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Nice valve amp with 8 x KT88…would you like one of these?

David Davis

This is in the process of being built now. it is basically a Williamson but updated and improved using modern components. Copies would be between £4,000 and £5,000. And you’d have to have it without the Avro-Lancaster-T1154 meters, as I only have one more,

It uses 4 x KT88 in each output stage. But lesser copies could be built using 6L6 output valves, for about £2,000.

I designed the entire transformer set of four myself, and they were specially wound to order by a good maker in England. An identical set would cost about £1,000 of the total price, like a Bentley or an Aston Martin. You could have lesser ones of course, which would work perfectly well, like a Peugeot, for less than £500 of it.

The specifications are as follows:-

(1) Two channels, VERY conservatively rated at 50Watts RMS per channel.

(2) Total Harmonic distortion <0.7% between 30Hz and 30KHz.

(3) Outputs to speakers 4, 8 or 16 ohms.

(4) 40-volts DC aux power supply for preamp using valves or transistors.

(5) variable or removable neg-feedback.

(6) Front-panel meters from recycled Lancaster bombers (you will not be able to have any more of this pattern as this was the last pair I owned, but others could be subbed.)

(7) Optional high-voltage-delay for valves (heaters on first).

Those of you who knnow about audio/HiFi and valves also know that there is a certain indefinable something about the valve sound. Yes of course transistor amps are perfectly faithful to the signal and in some ways even more reliable and  responsive, but …. it’s not like that entirely. Valve stuff just, well, sounds better to the human ear.

If you would like a Williamson, get in touch. I am happy to make it entirely to your order, and will quote bespoke accordingly. In a recession, Libertarians have got to do what they have got to do.

He likes us!

He likes us!

Found a new MUST-READ blog, re global warm-mongering and lefty Goracle lies

David Davis

… This is especially good. Tipped via Bishop Hill, who did a good bit on demolishing the tree-ringy-thingy.

Crime and punishment in the 21st century British Socialist paradise

David Davis

I am not a cruel man. No, not at all. I am merciful. I do not kill. I would not. I want to educate and to make-better. I only want to explain to our enemies the meaning of Hell. Before it is too late to not send them there, after their dangerous intellectual and real isolation from other humans is exposed for the hideousness that it is.

Truly, I say, that I would be willingly personally to take their surrender, now, and march them into the prepared-cages, and give them MRE’s. But I just have not the facilities here in Lancashire for all the millions of prisoners. So I can’t.

The freezing and dying leftie stalinists who are going to inhabit the Udenopticon, and while collapsing from gangrene and frostbite, will, later, just have to sit (or cower) shivering in the freezing howling rain and darkness of a Hebridean night. Or indeed for many mights. It is very sad.

While sitting, they can be explaining to the hoodies who have been suddenly put with them (there are not many, less than a few hundred thousand I think) the reason why they (the hoodies) were brought into being as “barnyard-animals” by the lefties, and how this was a tactic in the overall strategy of destroying Western Civilisation.

The reaction of the hoodies, to the real reason for their creation (like as of orcs, by Morgoth) will be interesting. I wait with interest to see how many “principal-lefties” will be unkilled and uneaten by morning.

Disgusting woman – and how to curse leftie fascists in future.

David Davis

She’s from Waterloo, down’t-road although technically we have to accept her as ours (that is to say: Lancashire, ‘coz that’s where Bury is.) NEARLY all people from either place are of course charming and normal human beings, as is ever the case.

She has said, among other things:_

Mrs Blair also admitted that her husband had not reacted well to her decision to disclose in her memoirs, “Speaking For Myself”, that their son Leo was conceived on their annual weekend at Balmoral with the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh.

“I think he’s rather embarrassed by the love affair bits,” she says. “I don’t think he particularly read those closely. Been there, done that! He did read the political things.”

But she defended her decision to include in the book the fact that she had forgotten to pack her “contraceptive equipment” for the Balmoral weekend. She said it struck a blow against outdated taboos about women speaking about their birth control experiences.

“Part of that is the fact that women can control their own fertility. I’m not ashamed of the fact that that has helped me. My mother fell pregnant with me and it changed the course of her life. That was something I had a choice about. All my children were my choice.

“I’m sure that in political books people don’t talk about their contraception, but this is not a political book,” she said. “This was a book about a woman’s life, about my journey and how it reflects the journey of so many other women.”

Mrs Blair revealed that when she was in Downing Street she followed the advice she had been given by Hillary Clinton when she was First Lady.

