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Play Cane Toad Golf…

H/t The Cautionary Revelation

…and after golf, do read Guido on the death and rebirth of Sound Money…

….and who’s doing it these days: and who’s not planning to…very interesting indeed.

David Davis

The Recording Angel have joined blog

David Davis

The Recording-Angel, an infrequently and mysteriously rotating appointment (as you can see) within the department of the Archangel Michael, are pleased to have descended here on temporary assignments. They have all kindly agreed to send down occasional posts giving a little light on the opinions of “sources close to” God.

Shame on the buggers

The Recording-Angel

Five million now on the DNA database….and we bet you 50 Solidi a disproportionately high number of them are black or asian young men…Shame on the Home Office buggers, for their racism, in taking these minorities, which they have created in corrupt imitation of real ones: then setting them up as policing-groups of interest, and then using them as pawns to create the world’s biggest State DNA Database by sleight of hand.

Bad stuff. Our boss is very angry. And look at the money that the buggers claim for, whether “within the guidelines” or not. We owuld get better value from 600 old ladies – who used to run post offices, but can’t now because there aren’t any. The worst are the socialist-democrasts, which surprises us somewhat: we were almost sure it would be the Nazis in ZanuLieBorg.

we here can see that it is humiliation enough, to be part of a nation whose Political Class has been allowed, by us the electors and suppsedly the masters of these fell people, to get away with such a scam. For such a nation to be the actual birthplace and home of modern Classical liberalism is a further self-inflicted  humiliation: it is indeed comparable to that which the German people must have felt and suffered, and suffered for later – when they found they had inadvertently elected a Stalinist Gramsco-Marxian, together with his private army of thugs.

We were forced to admit about 50 million Souls who were not due for housing until some time later, it put a strain on the finances I can tell you. And all because a highly-educated and civilised people was not awake.

Time to sack our MPs … the more expense censorship, the faster their feet won’t touch the ground ot of the place.

….and delete their pensions….

….and Guido has this just in now….

David Davis

What a farcical situation they are generating. For themsleves to be jeered at some more, and for us to ‘avv-a’-luff.

They can then try to live on what they have trough-pigged in their fat years. We commented yesterday about how some MSM commentators, even, think these mountebanks might be allowed to live, and in what, when in London.

They’ve all got grand second homes, in which they pretend not to live, so these can be sold by them. “Jacqui” “Smith” can live in her sister’s boxroom.

In future, MPs can be little old ladies, some of whom might need to be paid some money out of Chritian charity, and retired Colonels, some of whom might not.

The Unnecessary Century, by L. Neil Smith


The Unnecessary Century
by L. Neil Smith

Distribute freely and attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Like all of my fellow ’46ers, I was born in the shadow of the Second World War. Unlike most, my father was a professional military officer, and I grew up and was educated all over the North American continent.

My dad had been an officer of the 8th Army Air Force, dropping bombs from a B-17 on what he hoped were German factories. He was shot down in 1944, spent time at the infamous Stalag Luft III, made a long, terrible trek from what is now Poland to Bavaria, because the Germans humanely wanted to keep their prisoners out of the hands of advancing Russians, and was liberated by elements of George Patton’s mechanical cavalry.

After a short stint working for United Airlines, Dad rejoined the military at an enlisted grade, working as an airplane mechanic until he was recalled to his reserve rank to train for Korea. Happily, by the time he was fully trained, the "police action" was over, but Dad stayed in and wound up as a bombardier-navigator aboard B-52s that flew a belly full of hydrogen bombs up over the North Pole to the edge of Soviet airspace two or three times a week. He was proud of what he did. He believed he was preserving freedom and preventing war, even though those flights to the top of the stratosphere or his proximity to those thermonuclear weapons, may have been what eventually killed him.

Prostate cancer.

As we both grew older (if not wiser) and better educated, however, Dad and I began to have our doubts. It was he—at the height of the unpleasantness in Vietnam—who first wondered why it was that there seemed to be a war for each generation of Americans to fight and bleed and kill and die in. And I began making a list of America’s many wars, attempting to determine which of them had actually been necessary or unavoidable.

The list is short, and a proper subject for another essay. I made a speech about that list, which I gave to libertarians on the campus of Colorado State University. The History Department felt compelled to send one of its professors—a graying Vietnam veteran—to rebut what I had said (among other things, that under the crystal-clear wording of the Thirteenth Amendment, the draft is unconstitutional) the next week. I had a lot of fun with him in the question-and-answer period.

What I learned from that and other periods of study isn’t a state secret, exactly, but a shock when you first sit down to look at it altogether. Not a single 20th century war was necessary, not a single one.

The Spanish-American War was an act of Republican imperialism on our part, and we had no reason whatsoever to involve ourselves in World War I. To this day, nobody—not Barbara Tuchman, not even Bob Dylan—knows exactly why it was fought. There are some guesses, but one thing stands out: if the assassination at Sarajevo had been dealt with as a crime, a simple act of murder, instead of an act of war, somewhere between eight and sixteen million people (depending on your source) would have lived, perhaps one of them to discover a cure for cancer.

Most Americans opposed entry into that war—the vile Woodrow Wilson owed his reelection to his promise to stay out of it—and at least until the fraudulent _Lusitania_ incident and the questionable Zimmerman telegram, were divided on whose side in the war we should take. If you’ll forgive an alternative history moment from this science fiction writer, if we’d taken Germany’s side (there was no more reason not to than there was to take the side of perfidious Albion) then today, the most hated man in history wouldn’t be Adolf Hitler (whom nobody would have heard of), but, far likelier, Winston Churchhill.

Wilson broke his promise, of course, involved us unnecessarily in a war that was unnecessary to begin with. He was morally responsible for a full share of the millions of unnecessary deaths that resulted, for the unnecessary devastation that came along with them, for the unnecessary regimentation of everyday life and unnecessary violations of the Bill of Rights at home that our civilization never quite got over.

