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Robert Hooke and The Landed Underclass portend hope for us.

David Davis

I’m ashamed to state that I didn’t know this about Charles I, what he tried to do, and what Robert Hooke (great man) said about it. thanks to The Landed Underclass for bringing it to my notice.

It bears heavily on what we, he and other bloggers have been saying about the threat of future internet censorship at the State-boundary or ISP level.

State databases and intrusion: 100% it’s the database that matters and not whichever gestapo is in charge of it.

David Davis

For once, the Quislingraph has got something (a bit) right.

The strategic problem about State bureaucrats is that they must make reasons for their existence, or they are redundant. Stalin understood this unstated but fundamental axiom perfectly: the logical conclusion of the existence of any given bureaucrat is to be able to “plan” and to “decide” whether you live or die. All other stuff he decides about and “plans” is just practising along the way to ultimate and absolute power. In the end, you live if you are a useful “resource” for the “plan”; you die if the “planner” has no practical use for you at all: what is the point of your life logically, for him? You are a mere cog, a slave.

Therefore, to continue to attain higher planes of existence, a bureaucrat simply must, must, has to, attain higher and higher levels omniscience about “his” population of masses.

Like the dog who sucks and licks his own penis “because he can” – I believe it’s called a “blow job”, though why so, I can’t fathom, nor the supposed attraction of it – bureaucrats have been “empowered” in this century more than ever before. And this was by the very technology that was in the beginning going to help individuals to circumvent the bastards and their wickedness entirely. I recall a lecture in the very early 80s by someone called Bernard Adamcziewski (I think? Please help?) at the Adam Smith Club in the IEA, (NOT the ASI !! ) on this very subject: it made us all so optimistic about the future.

Bureaucrats – many for sure – now probably want all this data because it is going to be so easy in theory to gather: in addition, there will be many, many “private sector firms” (I didn’t know there was any other kind?) whose directors and staff know nothing and care even less about issues of liberty, who will of coure )of course they will!) fall oevr themselves to help out. They think work is just a meal ticket, and not something that ought to have moral dimensions.

The Devil in the end tries to corrupt everything we touch. Although the Internet, for example, was initially created for military and government purposes as we know, out of evil came good and free protocols for ordinary sovereign individuals to be able to distribute and share data on a scale and speed unheard of in all the history of the world. Now of course, “Andy” “Burnham” wants it regulated and censored – but he’s not the first nor the last, although a more threatening one than the usual temporal crowd, for he’s a bloody clever bugger and his words are so honeyed, and will be bought by people like “million moms against guns” or whatever.

It does not matter whether the data is “secure”, or can only be “accessed” on the say-so of a “Minister”. If stuff “gets out”, this is the least of our worries. A leak will contain so very, very much stuff, such as on a “lost computer” or a “momory stickj (they are very big now as we all know, a gigabyte is almost free, 8 of them is about £1 apiece) that it will take even the putrescently-minded moles of the “News of the World” decades if not centuries to trawl through it.

No: the risk is that the database “project” may, possibly work – to time and to budget, well, more or less. What’s a few billion Sterling overspend between (state) friends? It’s just one delayed aircraft-carrier, or about three diversity-co-ordinator advertisements in the Guardian for a single “Police” “Force”. It’s irrelevant whether it works by 2012, by 2020, or by 2030. People are people. What they do, where they go, who they phone, who they email, and what about, is nobody’s damn business except their own.

And I’m not at all suggesting that it ought to be stopped by methods that could work – such as death-threats to directors of “private sector partners” – who ought to be old enough to know better than to tender anyway since the task itself is morally reprehensible – or even by well-planned and co-ordinated assaults on known data sites, designed to effectively destroy the data beyond recovery.

I should remind people that there are precedents for the punishment of some of the above actions. At Nuremberg in 1946, directors of firms that had tendered for and supplied things like “gas ovens”, incinerators and Zyklon-B, were either imprisoned or hanged. It’s all in “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” by W. Shirer, as you all no doubt know.

Either way, you’d better not do any of that threatening of tenderers, you people, as libertarians are peaceable chaps who get stuff accomplished by persuasion and liberal discourse. Apart rom anything, we might want the compugeek-buggers to work for us after victory, unravelling government computer chaos set up by themselves, and finding out what the State knew about whom and how, so that such intrusion could be stymied in the future.

But I have to admit: the only time I malleted a hard disk, ever – it exploded satisfyingly. I would never want to do it again, though, since I now know so much more about the intricacies and wonderfulness of its workings.

Paper-shreading by hamster power….some of these people really seem to believe what they are saying.

David Davis

It really exists: check it out. And the strange guy who invented it really seems to care about what he sees as the “environment”……truly, Al Gorerot has penetrated human brains more thoroughly than was thought.

Music for a blue Tuesday

And we haven’t done GWR castles yet, but here’s the Earl of Mount Edgecumbe:-

And here’s 5043, doing its stuff:-

Israel, Gaza and a load of crap. Happy new year.

David Davis

I know! I’m French! F*** les docteurs et les chirugéons! Let me through….I’m an énarque! L’état: c’est moi!

I’ll tell the Israelis to send in loads of food and medicine to the enemy!

In return for which Hamas will see if they can stop firing rockets and any other sorts of stuff, against the same said Israelis!

Gordon Bennett…..

Very logical as you can see.

Why ought Gaza to need aid? What is wrong with its government and its polity, that it can’t provide for itself? Why has “aid” always to come from whom it says is its sworn enemy? What is Egypt (not) doing, and why not? What is Iran (not) doing and why not?

And where’s Saudi Arabia in all this: where’s the money gone? Don’t come crying to me that some “princess” has auctioned her lingerie for food for Gazans….And don’t all you lefties come in here and tell me that Israel won’t let the stuff in. Bastards you are, liars and scumsucking turds.

If Israel goes down, it will be a setback for liberalism. You’ll all have to work much harder, later, for less certainty. You heard me say this here, read my lips, on the LA blog, on 30th December 2008, at 19.44 GMT. Out.

UPDATE: Counting Cats sums it all up. But nobody will listen.

Go and talk to Richard Murphy about Tim Worstall

David Davis

Here’s the Richard Murphy thread….

…and here I think is the TW one. And it’s probably this one too.

Gordon Brown pretends to wear his Christianity on his sleeve when it is convenient….but…

…he has nothing at all to say about this matter. As a 10-year-old boy he unwittingly invites in a hoodlum and then makes capital out of it when he needs to lambast “Tory Cuts” – I expect that’s what will be spun out of it later.

David Davis

I wonder what aspect of the “Muslim State” they were criticising? To me, the phrase “Muslim State” is either tautological or else a truly frank expression of what the objective of Islam is.

Ah, that’s what it is…..pleaded guilty to making seditious comments “with intent to bring hatred or contempt against the president or the government”.

Personally, I’d want to do what they have done, if it’s true, to about 95% of what pass for “governments” in poor benighted Africa. But I haven’t got enough moral fibre, sorry. So I just blog

Sometimes there is hope.

David Davis

Get a load of these pictures!

Hat tip Samizdata.

Stalin, Putin and today’s Russia: so who’s right about Georgia now, then?

