nothing to restrain it. On the other, I do believe she meant well in ways that Major/Blair/Brown/Cameron obviously do not.

I did discuss all this a few years ago with Norman Tebbit. His response was that the economic mess they took over in 1979 was so big that there was no choice but to deal with it to the exclusion of all other issues. He told me to put aside all benefit of hindsight and see things from the perspective of 1980. Hardly anyone took multiculturalism and ecototalitarianism seriously. But the Soviet Union was still there, and showing no signs of imploding. There was a fiscal crisis and high inflation. The labour market was rigid. The unions were out of control. The Thatcherites saw their job as winning a set of battles that had been running since 1945. They had no time to worry about what might come next.

I can’t say I’m convinced, but it was a good defence. Certainly, when MHT resigned, I retired to the gents at work for a few manly sobs. I don’t propose to go and watch a film that sounds like more lefty triumphalism. One film I would go and see is “The Trial and Execution of Tony Blair.” Mrs Streep would make a good Cherie! SIG Continue reading

Bailing out the Bonuses?

Bailing out the Bonuses?
by D.J. Webb

The £1m bonus to be received by Stephen Hester, chief executive of the Royal Bank of Scotland, 83% owned by the taxpayer, raises interesting issues for libertarians. Continue reading

LA Pointless Numberplate watch, no-2356b

David Davis

SIIIY JD…..B4 WEE (really)…..B4 14 SUE (conjures up worrying scenarios of interest to social workers, that one.)

Against Central Bank Independence

by David Webb

Hungary has come under EU pressure to reverse its attempt to bring its central bank under democratic control. I suppose you could say the  EU is consistent in that it wants monetary affairs conducted away from the glare of publicity–there is no democratic input into the European  Central Bank either. Of course, Hungary is not a member of the eurozone and so should be free to do as it pleases in monetary affairs, but, given its financial difficulties, the country is vulnerable to EU pressure not to dismantle the undemocratic technocracy, of which independent central banking is one element. Continue reading

Shadow People: Attacks On Humans Increasing

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My novel, The Break, is a story of largely supernatural catastrophe. No shadow people here, but plenty of action, various scummy politicians, and a happy ending. SIG

Note: Will it bring men in white coats knocking on my door if I say that I “saw” such creatures when I was a very young child? That doesn’t mean I believe in their existence. Seeing things that aren’t there and can’t be there may be a part of tuning the human mind. But it’s interesting to read that others have seen them. Mr Blake describes one in his Blood of Alexandria. SIG

Second Note (26th April 2012): I’m reblogging this because people won’t stop looking at it. Continue reading

The Corporate State: A House Divided Against Itself

by Kevin Carson

The present historic epoch is one of transition from authoritarian institutions like states and corporations, to a society of self-organized networks and voluntary associations. As in any historic transition, second-order variables introduce high levels of turbulence to the process. Continue reading

The Boy Friend

Ken Russell was frequently maddening. On the other hand, he could make his actors do the most uncharacteristic and even astonishing things. Here, for example, is Twiggy giving what I think is the best ever performance of All I Do the Whole Night Through.

Mrs Gabb and I watched the whole of The Boy Friend on telly last night. All else aside, it may be her only collaboration with Ken Russell in which Glenda Jackson keeps all her clothes on….

Still here

David Davis

I don’t know really how people who have stuff to do can find enough time to blog. At least it’s rather easier today than trying to keep a “diary”. Does anyone remember those? And you couldn’t even publish them. Not easily anyway.

We are embarrassed by the lack of content put up by us this last few days, but there are always other things that need to be done.


Thoughts on Privatisation

by David Webb

Privatisation of services – which is basically what libertarians are calling for, along with an elimination of personal taxation – suffers from the key flaw that the bureaucratisation of our society extends to the private sector too: just because they are privatised, services do not have to be efficiently run, with lean management teams. Continue reading

Libertarian Alliance Personal Numberplate watch edition 203a/5

David Davis

K4MAL (must be a Lebanese restaurateur), K9REN (seen a few weeks earlier but forgotten), WI6AN M, followed closely by another similar WW Beetle called WI6AN W (driven by a girl.) Hint: think famous coalfields.)

No: we are interested in the interesting ones. KEN 699P does not cut the cake, nore does J233 RON, or P333 SHE. These are merely unimaginative and cheap.

