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Socialism, mining, farming, starvation, destroying the Renaissance, and liberty

David Davis

This post was triggered by a typically-Englishly-humorous, but actually deeply worrying, article by Jeremy Clarkson in the Sunday Times last issue. The comment-thread alerted me to the connection between the deliberately-organised Total-State-destruction of farming in the UK and a supposed grudge held against “the Tories” (who of course are all farmers as is natural) by the GramscoFabiaNazis, in supposed revenge for “The Miners”, in 1984/85.

There is a very observable difference between the behaviours of today’s GramscoFabiaNazi socialists in the UK, and some other quite [in their terms] successful ones historically. By which I mean their projected attitudes towards activities conducted by (still nominally free) individuals in the UK versus their counterparts in previous and current Reichs. The British GFNs are extremely and violently opposed to any sort of activity which might give individuals, even through theft of highly-regulated-State-farm-produce, either access to growth of foodstuffs of any sort, or indeed to the ready supply of a wide range of these unless they are approved, such as boiled turnips without salt. I’m not sure that even North Korea goes this far – either through bureaucratic innefficiency or through practical policy, although we do know that people there have been reduced to eating shoe-leather on occasion. A boiled turnip would have been fallen-upon by entire platoons with gusto in Stalingrad I would imagine, but we do not have to emulate this state of affairs yet, except through our own negligence about the identity of persons in the Enemy Class.

In this essay, I want to talk about the fates and future of traditionally-socialist-hijacked-pasttimes –  such as mining and farming: and by implication also generalised heavy industry and “peasant type” activities, all of which have been prostituted [in diffreent ways it is true] by our Enemy Class and the same previous Enemy-Classes of earlier-brutalised nations such as Germany and Russia.

There will now be three corners, in which teams will play:-

(1) In the red corner, I put up today’s British Deep Greens, New Labour, the Global-Warm-mongerers:

(2) in the green corner, I will place the NSDAP and its Wordsworthian neopastoralist (often British) forebears:

(3) in the blue corner will go Joe Stalin and all his diabolical children, the “people’s” polities the world over.

To confuse everyone, and to keep things exciting, the green corner will play first. Leaving aside the NSDAP’s genocidal policies and openly cheerful frankness about the fate of entire native peoples in the way of its racist expansionist plans for Western Asia, that caucus never wavered in its promotion of the manly virtues of physical toil “on the land”, and the nobility of maximizing farm production – indeed it was forced to, willy-nilly. This was by implication coupled with the racist virtues of the natural counterpart to that exertion, in the bedroom. In fact I believe, reading Joachim Fest fairly recently, that women in the Third Reich actually got a silver cross for having borne eight children or more…or, like the “People’s car”, that was actually to be the intention – just like Gordon Brown’s rehashing of announcements about waiting lists for cancer tests. (I so wish I could write without digressing toooooo much. Trouble is, there so much to say and so little time.) The Third Reich made no bones about the importance of both agricultural and industrial production, and although Deep Green in the roots of its philosophy – organic farming in the modern idiom was formally reinvented there – would not have hesitated to put in the Kripos and SD against people who, say, vandalised crop trials of new varieties of whatever. The nearest Gestapo guillotine would have had to be honed, oiled and hosed down regularly. I also don’t expect there’d have been much public sympathy for miners and those who criminally-photocpied newsletters supporting a strike for more pay, once nuclear fission have become a reality for electricity generation in about, say, 1949 (under pressure as they were, and with 35 million more Russian slaves that would by then be available, this might have been just possible.) Isn’t it interesting, how slavery is the ultimate green energy resource? It’s even “carbon-neutral, well, sort of….the slaves’ food (if any) has fixed CO2 from the air, and is exhaled or defecated, returning said gas for recycling. And you can compost a dead slave or burn it, fairly simply.

Let’s now go to the blue corner. Let’s hear it for Uncle Joe and his Jolly Killers. Uncle Joe’s problem with farming and food-production was not the amount, or the type of permitted stuff, but who was doing it most effectively. In this, he is a transitional death-dealing-GramscoNazi, and he begins to resemble our current staff of DEFRA, those which advise these droids, andof course the ultimate droids who sanction that sort of advice on account of it being “in tune with nature”. Joe-Stalin simply objected to people being able to dispense with the universality of the Soviet State, and also needed a scapegoat-class for the failure of his own Marxist-Leninist planning and execution (bad word there, sorry.) The socialist-realist imagery, of crag-jawed hammer-wielding workers staring fixedly up off-camera-stage left, and pointing, assisted by staggeringly-unshaggable “peasant” wives (I presume) in headscarves bearing bulging wheatsheaves, was probably invented under his tutelage. The results of course were nugatory. I presume Russia can feed itself these days as we do not hear any more, even on the bolgosphere, of how many US and Canadian grain-ships are going there this year. Or perhaps they just buy it from India and Pakistan, and don’t say anything.

The red corner at last contains our own home-grown lefty-droids, the GramscoFabiaNazis. The particular ones which have attracted my interest, and ire, are of course a special subgroup thereof, who know everything there is to know about land management, animal-husbandry, mechanised high-volume-crop-production in an uncertain world, forestry-conservation and woodland management, and of course salt-marshes (very important places these as you will see.) These strangely are the only lefty-droids actually to class as absolute-hunger-droids. Not even Mao, Castro or whoever now terrorises North Korea ever pretended to want to _reduce_ the useful output of given areas of land, let alone actually run schemes called “set-aside”, or actively and publicly encourage insects and woldlife at the expense of human bellies. We know that they want to be “Honestiores” at the expense of everyone else, but even slaves have to eat, and eat good and hard, or else they are of no use as a green energy resource or pool-of-pretty-children-generators. EU directives on agriculture and land-use are merely an excuse: these buggers could ignore every one if they wanted, and nobody will come after them or us. They merely find the stuff convenient to hide their enmity-toward-the-rest-of-us behind. I find it hard to get into their skulls – perhaps we’ll eventuall have to do it the old-fashioned way.



That’s how to do it, that’s the real thing

David Davis

Farmer’s daughter shoots terrorist with his own gun.

‘We’re not done yet, insists Brown’- Sounds horrifying, init?

Peter Davis


I have a propsition:

List all of Labours achievements to this day, I won’t, since [a] i can’t be bothered, and [b] my laptop would fall apart because of sheer over-typingness (if thats a word) as it is shoddily made.

then tally up: many have been a complete waste of your money, and have been engineered to put this nation at an educational, tactical, and economical disadvantage, many have actually been benificial.

i think you’ll find that the ultra-huge-vastly-immense majority will be: a complete waste of your money, and have been engineered to put this nation at an educational, tactical, and economical disadvantage

And, Brown says, ‘We’re not done yet’…

it is now 22:07 GMT and my brain has almost completely shut down, so i expect Fred Bloggs to do a humerous, but serious follow-up to this, while i set up the weaponized dustbin in our ultra-super-secret-weapons testing lab for a ‘demonstration’. expect to see the fabled weaponized dustbin in action soon:


Michael Winning

In his speech to the Labour conference in Brighton, Mr Brown accepted that Labour facing an uphill struggle at the election, but insisted that the party still has a chance of winning and taking a fourth term.