“Hillary said to me: ‘You have to realise you’re not going to please all the people all the time, and there are going to be some people you’re never going to be able to please. So you must be true to yourself and to the people you know and respect’.

“It’s a difficult role, to be First Lady. That’s why I admire Hillary so much. She played that role, and she also showed us she could play the role of president too.”

Terrible and silly woman. I hope and pray that she does not have quite as much effect on the world’s stage as she thinks she will either have, or thinks she is entitled to.

TELL these people:-


Bush quote of the day

David Davis

“You can fool some of the people all of the time: those are the ones to
concentrate on.”

Possibly apocryphal. I do not know. From an email going viral:-

eurorealist] Apocryphal
Date: 30/09/2008 13:29:25 GMT Daylight Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Oh dear. We are now worse off than we were yesterday.

David Davis

Cameron “stands ready to work with the Government” on the “financial crisis”. I thought that:-

(a) he was supposed to be in opposition – that is to say, he is to bite their ankle, throttle their windpipe, garotte them,, pull them down and then kick their bloodied faces until they die in the ambulance…. (after all, that is what they have done to him and to us since 1997…and this govmint is a collection of overgrown hoodies after all… would not they actually have been delinquents, aggresso-hippies, lefty demonstrators, femaile students who smelled, and thugs, while at “uni” in the 70s and 60s?)

(b) he was to pin the blame for the “crisis” on government, and on Stalinist New Labour regulation and interference.

This will NOT gain Cameron votes. No, not even a poll lead. It is the wrong speech. It will merely serve to continue to identify the Tories with all other (which is to say, leftist) politicians in the UK.

Better the devil you know, eh?

This is something he said:-

Seeking to portray himself as a national leader above partisan concerns, Mr Cameron asked Gordon Brown to bring forward legislation to increase protection for savings and overhaul the rules covering the collapse of banks.

Conservative MPs will vote with the Government in the national interest, Mr Cameron said, dropping earlier objections to some parts of the legislation.

He said: “We are all in this together. Let us stick together and together we will find a way through.”

He added: “Everyone needs to know that we are doing everything we can to help you keep your job, your saving, your pension, your mortgage safe, that we are not playing politics with this and we will always do the right thing to protect your job, and your pension.”

Nah, Dave. You’ve lost it. Sorry. You have just snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.


Am I the only person who thinks that “Mortgage” has become a “terror-word”, deployed by lefty journalists (most of the buggers as we all understand) to whip up pro-Gordon sentiment to bash capitalism? I thought that, so long as you can pay it ongoing, as per the original terms, then they can’t foreclose, even if they are Northern Wreck. Or has the law been changed while our back was turned?

John McCain Gambles…… And your point is….?

David Davis

Hands up now!

Who plays the Lottery here? (Or whichever is your national or Euro one? it’s all the same?)

Honestly, I’m such a slow bumpkin sometimes. I’ve picked up the latest Democrat lefty smear-jibe via The Remittance Man, whose women I periodically check from whom I get occasional useful hat-tips.

Read the blogpost. You’ll see that it’s a case of “Parturiunt montes: tamen nascetur ridiculus mus”.

Blast from the Past: Post-Modernism and Hot Air

Sean Gabb

Free Life Commentary,
an independent journal of comment

published on the Internet
Issue Number 51

9th July 2001

Review Article by Dr Sean Gabb
Deep Citizenship
Barry Clarke
Pluto Press, London, 1996, 168pp, £10.99 (pbk)
(ISBN 0 7453 11016)

Every so often, I gather up a mass of the review copies I have been sent of new books and take them to the nearest charity shop. The book that I am briefly reviewing here has lain unopened on a shelf for about five years. Looking through it, I realise I should have made an effort with it, as it is deserving of some notice. I cannot be bothered to give it a full scale review. But here are my brief thoughts on it.

I used to be troubled by the post-modernists. Whenever I looked into their works, I found them full of claims that everything I believed was wrong, with arguments in support that sounded impressive but always seemed just outside the range of my understanding. I would look up from the page feeling distinctly unintelligent. Perhaps, I would think, I was an intellectual incompetent. Perhaps I was able to travel easily enough along paths that generations of previous thinkers had made smooth and provided with sign posts, but not to strike out in new directions which might lead more directly to the truth, but where the ground was still uneven. It took me a while to realise that this was one of the main objects of post-modernism, and that the arguments themselves, so far as they could be translated into normal English, were just hot air.

