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Libertarian Alliance in Yorkshire Post

The Yorkshire Post
Saturday 30th July 2011
Christian outcry at nightclub named Religion

The Religion nightclub in Wakefield has caused anger with nights including Resurrection and Salvation. Picture: Jonathan Gawthorpe

Published on Saturday 30 July 2011 09:06

A NIGHTCLUB has been criticised by Christian leaders after it was controversially named Religion, with club nights called Resurrection and Salvation.

The Wakefield club also sells cocktails with names including Angel Wings.

The club Religion opened its doors just a week ago but residents and local clergy have already shown their outrage at the decision to introduce themed nights called Monday Mass and Friday Salvation.

Critics claim that there would be a widespread outcry if Muslim worship terms had been used to promote drinking and dancing.

Angered residents say that the owners of the club are being disrespectful and insensitive to the Church and the Bishop of Wakefield, Stephen Platten, has deemed the club’s themes “inappropriate”.

He said he was not against people enjoying themselves but he said he did think it was insensitive, adding: “There’s a whole host of topics they could have chosen.

“Some of the names of the events are insensitive and inappropriate.

“Religion is about taking life seriously. Would people have been amused if they’d called it health, which is an equally serious topic, and named some of the rooms A&E and gynaecology?”

Bishop Platten added: “If any other aspect of people’s lives was taken and trivialised in this way I think people would be upset.

“In particular, in this case, it affects Christian people.”

The Dean of Wakefield, Jonathan Greener, added yesterday: “I think it’s being rather insensitive to Christians.

“The names it has chosen refer to ideas and activities that hold deep meaning for Christian people, and the way the new club is using them could be seen to be sending them up.

“On the other hand, it could be argued that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and if people want to experience the real thing, they are always most welcome at the cathedral.”

Wakefield city centre police inspector Richard Close said no offences had been committed.

He said: “Parliament passed legislation under section 17 of the Public Order Act aimed at outlawing crime where the offender is motivated by hostility or hatred towards the victims race or religious beliefs.

“In my opinion and experience the management of the premises are neither showing hatred or hostility, they are without doubt utilising words from the Bible to further their business interest, which in the eyes of some may be distasteful.”

The company which owns the club, Leisure 99, said the name of the club nights were not linked to any particular faith.

In a statement, a company spokesman said: “The definition of the word religion is a pursuit or interest followed with great devotion, which is what partygoers in the city are doing.

“We chose the term Resurrection for a Friday night, because the night-time economy’s suffering and we’re hoping to revive and revitalise it, as its definition suggests.

“The same is true of Salvation, and the word Mass was chosen because it’s a massive Monday night of massive music.”

Wakefield poet Louis Kasatkin, who helps forges links between the arts and the church, said it was easy to imagine the reaction if the club’s operators had used Muslim terms of worship.

“But they appear to think using Christian theme terminology is okay.

“My own view is that it is tantamount to breaching the law on religious hatred,” he added.

Other political activists asserted the rights of free speech on both sides.

Sean Gabb, director of the Libertarian Alliance, claimed that the owners of the club might be living under police protection had they been promoting club nights called Jihad or Ramadan.

Dr Gabb suggested that Christians who are offended by what is offered should find out who is providing goods and services to the club, and publicly refuse to do business with them.

However, he said the name of a club should not be a matter for the criminal law.

The right of these people to commit blasphemy,” he said, “rests on the same grounds as a Christian’s right to profess his faith.”

Libertarian Alliance: Blasphemy and Freedom of Faith

Sean Gabb, Director of the Libertarian Alliance, on BBC Radio Leeds, on Friday the 29th July 2011, to discuss the boundary between blasphemy and freedom of speech. His own contributions starts around 8’50″.

The background story is that a nightclub in Wakefield is offering “Crucifixion” and “Resurrection” nights. Sean Gabb agrees that this is blasphemy in the sense that it seems calculated to bring the Christian Faith into ridicule and contempt. He also notes that, if they had offered “Jihad” and “Ramadan” nights, the owners on the nightclub would already be living under police protection.

Dr Gabb suggests that Christians who are offended by what is offered should find out who is providing goods and services to this club, and publicly refuse to do business with these providers. However, he also says that this should not be a matter for the criminal law. “The right of these people to commit blasphemy,” he says, “rests on the same grounds as a Christian’s right to profess his faith.” Moreover, we live in a country where the ruling class is increasingly hostile to Christianity. Any law demanded by Christians will be written and passed and enforced by people who are unknown and unaccountable, and who are probably not Chistians. Such a law will be used to discriminate still further against Christians.

Reheated: what ought libertarians to do? The LA Christmas Message 2010

What is liberty for, and why should people be free?

David Davis

Merry Christmas, ladies and gentlemen. May God rest you merry, and perhaps tight this year. Get tight while you can still afford it – for governments, specially this one, would like to think they can “combat drinking” by over-taxation, freely and cheerfully admitted to.

Well, this year, among other things, the awful and totally-unelected Gordon Brown zeppelin-thing-in-the-ether, foisted on us by Tony Blair and possibly his worst single act, imploded finally. We voted, and guess what? Nobody won, and the Government got in, again. This may be a good thing in the short term, in that the coalition can’t actually do anything to hinder people much more, let alone help. But strategically in the battle for universal individual freedom, we here are certainly no better off than before.

