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And some good new stuff in the grand tradition: make sure you do something similar but also original, when you “go up”.

David Davis

Look ye here…..

How do they do that...?

How do they do that...?

And, it’s Sunday, so here’s some music, so there is, to be sure!

And this!

David Davis

Franz Liszt was a good-guy. And Liverpool CoFeEE-cathedral’s just down-t’road from us. We forgive them for being schismatic, for they did go and build a grand cathedral, with that sodding great organ in it too.

And the bells are fine, so they are. My mate Raymond Woods (who employed me for a year) rings them every Third Sunday of the Month, so go and hear him if you can and if you are in Liverpool at all (at-all at-all at-all.)

Let’s hear it for young Christopher Galley … and I recommend the discussion now going on on Samizdata, about East Germany…

And you can, if you want, go to our later post about the rights and wrongs of nicking State documents, depending on who’s complaining about the leaking, here.

David Davis

The Landed Underclass has found out that the Daily Mail has found out the name of the “civil servant” also arrested in the Damian Green Lynching (by the Interior Ministry Home Office) and who has not been seen or heard of since 19th November. Could we be starting to have our own crop of “the disappeared”?

And here’s the link to go to Samizdata and take part in a breaking-news discussion about whether Gordon Brown and his mountebank ex-Hertford (traitor – how could you sink so low as to be a socialist and therefore willingly to choose to do evil?) scumbag post-accolyte “Jacqui” “Smith” would have been at home in the Stasi.

I think that it’s the University’s obligation to the rest of us out here, striving as we are, to delete her degree. I am hurt. If they could not find it in their hearts to give Margaret Thatcher (Som.) a scumbag honourary one, who got a real First, in Science, became a lawyer (bad move) and then went on to challenege the Evil Empire, then they ought to take away a real second, from “Smith J” (Hert.) who just wants to be powerful and to enslave people – and who therefore can’t be good for her University in the longer term. It stands up.

Also, I bet 5p dhe was a “JCR president” or, worse, just wanted to be one.

Two Britains now…Brown’s Green one, and the one that does the paying.

David Davis

Besides there not being very many libertarians – period – I am prepared to bet around 50p that there are even fewer who work in or depend in any way on the “Public Sector. Michael fallon’s article here in today’s Sunday Quislingraph, outlines the sheer scale of the Brownian State Clientariat problem, but does not even hint at a solution. Paradoxically, a poor wretched tyrannised 3rd-world economy may be better able to cope with such conditions than an intricate, highly-stressed 1st-world one like the UK. At least it’s got the gangsters of the world like Russia, France and the dictators of those unfortunate nations now going down the pan llike Venezuela (and the UN to screw even more out of the likes of us) to send it money, “aid”, tanks, gold beds and Mercs-for-Jerks.

The scarcity of Libertarians in British State employment means I can afford to be as negative as I like about what should be done with the millions of State buggers.

Since we unfortunately are constrained to hold elections and thus decide which lot of Statists gets power for a few years until we get bored with them, Fallon is right not to touch the issue of what should be done about our “Public services” and the featherbedding of their “employees”.

However, Sean Gabb in a pamphlet originally drafted as “How to destroy the Enemy Class” , but now published as “Culture revolution, Culture war“, is more radical. He does not actively suggest – or even at all – that we should round the bastards up at gunpoint while torching their offices and homes, then string them up or lynch them in the street.

This will not even be done in return for their depredations into our savings and purchasing-power, their wilful destruction of our traditions and culture, education system, folk-memory (you can see just one aspect of this described by Tom Paine over at The Last Ditch, and it’s OUR fault for letting it happen), landscape, our institutions both great and world-renowned and also our smaller, even more important local voluntary ones which did more than their duty for centuries, often almost invisibly. (And, I thought I’d better direct you to this which we said some days ago, about hairdressers in a place called Norwich, and mulled wine, and banning it being given to customers at Christmas…you don’t understand a word I’m saying, do you.)

But for me, and it’s probably a good thing that I will never get my way, something more akin to a bloodless revolution but encompassing suitable revenge, such as these measures following. I would do over their offices thoroughly – that bit anyway: it will be fun to take mallets to all their hard disks, and make huge street bonfires of all their records – inclusing their “employment history”, their CVs, and pension “entitlements”….. And then:-

(1) Put the buggers out on the street – all of them. (“Salaries” will be stopped, as is natural in a case of this kind – there has been wilful thieving of the money of others. They have knowingly received monies “raised” by “taxation”, and have accepted it and spent it.)

(2) Cancel their pension rights and entitlements (there has to be suffering, for purgatory to be achieved, and it will concentrate their efforts into finding profitable private sector work such as driving white vans to boot-fairs at 06:00 am on Sundays in the winter, cleaning windows or bricklaying.)

(3) Deprive then of the Franchise, for periods from five years to life. Redundant Ministers of the Crown whose departments have been closed, and all socialist MPs past or present (except individuals like Frank Field, Kate Hoey and the like) will be deprived for life: persons who previously described themselves on purpose as “Directors of Civic Engagement” for “Hospital trusts” (whatever those were) will get five to ten years.

There may be other measures I would take, designed strictly to prevent a new political class from ever regaining control of so many levers of power, and trying to hold onto them so irrevocably. Certainly the number and reach of State “Ministries” will be drastically cut, as will the objectives and staffing of “local councils”. they might be allowed to plant dafodils, and sweep pavements – even run libraries, but not much more.

A British Libertarian State would also, for example, have nothing to do with “providing” any sort of “education” whatsoever, nor would it want to hijack “the environment” as an excuse for meddling threateningly and violently in people’s private affairs such as who they wish to employ to collect their refuse and scrap fridges, TVs etc. The “Foreign Office” might profitably be closed and its residual functions transferred to the Offices of the Secretary of State for War (I am afraid there will still be wars, and some may be unavoidable – it will depend on the other “States”, for the duration of their existence.

I may suggest other reforms later. But the situation of people who have actively sought “employment” in “Public Services” is, in most cases, akin to that of Death-Camp Guards and “shower room staff”: They knew what they were doing, and there must eventually be a cost.

