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There is no Alternative to a Market Economy

David McDonagh

There is no alternative to the market economy!

Or why Karl Marx was a failure [being a reply to Robin Cox who writes in here as Hood1. He was in the SPGB but he is now a statist who thinks he is an anarchist].

The economic calculation argument [eca] that quite phenomenally Robin Cox still does not understand, despite decades of studying it, is what best indicates that there is no alternative to the market economy. Robin imagines that he does supply a way how free access might work but he shows no sign of even understanding that a method of social cost is needed but he does show plenty of ignorant protest against the fact that the economic problem is demanding, that it makes him feel insecure and the like, all of which leads the reader of his posts in here to think that he is merely attempting to wish the economic problem away.

Robin makes a lot of fuss about being an anarchist but he also seems to go along with ideas like democracy that are a form of government and government implies a state.  It is mere chance that consistent pristine liberalism is anarchy, it is the liberalism rather than the incidental anarchy that matters but it is also a mere fact that men like Bakunin were de facto statists.

Karl Marx set off on a tricky premise when he defined a commodity as production for use as well as exchange, as it saddled him with the true idea that production for profit was thereby always for use too,  Continue reading

The great and the good?

by Richard North

He is a Marxist and was a long-standing member of the now defunct Communist Party of Great Britain and the associated Communist Party Historians Group. As such, he has been (and still is) an apologist for one of the most vile regimes this earth has ever spawned, openly justifying a system responsible for the death of 15-20 million people, and denying the extent of its crimes against humanity.

Yet Eric Hobsbawm is president of Birkbeck, University of London and recently president of the Telegraph Hay Festival. He was appointed a Companion of Honour in 1998, a British honour unique in that it is the personal gift of the monarch for outstanding achievement in the arts, literature, music, science, politics, industry or religion. And even to this day, he is fêted by the BBC as a great historian.

This being the case, and quite understandably, Your Freedom and Ours believes we have lost the propaganda war. But it also speaks of an establishment that has lost its way, one that has no true idea of values and one which has demonstrated a complete inability to make sound judgements.

We have no lessons to learn from him or the people who support and applaud him, other than that it is quite possible for the establishment to be totally, completely and vilely wrong.

When Fascism Was On the Left

by Keith Preston

The conventional left/right model of the political spectrum holds Fascism and Marxism to be polar opposites of one another. Marxism is regarded as an ideology of the extreme Left while Fascism supposedly represents an outlook that is about as far to the Right as one can go. A title recently translated into English by Portugal’s Finis Mundi Press, Eric Norling’s Revolutionary Fascism, does much to call the perception of Fascism, conceived of as it was by Mussolini and his cohorts, as an ideology of the extreme Right into question. Continue reading

Libertarianism: Thick and Thin

Article by Matt Zwolinksi.

A fairly balanced discussion of “thick vs thin” libertarianism from a generally “thin” perspective. Continue reading

Self-Serving Fake Tory Scum at Work

by Richard North

The difference between this approach and this tells you all you need to know about the nature of modern government – and the character of David Cameron Esq.

Labour and the Living Wage

by David D’Amato

CNNMoney reports (“Minimum wage increases for workers in eight states,” December 23) that “[w]hile some workers are worried about smaller paychecks next year, more than 1.4 million low-income earners will see their wages go up on New Year’s Day.” The story notes that these jumps emerge at a time when “the fate of the payroll tax cut [remains] in limbo.” Continue reading

Alcohol Pricing: Better England Free than England Sober


Libertarian Alliance News Release
Release Date: Wednesday 28th December 2011
Release Time: Immediate

Contact Details: Dr Sean Gabb, 07956 472 199, sean


The Libertarian Alliance, the radical free market and civil liberties institute, today condemns proposals to make it harder for poor people to buy alcohol. The proposals include higher taxes, compulsory minimum prices for drink, further controls on advertising, and power to close down retailers. The only disagreement between the three main parities is how far they wish to go. Continue reading

The Whole World is Watching – the Diggers, the Occupiers, Some Chinese Protesters

by Kevin Carson

In 1649 at St. George’s Hill in England, as recounted in the revolutionary anthem “,” a band of landless peasants who called themselves the Diggers tore down enclosures, built themselves cottages, and began spading up land to grow food. Their goal was to set an example for the people of England, to throw off their chains and reclaim their ancient birthright. They were eventually driven off by the local Lord of the Manor, but they survive in memory as heroes in the bloody five thousand year war between those who claim to own the Earth and those who live and work in it. Continue reading

Kindle and Eye Strain

by Sean Gabb

Pretty to look at. A bitch to use with pdf files. I have horrid eye strain. Any advice before Mrs Gabb sends it back?

Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin

by Kevin Carson

Since passage of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act in 1998, the Lords of Scarcity have given us one demonstration after another of the totalitarian lengths they’re willing to go to — that they’re driven to, in fact — to preserve their system of power. Continue reading

The Libertarian Alliance Christmas Message 2011

David Davis

It’s that time again, after about five minutes, these days. Each year I try as sort of self-appointed Blogmaster to say some apposite and calming or perhaps narcolepsy-inducing things, to you all, about the state of the world: and in particular Britain, which is where most of us that scribble on here live.

It’d be really nice, and such a gas, to report things like “Landslide victory as Revolutionary-Liberalist party sweeps to power in Scotland…three million public-sector-workers to be made redundant this morning” (cue: Daily Mail photo of endless lines of labelled binliners on street outside office block in Glasgow or somewhere), or even “Cameron declares UDI from the EU: five million UK-council-liaison-officers and staffs to receive P45s by tomorrow, by text”. (cue: more photos of rows of binliners.)

But unfortunately I can’t.

Ought we to derive cheer from the way Cameron diffidently said “no (“er well, not today then, in front of the jounralists”…) to the EU fellas the other week? Let’s not be hasty: we don’t know what’s been cooked up round the back while we weren’t looking, and they thing they’re coming for another £25 billion in the meantime (more than the “cuts” actually.) But at least the underlying, increasingly fractious opposition to our continued EU membership has been somewhat emboldened. With a little luck it may boil over before it’s too late.

And we can rejoice in the death of the late Kim Jong-Il’s last useful body-double: so the wicked, smirking, fawning buggers in too-large-peaked-caps, always accompanied by some terrified little woman with a pen and notepad. They’ll have to get some other short fat unsmiling bloke to be worshipped.

And at least Barack Obama is becoming more unpopular by the day, as a previously fairly sound USA begins to unravel around him. Not that we should be glad about that either. The destiny of the USA is so important, and the identity of its President so crucial, that I have often argued for known classical-liberally-inclined UK voters to be given a share of the US’s electing-franchise. Another thing on the wish-list that’s not going to come about this coming year.

Well. It’s time for the Queen in a minute. Sorry that this year’s Christmas “state of the Union” is a bit rushed and rather devoid of Olympian viewpoints on global libertarianism. I’ll try to do better next year.

Merry Christmas to All!

Guardian Readers Snarling through Bars of Their Intellectual Cage

The Guardian home

Taking liberties with the concept of freedom, Friday 23 December 2011

It was amusing to read Sean Gabb of the so-called Libertarian Alliance proclaim the need for “exposing your readers to genuine libertarian positions” (Letters, 21 December). If that were done, they would discover that libertarian was originally coined by a French communist-anarchist in 1857, over one hundred years before the propertarian right in America appropriated it for their hierarchical ideology. To quote leading propertarian Murray Rothbard: “we … had captured a crucial word from the enemy … ‘Libertarians’ … had long been simply a polite word for … anti-private property anarchists … But now we had taken it over.” Continue reading

A Christmas Appeal from Private Eye

The Myth of the Rule of Law and the Future of Repression

by Keith Preston

Richard’s post, “Obama’s Ennabling Act,” raises some interesting questions regarding the significance of the recently passed National Defense Authorization Act, and its probable impact, that I believe merit further discussion. The editorial issued on December 17 by the editors of Taki’s Magazine, “The Government v. Everyone,” represents fairly well the shared consensus of critics of the NDAA whose ranks include conservative constitutionalists and left-wing civil libertarians alike. While I share the opposition to the Act voiced by these critics, I also believe that Richard is correct to point out the questionable presumptions regarding legal and constitutional theory and alarmist rhetoric that have dominated the critics’ arguments. Continue reading

Why we must leave the European Union

By Richard North

There are many highly principled reasons why we should leave the EU, but down amongst the weeds, there are equally important practical reasons why we should get out as fast as possible. One such is the absurdity bordering on the insane of the ECJ ruling on car insurance for women with favourable terms prohibited by the EU’s Gender Directive, even though women present less costly risks to insurers. Continue reading

Scott Crow. Black Flags and Windmills

by Kevin Carson

Scott Crow. Black Flags and Windmills: Hope, Anarchy, and the Common Ground Collective (PM Press, 2011).