David Davis

Just spotted this, and it does not surprise me at all. We need régime change in Russia the USSR, as I keep on boringly saying. The current Russian government the New Communists should be got rid of quietly, elections should be held under scrutiny by the UK libertarian Party, and then the USSR Russia should be invited to join NATO.

I expect Tony’s got something to say about this!

Here’s a couple of good quotes taken from the article-thread…..

Irony: He wasn’t Russian. He was Georgian. But he did KILL 30 million Russians. My favorite Stalin quote: “One death is a tragedy. A million deaths is a statistic.” Any person not working for the Collective was seen as “surplus” by Stalin, and he deliberately starved them to death. He was one of the most evil people in history. At least Hitler had the bad excuse of hate going for him. Stalin did what he did out of pure, callous, amoral, bureaucratic lack of empathy. He didn’t hate his victims. He simply had no practical use for them.
I HAVE been in Russia. Putin is Hitler reincarnate. He even has the “Putin Youth.” Since he has been in office over 300 Russian journalists have been murdered for speaking out against his regime. He has taken away the right of the citizens to elect their own local governments. They are now appointed by the Kremlin. Putin is a totalitarian dictator, pure and simple. The reason for all his Cold War bluster and military buildup is to keep all the oil and gas money out of the hands of the common folk and in the hands of the billionaire oligarchs. He is a fascist.

First they came for the cars, and I didn’t speak out, as I was not a car….

….then they came for the drivers.

David Davis

I am old enough to remember the introduction of the “Ministry of Transport ten-year-test” for cars. About 1960 or ’61 I think….A mechanic in a boiler suit regarded your car, kicked the tyres, wobbled the steering wheel, tried the brakes, and then gave you a chit. I was 8 or 9 and didn’t think anything sinister into it. Look at the same test now, and extrapolate to what the buggers will do to “test” drivers’ fitness in say 2030…..

Now they come for the drivers…and it’s all dressed up in the usual concerned-parent-type panguage of nanny.

The result will be to ground people who vote Conservative, since these are all elderly, having experienced life and come to the logical conclusions. Just watch the buggers get everyone but bureaucrats off the roads.

It does not matter a monkey’s f*** whether the meme-crazed control-freaks in Westmonster think they are trying to make the world’s safets roads safer. Or, even if we lived in an Upper-Jipoopooland-like maze of death-traps and drug-hazed half-blind drivers. the principle is a wrong one.

Che Guevara: what a load of bollocks

David Davis

Here’s a trailer:-

He was still a murderer, and your T-shirt is definitely as uncool as I have always said it is. But you could wear it to show how stupid you are, also to indicate how very little research you have actually done, and how much you absolutely support Hollywood’s rendition of history. Like “Braveheart” for instance. (Read down to the lower parts of the wikipage to see where those things euphemistically labelled as “innaccuracies” creep in…)

That's better, that's more like it, see if you can pick up  a St Hilda's chick while wearing that.

That's better, that's more like it, see if you can pick up a St Hilda's chick while wearing that.

Joke: “what’s the definition of two socialists fighting about “moral high ground”?”

David Davis

Answer: the Church of England trying to rip the trousers off the Labour Party.

The CoFe church ought to realise by now that it’s just rearranging the deck-chairs on the Titanic.

Nah. They just go to more parties, where they are happy.

David Davis

“More pressure on teenagers to have sex at Christmas.”

I would have thought it was the obvious time. Midwinter: priests are haranguing people: you’re cold and tired: there’s a party: there’s free alcohol provided by someone else: and of course it’s when Jesus Christ was born. So there. Go to it teenagers.

In 1966, at Christmas, I first cuddled my first proper girlfriend properly, in a big armchair, in a darkened room, while the softer slower record was put on at the party, by the parents of the host, in the other room. I was 14, she was 13. My friends in the same room were the same age or not much older. We were all in the “Lower Sixth”.

Now THAT was what we called “sex”! (But it was before sex was invented on the Wireless Tele Vision.)

I still wonder about her even today.

I’ll probably get rotting cabbages thrown at me….

David Davis

….but in 1967, the world MSM, the UN (implicitly) and all politically-consicous individuals who had any education whatsoever, sided with Israel in the “six-day-war”. In my school, I was in a minority of two, among 551 boys and about 45 masters.

Today, David Miliperson “calls for” lots of stuff about ending the violence.

As a libertarian, I ought, ought I not (?) to be concerned about violent threats to the only approximately-functioning Western pluralist democracy in the Middle East – and I didn’t mean Iraq, or even Jordan (at least it’s run by Sandhurst graduates, we should be thankful for small mercies there) both of which are still even more approximate.

In a world entering endarkenment, and where some states still partially if imperfectly resemble democracies bent on individual liberty in principle if not in practise, it is not sensible to do nothing or (worse) to have no opinion, or (even more worse!) to have the wrong one. Just as it was not sensible not to attack Axis Powers with bombers when we had nothing else.

Approximations of political pluralism – such as Israel –  are less harmful in the short term than refutations of it – such as “Hamas”. Sorry. I can’t help pissing myself in hysterical mirth….I think of “hommous” in Waitrose, of all places. How can you seriously project a grave and important image, and expect unbrainwashed Western  Telestalinised masses (not many of those now) to take you seriously, if you sound like a holiday-food they eat in “Greece” or “Turkey”?

(The afforesaid masses don’t know where those places are…..they flew there. And the young Chingfordettes who thought they’d married the hairy barmen they met last week at the Taverna, have also been flown back….)

This blasted ongoing business in the Muddle East has got to stop. What now comprises “Israel” was a pile of dessicated rocks lightly coated with congealed dried blood, until the British saw sense in 1917 and allocated it to the prevailing ethnic majority in possession – Sephardic Jews. Fascist cockroaches unwittingly – and it would certainly have been unintended if you’d asked the bastards V. I. Ulianov and his chums, followed by their later chums Hitler and Stalin – did it a favour, by causing a leakage to it of Askenazy talent and population. If the surrounding populations didn’t like that, then there was – and is – still plenty of dessicated rocks and dried blood for hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds of miles, all about the place, for them to inhabit.

I don’t think many libertarians could take issue with the position that if Israel keeps on getting rocketed, by outfits laregly supported by western fascists like the EU and the UN, then it ought to be allowed to defend itself, if needed by draining the swamp: that way the “violence” will stop……for a bit. After all, it was all right when Russia did it to Georgia, wasn’t it….. (anybody heard anything of Georgia recently? Tony, any ideas?)

It’s very interesting how, in a mere 40 years, the whole direction of world discourse can turn 180 degrees. i faind that very very fast; don’t you?

Very important

David Davis

Nuclear fusion possibly around the corner…a hundred years or so?

It’s soon enough but nowish would be better, to silence all the global-warm-Nazis… so they HAVE TO resort to their guns after all, and their open hatred of Mankind…..before they are really really ready and truly in charge.

RUSSIA furious at Estonian SS commemorative calendar…Pot calls Kettle Black (again)

David Davis

We could be friends with the USSR Russia. But not, I think, until we have done régime-change there and it’s Russia again and not the USSR which it is still now. It’s long overdue, the crew we have allowed to be in charge since 1917 has caused quite enough trouble for ordinary humans and for us, and it’s time they went the way of Marx, Engels, V I Ulianov, Joseph Dugashvili and the other fascist murderers.