They will rig the important labour marginals with postal votes, in whihc they have of course put the more illiterate immigrants.

“Never, never stop believing,” Mr Brown told Labour members. “We are the Labour Party and our abiding duty is to stand, and fight, and win.”

When I was very very young, I heard Hugh Gaitskell on the raiod, saying “we must fight and fight and fight again, and WIN the party back to power!” What’s all this need to fight about all the time?

He added: “Because the task is difficult, the triumph will be even greater. Now is not the time to give in but to reach inside ourselves for the strength of our convictions.”

They will never apologise, as david D keeps reminging us.

Telling his party not to give up, Mr Brown said: “There is nothing in life which is inevitable. It’s about the change you choose.”

I don’t  understand that, sorry.

With the odds against him, Mr Brown was under pressure to set out a vision for the future in his speech.

Everything to do with Lefties is about the future, they never seem to refer to the past. Specially theirs.

During his address, he set out a range of pledges that will form the basis of the Labour election manifesto next year.

Among them:

* If it is re-elected, Labour would hold a referendum on changing the rules for electing MPs. Instead of the first-past-the-post system, Westminster elections would use the additional vote system, where voters chose both a constituency MP and one from a regional top-up list. This will be the sacked BlairBabes, then, so they can get back in. * Labour would create a new “National Care Service” to provide social care of the elderly, he said. The new system is likely to be funded by up-front fees levied on all workers when they turn 65. I don’t fancy being invited onto that scheme, sorry. Mr Brown also promised: “And for those with the highest needs, we will now offer in their own homes free personal care.” He did not say who would qualify. Not disabled soldiers I epxpect.

* Middle class parents will lose tax relief on child care in order to fund free childcare for 250,000 poor parents of two-year olds. The pledge comes only days after Mr Brown pledged to make middle-class concerns the focus of his Government. I’d better beget a couple of two-year-olds, pref by different girls, and quite quick. Then I cna put them in the same cresh, get a volume-discout, and finally get an XBox!

* Teenage single mothers will be “placed in a network of supervised homes,” shared homes where they will be taught parenting skills and given other skills. Mr Brown said: “It cannot be right for a girl of sixteen to get pregnant, be given the keys to a council flat, and be left on her own.” So the home-supervisor can finally pimp them out now properly and get away with it! Add to her salary it will.

* The national ID card will not be made compulsory during the next parliament, Mr Brown said. But he stopped short of scrapping the scheme as many critics are demanding. So it’s going to come then, no change there then.

Responding to critics of his personal style leadership, Mr Brown lauded his own role in responding to the world financial crisis last year. I’m the Dear Leader….fly me (to Washington)

“Even when they told us last year that a great depression was inevitable and the world could not come together, we did, even when others said it was beyond our grasp. It still is.

“Maybe you think it’s because I’m the guy who doesn’t take no for an answer, and you’re right: I don’t.” I never apologise, I’m the arch-Gramscofella of the current Enemy Class.

For the second year running, Mr Brown was introduced to the conference by his wife, Sarah. think what would have happened if Denis T had introduced Margaret T.

In a short personal speech about the man she called “my husband, my hero”, Mrs Brown spoke of the Prime Minister’s intensity, workload and character. Hitler in thewar

“He’s not a saint. He’s messy, he’s noisy, he gets up a terrible hour,” Mrs Brown said. “He will always make the time for people, for the family, for his friends. That’s what makes him the man for Britain too.” the father of his people, yes. Ceaucescu also?

Risking criticism of Labour’s support for the Armed Forces, Mr Brown devoted only three paragraphs of his hour-long speech to British forces serving in Afghanistan, paying tribute “to them and their courage.” I think sometimes in my worse moments about a revolution supported by the Army etc. But I don’t think they will.

So there you are – they NEVER apologise…

…for being GramscoFabiaNazis, and thus wrong.

David Davis

I fully expect that many ballot-boxes will become stuffed, specially in the more marginal of their rotten and pocket boroughs. After all, what is the point ofmass-promotion of postal voting at all, if you can’t use disadvantaged immigrants’ postal votes  for your own party?

Maybe nothing can now be done for these people

Michael Winning

I meant the hoddies, not the woman and her daughter. Labour’s artificially-created client-underclass may contain many individuals for whom there will be no earthly use. It is a tragic and useless waste of human potential.

And ive just found this here.

I,ll reprint it just in carse, I’m sure the man won’t mind. The blog master says it should be in red to show its been lifted.

Ed West Politics Last updated: September 29th, 2009

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Well, this is possibly Labour’s last ever party conference in power, so I was expecting some big gimmicks, but Gordon Brown’s attack on 24-hour drinking is weak.

The move will be part of a wider package of crime measures that the Prime Minister will unveil in his crucial pre-election party conference speech. He has previously indicated that he is unhappy with parts of the licensing law changes that were brought in while Tony Blair was Prime Minister but has stopped short of overhauling the legislation.

As a teenager the one cause I really felt passionate about was not global warming (as we called it back then), third world poverty or the Rwandan genocide (which I don’t even remember) – it was 24-hour drinking. I hated the fact that all pubs shut at 11 and we then had to find a nightclub, queue for ages, and then pay over the odds to stand around somewhere so loud you wouldn’t hear Ian Paisley if he was standing next to you. Lloyd George ruined my teenage years.

Conservatives, who win most arguments through the law of unintended consequences, were strangely averse to the obvious fact that our First World War-era licensing laws only encouraged people to drink quickly and then head to even boozier venues. It was left to New Labour, in a rare moment of liberalism, to change the law.

The phrase “24-hour drinking” is misleading, creating the image of some Oliver Reed-style epic bender – often it just means theatre-goers popping in for a couple or people choosing to stay in their local past 11 rather than making a night of it. And it does not make alcohol-related social problems any worse – it doesn’t make them hugely better, but it doesn’t make them worse. In fact the number of venues open 24-hours is tiny, and the number of pubs open past 1 am is not huge, either.

The Government knows this, of course, but the real problems with alcohol are too difficult to deal with. The initial inconvenience is that too many city centres are dependent on alcohol – if they raise the duty on alcohol or arrested drunks wholesale or did anything to reduce the number of rubbish chain pubs then they may as well evacuate Liverpool or Newcastle.

Secondly, and more importantly, too many members of the violent community are also part of Labour’s 5-million-strong welfare army, people who do not pay fines because they know the authorities won’t chase them, and who do not modify their bad behaviour because they know the state won’t kick them out of their taxpayer-provided homes. This is why “drink Asbos” won’t work:

The measure will be part of a wider package of anti-social behaviour policies that the Prime Minister will unveil. It includes “drink anti-social behaviour orders” being extended to force courts to consider imposing a Drinking Banning Order against anyone convicted of a crime who was under the influence of alcohol.