The cost to probably hundreds of German people – and a surprisingly high number of Austrians (why?) -  who did this job in death camps as “Public Service” was “special treatment”, but this time at the hands of us or (worse) the Russians, and not by Himmler who invented the phrase. The cost to hundreds of thousands of others, mostly probably innocent of actual crimes, but only because the mass of the rest failed to not vote for the NSDAP in 1933, was death by bombing.

Nowhere do I suggest that we should, if and when our time comes, exact ultimate revenge on our home-grown Nazis, be they great such as “Ministers” and “Local Authority Chief Executives” or small, such as “gay disabled lesbian outreach assistants”. But they should pay a physical price, in public, that is inconvenient, depressing, involves non- or minimal participation in the future good fortune of innocent people in the private sector, and is also prolonged. They should not be allowed to enjoy re-invigorated capitalism until they are too old to profit.

Sorry if this is ostensibly cruel, but the wilful, premeditated, and long-planned “misprision of destruction” of the only civilisation that is the Father of Freedom, should be recognised jurisprudentially.

Music and advent … and let’s remember all the forgotten boys we lost in Vietnam too, and what a wonderful land we still live in today, in which people can still become “disappeared”

….like this guy, courtesy of The Landed Underclass having noticed something sinister, about our guvmint and its antics.

Let’s play some music for the guys:-

That’s it: the Gestapo will have to be killed.

David Davis

Norwich City Council (what is that, please?) say that “Hair Dressers” can’t offer their customers free glasses of mulled wine, or beer. if they do, “undercover officers” will grass them up, and send them to jail for 6 MONTHS or fine them £20,000.

I don’t know what the world is coming to.

I think we are turning into two nations and not one. One is good, and the other has turned evil. There will have to be a war.

I am very sad about this, for all war is horrible and destructive, and even when we win, stuff is lost and nothing is the same afterwards. Just looik at WW1 (1752-59), WW2 (1792-1815), WW3 – 1899-1989, with an armistice currently going on…

I don’t really know what sort of people work for “Councils” these days. I am not sure what the qualifications are, or ought to be, or quite how clever you have to be to get such a job. I expect you’d have to be really quite clever, as I don’t know any of these person-trons who do this sort of stuff. But if they do such evil things, and if I had a daughter, then I’m not sure I’d want her to marry a “Councillor” or even at a push, a paid citizen-slaughterer for one if she was “up-the-duff” and therefore devalued and had to accept this dude.

Old Brian on Damian Green, a good analysis.

David Davis

Brian Micklethwait at Samizdata cuts this to the bone for you. He thinks that, when the junta government starts to arrest opposition politicians for doing things that it itself has been doing for decades, its time is up.

I’m not so sanguine as him. I think it’s just got worse. But either way, we will live in “interesting times”. I’m not so sure that I’m brave enough, or unconnected-enough, to want to. I have wives and children etc.

See what you all think about Will Rhodes Portmanteau, on the same thing.

James Clerk Maxwell

David Davis

Splendid and perspicacious scientist and engineer. I don’t know why we don’t credit this chap more often. They (say that they) don’t even mention him at all, in the “GCSE” Nazi “National” “Curriculum”. Some better teachers might, but either their students aren’t listening and will not notice, or else the teachers will get suspended for “not delivering the syllabus”. Hat tip Freedom and Whisky.

Conspirary Theories, and fun.

David Davis

This blog here, already thinks that the Bombay terrorists thingy is a “false flag” operation.

Nah. I do not think so. I think the Islamists want to pull down India, like they are doing to Britain and the USA. India will be free and liberal if they are not careful and can’t stop this in time. And it has Nuclear Weapons (thank God…..for now… unless some other people get control of them.)

What do YOU think?

What do YOU think?

I think that a Islamic terrorist is wearing an orange band (even if he is), and whatever that is or may be, to make the gullible self-hating-Western media think that this is a “false-flag” operation, and that he is a Hindu whom the organisers have not properly dressed.

I do not think that the very clever Indians, in their government, if they had done such a plan, would allow an actor to go “on stage” while still yet “improperly dressed”. It is a simple matter of continuity. we used “girls” to check that sort of thing in the days when Hollywood made good fillums.

Here’s a fillum:-

Destroying Britain on purpose – The Idea: New LA series – dispatches from a dying country, number 1. The pub.

Vicki Woods (strange woman, odd views for an existential conservative, but sometimes she writes well, is, er, now, er, “helping to run a village pub”…)

David Davis

(Credits to Dr Sean Gabb, author of a book entitled “Dispatches from…..” You may even still be able to buy that book by going to his page.)

If you set out to utterly destroy a nation – nay, a culture, for that’s really what we are – without actively resorting to terror-Police and NKVD and Gestapo tactics openly  – at least not quite yet… – then what you do is this:-

You can’t storm all its houses using the army or the police like Stalin did in the 20s/30s: the Police are on your side since you pick them, pay them and brainwash them, but the Services are not – you can’t pick them….yet, so you can’t brainwash them, as they are the wrong guys. So, what can you do?

You can, via the “Long March Through The Institutions”, constrict a cadre of activists who know instinctively for Gramsican reasons that they must get into “positions of power”.

Then, you can set out to carefully and deliberately erase all its icons, its defining characteristics that help bond its people together socially, its customs (better if they are really really old – the erasing causes more glue to dissolve without people really seeing how or why) its ceremonies, and all its little details. If you are a Fabianazi, this is OK even if it takes some time. You know it will work in the end, you have all the time in the world, and you have also set up an “education” “system”, which does the following things:-

(a) looks as if it is “free”,

(b) looks as if it “benefits” the “underprivileged”,

(c) looks as if it’s well-founded using real hard knowledge,

(d) looks as if everyone can “succeed”,

(e) tells everyone how wonderful you are to “give” it to them,

(f) rewrites their nation’s historiography (while they watch the TV progs your friends have created for them as anaesthetics.)

At the same time you make it harder for people to avoid the said system – even though you can’t yet close down schools by force that are “outside the system” – which is to say, other people’s private property. But you make jolly sure that you f*** up the curriculum something proper anyway, so you increase the probability of turning out a majority of radicalised pre-socialist children, who will not know how to value and venerate the things that you are going to set out to destroy. One of these is the “Pub”.