Post-modernism is the last refuge of people who realise they have been wrong for most of their adult lives, but who for reasons of pride or career cannot make a full recantation. They simply claim that circumstances have changed, and that because of this all the old ways of thinking and doing things are obsolete—not just their own, but also those of their opponents. Without ever admitting to having been wrong in the past, they have abandoned their old positions in favour of new ones from which they can continue sneering at everyone else and preening themselves on their own effortless superiority and fitness to rule.

To some extent, this is an improvement. Our musical establishment, for example, will never admit that composers like Hans Werner Henze were charlatans; and so any theory that lets them start commissioning real music again without public embarrassment must be a relief. It is the same with the more intelligent socialists. If talking about “post-Fordism” lets them forget about their printing press and machine gun economics, we all gain.

As well as benefits, however, post-modernism has its costs. In politics, for example, though it may disguise a retreat from evil, it also disguises much remaining or even new evil. The old socialists may have been wrong, but they usually argued in the normal way from their premises; and their opponents could see where and why the arguments were wrong. The post-modernists prefer to advance behind a barrage of ambiguity and verbal tricks. We can suspect their intentions, but these are plain only to the initiated.

Turning to the work under review, it is almost a classical illustration of these faults. According to the puff on its back cover,

[p]olitics is on the verge of a radical break with the past, permitting a post-liberal democratic politics that is relevant to the politically empowered individual. Yet such empowerment is only possible against the backdrop of a re-conceptualisation of citizenship.

The author spends 125 pages arguing for these propositions; and, so far as I can tell, he fails to establish either of them. He begins with the standard claim, that

Marxism, as a systematic ideology, is by common consent, dead [Dr Clarke's punctuation]. But… liberalism, or at least that part of it that takes European history and purely European characteristics as universal, and that part of it that takes civil society as unpolitical, is equally dead.[p.15]

Of course, he nowhere proves this second part of his claim, or even seriously tries to. He never tries to show what is bad about limited government, or how the laws of demand and supply stop working in places like Africa and Central Asia, or how the health, wealth and happiness that derive from respect for these things are either bad in themselves or regarded as irrelevant by non-Europeans.

A few moments’ thought should be enough to tell anyone that European history and characteristics are of supreme importance, so far as they allow people to understand or join the only real civilisation that has ever yet existed on this planet. It is wrong to despise people because they come from cultures that have not our heritage of legal and scientific progress. It is wrong to expect them to put away all their local customs, and to dress and eat and worship and be entertained exactly as we are. It is also false to claim that European civilisation is entirely the achievement of Europeans, owing nothing to the genius of earlier times and other places. Even so, the basic elements of European civilisation are of universal value, and must be accepted by anyone who does not wish to remain poor and oppressed.

All Mr Clarke does succeed in showing is a reason to cut off all public funding to the University of Essex, which employs him as a lecturer—and where I understand he is thought to be tremendously clever.

Indeed, his book is so opaque that even its intention would have escaped me without the back cover to act as a guide—a back cover that was probably written by somebody else.

The first private space ship in Earth orbit!

David Murphy

Forget about failed banks and corporate communist bailouts, this is the top story today.


Just some examples of why bureaucrats and safety-Nazis will have to be sent somewhere to recover…


And here.

And here.

David Davis

This is where the Udenopticon will be

(NB! The videos refer to the populated Berneray – not the uninhabited one which was originally intended!  – Blogmaster.)

David Davis

Do you remember when I suggested what would be done with captured socialists, other similar fascist-lefty right-wing scum, bureaucrats (same thing), stalinist Wireless Tele Vision “Tycoons” and the rest of the Enemy Class who would not beg to break stones and heft bricks in our nirvana? Well, here it is. Berneray…but I changed my mind later:-

Actually, now I think about it, Berneray is too flat, too benign now, too near other islands, and has people living on it, and actually looks quite civilised. There are even roads and live buildings and quite nice houses (all of which would have to be ruined first before turning it into a prison for lefties.) I will put the buggers on St Kilda instead:-

The irony of its status as a “United Nazis Nations World Heritage Site” will not be lost on the new, albeit slightly unwilling, inhabitants:-

It’s a pity really, that it’s not further away from us than it is. I suppse we could put them on South Georgia instead (see below) but there are two issues: (1) They are too far away to have a cheap eye kept on them and be serviced with daily rations, and (2) fascist idiots like the Soviets Russian Government might try to “rescue” them while our back is turned one night.