I’m writing a book about how networked communications enable self-organized groups to take on functions that once (supposedly) required large, hierarchical, capital-intensive institutions. One of the functions I’m examining is disaster relief. I recall, from the very outset of Katrina, reading about how the agencies offifically tasked with aiding the victims of that disaster were actually treating them as the enemy: putting NOLA under lockdown, turning refugees attempting to flee the city back at gunpoint, turning would-be volunteers and helpers away at gunpoing, and suppressing self-organized groups in the city as if they were criminal gangs. So when I was invited to read and review an anarchist’s account of those events, I jumped at the chance. Continue reading

General Idea of the Revolution in the Twenty-First Century

by David D’Amato

Humanity has had to live, and civilization to develop, for six thousand years, under this inexorable system, of which the first term is Despair and the last Death. What secret power has sustained it? What force has enabled it to survive? What principles, what ideas, renewed the blood that flowed forth under the poniard of authority, ecclesiastic and secular? Continue reading

Sean Gabb in The Guardian – “Free Yourselves from the Lefty Ghetto!”

Free yourselves from the lefty ghetto

Letter from Sean Gabb, Director of the Libertarian Alliance Continue reading

Castration Might Bring Us Better Politicians

Note: I could make a list of politicians who ought to be castrated – but I am sure everyone will agree that it would, in all cases, have been better had their fathers been castrated instead. SIG Continue reading

NSFW pub-locator

David Davis

This is quite funny. H/t Man Widdecombe.

I must admit to you all: I never really understood “what a Noam Chomsky is for”.

David Davis

And, or but, this little snippety-flashbacky-thing encompasses something useful – that he drove Christopher Hitchens towards proper Classsical-liberalism.

Council Tax and the Law

Council Tax and the Law:
The Off-White Though Still Very Sharp
Teeth of the British State
By David Webb

I sent a long email to a Conservative councillor about council tax summons – and the way they are automated by the council computer system without judicial oversight (a magistrate has to review the evidence before each summons is sent out – pretty impossible when 4m of these summons are being sent out a year – I don’t expect there is even a pro forma attempt at getting the summons signed off by the courts; I expect the courts have ‘agreed’ that the council computers should just send out summons letters without judicial oversight); the way in which council tax cases in magistrates courts are illegally conducted by council officials with no magistrates present; and the way in which £70 is charged for the summons although the summons costs £3 [NE Lincolnshire,  a neighbouring area, made £174000 in half an hour from these £70  fees recently  by summoning thousands of people to court for one hearing, and  only 14 turned  up - there is no indication that only 'reasonable costs' are  charged]. Continue reading

French Central Bank tells credit-rating agencies what to do: Libertarian Alliance Joke Of The Day

David Davis

I just thought this was rather funny. One printer of “fiat” money bullying a third party to downgrade another one first.

As nemesis creeps nearer, one feels a certain schadenfreude at the sight and sound of various parts of the Holy Roman Empire throwing their toys out of the pram. But it’d be fair to try and ensure that the poor mulcted German people are spared the indignity of having to foot much of the bill. They haven’t been consulted, after all. Though one should point out to them the need to keep awake…and watch carefully out for those mountebanks (like that one whose name I shan’t mention form 1933) for whom you might carelessly fail to not vote.

Enid Blyton Moves with the Times

How very exciting her works must have become!

Solving the British State “qualifications” problem

David Davis

I mused quietly on Facebook an hour or so ago, and thought I’d share it with all you people. It was stimulated by this.