Most foreign readers of this blog will know what a “Pub” is. A “Public House” is really actually a private house, in which the owner graciously permits strangers to come in and buy each other drinks, in the warm, and have a smoke, a gossip and a dust-up occasionally. You can be (and are) barred for transgressing his rules, as it’s his “house”. The food, if any, since nuts, crisps and pork scratchings have always been more than sufficient, is really irrelevant, and is in fact a post-modern reaction to celebrity “tele-Chefs”, nearly all of whom are lefties except for Anthony Worral-Thompson who seems to have been put out to grass, and to the post-modern fashion for “families” to go to Pubs – a weird idea.

I think that the “Pub” was the place in default of the Witanagemot or the Thing, where the Men (of somewhere) went to Discuss Matters. Travellers were graciously allowed in too, a fine and advanced modern liberal idea. Culture could therefore spread rapidly, even before “Posts”, then News “Papers”, Wireless Radio, Wireless Tele Vision, or the Inter “Net”.

This is why “Pubs” are under attack – not just from the high taxation of alcohol for all sorts of spurious reasons supposedly connected with “health” (we are their Farm Animals, you see.) They are also attacked through the phantasm of the promoted image of the unfriendliness of a “drinking den”, peddled by the Enemy Class which sees this object as a disease of the “Working Class” – which has to be eradicated. Furthermore, If I was a ZanuLieborg Stalinist, I would attack pubs since that is where people might go to mutter bad things about me, together, with others whom they know well, over a pint or three, and thhus secure in the company of their own mutual trust. This cannot be allowed.

So the “Pub” has got to go. If it’s converted into a “gastro” object, run as part of a chian by one of your “party backers”, to be frequented not by regulars but by itinerant tourists (much safer, see last para) then that partly plugs a tax-hole, and makes out that the Fabianazis pretend to understand what “the people” want.

If it truly closes, then that’s a benefit for Stalinism as well. You’ve shoved a nail up the nose of a culture that you hate, despise and want dead, by removing something it needed and valued, without knowing even how to articulate why. By further isolating your peaceful and conservative enemies, who have never voted for you and never would know how to want to, you can further demoralise them. Win-win.

Right now as I write, we are coming into the “Police breathalysing Season”. This in today’s Britain is now the traditional season in which a given number of pubs tries to stay open and not go bankrupt, while the British Terror-Police, as the opposing team, try to see how many people they can arrest for driving out of pub car parks after having ordered a drink. The fact that out of about 800-odd people a year killed on the roads in situations where alcohol is inplicated, about 70% are drunk pedestrians, is always ignored, and never stated.

Clarkson Island…and welcome to the GBDR

….and this stark graphic, hat tip to Obnoxio the Clown. Also, The Landed Underclass deals with our increasingly dire situation so politely:-

Jeff Randall on Old Labour and Britain as a command-economy-in-the-making. As we are now so f****d, absolutely and relatively, do we really care to try and save the situation…..

…..or not?

David Davis

I have read this by Jeff Randall, with mounting depression. Of course we have known for some weeks that the state’s finances (which is to say, our money) are in this increasingly bad mess, but he tells it with such plangent clarity.

It is so embarrassing, to be a Subject of Her Majesty, and thus a person whose nation has taught the rest of the world how to live, and grow, and survive pre-capitalist-desert-warlords (and some worse ones), famine, un-knowing and Stalinism – and now to suffer what is going to happen to us.

In the process of getting here to where we could be pulled down in public and ridicule, we have incurred the undying hatred of “intellectuals” (this man wrote about how awful they are), Hollywood “producers”, “educationists”, “eugenicists”, absolutist-monarchists, other monarchists“journalists”, socialists (obviously), “sociologists” (whatever those might be), “Al” Gore, and others. w

We have even partially-survived Ken Livingstone, although most of his legacy still lives on under the nominally-conservative Boris Johnson.

The question that all libertarians have to answer, each for himself, is whether it is worth trying to save a now-substantially-destroyed Britain or not. Or whether we should all just keep our heads down, keep schtumm, and hope that what Enoch Powell calls “The Deal of Ruin in a Nation” will help us all to last out our time.

Friday night is music night!

David Davis

I don’t really relate to dear old Harry Haddock’s choice over at Nation of Shopkeepers, but you can go and listen to it if you like. It’s probably ‘coz it’s really really deep and meaningful and I just don’t understand it.

Thought I’d try this instead:-

Might put up a few more tracks later. Let’s make it a Tolkien night, I think. The Great Film of our time.

Damian Green… that’s it. The steel gloves are now off, and the Iron Hand can be seen.

UPdate: Philip Johnston’s commentary is here. “Martin”, writing at The Devil, is even more apposite and eloquent than the rest of us.

One would like to think that this act is a massive “own goal” by the Stalinists (they are, I have always said so, haven’t I?) who purport to be allowed to govern us, but I doubt it sadly.

David Davis

As you all know, this blog tries to keep out of politics as it is currently fought in the bear-pit of the destruction of Liberty. It’s more fun and less stressful to talk about Keeley Hazell. But now, for as long back as I can remember, I can’t think of any occasion when the governing party in parliament has sent the Police to arrest a member of the Opposition, for what is essentially a political act – always assuming that the guy has had sight of something he shouldn’t…..

…and that raises all sorts of smelly rats too: why should Damian Green (or any citizen for that matter!) NOT be allowed to know what shady stuff the gangsters in ZanuLieborg are covering up? Specially if it’s nominally to do with “terrorism” and “security”, and the sort of people who seem to have been allowed into supposedly “sensitive” jobs like in airports and the like? This is stuff about which this administration is making such a song-and-dance of being so caring and solicitous of our safety.

It almost makes you want to embrace conspiracy theories. Like quietly leeting terrorists into airside jobs so they can do the plane-sabotaging themselves…and then using that as an excuse for even heravier-handed general policing – not just “security-theatre”.