None of that needed to have happened. The pathetic stuffed shirt Wilson and his opposite numbers abroad puffed themselves up, felt very self-important, gathered as much power and wealth to their governments as they could steal, and all it cost was the lives of sixteen million innocent people, and the futures and freedom of hundreds of millions more.

But it was to cost much more in the long run.

The victorious "allies" declared to the world that the war was wholly Germany’s fault, and that the German _volk_—who had no more to say about it than a tribe of Patagonian Indians—would have to pay.

Britain, France, the US, and others divided up Germany’s navy, and the defeated nation was forced to construct more warships as tribute (curiously leaving Germany’s warship-creating infrastructure intact). America got a couple of dirigibles, among other things. Complicated (and, as it turns out, rather stupid) rules were written about what kinds of weapons Germany could retain for her self-defense. (Remind me to tell you a very silly story sometime about 8x60mm Mauser.) Already impoverished, Germany tried to survive by printing paper money, until, proverbially, you needed a wheelbarrow full of it to buy a loaf of bread.

Then came the Great Depression, a worldwide phenomenon, caused—unnecessarily—by government central banking (more stuffed shirts stealing everything that wasn’t nailed down), and Germany was ready to listen to a goblin like Adolf Hitler, a man indistinguishable, in any moral sense at all, from any other head of state on the face of the planet.

Thus Hitler came to power—unnecessarily.

Because the jackasses who ran the world had permitted World War I to happen, and completely bungled the end of it, the people of this poor, battered globe faced utter devastation in the second megawar in thirty years. This time, the death toll was somewhere around sixty million.




And once again, the person who might have found a cure to cancer, invented teleportation, or a faster-than-light drive, stepped on a landmine, blundered into a machinegun crossfire, or ended up on the wrong end of a sniper’s telescopic rifle sight, and was ignominiously killed.

Segue to Korea—unnecessary.

Segue to the Cold War—in which the poor, tattered, threadbare Soviet Union had to be propped up constantly with American money, food, and technology so it could be used to frighten the American taxpayer.

Then came Vietnam, in which we tried to decide how other folks, half a world away, should govern themselves. Communism wouldn’t be my first choice, but it wasn’t mine to make. It appears it wasn’t Ho Chi Minh’s first choice, either, but the Soviets were the only ones to support his effort to break free of the British and French and stay clear of the Chinese, Vietnam’s enemy of a thousand years. Lyndon Johnson’s unnecessary war had to be supported by one of the biggest barefaced lies in history, the so-called Tonkin Gulf Incident, which never really happened. After we were driven out, the dominos didn’t fall. Instead, Vietnam invaded Cambodia and put a stop to Pol Pot’s butcheries.

After a relatively long period of apparent peace—during which the CIA and other criminal gangs fomented trouble around the world—a few individuals in the Middle East tired of having their lives run for them and began to strike back, in Lebanon, against our imperial Navy, and finally (if the official story is believed) by destroying the World Trade Center and a part of the Pentagon with hijacked airliners.

Unnecessary, if we had ever learned to mind our own business.

That event was followed by not one, but by two unnecesssary wars against entire nations that hadn’t anything to do with what happened on 9/11, but offered other reasons—one had the misfortune to sit atop the world’s second largest pool of oil, the other atop the route of a proposed pipeline—for us to direct military attention their way.

More lies: connections between Iraq and Al Qaeda (their mortal enemies); the existence of "weapons of mass destruction in Saddam Hussein’s hands. The result, more unnecessary death and meaningless destruction.

Now we stand—once again, unnecessarily—at the brink of a bottomless chasm that could swallow everything Western Civilization has accomplished over five thousand years. This government, beginning with the (dare I say, unnecessary?) administration of Jimmy Carter, forced decisions upon lending institutions that any businessman in his right mind wouldn’t have made without being threatened or bribed. Or both.

At last the so-called housing bubble generated by this unnecessary stupidity burst, and the regimes of George Bush and Barack Obama made exactly the same errors that were made by the pre-war Weimar Republic, the government of post-war Hungary, and the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Administration.

Only the evidence is that the "errors" this time, creating enough trillions of worthless fantasy dollars to wreck America, are coldly deliberate. For no reason at all, except to gain unearned riches, and out of a psychopathological hunger for power over the lives of others, our country is rapidly being crushed. Most people who are honest, and desire only what they can earn, those who are sane, and have no lust for (or real understanding of) the sick pleasures of exercising power over others, seem to have great trouble believing what is really going on.

That happens a lot, when you’re being mugged.

There will be time enough to believe it, once they’re rounded up by Army battalions who are in the country now, training for the task, imprisoned like cattle behind chain link fences topped with razor wire in camps already scattered all over America, before they’re gassed, shot, or starved to death and buried in mass graves being prepared for them.

There is also time left to bring these criminals to account, to expose their crimes (most of which are being committed in broad dayight anyway) and see justice accomplished, at a place we’ll call Nuremberg II.

Which do you prefer?

The Unnecessary Century, by L. Neil Smith

Gerald Warner knows what to do about politicians and their…..


Here’s a nice pdf of their 07-08 expenses. Hat tip The Last Ditch and Guido.

David Davis

And while we are about it, we could take telecooks down a peg or two as well:-

Enemies of What State? « Little Alex in Wonderland


Enemies of What State?

Posted by Kevin Carson on 29 March 2009

Kevin Carson

On the economic fascism of  crony capitalism and irrational American common sense.

19 Mar 09 | C4SS

There are all too many people in American politics whose real concern, concealed behind all the “free market” rhetoric, is not so much “statism” per se as statism that benefits the wrong class of people. A good example: it was quite amusing to hear some Republicans, during yesterday’s Congressional hearings on the AIG bonuses, wringing their hands over the prospect of “interfering with the management of private business” and “altering the terms of contracts.” Last night Rachel Maddow ran clips of some of the very same people, last December, crowing about how they were forcing the UAW to renegotiate it’s contract and accept lower wages in return for bailout loans to the auto industry.