In fact, a little worse, for some of us like me and Sean see the Clock ticking…. We know that however relatively more slowly than before we are being marched to the living-gas-chambers of sustainable socialist greenery, and to the concentration-camps of more intricate and closer repression, the available decades of living people’s lifetimes in which they might do something to reverse The Big Modern Managerial State, are slipping away like sand in a glass. Time, literally, is running out for liberty in the UK for sure, and so it would seem also for other Anglosphere nations. I gather that you can get fined for speeding in Australia, if you are tracked by a police helicopter…I thought helicopters were foreign-policy-war-winning-weapons, for machine-gunning GramscoStaliNazi “freedom-fighters”, until I researched Australian Policing.

So, what’s wrong with liberty? Why exactly are we under assault? And given the seeming consensus ranged against individual freedom Continue reading

Crowd-Sourcing the Law

by David D’Amato

Around the world, from the North Atlantic to Anatolia, political and economic instability have stimulated a reassessment of the requirements of constitutional government. In what seems to be an acknowledgment of the new realities of the Information Age, the political class has stressed popular involvement in the drafting process, a “participatory” approach to overhauling the foundations of the legal framework. “Iceland,” reports the Washington Post, “is trying to do just that, by crowdsourcing its new constitution to its citizens through social media.” Cries for popular participation are no less vociferous in Turkey, where—in the wake of the Arab Spring—a recent election has prompted calls for a completely new constitution. Opening the process of shaping the law to the body politic is an important step in the right direction, but it need not stop at merely tweaking a constitution. In fact, the practical benefits of popular participation in shaping the contours of the law suggest that a single starting point for law, a static authority like a written constitution, is neither necessary nor desirable. The useful insight embedded in the “crowdsourcing” approach to constitutional government is its implicit rejection of a top-down blueprint for the law. Whether its advocates realize it or not, Friedrich Hayek’s concept of “spontaneous order” is the core of the participatory model. What’s more, the logic of that concept requires us to go well beyond just the replacement of a constitution; it insists on the replacement of the state itself. Continue reading

“Property Rights” Aren’t Just for the Rich

by Kevin Carson

Through the mid-fifteenth century, access to land in the typical English village was regulated on the so-called “open-field” model. The village lands were the common property of the peasant communes, and occupancy right to arable land was periodically redivided between families, with each family receiving a number of strips in each field proportionate to its size. Access rights to pasture and woodlot were similarly assigned by family. This family patrimony in access to the land was a permanent source of economic security. What’s more, the ability to build a cottage on the border of the uncultivated waste, or a marsh, was a way of insuring minimum subsistence for the landless and land-poor peasantry.

Beginning in the Tudor period, the landed classes of England enclosed a growing portion of the arable land for sheep pasturage, essentially robbing the peasantry of its traditional property rights in the land — established by the venerable title of cultivation for time out of mind — by brute force. Henries VII and VIII seized the land of the Church and the monasteries and gave them away to royal favorites, who disregarded the peasants’ customary rights and either evicting them to enclose more pasture or rack-tenting them. By the eighteenth century, probably half the arable land in England’s open fields had been stolen in this manner. The process continued in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, this time under the so-called Parliamentary “Acts of Enclosure.” Arable land, but even more so common pasture and waste, were enclosed as fee-simple property. Although in legal theory the peasants were compensated for their share in the common with fee-simple rights to a share of enclosed land, in practice most claims by customary right weren’t recognized under royal law. Continue reading

Libertarian Alliance comment of the day

Howard R Gray (from comments on here.)

In the Usambara Mountains in the northeast of the Tanzania there is a small shack next to huge building covered in makuti thatch. There is a horrendous noise of keyboards clattering away with undying creativity. On entry to the facility you will see thousands and thousands of baboons hard at work revising Shakespeare for our Farsi readership. The head simian assures us that the latest euro forecasts are not good, it just come over the wire that our deadly competitors, the handy chimpanzees in Zimbabwe are ahead of us on their predictions for European disaster. This particular bunch of chimps, after entertaining one Jane Goodall for many years decided that now she has a PhD, it would be a good idea if some of them went south for commercial reasons to Zimbabwe, regrettably it turned out that human beings in that state had completely and utterly lost their senses and divested their currency of any monetary value whatsoever. This has long been understood in simian circles that both white and black varieties of human beings were involved in the independence negotiations leading to a government incapable of understanding why hyperinflation happens.

We had of course heard from our cousins in the Berlin Zoo that the Germans had previously engineered a similar debacle way back in the 1920s and the amazing thing is how so little those self-important human economists and leftists managed to learn. It was thought that too much beer and sausages was perhaps the underlying cause, though that theory was never proven.

One of the great details in the life of baboons is their undying commitment to accurate grammatical differences about the nuances of middle English, besides that talent, they have a deep reservoir of commercial intelligence about the euro, so much so that they are given to use four words, the first one being “get” the second one being the definite article “the” and the third being something about going forth and multiplying in Anglo-Saxon then followed by “out”. This is the simian message about the euro. You heard it here. The head simian was asked what should we do, was scrawled on a piece of paper and thrust towards us. At that point we were shown the door and given a bag of bananas and told to enjoy our flight back to civilization at the Regent’s Park zoo.