Nadine Dorries MP and the Quest for Sexual Abstinence

by Sean Gabb

I have just heard that Nadine Dorries has withdrawn her Sex Education (Required Content) Bill. If passed, this would have required schoolgirls to discuss abstinence in the classroom. The summary of the Bill taken from the UK Parliament website is as follows: Continue reading

Change You can believe in….

Walter E. Kaegi: Emperor of Byzantium

Heraclius: Emperor of Byzantium
Walter E. Kaegi
Cambridge University Press, 2003, 380pp
ISBN 0 521 81459 6
Reviewed by Richard Blake

This is the first biography of Heraclius in over a century, and the first ever in English. That a biography was worth writing should be clear from the book’s cover note: Continue reading

What War with Iran Might Look Like

Note: Most Englishmen who comment on American politics fit themselves into the world view of either the Republican or Democrat Parties. Therefore, most English comment on Mr Obama proceeds on the assumption that what he has done to America is supremely good or supremely bad. But I am not pro-American. I judge American politics purely by their impact on England.

For this reason, I regard Mr Obama as an excellent American President, and very much hope he wins the next election. He may have turned America into more of a police state than his opponents would have done. He may simply have turned it into a different sort of police state from the one his opponents had in mind. I don’t care. I’m not an American. I don’t live in America. What happens there is, in itself, of no more consequence to me than what happens in Ecuador or Nigeria. What I do like about Mr Obama, however, is that he is the first American President in over 30 years who has not started any wars. Doubtless, he has not made the world a safer place. But he has done little to make it even more dangerous than he found it.

Since Ron Paul will not be the Republican candidate this year, the American presidential election will be a contest between a man who has started no wars, and whatever unwrapped mummy has bellowed the loudest that he will go to war with Iran/North Korea/Russia/China/Somalia/Cuba, etc, etc. Unless you really want the world to be blown up because “Jesus would have done it,” I suggest it isn’t much of a contest.

Sooner or later, the dollar will collapse, and America will complete its long transition from barbarism to decadence. We shall all then be able to forget the nightmare of its hegemony, except as a threat to naughty children – “Eat up your greens, or the Americans will come and bomb you!” For the moment, Mr Obama is easily the safest pair of hands in Washington. I may even donate £25 to his re-election fund. SIG Continue reading

Justin Raimondo on Libertarian Strategy

by Justin Raimondo

To begin with, the idea that you and the rest of the “bleeding heart libertarians” on this blog are libertarians is the result of a misunderstanding. Are we really supposed to take seriously a “libertarian” who proposes licensing parents by the State? Puh-leeze.

Secondly, your “argument” in favor of the “trickle down” theory — that libertarians must convert “the intellectuals” in order to make any long lasting change — is dishonest, self-serving, and just plain false. After all, since jobs in the realm of ideas are rare and much sought after, and since most of these coveted positions are financed by money-bags with an agenda of their own (often in conflict with libertarianism), “intellectuals” are easily bribed, and the majority naturally tend to act as apologists for power. He who pays the piper calls the tune.

Third, your argument is incredibly self-serving: since you are doubtless the recipient of financial largesse from IHS, what you’re saying is: “Please don’t give any money to the Paul campaign: instead, you should give it to me.” That is your argument, boiled down to its essentials: why not come out and say it?

What has your panties in a bunch is the indisputable fact that Paul’s success is due precisely to the incredible success of the Rothbardian-Rockwellian “right wing populist” strategy which you and your fellow “bleeding hearts” despise: all those “yahoos” snot-nose Jeffrey Friedman hates are rallying around Paul’s libertarian banner! Horrors! Well, isn’t that just tough: you and your “left-libertarian” cronies don’t own the libertarian label, and never did.

“Bleeding heart libertarianism” is a device whereby a bunch of spoiled Kochotopus-funded nonentities hope to get tenure by convincing your commie colleagues in the faculty lounge that libertarianism is just another form of leftism. Well, good luck with that, because you’ll need it. In the meantime, you’ll pardon the rest of us as we ignore IHS and give our support to the Paul camaign.