Another example: I don’t advocate Social Credit or greenbackism, but I don’t understand the reasoning of those who object to either as an increase in statism over the present system.

By way of background, Social Credit is a proposal to remedy corporate capitalism’s chronic tendency toward overinvestment and overproduction by periodically depositing a sum of interest-free new money, equivalent in aggregate to the demand shortfall, in the citizenry’s bank accounts. Greenbackism is a proposal that countercyclical deficit spending, rather than being financed by interest-bearing debt in the form of government bonds, should simply take the form of directly spending money into existence by the Treasury.

It seems to me the sticking point, if there is one, should be at the idea of government as regulator of the money supply by creating fiat money, or of deficit spending to meet demand shortfalls, in the first place. But these things are overwhelmingly accepted in principle by the mainstream public. So the sticking point about Social Credit and greenbackism can only be the sacred principle that the fiat money must be specifically lent into existence at interest, and that deficit spending must be financed by government bonds.

The problem is not the function itself, but only carrying it out in a way that doesn’t enable a class of coupon-clippers to skim the cream off the top.

It also seems to me, on the other hand, that if these basic functions are accepted in principle, it makes it more statist–not less–to compound the injury by doing it through private accomplices, and empowering them to charge interest for the function, rather than simply doing so directly.

It’s just another instance of a broader phenomenon, what the Libertarian Alliance’s Sean Gabb calls “economic fascism.” Economic fascism is his term for the phony regime of “privatization” advocated by such organizations as the Adam Smith Institute. It doesn’t get government out of the business of performing particular functions. It just delegates the function to nominally “private” corporations that perform the function with public money, with government protection from free market competition, and with a guaranteed profit for performing the function (on the regulated utility’s “cost-plus” model).

Under this vulgar libertarian model of “free market reform,” the only thing that matters is the comparative percentages of functions which are carried out by nominally “private” and nominally “public” organizations–not the substance of things. But it seems to me that if a corporation receives its revenue from the government, is protected from competition by the government, and is guaranteed a profit by the government, it IS the government. The only significance of the entity’s profit is to increase the overall cost of performing the function, and thus increase the total injury to the taxpayer.

And while we’re at it, let’s be honest about something. Given the existence of a corporate economy on the present model, countercyclical government spending is absolutely essential to prevent its collapse. Those who advocate a return to the Reaganism and Thatcherism of the ’80s, or the cowboy capitalism of the ’90s, absent high government spending, are either delusional or disingenuous. Reagan was the biggest Keynesian of them all.

There are only two alternatives: to eliminate the existing–statist– structural causes of overinvestment and underconsumption, or to continue adding new layers of statism to counter the chronic crisis tendencies. Either more and more statism, or forward to anarchy.

The American corporate economy has been statist to its core since its beginnings in the late 19th century. There wouldn’t even be a national market at all, or national corporations serving it, had it not been for the land grant railroads and other subsidies to long-distance shipping that made possible artificially large firms and market areas. There wouldn’t be stable oligopoly markets had it not been for the cartelizing effect of patents, or the stabilizing effects of the Clayton and FTC Acts’ restrictions on price warfare.

To repeat, the system was statist from its beginnings. There are all too many on the Right who like to refer to a mythical “free market” system that prevailed before 1932, and to pretend that the “statism” only began when government started intervening on behalf of workers and consumers. But in fact, all the “progressive” interventions of government under the New Deal were secondary, aimed at ameliorating the side-effects of the prior interventions that created corporate capitalism in the first place. Had it not been for the secondary, ameliorative interventions, corporate capitalism as we know it would have collapsed in the 1930s.

Returning to my earlier point: if we are to have statism at all, and we are reduced to quibbling between Democrats and Republicans over what kind of statism it is to be, I make no secret of the fact that I prefer the kind of statism that weighs less heavily on my own neck.

If phony “free market” Republicans accept NLRB certification of unions in principle, and only want to quibble over the Employee Free Choice Act because it makes it easier to certify unions without harassment, intimidation and punitive firing of organizers–well, why would I, a worker, prefer a system of certification that suits the bosses’ interest?

If we’re going to talk about a genuine free market labor regime, then let’s eliminate the Wagner Act–and with it Taft-Hartley’s prohibitions on sympathy and boycott strikes, and its mandatory arbitration and cooling off periods. Let’s eliminate the Railroad Labor Relation Act’s provisions that prevent transport workers turning local and regional disputes into general strikes. In short, let’s eliminate all the legal prohbitions on the tactics that unions were using to win before Wagner was ever passed.

But if we’re going to have government certification of unions, let’s have a form of certification that fulfills its stated purpose–determining the intention of workers–as accurately and automatically as possible.

Likewise, if we’re going to have a welfare state, let’s eliminate the costly and intrusive welfare bureaucracies and spend the same amount of money on a guaranteed income. If we’re going to have a regulatory state, let’s eliminate all the agencies and replace their functions with pigovian taxation of negative externalities.

My goal is the abolition of the state. I would welcome all these things tomorrow, if I thought they were genuine steps toward the abolition of the state altogether the day after tomorrow. They certainly wouldn’t be net increases in statism.

C4SS Research Associate Kevin Carson is a contemporary mutualist author and individualist anarchist whose written work includes Studies in Mutualist Political Economy and Organization Theory: An Individualist Anarchist Perspective, both of which are freely available online. Carson has also written for a variety of internet-based journals and blogs, including Just Things, The Art of the Possible, the P2P Foundation and his own Mutualist Blog.

Enemies of What State? « Little Alex in Wonderland

Jade Goody at The Last Ditch

This is the best summary of who and what she was,

what she became, how she escaped, and who’s responsible

for robbing and enslaving this people’s youth.