The Political Ideas of Anders Behring Breivik

by Kevin MacDonald

Note by Sean GabbI have copied this in full from The Occidental Observer site because Professor MacDonald’s posting seems to be the longest and most thorough analysis of what drove Mr Breivik to commit his crimes – always assuming he did indeed commit them. He has actually read the killer’s book, and this lets him say a great deal more than the mainstream media, which appears to take its entire coverage from statements by the Norwegian police.

For the record, the Libertarian Alliance deplores these killings and has no sympathy whatever with the ideology that may have been used to justify them. Nor do we endorse any claim that Professor MacDonald may derive from his analysis. At the same time, we thank him for having read and summarised an 1100 page book that has been made important by the the alleged deeds of its author.

It should go without further elaboration that we oppose all demands for gun control, which is nothing more than victim disarmament, and we oppose all demands for censorship of supposedly “hateful” ideas. Here begins the analysis by Kevin MacDonald:- Continue reading

It’s all de fault of … somebody

by Richard North

Booker has a good piece, telling us how the “zero” – as some call it – is going to cause a global meltdown. And, at last, the Scumset are rushing around playing catch-up.

The thing to bear in mind about these “summits”, however, is that the communiqué are written in advance of the meetings, and usually the first thing on the agenda is to approve the draft. Then they get down to business.

Secondly, it is important to bear in mind that every which is being said for public consumption is being said for effect. If the truth is likely to achieve the desired effect, then we might be told it – or some version of it. Most likely, we will be told only a fraction of the story. And it’s what they leave out that is, most likely, more important than what they say.

Third, if it suits them, they will lie through their teeth, brazenly, consistently, and without a moment’s hesitation. And since, rather inconveniently, they don’t flag up when they are lying, you have no way of telling whether they speak the truth or lie. On balance, though, the latter is more likely.

Fourth – and most difficult fully to appreciate: never underestimate the ignorance and stupidity of these people. Just because they are at the centre of events does not necessarily mean they are well informed, or even understand what they are being told. Most often, of the crucial developments, the main players are the last to know.

Fifth, short-term market or currency movements mean diddly-squat.

Penultimately – it doesn’t matter who you are, you can’t defy gravity. Get too close to the sun, your wings melt and you fall to earth. And finally, revisiting and old saw … you do not need a parachute to go skydiving. You only need one if you want to do it twice. These people are one-time merchants.

So what is really happening with the euro? In truth, not even (or especially) the main players know. But there is one certainty … whether this month or a few months, it is going to crash and burn.

And whose fault will that be? As they say, it’s always de fault of somebody. He’s de man.

Anyone Fancy Answering These Questions about Guns?

by Sean Gabb

I am just back from Slovakia, and have a mountain of writing and other work to climb. Debating the effects of firearm ownership is very low on my agenda.


Dear Sean

I read this on the Libertarian Alliance website:

“For us, freedom of association is about the right to deal (or not) with any other consenting adult,  for any non-aggressive purpose, and without need for explanation.”

Can’t argue that one, really (but note my italics). No argument either with your stance on drugs. But how do you square the ‘non-aggression’ clause with…

“We believe in the right to carry and use guns for self-defence…”

Who decides whether or not an act is performed for the purposes of self-defence? Who, other than the despised State and its law enforcement officers, could be in any position to ensure a proper investigation into the facts and that justice is done, in the potentially countless incidents that’d surely arise if your wish-list were to become a legally-enshrined societal code (itself an oxymoron in this context, since you don’t seem to believe in ‘laws’)?

On any Friday night you’ll find any number of lairy, Stella-fuelled twats aching not just for the chance legally to swagger into their local with ‘nines’ on their belts, but to use the things, and with an impunity that our present structure denies them. What then? Gun law? Watch your backs, and the devil take the hindmost? Literally kill or be killed? Presumably all the perps need do is bleat “self-defence, guv, he had it coming” and everything’s okay.

What a future! Interested in your case for the defence. Preferably one grounded in sense, reason and rationality and that doesn’t involve a lot of reheated, pseudo-profound Ayn Rand bilge.

Richard Butterworth
Economy with Words®

Let Greece taste the lovely flavours of Communism

David Davis

I came across this nice piece in Forbes. Very good read.

(WordPress tells me this is “our 3,684th post…nifty!” I haven’t seen the word “nifty” for years, and I’m uncertain that today’s young persontrons would understand what it means, or would be frightfully delighted if they knew. I hope the WordPress website writer does.)

À-propos of nothing linguistic but of critical interest to the post, who here remembers the BBC’s (and most of the 1970s-British-media’s) positive attitude towards what they called “Euro-Communism”, and how it was “inevitable” and “ultimately desirable”? The agenda was in full swing from about 40 years ago, but we didn’t really notice.

In 1998 I bet a YEM fellow that the euro would fall by 31st December 1999 to 50p.

I was wrong, and paid him his £25.