I gather that the guy has now been released: but that does not make it better. The today-comments of senior Tories do not in any way match the gravity of what has just happened, and what sort of “line in the sand” has now, in Britain of all places, been passed. (Here’s what Guido said that Sky said.)

And Guido is just now wondering who’s next. George Osborne?

It makes you wonder about the Civil Servants and public service functionaries, ostensibly doing blameless jobs for the State (even Libertarians would mostly agree on this one.) Many must be or are “close to” these shysters and evil mountebanks posing as “Ministers of the Crown”, and can or must see what’s going on – they go to meetings, take minutes, are given briefs, etc. They must, in their own humanity, wonder about what is going on? Surely?

Ort are we truly lost now? The Landed Underclass thinks we have passed a certain point too.

That’s very nice (and some Moon-stuff, flagged to me via a loyal reader.)

David Davis

Here’s the Moon. I couldn’t get Worpress to let me paste it below little Jennifer, what a bummer:-

And little Jennie’s working all in a good cause too, and she even has nearly all her clothes still on. Seen on Guido, too late to be hypertopical but fun all the same. The nice little Scouse bit‘s one of ours, from down the road. She must be already up to about 4-foot-eleven these days, wonder if she gets refused lottery tickets and alcohol in shops?

Here she is in a more useful pose:-

(item: something weird has happened. I had the pic up earlier but it’s now been taken down and not by me as I operate this blog, and I can’t even backload a copy up again, which I saved as a jpg on my machine. Weird. The government must be behind it.)

But we seem to be allowed this one…..for a bit….

And yours is a large one too!

And yours is a large one too!

And now for some more music….and let’s recolonise the Moon while we are at it.

“Stop protesting, or we shoot.”

Unashamedly lifted from “Big Brother Britain and Civil Liberties“:-

News that Jacqui Smith feels obliged to order another 10,000 Tasers at a time when the government coffers are empty has to be worrying for the British public. Whilst we know that this government doesn’t really care about how much of our money they spend, because they can just put up our taxes, the timing is very interesting and surely cannot be a coincidence.

Alistair Darling has just announced that the government finances are in a complete mess (not his words of course), in fact, if the country was a business, it would almost certainly need to call in the administrators. The economic reality of this situation has already started to trickle down, resulting in higher taxes at a time when people can least afford it ( ignore the VAT stimulus con ), the loss of peoples homes, fewer jobs etc. A public backlash is almost inevitable, as soon as those that still insist on hero worshipping New Labour for ’shafting the rich’ realise that they too must pay a price. A very high one at that.

You might think that in a developed country, government would seek to reassure people and provide genuine support or advice at a time of national crisis. But there are two systemic problems preventing this. The first is this government has wasted so much of our money on social engineering projects and Big Brother Britain spying exercises, that there is nothing left. In fact it is worse than that, we have a massive public debt, over £1 trillion. So financial support is not a viable option, hence the reason this government introduced a ‘fiscal stimulus’ based on Alice in Wonderland economics, purchase taxes.  If New Labour were serious about a fiscal stimulus package, they would have offered a reduction in direct taxation, which would at least be tangible.

The second issue is that this government has never engaged with the public. Instead they have bribed their own voters with tax credits and the like, whilst bullying all other sections of the community including business to pay for them. The Pre-Budget Report, was supposed to demonstrate that New Labour cares, but anyone with any nous will know that it is an elaborate con, all presentation and no substance….classic New Labour smoke and mirrors. The bottom line is we should always be wary of a government that wants to be your best mate when they have been shafting you for the past 11 years. In other words, this government only knows how to preach, bully, con and bribe. The government also knows that eventually, they will get caught out and that day is looming ever closer, so they must now return to type. Bring forward Big Brother Britain and force.

So what can we expect? Unlike 1984, we will not witness the police controlling protesters armed with batons and shields, instead, in Big Brother Britain, we shall have to contemplate our police force using Tasers against its own citizens. This is in spite of the fact that Tasers are claimed to have lead to the death of up to 300 people in America. They say timing is everything. Why else would Jacqui Smith place such a massive order for Tasers? It appears to me that they are anticipating some form of backlash and they intend to suppress it with deadly, uncompromising force. This will be no surprise to those that have seen the UK moving steadily move towards a police state, but for the rest and that will be the majority, it is likely to become something of a shock, no pun intended!

ITEM: As far as I am aware, it is not (yet) a crime to carry a pair of insulated-handle wire-cutters or shears. If one is faced with a terror-police taser, the conductor wire might profitably be severed with this device before one is incapacitated. But I didn’t suggest that at all…..

Islamic terrorism … India, being the next country to succeed to get out of the Dark Ages, wil be hit.

David Davis

I mean, it’s obvious, isn’t it.

If any country shows signs, from now on, of encompassing liberty, whether economic or social or both, then HIT IT.

Fortunately, India will take some pulling down. We took some good stuff, and over four centuries of trial and error, made it even better.

Then, they will have to go fo China. I don’t fancy their chances there much. But it’s a pity that we’ll have long been anihilated, or worse, and won’t be allowed to view on the interweb their destruction at the hands of the logical Chinese, who will see liberty as better than pre-capitalist desert-warlordian barbarism.

Jerry Pournelle: can’t think why this guy is not on here!

David Davis

Good writer. So here he is. I must have been unconscious since I stopped reading Byte a number of years ago.

Here’s a post in the true mould of his slightly convoluted but (if you work at it) readable style, about “bail outs” and regulation by governments.

So here’s Keeley Hazell, to congratulate me on finding that Pournelle is still about:-

And ppor old “Woolies” is bust…we have known it for years.

David Davis

Now, the shares have been suspended.

Perhaps capitalism is good, in that it shakes out redundant models by which things are done. Wilkinsons, for example, does more or less what Woolworth does in £, or a bit less, but with much less than half the stores and selling twice the money per square foot per day. That ought to say something.

If Woolies does go down, it will be sad. Those of my generation and before have never known anything else, in a manner of speaking. My first “Airfix” Spitfire model kits, in about 1958 or 1959, for 2/- (that’s two bob to you, matey) were got from the one in Leatherhead. But if it means a respite for the beleaguered taxpayers and poor-people, who can buy the distressed-stock at about 10p for a DVD, or £5 for a player, that’ll be some comfort, for a week or two, and that’s as far ahead as we can look right now, under real socialism, which is back.