Richard Hammond is a driving God

David Davis

Libertarians will like this car. If a true libertarian state was to come about, then i expect they, and the petrol, would also beocme far cheaper, and we could all enjoy one.

Fractional Reserve Banking

Freedom and Whisky puts it in its proper place.

Funny video of Paxo being done by Michael White and Guido Fawkes

Nice cars…shame about the tyres.

Obama lampoon’s animal house

ID cards: want to stop this Stalinist GramscoMarxiaNazi plan from happening? First, watch the funny video…


Global stalinist bank meltdown…no money…F1 “chiefs” voice fears

David Davis

Formula -1 is, in the final analysis, a quite libertarian sport. Not like the Stalinist collectivist flag-waving “olympics”, in which States pretend to idolize individuals, but don’t mean it at all, for there is no champagne or cups. The regulation bureaucrats, such as the “Regional Prime Minister of upper-Thuringia-Alsace” (er…I made it up, but he probably exists) troop on but are relegated mercifully to secondary supporting roles, like handing up the cup.

In the end, it’s this. It comes down to how good a driver or his engineers, or his computer-techies, are. I would like it to be cleaned up just only a little bit, so that we could have some more excitement while yet preserving the individuality.

Gerhard Berger, great guy, good driver, thinks this. I think so too. if the buggers want £300 million a year for a couple of engines and about 8 tyres and a driver and a petrol hose, then right now it’s not going to happen like before. Especially if half the banks who used to sponsor them don’t exist or are bust.

The whole sport should gird itself up, grit its teeth, and follow our new suggested model, which will both make it cheaper to enter and also more fun.

Techie stuff, war and Marianne Mikko

David Davis

(Oh, and Obnoxio the Clown has noticed Marianne Mikko, wallowing in his own distress, too. I do not know what this man has against bloggers, except that bloggers, being unpaid sovereign individuals, have no interest in any thing but saying what they think the truth is. I wonder what he would do with socialist anti EU bloggers? There must be some.)

Those grand heroes at The Landed Underclass, who always do more than their duty in the current-and-to-be-sadly-continued titanic battle for liberty (and no, DD here didn’t join up to be shot at, honest, Guv) have also noticed that the awful EU-neoGestapo-man Marianne Mikko, an Estonian person who thus ought absolutely to know better than to be in favour of muzzling inconvenient opinions, has it in for bloggers.

I suspect the chaps at TLU are fellow-techies: here’s a couple for you, lads:-

And here’s a sadder one. Shame they didn’t put in a better armour belt, or at least flash-proof doors in the turret inter-stages and lobbies – and in the secondary-armament-lobbies too, where it actually went off, on the day. Seydlitz learnt it at Dogger Bank, more than a year before Jutland – why not us? (Or don’t we care about winning and defeating evil?):-

Here’s Seydlitz stuff too for you techies:-

Thanks to Peter Davis, Libertarian Alliance Youtube Research Officer, for help here.

Things must be getting worse than we thought

David Davis

Poor, stressed 183-year-old Hugh Hefner, boss of the bunny thingy, may have to sack staff. Playboy’s shares have lost even more value…well, with the increasingly ready availability of pretty girl pics on the internet, what does one want to buy “Playboy” for?

Oh well, I expect that The Remittance Man will show us where the excess bunnies have gone instead, and I do hope TRM will re-attire them in something less (less is more, here) and give them some brunette (or even darker) hair-colouring. Getting rid of the very very dated high-leg rubbish, that awful shiny creasy thick material they make the swimsuits out of, and the tights (yuk-k-k-k!) would be a start. The rabbit-ears don’t do much either; since most men don’t, in my experience, want to shag rabbits.

I wonder what it is they are all looking at, of camera-down-right?

Russia today: so good that I could almost have written it myself…

…but I didn’t.

David Davis

States are beginning to make blogging illegal

David Davis

According to Obnoxio the Clown, Italy has already done it. I guess we’d all better build some servers.

Or we could all just blog without headlines. And Guido has spotted that the Irish have spotted something too.

Science confirms enviromoonbat hypocrisy…”I’m all right Jack, I’m pulling up the ladder, and f*** you.”

David Davis

Hat tip Moonbattery.

For example, Trudie Styler, the wife (no harm in that) of a “pop singer” (no harm in being that either, except for the name of the pop group) flies round the world with an entourage, (in “Jet” “Planes”, I must presume – it would be sweaty, or freezing, and too long, to to go in a Dakota I think, and the toilet would leave something to be desired) defending rain forests against global warming and stuff.

