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And … it’s no use telling me to go for “Line-Ux” or “Geek-OS” or any such stuff (always free! Why?)

David Davis

If it was any good (or at least, useable by non-techies who have wives and families to socialise with (or else!) and do NOT have all the time in the world to drink coffee night after night after night as single tech-geeks pleased to do nothing but “solve” “problems”), then they’d be able to sell it, surely?

Here’s some more stuff about the torments endured by the British State Police, in the execution of their “monthly” “Targets”.


Now, I had, about 11 minutes ago, updated this beautifully with great libertarian thoughts. But for some reaosn i was cut off and it was not saved, even as a wordpress draft, which I find upsetting. I can’t be arsed to think of it all again as I am still very angry about the virus attack on my machine, which I regard as a personal assault.

But, either attitudes to crime and punishment among “legislators” will have to change, or “the” “Police” will simply have to go. The latter is more difficult as it will be hard to find the few dozen Policemen needed for a few months, after a Hard Libertarian Political Triumph even in a minimal-statist political climate.

Post number 626 (below) is nasty and vindictive because I am angry, my time has been wasted, and my computer, which is a weapon of war against socialists, slowed. I am somewhat displeased. See below.

David Davis

See below.

When I find these people, the antispywaremaster buggers and cunts, then I shall kill them.

I shall come to your country on Easyjet. I shall kill you. Yes. And then, having disposed of my rubber gloves and my blood-preeof bin-liner (do you know what one of those is?) in an incinerator the use of which I shall have (not) bribed one of your officials for since (it) , (the offical) is untrustworthy, I shall go home again. I’m a Lancashire bumpkin, and, you know, we do this sort of thing to feral animals all the time: and we think nowt of it. Nowt. Nada. Zilch. Like Stalin, we are “serious”, so better not to anger plu.

NB: I’m NOt just getting at alienated-Ukrainian-Geeks – (and presumably Russian ones, seeing how much money is stolen from paypal-customers by same) – there must be some anti-Western American virus-writing geeks also, presumably because they hate “Micro Soft” and “Bill Gates” for taking the precious mysteries of computing and “giving them to everyone” – albeit in an imperfect form…but that, I would say, is better than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick – for we can’t all learn quickly how to “write” “code”.


“Antispywaremaster” … can anybody in the commentariat tell me what to do about it?

David Davis

Oh, and I’ve researched some other death-torments for writers of “antispywaremaster”, not just this one below (I didn’t invent it – ask me who did it first.) Shall I publish them then?

This sort of stuff we have to face just wastes so much time, and I am so so angry. Time is all we have,  after all, to fight socialism and eraze it form humanity’s memory before we die, which is a duty.

I am writing this on another machine, for safety. “Antispywaremaster” is a very clever device which does all the things you can google about. Perhaps some of you have seen it, even. YOU don’t download it – it comes to YOU.

(1) It takes away your desktop, and nothing works except >ctrl-alt-del< which brings up windows task manager. You can then find your desktop by typing in the path, as if it was a command-line. Good so far.

(2) Then it pretends you have spyware and infected files “on your computer”. It also pretends you have what it calls “ILLEGAL PORN”. It even throws some up for you and you can’t close the browser window before you wife comes into the room.

(3) Whatever button you click on, it downloads itelsef to your machine.

(4) It originates in the Ukraine. These people want to be the Friends of the West: they should know better than to do what they do.

Oh, and it hijacks your registry-settings and buggers about with them. Now and then, sort of randomly, so you don’t know what will work when you press anything. Or not.

I will get rid of it somehow, but in the meantime,#

(A) The penalty for doing what they do, will be DEATH. When I find them, I will butcher them. Alive, as follows.

(B) It will be slow and protracted.

(C) PLease note: the following process in this section (C) may take up to 40 or 50 minutes…you need a strong stomach to continue…A virus writer may be hung up, upside down, by its (a virus-writer is always a man and a sort of male geek – why?) feet, with its hands tied behind its back. An executioner, carefully enveloped in a blood-proof binliner, will get a medium meat-cleaver (fairly sharp, so as to “do” bone), and, working from the front, will go down the death-ee from the crotch, downwards, to halfway up the breastbone, past the lower (now upper) ribs, quite slowly, using small strokes, but getting in as far as the aorta but not cutting it at all, nor the renal arteries, nor the hepatic artery, not the hepatic portal vein… The blood-hydrostatic pressure needs to be kept up as far as possible for as long as possible. This will need some skill.