Russia the USSR gets away with murder, as in Georgia most recently and also literally, while sanctimoniously chiding us in the West for trying to be consistent on the rare occasions when we screw our courage ot the sticking point (not very far these days) and do something vaguely resolute. Then it threatens to turn the gas off, and we cave in instantly. Don’t we.

Today, Russia the USSR has the brass neck to make a show of getting angry about some Estonian publisher deciding to publish some wartime posters socialist realism. Of course, we all know that the “Nazis” were dyed-in-the-wool-socialists. that’s why they got so popular so fast in an otherwise civilised nation which they then proceeded to lead to disaster.

But if you were an Estonian in 1941, and one lot of socialists who had not actually quite yet got round to burning your villages and raping your wives and daughters or deporting the survivors off to the frozen wastes never to be returned, proceeded to promise you something that looked like partial liberation from the other socialists over the fence who had actually done all that stuff, then what would you do – given that FDR had sworn to not help you, and Churchill was tired and bust and had crypto-communists shouting in his earholes all the time?

You’d join the SS. (Don’t get at me – I would not have done, but what would one do in these circumstances?)

I don’t of course suppose that we’ll ever hear of the French SS Division that defended the Reichstag while it was falling, nor the Dutch one, nor that from Croatia, nor the Austrian ones.

The problem about socialism is that it’s so hypocritical: moreover, it can’t even resist savage internecine conflicts within itself, which are often bloodier than its external battles.

I don’t think we’d really like to revisit the atrocities perpetrated by USSR troops in 1944 and 1945, against defenceless German civilians, mostly women and children, in East Prussia, for example. Or what the same buggers did in Berlin. I don’t think Russia the USSR ought to utter so much as a minuscule beep, until it’s done the following…and even then I would be disinclined to listen: “sorry” is not enough.

Until it’s fully acknowledged its leaders’ arms, bloodied as they were to the elbows and beyond in the oceans of the stuff, and the mountains of sorrow and loss it has raised up over the graves of tens of millions of ordinary blameless humans, mostly living within a couple of thousand miles of the Kremlin’s gates.

Because, if even given the chance to vote, they might have voted the “wrong” way.

Internet censorship coming soon….

….from Andy Burnham, the bust TV channels, and the Onebama…

…but The Landed Underclass has the right idea here.

Harry Haddock at “A nation of Shopkeepers” is more hard-hitting. Wish I’d had the foresight this morning,  to say what he does.

David Davis

This morning the Quislingraph led early with news of proposals to “give Internet Sites Cinema-Style Ratings”, which is of course newspeak for the first steps in censoring the internet, probably via state pressure on ISPs.

Guuido Fawkes, always with a nose checking the wind, has already made plans to move his site out of vulnerable jurisdictions, such as the UK and USA.

This is coupled with earlier tentative threats from the EU and from someone called Hazel Blears, to “regulate” bloggers (which States do not like) – this basically means Classical liberal and libertarian-leaning ones I expect. Once this power and the one flagged above are in place, Gordon Brown and his new accolyte the Onebama will be able to trumpet that they’ve done it all “for the children”. The Quislingraph piece is a classic screed of socialist caring-nonsense, dripping with parental concern which gets the sheeple nodding vigorously in agreement (we all love children don’t we?) while yet shrouding a terrible threat in the subtext, which next to nobody will pick up.

Again, once in place, i wonder which political parties a State will force the ISPs to proscribe? Obviously the BNP will go down the road of invisibility first, it being the State’s main left-wing competitor and also fully-corporatist, for mass franchise support. I expect UKIP won’t fare much better, and it will take some time for the buggers to catch up with LPUK, but they will, they will.

If “major ISPs” cave in and refuse access to sites deemed “unsuitable for children”, then “Best Practice” will inevitably be followed. You won’t even be able to get Wikipedia or Google, since this is unavailable on the LANs of most British State schools – and I dread to think how we’ll get ot Youtube.

Does anybody know how people get round this sort of restriction in places like China, Iran and Pakistan?

Could I have some please!

David Davis

Viagra for Afghan warlords. Well, I never! I guess it makes sense as the stuff comes from India as £2 a pill or less, and probably cheaper over there as India is down the garden path.

But perhaps the CIA ought to think of its friends first, instead – as always – of its enemies? Perhpas it ought to be offering lots and lots and lots of it to ageing British and American Libertarians, so that we can beget lots and lots of Classical liberal children? After all, that’s what the enemy is doing isn’t it? (They pretend not to need Viagra, but perhaps the Man-Woman-Meme involved is different…in the West, the sheer physical effort involved, to make the woman “willing”, takies it out of you a bit. Nature intended hominid f***s to be really quick as is right and good, or you would get eaten by a giant-short-arsed-bear while your back was turned, literally.)

Israel Gaza Palestinians Keeley Hazell Peter Mandelson UPDATED (experimental blog-triangulation/gun-ranging calibration post)


To get up the noses of fascist Western lefties and Nazis who think “Palestinians” exist and have not been artificially-created in thought-vats by anti-civilisational-Gramscians, you might want to send some moolah to http://pizzaidf.orgGuido thinks that £100 will feed and water a platoon: I think it’s about right, but I guess even £10 will do stuff for four guys in a tank, or a “gun group”.

It’s probably about as much as a “rocket”: think about it.

David Davis

Why is it, that a self-defining nation, aided by all the leftist special-interest-groups in the West including the (very great and important)  BBC which reveres the memory of the fascist cockroach*** “Yasser” “Arafat” (who was actually a pig) and which are called “Palest” “Inians”, has not got a situation where it can allow its merchants to provide “food, medicine, cooking gas”, in a place which is part of that which is called “Palest” “Ine” ?

Why do the Israelis Jews have to provide it, under fire?

I only ask because I want to know (I want to know what’s wrong with the “Arab model of reality”)?

I’d just like to know, being half-Lebanese myself, what the f***** is so wrong with Israel that everybody execrates it.

Look at this nonsense:-

Stockpiles of aid inside the Gaza Strip had dwindled to nothing creating a potential crisis for a place where over 50 per cent of the population rely on humanitarian aid to survive.

The issue of militants firing rockets into Israel from Gaza has been a thorn in the side of the Israeli government for years.

If they can afford rockets, they can affiord food, which is mcuh cheaper!

***I don’t use “pig” any more. The pig is a useful and benign animal for humans to eat.

*****I don’t really know what “The Gaza Strip” is for:-

If it’s supposed to be a “thorn in Israel’s side”,

(1)  then why is it starving and why are its friends, such as Syria and the Harzi-Khazi not supplying its food and power?

(2) why is Israel flying in food, medicies and gas?

And why has Keeley Hazell not got a view on this? Perhaps she has been got at by the mediapimps of socialism, such as “Dr” Robert Mugabe (who still holds 11 honourary Doctorates from supposedly real Univerisites) or other humanitarians jus like him at the United Nations, so that she can freely show her body but not her opinions:-

Here’s Yoram Monrof, playing a songabout peter Mandelson, although he doesn’t know it:-


Oh and I did try, just now, on Youtube, “Keeley Hazell Gaza Strip” – I really did think something would come up, with her taking houri/seraglio-type bras off, but it didn’t.