But I liked what “Sting” said about things in his life in the Sydney Morning Herald. I hope he believes it.

Defending [a] Libertarian nation[s] from such things as protests about “unfair tax competition”, and other marxist twaddle

David Davis

We haven’t done ship stuff for a while – except to mention that the RN now has more admirals than ships (and we didn’t mean “big” ships either – we’ve included the lot….and admirals still come out ahead.

Well, it’s an excuse for some big-ship pron:-

Thsi one has a pretentious and irrelevant sound track, but is technically interesting:-

This is educational regarding a famous class of ships:-

Good archive photos of Warspite, but says little about individual actions portayed:-

And here’s some American stuff, probably more recent. Must be a practice of some kind as it’s too stately for reality:-

Whatever, if a libertarian nation was to come into being, I imagine it would face immediate threats from most quarters. Its very existence would expose, mortally, the now-dangerous hideousness of ordinary modern states, with the previously-usual machinery installed in them such as “taxation”….”surveillance”….terror-police….identity cards….”enviro-crime”….”the national curriculum”….”citizenship” classes in schools….”public-private-partnerships”….”social workers”….and the like.

All the above machines would be next-to-useless today, but the fledgeling libertarian state would need some kind of credible way of defending itself, at least in the initial stages of its existence when old-type “Big-States” still think it can be overpowered on some pretext, before their own slaves notice it and all try to do a runner.

I think that defensive power greater than any combination of two or three Big-States that decide to gang up for a mugging, would be needed. Then, we could afford possibly to wait out the period in which they fall over, just like the USSR. It would be shorter than the cold war, as we would be VERY libertarian, instead of just vaguely-capitalist/corporatist-with-a-thin-veneer-of-liberty….and the contrast would be striking, and (for a little while yet) the internet exists.

F1: Mark Webber takes you round the Singapore night-race this weekend.

David Davis

If I as a libertarian was running Formula-1, I’d probably throw away some of the rules, as restricting the fun, frolics, f***-ups and offs. The objective ought to be to keep more drivers in the race for longer, while increasing the number of incidents of all kinds. The races should still be short, under three hours, otherwise we might just as well all go to Le Mans or on Top Gear with those humorous madmen who drive across continents in disreputable old bangers costing $5…

We’d probably relax the car specs compared with now, and go to bigger engines both for endurance and cheapness, to encourage more teams and make the entry-cost lower. A 2.4-litre V8 that needs to do upwards of 17,000 RPM, for up to 500 miles, and provide something like 800 or 900bhp, is just madness on stilts. Put these in road-cars as-is, to do the usual 4,000-ish, where they belong – and get real about racing engines.

Much, much longer circuits, such as the old Hockenheim which disappeared for miles through proper forest, would come back. See our Lancashire one which we proposed a little while ago. We might even get 10 laps of the M25! That would test engine endurance a bit, here:-

And on-track real-time repairs (you could drop the mechanics, with their tools and stuff, right “on” the beached car, by helicopter) would be allowed. There’d be more hazards as a result, which will be more fun.

Such rules would re-advantage the Anglosphere and the Germans, which is what we want now. We and they are good at responding to stress under fire- this would also have the benefit of re-disadvantaging Ferrari, who, with their friends in Paris, re-jig the rules in their favour every time they are losing out a bit.

An injection of a little libertarianism will not do this sport any harm.

Quote of the day. Too good not to be shared…

David Davis

From the comment thread on Guido (“enemy of state” article) today:-

Minekiller said:-

Lots of Labour voters can read and write…the problem is it is ridiculous shite, it is nonsenscial academic waffle based on other ridiculous academic waffle, extrapolated from other ridiculous academic waffle written by a couple of guys – such as Herr Marx, who couldn’t get real jobs…

Plus, after they have written this ridiculous waffle they are sorely tested to understand themselves, but are convinced they are intelleckshuls…..

How much is a trillion, again? Daubenmire/dave knows!


Yeh, a trillion is a biggish number, Dave. Even the Universe will not last that long.

Just count the dried peas, man.

Here’s what we said about a billion some time ago.

And here are our trillions.

and our GOLD. £100 billion of it.

Can anybody tell me why enemies of liberalism fail in their first duty to themselves and their cause: which is to take the piss out of us?

David Davis

No comment needed.

Ah…of course…we should have known. The Marxist CofE Archbishops do.