(D) The death-ee/virus-writer may be given, forcibly, vasodilator drugs beforehand, by injection, while it is being held down, to stop it bleeding too much too fast while being slowly opened from its front by the executioner.

(E) The death-ee is upside down, so as to keep blood-pressure into its brain as high as possible for as long as possible.

(F) The death-ee will be left to die but will be given amphetamines by injection periodically, to maintain blood pressure and consicousness.

if Ukrainian people are dong this sort of virus stuff, then these particular individuals have not learnt the first elsson about how we behave in the West. These individuals deserve to live under the shadow of communism and Putin the Pig, for ever.


“Is Tony Blair Evil” … new search engine string

People are learning. At last.

Well, under socialism, what did we expect to happen…?

…when the Police are turned into an occupying army and tool of State Destruction of liberal institutions, and the Army is sent far far away to do policing jobs…

David Davis

Is Gordon ramsay a woman? Does that explain anything?

David Davis

Lovely search-engine string just now: “how did gordon ramsay learn her trade”

Libertarian Alliance Showcase Publication No 10: The Rule of Law and its enemies.

David Davis

The Rule of Law in Britain: Some Editorial Thoughts on Why It Is Threatened and How to Rescue It, 1994, 4pp.
ISBN: 1 85637 267 7

Good paper for us by Brian Micklethwait, some years old now but prescient. No, I am not just promoting Brian in case some of you think so. (A) He writes well, and popularistically, and (B) he just happens to have done the stuff I’m interested in expanding on right now on this blog, in the twylight of the Coming Dark Age.

Here’s the paper, anyway. You’ll need the adobe pdf silly nonsense (why can’t everything be WORD?) as ever for most of our stuff. I want to get it changed.

Sean on Important LA Business in Turkey

Attending the third conference of the Property and Freedom Society in Bodrum (Halicarnassus). All speeches on video, ready for upload on my return to England.

My speech is here:

Stuff that God hates.

Stuff that God hates. And no, it’s not written by me either.

David Davis

Very funny overall. But I totally disagree with God about George W Bush, and I think he’s a cheapjack stalinist Bush-hater for that. (why always the “W”? We all know he’s the president.)

Interesting search-engine terms today.

David Davis

I cn’t really think what to say about these. We do indeed get some curious stuff here.

“Libertarian sick bastards”

“My first sex lesson with dog”

“Note of the music of the libertarian”

“Nasty news”


What would a British Libertarian Party, that won power, od about Mass State Welfare?

David Davis

Good article by Simon Heffer (for Prime Minister even though he’s an atheist, and Boris Johnson for Chancellor) in today’s Torygraph.


Welcome, again, to the Coming New Dark Age: Europarliament to “ban eurosceptic groupings”

David Davis

Oh well. I guess we had just better get back to trying to save our families when the time comes, and grow stuff in the garden, and try to survive. It’s really sad, when the only real option left to us is to simply kill all the statist bastards. I’m sure that neither we nor they have meant it to come to this. We are both at fault. They are just greedy, and don’t know when to stop and go home and cash up, and we have been simply asleep.

It is a great tragedy. Really. Men should know better by now.

Good and flippant article about the new religion of man-made-climate-change

In today’s Torygraph here.

Why what happens to Prince William and Kate Middleton is important for British libertarians.

David Davis

The point about the importance of the British Royal Family is that, in my view, the future of libertarianism depends on how well Libertarian philosophy – and its actual living adherents, who can type and post and get out to the www – survive. In an increasingly hostile world. The political climate is less destructive for us, I think, in constitutional monarchies such as here and in the Scandinavian-and-Dutch-type “bicycling-King-kingdoms”. Therefore we ought to want the survival of the one here in the UK for as long as possible. I think that the William-Kate thingy will help us, as Libertarians, in the decades to come.

True, the Queen has done next-to-nothing as a constitutional Head of State, to oppose the tyrannical posturings and imposts of her various governments, to say nothing of the EU and its baleful effects, but that does not make the system we have a wrong one.