Perhaps she has not formed an opinion yet. In the meantime, I am prepared, being what my (very very late) East-End grandmother called “another little arab boy” when she first met me, to leave the matter to the Israelis.

(I should add that, being half-Lebanese as I am, my (Lebanese) mother was a “French Presbyterian”, whatever one of those might now be, or ever have been. I strongly suspect that such people are extinct.)

Be of Good Cheer: Christmas Greetings from Sean Gabb

Sean Gabb

Free Life Commentary,
A Personal View from
The Director of the Libertarian Alliance
Issue Number 178
25th December 2008

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Be of Good Cheer:
A Christmas Greeting
from the Director of the Libertarian Alliance
by Sean Gabb

There being nothing else on any of the channels we can receive, my wife and I have spent much of the day watching the various Christmas greetings from religious and political leaders from around the world. These range from the vacuous (Her Majesty the Queen), to the impressively malevolent, so long as the volume is turned down (the Bishop of Rome), to the plain stupid (the Archbishop of Canterbury). I will not bother with reviewing these utterances. Instead, I will issue one of my own.

There is little doubt that 2009 will be a bad year in every respect where the politicians have influence. In England, we may have a general election before the summer. If this happens, and if the votes are fairly counted, or if the police decide not to arrest all the opposition leaders, Gordon Brown and his Labour Party will be ejected from office. In the past decade, he has helped turn this country from the incipient police state established by the Conservatives into a true police state that is tempered only by the mockery we are still permitted to heap on its projectors. It would be nice to see these people out of office – especially since they could never be re-elected, and the only thing they have ever really wanted in life was to be in office. But there is no reason to suppose the Conservatives would do much to prevent our final slide into totalitarianism. They have too many nasty inclinations of their own to break up the vast apparatus of control brought near perfection by Labour. Even otherwise, I suspect they are too stupid and lazy to know how to break it up.

I would ignore political developments elsewhere in the world – only it would deprive me of the opportunity to feel sorry for the Americans. I saw their President-Elect in a newspaper the other morning. Posing shirtless, he looked for all the world like one of the more raddled black boys you see selling their bodies in Leicester Square. I think this says more about the tone of his coming leadership than his choice of Hillary Clinton and the usual neo-con suspects to run his foreign policy, or his having accepted the full climate change nonsense. I have no doubt the BBC will cover his inauguration as if it were the Second Coming. It will be watched in much of England, even so, with laughter and contempt. President Obama will be rather like Tony Blair, but without the taste or restraint which Princess Tony will, by comparison, be shown to have possessed.

Since they too are influenced by the politicians, 2009 will be a bad year in most respects economic. I am not sure when the present cycle started, but interest rates have, for many years, been manipulated by the politicians below the level needed to balance savings and loans. The resulting additional demand for loans was satisfied by creating new money out of nothing. This enabled a gigantic speculative bubble that sprang a puncture last year, and that has now burst. Recession is the natural result. The structure of relative prices has been distorted. Investments have been made that are now shown to be unwise. There must be changes. The beginning of change is to allow interest rates to rise and unsound businesses to go bankrupt. The faster this is allowed to happen, the sooner we can return to prosperity.

Sadly, the political response has been to look for any scheme to save or replace the speculative bubble. Interest rates have been cut in England and America. The taxpayers’ money has been lavished on propping up the more unsound banks. Governments are threatening to inflate without limit. The stated purpose of this is to avoid recession. The result will be to make the recession longer and deeper than it needs to be. The politicians tell us that Keynes was right after all. Perhaps that is what they believe. More likely,  they have been taken in by the bankers with warnings about total collapse of the financial system, and are now responding like the victims of those Internet frauds run from Nigeria. I see the car makers have taken up the bleat for subsidies. I suppose they will be joined soon enough by the coffee bars and every other business that overexpanded.

2009, therefore, will be a bad year in the economic sense. If it is not, the pain will only have been delayed until 2010, when it will be felt with compound interest.

Here, though, is an end of my gloom. Much is bad now, and will get worse in the next few years. So long, however, as we can avoid a collapse into totalitarianism, the future is nowhere near so bleak as we are presently assured. Scientific and technical progress continue at the most wonderful speed. Sooner or later, there will be a renewed scramble to bring the results to market, and our lives will be still further enriched – and this time, I hope, considerably extended.

And there need be no relative decline of the West. We have been told for years – usually by self-righteous lefties, gloating over a fall that they assume they and their families can personally avoid sharing – that the coming economic giants of this century are China and perhaps India. This is as fatuous as earlier claims about Japan. If you type the phrase “population pyramids” into Google, the first result will be an American Government website showing how the population of every country in the world is, and will be, distributed by age. Until we know how to extend not merely life but also youth, the most dynamic people in any country will be aged between twenty five and forty five. In England and in America, this age group will predominate throughout the present century. In the Orient, every developing country is following the Japanese pattern of rapid ageing, followed by actual decline of population. The Japanese at least reached Western standards of living before they stopped having children. The Chinese may simply grow old before they get rich. After a fashion, China has been getting richer for about thirty years. We shall see how long that can continue once the majority of the population is over the age of fifty, and have neither savings nor children to support them in old age.

And China has been getting richer only after a fashion. About thirty years ago, its Communist rulers decided to turn the country into one big sweatshop, supplying the West on razor thin profit margins. They managed this by unlimited force. Ordinary working people in China have been ruthlessly exploited. With the banning of real trade unions, and with generally oppressive contracts of employment, labour there is free only in the nominal sense. Otherwise, costs have been socialised for favoured companies; and competitiveness has been maintained by an undervalued exchange rate. Look beyond those glittering towers built for the ruling class and its foreign partners, and you find endless and increasing misery.

Even without the start of demographic crisis, this may now be ending. We are told about the huge scale of the foreign currency reserves maintained by the Chinese Government and its banks – as if money were the same as riches. At least the mercantilists in old Europe wanted their governments to accumulate gold and silver. These could eventually be made into imports. What the Chinese Communists have done is to send us a continuous stream of manufactured goods, accepting in exchange a mountain of dollars – and at an undervalued rate – that are only worth anything if they are not spent. The moment these reserves are used for imports, or switched into more stable currencies, their value will collapse.

The Americans have had the main benefit from this fraud. But so far as the Orientals have had an insatiable hunger for dollars, and the rest of us have had no trouble in getting dollars to hand over, all other Western peoples have benefitted.

This brings me to the supposed crisis of our national debt. The English and American Governments have been borrowing for the past decade on a scale that would once have been thought reckless. Gordon Brown has already given this country the ratio of debt to output that we last had after the Second World War. This is without the further borrowing he has announced. The Americans are facing the same explosion of public debt. Some economists are telling us that we shall have to pay higher taxes for at least a generation to service these debts.

But this is not true. Our governments will borrow little from us – most of us having no savings to lend. They will instead continue selling bonds to the Arabs and the Orientals, and a few Russians if the price of oil recovers in time. The real value of these will then be inflated away.