David Davis

But if wrong on the date, I wasn’t wrong on the outcome. They’ll hold it together for another year, perhaps two. Then it will unravel and we will thankfully see Deutshmarks, Francs and Drachmas again. I believe Lira are already circulating in some Italian towns.

Working in London as I was, I was cosmopolitan enough to suggest publicly that Sterling and the Euro ought to circulate freely in the UK, along with US$, ChF, Aust$ and any other biggish currency that people wanted to use. The value of the Euro would then be quickly discovered. But nobody listened, of course. I was just a guy getting a nissen hut full of Chimpanzee Type-writers together, to be placed somewhere in Lancashire.

Personal Perspectives 27, Austrian Economics and Anarcho-Capitalism: Peace, Prosperity and Freedom (2011), by Michael McKay |


Austrian Economics and Anarcho-Capitalism: Peace, Prosperity and Freedom
Michael McKay

Personal Perspectives No. 27
ISBN 9781856376372
ISSN 0267-7156 (print)
ISSN 2042-275X (online)

© 2011: Libertarian Alliance; Michael McKay

Personal Perspectives 27, Austrian Economics and Anarcho-Capitalism: Peace, Prosperity and Freedom (2011), by Michael McKay |

Smoking, Class and the Legitimation of Power

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Robert Henderson on the Murdoch Circus

by Robert Henderson

Watching Rupert Murdoch yesterday evoked the sort of feelings which one has when watching a now ancient Death Camp guard dragged before a court: the rational mind knows that this is someone whose hideous crimes have placed them beyond the Pale, but their age and infirmity creates a certain unease because it seems somehow indecent to be subjecting someone so old to such an ordeal. This feeling was enhanced by James Murdoch’s appearance whose close cropped hair, steel rimmed glasses and grim staring eyes utterly at odds with his words made him resemble a male nurse in a very secure mental institution gone bonkers straight out of central casting. If a new version of Psycho is made he would be a shoo-in for the Anthony Perkins role. Try as I might I could not help thinking he was there as Rupert’s minder, ready to whip out the restraints and hypodermic.
The questioning of both the Home Affairs and Culture Media and
Sport committees was inept, especially that of the latter. The format of
letting the each member of ask questions mitigates severely against a
penetrating  inquisition because ed questioning is impossible.
However, as most  MPS could not build a line of forensic questioning if their lives depended on it, it made no difference.
The position of both Murdochs was “We are in charge of News Corp, we know nothing”.

Reheated: (Sean Gabb on the British Police State (May 1989))

David Davis

In the light of current events in the British media, the interest taken increasingly by “teh masses” in the private doings of private individuals for salacious reasons, and the alleged involvement of the met-Police in allegedly “providing information” to “journalists” in the “Public Interest”, it seems time to review what Dr Sean Gabb said in 1989.

The Full Coercive Apparatus of a Police State:
Thoughts on the Dark Side of the Thatcher Decade
Sean Gabb
3rd May 1989 Published as Legal Notes No. 6, by the Libertarian Alliance,
London, 1989, ISBN 1 870614 39 9Ten years ago, I gave way to one of my rare bursts of enthusiasm. I was at the time, I’ll grant, still a schoolboy; and these things are always more permissible in them than in others. But, even for a schoolboy, it was a very great burst of enthusiasm. I seriously thought that, along with Mrs Thatcher, the second dawn of classical liberalism had arrived. This was it, I thought. No more socialism. No more national decline. No more Road to Serfdom. Oh, even as lads of my age went, I was naive.

To give praise where due, there been a loosing of market forces. Wage and price controls are gone. Exchange and credit controls are gone. There are no controls on foreign investment either way. We have a tax system designed more for collecting revenue than confiscating wealth. Most of the nationalised industries have been sold off, or made to operate on something like sound business principles. Since 1981, we’ve been unusually prosperous. We even had five years of lowish retail price inflation. The Government’s economic record hasn’t been one tenth as wonderful as I expected, or as I hear it proclaimed. It’s been quite good even so. It might easily have been worse.

But the economic record isn’t the only test of a government. There are all those rights that don’t bring a financial return: how they are respected. And, while the Tories have supervised the building of an impressive number of Japanese car factories here, they haven’t rolled back the frontiers of the State. What they have done is bring about an unprecedented concentration of power at the centre. Every one of those bodies, public or private, which used to stand between the state and its citizens has been pushed aside: local government, the press and other media, the unions, the universities – each has been humbled. And the Bar may soon be about to follow.

But all this is common knowledge. Enough already has been said about it. What I wish to do in this article is describe the new and unusual ways in which this concentrated power is being used. I shall discuss to what extent we’ve ceased being a nation under the rule of law.

Now, this is a grand phrase, and Tory politicians love rolling it out on grand occasions. Nine times out of ten for them, it’s just a euphemism for making people do as they’re told. Rather, it’s the most completely effective check on State power ever yet discovered. Put as fully and exactly as I can, it requires this: that no person be arrested, or imprisoned, or fined, or by any other means harmed, except in accordance with unambiguous laws of general scope, that have been laid down in advance, that are equally binding on all, and that are enforceable only by independent courts in which the prosecution is at a procedural disadvantage. Whoever has not been, or is not in process of being, adjudged in breach of any such law is to be as free of interference by the State as a foreigner living outside its jurisdiction.

