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Sean Gabb

>> Monday, December 28, 2009

I’ve become increasingly convinced that the BBC is part of an international conspiracy about ‘climate change’. It isn’t simply that the reporting is so biased; it’s also because there seems to be a concerted effort to make sure that whatever so-called sceptics discover, for example over Climategate, the warmists bounce straight back with a new set of warped theories or bent facts to support their arguments. The feed of material is relentless, as if it is coming from an organised source. Over the holidays, I’ve been doing some digging on this, and I wanted to share one of my first findings.
A BBC journalist called Peter Thomson is not a household name in this country, but he’s the environment editor of the BBC programme (made jointly with WGBH Boston and RPI) The World, which on a daily basis pushes out climate scare stories to millions of people. Mr Thomson, it turns out, is also the secretary of the Society of Environmental Journalists, a US organisation, the main purpose of which is to spread alarmism through a ‘guide’ about ‘climate change'(masked of course, under the cloak of ‘objectivity’). There can be no doubt that this is a campaigining organisation which wants to achieve political change because it believes that the world needs to reduce CO2 emissions.
Mr Thomson’s activism does not stop there. He’s also a member of the advisory board of the Metcalf Institute for Marine and Environmental Reporting, yet another international organisation with alarmist goals. It, too, publishes a guide to how journalists should cover ‘climate change'; in truly chilling McCarthyite terms, the introduction explains how anyone who disagrees with “the consensus” should be ignored and that journalists should frantically pester editors to publish ‘climate change’ scare stories.
So, to recap. One of the BBC’s most senior editors responsible for environmental reporting has formal roles at the epicentre of a worldwide coinspiracy among ‘climate change’ alarmists. Not only that, he is assisting in the international propagation of so-called science communication guides, the main purpose of which are to enlist other journalists to spread the same lies in which he also believes. I suspect there’s a whole phalanx of Peter Thomsons, all feeding the BBC’s insatiable appetite to feed us with moonshine.
Update: Richard North, of EU Referendum, has kindly provided further information about BBC propagandists. Nik Gowing, a prominent – and rather humourless – BBC World Service presenter, has a no-doubt lucrative sideline in chairing ‘climate change’ conferences convened by the alarmist-in-chief, IPCC head Dr Ravendra Pachauri.


Coming soon to a government near you: all food to be declared “politically-Incorrect”

David Davis

The  existing borders of GramscoFabiaNazi deliberate wickedness have just been breached.

And where “Film Stars” embrace something, I know already to run in the opposite direction. I often wonder why, despite all the wealth and privilege that they can command, they yet do and say what they do.


…finally they can bring in rationing. Eugenics without the overt killing-staff.


The Humble Devil destroys AGW

Good stuff, and a pdf of the scientific paper outlining it.

David Davis

You have to be 16+ to buy Christmas crackers…

David Davis

I didn’t know things had declined this far. h/t the Oboclown.

Clearly, crackers contain dangerous explosives, and ought to be only issued on presentation of a State-Blauschein, countersigned by your local Gauleiter or “Neighbourhood Safety Manager”.

To get round the restrictions if you are a parent under the age of 15, and you need crackers for the kids, do this: the recipe for black powder substitute is here, and the detonators are here. You still will be unable to buy the reactants though….

That’ll really cheer people up

Michael Winning

“Brown to attack privileged few” in New Year Message…

I’m not sure that a NY message from this PM, or indeed any other one, is a very cheering prospect. But this is amusing in a macabre way. Glad they’re not my pigs though.

Simple: close the bugger’s department and put them all on the street

David Davis

Some fellow called “Keir” (I thought that was a cocktail) “Starmer” has said that householders ought not to have more right to protect their lives and property. He is something called the “Director of Public Prosecutions”. Not sure what that is for. Employment in a big outdoor-relief-system for superfluous law graduates, possibly. I do not know.

No Parliament can be bound by its predecessors. Therefore, a libertarian Parliament could Bring A Bill (it would be popular) to demolish and close a number of “State Departments”. Terminally. The staff to be put out on the street with a binliner each, having been body-searched for data-devices: all entire computers, disks, files, CDs, sticks, paper-filing-cabinets etc to be malleted or burned with fire.

These “departments” will need to cease to exist. No trace of their operation, existence, activities, salary and pension records, personnel lists, and the rest, must be let to remain.

Including this one.

For example: “Some Say….that there was a government department which said it was in charge of farming and the countryside….but there does not appear to be any evidence in the records…”

He is clearly a rich man

David Davishas no objection to that. But “rich” and “poor” are not defined by this “leading economist”. Although what he says is strictly logical in a Newtonian sense, it is not clear to me that “the poor have been subsidising the rich” in what remains of the education market: quite the opposite in fact.

Charity-waving tarts ought to lead by example. Wonder how much he got paid for being on the Bank’s “Monetary Policy Committee”….can’t think what that would be for, in a Free Market, except for having good lunches.

He can start by offering to pay to send a couple of our younger bloggers to Oxford, where they’d like to go. I’m poor and so are they, by his standards.