None of this pleases me. Inflation harms us all, if in ways that are often hard to trace. But once the mess of the last boom has been cleared away, it will become plain that the chief victims of that boom were the very countries everyone thought were the chief beneficiaries. We shall have had our cheap notebook computers and our flat screen television sets. We shall have increased our wealth in the present, and increased our abilities to grow wealthier in the future. Those who screwed their peoples to the edge of destitution to make this possible will find themselves holding our increasingly worthless paper. Chinese growth will grind to a halt. India will break up. Eventually, the Arabs and Russians will learn that we have discovered some cheaper source of energy than their carbons. All we need to do is somehow bring our politicians under control, and we shall enjoy a most agreeable twenty first century.

And so I wish all the lucky members of my mailing list a Happy Christmas, and – if the coming year will be dreadful – the prospect of much better times to come.

NB—Sean Gabb’s book, Cultural Revolution, Culture War: How Conservatives Lost England, and How to Get It Back, can be downloaded for free from

A real fox, seen at Formby Point this afternoon!

Peter Davis

Good job Jeremy Clarkson was not around!

What is that in my eye...?

What is that in my eye...?

Sorry I forgot to rotate it. You will have to just lie down on your left side in front of your laptop.

Thought this would be funny…

Peter Davis


... nuff said

... 'nuff said

Christmas Day

David Davis and Peter Davis

Bloggin may continue on Christmas Day, or it may not.Same for Boxing Day.

The Ship’s turrets remain manned. Decks cleared and sanded. All boats and flotsam thrown off and left.  All Sea-duty Men in anti-flash gear and at action. Tea and butties brought periodically up from the messes, via the shell-handling-shafts.

It depends what the Nazis Gordon Brown and “Jacqui” “Smith” say or do on that day tomorrow. If they are quiet, we shall be quiet.

If they use it as a day to bury bad news, then we shall have to say what they have done.

Happy Christmas. Welcome to New Britain 2009, soon.

The Harzi-Karzi-Robotroid will speak about Christmas tomorrow (and no I did NOT mean Dr Rowan Williams…)

It’s Rowan Williams that will always and everywhere, be referred to as the Asse-Hatte. So he’s not the Iranian thingy-chappy then, so there.

David Davis

Hah. I feel the 1940s coming on, all over again….The Nazi impersonating a president of an otherwise blameless people, that fellow Harzi-Khazi of Persia, has decided to pay our Enemy Class some money, or else the promise not to capture some of our ships, in order to broadcast to us. He obviously does not know who William Joyce was (I would not have hung the bastard, just talked about him lots and lots, and then ignored him, and put him in the street, in somewhere like Silvertown. (You all know where that is.))

I shall watch it then, to see what the Robotroid mimics the saying of, and we will then tell you about what it said and how it fits into the War.

HOWEVER…. he denies the holocaust, saying (it will be alleged by him in the programme) that it is a “myth”. Holocaust denial is not a crime in the UK, but it is in the EU and we “are in the EU”…it will be interesting to see if the government of Austria (the most guilty nation of all, from the figures we have about involvement, percent per head, per billion untermenschen killed) has Harzi-Khazi arrested…I doubt it somehow. (The people of Iran which is a modern country trying to get out, could do without him for a while, that’s for sure.) And perhaps there’s something wrong with the Austrians, but I’d better not go there.

Fine, let him broadcast. He wants to overthrow a system which gives him the leave to criticise it, and I’ll not arraign him over holocaust rubbish, for people ought to be able to believe what they want about this even if it makes them into shitheads. I’ll take account of mitigating pleas for clemency, since it was done at Christmas when everyone is drunk, at the War Crimes Trial of British Enemy Class apparatchiks, of which Harzi-Khazi is one, and which I will be pleased to preside at. Sorry, Sean, the buggers can’t really, really be allowed to get away, taking their pensions with them too; it will devalue the enormity of their crime in their eyes and those of their families’. We know how wicked they are: they and those who love them do not, yet.

Happy Christmas: war is over (so he thinks.)

Some people are not home yet

Peter Davis

A soldier’s night before Christmas:-

But one came home in a box:-

These chaps are still there:-

Sex and the Pope: perhaps he meant to say it for strategic reasons!

David Davis

If I was a serious Pope, such as Benedict XVI and John Paul II both are, and being either of those two gentlemen thus realising that uncertain trumpets are of little use, then I would view the current state of the Anglican Church with unease.

It’s like the deck-fittings and masts of a tall ship in a storm, which have come loose: and now they threaten the survival of the rest of the boat if not jettisoned.

Perhaps he means to “widen the rift” inside Anglicanism. It could be seen as a strategic risk on one hand, but also as a way to do some much-needed tidying-up too. The Asse-Hat has consistently made an arse of himself and the Church he’s supposed to lead, for some years. The C of E has been allowed to carry on behaving like a minority sect, so perhaps the Pope thinks it’s time it was one.

Yeah this will really help “motorists”.

David Davis

It has always struck me that the word “motorist”, chiefly used by a certain sort of robotroid which is to say bureaucrats and “planner” types, sounds rather political. Nobody I know uses it in conversation or written prose – we tend to say “driver”, or “person”. So, when it appears you just know something bad’s coming next. It’s dressed up as “streamlining the process”… “making the system more tranparent and fair” … ” helping to fund integrated public transport links”… or some such Nazi guff.

Nobody seems to have spotted that convictions for “careless driving” could have declined because … people are more careful? Because modern cars – the population of which is inevitably rising – are “smarter”? One gets the feeling that the government, saying things like this…

“The level of enforcement is steadily dropping,” the Government noted in the consultation paper.

This, it is believed, has resulted in an increasing number of cases of careless driving going unpunished.

…is merely following in the footsteps of Stalin and Mao and their foul cockroach apparatchiks, chided by their bosses for not shooting enough bourgeoisie last month…..

Why not criminalise “driving while at the wheel” while they are about it? Or they could just be honest and state frankly that “really we don’t think private “motoring” should be allowed so we are going to ban it.”

Happy Christmas. Business as usual.

Well, what a surprise.

David Davis

Children who are read to every day will….well of course, this has always been understood. That’s why people do it.

Or did, until socialism required the destruction of private culture in families, and of embedded knowledge distributed by schools and teachers who thought it mattered.

If your Enemy Class sets out to create an environment in which people receive only the politically-approved-mass-culture, and only as visual ephemera, then you will get a feral underclass. i expect that’s what the buggers wanted all along.

“Organic” Death-Farming was always a criminal fraud, and now it is exposed in its obscene nakedness

Although a not-very-nice subject for Christmas, this organic-socialist-farming nonsense needs to be nailed through the heart, where the nail belongs, or it will kill more people. Let’s do it now.

It also causes death to starving millions labouring under socialist paradises, reducing as it does on purpose the total gigatonnage of foods that could otherwise be grown using fertilisers, pesticides and other modern conveniences necessary for the large-scale mechanised farming that humans require, and therefore driving up the price.

David Davis

Thanks to Obnoxio (again) for the hat-tip to this marvellous and uplifting news……

They want to….what? Let’s get this right…..“They want to establish new organic ground rules before the market becomes even more depressed next year.”

Oh. They want to do capitalism! Good. Serve them right. Like the cockroach Castro (who is still sadly dead) should have been condemned to be the MD of a small private company in the USA, making stuff in difficult times. For ever!

I feel better about the recession now, than I did.