The Libertarian Alliance Christmas message this year will not be as positive as the last one.

That is so good, I didn’t know they could do that!

David Davis

Once again, capitalism triumphs, even over toy engineering design. I went out, thinking to get new clips of the newly-built British steam locomotive “Tornado” but found this instead.

The realism of the movement, assisted by modern control electronics, is astonishing:-

Frank Hornby was a good old boy from round here too.

Time for a spot of music…

Very interesting and slightly wacky interp of Northstar (not sure it’s quite right.) It could be scored, creatively, for a rather good pipe-organ, as a fugue witht he following-parts spaced by fifths:-

Here’s the real Northstar:-

The typealyzer

David Davis

Via the Devil I came across this funny little gadget. I’m not really sure how acurate it is, but it makes us here “thinkers”, whatever that may mean. I’m inclined to go and punch somebody’s face for insulting me so…thinker? My trousers!

Simon Heffer and Rod Liddle arguing about the “Pre-Budget” Budget.

David Davis

I don’t know how to paste these, but it’s there anyway.

CAPITALISM is not a zero-sum game….

David Davis

But the Alex Cartoon of today jokily makes out that this is so.

We at the LA don’t think so. A number of years ago, Brian Micklethwait published this piece for us, about taxation policy. It wasn’t the one I was looking for, but it will fill the bill just nicely as the nation’s MSM is in a hooha aboutt axation right now.

And Christian Michel wrote this.

And now, here’s some music…

And some people might like this sort of thing too:-

And I hope the pig Castro let them pay these people handsomely, for I suspect strongly from the architecture and the dancers that this was shot in CUBA….

Polly Toynbee bashing time … at last the evil woman has revealed how deeply tainted with wickedness she is.

(Edit: And here’s another manifestation, from Legiron this time, of why collectivists and (what he dubs creatively-correctly) “the Righteous” are evil and deliberately so.)

David Davis

I don’t think Polly Toynbee is an ordinary kind human being. Years ago, this hypothesis was moderately tenable, but not any more. Specially after this, just spotted (hat tip Guido.)

As I have never failed to make very clear, I equate a belief in collectivism – in all its forms – with a deliberate will to do evil, and to set out to actively embrace wickedness, on behalf of a theoretical ideal which has consistently failed in practice. This is because the controverting evidence is as clear as bright glass. Therefore, anyone who not only persists in such beliefs but actively proselytises them, must be premeditatedly wicked. Keir Hardie. Stalin. Hitler. Mao tse Tung. Chavez. Ken Livingstone. Polly Toynbee.

There are of course other evils that stalk the World: this is merely a carefully-designed one, and quite new, less than three centuries old. This special evil arose as a result of the Enlightenment, the Scientific Revolution, and Man’s progressive realisation that He could get along quite nicely without self-appointed authoritarian rulers or priests f*****g up His life, taking his stuff, and pissing Him about. Other evils have been conquered in the past: also some, arising in the Dark Ages in South West Asia, pretend to torment us today, specially when in league conveniently with the modern one I have just described….these are not the main problem, and may even wither away.

But the awfulness of being in such a state of existence appalls me.

Perhaps wickedness is not perceived as such by its doers? Maybe they really DO see the world differently from other people, as though through a lens which inverts values as well as brightness and contrast? Or as if with a moral compass where the needle has been repolarised the wrong way round?

The prospect that I could be right fills me with horror.

Earth: prison planet….(recommended idea)

David Davis

The Landed Underclass thinks we ought to get off, too. Or, do something radical and quick. But maybe it’s more realistic for a proportion of humans, even if small, to leave for “other shores”. After all, that’s what we did before.

I don’t go for conspiracy theories, or for “world government” conspiracy theories. I don’t think the Fabianazis, indisputably and irremediably evil, murdering and wicked though they are, are sufficiently well advanced in their plans yet to consider this matter, even if they thought they were even to mean it literally, which I doubt.

I don’t even believe in the (Bob the) “Builder Burgers“. These are a fiction. It is just rich and powerful guys who want to get together and have a drink and a sexy f***, with girls who are specifically not their wives (just look at the wives and see why) in some nice hotels near to some good sources of the  more pretty escort girls. Also if money is no object, so I guess the sex would be fairly OK. Why do you think that _”journal ists”_ are kept out? They fear the News of the World just as everyone does. (Tony, it’s your cue here to say if we are right or not.) But this planet may become too unpleasant for liberals, and in the not to distant future, mainly because we failed to see how serious the Enemy Class was, about reinstating slavery, feudalism, and pre-capitalist-neopastoralism, because it has so little imagination abour how it could survive in a real-world.

But the idea of confining, by orbital forts, the pre-capitalist population of bureaucrats – sadly plus those peoples who are too badly-armed or too sheeplike to oppose them – on Earth, while the rest of us leave, is an attractive one.


David Davis

Tesco excels itself in adaptability and speed, yet again. “Ugly veg”? Look, it’s just food, OK? The EU ought to have kept the f*** out of the situation, years ago.Supermarkets will fail in a week, if they don’t offer what their customers want. they are faster and leaner than bureaucracies, even if their head offices pretend to emulate them – possibly for the best of political-survival-reasons.

AS biofuels sadly catch on, and real-food acreage falls sharply, the world WILL be in real and renewed danger of starving, so I guess we all ought to do what we can, and Sir Terry Leahy also thinks so, good for him.

BNP: Lancaster Unity spends 10 out of 12 posts in last two days masturbating about it.

What we said about all this guff being socialists in-fighting with other socialists, is borne out by fact.

David Davis

If you go to Lancaster Unity, and view the post list back to 22nd November 2008, you will find that the attention of the New left is directed quite specifically. It is that just two posts, out of, I think, twelve (I am an unreconstructed liberal and so I may not be able to count) deal with stories other than the BNP and what is happening or may happen to its members, as a result of having been found to not have broken the law, and to belong to an allowed political party.