The Hour Is Late …. (and) They’re looking for a way….


David Davis

They’ll have to do it now, 

or there’ll be a great big row…

Chinese policing shows the way

for the G-20…

And quantitative easing

should be plenty.


But if the British people won’t revolt and take the bait,

why then, manufacture bomb plots in odd places, rather late!


Our England is a garden and such gardens are not made

By singing “oh how beautiful” and sitting in the shade. (I didn’t write that last couplet.)

And here’s JamieOliveOil, talking about the EU Common Agricultural Policy:-


Fred Bloggs

I’ve just watched a rather satirical news show called Newswipe, i enjoyed it so much i’ve decided to post it on here.


Exams=Toilet Paper

Fred Bloggs

I have just been looking on the AQA site and i found the grade boundaries for januarys GCSE’s, and needless to say they symbolize perfectly how our education system is Stuka diving into oblivion.

To see how horrific the grade boundaries are click Here.

Christopher Booker debags climate-change scumbags (again)

David Davis

Sealevel-submergence scumbags debunked.

The IPCC “needed to show a trend”…..

Daniel Hannan on newsnight, behind enemy lines

And for light relief, here’s JamieOliveOil, talking about the EU Common Agricultural Police:-

Here’s what Prodicus thinks of the BBC, as it now stands, in the modern world…the poor old organisation just does not get it.

I want one

David Davis

But I don’t have £2 million. Not even a bean.

Staggeringly pretty plane. But if I was to buy it, then….

…..shame about the tail-wheel, which spoils the line, but I can’t think how I’d get down without pranging the thing if it wasn’t there. The rear cockpit is an abomination, and will haver to go straight away: and it would be nicer proportions if the proper one was about a foot further back, and rather longer. Bit like the Tempest mk-V in fact. The rudder-fin look s a bit strange, someone has whittled it a bit. (Also I don’t go really for the gold bit around the exhaust-stacks, it’s a bit naff.)

Porn … Why can’t politicians (or their husbands) be paid to watch the stuff?

Just have a look at this lot, and see who you’d want to shag. Just do:-


slags, 10p an hour

slags, 10p an hour...they pay you.


Perhaps you’d rather have these. here are a couple…

David Davis

After all, are not these politicians, and their hereditary family-successors-in-office, and their “advisers”, supposed to be our Guardians? Are not they supposed to know what it is that the masses should be prevented from seeing?

__Surely___  , what is more important here is why, exactly, “Mrs” “Jacqui” “Smith” …

(1) needs someone called a “Commons Adviser”, and…

(2) it needs to be her “hus-band”?

Isn’t she in the House of Commons because she knows why she is there and what she thinks she ought to do? What was the point of electing her if she needed “advice”? Is her “hus-band” actually directing Interior Ministry policy? I think we ought to be told.

Other bloggers have missed the real issue here. He can watch all the porn he likes, but he must not influence policy except by his vote.

Or did all the “Blair Babes” need advice? If so, then about what? If she really does not need advice, then why can’t her “hus-band” watch porn movies to assuage his misery at being associated with such a bad person?

Guido Fawkes does not think it’s right that Mr Jaqcui Smith should have his w***s paid for by the taxpayer. I think it’s cheaper than paying his “wife” for not living in other people’s houses.

Oh dear: soon I shall be in a minority of one. The Devil rips the trousers of the Smiths too. For my part, I think that petting the bastards have £67 for some pornography is small change: after all, tha poor fellow couldn’t get a proper wife to shag, so he had to make do with a socialist hardbint from the 80s Hertford JCR, who has a face like the underside of a gearbox. Christ knows what the rest of her body is like: I guess it’s a mercy she does not appear in the cited films. (Or does she?)

Frankly, I think the other really heavy stuff all these buggers claim for is much worse, like people they don’t really employ, such as family members (you can’t shag your children – at least not unless you are a GramscoFabiaNazi, and even then it’s hard to get away with at present) and other people’s houses which they never live in.

UPDATE1:- I think The Last Ditch has it actually right here.

Thought it was a bit quiet.


The start of this week was very quiet, it was hard to find anything decent to blog out, Politics wise. Obviously Dan Hannan was a hot topic but apart from that, not a lot appeared to be happening. I reckon I have figured out why.

The Government and Gordo have been drip feeding the MSM lots of scaremongering stories about possible riots at this week ends marches. As the week went on more and more time was devoted to covering and speculating what was going to happen in London. The MSM have been willing poodles in this propoganda, only because there wasn’t much else to write about.

Gordo sat in some country (not sure where) and rubbed his hands with glee. As far as Gordo was concerned he couldn’t lose. Riots, civil unrest etc was just what he needed. He could use it to invoke the Civil Contingencies Act if it got too bad, but more importantly he could use it to slip a whole wedge of bad news. Another Banking Bailout, JaqBoots hubby claiming porn on expenses, UK’s debt increasing at a F1 type speed,G20 Countries appearing to be doing a whole lot better that the UK etc, etc, etc.

Only there were no riots. 35,000 people from quango’s, fake charities and wagons of Righteousness decended upon London and only 1 person was arrested. Leaving nothing for Gordo to hide behind. He has had to hastily retract the Banking Bailout and hope for a sale on Monday (I still reckon the Bailout will go ahead – it will be announced on the 1st). Gordo should be presiding over the G20 summit next week from a position of authority, unfortunately, due to his and his Governments total incompetency he is going to be presiding over a very slow, prolonged, drawn out car crash of a summit.

I notice that after all the talk by the Police at the start of the week about how many thousands of officers had been drafted in to cover these protests, all the talk that intelligence led them to believe that some factions were planning violence and unrest, the Police are now changing their story a little. Now they are intimating that their presence was very low key. What a crock. And of course the propoganda is starting again.

But there are fears that trouble could flare when further protests take place as world leaders gather in the capital next week.