The usual objection to this is that it lets crime go unpunished. Everyone knows of some evidently guilty person who’s gone scot free thanks to a clever lawyer. But, in judging any set of legal rules, what must be looked at isn’t the effect of a single instance, but of the whole scheme through time. Where the rule of law is concerned, it is invariably true that the greater security of life and property, and the readier public acceptance of those uses of power which are made, are well worth the occasional specific inconvenience.

I’d be as bad as the people in donkey jackets hawking Socialist Worker if I blamed every violation of the rule of law on Margaret Thatcher. Faith in it was already crumbling before her father was a little boy. Nor, in every case, has she been the greatest violator. In respect of the first of these listed below, she’s been so far a distinct improvement on Harold Wilson and James Callaghan: she hasn’t tried Continue reading

Sean Gabb back from Slovakia

I have just arrived back home after a thousand mile drive from Slovakia. Once I’ve had a shower and some sleep, and have opened half a tree of post, normal service will resume.


Eh ludd, I couldn’t resist…..

Michale Winning

Ah just’-add-ta-post-it, me! It-wer’a greeat comment, like. Makes you wonder how you lern to write so well, wisdh I could.

Nation’s Spirits Raised As Gabb Returns

Englishmen and their wives the length and breadth of the kingdom were today much cheered by the news that Sean Gabb would be imminently returning to our shores. On the stock market, there was a sharp rally as a new spirit of confidence rippled through traders. And in the streets of humble towns and villages, impromptu street parties broke out, requiring an urgent and brutal response by the lads of the PCSO.

A government spokesman reassured this organ that everything is under control, and that our nation’s institutions are well trained to deal with a surprise Gabb. Said Interior Minister Lord Sleaze Of Islington, “we have dealt with a sudden Gabb before, and nobody should be alarmed. While the return of a Libertarian of this magnitude has been known to cause spontaneous outbreaks of spontaneity, rest assured that we will take them in our stride; all police leave has been cancelled and weapons issued. This is England. You are not here to enjoy yourself.”

Reports that Gabb would be making a triumphal entry into London, riding in a gilded carriage drawn by beautiful white mares and surrounded by a remarkable entourage of dancers, acrobats, jugglers and performing animals have not been confirmed and continued on page 3

And: what did I say?

David Davis

Edit: The Last Ditch picks up on this thought too.

As I have been saying, the more the GramscoNazi knives queue up in an increasingly populistic, self-regarding-mob-driven and ordered way, to twist in the writhing body of News International, the more we realise, and see the depth of the physical hatred towards, non-PC, non-BBC-approved, and “non-regulated” media. This piece in today’s DT will, in a few years, be unprintable in British newspapers – if any still exist – if the Political EnemyClass gets its way over the saga triggered by the News of the World.

I think it’s right to state that the GFNs have never forgiven Murdoch for Wapping. And one could argue that Rebekah Wade was always a “double-agent”, possibly parachuted in years ago by the EnemyClass. To sue us for libel, the EnemyClass would have to prove that (1) it does not exist and has no agenda – difficult after it has spent to many years cheerfully and gleefully saying, very publicly, that that is what it is and is for, and (2) Rebekah Wade does not believe in promoting any of these objectives at all, even for one moment.

It’s time to defend the principle that any private individual, if successful enough, can own as much MSM as he can afford to. If he transmits stuff people want to watch, or prints stuff they want to read, and does not go bankrupt whilse so doing, then he should be uninterfered with by the StaliNaziState. If he “interferes with private communications” using the help of the Police (as is clearly what’s been going on here) then charges can be brought. But when the StaliNaziState proposes “breaking up the Murdoch Empire” and “regulation” (as it shortly will) then it’s time to buzz the tower.

Richard Blake and Roman Inflation

By Andy Duncan

If anyone is a regular listener to ‘Cobden Centre Radio’, they may have been surprised last week when its latest radio show, which starred Mr Richard Blake the best-selling author, was deleted from the site, after two days of being happily aired.

The reasons for this are far too dull and complicated to go into here, but fortunately, like the ghost of Vlad the Impaler revived by a single drop of blood, Mr Richard Blake is back, alive and well, and able to tell us about monetary inflation in the Roman empire.

If you’d like to listen to my interview with Richard Blake, just click here.

I would like to thank Michael J. McKay for this necessary drop of blood.

Rebekah Wade – a double agent for the Enemy Class…?

Michael Winning

Ive been following the Nwes of the World story a little bit slightly from the mountaintops. I find that the DD has got a conspiracy theory going. Not one for these me but it sounds plausible. Could the Rebekah Wade woman who has “form” for being leftyNazi in some ways, like wanting to trash the houses of people called paediatricins because she likes it if mobs go after people (its news), be a Enemy class pplant to ruin the Murdoch thing because he decided he hated the government in 2010 and upset Gordon bronw? And so then Cameron could not have the Murdoch channels here either properly, because the point is government and what it can do and how it has to stop cirticism?

How do we know that Cameron and his fellas don’t still dine in London with the Brown fellows. It all smells. And if someone was going to try to make channels which would be sort of tea party-ish, then the could nt allow it? Specially now when they are in their end-game.