Nothing wrong with that

David Davis

The Bishop of Burnley has expressed his dislike of the idea of a large Moslem girls’ school in his city, not far from here.

I see no problem personally. The difficulties come when more radical Islamists seek to re-engineer native British culture, civilisation, law and custom. But a school by itself is surely harmless. Let them have one, silly fellow.

Wholesome Telly for Children

by Sean Gabb

I recommend Horrid Henry – not pc, not green, not respectful of authority. My daughter loves every episode, of which I seem to have collected nearly a hundred just by pressing the right button on our machine.

Zorba the Greek: Avoid the Film, Avoid Crete

Sean Gabb

Like many “classics of the cinema”, this film is best avoided by anyone who just wants to be entertained. The film itself is boring. And the portrayal of Cretan culture has put me so much off the island that I never plan to go there again. Most peasant cultures are vile. Cretan peasant culture is probably about as vile as Sicilian. Search me why the Turks so wanted to hold onto the place.

Next time I have a choice between Zorba the Greek and some black and white film in Swedish about lesbians dying of consumption, I’ll take the latter.

Free Association: Carson: Good Reading!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

by Sheldon Richman
Carson: Good Reading!

I’m reading Kevin Carson’s Organization Theory: A Libertarian Perspective, and I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about it. I’ll have more to report in the coming weeks, but for now let me leave it at this: When I read Carson I get have the same positive reaction I used to get when reading or listening to my libertarian hero and friend the late Karl Hess.
P.S. I can’t resist saying a bit more. I’m not far into the hefty book yet, but what I have covered confirms through massive evidence what my previous reading led me to believe: that the modern American economy is far more the product of government-business collusion than of free markets. Contrary to the way free-marketeers tend to talk, we don’t have an essentially free economy except for a thin interventionist crust that needs to be scraped away. Instead, intervention is woven deeply throughout the economic fabric. Thus our economy would have looked very different had laissez faire been the rule. We can’t undo what has been done, of course, but if all privilege and intervention were abolished, the economy would evolve in a radically different direction than if the State’s favors stay in place.
Libertarians really need to come to grips with this if we are to make a contribution to the continuing debate over political economy. If we keep sounding like Lawrence Kudlow and Ben Stein, we will be irrelevant. And we should be.

Free Association: Carson: Good Reading!

Amateur plane construction

David Davis

We manufactured this contraption last night, out of packaging foam from presents, sellotape and tinfoil:-

It did glide nicely, and flew well in the lightest of winds, suffering a slight accident later on Formby Beach.

Inciting subversion of State Power

David Davis

I thought that’s what we’ve been doing for years?

Shooting civilisation in the foot, at Christmas

David Davis

The Tories have gone and done a non-PR-friendly thing, in an environment where the GramscoFabiaNazis have lynched all the words. The Tories have learned nothing, either from being in opposition for 125 years, or from being infiltrated by some of us in the 1980s…when they might have listened to us libertarians, and none of these currently enacting tragedies need have occurred.

Far better to just say” we will give Vouchers to all parents of children from age zero to age 18 – the State owns them and not you so we might as well admit that fact and just give you the coupons for you to give to whom you please.

Tomorrow, a life-size SnowGordonBrown….

David Davis

But today, these…

SnowMandelson exercising on trampoline

SnowNickGriffin, expostulating

SnoWBama, messiahrising

Yep, you’ve spotted the deliberate deception! They are all the same man! Happy Christmas, old fellas and slappers, and let’s look forward to a politician-free new year….sometime in the distant future.

We’ll try and say a few things over Chrstmas…

But don’t worry if we’re a little tight (I meant “light”.)

David Davis

Photos of interesting and exciting snowmen, if they have a libertarian air about them, may be put before you. I haven’t seen a snowGordonBrown yet, or a snowCameron, but if one comes up I will tell you about it. Mark Stein did a snowGeorge Bush about 8 years ago.

Ah, that global warming thing…it’s so much so much fun…

…so much for that, then.

David Davis

I have not experienced several days of ice (in a row, not serially but collectively) for 46 years. And I even live, now, in a mild-climate-region, in the North, which has always been mild, which is why lots of people in mini-skirts lived here until a few days ago – now they all wear tights.

The cooling is clearly down to our warming the atmosphere.

Must be our fault, then, that we’re now under the ice.

CCTV Britain Documentary script


CCTV Britain Documentary script

Can anyone tell me how to e-mail the students who made this video? I’d like a copy for our records, and I’d like to congratulate them on what looks a job well done. Sean

Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year…

Peter Davis

As we enter the year of the Mandelson, we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Mandelson-free new year! here’s part of the Duty-Chipmanzees’ Nissen Hut crew of today, blogging:-

Anglican Priest “advises hard-pressed pensioners to shoplift” at Christmas

David Davis

I really need Ian B to start telling us about Anglosocialism, for I think someone in a certain organisation has caught a touch of it here.

He thinks they sould only steal from “large businesses”. Better choose Waitrose then, old fella, for the stuff’s more expensive, and you only harm the staffs’ pay – did you know who owns Waitrose, old priest?