I for one am greatly relieved that yesterdays protests went off quietly. As we all know, The Righteous have no problem in turning to violence when the want to get their point across, and they could have easily given Gordo and The Government exactly what they were after. For once they kept a lid on it, which means next weeks real protest can go ahead. As one person said “We don’t think our protest will change the world, but if every unhappy person in Britain realises they are part of a larger group it gives the individual and the group much more power to try and effect change”. And that is the truth.

I hope next weeks protests are peaceful. Violence is not a solution to the troubles we face. It is easy to throw stones at a bankers house. It is easy to start a riot. It will not change anything. It will give more power to those we oppose. Gordo, The Government and the rest of the world must be shown how unhappy this country is. We cannot get The Government out any other way. Gordo will not call an early election. He has no need. He knows his party is doomed. All he can do is hang on long enough to ensure that who ever gets in after him, i.e David Cameron will have the most almighty struggle on their hands.

I don’t know too much about politics. I don’t know how a vote of no confidence in a Leader or a Party can be bought about. All I can hope is that next weeks protests demonstrate to all 646 members of Parliament how much this country wants Labour out. They will not be able to hide from the protests, they will not be able to ignore them. G20 is going to be a disaster for Gordo, and the press will be all over it, so all Gordo and Labour can hope for, is that the protests turn nasty. It will be very interesting to see what other Government disasters await us on the 1st.

To all those attending the protests I ask you, don’t give them what they want. Don’t give them something to hide behind. They need a riot more than anything else at the moment.

Cycling and motor-cycling in a classical liberal modern nation

David Davis

The Devil articulates, in his usual inimitable style, thoughts about two-wheeled transport, and the burdens of assumed guilt placed upon “motor-ists” in accidents involving cars and motorbikes/bicycles.

I would go further.

Bikers are in general reasonably competent motorists. I have not often met madmen, although one nearly did collide head-on with me on Murder Mile (the A570) last week.

But…it ought to be mandatory for cyclists to carry insurance, with huge, astonishing fines and jail for not so doing. Plus crushing of their bike. And their bollocks.

I’d set the tariff at about £466,000 p.a. for “third-party-only”. And wannabe-cyclists would have to be internally-RFID-chipped. they won’t mind: they are all Statists anyway.

………..very sick


Sorry I haven’t posted here. Have been slightly under the weather. Swore I would never do two posts in the same place but I am dying and important news is afoot. I have posts at my place if you want to check them out.

That’s my reason for being s*** please check out the rest of my posts that I managed today before I disolved into a hideous heap.

Mr D I tried to e-mail you regarding posts but my hotmail is down. Am going to bed now. Very sorry about s**** post.

Mummy x

It’s seven minutes into Earth Hour, so we have turned on all the lights.

I hope you have too.

David Davis

Gordon Brown tries to deflect attention from pre-failed G20 summit, by rearranging the Titanic’s deckchairs.

David Davis

Andrew Roberts, a sharp historian, thinks this is all a smokescreen, although quite important. Post-Enemy-Class-Politics (after the end of repressive and expensive hegemony by the GramscoFabiaNaziLeft) could mean that, in a libertarian polity (a long way off) we might have an hereditary head of State (possible and not inconceivable.)

_IF_ (a biggish “if”) that person was to be “head of The Church of England”, then there would be certain constitutional difficulties regarding sovereignty disputes with the Pope. These were resloved, not to the Popes’ likings, almost 500 years ago. Roberts’ articel does deserve a full read.

And  _IF_  you are bored to tears with that, here’s some nice Hubble images. Shame about the trendy Cubased music:-

I am utterly convinced that deep space does not sound like that at all.

But here’s the Sound of The Sun:-

Good BBC “question-time”

David Davis

I have more GCSE science and maths papers issued under New Labour

UPDATE1:- Teachers want a day off “for admin“….yep, you’ve guessed it – it’s the GramscoMarxiaNUT.

And here’s a comparison paper from 1957:-

(Sorry about the above – I could not separate the top item on that search from the rest of the googlepage.)

Try this here:-


David Davis

We got a pingback this morning from Whoops, about the state-denial of dumbing-down, within State-directed education syllabuses. They quoted The Devil, and I have added Obotheclown, as secondary sources of comment about whta we said.

Here are some more papers you might like to try on an intelligent, home-educated 10-year-old from China, or indeed such a person from the UK who may be the same age or just a tiny bit older – there are some.


This is the “unit 3″ paper (“higher”), taken by fairly bright 16-year-olds. Not that many get this far:

And this is the “mark scheme”:-

This is a “unit 2″ paper (“higher”) – probably a larger proportion of candidates would take this one:

And this is its “mark scheme”:-

I fully expect that John Band will scrag me. But he cannot deny that these papers contain facile and shallow questions, glibly skating over real science, and which are about largely non scientific material, substantially answerable without having to understand anything more than the very basic equations of Newtonian mechanics….or worse.

Is Harriet Harman a concealed classical liberal after all?

While you think about that one, here’s the earth rotating:-

David Davis

The article here by Jeff Randall poses an interesting and humorous conundrum.

But I doubt that he is right: the woman is merely a particularly thick-skinned and galumphing form of leftist, sadly prodiced in rather larger quantities than were ever needed, through Keynesianly-distorted mechanisms of supply-and-demand management, and large errors in stock-control methods.

I’m a bit late with poor old nigel Farage, but here he is, ripping yet another outfall-pipe in the Prime Minister:-

Enjoy Daniel Hannan one more time, tearing another hole in Gordon Brown:-

If in doubt….PAYRISE!

Fred Bloggs

In the face of the current economic crisis (some might say fiscal armageddon) the goverment has devised a plan, which consists of, briefly, giving themselves a 60% pay rise. No doubt this “plan” will solve all the economic problems in the world, feed all the starving Africans, raise Atlantis, and with all its well-crafted majesty, scare the Russians so shitless they’ll give Lenin a haircut. Or, well, maybe not.