The Drink Asbos will give magistrates the power to bar problem drinkers from bars and off-licences, Mr Brown will say.

Parents of any child guilty of anti-social behaviour will be given a parenting contract and where they refuse to comply with them, their benefits will be stopped. He will also announce a four-fold increase in the number of families covered by ‘family intervention projects.’

He will say: “These are binding contracts which require people to take one to one support or lose their benefits. We will double the number of these family intervention projects so that for the 50,000 most chaotic families and their 100,000 children there will be clear rules, and clear punishments if they don’t comply.”

But Asbos have been a terrible failure – half of them are breached and most of the time the authorities simply give the hooligan another “last chance” warning, like some ineffective and weak teacher. On the other hand they are genuinely illiberal and can and have been used by the authorities to persecute the merely eccentric or children with serious disorders.

This issue is relevant to the suicide of Fiona Pilkington, driven to her death by yobs while the police did nothing (for fear of “criminalising” the bullies by sending them to prison), because even if the authorities did intervene to stop her ordeal, they would still be bound by the law to re-house Miss Pilkington’s tormentors, the Simmons family, and scumbags everywhere know that.

If Labour really wanted to get tough on anti-social behaviour, whether committed drunk or sober, it would change the law so that the state no longer had to find a home for criminals among ordinary, decent people. But then, you wouldn’t want people to actually take personal responsibility for their behaviour, would you?


Michael Winning

So how many are they allowed? I wonder also, what becomes of the young men who statistically lose out? I mean if you get a load of wives, where does that leve someone like me who can’t even pick up a girl?

I suppose it approximates to a Free Market then?


The Resignation of Gordon Brown, the British Prime Minister, today

Polly Toynbee (guest writer) (yes, that one.)

‘On the day when I became prime minister, I promised I would try my utmost. I have indeed worked night and day in the midst of the storm that has engulfed the world economy. I believe I have helped save this country from a depression as bad or worse than the 1930s. I have contributed to the global rescue of banks whose domino collapse threatened a terrifying meltdown. I encouraged a global fiscal stimulus that learned Keynes’ lessons.

“Make no mistake, had David Cameron and George Osborne been in power to do what they proposed, the catastrophe doesn’t bear thinking about. With ATM machines within hours of shutting down, the Conservatives urged us to do nothing, spend nothing, laissez-faire and let it happen. Supermarket shelves would have emptied in a chaos of panic. To spend money then was to invest in saving us all, and the debts we incurred were a price well worth paying. Had we not spent that money, the cost of total collapse would have been unimaginably higher. We do indeed need to repay the money borrowed, but over time, with care, at a sustainable pace, without destroying the fabric of our much improved public services.

“Unemployment now is our greatest concern: we will not create another lost generation of young people. With extra apprenticeships and every effort, bending each department to the task, we will not let it happen again. Yet Cameron and Osborne are bent on doing just that, turning their ‘Broken Britain’ fallacy into a horrible reality. They tell us they would cut deeply, immediately, before recovery is established. We never forget the cruelty of Mrs Thatcher’s 1980s cuts, the social destruction and despair, the public squalor and the doubling of children in poverty – too many children are still poor today despite our best efforts.

“I cannot stand by and let the Conservatives do it again – same blueprint, same economic errors, multiplying social problems for years to come – and all for what? To pay down a sustainable deficit too far, too fast. Nothing learned, nothing changed – same ideology, same blind indifference to national wellbeing. Look at the harm their Europhobia is already inflicting on Britain’s role in Europe as they leave the mainstream for a ragbag party of neofascists, racists and wreckers. I cannot stand by and let William Hague take us to the European departure gate.

“Each of us has a part to play to stop that happening. I have done my utmost. I am proud of so much that Labour has done, money well spent after decades of neglect. Who would have thought we could all but abolish NHS waiting lists? I will spare you the litany of Labour achievements – just look all around us.

“But as I see the challenge ahead, I fear that my utmost will not be enough and I am not the best person to lead this party into the next election. Fairly or unfairly, the public have decided. If I am no longer an asset to my party in the battle to keep the Conservatives from power, then I know my duty is to stand aside and let someone else succeed. That is the greatest service I can offer. I hope I have been the right person to see the country through a crisis. But I fear I am no longer the best person to take Labour’s good case to the electorate.

“Our party is fortunate. In my cabinet I have an abundance of talent, younger and older, who would make Labour’s case well as next leader. The process of choosing the best one will not be divisive: we are remarkably united compared with any time in our past. On the contrary, I am confident that choosing a new leader will release all the dynamism in this party in the next stage of the long march for social justice: we are essentially a social democratic nation.

“Someone new will find it easier than I to talk honestly of mistakes we have made. Of course, in 12 long years any government gets things wrong. Sometimes a scapegoat is useful to draw the understandable anger people feel at how risk and greed in the banks caused so many to lose jobs, homes and pensions. I take the blame for failing to see the full danger building up in our financial sector – though goodness knows, we shared that mistake with every other country and economist. But had we followed the Conservatives’ persistent demands to deregulate everything, how much worse the crisis would have been. Even now the Conservatives would demolish the FSA – whose chair, Adair Turner, has spelled out what must be done to restrain greed and risk from now on.

“But if the case can be better put by others, I will not stand as an obstacle in the fight ahead. By stepping aside, I give this urgent warning to voters: however angry you are at what has happened, however alarmed you are by a national debt that was necessarily incurred to prevent worse disaster, do not inflict on yourselves and the nation a government ideologically intent on harming so many of the services you depend on.

“Ask yourselves what you value most in life. Most precious are those things we can only purchase together: health, education, safety in the streets, fine public spaces, parks, museums, sports grounds and beautiful public buildings. No shop sells anything we prize so highly. Don’t let all these good public things descend again into the petty squalor of the 1980s and 1990s for the sake of a few more pounds in your pocket. The small state is the squalid state, penny-pinching, mean-spirited and devoid of things that make a country proud.

“I am glad to have played my part in helping rebuild Britain’s public realm. But I know my limitations well enough to stand down at the right time to let one of my talented colleagues take up the baton and run with it to a victory at the next election.”

Afterwards they would say that nothing so became his leadership as the leaving of it. He would become something of a hero. The British detest their politicians until they are powerless, when the most unexpected previous figures of fun and hate turn overnight into national treasures. So it would be with Gordon Brown: the man who in the end confronted his demons and showed exceptional honesty and humility. He would restore some faith in politics by putting the success of his values before self-interest. Some would murmur that he only went before he was pushed, but most would say his Captain Oates walk earned him a chapter in that slim volume of modern British politicians with true courage.

Reprinted from the online edition of

Perhaps we will have to start (not shooting but) interrogating State-bin-men (if in hoodies) on sight

If this is true.

David Davis

The rubbish is our property. It’s frightening the women and children. If the sanity of one “mum” is preserved, is it worth it.


Fred Bloggs.