And here’s a Christmas message for the planet, from the Greens, in their own words, via CountingCats.

The buggers are planning to “get her” already

David Davis says it’s only a year into FascistoBama – about which we warned you Americans for some months before you all failed to not elect him -

- and they’re lining up to “do” all the “conservatives” already.

Look: I don’t care whether FascistoBama has outlined “death panels”, or his version of what we here in Naziland call “The Liverpool Care Pathway”***, or not. We here did suggest to you that you ought not to elect him, and you _didn’t listen_ .

As a direct result of you Americans not listening to us here, while you had the chance to not have this President but some other one instead, you have now to undergo these kinds of discussions.

***Health care is Free At The Point Of Use, under GramscoFabiaNazism, in its most highly-evolved form, which is observable in the British-UK, today.

Ten reasons to leave the EU at Christmas

David Davis

Daniel Hannan lists them of course.

And if we go quietly now, slipping the door-latch after us, the buggers won’t notice for some days. Neither will our Parlimanent, cos’ it’s all getting sloshed on holiday at our cost.

How can a drug be “wicked”?

David Davis, harrumphing…

The government is to “apologise” to the UK’s 463 remaining sufferers from birth deformities caused by their mums being prscribed Thalidomide. It’s going to give them some of our money too. I thought Distillers had paid out £28 million some time ago, when money was worth quite a lot more than now?

Listen: I hate governments, and specially this one, as much as any self-respecting upright human should. But it’s not clear to me that it’s the government’s fault that these poor people suffer as they do.

The Libertarian Alliance Christmas Message, 2009

David Davis

Imagine a land.

Imagine this land here, now, if you can! It’s Christmas again, so let us dream a little. Come with me, now, let’s go there….

Imagine this land, where these things I will list for you, are taken for granted. I’m not presenting them in any particular order, they’re just nice things. I could dream up others, but fourteen is a nice number – it’s flashing blue and white and appears to me like a little bar code in my brain.***

You could call them David Davis’s Fourteen Points. Fifteen actually! The number of the Fourteen Points! (Fifteen’s green and red: yellowish in some contexts…)

(1)            The State’s organisation is so small and so un-visible, that you can spend most of your life without having to encounter one of its staff. They may be able to help you with the inconvenient documents you’d need, to cover you for travel in less fortunate lands and to call for protection by your State’s global-blue-water-forces – and that’s all. The State still runs a few libraries, staffed by some polite old ladies, and retired colonels who know about organisation and getting overdue books back.

(2)            There is a flat rate of taxation – say 10% for now – which everybody, including businesses on their profits, might reasonably be expected to pay without complaint. Progressive taxation is not approved of, but people earning under a certain amount are not taxed, which helps with those on a Shilling an hour, until they do better.

(3)            The Franchise is a Freehold Property qualification. It is qualified otherwise by age – 21. This has a number of benefits: (I) It cuts the number of voters down to those who own freehold land or buildings, or known parts of or all of a business – businesses, being property, can vote through their owners, and business votes are pro rata. (II) It reduces to almost zero the votes that would currently go to socialist parties. (III) It causes MPs to aggressively strive for all voters to own private freehold property of all kinds. (IV) Elections are important, and competition to gain property is immense.

(4)            This land is not in the EU. It has left, and simultaneously, having denounced and repudiated all the relevant “treaties”, has also downgraded its own bureaucracy’s ability to resist and defeat the measures stated. The said bureaucracy is also about 99% smaller. This land is rich, and businesses in EU-enslaved countries compete fiercely to sell their wares here. They need the Gold and Platinum and Rhenium Bars, to prop up their toilet-paper-monopoly-currency

(5)            The currencies which circulate in this land are whatever traders here will be pleased to accept as payment: there may be lots, even including fiat-papers, which may have tactical use for things such as holidays. The prevailing one, however, backed by a number of hard Bullions with commodity-prices, such as Gold, Platinum, Rhenium, Iridium, Cobalt and Silver to name a few, is universally respected. Many industrially-useful metals can be currencies. And you can take this State’s Promissory Note that you got, to any branch of the Central Bank, and they’ll hand you in return the right weight of the metal of your choice.

(6)            The Police are unarmed civilians who do, for you, what they do just like the lifeboatmen of the RNLI do what they do. The Police have not much to do these days, except sit about at the few remaining “Police Stations”, drinking tea in funny uniforms with pointy hats, and occasionally going out to the odd primary school, to tell humorous horror-stories of what it was like under the “Government”, when “some people used to commit crimes! And people thought that “crime” was caused by “deprivation!” ” (Chorus of screams and laughter from children who can factorise cubics before lunch.) You are allowed to keep any arms that please you, up to but not including heavy artillery for which you need permission from some retired colonel or other, locally: crime, therefore, is very rare.

(7)            The State, such as remains in organisation, has no function in employment or wage regulation. There are jobs in which people may work for less than Five Shillings an Hour, even in 2010. There is no “unemployment benefit”.

(8)            But the Shilling, restored to its rightful value, and fabricated in Sterling Silver, buys all this stuff at once, from Tesco or from your “local” little shop: a loaf of bread, a pound of butter, a Pound of bacon (454 grams to you lot) for which is for four people, a frying pan, and the electricity to turn it all into good old Bacon-Butties!