This was out 6th-December-2006 post, the first on the subject and the one whereby I could say “you have read it here first”:-

Libertarian Alliance Showcase Publication No 9: Purpose and Strategy of the Libertarian Alliance.

David Davis

We have been getting recent hits, interested in “about the LA” and such stuff. I thought I would reprint a link to on of our very first publications.

This was published very early in our development, as “tactical notes No 1″. I can’t think of a better description.

The Safety-Nazis wreak their fell damage … again … in Broad Oak, Essex

David Davis

The Daily Mail does its usual recording of yet more damage to an English tradition by “Health and Safety”.

For foreign readers of this blog, whose nations are not burdened by “Health and Safety”, this is a Stalinist, and an especially anti-English, soviet/public sector device for anulling or forbidding anything which smacks particularly of English history and Custom, by making it either illegal or prohibitively expensive for the (usually unpaid) volunteers and/or “local people” who have been organising it as free institution for maybe decades or centuries.

Probably, all that can really now be done to stop this rot is to round up and shoot privately in the night in disused quarries (so as not to alarm a TV-driven populace now hypersensitive to suffering and death) all the “Health and safety” “officers” of “Councils” ( = soviets) and “consultants” who feed off them and pretend to be in the private sector. But – as Auberon Waugh might well have said, had he been alive – “I am not suggesting that we should get too angry yet, for there are more important matters, such as how to re-spin gordon Brown’s image, and MPs’ expense claims.” 

Libertarian Alliance Showcase Publication No 8. “Not 20 million, not Russians, not war dead.” Norman Davies.

David Davis

Here’s Prof. Norman Davies talking about soviet socialist lies. Lies is normal for these Soviet-governmental-type-people, such as UK leftist “Councillors”, and other bureauNazis, for that’s what all socialists do. There is no other reason for their existence which can be explained logically.

It’s therefore their job and their reason for existing – to Show Humanity What Evil Is, In Living Form, In Our World, in the vain hope that the rest of us will learn by example not to follow, and thus to turn away from them and to turn towards capitalism and thus therefore towards morality and good. I think we are losing at the moment.

We MUST MUST MUST get back our WORDS, from the LYNCHERS. Or we will have to kill them (the lynchers.)

I still can’t get myself to believe that the 2008 Russian Government (under the pig Putin as it still is, despite the end of his term of office) is our friend. Naturally, I did NOT speak for the “people”, who, being human beings as opposed to Dugashvili-droids, might wish to be (our friends, that is.)

Oh and by the way, Norman Davies also wrote “God’s Playground”, a seminal book about Poland and its history.


Well, there you are. More stuff about Kate Middleton. It’s probably on.

David Davis

Here’s the Maily-Dale, today. She doesn’t want to be called “Kate”, but that’s probably tabloid-inverted-snob nonsense. If/when she becomes a Queen, they will call her what that bloody well like, won’t they.

The postal services market in Europe: the future.

This is a paper submitted to us, about threats to the opening-up to the market, of the postal sector in Europe.

David Davis

Here it is.


Why don’t the British ever (ever, ever) learn about socialism?

More trenchant comment on Crewe (and Nantwich.) The British flirt with stalinism, then get exasperated by its disasters (for them) and throw it out (again) but then they let it back in. Why don’t we trash all their hard disks and sack all their academics in the meantime?

Will Kate Middleton marry her Prince (after all)?

David Davis

The Sunday Telegraph has this. All the bookies seem to think all bets are off, and it’s “when” not “if” … but they could of course all be wrong.

Here’s what we said on this blog, on 6th December 2006:-

Libertarian Alliance Showcase Publication No 7: Some advice to Czechoslovakia about how to do capitalism … 1992 archival piece, worthy of note.

David Davis

More holiday reading from the Libertarian Alliance library archives. This piece was actually very kindly written by Brian Micklethwait, in about an hour one Tuesday afternoon, especially for me, as a favour to some friends of mine in the trade department of the Czechoslovak (as it then was) Embassy in London, in 1992.



Even more … personalised number plate pornography

David Davis


P1KEY (yeh, really!)

M155 JAP

L8RGE (yeh, I did see it. He’s fat.)