I now present to you….. The Super Scooby:











It contains:

* Four 1/4lb beef burgers: 1,160 calories

* 12 onion rings: 300 calories

* Eight rashers of bacon: 275 calories

* Eight slices of cheese: 480 calories

* Two lettuce leaves: 4 calories

* Six slices of tomato: 25 calories

* Four slices of onion: 15 calories*

BBQ sauce, burger sauce and relish: 40 calories

* Mayonnaise: 90 calories

* White burger bap: 256 calories

Total Calories: 2,645

The Telegraph did an article on it, here.

The progressives’ disarmament of British Subjects of the Crown…

will now being to proceed. This time it will be Air-Weapons.

I of course cannot say if this tragic accident has been staged on purpose by the GramscoFabiaNazis as is always the case in “gun accidents”, since no participants appear to be American-bribable-male-teenagers-with-girlfriend-difficulties, or lefty-connected-autistic-perverted-scumbags like Thomas Hamilton.

These human subgroups are the usual material that Fascists like to use as catspaws, such as this poor young idiot. he got mixed up with only slightly more serious people that we are fighting, and look what happened to him.

This individual tragedy might just be a genuine accident, as sometimes happens. People even get accidentally run down by trains and cars.

But I await events.

GramscoFabiaNazis say things like “if it saves the life of one child, it is worth it”.

Similarly, if it costs the life of one child to advance their cause, I guess they will also deem it worth it.

I wonder if they will be able to ban longbows?

David Davis

First, they came for the dogs

and I have not spoken out, for I am not a dog.

Yet. But I guess I will be when I am chipped.

David Davis

If I wanted to destroy the UK’s taxation-base….

..and I was Gordon Brown, then this is how I would start off.

David Davis

I thought that Statists like taxation. I thought they liked to do it.

They not only like [other people] to pay it, but they like to raise [lots and] lots of it.

If they want to do it, then there perhaps ought to be something large and worthwhile to tax economically and profitably. Surely, it’s worth more net revenue to tax about 10,000 guys each collecting lump sums of say £200,000 each, every year year in year out, (40% of 20 billion = 8 billion for 10,000 audits) than to tax 20 million people each yielding, let us say, £4,000 each per year (80 billion for 20 million audits) and with the same volume of paperwork per unit as the big guys?

They will merely have 200 times the paperwork per billion raised, if they drive the Banks offshore, as they now will.

And I haven’t even costed in the marginal taxation-losses due to death of small-businesses who service the bonus-earners.

‘I DO NOT ROLL OVER’ – says Brown… …whatever that means…

Peter Davis

It appears Brown is stating that he’s not a dog, perhaps?

anyway, this may intrest you.

ZanuLieBorg may (perhaps) become irrelevant next year…

…or perhaps not, if it rigs the Election, or invokes the CCA…

David Davis

…but the Enemy Class has done all the important preliminary damage to English liberal civilisation already. They’ve done in under thirteen years the equivalent of the first 5-minute part of the Air Raid. This is the bit in which, with hard-case ground-penetrating bombs using short-delayed-pistols, you must break all the water-mains and gas-pipes, sever the underground parts of the city’s electricity-grid, and knock out the transformer-substations.

I guess we should give John Major a mention, for laying down the coloured sky-markers for them to assault.

Now that Matthew D’Ancona has left the Spectator, he seems to write rather better.

_But_ I urgently counsel all of you not to assume that David Cameron is going to be the next PM. We’d all here like the LPUK to form the next government as a prelude to a permanently much much smaller one. But canvass all we might, on our hands and knees in the windy rainy nights, and yet give it all the money we can scrape up, it’s not going to happen in 2010.

We as a voting nation, if allowed, may yet possibly succeed in consigning this current crowd of wicked “movers and shakers” to political oblivion, for a time if not for the rest of their own working lives. We ought not to worry about them for they have shafted plenty of money off us, so they may perhaps not starve in the street. However, what’s still to be done about the facts that (a) shiny legislative machinery has been left behind purposefully, for use later on, and (b) a very very large cadre of unapologietic activists has been and is yet now being created, in things called “unis”?

What’s to happen to the “National(ised) Curriculum”, deliberately crafted to turn out tacit helot supporters of the prevailing hegemonic discourse, if not also active prosecutors of it where clever and evil enough?

As I have said recently, it’s no use either to professional libertarians or indeed even to ordinary living humans, if the structures placed by the Enemy Class for our permament future enslavement are not demolished and replaced by all the free institutions and previously-freely-allowed interactions between humans that existed before the said Class really got going.

I like this chappy’s cynicism

David Davis

It’s probably because he’s Czech, or perhaps it’s despite that instead.

I have spent, some years ago, quite a long cumulative time in his country, probably more than anywhere else except here. And I found the Czechs, particularly the South-Moravians (whose accent and dialect I learned to fool people in Prague with) to be charmingly romantic, but maybe it was just the all-pervading afterglow of joy at being released from the Stalinist Jackboot.

What is the matter with these poor women?

Why don’t they ever smile? And I thought women liked wearing clothes?

David Davis

I didn’t think German soldiers would cave in…

so what’s happening?

David Davis

Look, there you go, this is what happens when….

…you let the Enemy Class tell people how to comport themselves in difficult situations, via the Wireless Tele Vision.

David Davis

And it was all about a mattress (what’s that?) not even _ABOUT OIL_  which we are told to slag off our own people about.

So it was not about oil, then?

So it was not about oil, then?

Or just perhpas she does not fancy him

Michael Winning.

Mrs Obaba didn’t hug or kiss poor old Mr Berlusconi. Shame on her. Perhaps they don’t like him in the Enemy Class because he got to have all the girls before the real game was exposed. Perhpas my master will call a caption competion, i know he likes those, the prizes are fore what Obama is thinking….

No Silvio, you have enough of us already on your yacht!

No Silvio, you have enough of us already on your yacht!

Sorry guys

UPDATE1:- And here’s a little bit of circumstancial evidence for my case: they bastards don’t even rate their own slaves, let alone us, who don’t acknowledge them as our masters.

David Davis

This is going to be an unpleasant posting for me. Indeed it may perhaps mark the point of my break with mainstream libertarians, who favour nothing at all but peaceful engagement with the Enemy Class. But the battle between liberty and evil indivuals who wish it to be suppressed has gone on too long, it is now inconvenient and irritating, the Cause of Liberty is being held up, and I want to trigger some discussion about our desired results.

Libertarians ought to have well-articulated and widely-trawled plan of what to do about members of the Enemy Class. They ought to start to be told that they are identified as inimical to personal liberty in all areas of a person’s life.

The stupid FDR’s stuff in 1943 about “unconditional surrender” was at the time an unproductive and costly mistake, directed accidentally as it was against a people who would probably – just like the Italians – in the mass have been pleased to accept “terms”, being civilised individuals unlike the junta which they tragically failed to not elect in 1933. We could stillhave tried and hung trash like Frank, Frick, Rosenberg, Seyss-Inquart, Himmler, Goebbels, the other chappies, even the Führer himself if it had come to a deal. The Jews and all the rest of those exterminated would still have been vindicated, and Stalin might not even have got his unjust deserts.