Apart from the Atlantis bit.

Find out more Here.

If we just bit the bullet, sacked Polly Toynbee and sent her a single ticket to Tuscany, closed The Guardian, and shut down 44,908 quangos, then British teenagers could still drink all the alcohol they need and which would then cost the poor bastards less, and we could have 61 more unclear submarines.

David Davis

I did mean to type “nuclear”, but an unclear sumbarine does seem rather useful.

Libertarian Alliance stalinist quote of the day

Ed Miliband, the Energy Secretary, who this week described opposition to wind farms as “socially unacceptable . . . like not wearing your seatbelt or driving past a zebra crossing”.

Guido Fawkes goes head to head with Derek Draper on Daily Politics

In Gold we trust

David Davis

Here you go.


Peter Davis

I happened to stumble apon this Hugely funny website on the internet here. Let’s all make a point today to annoy the Asse-Hat, who’s weeping into his communion wine somewhere, about the planet…


Are the C of E pagan earth-worshippers yet?

Are the C of E pagan earth-worshippers yet?

The video on it is hilarious, everyone has to watch it…

…or else.

And to ”Fred Bloggs”, would you kindly post something that could be better than this!

A mega-burger a day keeps the Docto-crats away

….of these.

David Davis

We should find out, each morning, by meticulous research, what the Obesity-Nazis, foodfascists, dieticians, doctors, dastardly politicians who want to ration food, anti-fattists and other scumbags, want to do to our consumption of nice things, and we should do _precisely_ the opposite of what they say.

Just the small one today.

Just the small one today.

The Crown Dependency of Forvik

David Davis

Interesting place: I must investigate some more. It may be that more geographic parts of the planet, within the UK,  might be persuaded to secede from Gordo-Jaqcistan. Technically, if it was a bit of the United Kingdom, I would be advocating treason, but I don’t somehow think that real soldiers would come after such people, and Shetland is not really part of the UK in spirit anyway, even if close geographically. Only interior ministry troops would be an irritation and a bother, until they starve to death.

Perhaps Daniel Hannan would support a move for people to take citizenship of this Forvik place, if Gordon Brown persists in smirking shallowly, in front of people, about how badly he has done as a Chancellor and also as a PM.

Daniel Hannan rips trousers off Gordon Brown. Tears new arshole in public. Shit happens.

Here’s what Labourlist thinks of Daniel Hannan. The comment thread is entirely anti-Labour…..

UPDATE1:-And some very bad news from the Gilts Markets. If the Government can’t sell on its debts, we are all f****d.

UPDATE2:- And this just in from Alex Singleton, about how Gordon Brown’s Attack-Apparatchik-GramscoNazis, such as Harriet Harman, whipped up the mob to attack Sir Fred Goodwin’s house, is even worse. That a person’s private property can be asaulted and trashed, by mobNazis, under the auspices and authorisation of other GoverNazis because they found the soundbytes convenient, is unacceptable, in a civilisation. Therefore, the Nazis will have to go, all of them, including Polly Toynbee, for ever, and ever, and ever, for we can’t afford to have any of these droids encumbering humanity and our destiny in the Universe.***

It will be too expensive to keep Nazis on this earth in the meantime, and the Universe is a dangerous and morally-neutral place. Full of flying rocks, ice, supernovae and other fell objects, none of which have our interests at heart neutrally or otherwise, and we have about 50 million years, only, to find out how to comprehend The Face Of God, and see It,  and Understand His Mind. And get off, to somewhere else (global warming, but not yet as we think we know it.)

(That is part of The Test. To see if we can do it in time. University challenge was only the beginning. Eat your heart out Man U.)

Other matters:-

If Daniel Hannan disappears, I will put him up here.

And I see The Devil got it down too. But I think we beat him by some minutes….p’raps we get pu earlier in the North.

Sorry, I did mean, really, to type “up”. Perhaps we poo earlier too: I do not know.

Here’s James Burdett on Daniel.

*** Perhaps that’s how Evil works: life arises, gets going for a bit, gets “highly organised and highly-evolved”, then – socialism steps in, and it all coems to a sad, planetary-death-type end, before anyone can get off to The Stars.

Obama: next, I’ll phone God

Here he will.

I mean, it’s all authority-theatre, isn’t it.


Im not nearer to you, youre nearer to me.

I'm not nearer to you, you're nearer to me.

Time for some trains Customer Reviews: The Terror of Constantinople


Dr. Olivier LEDOITSee all my reviews

This energetic thriller sends us back to a time and place so different from our own (Constantinople after the fall of Rome to barbarians) – yet so eerily similar in many ways. The government gives free stuff to the poor, politicians set up games to manipulate the collective emotions of the masses, no-one is safe walking in the streets at night, the police keep tabs on every citizen, disarm them and get busy wrecking the lives of those who say the wrong thing… Sounds familiar?
Aelric is a young, smart and rather cynical Briton that gets embroiled in a web of conspiracies woven by the Church and the Emperor. He is sent by the Pope’s right-hand man to Constantinople, but soon realises that his official mission is mere cover for something far more sinister and dangerous. Through ambushes, some raunchy escapades and double-games of deception, he fights tenaciously to overcome the obstacles lain in his path. His primary objective is to save his own skin. His secondary objective is to save the Empire, the Church and Civilisation itself.
Why read heroic fantasy when you can have something equally exotic set in our very own history? Through meticulous research and repeated trips to the region, Richard Blake has reconstructed an incredibly detailed, evocative and realistic universe where our hero moves with agility. This is not a time and place of which you have learnt at school: history textbooks gloss over these centuries in one line or two – yet this epoch has so much to teach us.
Some doomsayers say that our Western civilization has entered a phase of terminal decay and its fabric is starting to tear up at the seams. What would it feel like to live in an age of turbulence where politically connected elites spend more time plundering us than protecting us? Reading The Terror of Constantinople is the fun way to find out. Customer Reviews: The Terror of Constantinople

Genre – Historical Thrillers, review – Telegraph


The Terror of Constantinople

by Richard Blake

421pp, Hodder & Stoughton, £19.99

Buy now for £17.99 (plus £1.25 p&p) from Telegraph Books

At first, the vain, amoral and sexually voracious exiled seventh-century scholar Aelric seems purpose-built to fill a Flashman-shaped hole in wry historical fiction.