These guys just can’t let go. They __luuuurve the “people”__ but they just can’t move on and help them, by flagging up more interesting stories about State intervention, such as taxation trends. Guido can as you can see, so why can’t they?

Of course, we here excoriate the BNP, for, as we have explained here, it is socialist in essence and therefore not the friend of human beings at all (or if in Ireland….. “at-all at-all at-all”.) Those who bring it to power will find that they and theirs will still slide down into the cesspit – only just slightly more slowly, I expect, than if they elected Hitler or Castro or Pol Pot – who were by contrast quite serious about what they were doing. I don’t know which you would prefer, unity people – you as what Lenin called “infantile leftists”, will be put up against the wall either way. So you’d better think about coming out instead for (real) liberalism, and fighting for it.

We will never “grass you up” to the “papers”, to the sackers, to the brick-throwers, and to the house-torchers, for having once been “lefties”. Your free-will-decision to believe in that, was a sin, yes: but sins can be forgiven.

Quite funny

Alcohol to be restricted to nice people with degrees….

Better all go over here…nothing to see over there…

David Davis

We are of course all stupid, as GB thinks.

Gordon brown will “give back” some of our money with one hand…

…but take it back with the other. And Gerald Warner gets it quite right here.

David Davis

Spotted here about five seconds before I was going to write about it. But perhaps I don’t really need to convince people on here that the modern British State is a giant money-hoover, attached to a shredder, which then blows your money out again at you, prior to resucking it in for “recycling”.

It would be a fine day when “the masses” wake up and spot how they have been had all along, by Fabian tax-grappers and redistributionists. But I guess it won’t be that soon. Here’s the Westminster Waltz, by Russ Conway, then:-

Some of that will be nice too:-

Well, the Guardian is happy, anyway, that “top earners” will be clobbered for another seven-and-a-half-grand…I wonder how many of the really milkable ones will simply, er, go away…..again.

BBC and TV licensing: Alex Singleton in the DT today

David Davis

Here, and the comment-thread is especially interesting.

Here’s a poll: you may tick multiple answers:-

Spending Our Way to Economic Collapse

Sean Gabb

Free Life Commentary,
A Personal View from
The Director of the Libertarian Alliance
Issue Number 177
24th November 2008

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The British Government’s Tax and Spending Proposals:
Testing Keynes to Destruction (Again!)
by Sean Gabb

Tomorrow afternoon, all the journalists have been primed to say, the British Government will cut taxes and increase spending. The alleged purpose of this is to prevent a deep recession. The real purpose, there can be no doubt, is to win the next general election for Labour – and, since the Conservatives remain as useless as ever, it may well work. I will, however, discuss the alleged purpose. Politics aside, it will be about as catastrophic a response to our current troubles as can be imagined.

The politicians of every party, and every journalist I have read, are agreed on the nature of these troubles. The crises of the past year in the banking sector have caused investment to fall. Consumption is now beginning to fall. To use the Keynesian jargon, aggregate demand has fallen, or is falling, below the level needed to keep national income at its full employment level. The answer is for the Government to cut taxes, thereby encouraging people to spend, and to increase its own spending.

It is also agreed by all that interest rates should be cut, thereby encouraging people to spend still more and encouraging firms at least to go back to investing as much as they were until the troubles began. It is admitted that doing all this might cause other problems. But this admission is followed by warnings about the horrors of the deflation we otherwise face.

This kind of economic reasoning is not as worthless as some of my friends believe. In countries as heavily regulated and corporatised as modern Britain and America, an increased preference to hold cash will not be balanced in the short or medium term by changes in the structure of relative prices. Firms will cut production rather than prices. Trade unions will prefer job losses to wage cuts. This can mean a very long and severe recession. There can be little doubt that, regardless of whatever would have followed, even without the Second World War,  the currency debasement of 1931 moderated the effect here of the Great Depression.

However, while not entirely worthless in certain conditions, what we are now being told is entirely worthless now. There is no doubt that people are spending and investing less than they were, and that they will continue to spend and invest less for some while to come. But, before agreeing that the politicians should be allowed to do what they most enjoy – namely, spending money that is not their own and that often does not yet even exist – we need to ask why we are in such trouble. The answer will explain why the proposed response will be catastrophic.

For many years, interest rates have been held below the sort of level needed to balance the supply of savings and the demand for loans. The result has been inflation. That many consumer prices have been falling is no argument against this proposition. Inflation is best seen not as price increases but as monetary expansion. There was a time when monetary expansion led fairly soon to price rises. Where at least Britain is concerned, though, most consumer goods are imported. So long as foreigners are willing to finance a growing current account deficit without devaluation, demand for imported consumer goods can expand rapidly and for years without any increase in prices.

The new money will therefore be used partly for investments in new production that may or may not be wise in the long term – and also to bid up the prices of property and of paper assets.

These bubbles never last. There comes a point where people lose faith in a currency, and where the upward spiral of asset prices is checked.  The fall in the currency will push up consumer prices. Overvalued assets will fall in at least real terms. Many other investments will be shown to have been unwise. The immediate reasons for their bursting are less important than that they always will burst. This has now happened. There is no definite rule in these matters. But it seems that the length and intensity of the boom is roughly in proportion to the scale of the recession that follows.

The financial collapse we are now witnessing, therefore, should not be seen as some autonomous fall in aggregate demand that can be offset by increasing other variables in the national income income equation. It is instead part of the unavoidable correction to past experiments in demand management. All the clever people disagree. They do believe that playing with aggregate demand can avert, or at least moderate, the coming recession. Now, these people are often very clever – most of them more so than I am. They are still wrong.

Cutting taxes is always a good idea. Not balancing them with spending cuts is not so good. If the British Government will do tomorrow what the journalists say it will, the inflation will be continued, though now without the confidence in sterling that allowed it before last year to create the illusion of prosperity. Taxes will fall. Government and other spending will rise. Interest rates will be cut. In the short term, this may be enough to win the next election for Labour. It not even before, though, the pound will collapse shortly after. Interest rates will then need to rise sharply, if the Government is to continue selling its bonds and if consumer prices are not to rise sharply and continuously.