Oh, and by the way: your efforts to reach out to the “left” are being surpassed by the Paul campaign, as progressives like Tom Hayden, Glen Greenwald, John Walsh, and a host of others defend Paul from the vicious attacks you and your ilk are promoting. So please

History of an Idea

Continue reading

Spiked: Falsely Claiming to Oppose the Race Relations Industry

Spiked: Falsely Claiming to Oppose the Race Relations Industry
David Webb

Cultural Notes No. 57

An occasional publication of the Libertarian Alliance,
Suite 35, 2 Lansdowne Row, Mayfair, London, W1J 6HL.

ISBN 9781856376440

ISSN 0267-677X (print)
ISSN 2042-2539 (online)

© 2012: Libertarian Alliance, David Webb

David Webb studied Chinese and Russian at Leeds University, where he was involved in Marxist politics. He has since become a conservative writer, contributing to The Salisbury Review and Right Now!, and more recently contributing extensively to the Libertarian Alliance blog. He lived for four years in China (Tianjin, Kunming and Chengdu) and now writes freelance on Chinese politics and economics.

The views expressed in this publication are those of its author, and not necessarily those of the Libertarian Alliance, its Committee, Advisory Council or subscribers.


Bad teachers, or just bad curricula?

David Davis

“Bad teachers should be sacked within weeks”, it says in the Daily Mail which didn’t print my comment, probably because I broke “Godwin’s Law” and used the N-word. But I said it on Facebook anyway:-

The main problem is not “bad teachers”. Bad teachers are “a” problem, but not “the” problem. “The” problem is bad, mendacious, self-important, twaddle-laden, Nazi “syllabuses”, set by governments that think they ought to be “delivering” education. This is compounded and entrenched by making today’s teachers all pass a qualifcation in practical Marxism, provided during “teacher training”, otherwise they can’t become “accredited”, whatever that means….

More personalised number plates

David Davis

All observed in the last month or so, in Lancashire and Liverpool.

X 4 DC X….BI6 ROB….MI55 CDW….STO3 LEN (really)….PI MMP (yes really)….MAR6E (I think)….J8YNE….others to follow when I can find the scrap of paper on the dashboard.

Sean Gabb: On Defending “The Indefensible”

Free Life Commentary,
A Personal View from
The Director of the Libertarian Alliance
Issue Number 217
12th January 2012

On Defending “The Indefensible”
by Sean Gabb

During the past month, I have spent much of my time as Director of the Libertarian Alliance speaking up for the rights of Emma West – theSouth London“Tram Lady” – and of the alleged murderers of Stephen Lawrence. Because of this, I have received several e-mails of denunciation. I normally ignore criticism. However, since I may spend at least the next few years defending the rights of people who are regarded as unspeakably evil by the ruling class and all who stand in awe of the ruling class, it may be useful if I say something in my own defence. Continue reading

A Year of Wonders — And Another to Come?

by Kevin Carson

Looking back on the events of 2011, I have to keep reminding myself it wasn’t a dream. Continue reading

I should post less often

David Davis

Interesting it is, how, when one of mine hits the top here, the LA site-stats go down to less than 40 views an hour. (That is //total views//, not “unique” ones not previously logged.) Otherwise, they chug merrily along at 80-120 views an hour, and sometimes many more than that, specially when the Director has put something up! I will henceforth write less often, but try to be //better!//

Idea: please tell me in the comments what you might like me to write (or not write) about!

Lollipop ladies and hidden agendas

David Davis

In the 1950s, when “lollipop ladies” were invented, they’d collect about 20 or 30 children and pedestrians on the sidewalk, which would only take a couple of minutes at school run time: then they’d stride out and stop the traffic for say 20 or 30 seconds while everybody crossed in a gaggle.

The local one who “did” the A24 London Road outside my school, told me that she was “not to stop the traffic more than is absolutely necessary!” When asked why by us boys, she said that it would be considered both rude and inconvenient to “motorists”.

These days, one detects a sort of hysterically-driven urge on their part to step out and halt (much much denser) vehcle-streams at the mere appearance on the horizon of a couple of – or even one – pedestrian(s). The resultant traffic flow is both slower, even denser and lumpier, and vastly more jerky. The droid itself – resplendent in bilious yellow spacecuit and Gestapo-looking peaked cap, seems to be permanently in oscillatory motion to and from across the highway.