David Davis

Here, you can see the whole sad thing, but…

…to prove my point in the title, I have to quote directly from the article:-

The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, condemned the financial traders who made millions by driving down the share price of leading banks as “bank robbers and asset strippers”.

In a powerful speech to City bankers on the effects of the credit crisis on Wednesday, he denounced the “Alice in Wonderland” world of global finance where short-sellers profited by laying bets that shares in HBOS would fall in price.

Meanwhile the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, warned in a magazine article that modern devotion to the free market is a form of idolatry and that Karl Marx was right in his analysis of the power of “unbridled capitalism”.

The pair’s attacks came following a tumultuous week in which four major financial institutions went bust or were taken over, triggering multi-billion pound government rescue plans to steady the markets, after traders targeted banks that had been weakened by exposure to unrecoverable mortgage debts and a reduced ability to borrow money.

I have to say, here, that I originally thought that Dr John Sentamu was (what messrs Sellar and Yeatman called, in “1066 and all That“) a Good Thing. But sadly, he’s turned out to be just as bad a fascist lefty as all the other Stalinist/de-Christianising redistributionist terroristloving Devilworshipping lefties of today’s Chief officers of the Church of England. John Carey was probably the last Archbishop of the CofE who could be called (more or less) Christian.

And…let’s just straighten this out while I’m on fire…the “women priests thing” is not the problem. It is a Feminazi sideshow, conducted merely to undermine the CofE as an Anglospheric Institution, which used once to act to do great good, for more people, for less money, and in less time, that socialism and “big-state-charity paid for out of taxation. the Feminazi thing, and the aggressive promotion of “gay” priests, to help shatter the bonds of memory about ordinary charity and Christian life in England. It has largely succeeded.

( Regarding the “molestation” issue, many priests, in all times, and in all religions, have liked choirboys or over-young girls. I submit that it’s to do with the emotionally-highly-charged states that lonely men and inspired young people, forced together in concentrated study and practise of skill, can reach, in the environment of a grand and numinous building, and in the presence of very very large, expressive music and deep emotions. Anything that went on as a result ought to have been merely a matter for the civil authorities, if their voters decided to take a position…which under Liberal Classical pluralist democracies, they have been allowed to for the first time!)

(Furthermore, nowhere, nowhere did Jesus Christ ever say that women could not minister to His Word, nor that they could not bear His Witness to others. Indeed, Mary Magdelene did more than her heroic duty in this regard, in her life, in Jesus’s own time. He just didn’t think it was worth mentioning separately: he had other stuff to do.)

But I digress (shut up, you KNOW you like it!) Let’s get back to hysterically chewing the trousers and underpants off the two English Archbishops, who have so disgraced themselves, in public, and who have yet again succeeded in shooting capitalism, the ONLY father of Freedom and Natural Rights, in the foot.

I have to quote Sentamu again:-

Speaking to the Worshipful Company of International Bankers (what’s this? Ed.), Dr Sentamu said: “Those who made £190million deliberately underselling the shares of HBOS, in spite of its very strong capital base, and drove it into the bosom of Lloyds TSB, are clearly bank robbers and asset strippers.

“We find ourselves in a market system which seems to have taken its rules of trade from Alice in Wonderland, where the share value of a bank is no longer dependent on the strength of its performance but rather on the willingness of the Government to bail it out, or rather on whether the Government has announced its intentions so to do.”

Dr Sentamu will speak in New York on Thursday as the United Nations hosts a summit on the progress made by world leaders to end poverty. (Next post: how to staple jelly to the ceiling. Ed.)

He clearly has understood nothing. Which is to say, that the price of something is what someone else is willing to pay for it now, and which can be known right now (today) or else also estimated in the future IF all other factors are equal and the Bank’s (or whatever’s) behaviour is unaltered (say 6 months’ time or whatever.)

Or, he has been got at, by whatever Nazis and other fascist lefty scumbags are at work inside the fabric of the Church of England.

I did admire the silly bugger. In the face of white-hot post-Christian Blairism in Britain, Sentamu deliberately baptised real people, by Total Immersion, in public. He could have been hauled off, and even martyred by Stalinist shits and twats like David Blunkett and Ed Balls and “Jacqui” “Smith” (such an anodyne name, for such a person!)

YOU know! Hate-crimes, and all that anti-Western, fascist leftist multiculturalistical shit. But he did it. I think he’s been got at by the other bugger, the Welsh windbag with the bushy eyebrows.

You might buy a used car from him, but would you let him hold your baby?

You might buy a used car from him, but would you let him hold your baby?

Good stuff.