MY PROPOSALS for “reforming the examination system”…
(1) Each University to set its own papers for “O”-levels and “A”-levels (you read it here first….) The scumbag ones will degrade theirs to get people in, and subsequent employment-failure will get them closed down…
(2) Subjects: Maths, Sciences (all three) Dead White Male English lit and writing, English history + others, Proper Geography (not One-world-MarxoNazism), Classical Greek and/or Latin + Roman history. Anything to do with “adverts” and “media” to be taught by proper ad-professionals and proper journos, not “teachers”. Then we erase the anti-commerce-bias in schools.
(3) Pupils to have completed functionally the entire A-level course in Maths and Science as it now stands, by age 13 (it could be done in the 1940s/50s, and children are no more stupid now than they were then…)
(4) All pupils 13+ to be thrown out of school, absolutely, for 2 years. Get a job, break rocks, learn to be a brickie, stack shelves, start a business, shadow a banker or scientist, cut women’s hair, etc. Bugger off…don’t want you back till you’re 15.
(5) Those few who return, will do 4-6 courses of 2-years+ with exams at the end. As the borders of science increase and expand, the science papers will get longer and more exciting, not shorter and more devoid of content.
(6) Science syllabuses to include (from age 7/8/9 onwards:- trips to blast furnaces, steel-foundries, production-lines, aluminium-smelters, proper chem labs, nuclear power stations, large mechanised farms feeding stadium-sized blast-freezers with peas and sprouts, chip-fabs, car-makers, goods-distribution-hubs, air traffic-control centres and the like. Photos to be taken, and write-ups to be done by all students, o count towards their O-levels.

I know what to do! “Force” supermarkets to build in town centres!

David Davis

There was so much wrong with this woman’s “recommendations” that it was hard to know where to begin fisking her. I’m not even sure if she’s a conservative, let alone a liberal – and she’s clearly not that for certain.

If you “force” supermarkets to build in town centres, then they’ll refuse and take their jobs to Chindobrazilia. If any get built, Bristol mobs will bus in and will torch them anyway.

Here’s what I wrote on the Torygraph:

There’s so much wrong with, and so much smell of socialism about what this woman says (who is she, by the way?) that it’s hard to know where to start fisking her.

People go to “out of town supermarkets (a) because Continue reading

Some Distinctions and Clarifications

by Roderkick Long

I want to talk a bit a bit some of the ways in which left-libertarian claims are susceptible of misinterpretation. (Note: when I use the term “right-libertarian” below, I mean “libertarians who deviate rightward from the C4SS/ALL plumbline”!) Continue reading

Alongside Night film project seeks production crew

From J. Neil Schulman:

Alongside Night, LLC, is now seeking crew, interns, and volunteers for our principal photography of the agorist-themed movie Alongside Night in January and February 2012. Alongside Night is produced, written, and directed by J. Neil Schulman, close ally of Samuel Edward Konkin III, and considered one of the original founders of Agorism. Continue reading

New Book: Welcome to Free America

It is the year 2057, and government in the former United States of America has collapsed. Private businesses have taken over streets, security, schools, the legal system, and defense. After a period of turmoil, a new society has emerged.

“Welcome to Free America” describes life in America 26 years after the collapse of its government. The book is written as a guide for new immigrants who are pouring into America as its free economy booms. “Free America” is not a paradise, but it is prosperous and free, and it manages to function in the complete absence of government. Readers may differ over whether the society described is a utopia or a dystopia.

The author, David Barker, is a former economist for the Federal Reserve with a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Chicago. He taught Real Estate, Urban Economics, Industrial Organization, and Corporate Finance for fourteen years at the University of Chicago and the University of Iowa, and has published several academic papers in peer-reviewed journals. Together with his wife and brother, he runs a $100 million real estate and financial services business. He lives in Iowa with his wife and two children.

“This book deserves to become a popular ‘modern classic’ of political argument. It is an excellent introduction to libertarianism, cleverly and entertainingly cast in the form of a guide to a free America fifty years hence. It is educative, witty, and brimming with new ideas. Professor Barker has clearly thought it all through and not avoided any of the more difficult or controversial issues. The picture painted is not a Utopian ideal by any means. But it is vastly more attractive than the U.S. at present. Barker reclaims the young America’s promise of liberty and repudiates the political interference that has chained and plundered the American people while practicing destructive and costly interventions around the world. Barker’s reborn America is one of which its inhabitants could rightly be proud of the “American way.””