(9)            There is no “Ministry of Education”: not even a “Department of Skills”. Schools of all sorts flourish – you can even go to an Islamic one in Skelmersdale, or Wigan, or Wimborne, if you want, or a Jewish one in (don’t know) or a sort of funny one started in Birkdale by some scientist-madman who hated the “National(ised) Curriculum” under the GramscoFabiaNazis, and decided that when times got better he’d start his own Science and Engineering Academy for Boys and Girls who were “interested”. He’d take anybody – you just had to agree to turn up every day no-fail (or you’d be sacked) and you’d get lots of “prep”, which meant self-study in your own time, and in return he’d always answer all your difficult questions. A very, very old, smoking man with horn-rimmed spectacles, driving a Hillman Super-Minx, reg no “5518 PL”, goes round schools, when he feels up to it, seeing to it that they at least teach “Joined-Up-History”, with dates of kings and queens and important battles against continental Statists, and the easiest ways to solve simultaneous second-order-partial-differential-equations, for the eleven-year-olds to be able to compute the inter-orbital interactions of Saturn’s moons. Other stuff is up to them.

(10)      DEFRA is gone. Zapped. As if it’d never been. Farmers can grow food now, if they like. They are no longer “wildlife” or “countryside” “stewards” – they grow food efficiently and mechanically, for people, and they make real money. Butterflies are a nuisance anyway, being extinct all the time, and as for the white ones, they lay eggs which hatch into nasty caterpillars which eat all our five-a-day-broccoli. If farmers want to conserve wildlife, then they can, and can balance the cost of this against the potential lost revenue from food-buyers. It’s now their choice in this new land. But nobody will come and murder all their animals at gunpoint, and run away, ever again. If their animals get ill, nobody will buy them and they’ll lose money: it’s up to them.

(11)      Defence spending is enormous, but astonishingly efficient. The Armed Forces of this nation’s free people, even while inactive which is hopefully most of the time, strike terror into the hearts of evil-doers, other pirates, dictators of legacy-Statist-polities, and anti-liberal governments. The reason for enormous spending is the terrible threats from the other 190-odd “nations’ “ governments, continually received via the “Foreign Secretary”, whose title is soon to be changed to “Minister for War”. Procurement of kit is “open-source”: anybody may tender to provide, say, encrypted radios that work properly in cold bogs and hot sand, or real helicopters that actually exist right now today for hire or sale, and the like. The MOD is a small office in Whitehall with a telephone, an iPod dock for visiting Corporals’ mp3s, a laptop and a few gentlemen, one of whom sees to buying things.

(12)      The State has nothing to do with “Culture, Media and Sport”: from “State involvement” with these things, nothing but pretentious trash has been shown to emerge. What “culture” is, emerges by free interactions between individuals and voluntary institutions in this nation. No “grants” are given to any “groups” – whether “gays”, Moslems, LGBT groups, “Christians”, Jedi Knights, Zoroastrians (whatever those are), Jews, Rasta-men, new-agers, Gypsies and other “travelling people”, “settled folk”, or whatever. Each makes his own way and raises his own funds if needed, privately, if need be by jumble-sales in Church Halls. If the Mosque can’t hold a jumble sale, it will be legal for it to hire the Church Hall. I care not.

(13)      The astonishingly brazen up-front-scam of AGW has been exposed. Raging mobs of the “bourgeoisie”, irate small-business-owners, and other taxpayers have raided the offices of “climate-consciousness-organisations”, “Green” pressure groups, fake charities and DEFRA, have burnt all the records, malleted all identified hard disks, disk-stores, backups and pen-drives, and turned the staff into the street in the clothes they stood up in. The way is open for anyone, including Mutt and Jeff and their white van, to offer private-building-solutions to local people’s community-nuclear-power stations.

(14)      Hospitals abound in this land. The “NHS” is gone, without trace, but doctors, nurses and medicines of all sorts seem to be everywhere. You can even buy penicillins, the early ones, (via the chemist, at first!) in Tesco, as is right. (They’re not for everybody all the time, and scientific education has to catch up some decades of deliberate darkness in short order!) There is a hospital in almost every large village, in all small and large towns, and many in each city. These initially Spartan places (but they will get better) consist of some Doctors each, who do their own rota, plus some Nurses who might shout kindly at you for not taking your medicine on time but who will heroically attend you without complaint in the night if you are in great pain. There are many many interesting  and advanced machines, and always a couple of telephonists who know everyone in the area, and perhaps a duty-chemist too, to issue the more abstruse drugs. Plus lots of old ladies under an irascible local retired colonel, who come and clean up properly everywhere with strong stuff, every day, for a few quid. The poor buggerettes would stay alive outside care homes for longer if this was the case – they’d have something to do in their lives. There are no “managers” – the Colonels can do that stuff in their sleep. If you’re poor and can’t pay, they’ll fix you for nothing. If you’re insured, no problem. If you’re Sir Alan Sugar, you might also be asked if you’d like voluntarily to “pop something in this little box, it’s really just for the other ones, who, er, can’t really, you know….” on your way out…