A goody from toby Young

Michale Winning

Toby Young, he of How to lose friends and alienate people, does a good demolition job on Gordon Brown today. Earlier on here DD has got at Brown for saying things he thinks are actionable at law abut Murdoch and his bisiness, although doing so in the Privilege of the Commons.

I must admit it does look a bit smelly for Brown if everyone would notice the inconsistencies in the dates. Interesting too that Brown has hadly said a word in the Commons since being thrown out. Do I smell a long planned conspiracy here, against privately owned big-media that decide to oppose the government? Could this be the start of something sinister?

If you sup with the devil, use a (very, very) long spoon

David Davis

I notice that someone described as “Gordon Brown” has today in the House said that News International has “links with the criminal underworld”. As I facebooked just now, this statment could well be actionable but the atrocious bugger has said in in the House of Commons.

Sean Gabb has for long tried to emphasis the potentially damaging (for ordinary peoplr, for liberalism and for liberty) cosy links between Big-government and Big-business. I have not always shared his distruct of big-business in the mutual backscratching, preferring to believe that most bsuinessmen are not as sinister as most politicians.

However, what this continuing story shows is that eventually the government-monster, if it decides it’s in its own interest to do so, will destroy you, even if you are Rupert Murdoch. I am minded of Richard Blake’s descriptions of Byzantine show-trials in the Circus*, held by emperors who had decided either that a powerful person no longer pleased them or that they’d rather like to confiscate his wealth.

*The Terror of Constantinople, by Richard Blake

Gordon Brown, (Who became Death, the Destroyer of Worlds) has the brass neck, the immortal rind…to…

…complain (it is alleged) that his child’s medical records were “hacked”.

David Davis

I said all I wanted to say about this on the Daily Mail just now, who printed it. My comment is not being at all well-received: people, in the mass, do not seem to have got the point at all. That is why I remain so pessimistic about the prospects of a Libertarian (or even liberal) revival.

It’s sad that this had to be about his child, but I (and millions) will have no sympathy for Gordon Brown. He and his government presided, on purpose, over the largest surveillance-attack on a people in the history of the world, using all kinds of modern technology. His government, indeed, were going to even bring in an “Identity Card”, disguised as an “entitlement card” (sounds rather like rationing, to me!) whose “database” would ultimately be connected in a cashless society with everything about the holder. You could not even park your Ferrari outside the hotel where you would be meeting a “female celebrity” for “drinks”, without swiping your “ID card” plus your payment card in the meters-to-come! And now, he has the brass neck to complain that he was “hacked”? What goes around comes around.

And here’s an update:-

Richard Blake Speaks!

The Chimpanzees say….

David Davis

The Chimpanzee Type-Writers, all 200 of them – or however many when I last looked into the Nissen-Hut and counted – are trying to type more, the pain notwithstanding.The few poor individuals that fell over stone-dead at their Type Writers during the last few months, have been carted outside and been given Christian Burial in the funny little flower-bed at the side of the Front Yard. “A Chimpanzee of the LA Blog Team, Known unto God.”

“SOME SAY” that it keeps their arthritically-frozen fingers working, even against the nastinesses of GramscoStaliNazi-driven-old-white-male-pensioner-recycling-and-state-invoiced-incineration slightly at bay, for a little longer. They’d rather die while sitting up and typing at their posts, and be buried in the garden, than be carted off into “state care for the elderly”.

Boris (you all know what that is) praises paintballing. I can’t think why nobody has said what he has said before. I would like by notice of this post to ask Dr Sean Gabb where Boris now stands on the “Candidlist”, which did (I do admit) make the bugger look a little threadbare, ideologically, a number of years ago. But you and I and others know in our hearts that we are actually looking for a new libertarian-minimal-statist-conservative Prime Minister, insofar as it is needful for now to accept that there has to be a “British State” for a bit. The Camera-oid has failed to cut the cake, and when he tries to rub shoulders with plebs, gets into trouble and falls down the Greasy Pole That Reaches To The Sky. So we need to have him fired and then to get someone else.

What do you call a fake-charity that says one thing and does the opposite?

David Davis

Well, there’s one here. Everyone knows that the only strategic objective of the “National Obesity Forum” is to bring in Nazi food-rationing. That modern humans can be large and get aay with it, while also being more helthy and living a longer median lifetime than ever in our evolution, is cause for triumphalism, not grumpy bullying StaliNazi teeth-gnashing. (H/t Legiron anyway.)

Legiron thinks that what he calls “The Righteous” are inept galumphing bullies, and that their plan is falling apart. I do not. They are bullies, for sure, but they’re far, far more astoundingly artful than a waggon-load of howler-monkies, and know precisely what they are doing, where their train is heading for, and exactly how fast.

What kind of Press ought a free nation to have?

David Davis

Having sounded off yesterday about News International’s decision to shut down the “News of the World” as some sort of reaction to a police investigation into alleged “phone hacking” of public figures, relatives of soldiers killed in action and even the family of a murder victim, I think you’ll have gathered that my reaction was one of disgust at what public taste in today’s broken (deliberately) Britain has come down – literally- to.