We might also not even have needed to have been tricked into destroying Dresden on Stalin’s orders, and thus not have trodden into seemingly eternal and embarrassingly deep shit because of it. (It riles me, you can see. Germany did NOT need to elect Hitler in the first place. We are equally at fault for allowing our Enemy Class to gain ascendancy while we had been busy. We have even less excuse for our negligence than Germans in 1933, for we live in a nominally-liberal society.)

Nurtured in the bosom of benign capitalism, yet schooled in the dark perverted lights of false science, the Enemy Class of today is sadly not like the semi-hezitant-Nazis of 1933 at all. It is far, far more confident and hubristic.

We libertarians are too fixed on the universal provision of Natural Rights and individual liberty for all. In pursuing this admirable goal, we neglect at our peril its mortal enemies, who have pursued their own “Project” for centuries, are doing so now, are now extremely able communicators and media-mobsters, and will continue so to be and to do.

They have “learned lessons” from the fates of their friends, in Germany in the 1930s to 1945, in the USSR from 1917-1989, from Red-Ted Heath their friend, from Harold Wilson who was not serious enough, and from Ceaucescu whose fate they do not want to undergo.

They will, from this day forward, never change, never apologise, and never surrender. Living and recently-dead-examples in no special order? Polly Toynbee, George Monbiot, Al Gore, Michael Moore, Baroness Scotland, Douglas Hogg, the BBC top brass, Castro (who at least died), Madeleine Bunting, Sunny Sandalwood, Kim Long-Il (ditto), that woman in the EU who wants to shut “right wing” political blogs down, the other guy who forces toxic defective lighting on us, and so on. Form an orderly queue, chaps, to convert one of more of these to liberalism, starting now.

Can you do it?

Can you?

Our objective can’t be cleanly reached in any even vaguely reasonable timescale, if there are intelligent, highly-educated and well-resourced humanoids who openly and sincerely mean to impose the opposite case by force if need be. What, after all, is “choice-editing”, for God’s sake?

These buggers are in it from times primeval in their lives, probably from swaddling-clothes in fact: they are collectivists deliberately, and they deliberately do collectivist things to masses and masses of unwilling or too-busy-to-do-anything-about-it-people. And then, when parts of the Project go pear-shaped, they get parachuted out to other parts less exposed to our ire. Sacked Prime-Monsters who go on $100,000-speechmaking junkets are another case in point.

We can hold conferences till we are blue in the face. In fact I will raise this very matter at a frnge-meeting which I will try to set up on 24th/25th October at the Libertarian Alliance’s annual binge in London.

We can publish stuff till the Finnish paper-forests are razed. (Indeed, you ought to weigh the tonnage of paper which the Libertarian Alliance alone produced from the 70s to the 2000s, until came fully on-stream.)

Libertarians have blogs – there are probably hundreds out there, mostly talking to each other. Libertarian blogs’ blogrolls are among the longest you will find anywhere in the internet. They are usually a good read, unlike the collectivists’ attempts: perhaps we are cleverer or wittier or better educated (I doubt it) writers, or we read more things faster in wider areas, and so write better.

But all the while, the collectivists and other GramscoFabiaNazis seem to gain ground. They now openly flaunt the levers of State Power,  brandishing joyfully and exultantly the hammers-and-anvils-of-compulsion, dressed warmly and cuddlily in the clothes of caring, security, safety, community-concern and the like. They will never admit they are unfathomably evil by design, nor will they ever backtrack.

I do not, any more, believe that even a minority of them are capable of honest conversion to liberalism and liberty of humans all as sovereign individuals. Their potential rewards for the successful completion of their “Project”, of total and eternal human enslavement, to the benefit of the chosen Honestiores and believers, exceed in their eyes the importance of the general destruction of Man’s prospects in The Universe.

After all, why ought they to care about that? They think we all die in the end, and that there Is Nothing After. If they get to be Earthly Lords – for even a little time – to whom we always and everywhere bow the knee: and if we are forced to offer our sexiest daughters (and sons?) for their shagging, in return for our paltry rations of saltless boiled vegetables and water, eaten and drunk in the freezing darkness: then, what is it to them? Nothing.

They will have taken /revenge/ – for what? Here are five reasons for vengeance ‘pon the rest of us that incense the Enemy Class. And I could go on after…

(1) Revenge for the slow but sure concatenation of events that followed Magna Carta -

(2) Revenge for the Rennaissance -and for printing -

(3) Revenge for the Industrial Revolution (a wrong name) which took millions of us out of their mud-bound, sword-flatting, oak-hard-grip -

(4) Revenge for agricultural-surpluses -which meant that 98% of us didn’t have to spend more than all our lives simply trying to grow food and eat some -

(5) Revenge for towns and cities where poverty first became hideous at last, for scientific and medical progress, with Christian Charity (not fake ones, they’d have been appalled, specially the “poor”) showed what would be achieved instead -

If they’d thought harder about it, they’d even have been decrying and execrating the invention of the WHEELED PLOUGH. This brought the rise of the “New Towns” from about AD 1050 to 1400. Newport, Neustadt, Neuville, Newton-le-Willows, Newcastle, Novgorod. Clearly hotbeds of anti-Righteous sedition and revolution, all of them. I don’t however see George Monbiot and Paul Ehrlich criticising it though.

I have said before that we have to have a serious, and published plan about what is intended for those of the Enemy Class who do not recant, and who will not recant. There will be many. Furthermore, many will recant who are not sincere, and who will intend to prosecute their evils after recantation. These will need specially to be identified.

People who oppose liberty for sovereign individuals – the utterly individual, contractual, trust-based, one-to-one, fully-atomised kind of libery that Lords so hate and fear, must be made to feel that we are as serious about promoting this kind of liberty as they are about demolishing it and replacing it with collective liberties for masses, handed out by said Lords as acts of dispensation.

The time has come to draw the line.

So the USA has fake-charities now too?

Michael Winning.

Just spotted this from an incoming link. Strange, as it seems libertarians are in favour of letting people make their own decisions about when and how to get pissed, and how pissed to get. Perhaps it’s a fake charity?

US Obamabarmy Education.

Fred Bloggs.

Now in America school children are being taught to sing the praises of Obama, literally.
Heres the lyrics:

Mmm, mmm, mm!

Barack Hussein Obama
He said that all must lend a hand [?]
To make this country strong again
Mmm, mmm, mm!

Barack Hussein Obama
He said we must be clear today
Equal work means equal pay
Mmm, mmm, mm!

Barack Hussein Obama
He said that we must take a stand
To make sure everyone gets a chance
Mmm, mmm, mm!

Barack Hussein Obama
He said Red, Yellow, Black or White
All are equal in his sight
Mmm, mmm, mm!

Barack Hussein Obama
Mmm, mmm, mm!