David Davis

To the UK Libertarian Party, you have grown up, and you have the philosophical basis now to fight elections.

You’ll fail at first. Badly. But you knew that before you set out.

Good chaps, dear boys. Let’s try to do well now!

If “Libertarianism in one country” is to be tried (it has to be, sometime, or else we here have wasted our time and should just go and do subsistence-farming until the (rush)lights finally go out) then I’m not sure…

…what can be done with only “40 ships”.

Apparently, there are more admirals than ships now.

The whole point about this blog is that we have to decide whose side to choose, and fight for it. We may have to, sadly. And if we can’t stop the buggers arriving to trash us, we are lost. The odd Typhoon will just not do. (And the Americans will not come, this time: I can’t blame them. They’ve done enough, and are tired, and they do have their own problems right now.)

The protection of the idea of Libertarianism, as a way of seeing how people relate, get on, co-operate and make progress for all of Mankind, will come down to a war, in the end. I am sorry but I think it will.

And worse, our state schools are producing stupidized young people….(you have to be intelligent and well-educated in the Liberal Classical tradition: both to stay alive, and to know how best to “interpret” “orders”…)

Smoking ban beaten at last!

David Davis

You saw it here first! Now, you can safely and legally smoke in pubs, bars, shops, cars, vans, restaurants, government offices, schools, swimming pools (i guess) and IN FRONT OF COUNCIL Soviet OFFICERS, when tyey “visit” your “home”.

OK so he’s lost it … Well, Ferrari need to be helped, and they are in the EU after all, and we are not, and hey! Hamilton is even black!

David Davis

Brian Mickelthwait, libertarian blogger, talks about cricket the whole time, so I guess that lets me bore you abour Formula-1.

I would have bet £500,000 on this appeal result, if I had had the moolah to hand. I’d have guessed 1000:1 that McClaren win and 1:11-on that Ferrari get what they want (which they did.)

Am I the only person who thinks that the FIA have it in for British teams right now – and – worse – that the “Europeans” (especially dyed-in-the-wool Savoyards like Ferrari) can’t stand being shown up by a “black” driver (who’s British, which makes it even worse!)

Whats that thing on his head?

What's that thing on his head?

Four cheers for the devil …

David Davis

… for standing up for individual property rights. More important, even, than clean drinking water for all the world’s children, as advocated nobly and forcefully by Bjørn Lomborg (or is it Lombørg? I don’t know.)

The Devil was merely getting at Private Eye. But the strategically-underlying point he makes is seminal (this is a un-PC banned-word now.)

Is “anthropogenic global warming” a chamberpot of flim-flam after all?

David Davis

Bishop Hill thinks that the UK’s Meteorological Office might be publicly trying to hide the fact that they suspect it too, while pretending not to.

There’s even a conference planned, called “Global warming: what you need to know.” it costs £550 to attend, so I guess none of us on here, or from you poverty-stricken lot of bloggers and bloggees out there, will be going.

Sorry, I seem to have lost the link to it.

Lifts into space draw nearer … I wonder who’ll be allowed to go?

David Davis

Of course, writers of “hard SF” saw this coming some time ago.

EUrosceptic blogger is threatened and has shut down…be warned.

Here. And here. H/tip Englishman’s Castle.



Aeroplanes and cows don’t go together, as I said earlier.

David Davis

The Landed Underclass had also spotted what I did, only he was earlier.

We like this.

From Dizzy, via the UK Libertarian Party.

WE HAVE 911 posts

David Davis

THIS is the 912th – eat your heart out, truthers, we’re moving on! (Instead of shooting us in the West in the foot, consider who’s trying to stop us shooting…)

And…you all won’t be able to guess what I’ll do when we have 1,066. (or 1332…)

Sean Gabb was right after all!

David Davis

Even the crypto-lefty John le-Carré now thinks there is a case for thinking that the “anti-terror” “laws” might be an excuse for a police-state.

I’m sure that the PM will say something about “protecting and supporting the British People against terrorism” (or against bust banks) in his speech later.

I caught that rather strange object “Jacqui” “Smith”, quite accidentally, on the Wireless Tele Vision Machinery, this morning. It (the “Jaqcqui” (?) “Smith”  (I can’t often spell “Jacqui” easily these days, there are so few of them) ) was mouthing something about “supporting the British People through a difficult time and supporting the Prime Minister while he “gets on with the job” “. All I was trying to do was change channels to “CeeBee-Bies”, for our littlest boy. And I got “ministers”…oh well.)

