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Danger, experts at large

by Richard North

Created in 2010 “to provide independent and authoritative analysis of the UK’s public finances”, the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) has supposedly been George Osborne’s secret weapon, keeping him in touch with what is happening in the real world. Continue reading

Cockroach Sam Brownback Scuttles Under Fridge

by Kevin Carson

First it was Lt. John Pike of the UC Davis police, whose fast draw with the pepper spray relegated him to a lifetime of knowing everyone he interacts with secretly regards him as lower than a tapeworm in Satan’s colon. His nationally viewed thuggery, and subsequent transformation into a national icon of E-vill, was a wakeup call for the entire police culture — probably the first lesson to really sink in deep that things are different now. Continue reading

News from L. Neil Smith

“Elephant & Mouse”
Cartoon by Rex May and L. Neil Smith

PUBLISHER’S NOTE, mostly to Georgia and Indiana libertarians …
“The guilty flee where no man pursueth” [Scroll Down A Little] Continue reading

Sean Gabb in The Seoul Times

Wednesday 30th November 2011

Time to Say No: Alternatives to EU Membership
by Ian Milne
Civitas, London, 78pp, £8.00
ISBN: 978-1906837327

Reviewed by Sean Gabb

In its supporting evidence, this is a very useful book. In its overall purpose, it is quite useless. Its former is the claim that British membership of the European Union does not pass any kind of cost-benefit analysis. Our trade outside the EU has been growing much faster than our trade within. This will continue for at least the next generation, as the main EU countries are demographically in decline and, on the whole, stagnant economically. Indeed, taking into account direct and indirect costs of membership, the gains from being part of the Single Market could be negative. In purely economic terms, Britain is better off out. Continue reading

The Tram Video

by Sean Gabb

Being myself a black transgendered lesbian, I have suffered more than my share of hate-filled bigotry. However, while I was physically sick three times before watching the attached video, and am now undergoing five years of counselling for the vileness that it contained, I do suggest that the young woman should not be sent to prison for her comments, nor have her child taken into care.

Instead, I note that The Daily Telegraph has asked its readers to call in with the woman’s name – presumably so it can then be given to the police. I advise people to call the paper’s Advertising Manager on 0207 931 3064, and say that you will never buy another copy of a newspaper that helps enable the punishment of political crimes. The value of telling this to the advertising people is that they really get upset when told about falling circulation.



Economic Notes 112, Free Enterprise: The Antidote to Corporate Plutocracy (2009), by Keith Preston

This essay is a very slightly edited version of the winner of the Libertarian Alliance’s 2008 Chris R. Tame Memorial Prize: “Can a Libertarian Society be Described as ‘Tesco minus the State’?”

via Economic Notes 112, Free Enterprise: The Antidote to Corporate Plutocracy (2009), by Keith Preston.

Stunning New Medical Research: Being American is Bad for You!

Male Circumcision Leads to a Bad Sex Life

Niels Ebdrup
Science Nordic
Mon, 14 Nov 2011 20:47 CST

The Danish study is the first one ever to look into what effect male circumcision has on their female partners. Continue reading

Of pension pots and piss-takers

by His Excellency the Devil

As we all must know by now, a number of unions are striking at some point at the end of this month; I haven’t kept track of which ones because, fundamentally, I have bugger all interaction with the state and so don’t expect to notice anything except a bunch of molly-coddled parasites mouthing off in the centre of London. Continue reading

FLC188, Are the Russians Coming? Brief Thoughts on the Climate Change Scandal, Sean Gabb

Note: I wrote this two years ago, and I think it is pretty clear by now a) that the climate change bubble has burst at the propaganda level; 2) it was the Russian state that put the knife in. For the first and only time, the Russian security services really were ont he side of ordinary working people everywhere….[SIG]

What I predict will happen is that the propaganda will continue for the next few years. But it will be gradually be replaced by a new set of justificatory lies. Global warming itself was the replacement for acid rain pollution, ozone holes, and even global cooling. In the absence of some new environmental claims, I suggest that we shall hear much more for now on about “peak oil” – the notion that fossil fuels exist in limited supplies and that they will run out within the next few generations.

via FLC188, Are the Russians Coming? Brief Thoughts on the Climate Change Scandal, Sean Gabb, 3rd December 2009.