Barack Hussein Obama

Hello, Mr. President we honor you today!
For all your great accomplishments, we all [do? doth??] say “hooray!”
Hooray Mr. President! You’re number one!
The first Black American to lead this great na-TION!
Hooray, Mr. President something-something-some
A-something-something-something-some economy is number one again!
Hooray Mr. President, we’re really proud of you!
And the same for all Americans [in?] the great Red White and Blue!
So something Mr. President we all just something-some,
So here’s a hearty hip-hooray a-something-something-some!
Hip, hip hooray! (3x)

Please don’t give Gordon ideas, we would be singing “The Ode of the one eyed Scotsman”

I wouldn’t trust the buggers…

…further than a tired old sidewinder could fly.

David Davis

“A world without nuclear weapons” will not only take us back to 1939 and the sort of sword-wielding-mountebanks we either faced or (just as scary) had in 1941 to do business with and thanklessly supply: it also will provide today’s dangerous mountebanks with the excuse to covertly go about getting more anyway.

Knowing what its true mission is, as you do, the sort of snotrags who get to “represent” people at it and the kinds of countries in it which invoke collective-lynching-parties against liberalism, would _you_ trust the UN to police such an arrangement?

It’s not much cop if there isn’t an English Parliament in Westminster…

…AND if that parliament isn’t the only one there.

David Davis

I am laughingly called the Libertarian Alliance’s “Director of Northern Affairs”. It means that I live here, actually fairly near some of the things which this article calls “big northern cities”. We actually have quite a lot of those, and it is my job to pontificate, in Olympian fashion and rather futilely, about what goes on therein.

Cameron (for it is he who _may_ possibly win the next election, and sadly it will not be the LPUK although we could wish) knows that he has two tasks. Firstly to gain a very very large majority in places like Huyton and Easington, which is almost inconceivable, and secondly to deal with the ballot-box-stuffing which will take place in hundreds of very very small Labour marginals, not only in the North here but Faraway Cities Of Which I Know Little, like London, Cardiff, Bristol, Deal, Brighton and others.

The tragedy of Northern Cities, which you will experience if you drive or walk through a few some day, is their post-WW2-exposure to rampant AttleeGaitskelloButlerism, followed by DerekHattoNazism. All the money, basically, which might theoretically have gone to the “poor workers” under the hegemonic plan, was basically syphoned off by the bureauNazis. Some even bought Jaguars.

That’s it really. The Tories will have a tough job unstuffing the ballot-boxes in some wards here.

Perhaps when they come in the night to stuff the locked boxes, we may have to kill them.

I didn’t know this either: that settles it…”bullying” is hegemonic Enemy-Class school strategy

David Davis

I was appalled by this article. Harrumph, you might say, but why set up a MSM and hegemonic culture that tells little boys to tie up a primary-school girl and whip her, and then which lets the blameworthy-school sack the dinner-lady who grasses up the little scumbags to the girl’s parents?

I got off lightly in 2004. I personally addressed a little scumbag who was bullying my boy in year 5, cheerfully advised the headmaster by phone what I had done, and was told “you are NOT supposed to approach the other children”: to which I said that the “bullee” was my own son who is my property, and I would thus approach anybody it pleased me so to do, about the matter, in view of the instutionalised-uselessness of the Police. No more was heard, and the bullying died off. That headmaster “was terminated” owing [it is said] to some indiscretions with the school secretary, and then subsequently died, a little later (I had nothing to do with that!)

Bullying has been written about here before, in its presumed promoted role as an Enemy-Class-tactic to eliminate free-thinkers and sensitive humans from the slave-class.

Look, I’m sorry: I’ve had this libertarian “no-violence”, “no use of force to persuade”, “everybody’s natural rights”, “freedom to say objectionable things” guff up to the nostrils. For, in the war in which we now find ourselves, it is guff. Guff. there, I repeated it, guff. Gunge: so much verbal trash. Nothing more.

The trouble is that absolutely all non-libertarians, socialists, GramscoFabiaNazis and other leftist scumbags freely translate “freedom to say something objectionable” into “freedom to DO something objectionable”. This is no longer acceptable to me.

To all the Libertarian Alliance’s peace-loving, convivial, freely-debating, liberal friends, all over the world, I have to say I am so sorry. I have now changed.

We can’t just carry on with these group-wanking-love-ins, and blogs on which we all pretend to profess liberty and non-violence, and then all go to places where libertarians get together, like our forthcoming conference, and solemnly agree with each other about liberalism. then of course we will all go away again, professing ultimate faith in the victory of our ideas, and that will be it for a year.

During which time, the Enemy Class has not been idle, at all.

The Enemy-Class is serious about abolishing humans’ very ability to even think or talk about resisting their moral and intellectual hegemony. We will have to get serious about them in return. I’m not yet saying that we may have to kill them all, but we should say that “nobody is suggesting that at this time”. This Class will never forget, never forgive, and never say sorry. There may sadly and regrettably be no use for, or place for, it in a libertarian civilisation.

And I don’t think it’s the Rockefellers, whichever fellers those might be, or any sort of “New World Order” (whatever that is): I think it’s just ordinary, unfathomably evil British Fabians, who are very very clever and far-planning, and know precisely what they have been doing for a century or more.

We can’t have brave and blameless dinner-ladies “automatically failing future CRB checks” because they disciplined a group of scumbag shit primary-school boys, who ought to have been caned within an inch of their lives, and then arrested and sent to court and humiliated, before being made to be re-beaten by their dads.

I didn’t know that

David Davis

James May “to be demolished“…

And Nurses Are better Than You.

GramscoFabiaNazis are institutionally-not-funny, so they try terribly terribly terribly hard…

…to inject (what’s that?) “Razzmataz”…

David Davis

I feel a caption competition coming on:-

He's had the jab...but I've had THREE!

He's had the jab...but I've had THREE!

It is not the function of Statesmen, while we are stuck with them up our arses, to inject “Razzmataz”. Not up our arses anyway, not like happy-laughing-boy on the left would.

It is their function to _Provide against Preventable Evils_ …and that is all, for the time being, until they are gone.

We said it would happen

Michael Winning

First you try to do some dirty deals with a dirty old shitty murdering dictator who’s no better than he ought to be. (It’s ALL ABOUT OIL!….choris offstage.) Those deals could not be more designed to piss of the uSA your friend and ally, and also individual people associated with the Lockerbie-dead, like their surviving relations and legatees, even if you tried hard to bring it about.

Then you pretend somebody else did them, not you.

That gets Scotland into trouble (your tirn will soon come) which also pisses off the Scots while you’re at it. Even the Scottish Labour party.

Then yo go into hiding, pretending there’s nothing to talk about.

Then it comes out that you did it after all.

People like my colleague warned of the strategic consequences. Even Guido has noticed.

Then of course the soft-boiled-egg does actually connect with the electric fan after all. Brown’s apparent flatfootedness has gone beyond mere galumphing ineptitude and is thus a position cultivated for a reason. he hates us, he hates liberalism and the west and he wants it to fall down.