French speeding fine challenges: the strategic problem of British Libertarianism is that we are not Poujadists.

David Davis

Obnoxio the Clown happily moderates his usual level of un-re-bloggable-invective, and flags up an interesting problem. It now seems the the French Gestapo Police have cottoned on to the idea of anti-motorist-speed-camera-radar-directed-police-fundraising, in the way that the British Gestapo Police have been doing for some time. He cites an interesting website which automatically challenges speeding accusations, resulting in the need for a court to be convened. (Thanks for the link, Clown!)

In France, I expect this will work quite well, for the ghost of Pierre Poujade still happily stalks that unfortunate land which continues to need his services, and the State-motorist-fining-system could be toppled. France, after all, has a history of successful revolutions, driven from below: although we cannot always be positive about the results – look at 1789……However, as France is not, and never has been, a democracy in the liberal English classical pluralist sense that we understand the term to mean, this kind of blown-safety-valve-release-mechanism is part of how laws are made or unmade in that polity. Yes, grillions of French motorists will try this methid of overloading the justice system regarding speeding. It will b fun.

But in Britain, our problem is that we’ve been so non-violent and so used to “The Rule Of Law” for so long, that we confuse “laws” with “Law”. We have forgotten how to behave unreasonably and violently towards bureaucracy-toerags who think they can say frankly that they can decide what the “law” is. I don’t think there are what Chris Tame called “enough people to make a difference” left in Britain.

So the idea will not take off here, and Clown’s pessimism is not misplaced. But I remain to hope to be surprised.

I got there before Boris Johnson

Here’s a post about CHUTNEY. (It’s Christmas… post Christianised secular Britain, we do weird things.)

David Davis

Here’s a small sample of the chutney, which I made rather earlier than he. There’s plenty more jars of it, if you buggers are not careful – almost enough to send it out next year as well, as our tomatoes ran riot this year:-

Better watch out or you'll have to eat it.

Better watch out or you'll have to eat it.


Peter Davis

Within the last hour of this post, the value of the Pound Slerling has gone below the value of the EURO!!

this is a terrifying prospect, but as of 23:11 GMT, £1 is worth 0.72 Euro cents (my keyboard cannot do euro signs, funny though, because it can do everything else though, even these: Ψ Φ ♦ ♣ ← ↑ → ↓↔ θ Ξ ¿)

Libertarian Alliance Christmas Message 2008

David Davis and Peter Davis

Things look bad. Really. We don’t know what to say to comfort you all this year. The socialists – all over – are even more entrenched than ever before….and here naturally: why? Of all in the places in the world, they hate England the very, very most of all, and want us dead. Or at least our culture, which amounts to the same thing. Socialism is, in its inception, specifically anti-English, which is to say, anti-liberal. Why else were we forced into so many wars in the time when We Knew Who We  Were?

War is always bad, and represents the failure of the enemy to reason with us, for we are right. (The West IS right. All else is “solutions” which are “less good”.) But the problem is that we don’t any more know the answer to that previous question – about our identity. The Enemy Class has hidden it.

Also in Russia the Stalinists triumph again, under the wicked cockroach Putin. He marched into a sovereign nation in early August as you all know, on a Glivice-type-1st-Sept-1939-pretext, and the West bought into it in spades, lauding him. Where is Georgia now? Does anybody know? I have heard nothing for months. Have you?

In Australia, Kevin Rudd does his socialist and republican stuff. The poor Queen will go to hell in Oz soon as Rudd will see her voted out, but that in itself does not matter for she has done nothing to discharge her duties against this mob, of which Rudd is just a late acolyte. Australia will now hit the downpipe into the sewer slightly later than the rest of us as it actually makes stuff which Chindian guys want, like Iron and Coal and Uranium, and, er, beef and wine and things to eat, and probably zinc and tin and things so I will check (not copra or sisal or jute I expect, not now.) In the USA the Onebama is getting psyched up to pull the levers of his people’s self-destruction: I shan’t be surprised if “New Orleans”, if still above sea level, or even below, gets shag-loads-a-money belonging to other people, in return for returning  “Democrats” Stalinists. A truly rotten borough, it is, to be sure to be sure.

And in other places where what the State does matters because it’s always harmful, and we are all still even going to die after it all. All is black, and the endarkenment comes surely upon us, or so it would seem. Gordon Brown is still in power – not that any other of all the available socialist parties would do any better – and his friends have taken down the fabric of the Western Capitalist system by sleight of hand. The LPUK remains our last best hope, but I expect it’ll be years before they’re in a position to challenge for the job of taking the state down to a manageable size….even if by then elections are allowed, which we doubt.

The database DNA-nazistate, powered forwards as it has planned to be by high-profile murders or disappearances involving usually young and attractive females whose sad stories are marketable by the Quisling Press, now has nearly five million persons trapped in it, probably for ever: of these, we can be sure that most are males, and a disproportionate number are young black males. But under diversity rules, this I am sure will be rectified as part of the task of increasing its size.

The West is involved in slightly over two wars at once (something like (1.418)², and therefore it’s an irrational number and impossible to calculate exactly) against brave and unfazed people whose message they think is simple: who freely and frankly admit, loudly and with fortitude and resolution, that they mean to take us down, bouyed up as they are by their own strong sense of self-worth and also that of the pre-capitalist-survival-guide that drives them. The contrast between that and the Uncertain Trumpets which ought to be braying for Classical liberalism, is stark. The blame for this unforgiveable situation lies here in the West, and very particularly in Britain, where we have allowed an internally-logical, quite deliberately-driven, quite uncrazed and rational Enemy Class, planned for a very very long time, to rot us and our culture and civilisation from within. It is no use trying to “be tolerant” to left-wing-academics and so forth, if they mean to destroy the system that gave them liberty to undermine it.

The unspeakably vain and evilly-pompous, cockroach, “Robert Mugabe”, continues to loud-hail the world that black is white and white is black, striding about among kilo-deaths, and silently cheered on by an almost equally-hobbled Africa as he marches his unwilling slaves towards the cesspool, blaming us. Perhaps this is part of the “Global Community’s” punishment of us, by it, for Ian Smith being right: we are made to watch a horrible tragedy, with our arms tied behind us and our eyelids propped open. Yes: that’s it – the Left is shooting our child, and making us watch.

“New” Labour – as if it ever was: how could so many have been taken in so fully by so few? – has comprehensively knackered what was a vaguely thriving economy. Even the French are laughing at us. And, he even has the crust, the immortal rind, to say: “what I meant was – ‘an end to Tory-boom-and-bust’ … “.   As if the “socialist” sort of boom and bust feels any different?

The Pound Sterling tracks relentlessly down towards the Euro. In one sense this does not matter since they are all “fiat” currencies anyway, so the real absolute value of any of them can’t ever be determined. But it makes worse the temporal problems of buying stuff, since “New” labour has completed the process of ensuring that we neither make anything, nor grow anything to eat.

So, what ought libertarians to do this Christmas?

(1) Against the coming Dark Age, which is not a sudden phenomenon but has been planned for us for ages and ages and is only now beginning to look as threatening as has been intended all along: build and stock a large private library. Save in it whatever you think was important knowledge and literature. Lots will be banned, so get it while you can. Also, add artefacts to it, such as scientific instruments. Copy it to DVDs and leave lots of them about in safe places. Some computers will inevitably survive, and the stuff will be able to be read and used.