(15)      The State wants nothing to do with the internet. Except to be a client, to make its operation more efficient for citizens, so you don’t even have to see anyone if you wanted a passport. Why’d you want a passport? Not to go to Spain [for example] for a holiday: “Spain” and all Spaniards would know you are protected, for you come from here, and they are civilised there, and you’d need no passport – your State has left the EU anyway and so they know you’re “good for the money you carry” and also well-protected forces-wise, so no change of a successful mugging there, then. No, you’d want a “Passport” (a modern wifi one) to call down protection by your Armed Forces, when you go for a working holiday, to less fortunate foreign lands for example – like North Korea or Cuba. You will want to distribute internet-ready computers and usb-G3 wifi devices to the oppressed natives of these poor places in the blinding darkness still. You’d regard it as your duty, so you’d need to go, and be protected by your State’s Armed Forces while you are doing your bit for world liberalism.

All of us here, in the Libertarian Alliance, and those of us locked in the Lancashire typewriting-Chimpanzees’ blogging-team Nissen-Hut (current temperature here = -3C) would like you all to have a marvellous and 100%-climate-free Christmas, and a relaxing and fully-non-Statist New Year, this time and always.

If you are not careful, we shall release video footage of us blogging.

***I have synaesthesia, I discovered about three years ago – I thought everyone saw numbers as strong colours like I do, and I was disappointed and saddened to find they don’t. Music is very very highly coloured too, for me, a lot (It’s numbers too I guess.) Shame really, it’s nice – others miss out on this sensory experience.

Burn a banker?

But it is utterly obvious that this is a joke…

David Davis

If our God, who is a Unitary Trinity of Beings, can’t let us tell jokes about Him, and His Acts that it pleased Him to do whe he was a young-‘un, and what the guys in the Pub thought of them, then what use  are we to Him as ambassadors? He is (they are) our Ossifer: we can scrag and rag Him/Them (but we will try to follow Him,  _/even/_ when He has a map and He Is Sure that He knows where we are, in the face of the Enemy…)

Humour drives out evil: DISCUSS.

He is of course all-powerful, omniscient and benevolent, as the great mathematician Gottfried Leibniz suggested, so it can’t matter that we cheek Him and take the piss out of Him. This is the real one-over that we have on all other versions of “God”…

We’ve really got, we Western liberals, the best possible God: if you think about it. The rest can eat cake.

Latest James Delingpole on Climategate and CRU

David Davis

Here he is. Very clever stuff all the Russians and anti-AGW analysts are now doing. Not before time, too, specially with the globalist-taxers-and-shafters-and-Nazis all still in Copenhagen.

I do hope the poor danes are making substantial monies out of this shindig: they deserve every penny, for putting up with the blasted mountebanks.

I’ve also wondered if GreeNazis actually use prostitutes and escort girls (who had a go earlier, by offering free sex to anyone with a COP15 card, or so it is said) as I’d expect a real global conference of proper people, such as salesmen, to do. That’s the main reason to bugger off somewhere far away, for sure, as it’s always been. You’d like to think they do, for it would underscore their essential humanity. But if they don’t, then it just shows how very, very sundered these droids are, from proper everyday concerns of real human beings on a junket, which is to have a ball, get smashed and laid.

I wonder what was offered to Gordon Brown and Al Gore?

Perhaps they didn’t like the {____} thoughtfully-provided in the cupboard.

Australia, and a strange affliction

David Davis

A “Dr Nathan Grills” (must be a made-up name, to signify apparent  harmlessness) states that “Santa Claus promotes obesity and drink-driving among children”, and ought to be modified.

Apparently, Dr “Grills” is a “health expert”, whatever that might be. I think he’s just an ordinary fascist killjoy scumbag, who also happens – very sadly and unforgiveably – to be Australian. And in “Monash University too? The good Old Man must be turing in his grave. For that reason alone, being what Dr “Grills” seems to be, he ought to know better than to espouse nasty fascist notions of control and repression.

All Australians whom I have met in my time have not been like that at all, and are all charming and normal human beings, who thus like a drink or three and some fried food (and probably pies too) so I wonder what’s getting into them – specially after that Conroy fellow the other day was gassing on about internet censorship and some sort of Australian “firewall”.

Perhaps Dr “Grills” ought to see more to whatever pox is invading the minds of him and his countrymen. He’s a medic I suppose?

If not, I suggest you poms down there underneath (oh, no that’s us isn’t it, we’re the actual poms) kill and truss and barbecue and eat the bugger. Leave his head and spinal cord uneaten, you’ll get Mad-Sociologist-Disease if you don’t…

Very interesting about “Tiger” Woods

David Davis

Do you know what? I can’t figure out why a man would want, in the modern world, to be called “Tiger”. I could not give such a male man a job, if he came to me at interview, and if I had a “firm”, for I would not know really how serious he was about work and life. Perhaps he ought to have thought about his PR-presentation before getting so rich and vulnerable. Perhaps “Fred” or “Robert” or “John” would have been a better name: it would indicate solidity, and the ability to get up in the morning and come to work.