Now Brown is a rapidly-addressed kitchen servant, compared with these:

“It was disclosed earlier this week that Mr Brown would not hold bilateral talks with Mr Obama, despite the President hosting individual meetings with the leaders of Japan, China and Russia. Downing Street claimed that this was not unusual.”

This is not good for libertarians if the USA is going to tactfully pull up the ladder against us, while obviously talking to more impoartant people in Japan Russia and China. Actually I’m surproised India France and Germany were left out of that list but the journo might just not have finished his whistky in time to write them down.

I note this blog has been critical of Obama in the past. Clearly he’s no liberal in the libertarian true meaning of the word, but he also clearly knows which side the USA’s bread is buttered.

My real worry is that the American People will think the worse of us now, for things we didn’t want to do but wree done in our name. Even their Bankers despise us.

The enemy rhetoric is very clever and persuasive

Michael Winning

Read it all, to the end, not long. You’d be forgiven for thinking these politicians are not our masters but our humbal servants. Spit.

Charles Clarke articulates everything about the GramscoFascist-Left mindset

David Davis

It’s all about “power” and being “progressive”…but I think we all gathered that some time ago. Progessive towards what, of course, is what matters. As libertarians we need to sit down and decide whether or not to Get Serious about those who frankly and openly want our defeat, because they fervently believe us to be wrong, and that they are right. We need to decide what to do about the (now real and dangerous)  force – of many kinds – used by them, against us and against individual humans who resist intellectually. They know they are so right that they ought to prevail : against truth and reason, and against anyone who thinks they are “mad”, “illogical”, or beginning to think about sometihng called  “Political Correctness Gone Mad”…

…as you all are tired of being told by me, we MUST NEVER ever ever use that phrase, for it legitimises “Political Correctness” in that it admits of a “mad” condition which it might adopt. As if it was not totally “intelligently designed” (which it is.)

PC is designed to do, under fully-logical and quite sensibly centralised intellectual direction, those things which it has done and intends to do. Which is to say, destroy the ability to articulate certain words and therefore certain thoughts. Until there are only the allowed ones.

Now then: Charles Clarke, the old Marxist student “activist” (all today’s fascist bastards were, so what: they never had real jobs in their lives – pity I didn’t run over his sandals with my motorbike when I could have done) may be doing one of three things.

(1) He  is either wanting to seriously help along the “Project” – which is to say, total and irremediable enslavement (and deletion as even an idea or concept) of the one people which “progressives” have most hated in all history, and so he cares that “Labour” should win the next election.

(2) Or else he is just expressing the usual GramscoFabiaNazi emotions on finding that their now-frankly-expressed policies and objectives are less than fully-popular all the time with everyone.

(3) It’s the power thing, and he sees his last chance of getting the Main Chance. Even if it’s for a few months only. And as he knows, you can always rig elections and stuff ballot-boxes, or get lots of “postal votes” – specially in Rotten Boroughs, but especially in those that are not quite so rotten that there is a chance of a Non-Labour-non-GramscoFascist-lefty being elected. The ballot-boxes to be stuffed under the tactical-terms of the “Project” will be in these places which matter.

Cameron (for it sadly will probably be he) ought to be under no illusions about how his “poll lead” will strangely have been seen to have evaporated, on election night, owing to a “huge last-minute-groundswell of support for Labour”.

Libertarians, in my sad opinion, will have to be prepared to be very, very, very unforgiving, in the sense of “unconditional surrender” towards principal members of the Enemy Class. Classical liberal niceness towards defeated enemies, certainly for the duration of the War which the GramscoFabians cheerfully trumpet is going on, will have to take second place to seriousness about our objectives.

And probably for many many centuries afterwards until all trace of their deliberately prosecuted, unfathomable wickedness is lost under isotope-traces in sedimentary rocks.

“We have found traces of evidence that, 3 billion years ago, a class of persons in an ostensibly modern civilisation actually _thought these things! (Horror!)…

(1) There should be a “State” (chorus: what’s that???)

(2) Its employees could _take money off you by force_ !!! (chorus: Naaaaaaaaahhh !!!…. errrrr?….uh…?????)

etc etc etc

Bet you 50p, that the NUS does _not_ have a “Men’s Officer”

UPDATE! I have worked out what is going on. It is a BBC/Enemy-Class project to destroy the University of Buckingham. To me, images of the fire in the Reichstag come to mind.

For foreign readers in free nations such as China, Buckingham University is the only UK University which is not funded by the State (not even partly, so there!)

David Davis

I may say more about this later, if I can think of something suitably humorous.

If memory serves me still, one Don, who taught me quite a bit, I think said once over a good High-Table dinner, “one isn’t supposed to f*** the women students, but it does go on a bit now and then”.

Here’s the original Times Higher Ed Supp article, so you can see exactly where and why Prof Kealey’s remarks were deliberately taken out of context.

100 watt light bulbs.

Fred Bloggs.


Although there is a store in Southport which has a large sign saying  “We now stock 100 watt light bulbs.”

Here’s the details:
Chris Taylor Electrical Supplies
01704 544047


But the bugger has at least six cars….

(And The Devil has spotted that Iain Dale has spotted the latest assault on motorists’ legal standing in the case of accidents with cyclists and pedestrians…bet 50p Charles won’t be charged if a cyclist hits his stationary Aston and injures himself…)

David Davis

I can’t decide, taken over a period of many years, whether…

(1) to like the Prince of Wales as an intelligent and thoughtful man who is troubling to find feasible solutions to what he honestly thinks are real problems,

(2) to despise him as hypocritically uninvolved in the real day-to-day business of being one of his future subjects – or,

(3) merely as a poor sad tormented intellectual weakling, adopting the squashed shape of whichever Fake Charity sat on his head most recently.

Today, owning a fine Aston Martin which he loves to drive (naturally enough), and at least five other personal vehicles, he goes on yet more about us needing to be persuaded of things such as this:

“We must surely be able to organise ourselves… in ways in which we are not dependent on it [the "car"] to such a great extent for our daily needs.”

He may be sincere, or more likely just pressured by strong and committed members of the Enemy Class. If the latter, then “choice-editing” as proposed by people like Madeleine Bunting will not come up into the poor sad bloke’s radar – he’ll just assume that – because he’s a sort of nice harmless bloke who wouldn’t hurt a fly, literally – ordinary individuals will just want to and also can go along with these dis-mobolisation plans the Enemy Class has for Teh Masses.

I'm all right, Jeeves - you can walk, it's good for you.

I'm all right, Jeeves - you can walk, it's good for you.

The Future Is Bristol…God help them poor bastards

David Davis

I had to return from chores etc to tell you about this.

It is not only by no means certain that the GramscoFabiaNazi government will indeed fall in June 2010 as is sometimes predicted. Not only that – but the buggers in certain GFN redoubts such as Bristol are planning a two-pronged-strategy:

(1) Scorch the Earth before 2010 so that the incoming buggers have the worst possible start and will probably fail and be thrown out for ever in 2014,

(2) Prepare for ultimate victory and total extermination of “reactionaries”, “car-drivers” and “unfit political elements” now, while you are still in power and can then turn the screw completely off in 2010.