NOTE: say nothing about it to anyone – not even people you trust! Mobs burn libraries ‘coz it’s fun, as they have been implicitly taught to do on the Wireless Tele Vision over the past 10 years or so. The burners can dance up and down going “yay!!!” in their pink pyjamas, and the burnees can sob on the Wireless Tele Vision, as is required.

AND…..It’s no use doing what the Montana-Millenarians always advocate, which is along the lines of stocking up on matches, petrol and tinned food. What will you do when it’s gone, as it will be eventually? You can’t sink a tank for 10,000 gallons in the garden in somewhere like Solihull, now, can you; you couldn’t even afford it if you wanted to either! You can grow food if you know how, and you can make matches similarly….sod the petrol, cars will be banned soon anyway.

(2) LAUGH at the bastards. Take the piss. Mercilessly. Be funny. be funny, and be it very very very hard. We face death, so laugh, for this is Hastings all over again. Liberal blogs are far, far better written, by far wittier people, who think on their feet far faster than socialists, and therefore are a grand and clean-edged weapon in the fight. Spit on your hands, wrench out your sword-point from the bloody mud in front of you, where you left it while you went back a few yards for a piss, now get it up and hew, and hew, and hew, and laugh while you do: it will un-nerve the bastards.

Just look at some of these in no special order! Guido, The Devil, the Libertarian Party, Obnoxio, Tim Worstall, Samizdata, Brian Mickelthwait, Nation of Shopkeepers, The Landed Underclass, Trooper, The Englishman, Kerplunk, Mark Steyn, blazing cat fur, and many, many others whom I have forgotten or accidentally omitted.

Let’s have some music.

Here’s the Hollies, with ideas about altruism that are theoretically incorrect unless viewed through an Libertarian Individualist prism:-

And here’s King George V, the opposite of a fascist – I just though it was nice:-

And finally, I wanted to give you a live soundclip of King George VI, speaking as he was on 25th december 1939, but i can’t download one. So here’s his text:-

GEORGE VI (r. 1936-1952)
Christmas Day Broadcast, 1939. Britain and France had declared war on Germany just three months earlier on 3 September 1939
The festival which we know as Christmas is above all the festival of peace and of the home. Among all free peoples the love of peace is profound, for this alone gives security to the home.

But true peace is in the hearts of men, and it is the tragedy of this time that there are powerful countries whose whole direction and policy are based on aggression and the suppression of all that we hold dear for mankind.

It is this that has stirred our peoples and given them a unity unknown in any previous war. We feel in our hearts that we are fighting against wickedness, and this conviction will give us strength from day to day to persevere until victory is assured.

At home we are, as it were, taking the strain for what may lie ahead of us, resolved and confident. We look with pride and thankfulness on the never-failing courage and devotion of the Royal Navy, upon which, throughout the last four months, has burst the storm of ruthless and unceasing war.

And when I speak of our Navy today, I mean all the men of our Empire who go down to the sea in ships, the Mercantile Marine, the mine-sweepers, the trawlers and drifters, from the senior officers to the last boy who has joined up.

To every one in this great Fleet I send a message of gratitude and greeting, from myself as from all my peoples. The same message I send to the gallant Air Force which, in co-operation with the Navy, is our sure shield of defence. They are daily adding laurels to those that their fathers won.

I would send a special word of greeting to the Armies of the Empire, to those who have come from afar, and in particular to the British Expeditionary Force. Their task is hard. They are waiting, and waiting is a trial of nerve and discipline. But I know that when the moment comes for action they will prove themselves worthy of the highest traditions of their great Service.

And to all who are preparing themselves to serve their country, on sea or land or in the air, I send my greeting at this time. The men and women of our far-flung Empire working in their several vocations, with the one same purpose, all are members of the great Family of Nations which is prepared to sacrifice everything that freedom of spirit may be saved to the world.

Such is the spirit of the Empire; of the great Dominions, of India, of every Colony, large or small. From all alike have come offers of help, for which the Mother Country can never be sufficiently grateful. Such unity in aim and in effort has never been seen in the world before.

I believe from my heart that the cause which binds together my peoples and our gallant and faithful Allies is the cause of Christian civilisation. On no other basis can a true civilisation be built.

Let us remember this through the dark times ahead of us and when we are making the peace for which all men pray.

A new year is at hand. We cannot tell what it will bring. If it brings peace, how thankful we shall all be. If it brings us continued struggle we shall remain undaunted.

In the meantime I feel that we may all find a message of encouragement in the lines which, in my closing words, I would like to say to you: ‘I said to the man who stood at the Gate of the Year, “Give me a light that I may tread safely into the unknown.” And he replied, “Go out into the darkness, and put your hand into the Hand of God. That shall be to you better than light, and safer than a known way.”‘

May that Almighty Hand guide and uphold us all.

Perhaps the French will ensure we have electricity, by being less kind to activists.

David Davis

If we are to have “Power Outages” by 2015, how will greenazis communicate? They will have to think carefully about strategy. Carrier-pigeons may not be as reliable, nor bicycles as fast, as broadband.

The Church of England and disestablishment: I will consider a couple of days, and then decide what to say.

David Davis

The Asse-Hat is going to go along with his socialist masters in government on this one, we can all now see.

I will decide what to think in a day or so. This is all blowing up correctly while everyone is out shopping in Woolworth’s, so that nobody will notice.

Perhaps the English cathedrals will be razed after that, and the land used for “affordable housing”. Just think what fun it would be for the builder-chaps in their jolly little plastic hats, to go at the windows with a wrecking-ball.

It’s all about “change”, you see.

Edible tree-decorations


This man has been directed, by The Onebama, to nail jelly to the ceiling.

David Davis

Again, if it was not pathetically sad, it would be humorous.

This is a model of an “Award-winning environmental policy professor”.

Very scary new stuff.

….from The Landed Underclass.

Gr8 stuff chinkies! More beer bottles for ships going past “Somalia”

David Davis

So droll from Samizdata. The more pirates are hung, beer-glassed or drowned by the crews they attack, the fewer pirates there will be.

Ho ho ho (ho ho ho ho ho)

David Davis

Lord Voldemort in the ascendant….over to you Tony, to criticize me!

And to edify you tonight….

If it says “embedding disabled by request”, then just go to this place:

These last two are from Swieta Lipka in Poland. We go there sometimes:-

The socialist-democrats are getting their retaliation in first.

David Davis

I make no apologies to anybody here on this blog about the difference between right and wrong.

The Classical liberal West is truly, yes it is, the best way for people to live. ALL other systems or “philosphies” or even “religions”, except for some I may talk about in the Libertarian Alliance Christmas Post, are errors at best (and should be avoided), or else they are diabolic and deliberate conspiracies to destroy – at worst – and should be expunged. Socialism, personified by the US “Democratic” “party”, falls some way towards the second category.

The demolition job on Sarah Palin, frightened shiteless of her as the Nazis Democrats have been, since she was the nearest thing to a US President that the Republicans conservatives possessed this year, has started. Predictably, they are clearing up stuff about her family and its extensions first. they’ll start on her when they really get going.