My wife says I’d make a very efficient policeman. I do hope not.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t grudge these people the right to spend their money how they want. In one sense it is good that the Big State still allows this little freedom to strut about. But I’d have thought that the very people who want to do this are those who would surely want to keep their heads down? L8RGE?  P1KEY?  B16 ROB? JB 41? 41 JB? (Same chap actually, two vehicles. Aged 41. (the chap, not the vehicles…) )

Sadly, Crewe-and-Nantwich is not the end of socialism in Britain, let alone the World. The British still need to have their noses rubbed in the ordure of collectivism, once every 10 years, but…

Guido has an interesting take.

David Davis

The question tonight is: “Have the voters of Crewe/Nantwich actually voted against _socialism_ (which, for new readers, is a barbarian/pre-capitalist lethal killing-blight on the face of Western Civilisation, under which mankind will be doomed to Universal Extinction in Time, and therefore the Universe will end its Life dead, as an Extinguished Object) or have they merely voted against Gordon Brown and “new” “Labour”? Not of course the same thing at all!

I think the latter.

There is still no hope, really, for a “Sea Change” – whatever one of those things is. The problem with the British is that, being as we are a good people, we feel that we ought to get our noses rubbed in Stalinisto-Nazi shite every 10 or 20 years or so, as a sort of penance for having worked hard to achieve a better life in the meantime, for ourselves and – more importantly – as a beacon to others.

So here you go…

1906…we have just (1901) expensively saved Africa and all its then-existing and subsequent peoples from the Devil, and we go and elect an administration at home, which proposes that the State ought to do more stuff. Madness.

1922…we have just (even more expensively, and we are actually bust) saved the whole world form the Devil, and we go and eletc a Labour Government. Madness. Thankfully it falls down.

1945…we have just, all over again (because nobody listened to Haig about the Armistice and Versailles) re-saved the whole world from the same Devil, and we go and fire the man who got victory, and elect a … Labour Government. Madness. (My father, a returning soldier in 1945, from Burma, confessed to me that “well, son, we were told, and thought, that we were voting for a Brave New World”. His words, not mine.)

1964…Sex has just been invented the year before by Kenneth Tynan, just a few days too late to save John Profumo (if I was an adult in 1963, I’d have PAID to shag Christine Keeler, but the lucky bastard got her for free it seems – this phrase is to be used to check if people read this blog or not) and we elect a Labour Government. Madness.

1964-1979…Labour continues in power for 15 years under various socialist PMs including Ted Heath. Madness.

1990…The British find even slight success to be a bit tiring and hard-going, and want a rest, so liberalism gets shafted and Labour gets in again under John Major. Madness.

1997…the British elect another socialist: a real leftie, who is cleverly pretending to be a-Conservative-pretending-to-be-a leftie. Under him, this clever man Blair, Britain is turned into a Police State, so all you are allowed to vote for now is lefties. Madness.

2007…Britain is provided with a real-leftie-pretending-to-be-a-leftie-who-is-at-heart-a-Conservative, but pretends to see through the disguise, so he flops. Still madness, though.

Until we get this bug out of our system, the trait that makes us want to think we want to help the “underdog” and that this can only be done – importantly in this belief – by a Big State doing Big Things, we will never break out of the eternal cycle of “socialism followed by a little breathing space before the next round of socialism”.

No, I don’t think the war is over, it’s only one election, the Nazis played the “toff” card and lost, and they won’t do it again as it was a bummer. The bastards want us dead, or at least they want our civilisation and culture dead, and they are part-way-there. They won’t stop now.

The Conservatives are not going to make any real change in the strategic battle-lines of this conflict, so perhaps we should have hopes for a Libertarian Party.

For me, I would like to see socialism, all its historiography, all its literature, all its works, and all its Utopian ideas, actually expunged, erazed, deleted and “washed with bleach”, as far as Mankind is concerned. We can’t bring back the killed humans of course, nor can we free all the slaves, either retrospectively or even today for the millions still enslaved in oil-producing-countries (and others, less endowed) which I cannot name for libel reasons. That is the tragedy. The lost time, and the lost wealth? We will just have to stand it, and try, try to make it all up, somehow, in the fullness of deep future time, if there is enough.