If I was called “Tiger”, I could not marry any woman in the 21st century. Why? Because the GramscoFabiaNazis have deconstructed what female children (as humans, so they think they are) see in male children as humans (as they think they are), and have turned it into Celeb-mag-fodder.

Obviously, if you are called “Tiger” and you are then a complete failure at everything you do, before the age of 18 or so, then it’s a no-no for you to be an international sports droid…this just won’t wash. “And here’s TIGER! the Spurs goalie, and he’s just let in the 421st against his own side!!!!…and it’s only the 41st minute!!!!”… no, it won’t wash. Sorry. “Tigers” can’t be faiilures, or they’re dead.

So, why are 35,124,896 tarts all ganging up on one very (very very) rich man, all at one moment? isn’t it suspicious?

Are they pissed off about the money? (The most lovely sex of all can be for money, it is said, if you have the resources to have anything you want (like “Tiger” Woods), because you can dictate what you want and you can get it: we all know it in our hearts. Christians and other religionistas shoot the entire world in the foot by pretending otherwise, and much serious misery results as a result of this result, specially where GramscoFabiaNazis inspire impressionable young intelligent women to be “femin” ists.)Why did the Ottoman Emperors (and Mohammed, pbuh) have harems? For the good of their souls? Nah. Sex with plenty of women, for one man, as often as possble, is lovely. It’s what it’s for. That’s what the Y chromosome is for. That’s why so many, many of us are all here, today: it’s the great success story of the paleobiology of man.

Didn’t “Tiger” pay then enough at the time? Was that the problem? I think not. I thought these things were pre-agreed? And there’s too many of them anyway – he could not have short-changed them all: that would be crass and careless. And that part of the deal with expensive “escorts” (I’m sure all these women were expensive – they look it) was that, as an escort, you didn’t talk afterwards? What’s the point of these girls otherwise? If you didn’t talk for the sake of the sake of the Bilderbergers who have shagged you, and whom you would not want to expose for the sake of your own life at Copenhagen and after, then why would you “talk” about “Tiger” Woods? Money?

Does it matter if he had any or all of them at all, except to him and his wife, and if so, what is the MSM doing, getting involved at all? Is it any of their effing business?

Or is it that the world-global-governance has had “enough” of “Tiger” Woods, for some other quite unrelated reason?

Perhaps we are no better than the Incas: we set up someone to be an idol, for a year or a few, and then we tire of him, and we pull him down, into the  blood and dust.

I don’t give a f*** for golf. I don’t even understand the point of it. It is my privilege to be able to be like that and yet stay alive in the 21st century, when everyone goes for it. I even hosted an international Golf tournament slightly opposite my house, a year or so ago, for a mate, to show my astonishing magnanimity on this matter.

But I hate what I think is going on here. I don’t think a libertarian society would do this to people, over something that goes on in their private lives. It’s not even clear to me that he’s actually shagged all these women. if he did, so what? Is it anybody’s concern except of them, him and his wife? At least, if he did, he’d have got some pleasure out of it, in return for the delf-righteous preachings of his supposedly-aggrieved “sponsors”.

Or….is “Tiger” Woods a global warming skeptic…or even a _/denier/_ ???

I have never read such a concentrated load of effing smoke-mirror-bollocks in my life

David Davis

I will really, really try to find the time to biophysically-deconstruct this fully-published nonsense, at some time.

But I will have to have pre-drafted the Libertarian Alliance Christmas message first, which is needed for the party on 22nd December at the National Liberal Club, London.

And I’ve really only just begun, and in a war, you have to focus on strategic objectives. Or else, you die.

ShootinPutin187 shows his hand on climate change

David Davis

In the wake of the climategate emails bonanza, (get them here, they’re heavily discounted now)we here in the West now experience what Russia can really do when it tries. We are bust, and it is not, yet, and Putin will have stolen the Star Wars plans by now. Of course; what did you expect, letting Reagan-Bush go, and letting the ObamaClintoid in?

In the TA in the 80s, I always used to come under fire from our lieutenants, who insisted that “The Russian Infantryman is trained to do eleven things. You are trained to do 13!” I never thought this was enough things to overtrump with, and now I know that changing the weather is the best of them.

Me, I do fourteen things!

Britain to “leave the EU”

David Davis

Well, it was nice to dream if only for a second or two. Via the eternally-estimable Devil, we learn that Douglas Carswell has tabled a Bill, asking for a referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU.

It won’t happen like that, of course. Carswell will get his marching orders and P-45 from the Camoron, and for now we’ll have business (or not any) as usual. But one day, one day…..

And to end, a comment on the front of The Devil’s thread on that posting, stated that it says in the Register that “online publications are to be regulated by the PCC”. But not those of Soviets, for these are “marketing material“. Well, the Libertarian Alliance Blog has just this minute become one of the LA’s “marketing publications”. Officially. You have read it here first!

The Libertarian Alliance is a Soviet, at last.