There is no reasonable chance of deflation. For the next few months, while the collapse of sterling is only gathering momentum, firms will be able to reduce prices to keep up demand for their products. This will give the appearance of deflation. Eventually, though, their margins will not be further reducible, and the collapse of sterling will raise costs that must be handed on. This will happen even without further action. The bank rescues of last month were financed by money creation that will, sooner or later, find its way into circulation. Deflation is the last of our worries.

I have no professional expertise in finance, and so give no warranties of any kind. This being said, I think it a good idea for anyone who has a mortgage to get the best fixed rate he can between now and Easter, and otherwise to avoid saving money at any rate fixed longer than six months ahead. If he wants to buy imported consumer goods, he should do so now or, at latest, in the sales after Christmas.

Beyond this, I have no advice. Just because I do not believe in the solution that everyone else is urging on us does not mean that I have any alternative solution to offer. We should never have got ourselves into this mess. Failing that, the recession should have been allowed to hit last year. Since it was then deferred, it should be allowed to hit now. It will do nothing to moderate the inevitable recession. But there is a good case for cutting taxes and government spending now by at least a third, and then by five per cent a year every year for the next decade. And there is a case for returning to a fully convertible gold standard.

Of course, no politicians will take my advice. If any do read what I have just said, they will at best laugh with contempt. But I am right, and I feel some grim satisfaction in being able, come 2010, to send this article out again under the heading “See – I Told You So!”.

NB—Sean Gabb’s book, Cultural Revolution, Culture War: How Conservatives Lost England, and How to Get It Back, can be downloaded for free from

And after sex, now here’s some music….

Here’s an example of grossly Fabian destructionism:-

PUNTERPOINT…. A new concept for working towards human relations …

David Davis

The “Home” “Secretary”, who is described as a “Jacqui” “Smith”, has proposed that the ordinary and normal kind of prostitution, which is to say that men pay women for

(1) sex


(2) other (possibly related conditions, such as fetishism and wearing rubber suits or football shirts and things)

(3) or what must be totally non-sexual things in my view – such as what I believe is called “oral”, “golden shower”, “anal”, “69″, all that strange stuff in the Karma Sutra, and suchlike,

is to be discontinued. It is proposed by this droid and its people that it will be an offence for the man to offer reward for this sort of stuff. Now, as is the case with all “serious” crimes today, it is proposed and factored in that the following will happen, charge or no: the man will be of course named, shamed, hung, drawn, quartered, and then fined, so that his house can be torched, his wife can leave him, the local mob who read the News of the Screws can come round and throw bricks, and generally indulge in the sort of behaviour that Peter Ballz-a-Gotte can film for reality TV.

The idea is to make it an offence for a man to pay for sex with a woman “who is controlled by another for gain”. Well, there are some ways round this one, which will of course nullify the desired effect of the new legislation:-

(1) He could use an “independent escort”. Legally, the onus would be on the State to prove that the girl in question was not indepedent” – hard I would have thought, but they can threaten and push him about and get his DNA while they are about it, and probably manage to ruin his life I guess, which will create another single mother out of his wife/girlfriend, which will please the state-clientariat.

(2) All women who want to go “on the game” can set up as independents. Yep, that will really help to look after them, won’t it. I offer the idea of to anyone brave enough or brazen enough to set it up. Perhaps the Russians would be interested, which will do a lot for the government’s statistics about “organised crime”, taking a chunk of it totally offshore, so that JS can say that “it has decreased”. , or if that’s what it is, can help “punters” get in touch with independent women, in the obvious way. Either a woman can put up her pic etc, giving contact details, or else a punter could put up a “want it now!” like on ebay, specifying his particular requirements (there could be a menu even) and his rough location.

This would have two beneficial effects:-

(A) It would fall within the legal area of the legislation, in that the woman undertakes that she is not “trafficked” or “being controlled”. Hard to do if all done in cash……..ah……………THAT’S what they want all our banking and mobile phone and internet records…..!!!!! Ho Ho Ho HO Ho ……..

(B) It would cut out the middlemen of what I believe are called “Parlours” (or, in Blackpool, “Houses” – it sounds much cosier!) and also the blokes called “Pimps”, whatever those chaps do. The real price of the various “services” would quickly settle at what the Market thinks they are worth. Stuff may become cheaper, or not – I have no idea but it’s worth a try.

(C) It would be a defence for the man, when his computer is seized, to show that he was looking for uncontrolled, untrafficked women!

The disadvantage is possibly for the women who would no longer be able to work in “Houses”: I would guess that a “House” offers some measure of protection and security against crazed, drugged, violent or obsessive “punters” (who could be barred and certainly kept out) in return probably for a cut of the dosh.

Let’s see what the reaction is to this one: if the “Jaqcqui” “Smith” (wish I could spell its name) comes out against this too, then we’ll know that the whole gamut is nowt to do with “protecting women” and everything to do with CRIMINALISING HETEROSEXUAL SEX ASKED FOR BY MEN IN PARTICULAR , and moving along the road to where the State authorises sex for procreation of “resources” only, on its terms – regulating in all respects when and with whom it takes place.

We shall truly have become their Farm Animals. Forget about banning or regulating cigarettes, alcohol, and driving: forget about being able to fantasy-act your fetishes (animals don’t have them so far as we can tell) – this one here, the human thing, sex with whom you want, when you want, providing yours around you allow it, is the really big stuff of Fabianazi control….you’ve really got people by the balls….(sorry.)

So, now, I think that people who might be actually interested in making the whole game safer for everyone involved, seeing as it will go on regardless (unlike drugs which are mmuch less natural and less intuitive as forms of behaviour) might like to tell the “Jaxcqui” “Smith” (I can spell “Smith” !!!! ) to go and see these people here and talk to them, about these issues here. I guess they know what they are going on about.

And, here’s what Iain Dale said, nearly three days ago now. I read it then – wish I’d said something earlier – l’ésprit de l’escalier….

Anybody know what this place is?

David Davis

Thought it was quite droll. Used-Fast-Car-dealer Bernie Ecclestone’s current troubles merit a mention, as does the Home Secretary, “Jacqui” “Smith”‘s views on how and why men will be criminalised for paying for sex with women, but no other combination of sexes is apparently to be so victimised (see Julia Roberts pic.)