J C Lester (libertarian philosopher and the author of Escape from Leviathan)

“The movie “Atlas Shrugged” tells of what will happen if we do not change our societal ways, which are veering us ever closer to socialism and fascism. The book ” Free America” (there is no movie, yet, but there should be one) tells the tale of what happens when we DO change our institutions in the direction of freedom, liberty, capitalism and private property. The author paints a vivid picture of what liberty means where the rubber hits the road. This is an EXCELLENT read. Buy a copy, and exult in how well the marketplace can provide ALL goods and services. Buy a few copies for your friends.”

Dr. Walter Block, Harold E. Wirth Eminent Scholar Chair in Economics and Professor of Economics, Loyola University New Orleans, author of Defending the Undefendable and The Case for Discrimination.

here is also information available at

That Veto: The story so far
by Richard North
As events unfold on the great “phantom veto” charade, I think we’re getting to the point where we can collect all the disparate pieces and, with a few more recent additional reports, have a fairly good stab at putting the whole story together in one, semi-definitive piece. So here goes.

The story starts not last week, but in May 2010 when Cameron commits to refusing to agree “to the transfer of any sovereignty from Westminster to Brussels as part of any future reforms to EU institutions aimed at protecting the single currency area from economic instability”. Continue reading

Urgent: Call Emory University Campus Police to Protest!

by Kevin Carson

Please call and email to protest the arrest of Joe Diaz, a PhD student at Emory University, who was brutally assaulted in the University Library by campus police, arrested, and held under degrading and punitive conditions. In the library he saw his diminutive friend Alice, surrounded by hulking uniformed officers standing over her as she sat peacefully on the floor. As you can see in the video, he stepped in in a non-confrontational manner, identified himself, and asked if his friend was OK. It immediately escalated into a violent confrontation, initiated by the police, who might have following the script of soldiers storming a living room in a house-to-house search of occupied Baghdad. The cop’s behavior was that of an Alpha Male dog confronting someone who didn’t roll over and show their belly fast enough. Continue reading

Newt Gingrich and the Invention of Politics

by Thomas Knapp

“Remember there was no Palestine as a state,” says Newt Gingrich, current frontrunner for the Republican Party’s US presidential nomination (“Gingrich Describes Palestinian People as ‘Invented,’” Fox News, December 10). “It was part of the Ottoman Empire. And I think that we’ve had an invented Palestinian people …” Continue reading

Introduction to Sean Gabb’s “Literary Essays”

“The purpose of this volume is to bring together some of the essays that I have written during the past decade or so on literary topics. Looking only at the million or so words I have written on political topics, these essays are a minority of my output. However, even if mostly published under other names, I am also a poet and the author of seven novels. I do not regard the contents of this volume as either of great brilliance or great originality. But they may be a useful supplement for those who have read my poetry and fiction and who want to know something about my views on literature in general.”


A Quickie on Corporations

“That corporations are the creatures of the Crown must be universally admitted.” – Lord Kenyon, C.J., King v. Ginever_(1796), 6 T. R. 735.

Big Rupert’s People Caught Lying (again!)

by Sean Gabb

If there’s to be another Cold War with Russia, I know which side I’ll be on this time!

Deliver Occupy from its “Friends”

by Kevin Carson

Mainstream liberals and the Institutional Left frequently criticize the Occupy movement for its lack of public spokespersons and its lack of clear demands. But according to David Graeber, it came very close to having those things — and to being just another protest that fizzled out after a few days. Continue reading

“New Nationalism” and the Corporate Economy

by David D’Amato

Last Tuesday, US President Barack Obama delivered a speech in Osawatomie, Kansas, echoing Theodore Roosevelt’s 1910 sermon in the same town. Roosevelt’s speech, which Robert S. La Forte called “a milestone along the road to the modern all-powerful state,” arraigned the “overdivision of governmental powers” and called for a “New Nationalism.” The president’s symbolism in choosing Osawatomie as venue offers clues about his particular brand of political philosophy. Continue reading

Have Boris Johnson and Angela Merkel ever been seen together?

by Sean Gabb

I think we should be told.

A triple betrayal

by Richard North

Out today is Christopher Booker’s report on the BBC and climate change, appropriately named The BBC and Climate Change: A Triple Betrayal. It has a foreword by Antony Jay and is available online from The Global Warming Policy Foundation.