You just watch them, while they prepare for 2012.

This is what you will get when you only let the Police and thugs have guns.

David Davis

This is what I believe is called a “Face Book page” or “Face Book group”. I have no clue what these things are at all, but I have looked at it, and it sort of looks like a blog I suppose. Thanks to The Remittance Man (who lives and works sufficiently far away from all this sordid stuff to be able to comment disinterestedly) for flagging up the business to do with poor Rhys Jones, of whom I guess by now that the world has heard. Not the sort of posthumous fame he would have wished for… What the world thinks of the socialistically-trashed city down the road I can’t dare to guess.

The Army’s got the right idea though.

Libertarians have been banging on, mostly unheard or ridiculed, for decades, about the need for all free people to have, and to be trained to use (by their fathers, which mostly they will have) guns. This sort of rubbish, of gun-toting unsocialised teenage gansters, would be moonshine in such a civilisation. They would last about five seconds.

If ths was not sad, it would be funny

David Davis

The Asse-Hat* has called the Prime-Mentalist a “drug addict”. I presume , then, that it’s just another intra-socialist spat. between one who pretends to be religious because he is the devil, and the other one who pretends to be the devil ‘coz he came from a religious background….

The problem, for Christmas, is that the world needs to get fixed, and these buggers just won’t get out of the way, and it’s about 6 days off. Oh well, God made the world in 6 days (rush job…)

We referred to the Asse-Hat here yesterday, courtesy of Iowahawk (great stuff, go read.)

Very droll Iowahawk (see bolgroll)

David Davis

Heere bigynneth the tale of the Asse-Hat. Hat tip Obnoxio the Clown (go read the whole thing.)

I’m beginning to detect a findamental difference between our blogs on this side of the Battle Of Our Time (Classical liberal) and the “left”. The enemy are almost invariably not funny at all (and socialists also go about killing people.) Discuss.

Rachel Nickell: Colin Stagg: Robert Napper: DNA database….now, the weather is really going to get stormy.

David Davis

We learn today that the real murderer of this poor young woman, tragically witnessed by her toddler son, who vainly tried to stauch his mother’s wounds witht e contents of her handbag (google it) has now been identified and sentenced. or, at least, the person who pleads guilty has been sentenced.

But this will now be used as justification for extending the British State’s DNA database. Watch. It will.

Of course murderers and hoodlums, socialists and all other similar types of destructive scumbag, should be caught and punished. But the whole population (starting with men in ths case, as will be the case) should not be made “pre-suspects” by the State, in its bid to look like the benevolent protector of all.

UPDATE: Obnoxio’s musings on this very very sad and badly-handled case are perhaps more considered than mine. I am concerned for the (probable) future attenuations  – by “Jacqui” “Smith” or whatever alternative-State-cybotron succeeds her in her “post” – of everyone’s liberty and privacy. By contrast, Obnoxio concentrates, also rightly, on the deliberately-designed-in unaccountability of an increasingly fascisticated Police Force.

On another tack, the majority of today’s murderers in Britain are men, because socialism in schools deliberately leaves young boys unsocialised and functionally*** illiterate (so as to have a clientariat later.) Discuss.

***”Floppy, Chip and Biff…I can’t guess what sex even they are.

I know it’s useless, stupid and, well, just sad, for a blog to talk about another one, but this is so funny.

David Davis

Mr Eugenides, here, lauds The Devil, who did it here, about some film review or other for some “picture” about Che Guevara (and no, you T-shirt still it not cool, you juvenile wannabe-murdering-scumbag.)

All we know about Ernesto “Chè” Guevara, on this blog here, is this. It’s a good picture for Christmas:-

That's better, that's more like it, see if you can pick up  a St Hilda's chick while wearing that.

That's better, that's more like it, see if you can pick up a St Hilda's chick while wearing that.

But the whole spat does raise an interesting point (interesting to me anyway…). The vast majority of the “film” “industry’s” stuff, described very seriously as “output”, seems to be what we on the liberal wing of politics would call “counter-cultural” – which is to say: it glorifies persons who either are authoritarian, or who would become so at the drop of a hat. We only rarely get something like “The Lord of the Rings” which even Gramsci himself would have difficulty politicising against his own culture. Here’s a list off the top of my head:-

Che Guevara

Lenin (a long time ago, in I think “Nicholas and Alexandra”)


William Wallace (a terrorist who got what he deserved, and no he was NOT the father of Edward III.)

Those journalists whose names I can’t remember who shafted poor Richard Nixon

Titanic (all that s*** about the poor thrid class Irish being locked in to drown….reprehensible, and if I was the legatees of the Shipping Line, I would have sued.

And many others.

The people who do this gear should try making the films in North Korea, or Cuba, about Kim or Fidel.

I guess the other point is that, well, we all want to be able in this cyber-age to be “up with it”, though what “it” is with which we have to be “with”, is ill-defined. We all want to flag useful and interetsing stuff to others, i guess.

But I thought we need to elect Police Chiefs BECAUSE they ARE being politicised?

LATE UPDATE: Philip Johnston in the Daily Quislingraph gets to it better regarding Police Authorities here. Although what we really want, as an early interim step in getting the State out of policing at all, is directly elected Sherriffs who run “their” Police according to the wishes of their local electors…..or they are fired and we will elect someone else.

David Davis

“Jacqui” “Smith” has it all arse about face (again.)

The Spectator has it the right way up, here. It’s precisely because the Police now think they can act in anticipation of the wishes of the Government that we have actually a Police State, and we need to start dismantling it by electing the chief-finger-men.

Brainwashing in videogames now?

Peter Davis

Now I’m a big fan of games, obviously, I’m a 14 -year-old, and thanks tho the f****d-up school curriculum, I have learnt more about World War II from the games Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty 3, and Call of duty: World at War than I have from every history lesson I have sat through on the subject.

So I was on this website looking through the index of free full games to download, and I saw:

Eco Warriors: Invasion of the Necrobots

Acording to the descrition, it is set in southern Italy ”In a not so far future away…” At first, it had the makings of a normal game:-

Robots appearring in towns, woods and countrysides.
A dark enemy is conspirating to destroy us all blah, blah, blah………

But then, this popped up in the description:-

But there’s a new hope!

A team of warriors has been raised to defend Nature: The Eco Warriors!

A huge battle is getting closer…

and that’s the description…..but its basically about saving the environment, and the game is absolutely S***: here are some screenshots for your enjoyment:

Eco Warriors Screenshot #1

Eco Warriors Screenshot

Eco Warriors Screenshot #3

Eco Warriors Screenshot

(if the pictures did not load up, here is the link)

If you want to try this game, (that is to say, if you are delusional), here is the link to download it:

I and the Libertarian Alliance and the blog, are NOT responsible for any damages to the mind or your PC or Mac or whatever you have, I did download it and try it, and my PC was undamaged. !DOWNLOAD AT YOUR OWN RISK!

not sure how to end this, so  here is a poll:

You may pick multiple answers.

Special Christmas Day Post coming: “ANNOY A BUREAUCRAT FOR THE CHILDREN AT CHRISTMAS” – Please could all readers contribute ways…?

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And here’s Mike Oldfield, at Montreux  27 years ago:-