Climate terrorism is the next thing

David Davis

I warned people, time and again, about things like ALF, IFAW and the RSPCA. These were the breeding-grounds for the next big fashionable murder-scheme: climate terrorists. Much the same people frequent both camps.

One never, also, really fully bought into the “Islamist” scare. Apart from 9/11 and a few other obvious big set-pieces, the foot-soldiers of that movement are not serious at all. Some of their priests, “scholars” and imams – yes: they’ll get a lot out of a Universial World Caliphate, including all the virgins while they yet live too (when virgins are of most use to a man.) But the footsloggers and suicide bombers: no, to the drivers of this, they are just expendable scum.

Islam will soon learn that it’s been set up as a patsy. It’s not a religion – and that’s a different discussion we will have with it when a more relaxed time comes, and it has grown up a bit. Having read the Koran and commentaries, I can see that it’s a fairly nifty way of husbanding chattels, animals and women, in pre-Enlightenment Lands of harsh climate where there is nothing. But as I said, we’ll have that discussion another time.

For the present though, the Bramwello-Ehrlichite GreeNazi movement is much more dangerous and immediately harmful: all of those in it all seem to believe with messianic fervour what they are saying. They really are prepared to murder, starve and freeze millions to death, down to the meanest polytechnic student among them: there must be some attraction towards violence associated with the promotion of opinions, among this class of person. In time,  I prophesy that they will learn from their mates in ALF how to go about “targetting” private named individuals too.

Liberal rhetoric does not, somehow, carry within it the same degree of utterly certain conviction of rectitude that the GreeNazis’ sort does. Even Islamists of the militant kind appear to be quaking nervous bags of jello by contrast.

These are the dangerous ones of the next generation, following in a grand and highly-studiable tradition of anti-liberal protest followed by “action”. Just watch.

The Great Firewall of Australia, and a caption competition

David Davis

Perhaps this blog will be filtered. I do not know.

"Free speech? Up yours for the children..."

And the term “Communications Minister” sounds tautological to someone like me. Perhaps Libertarians are just joyless cynical bastards, and don’t deserve such an exciting jolly world to enthuse about, since we just sit about whingeing and monaing about lefty scumbags who want to destroy everything that’s good.

Advertising and its role in a free society

David Davis

This in today’s Torygraph worries me. Advertising follows what people want, it does not lead or influence, because it can’t. I know. I earned lots of money there once. (I have hit “publish bymistake becasue the phone rang. I will add (not “ad”)  to this later.)

My old friend Brian Micklethwait wrote a piece about 20 years ago called “There should be more advertising”. The thrust of it was about the restricted professions such as opticians and solicitors, who were, it seemed, “not allowed to advertise”. This of course was a cover-up for artificially-high professional fees, coupled with proper socialist-centrally-planned- restraint of information about who was good and who was crap.

The problem with advertising is, as someone says, I think “Dr Johnson”,  it allows “peddlers of manufactures” to “speak well of themselves”. I think this does not fit in with the belief-system of “Anglosocialism”. This is an emergent term coined first I think by Ian B of Counting Cats. This meme as I understand it arises from the Christian-derived and excessive zeal of those in an economically-emergent liberal England in the late18th/early-19th century. These people, being the first real “middle class” to be able to emerge fully from under the murderous carapace of Platonist absolutism, were free to not only promote their idea of private charity and largesse towards “the poor” as one means of rendering poverty and want hideous and terminated, as if it was something they’d decided they ought to do out of free will, given by God to them (as it is.)

But they sadly took it further: they also went so far as to confer on it the status of a moral obligation and therefore a “Devoir”. Their God was “A Just and Terrible Go, but without the “Strongly-developed Sense Of Humour” of mine.

“The English word “Duty” or “Obligation” is not strong enough in meaning, by contrast to the inherent degree of (seriously imperative) obligation in the French word.

This entire attitude colours their view of transactions which involve any sort of personal gratification, pleasure or outcome which does not involve a feeling of guilt at their own delight. (To be continued…)

This might just work

David Davis thinks that “Burkha Barbies” may help to erase cultural gulfs between the actual world as it is and as it functions, and, er, Moslem young girls in unicultural households.

I don’t know if they’re allowed to play with dolls: I would suspect not. But this might be a transitional effigy, which would help to doconstruct the notion that a top-down/prescriptive/pre-modern survival guide is a religion.

Religions belong to the world of the non-material. Like Christianity, they can often inform liberalist-behaviour. but as recommendations.

I know! That’s a newspeak term for a “marketing director”!

David Davis

Marissa Mayer is just one of those – what’s the beef?

She is described as

vice president for search products and user experience

But that just translates as “Marketing Director”. Sorry!

Nothing to see here then.

As marketing directors go, she is very pretty overall, but a bit blonde for my taste, so I’ll pass. I can say these things and not be sacked, for I am a Masterless Man.

However, that does not detract from the clear success and acumen of the Google people, including her obviously, in doing a very good imitation of taking all the geeks’ precious things, which I love to do, and giving them to everyone, which I also love to do.

And if Google simultaneously translates everything in every language, for everyone, into his own, then one of the main anti-cultural beefs about the Anglosphere, which is that it is “hegemonic”, can be laid to rest in the slime to which it belongs.