But a grand collective apology, from the non-English-Speaking-World, to the Anglosphere, and in particular England, for unilaterally declaring slavery illegal in 1807, and prosecuting slavers unilaterally thereafter, would be in order. I shall not demand 235 trillion dollars, just an apology. (This was not about slavery at first, but then I shafted the plot by talking about socialism. Ha Ha.) 

Going to the toilet in a Brave New World

David Davis

  [eurorealist] DIRECT FROM BRUSSELS 
Date: 22/05/2008 21:09:20 GMT Daylight Time



Hello all,EU Directive No. 456179/954PE/762 EU/UK

In order to meet the conditions for joining the Single European currency,
all citizens of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
must be made aware that the phrase ‘Spending a penny’ is not to be used
after 1st. May 2008.

From this date, the correct terminology will be: ‘Euronating’.

Thank you for your attention.

Regards Ant
** Withdraw from the EU! **
* No identity cards either! *


It’s barbecue time! (It’s the Anglosphere … we burn food for fun, because we have won!)It’s a “RITUAL”, you know … are not we allowed to have some of those?

David Davis

NB: This is NOT the same thing as what the (deep) Greenazis do to burn food. They really really burn food, in reality, in front of the noses of poor people. They starve real people and cause real deaths, by growing “corn” in the USA and “sugar cane” in “Brazil”, to burn the expensively-extracted ethanol as “fuel”.

I am definitely NOT saying that Barbecueing is any more than an honourable and friendly tradition between friends. We can do this nice thing, in the plenitude of our culinary and agricultural richness (which is due to science.) We do this in fun, to hark back to our pre-pastoral hunter-gatherer-ancestry and every so often to carbonise some tasty stuff over a “fire”, and share it together.

Barbecueing teaches us a little about what we once were, and emphasises, through science and engineering, what we SHALL BECOME.

What bastards the “deep Greens” must be! We don’t do that sort of low, nasty thing here (er, much, yet….) like killing people for actual lack of food, and then trying to JUSTIFY IT.

This is from my old friend Greg Lance-Watkins:-

[eurorealist] Brai Time 
Date: 22/05/2008 14:34:50 GMT Daylight Time



We are about to enter the summer and BBQ season. Therefore it is
important to refresh your memory
on the etiquette of this sublime outdoor cooking activity,
as it’s the only type of cooking a ‘real’ man will do,
(probably because there is an element of danger involved.)
When a man volunteers to do the BBQ
the following chain of events are put into motion:Routine…
(1) The woman buys the food.
(2) The woman makes the salad, prepares the vegetables, and makes
(3) The woman prepares the meat for cooking, places it on a tray along
the necessary cooking utensils and sauces, and takes it to the man who
lounging beside the grill – beer in hand.
Here comes the important part:


More routine….

(5) The woman goes inside to organize the plates and cutlery.

(6) The woman comes out to tell the man that the meat is burning.
He thanks her and asks if she will bring another beer while he deals
the situation.

Important again


More routine….

(8) The woman prepares the plates, salad, bread, utensils,
napkins, sauces, and brings them to the table.

(9) After eating, the woman clears the table and does the dishes.

And most important of all:

(10) Everyone PRAISES and THANKS HIM for his cooking efforts. He
then announces that we should do it again soon!

(11) The man asks the woman how she enjoyed
‘her night off.’ And, upon seeing her annoyed reaction, concludes
that there’s just no pleasing some women….

This is how BBQs or Brais are conducted in Britain, The Anglosphere
and The British Commonwealth.
We do not wish to have the corrupt and centralised, undemocratic
and profligate EU acting as it does in almost every other area of human
activity and producing a huge set of over burdening destructive diktats
employing huge numbers of useless parasitic apparatchiks to enforce
their pointless rule.




Libertarian Party to discuss policies in Oxford, Trinity College. Tomorrow…

It’s tomorrow, Friday 23rd May! Trinity College, Oxford.

David Davis

Libertarian Alliance FAQ 1 … why are all our links to the Daily Telegraph, out of all the MSM? (Well, not 100% all …)

David Davis

(1)   I find the other British national Press functionally unreadable. Sorry. They do not contain “news” anyway.