In the course of today the Chimpanzee Type-Writers have been reflecting on the possible can-of-worms openable by this precedent. That is to say: the Chimps are worried that powerful big-business-media-owners could begin to think they can cosy up to governments with certain propositions…..The propositions could be like “OK, we’ll shut down the odd paper as a fall-guy for something it gets fingered for – what’s one paper among many anyway, hey?  – and only lower class white scumbags read it and there’s no votes for you there any more, hhaha! – but your police have got to look the other way when we employ, shall we say….certain “methods” to get our news leads. OK guys?”

Far be it from me to even suggest that someone like Rupert Murdoch, an old Worcester Man after all, would stoop to get his hands dirty in such a way, but I just wondered. He would not, perhaps be averse to getting one of his attack-bitches, such as the “fragrant” Rebekah (Wade) Brooks to do stuff? She’s hung onto her head this time, which is more than the miserable employees of the NoW, and those fellows today who’ve just had their houses torn apart by the Police.

The abiding worry is that a collusion of (is that the right collective noun here?) big media owners and governments can now feel the way is open to “manage” the media in a more “proactive way”. All very worrying. And what adds to my suspcicons is that prissy self-regarding prat Hugh Grant has just set himself up as what we knew he wanted to be all along: the Arbiter of the tastes of the (smelly) “lower classes.” I recall that he’s just said somewhere (I can’t find it) that the “Taboild Press ought to be regulated”. I don’t know about you but i’m not really in favour of the Press or Media being “regulated”, by people calling themselves a government, in a free nation, leaving the awful BBC aside, which takes Public Money anyway via a compulsory poll tax. The BBC is the least of our worries: any incoming British libertarian government has already given public notice that its first act will be to close the thing down, probably pulling the plug on all channels and stations within about three seconds of taking power.

News re Richard Blake

by Sean Gabb

My friend Mr Blake, who is, among much else, a critically-acclaimed and internationally best-selling novelist, tells me that his latest masterpiece, Ghosts of Athens, has been accepted by Messrs Hodder & Stoughton in its first draft. This means no need for rewriting, beyond the usual mass of typing mistakes. He asks his friend to rejoice, just rejoice.

Well, wasn’t I prophetic…not.

David Davis

Last NoW on Sunday…..

Could this be the death of the “News of the World”? I doubt it.

David Davis

There’s a very interesting battle, or should I say “Skirmish Within the Agreed Terms of Public Discourse”, going on right now regarding the morality of advertising in a British mass-market-Sunday-magazine, described as a “newspaper”, called “The New of the World”. There may even be some reason why the British Political Enemy-Class suddenly wants this paper to fail or be shut down, but I can’t right now see what it is.

For the benefit of our overseas readers who are not up to speed on the mechanics of this paper, we often slangly dub it “The News of the Screws”. At Oxford, many years ago, we sometimes called it “The Nudes of the World”: it sometimes used to get stolen from the JCR reading desk if there was a moe than ususally toothsome young woman in a bikini, or a little less sometimes, on what subsequently became “Page 3″, a few years later. One of its main focuses is on which “fun-loving girl and aspiring singer/actress” is currently or has been sleeping with which foot ballist, in which hotel(s). All this is of course reported “in the public interest”, since the foot ballists concerned are what is called “Role Models”, and even often, “Family men”.

This foot ballist crap is to be the subject of another analysis-piece in due course, but speaking entirely personally, in my capacity as Principal-Secretary-of-State-for-War-and-Other-Foreign-Relations, I’ll ensure that all foot ballists working in British Teams and earning more than, say £250,000 a year from “foot ball” primarily, will be prohibited from marrying anyone whatsoever for the duration of their professional careers. They may , though, still f*** as may clubbing-call-girls as pleases them, all the time, an activity at which they excell: this is to avoid all this “family man” bullshit. These buggers are not “family men: they are not meant to be – they are not designed to be – nobody expected it of the fellas, even. This is a measure merely to sweep up some dross and pointless wasted column-inches from the MSM and free it up for more instructive reporting, such as the to-be-celebrated-recent-rises in the national output of pig-iron tonnage and mined coal, which will of course be of much more educational interest.

Now, this tabloid newspaper, the News of the World, prides itself on exposing the mainly sexual private doings of well-known people in popular culture. There may be papers like this is other cultures not of the Anglosphere, such as in Saudi-Arabia, but I’m not so far aware of them. Recently, however, it has got itself into some slightly hot water over its alleged “hacking of the private phones of” people such as recent war-widows, and others. Now one can see how the paper would justify such actions, were they to come to court, using its “public interest” defence. The question is whether a specific crime has been committed.

As a conservative libertarian minimal-statist, who also believes there is a specific GramscoFabiaNazi conspiracy to erase Western culture and civilisation and British/English in particular, I say that this is long planned and very minutely strategised. (Laugh now….Thank you.) It is to desocialise, animalise and finally brutalise an entire people upon whom revenge for giving liberalism to the world is sought, wiping from them all memory of what once was and should be, in the process. Certain organs of communication are required: the Wire-less Tele Vision has for long been infiltrated by these people. Abolishing the BBC will have to be only the start – most of the remaining channels directed at especially the UK will have to be taken down and re-staffed form the ground up.