Perhaps they’ve been ordered to inconvenience the traffic as much as possible, maybe to cause deliberate “congestion”, so that further charges may be brought in? Since “Councils” soviets now employ these buggers, and are of course riddled to the core with the destroying-worm of GreeNazism and other forms of socialism, there’s grounds for suspecting an anti-car conspiracy. Can anyone else comment on this?

World without End

Note: The political and intellectual classes of the English-speaking world seem to have become a mass of credulous buffoons. What they are trying to learn from the Mayans is of far less importance than what we should learn from them. SIG Continue reading

An end to racism

David Davis

“Racism”, as we all know, is an artificial crime manufactured on purpose by the GramscoStaliNazi left. It’s a device with which to selectively, and in a strategically-focussed order, demonize and ultimately eliminate the culture, and even the very existence of, unfavoured groups such as classical liberals. The Last Ditch deguts it effectively here.

Marriage: The State v Contract and Religion

by Thomas Knapp

2012′s Republican US presidential candidates are, to a man, opposed to legal recognition of same-sex marriage. Continue reading

Libertarian Alliance Author in the News

Going for Pearl!

Mrs Gabb and I have been married for nineteen years today. Fortunately, I was the first to remember this!

Because our blog-style is so stark, and regarding the existence of corporations.

David Davis

…You may not have noticed there’s a new page listed at the top, just below the banner. It’s called “Quickie on Corporations“. For most of you it’s self-explanatory, but one of the tables of Chimpanzee-Type-writers, in the Nissen hut, will get down to writing a proper defence of that position as soon as can be managed.

More on the Public Sector Looters

By David Webb

It is rather galling during the recession to read of telephone number payouts to senior police officers–who are, in all cases, individuals who have allowed high levels of crime to flourish. None of them has sought to return the low levels of crime that were normal until the 1960s to British streets. Yet they are not so remiss when it comes to picking up their own emoluments. Continue reading

Stephen Lawrence, Gary Dobson, David Norris and a political trial

Stephen Lawrence, Gary Dobson, David Norris and a political trial
Robert Henderson

The conviction of Gary Dobson and David Norris for the murder of Stephen Lawrence is a savage and sinister travesty of justice. That is not because the defendants are necessarily innocent . What is profoundly worrying is the decision to prosecute regardless of the feeble quality of the new evidence, the placing in double jeopardy of Dobson (who had been formally acquitted in 1996 of the murder when a private prosecution was brought) , the general difficulties of a trial held 18 years after the event, the all too perniciously potent legacy of the Macpherson Report and the almost continuous media circus which has accompanied the Lawrence killing for nearly 19 years and repeatedly savaged the reputation of the defendants . Continue reading

The rot sets in, but be of good cheer, for it usually takes quite some time.

David Davis

The Last Ditch is worth visiting from time to time. Sadly, since Tom Paine’s (that’s his screen name, as it were) wife died, he’s been writing less. I hope he recovers his former zeal for intellectually-flogging the guts out of our enemies, the GramscoStaliNazis.

A recent one is good reading, about the awful slow-motion-descent of the USA into modern British-style post-socialist horror and unredemption.


The basic right-wing populist insight is that we live in a statist country and a statist world dominated by a ruling elite, consisting of a coalition of Big Government, Big Business, and various influential special interest groups. More specifically, the old America of individual liberty, private property, and minimal government has been replaced by a coalition of politicians and bureaucrats allied with, and even dominated by, powerful corporate and Old Money financial elites (e.g., the Rockefellers, the Trilateralists); and the New Class of technocrats and intellectuals, including Ivy League academics and media elites, who constitute the opinion-moulding class in society. In short, we are ruled by an updated, twentieth-century coalition of Throne and Altar, except that this Throne is various big business groups, and the Altar is secular, statist intellectuals, although mixed in with the secularists is a judicious infusion of Social Gospel, mainstream Christians. The ruling class in the State has always needed intellectuals to apologize for their rule and to sucker the masses into subservience, i.e., into paying the taxes and going along with State rule. In the old days, in most societies, a form of priestcraft or State Church constituted the opinion-moulders who apologized for that rule. Now, in a more secular age, we have technocrats, “social scientists,” and media intellectuals, who apologize for the State system and staff in the ranks of its bureaucracy.

BBC News – PIP breast implants: UK government says ‘no evidence’ to remove implants

by Sean Gabb

“If I had no right to fondle these breast implants when they were put in, why should I be obliged to pay for them to be taken out?” Critically discuss this statement.