But Aelric is a killer, not a coward, surprisingly principled for a scatological cynic and incapable of exploiting virtue if only because there are no good guys in Richard Blake’s portrayal of the political rats’ nest between the fall of Rome and the supremacy of the Roman Church.

His plotting can seem off-puttingly anarchic until the penny drops that everyone is simultaneously embroiled in multiple, often conflicting, scams. Aelric’s survival among the last knockings of empire in Constantinople depends not on deducing who wants him dead, but who wants him dead at any given moment.

Vivid characters, devious plotting and buckets of gore are enhanced by his unfamiliar choice of period. Nasty, fun and educational.

Genre – Historical Thrillers, review – Telegraph

Another nail in the coffin of statism in Britain: Christianity and great churches, made of triumphant uplifting stone which soared to the Heavens

Thank God for George Pitcher, who has said what I have been thinking but have not got round to saying for 40 years. Golly, how lazy we got.

David Davis

(edited for republishing 12.10.13, for the interest of recent attendees to this blog, who might not have seen earlier postings in our archives.)

Everybody knows that the Churches were used for all sorts of secular purposes , for centuries. Even I know that, bumpkin that I am: I just forgot. But if this nation is to be the first to be _De-Christianised By Law_ , which looks like happening and which I personally think to be a wrong thing to do, simply for the purpose of appeasing certain favoured-Nazi groups, then the way back is to be able to use churches for all sorts of stuff that they already were used for, that was moral and good.

When I was a student, I decided in my second and third year, to go about the nation on my Triumph Tiger Cub 200 cc motor-bicycle, “325 TPE”, and here is an example of one, which I bought for £65 when I was 19. I didn’t like its balck and grey colour scheme, so I painted all the static metal parts bright red with Humbrol enamel hobby paint and a coarse brush: it looked really hot.

I took with me on my travels a mottley ragbag of Olympus half-frame camerae which I still possess, one of them even being a “single-lens-reflex”, which was the last word in photographic penis-size-comparisons that you could utter, at the time. It even had “through-the-lens-metering”…which actually was more trouble than it was worth if you were inside a dark building and trying to look out.

I also often took on my back  “brass-rubbing” apparatus: you know….a big roll of “all-rag paper”, in a waterproof wrapping, and some “heel-ball” in black and other colours for a laugh.

I photographed about one sixth of the Southern English medieval churches, based on the objective that what I did would be the only substantive record of where they were, what they looked like, and what interesting details they had – all this was in case they ever fell down.

Yep, I was a bit autistic.

It was all in B/W on Ilford Pan-F (50ASA) (if I was rich that term) or HP3 (400 ASA)  (if I was short of funds.) I wound the cassettes myself in a darkbag, from 100-foot rolls, and often could get 90-100 half-fram-frames into a standard 35mm cassette.

The archive still exists in my library. I was not a libertarian then, but libertarians ought to be conscious of the desire of ordinary people to understand and record and preserve their history, sothat they will not be forced by tyrants to forget what is to happen in the future.

Here are just a few places I went to. These are not my pix or records, all newer ones:- Continue reading


The writer formally unknown as Delia Smith

For fusk’s cakes……just eat it OK?

“Builders” ought to be libertarians: why do they do these things, which merely gives ammo to statists?

Plod the Unsteadier


Privately owned lasers will be next


he shone it at a duck, for f***’s sake, to stop it taking his fishbait.


David Davis

Via the irreplaceable Landed Underclass, we find that The Lone Voice and Old Holborn got this. So, let me get this right: plunging ourselves into darkness means we are in favour of “saving the planet”?

Who the f*** are these bozos? And who is advantaged by their strictures?

SO……turn on all the appliances that your house electricity Main will stand, for the whole hour.

There is more liquid methane in one sea on Titan, than here is water in the Mediterranean.

Shit, or get off the pot: Jean-Claude Trichet is growing up

Blatt the Imprinter

Here he is.

British State-Hospitals are…


places where you go to get very ill or die.

The stalinists can’t do anything for you, but they do, in the end, have guns.

Bloody hell! I thought the RSPB was a charity, until I discovered Wind Turbines.

David Davis

This is shocking and obscene. I’ve filed it under pornography.

What I thought was a charity about birds and wildlife, but is probably a quango instead, has a “Climate Change Policy”……

Here’s an extract:-

Ruth Davis, head of climate change policy at the RSPB, said the charity was promoting the development of wind power because the evidence of the increasing impact of global warming on birds was “truly terrifying”.

“Left unchecked, climate change threatens many species with extinction.

“Yet that sense of urgency is not translating into actions on the ground to harness the abundant wind energy around us.”

She said the solutions were largely common sense, including a clear lead from government on where wind farms were built and clear guidance for councils on how to deal with applications.

here’s another extract:-

The Government must step in to provide a clear lead on developing wind farms more quickly without damaging wildlife or alienating communities, the RSPB urged.

Make up your own mind what these people are for.

Letter to Gordon Brown

David Davis

I didn’t write this. Bristol Dave got it from Old Holborn. And while I was reading OH, I spotted this about “Sir” “Jonathon” Porritt, populations, and facilitated mass death. It is relevant to stuff ruminated upon by The Landed Underclass yesterday, where the comment thread is worth a read and a half.