Climate Change: Can We Have Our Money Back?

by Josep C. Verges

“Climate Science Is Settled”

The “science” of climate warming: The UN bandwagon to control the world lost its wheels in Copenhagen. Now renamed extreme weather as there has been no global warming since the last century. Below: UN hockey stick catastrophe: Mann’s tree ring reconstruction eliminated Medieval warming and the subsequent mini ice age while adding real temperatures to increase modern warming. In fact even random numbers makes his model produce a hockey stick graph. Continue reading

Pigs on the Run

by Kevin Carson

For years, the standard drill after a police beating or shooting, when it was a citizen’s word against a cop’s and the cop’s testimony was backed up by his Brothers in Blue, was “administrative leave” with pay for the cop — until a review board found “no evidence of official wrongdoing” and that “all official procedures and policies were followed.” The exceptions — such as the Rodney King beating and the Abner Louima case — were rare cases in which the offending thugs were stupid or careless enough to get caught. Continue reading

Fiction is Mightier than Fact

by L. Neil Smith

I’m primarily a novelist.

I’ve spent my whole professional life, so far, attempting to create stories that will entertain my readers and at the same time advance the cause of individual liberty. And yet if I had a dime for every person who ever told me — usually in a snooty, supercilious tone –”I don’t read fiction”, I wouldn’t worry over my semiannual royalty statements. Continue reading

The Climate Change Scam: Another “hide the decline” Admission

Via Richard North

From John Davies to Phil Jones, Wed 4 July 2007. Continue reading

RSA-USA—Beloved, Benighted Countries

by Derek Turnerâbeloved-benighted-countries/

Into the Cannibal’s Pot – Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa
Ilana Mercer, Seattle: Stairway Press, 2011, hb, 319pp

Ilana Mercer is a well-known controversialist on the American right, who writes a deservedly popular WorldNetDaily column and somehow finds time to maintain both a website and blog. Continue reading

Passive Smoking: A Review of the Evidence

All Party Parliamentary Group
on Smoking and Health
Call for Evidence

Smoking in private vehicles:
Comments on the Peer-reviewed literature

Imperial Tobacco Group

25 October 2011

Republished with permission by the Libertarian Alliance Continue reading

Gabb on Milne’s Time to Say No: Alternatives to EU Membership

by Stephan Kinsella

Gabb on Milne’s Time to Say No: Alternatives to EU Membership

English libertarian Sean Gabb, Director of the Libertarian Alliance, has just published an excellent book review of Ian Milne’s Time to Say No: Alternatives to EU Membership. It’s appended below. Continue reading

Medicine – from Saul Alinsky to EBM

by James Higham

There is SeanGabb’s view, of course [H/T Revolution
]: Continue reading

Ayn Rand, Objectivism and Anarchism

The Facts Of Reality: Logic And History In Objectivist Debates About Government
Nicholas Dykes
Philosophical Notes No. 79
ISSN 0267-7091 1 85637 609 5

An occasional publication of the Libertarian Alliance, Suite 35, 2 Lansdowne Row, Mayfair, London W1J 6HL.

© 2007: Libertarian Alliance; Nicholas Dykes.

Nicholas Dykes is a British-Canadian writer currently living in England. He is married, with two grown-up children. Besides numerous pieces for the Libertarian Alliance and journals such as Reason Papers, he is the author of Fed Up With Government? (Hereford, UK, Four Nations, 1991), the 300-page manifesto for a putative British ‘Libertarian Party’. This current essay was previously published in The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies 7, no. 1 (Fall 2005): pp. 79-140.

The views expressed in this publication are those of its author, and not necessarily those of the Libertarian Alliance, its Committee, Advisory Council or subscribers.


The Banjax Arrest, Reviewed by Sean Gabb

Review by Sean Gabb The Banjax Arrest By Jonathan Lamb ISBN: 978-1463644680

The Banjax Arrest This is a traditional and very strong science fiction novel. It is just the sort of thing to read in the evening, now winter has finally come – or to give as a present for Christmas. Continue reading

Government “Support” to First Time Buyers

by Albert Meyer

To the BBC

Government housing assistance: Please bring someone into the studio to debunk the myth that government can “help” first-time home-buyers, or anyone for that matter. (I suggest Dr. Sean Gabb of the Libertarian Alliance.) Continue reading

Review of Ian Milne’s “Time to Say No” [to the EU]

Review by Sean Gabb Time to Say No: Alternatives to EU Membership by Ian Milne Civitas, London, 78pp, £8.00 ISBN: 978-1906837327