And who invented Google?

I merely announce this

David Davis

For those who are interested, this is now going on.

The real benefit would be to discredit those in Government, who are unfortunately in charge of today’s British Police Forces. But I doubt that that’s what’s behind this one. They are scrabbling hysterically for footholds on the slide to the electoral cesspit, they wonder how they can rig the “vote” in time, are not sure, and want to “get at the Tories” on an “issue”. You just watch what will fall out of this.

And to follow what I said below, this just in…

David Davis

It came from someone on the comment thread on here.

This is all very nice and cosy…


David Davis says it’s a PR stunt designed to coincide with the Copenhagen religious celebration of pagan pre-capitalist neopastoralist Nazi barbarism.

3,500MWh (per year) sounds like a sexy big number. And the population of Westray is “600”. But let’s take it to bits. This is 3,500,000 Kwh. This is 1,26E13 Joules, which equates to a true duty-cycle-adjusted output of 399.6 Kw.

Let’s be generous and say 450 Kw. I can imagine Westray being fairly windy, by our standards here. (And it won’t be spinning all the time – I have taken the given figures as allowing for the wind-dependent duty-cycle.)

Then, also, it’s rather a big turbine. 220 feet tall. (What’s its service life? Anyone know? And what are the servicing costs which will apply throughout its life?)

That’s a mean year-round availability of  750 watts per inhabitant. On an island of 600-odd people, where I guess there are not that many single mothers or single male yuppies commuting by helicopter to Edinburgh or Aberdeen or Lerwick, and people live in settled conservative-type “households” of 3-5 people, this output is not ungenerous, unless everyone on Westray wants to take a powershower all at once on a windless Sunday evening in winter, when the Grid-connection (even if there is one)  is not able to provide voltage in the right direction.

I do not see much wrong in providing stuff like this for people who live in such places, unless the funding is got by the means stated (the “Big Lottery”, whatever that is – it sounds like the Urban Poor of Bootle and Battley and Brighouse have paid for this turbine, which is bad.)

But to do this for a population of 70 millions, which is what the gramscoFabiaNazis want for this island, would require an installed capacity on this maths of 1.05E11 watts. 105 Gigawatts. That’s 117,000 of the same turbines, on the same duty cycle.

And before I’m ritually disembowelled (again) by some of our readers for dubbing greens Nazis, I re-apply that term to them here, as a renewal of my vows, as it were. Anna Bramwell, the contemporary high-priestess of GreeNazism, implicitly conflated the beliefs of the actual Nazis, of (not)fond memory with those of today’s Deep greens.

The Geminids…today

Libertarian Alliance “Controller of The Science”***

(NB: I am NOT David Davis, or that other one!)

Tipped from The Englishman, you might be able to see some of these today, at around 16.45 GMT.

***We found The Science: it had fallen behind the sofa.

They’re going to hobble us, no matter what

David Davis

Ed Moribund seems to think that “even if the science isn’t settled”, we’ve all got to go back to the Dark Ages. This smells of pure evil and not just credulousness about AGW.

I have always maintained that these droids are wicked on purpose. They really do mean to be like that. The strongest motivational force behind any crime is the personal decision to commit it.

The Englishman in his Castle has noticed too.

So did The Australian. It highlights the plight of the global poor, who whom the GreeNazis have nowt but contempt.

It’s golbal warming and it’s all our fault

Michael Winning

I just append these here, It was -4C this am and in a reigon which never freezes mostly:

Elsewhere today

David Davis

Duties call. But feel free to stop in at the Nissen-Hut. Some of the duty typing-chimps may be waving paper about. (It’s in the brownfield site, behind the disused State-Bacon-substitute-Rationing Department Skyscraper, with the broken windows…)

Very funny



Yet another animal that will NOT become extinct

David Davis

African Pygmy Hedgehogs apparently are the “latest fashion accessory for WAGS”. This is good news for Pygmy Hedgehogs, whose population will now increase.

They are probably less emotionally-demandng than dogs, may be easily housetrainable, and will require less socialising and exercising: all characteristics which will suit the modern celebrity lifestyle.

..and I won't even poo on The Ivy's tables...

Too close for comfort

Michael Wining

Seems like what they call “Bringing Government Closer To The People”:-

Credit crunch?

The government is on your side!

Thomas the Tank Engine “not politically correct”

David Davis

Well, how surprising.

And he agrees.

So it’s our bell tower and not his then, look-you, boyo?

Michale Winning

Quentin Davies….nice name. £20,000 would buy all the body-armour for my mate’s lad’s platoon. And smoe sheet-iron for the Landrover

Yes I am a very bitter man, me, about this. these people will have to go, I can tease them out and use their ligaments for fencing I can. It can last a few years in the open, you should see what we can do here with little.

Now I know what this rubbish is about

Michael Winning

They got one of these concrete dead-men and put him by the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, in Halsall, Lancs. I drive past it now and again, and the locals have no clue what he was for, but now we know. He’s a Mayan somethingorother:-

Must be art I supppose