It’s bad enough trying to teach children whose HOMES have no books in them…so try removing the library too.

Yeah, great idea. It’ll really work. It’ll really get the poor, PSP-crazed buggers reading again.

Come on, we are not all accomplished web-searchers for that which we need – we and you on here are fortunate indeed in the way our brains work, but 99.9% of the internet is junk, and most people will need to be sympathetically helped to find what they need, or like, or lust after. Or even be shown….

David Davis

Although I hold no brief for Philip Pullman, nor for his somewhat strange books, he is dead right on this one.

I have xperienced at least two schools and a “Tech” in the past 7 years, all three within a heavy-field-mortar’s throw from here, which have “downsized” their libraries, and installed “terminals”, naïvely believing this to be not just a substitute, but better even…hmmmmm.

The failure to inculcate the reading habit from hard copy text, in today’s children (and it shows most badly in the younger tranche of their parents, aged say 20s to early 40s – who admit sorrowfully that they don’t know how to begin to find out how to help their sprogs compete with the Chindians ) will lead us faster to the New Endarkenment of The West.

I regret to announce that some dude in Cambridge has deleted the wikipage “Endarkenment” as having “no meaningful content”. Must be a FabiaNazi lefty. Could someone recreate it please? Endarkenment would say all I want to say about what I think is going on in terms of the deletion of libraries – and the debasement/attenuation of their content.

And now for some more music…

Barack Obama: perhaps there will be time to buy tinned goods, firelighters, petrol-cans, tent-fabric, dressings and chicken-shit.

David Davis

Perhaps he didn’t mean all that “change” crap after all. I do hope not. Here’s what we said a long time ago.

It looks like “business as usual” on Capitol Hill, for a bit. At least, since having actually won, we shall not be leaving Iraq and Afghanistan with our tail between our legs quite this minute. Time to at least get the planes and vehciles out I guess, to sell them to some dictator or other (see “Mercs for Jerks”.)

Wonder what she will think of him in a few weeks’ time:-

Getting cold now…Al Gore eat your heart out. Here’s some music for the next two centuries.

David Davis

Further to the posting below, here’s some music…

Let’s hear it for the Decaying-Rubbish-Police…..pooooooooooo….

David Davis

And…..what if you don’t want to actually hand over your food waste to the Soviet, for “recycling”…but you want to do it yourself?

We compost ours, thus dutifully adding to our carbon footprint (as you ought to, the plants can’t live on fresh-air, you know!) and then dig the sttuff into the soil a year later. Removing our right to this would deprive us here of a valuable “resource”, and also incidentally of our paid-for property…

They may be rotting bananas, but threy’re OUR rotting bananas.

State “Education” in Britain

David Davis

I should have spotted this earlier but The Remittance Man was able to jolt me into action. His point is that, in a test to identify the constituent nations of the UK, England would statistically be left out more often than Scotland and Wales. I can’t tell if he is implying that this is a deliberate result or not: although I do agree that the destruction of what we all used to regard as “Common Knowledge”, and the reduction of its range and spread in our population, is and has been a sharply-defined objective of Fabians, English classical neo-pastoralists and other similar Nazis.

My reader will know already that I view the content of the “National Curriculum” with disdain and hatred bordering on incandescence. It’s not that I’d object to “State Education” per se, absolutely – just that this particular state has taken it upon itself to forcibly try to render an entire population fit for nowt but appreciating junk-Wireless-Tele-Vision, slebmags, and “Foot Ball”.

When I was younger, I execrated Pink Floyd for this:-

I actively dis-bought their LPs, and the like – just as you over there actively dis-bought South African oranges because Nelson Mandela was nice and meek and the Old Dutch Whites were gross fascists… and today you who wear Chè T-shirts (which are NOT cool) are going to shortly queue up to actively dis-buy Israeli fruit and veg. I slagged them off at parties…Pink Floyd, not the Israelis – nobody was interested in the Israelis then, as a possible whipping-boy for anything much. The towelhead-pig and faux-”palestinian” murderer Yasser Arafat had not yet got his act together.

I do sort of, er, hope, that Yasser is now in front of his own coal-brazier and bellows-set, and is thus sharing the Outer Void with Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Pol Pot, Marx, Lenin, and those other funny little chaps whose names I just can’t remember in the evenings. Perhaps I ought to do all bolging at 05.00 GMT, when my brain is least burdened by tasks and alcohol.

I thought they – Pink Floyd – were stalking-horses for lefties and anti-liberals, who were trying to derail the Shining Path of Western Classical Civilisation (it is exactly that and I will never forgive the Sendero Luminoso for their act of corruption.)

This was a reasonable assumption at the time, as you would all agree, for of course under Wilson, Heath and Callaghan, “pop singers” were all supposed to be lefty-”anti-establishment”-druggies like the Beatles in their “famous stage”. Otherwise, they (pop singers, not the PMs who were crazed anyway) would not get gigs in “pubs and clubs”, and so also thus not get recording contracts. But I now wonder if we Classical liberals ought to see their message as repudiation of what’s going on in British schools now.

Here’s Herman’s Hermits to tell you what it was all about and how to REALLY get the girl, 43 years ago:-

And again for Gordon Brown…

Just thought I’d quickly kick Gordon Brown downhill, an inch or so…

Busy today, so here’s some more music….

David Davis

I used to be able to play this whan I was 15, going on 16. It did take some time to master, and was gut-wrenching. You were sweating at the end. (If it was in front of the school or the Head Master, I could get a page-turning-slave to stand on my right and help me. Couldn’t even begin to remember it by heart.)

Have lost the music in various housemoves over the years sadly – and anyway I have arthritis now:-

But this version actually sounds more like I remember it did on the machine I used at school:-

I hope all you young chaps out there don’t mind, if I sometimes tell you things about my life.

BNP + Labour Party + Data protection = Interesting

David Davis

Hat tip LPUK


And now, here’s some music…

David Davis

And this one’s dedicated to Peter Mandelson….