In its supporting evidence, this is a very useful book. In its overall purpose, it is quite useless. Its former is the claim that British membership of the European Union does not pass any kind of cost-benefit analysis. Our trade outside the EU has been growing much faster than our trade within. This will continue for at least the next generation, as the main EU countries are demographically in decline and, on the whole, stagnant economically. Indeed, taking into account direct and indirect costs of membership, the gains from being part of the Single Market could be negative. In purely economic terms, Britain is better off out. Continue reading

Review of Jerome Tuccille’s New Novel – Revised Version

by Sean Gabb

Review by Sean Gabb
High Desert Barbecue:
A Tale of Suspense, Pyromania and Sexual Tension
by J.D. Tuccille
Stubbed Toe Press, Cornville, Arizona, 274pp – also available via Kindle
ISBN-13: 978-1466448308

High Desert BarbecueI will begin by saying that this is a consistently funny and entertaining novel. It is also hardcore libertarian propaganda. I hope, on both grounds, my readers will see this as a recommendation. Continue reading

Occupy Critics: Bricks in the Corporate Wall

by David D’Amato

Current accounts of the Occupy Movement depict it as drawing derision from those who are “just trying to get to work.” Exhorting Occupiers to “get a job,” conservatives frame their opposition in standard, obsequious corporatese. Apparently assuming that people are unemployed because they want to be, the reflex response of self-abasing, “respectable” people has been to throw their resumes at the movement. Continue reading

Is it illegal yet to link to this?

A Doctor Writes

by W.C. Douglass MD

I’ve barely wrapped my head around it yet…but the discovery revealed in this exclusive video is so monumental I had to let you know about it right away. Researchers may have finally found a way to take control of the ageing process once and for all. Continue reading

30th Nov in Westminster: The Climate Change Act Reconsidered

by the Rev. Philip Foster MA

Dear All,

I was waiting to be quite sure we’d got a room, which we now have before telling folks.

Hopefully we can persuade a few more MPs to come (had indications from four so far based on a blanket email). I am sending printed invites to every MP tomorrow. I attach a PDF version of the invite (A5 landscape). I suggest everyone personally invites their own MP – make an appointment with him/her and present it.

Text of invitation below:  Continue reading

Capitalism as an Unnatural System

Article by John Medaille.

Ever since capitalism made its appearance in the late Middle Ages and came to dominate both production and politics in the late 18th century, there has been a vigorous debate on just what the nature of capitalism is. Central to these debates has been the question of capitalism’s relationship to the state, and particularly the question of whether capitalism was an enemy or a child of the state. There have been no shortage of great names in this debate: Smith, Marx, Mill, Mises and many other great minds weighed-in with weighty tomes on the topic. Yet I do believe that the honor of formulating the question in the most succinct and elegant terms possible must go to Sorin Cucerai in his brief but powerful essay, “The Fear of Capitalism and One of its Sources,” in the May issue of Idei in Dialog. Continue reading

Francis Galton Has Risen from the Grave

by the Rev. Philip Foster

It looks as if a subtle campaign to rehabilitate Francis Galton is under way. Founder of Eugenics, he watered and nurtured this deadly plant which led to the Holocaust, on the way leading to the appalling treatment of ‘imbeciles’, not just in Germany, but in the UK and elsewhere until the last few decades.

If any of you saw Ch4 ‘The Queen’s cousins’ that will give you some idea of what I mean. A follower of Darwinism, his ideas were baseless nonsense, but much of today’s green ideology draws from this poisoned well.

The BBC Today programme had a sympathetic piece on him where claims were made that he more or less founded the concept of the welfare state, while treating the actual consequences of his work as a minor aberration.

Keith Preston on Strategy

by Keith Preston

Hat tip to MRDA. Dain is an old acquaintance of mine from the U.S. libertarian milieu. Continue reading

Economic Law vs. Occupy Wall Street

by Eric Phillips

In their 1995 book, Myth and Measurement: The New Economics of the Minimum Wage, David Card and Alan Krueger argued that increases in the minimum wage in Pennsylvania and New Jersey in the early 1990s not only did not lead to unemployment, as classical economic theory would predict, but actually coincided with an increase in employment. Continue reading

The final end of Scottish Toryism

by D.J. Webb

Oh dear! That sigh of deflated resignation is my response to the news that the new “leader” of the Scottish conservatives is a 32-year-old lesbian kickboxer and former member of the Territorial Army. Lesbians do not match my mind’s eye of what women ought to be: homemakers, carers, demure supporters of their husbands. Leaving aside the questions of whether it is right for people as young as 32 to be aspiring to lead countries; whether women should do kickboxing, or behave in a ladylike fashion (carpet-munchers preferably included); and whether women should join the TA, I am left with a sense of contempt for a party whose desperation to gain a few seats in the Scottish Parliament is such that it selects its leaders, not on the basis of ability, but in order to strike “modernizing” poses. Continue reading