Left to me, I would not have bothered. Anyone who does not already know that the BBC is about as impartial on climate change – and on many others issues – as Judge Jeffreys on a bad day is either an innocent abroad, or themselves so imbued in warmist propaganda that they are beyond redemption. Continue reading

A New Meaning for “Bank Robbers”

by David D’Amato

BBC News reports that the world’s “big central banks launched plans for co-ordinated action aimed to support the financial system.” Noting that “[b]anks were particular beneficiaries,” the story details the market boost and investor cheers accompanying the news. Continue reading

An Anarcho-Communist Writes

Note: Unless marked confidential, or reasonably implied to be such by its content, any e-mail sent to me should be regarded as open. SIG Continue reading

Emma West, immigration and the Liberal totalitarian state part 2

Emma West, immigration and the Liberal totalitarian state part 2
Robert Henderson

Emma West has been remanded in custody until 3rd of January when she will appear at Croydon Crown Court ( 052333359.html). By 3rd January she will in, effect , have served a custodial sentence of 37 days, regardless of whether she is found not guilty or found guilty and given a non-custodial question. 37 days is not far short of being the equivalent of a three month sentence which, in England, automatically attracts a 50% remission. It often takes burglars in England to be convicted three or even more times of burglary before they receive a custodial sentence. Continue reading

Cameron goes native

Michael Winning

Well it didnt take long did it, Cameron decided that the interests (of him) of government lay best if directed towards schmooxing up to the Europower Elite.

Janet Daley notes there that what John Major, of fond memory, called the “bastards”, that is, the MPs that tried to hold him and the government accountable to epople’s dislike of the treaty of Maastricht and other such stuff,have now gone mainstream. In an increasingly raging torrent, the longer you hold on, the more violent will be your end when you finally get torn off your bush.

More Thoughts on Emma West

Free Life Commentary,
A Personal View from
The Director of the Libertarian Alliance
Issue Number 216
5th December 2011

Thoughts on Emma West:
How to Argue with the Ruling Class
by Sean Gabb

One of the ways in which a ruling class keeps control is its insistence on rules of debate that place opposition at a regular disadvantage. I cannot think of any time or place where opposition voices have been listened to on fully equal terms. In modern England, however, the ruling class and its various clients and useful idiots are particularly rigid in their shepherding of debate. This is so not only because England is an increasingly totalitarian place, but also because the main legitimation ideologies are all obviously false and cannot be exposed to open criticism. Therefore, while speech mostly remains free in the legal sense, it will only be listened to when expressed in terms that privilege the ruling class. Continue reading

FLC204, Brief Reflections on the Revolution in Egypt, Sean Gabb, 12th February 2011

Yawn…. Egypt very foreign…. Not like us at all…. Moslem Brotherhood waiting its chance…. Men in beards…. Settling down at last…. No real change out there…. Business as usual in oil market…. proper light bulbs on sale in Alexandria…. All a good advert for Richard Blake’s Blood of Alexandria…. Yawn – when will there be something else to watch on the telly?

via FLC204, Brief Reflections on the Revolution in Egypt, Sean Gabb, 12th February 2011.

Murray Rothbard says it like it is!

“It is no crime to be ignorant of economics, which is, after all, a specialized discipline and one that most people consider to be a ‘dismal science.’ But it is totally irresponsible to have a loud and vociferous opinion on economic subjects while remaining in this state of ignorance.”

Murray N. Rothbard

Libertarianism: Left or right?

by Sean Gabb

Sean Gabb, speaking to the Manchester Liberty League on the 2nd December 2011. Continue reading

BBC In Cahoots With Climategate

Note: IThe BBC should be shut down. All its staff should be sacked. All its pensions funds should be sequestrated and applied to paying off the national debt. All its copyrights should be disclaimed. All its paper archives should be shredded. SIG  Continue reading

Scrap All Drink Driving Laws!

Libertarian Alliance News Release Friday the 2nd December 2011 Release Time: Immediate Contact: Dr Sean Gabb,, 07956 472 199

Scrap All Drink Driving Laws!

The Libertarian Alliance, the radical free market and civil liberties think tank and pressure group, today calls on the British Government to repeal all laws against drinking and driving. Drivers should be free to drink as much alcohol as they like before and while driving. The Police should be allowed to intervene only if a driver appears from his actions to be a danger to other road users, or if he causes an accident. Continue reading