But the tradition of reading paper newspapers remains strong, and the circulation of the NoW was once in sight of six million. It would be important for the Enemy-Class, even today, to keep a stranglehold on what it sees as “its” constituency and client-votariat, despite its reach being probably only half that. The need to keep the “Old White Working Class” anaesthatised in vicarious sex between pretty slebs and footballists, and foot ball itself, so as not to perhaps have its “consciousness raised” by the wrong leftists (such as, er, the BNP) remains strong also.

So I’m not really amazed at what seems now to be coming out. Rebekah Wade (as was) , the Editor of this paper, has “previous” too, in other tabloid incarnations, espousing populist/mob loves/hates also in the “public interest”, such as the public hounding of convicted  time-served sex-offenders. I quote, from Wikipedia:-

While at the News of the World, she oversaw its controversial campaign of “naming and shaming” convicted child sex offenders, after the murder of Sarah Payne.[9] The paper’s decision led to angry mobs terrorising those they suspected of being child sex offenders,[10] which included several cases of mistaken identity and one instance where a paediatrician had her house vandalised, apparently by people who misunderstood her occupational title to be the same as paedophile.[11][12] The campaign was labelled “grossly irresponsible” journalism by the then Chief Constable of Gloucestershire, Tony Butler,[4] but Wade defended the paper’s actions in a rare interview on the BBC’s Breakfast with Frost, stating that it was “only right that the public have controlled access” to information on sex offenders.[13] The paper’s already strong sales held up well under her leadership, while those of rival Sunday newspapers The People and the Sunday Mirror fell more sharply.[14]

One is tempted to think there may be an establishment move to excise this paper from our national life. However, I don’t think so: it remains too useful as an opiate and a soothing-balm for the troubled brows of Poor Whites, who otherwise might go on the rampage.

Just some quick thoughts: my Chimpanzee Type-Writers haven’t typed this much in weeks as rheumatoid takes its toll of all of the squad at once, but wethought we’d share this idea with all you clever souls?

No global warming since 1998, well then.

Michael Winning

I could have told them that, living where I do.

Sean Gabb v Sunny Hundal on BBC Radio 5

I did this on Sunday the 3rd July. It is in response to a Guardian-writing journalist called Kia Abdullah, who claimed on Twitter to have smiled at the death of three white, middle-class youths. I went on against Sunny Hundal, an Indian lefty, who tried to defend Miss Abdullah.

My points were -

  1. If Miss Abdullah were being done over by the authorities for her remarks, she could count on the immediate and uncompromising support of the Libertarian Alliance. Since she is not being done over, I can ignore her right to freedom of speech in the abstract and comment on her use of that right.
  2. Her comments, as reported, show a most unusual degeneracy of character. No normal person would ever laugh over the accidental deaths of these young men, or seek to increase the private grief of their parents. I hope that Miss Abdullah will be shunned for the rest of her life as a moral leper.
  3. There is a further consideration. If a white journalist had made similar comments about the death of young men with names like Leroy Jones and Jesmond Akimbo, he would have been crucified at once. There are people in this country capable of finding racism in a bus queue. How will these people treat Miss Abdullah?

I obviously caught Sunny Hundal by surprise. He was reduced to feeble irrelevance. A question I could have asked, but chose not to, was whether he would have been so eager to go on air to defend a white journalist who had laughed at the death of black people. His presence in this debate, and his general conduct, could be seen as one of those acts of ethnic solidarity he and his friends have made virtually impossible for whites.

Even if there was no racial aspect in his defence – even if he were simply defending a fellow lefty – he deserved the good kicking I gave him. Since time out of mind, these people have been telling us how much better they are than everyone else. Well, here is one of those occasions when the mask has slipped, and what these people really think is not pleasant to look at.

The Islamic Path to Freedom

Islam Without Extremes: A Muslim Case For Liberty

via TheWhitePath: Akyol in English — On Islam, Turkey and More. by Mustafa Akyol on 7/3/11


Perhaps he’s just gransstanding, but with the present Queen’s reccord of spinelssness, it’s best to fire the buggers now, to make sure

Michael Winning

I just saw this, me. Salmond is pushing ‘is boat out to be sure. I like the plan of sneding him an invoice, me, I think, for all the moneys since Joel Barnett. The boss says we should give him the gas and the ooil. I don’t know about that, let him go to the Euro people or the IMF I think.

I did flag up Kate Middleton as The Next Queen (who would matter) in 2006, but everybody laughed and sneered

David Davis

I does grieve me to say this, but I predicted all this stuff years ago, emphasising why it might be important who Prince William would marry, and what it would mean to libertarians in general and the Anglosphere in particular.

I had not crafted the terms “GramscoFabiaNazi”, “GramscoStaliNazi”, and “GreeNazi” when I was writing nervously and newly, on a well-known blog, at that time. If I had, I would have used them. Now there exists “David’s Law”, which says that:

“As a discussion of socialists correctly pre-labelled as Nazis (as they are) progresses on the internet, the probability that someone will shout “SWIVEL-EYED!” or “LITTLE ENGLANDER!” approaches 1.”

AND…! We didn’t even know about Pippa Middleton’s bottom then, either, did we.