Kicking Anti-Racism out of Football

by D.J. Webb

I would like to kick anti-racism out of football – this political cause has nothing to do with the sport. The astronomical salaries the footballers get must surely soothe their feelings if they are ever insulted. Why should FIFA set out to prevent every single footballer from insult? I totally agreed with Sepp Blatter’s comments, but was appalled by his subsequent apology.

Redeeming the Industrial Revolution

by Wendy McElroy

[Wendy McElroy will be teaching Capitalism
and the Advance of Women
, an online Mises Academy course,
starting January 26.]

A destructive myth has wrapped itself around laissez-faire capitalism. It is the erroneous notion that the free market harms the “vulnerable” within society; specifically, it is said to harm women and children by cruelly exploiting their labor. The opposite is true. Laissez-faire capitalism offers the one element that the vulnerable need most to survive and to advance: choice. The most liberating choice individuals can have is the ability to support themselves and not be dependent upon anyone else for the food going into their mouths. Continue reading

A Bleeding Heart History of Libertarian Thought – Herbert Spencer

Article by Matt Zwolinski.

If you’re like most people, then the one thing you probably think you know about Herbert Spencer is that he was a “Social Darwinist.” And that one thing is wrong. Continue reading

Morning Star Possibly to Close

This is terrible news, bearing in mind the Morning Star’s honourable tradition of giving good reviews to the novels of Richard Blake. SIG Continue reading

BMA call for smoking ban leaves Libertarians fuming

Read more:

Op-Ed: BMA call for smoking ban leaves Libertarians fuming
By Alexander Baron
In the Current issue of Digital Journal

The British Medical Association has called for a ban on smoking in cars; Sean Gabb, Britain’s leading Libertarian, is left hot under the collar. Continue reading

Why the Double Jeopardy Rule Should not be Changed, 26th June 2002

FLC067, Why the Double Jeopardy Rule Should not be Changed, 26th June 2002.

Note: Since this article is almost a decade old, it can surely have no bearing on any matter currently before the courts. SIG Continue reading

The Love that Dares not Speak Its Name

by Sean Gabb

Yes, I know that I’m a bone-dry Europhobe and all that. Even so, I do have a sneaking fondness for the Euro. If it weren’t really about unaccountable power for our ruling class, I’d see much to admire in a currency run by Germans that couldn’t be devalued, and where interest rates couldn’t be touched by HMG.

It sounds the next best thing to gold. Certainly, it beats a pound at the total mercy of duffers like Mervyn King and George Osborn.

Sean Gabb’s Only Travel Documentary So Far

The Loss of a Friend
The Loss of a Friend
by L. Neil Smith
Attribute to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

Any writer of fiction worth his salt will do his workmanlike best to finish his stories by tying up all the “loose ends” that he may have generated, by accident or deliberately, over the course of taking his characters from “Once upon a time” to “And they lived happily ever after”. Continue reading

Dangerous Electric And Gas Smart Meters

Please sign – don’t allow the government to make it compulsory! and please circulate! Continue reading

Regulation of Taxi Services

Note: Of course, I agree with Davidabout taxi licensing. However, I may be the only person on this blog who was once a mini-cab driver. It was a very long time ago, and in South London. One day, feeling short of cash, I walked into a cabbing office and offered myself as a driver. The owner of the company came out and looked at my car. He helped me fit a two way radio and sold me a magnetic aerial. He told me to give him £25 every week that I wanted to be a driver, and that my name from now on would be H21.

Oh, and he told me to go and get myself hire and reward insurance.

And that was it. For the next year, I was a mini-cab driver, getting my second education. I didn’t need any piece of paper from the State. Despite this, I didn’t rape anyone. I didn’t kill anyone – though I did carry a weapon under my seat. Cabbing was a quick way to earn money for the working classes or the generally hard up. One of my colleagues was a milkman. Another was a bus driver. Another ran a burger stall in the summer months. Someone else was getting married, and needed extra money for a house deposit.