UPDATE1:- You _must_  (please?) read this by Nightjack, tipped and praised also by The landed Underclass. It’s relevant to what follows:-

Gordon Brown
10 Downing Street

Notice of the People’s Reclamation of the land of Great Britain

Dear Gordon Brown

Please read this letter very carefully. It is a notice. It means what it says. It requires no response as its content is a statement and is not negotiable.

I did not write this. Who wrote these words is not important. What is important is what they say. What is important is that I feel them as though I’d written them myself. What is important is that I know that, as you read them, I know that I am one of many all joined in thought at this time. All knowing that each and every one of us feel these words and have come together in this way to show you who we really are.

I know that right now, you live in denial. Because you know, like I know, that something is terribly wrong. It matters not anymore. What matters, is that you confront your denial and admit to yourself that for all the good you may feel you can do, in reality you can do nothing. You do not really know what to do.

But that is of no significance because now you need not do anything. Becoming a politician was your downfall, because it has restricted you along with all the other politicians who, like you, can do nothing to stop what is and what will be. I know who controls you, dictates to you, funds you and owns you. They always will because you lack the strength to stand against them and join the ones who elected you.

It is us, the people who ultimately will show you that we elected you and all your colleagues to govern and protect us from the loss of our Natural Born Sovereignty. We elected you just like we elected all before you and they let us down just like you have. You possibly didn’t mean to, you just did. We elected you because you were one of just a handful we in turn were presented with. We had no choice but to elect one of you. That is not democracy.

You, like all the rest before you could not, and never will, be able to give us what we elected you to do. We elected you to abide with us in our freedom that we may live in a country of warmth, safety and prosperity. It is my belief that we as human beings deserve to live our lives the way we choose, in a responsible and respectful manner toward our fellow beings on this land, and to share our warm welcome with others from far lands, and to move freely in our own world in peace.

You and those before you care not for us. You care only for yourself and never listen to the real voice of the people you consider that you govern. So it is now time for us, the people, to take back what you have taken from us. Our Natural Inalienable Rights of the Common Law of this land which you and all those before you chose to take from us, and then offer back to us in the form of privileges. You stole our children from us, and kept us from the knowledge of how you did it. You used this knowledge and created us as legal fictions called ‘persons’, in order to entrap and enslave us in the debt which you have accrued over time with a privately owned corporation known as the Bank of England.

Fleet Law, the law of the waters, does not apply to human beings on the land. You have used this law and with sleight of hand, using meanings to words which only you and your society understand, in order to cheat us from our liberty and our freedom.

You and all those before you have created a complex inter twined society of secrets to which we are not invited. You use these secrets to cheat us and lie to us in order to keep us in fear and guilt and hate. You manipulate us that we may fight each other, police each other, resent each other, thus distracting us from what is real. And the truth is that we are real. We are conscious flesh and blood human beings with a living soul.

We abide by the Common Laws of this Land and never knowingly cause loss, harm or injury to another fellow being. These are the only Laws by which we need to be governed. Your fictional Statutory Rules are becoming an obsession for you, and all those who support you in them. We take the view that you have no soul, no compassion, no empathy and no love for your fellows. Therefore you either have no soul, or you live in the pain of not knowing who you are.

So here and now let it be known to you and your peers that no army in this world can stop us from taking back our birthright. We will not fight you with guns. We will not riot and thus give you the excuse you and your masters desire in order to enslave us further. We will not fight you physically at all. We will fight you with what we possess – knowledge and Common Sense. In doing so we will take down your agents and judiciaries, because we know their workings, and we know what to say to them and we know what to write to them. We know the right questions to ask. We know how to pose unanswerable questions to which Common Sense and the rule of Common Law are the sole answers.

We will now live our lives the way we wish, and you cannot stop us. You have twisted words and used them against us to gain your false power. We now take back those words and use them against you in their natural and most powerful meaning and understanding. False Statutory Rule will fall as it is fiction created by you and the ones before you, and all that it has created will fall with it.

We no longer accept your rule.

We will not fight you or cause chaos on our streets.

We will not fight each other

We will not join your armed forces

We will not fight beings from other lands on your behalf

We will not join your police force

We will not pay your taxes

We will not listen to your lies

We will not register our newborns

We will not force our children to do that which they do not want to do

We will not join another nations rule

We will stand by and protect our sovereignty

We will protect our land from the oppression of other lands and their leaders

We will force your system to shut down and fail

We will never allow your system to rise again

We will stop the cash flow through your privately owned banks

We will educate others of your secret societies and corrupt business of ruling

We will create our own freedom

We will remain peaceful at all times

We are implacable

We are honourable

Without us your system is nothing. Your system cannot function without the people who make it work. We are the people who work in your corporations. We are the people who work in your courts. The people who work in your shops and your offices and your transport network and your postal service. We are the moving parts of your machine and we will stop your system from working.

We have the power to do all of this and you know this is the truth. You knew this was coming all along. You were waiting for this. It releases you from your pain. If you have a backbone you will stand down from your position and join us. If you are true to your people you will do this. If you wish to lead us, then join us. Stand up to the ones who control you and tell them you believe in your people.

I am one of many and the many are growing by the day. Join us in our freedom if you will. The door is open to all human beings, if indeed you are one.

Sincerely without ill-will, frivolity, or vexation,




The failures of collectivism

David Davis

Charles Moore reviews the Beckett and Henke book on The Miners’ Strike. (UK 1984-1985)

Found this by accident

Here. (Via Alphainventions.)

How to destroy a Cadbury’s Creme Egg

And while we are on the subject of dangerous sports, here’s The Daily Bung.

And this is how the French get a full break on their snooker tables:-

F A Hayek: the 1978 UCLA interviews….

David Davis

….with main portal to them on the Ludwig von Mises Institute blog.

Here is the archive in pdf.

For newer readers who may not have swum in libertarian, or in Austrian-School-economic waters for very long, you can find out about Friedrich Hayek here, and why he was a key classical liberal/libertarian philosopher.

Here also is stuff which some of you might like about Ludwig von Mises.