If I wanted to kill both tourism and ordinary business in Bristol – which I would of course as a GFN – thus turning it into a socialist paradise, then I would do what they are proposing.

For other sad places where people are miserable and oppressed, here’s “Knowsley”. Yes, I’m not surprised you’ve never heard of it.

God help you

God help you

Nah. Somebody’s spray-painted it

Peter Davis

Sombody’s pranking people. Put in under the tap and it will go green or whatever:-

Bit of Humbrol and an airbrush, you can fix it

Bit of Humbrol and an airbrush, you can fix it

Oh you MUST go read this, it’s so Teh Funneh

David Davis

THis is what happens when you are a statist controlling bastard, and you kill all the pigs. I must get out more, for I am beginning to miss gems like this: h/t Englishman’s Castle. He got it here, for he reads more widely than I now have the time for.

On the one hand this, on the other hand, that.

Michael Winning

You could read this, but then you go on a bit and you find this. From the same set of government wallahs.

So you’re to be allowed the saddo drug which depresses you and then you die.

But not the fun stuff which helps you get an evening bonk in a club.

And talking of restraint and tyranny which I was sort of, i liked this about Nick Clegg from The Last Ditch. You can’t overstress the matter of Rights, and how they belong to people not the State.

It is very interesting

Michael Winning

Baroness Scotland, who is a Baroness for exactly what reasons I can’t really quite fathom, is in some trouble. Devil’s Kitchen has been discussing her, a good blog I have justt found. She has employed an “illegal immigrant” while pretending not to know what this meant but also pretending it wasn’t against laws she had commanded to be drafted. I’m not so discussing the immigration bit here but the concept of “illegally working” which I find strange and unintelligible.

The other thing which bothers me is that there are people who willingly take jobs where they are paid to go after such “illegal workers”. My colleague Davis sometimes gets at people who he says ought to know better morally, than to work for socialists, and for socialist ends. When we Come To Power, something will have to be done about people who work for “The Border Agency” and who did willingly take jobs with it. I think that a sinister title: anybody else agree?

Really the problem is people who want to work for people who want to enslave people. I think about 22,000 Austrians were found to have actively applied for jobs in death camps and this was a high % of all those thus employed. Is this so and what does it say about Austrians? What ought we to say abotu British people whjo actively are employed by oppressors?

DD elsewhere

David Davis

So many chores: so little time.

I have a sneaking feeling someone said that about women. A chance would have been a fine thing.

Let’s see how Cameron gets out of offering that one

David Davis (not his: ours)

Ho-hum. The EU will continue to be writ large on our stage: depite its staggering nugatoriness and utter unimportance.

If only we were to learn to treat it, its strictures, its structures, and its instructions, like all the other proper Europeans do, then we’d have no trouble getting on with our proper business as a liberal civilisation, cheerfully passing all its directives and equally-cheerfully flouting and ignoring them. (Like all the rest do – else how could you eat, drive, sell things, grow things, make stuff, shag, have a bit of fun, laugh a little, and live what approximates to a normal unStatized life as most Europeans manage to do?)

I don’t think libertarian governments in the UK would have much problem with the EU: we’d just denounce and repudiate Rome, the SEA, Maastricht, Nice and Lisbon, and we’d charmingly and cordially invite the offices and staffs of the EU in the UK to leave.

I expect everyone on the Continent would still be keen to trade with us, since we owe them far more money than they owe us, and have longer-term prospects of being able to pay, once we have got Gordon Brown out of our hair.

I have decided that I quite like Rod Liddle after all

David Davis

He has a blog here which I think is newish. Also his plangent assaults on the sacred cows of socialism and (so-called) “liberals” and the effects of their destruction of our civilisation, have amused me for some years. Perhaps it’s his training in the BBC which has made the scales to fall from his eyes in such aggressive fashion.

Can a Llibertarian also be a conservative?

Michael Winning

I am thinking about writing a candidate essay on this for the Chris R Tame Memorial Prize, as I could do with £1,000. It’s also to me a hot topic as I know some libertarians who have come to the position from being socialists, and I wonder how they’d react.

Is libertarianism on the rise as a widely-held-policy-position?

David Davis

Henry Porter thinks so: I am not yet so sure.

I didn’t know that doctors were experts on “climate change”

David Davis

The Devil does the usual good job of demolition of these mountebanks. One thought that occurred to me was what doctors would do with themselves, if what they command did come to pass, and we all had “less”…stuff… like this:-

“…A low carbon-diet (especially eating less meat) and more exercise will mean less cancer, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.”

If there are fewer ill people, then surely won’t we need fewer doctors? What are they all going to do? Enlist in the RAMC and go to Afghanistan where we could do with a couple right now today? Don’t think so somehow.

“National walk and shop day”

Peter Davis


That’ll be how you go buy and collect your new fridge/freezer, then.

Ta to Manwiddecombe. Not seen him before, hes quite funny

E Coli is __not__ a virus

David Davis

My heart bleeds for the cheeeldren. The “reason the farm stayed open was because of money”. (So why else would it be there then?)

Anyone who calles their children “Aaron” and “Todd” in the 21st Century, and refers to them as “guys”, deserves to stay thinking E Coli is a virus.

And by the way, what is a “petting farm”? Is it where you go to have a snog?

Who’d have thought it, then!

David Davis

“Women are getting more beautiful”.

Bet you 50p the stalinist buggers will find something to complain and whinge about as a result. Perhaps if various scumbags round the globe and in history didn’t kill so many, the process would be faster.

Margaret Thatcher disappears

Michael Winning

The Last Ditch has noticed that someone called Harriet Harman has listed lots of powerful women, without mentioning one of the most significant.

My colleague’s phrase “GramscoFabiaNazis” (is that the right spelling? Did he invent it?) applies to Harman in spades.

It’s hard to know what really to do about these people: Davis is right that there may be no useful place for them in a post-Stalinist society.

A rather nifty scam…

to do these things:-

David Davis

(1) get lots of poor-people’s cars confiscated,

(2) get another nail in the coffin of non-surveillance,

(3) increase the income-stream of the insurance-arms of busticated banks owned by the taxpayer government.

The Englishman’s noticed it too. Wouldn’t be surprised in the Devil and Obotheclown say something mild also.

The “civil liberties campaigners” apologists for mild surveillance, and the “motorists’ organisations” semi-detached arms of State Transport Control always go about rearguard actions the wrong way. They say things like “the scheme is sound in principle, but…” and “it will penalise law-abiding drivers who forget…” – all of which is quite irrelevant to the principle of defending liberty under Common Law.

The tobacco manufacturers made exactly the same mistakes in the early 1980s, when smoking and tobacco advertising was under assault. They tried to justify resisting an ad-ban by saying that it was “all about persuading people to switch brands” – rather than actively and politically resisting what amounted to State-censorship of information about legal products. Nobody was going to swallow the brand-switching nonsense, and the Enemy Class certainly didn’t.

So here we are again.