Thanks to compulsory licensing – introduced for London by that piece of stinking offal George Young, who is big in this “Tory” Government – we have the following:

  • Ordinary people can’t afford to get into the cabbing market
  • In many parts of the country, the licence-awarding body has been captured by ethnic mafias, and natives are positively excluded
  • Where natives are allowed into the market, they are, as in Oxford, spied on by the totalitarian scum who run local authorities, and terrorised into not speaking their minds on matters of race and immigration, or on the privileged status of homosexuals
  • Taxi fares are much, much higher than they were in my day – much higher, that is, in real terms

SIG Continue reading

Sweatshops and Social Justice: Can Compassionate Libertarians Agree?

by Michael Kleen

In the past several months, Matt Zwolinski and Ben Powell took to the pages of the Journal of Business Ethics, as well as the Bleeding Heart Libertarians blog, to defend what they consider to be the mainstream libertarian position on sweatshops: that sweatshops represent a positive good in developing economies. Citing Kevin Carson and I as representative of the left-libertarian position against sweatshops, Matt Zwolinski took us to task in his recent article, “Answering the Left-Libertarian Critique of Sweatshops.” (My two articles on the subject can be found here and here.) I cannot speak for Mr. Carson, but I do not consider my opposition to sweatshops as a “left wing” position; I consider it to be the only sensible position for libertarians and other champions of a free market to take. Continue reading

LA News Release on Car Smoking Ban Gets into The Daily Mail

Note: You have to go quite a way down this article to find the mention of the Libertarian Alliance. But our news release of yesterday gets fairly reported. SIG

via \’Nanny state\’ anger over call for a ban on smoking in cars, The Daily Mail, 17th November 2011.

MailOnline - news, sport, celebrity, science and health stories
‘Nanny state’ anger over call for a ban on smoking in cars

BMA says smoke is 23 times more toxic in a closed car
MPs launch a scathing attack on the proposals

By Steve Doughty
Last updated at 11:53 PM on 16th November 2011

MPs are to vote next week on moves to bring in a ban on smoking in cars. Continue reading

LA Endorsement: Fly Ryanair

From Private Eye Oct 28 2011

“THE BEST THING you can do with environmentalists is shoot them”, Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary said in 2005. He also called them “lying wankers” and dismissed global warming as “horseshit”.

Recently, however his spin doctors have been trying to restyle the rough-hewn tycoon as a cuddly tree-hugger. Three months ago Ryanair’s head of comms, Stephen McNamara, briefed hacks that the airline would soon launch a “green” marketing campaign to boast about its low emissions. “Ryanair signals brand U-turn with eco claims” a marketing newspaper splashed.

The hack who wrote that story interviewed O’Leary two weeks ago at the launch of the Ryanair credit card and took the chance to ask when the eco campaign would start. “Never” came the reply. But, the startled hack persisted, your very own Stephen McNamara explained to me your intention to promote your green credentials. “Stephen’s just a PR” said O’Leary. “He’ll lie to you. I’ll tell you the truth”.

To the So-Called 53%: Stop Embarrassing Yourselves

by Kevin Carson

One of the corporate establishment’s favorite tricks for countering dissent is fake populism — dismissing as “class warfare” any critique of genuine privilege while misdirecting the working class’s resentment toward the underclass. Continue reading

LA News Release: No to a Smoking Ban in Cars!

Libertarian Alliance News Release
Wednesday the 16th November 2011
Release Time: Immediate
Contact: Dr Sean Gabb,, 07956 472

No to a Smoking Ban in Cars!

The British Medical Association has called for a smoking ban in cars. Sean Gabb of the Libertarian Alliance denounces this call for the following reasons: Continue reading

Confirming our opinion of the BBC

by Richard North

Under strict orders to take things “easy”, so desperate have I become that I was even driven to watching the entire edition of the 6 o’clock BBC television news on Tuesday evening – an experience worth doing occasionally, just to check on how bad the hand-wavers have become. Continue reading

The Rich Aren’t Dispossessing the Rest

by Gary M. Galles

The Congressional Budget Office’s just-published Trends in the Distribution of Household Income Between 1979 and 2007 found an increasing concentration of income over that period, ranging from 275 percent income growth for the top 1 percent of households and 65 percent growth for the rest of the top 20 percent down to 18 percent growth for the lowest 20 percent of household incomes. Continue reading

Corruption as Political Economy

by David D’Amato

Italy and Greece prepare to welcome new prime ministers, with the latter already sustained by the EU’s bailout fund. This state of global political and economic reality gives resounding testimony to the failure of statism as a way of organizing human affairs — in terms not only of justice, but also efficiency. Continue reading