Rampaging cows panic spectators at Air Show on Isle of Wight

David Davis

Oh, well, that’s it then. No more air shows. The safety-Nazis have scored another hit, and will now be able to demand £466,000,879.81 with menaces, from organisers, for “insurance”, every time the Red Arrows are invited to perform anywhere. We should have seen it coming, I guess.

Trouble is, we’re too slow, too busy, and too trusting of other people in our country. At least 6,147,375 are now STASI agents. (that doesn’t leave many who can still afford tickets to air displays.)

The bloody cows should either have been MOVED FIRST, or EATEN, preferably at the show.

By way of compensation, there was the Red Arrows again, at Southport earlier this month.

Eat red smoke-trails, craven cows!

Another school mass-shooting…another State arms-confiscation plot?

David Davis

Another one of these harrowing horrors. Finland this time…and apparently there was one last year there too. The Finnish government must think, like ours, that it has a problem with privately held firearms…

Am I the only person who thinks that these repeated, and terrible, events are staged in some way? It’d be more plausible to think that “agences” are involved in these, than in the “Thermiting” of the Twin-Towers. Less expensive: fewer people to bribe, for less number of years, to keep silent. And you only have to rub out one guy (it’s always a  guy…what do they promise him, that so makes him do that thing? Sex? Money? More guns?)

There’s something fishy going on here down in the State-Cesspit, and I’m damned if I shan’t, one day, get to the bottom of it.

I no longer visit (modernised) English Libraries (whatever for?) and therefore I didn’t know about this…

David Davis

Seen by Edward Vallance, at the “British” “Library”. I bet they have “full internet access” (is there any other sort, pray?) and shelves only about 4 feet high. And ramps everywhere.

And lots of high plain walls. Dat ain’t no library. Coulda-been, once, if built before Stalinism came. Not now.

THIS is a Library……

And this……

The colours of the four oxidation states of Vanadium

David Davis

We do this at home, with plain vanilla Zinc (I can’t afford Mercury, although it still might be available somewhere.) the Twelve Angry Men will probably know about this movie already.

Just a bit of fun

David Davis

EU Fascist Scumbags want to “regulate” blogs. I wonder why?

[eurorealist] fascist scumbag MEPs closing in for the kill – they want to silence all dissent
Date: 22/09/2008 18:58:08 GMT Daylight Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Clearly, Mrs Mikko does not understand anything about the recent history of her own country, and what Estonia went through under the jackboots of various other fascist scumbags over the last 100-odd years. I can’t credit that an Estonian person, or indeed one from any previously-grievously-oppressed nation, should want to even think of returning to something like the status quo ante.

Euro MPs to vote on anonymous blog ban

Euro MPs are preparing to vote on proposals for European Union regulation of blogs with the aim of countering a “dangerous” and unregulated blogosphere.

Marianne Mikko, an Estonian centre-left MEP, is concerned that growing numbers of blogs are being used by individuals with “malicious intentions or hidden agendas”.

“The blogosphere has so far been a haven of good intentions and relatively honest dealing. However, with blogs becoming commonplace, less principled people will want to use them,” she said.

Mrs Mikko has proposed that bloggers should be required to identify themselves and that some popular blogs should come with a declaration of interests.

“We do not need to know the exact identity of bloggers. We need some credentials, a quality mark, a certain disclosure of who is writing and why. We need this to be able to trust and rely on the source,” she said.

Chris Heaton Harris, a British Conservative Euro MP, has rejected any moves to “regulate and restrict independent media sources”.

“Mrs Mikko obviously does not understand that blogs have become the life blood of a vibrant democracy,” he said.

“I hope these proposals are kicked out.”

Thursday’s vote in the European Parliament is not legally binding but is an indicator of growing EU concern over the influence of blogs on the internet.

A recent internal European Commission report, leaked three weeks ago, found that the EU was losing the battle for hearts and minds online.

“Blog activity remains overwhelmingly negative,” it said.

Stupid (or else evil) woman. The whole point about bolgs is that the blogger WANTS you to know “who is writing and why.”

really really serious and important non-Marxist stuff, honest, guv.

David Davis

Here. Or, you could think about this less important suff, here, about “Bond” “girls”, whatever they might be. Apparently, they are “feminist” icons. (you could have fooled me, then.)

Or, this rather latish but brave stuff about someone who tried to blow up a German battleship in the war. Probably more interesting all round. He thought it was “so pretty” and a shame to trash it – good chap.