PIP breast implants: UK government says ‘no evidence’ to remove implants

BBC News – PIP breast implants: UK government says ‘no evidence’ to remove implants

The deaths of Richard Everitt and Stephen Lawrence: compare and contrast

Note: I am writing a detailed piece on the convictions in the Lawrence case. There is some rather interesting comments in the Macpherson report about the forensic examination of garments etc see RH Continue reading

The Stephen Lawrence Murder “Trial” – Political Justice at Work

Note: Had I been on the jury, I would have refused, regardless of the evidence, to convict the alleged killers of St Stephen Lawrence. So these men could be dragged into court for their show trial, an ancient and essential principle of English law had to be overturned – the principle that a man cannot be tried twice for the same alleged offence. For this reason alone, the whole process was illegitimate. It should have been the duty of any Englishman empanelled on that jury to acquit. That the “evidence” supplied was a sick joke from beginning to end should have been only an additional reason the throw the case out. Sean Gabb Continue reading

Opinion: Liberating the land – prosperity through Rigorous Liberalism

By Jock Coats

The central tenet of what I call “Rigorous Liberalism” is that a truly liberal state would seek to eradicate economic, social and class barriers to equal opportunity before creating more government programs to subsidise people at a disadvantage in markets distorted by decades or centuries of privilege and rent-seeking. Continue reading

Mic Check: I See What You Did There

by Thomas Knapp

As right-wing talk radio host Rush Limbaugh loves to note, words mean things. What they mean isn’t always obvious, of course. Meanings change over time. Gaps between usage and reality are open to exploitation and abuse. One key task of any movement for change is to close those gaps — to help people accurately identify words with the phenomena they actually describe. Continue reading

The Law — War By Other Means

by Kevin Carson

Law is no longer — if it ever was — about the ostensible reason the law was passed. It is simply a toolkit for achieving the real objectives of the state. The state starts with those real objectives, then searches the full range of technical capabilities presented by the letter of existing law to find a useful weapon. Continue reading

PC Britain: The Racial Double Standard

by Robert Henderson

White attacker/non-white victim = racist motive:
non-white attacker/white victim = no racist motive

An Indian student Anuj Bidve was shot dead in Salford (Greater Manchester) on 26 December 2011. The attacker is described as white. The police have admitted that they have no grounds for believing that the crime was racially motivated but have classified it as a “hate crime”, viz: “Chief Superintendent Kevin Mulligan, divisional commander for Salford, said: “We have not established a clear motive for the senseless murder of Anuj, and there is no definitive evidence pointing to it being racially motivated. However, we are treating this as a hate crime based on the growing perceptions within the community it was motivated by hate.” ( Continue reading

Sacrifices are necessary

by Richard North

The Financial Times and others have reports of “Europe’s leaders” and their New Year addresses, warning that 2012 “was likely to be tougher than 2011″. Sarkozy says the gravest crisis Europe has faced since the second world war “is not over” and Merkel admits “next year will no doubt be more difficult than 2011″.

Merkel adds: “The path to overcoming this won’t be without setbacks, but at the end of this path, Europe will emerge stronger from the crisis than before”.

The biggest dollop of BS, though, comes from Italy’s Giorgio Napolitano, who tells his audience that, “Sacrifices are necessary to ensure the future of young people, it’s our objective and a commitment we cannot avoid”.

I do love these fully paid-up members of the political classes, collectively responsible for creating the mess of a lifetime then telling us that, in order to clean it up, “sacrifices are necessary” – while they are themselves living in the lap of luxury.

Yet it does seem to me that sacrifices are necessary … the kind more familiar to the Aztecs. But forget the virgins … senior politicians sound a much better idea. There should be no limit to the number of sacrifices made here. One from each of the member states would do for a start.

Sean Gabb in BBC Radio 5 Debate on Whether Police Officers Should be Allowed to Use Facebook

BBC Radio 5 Debate on Whether Police Officers Should be Allowed to Use Facebook:

Sean Gabb, speaking on BBC Radio 5 on the 30th December 2011. Continue reading

Sean Gabb in BBC Radio 5 Debate on Disabled Parking

by Sean Gabb

BBC Radio 5 Debate on Disabled Parking:

Sean Gabb, speaking on BBC Radio 5 on the 29th December 2011. Continue reading