(2)   The “local” newspapers are just rather light and poorly-writtenmagazines featuring unbelievable triviality, such as “Popular primary school gets boost” … “Top Carer will win luxury pamper day” (a real one from yesterday) or “No-one hurt in milk float crash”. Or “MP calls for (insert your favourite local single issue…here…)”

(3)   The mainstream Wireless Tele Vision is of no help at all in determining priorities.

The death of “Liberal” Britain?

Not what we mean here by “liberal” at all. Mary Ridell in the Daily Telegraph today. How badly will “New” “Labour” “lose” in Crewe tomorrow, if at all? But it would mark a rather big change of some sort, if such a seat, Labour for decades, were to fall – either to the Tories or the sociable democrats.

Labour had better not come third, or worse, for its own sake. Although I’ll not lose a second of sleep if it and all its works were expunged from our history totally, and all the accumulated damage it has done to this nation, terrible to behold in its gargantuan entirety, is magically repaired.

David Davis

New Libertarian Novel to be launched at 2008 Hay-on-Wye book festival, England, 2008: very much, much more important than the Olympics which are a smugfest for saddo fascist athletes who have become thick and can’t comprehend the …

… reality of fascism.

David Davis


This was supposed to be about a new Libertarian Novel. There have also been others, and the one linked is now a best-seller. But as I thought this sort of thing is so very much more relevant to the Human condition than the terribly-damaging-Nazi smugfest-of-sport coming up in Peking, I therefore decided that I’d get my pocket-knife out, to enjoy a good little twist-dig into the upper-chest of the ” wireless  tele  vision  olymp  ics ”  while I am about it, as they are so so important. The 1936 ones come to mind too.

(Er, don’t worry ‘coz-  it’s only a short blade now, about 70 years old, they didn’t take it off me in the passport (and identity) office as it was still “legal”, they only confiscated it temporarily … Two functioning inches left of the Steel, if that. I do try to sharpen it on my oilstone from time to time, but it’s been neglected for a few weeks and has been used for medium gardening in the meantime, so it is a bit blunt.)

God only knows what we will do after we have to pay for the London smugfest in , is it, 2012? Where the f*** will the money come from for all the dictocrats and their Mercs transporting Jerks? I do hope that Mayor Boris cancels this pan-galactic-disaster in time, but as Brian Micklethwait said a while ago, that is too much to hope for.

Anyway …

Hay-on-Wye is a marvellously fun town in the Anglo-Welsh borderlands, or what Tolkien would call “The Debatable Lands”. Go there soon, please do, it’s nice! But not on Sunday mornings, for Wales is then “closed” – as I find rather a lot. Hay has a world-famous book festival, and is said to have more bookshops per head of population than any other place in the world. About two per person, I would guess. Richard Booth is the King of Hay.

OK OK OK, then, here’s the stuff about the novel!



Nicholas Dykes’s new (and first) novel ~Old Nick’s Guide to Happiness~ is
due for publication on July 15.  However, Nicholas is taking advantage of
the nearby Hay Festival to hold a trial launch at Richard Booth’s famous
bookshop in Lion Street on Saturday May 24, 2008.

If any Libertarians or Objectivists happen to be attending the Festival, or
are located anywhere nearby, Nicholas would be delighted to see them.  He
will be there to sign copies, and there will also be drinks and nibbles on
offer between 12.30 and 6.30pm.  There will also be a special price for the
day of £10.00 (RRP £12.95).

If you are able to attend, please do introduce yourself to Nicholas.

~Old Nick’s Guide to Happiness~ presents an Objectivism-based, radical
libertarianism set in a mystery-cum-adventure novel.  It tells the story of
Jacques, an eighteen-year-old Anglo-French student, who goes on a hiking
holiday to the Highlands of Scotland while waiting to take up an English
Literature scholarship at Oxford University.  He becomes lost in fog in the
most remote part of the north-west coast and nearly kills himself climbing
down a cliff.  He is rescued by a mysterious couple, Nikolai and Catriona,
who live hidden away in an old mine, secretly, but very comfortably.
Learning that Jacques aspires to be a writer, Nikolai persuades him to take
a year off to write down Nikolai’s philosophy, a literary task Nikolai has
found himself unable to accomplish.  The philosophy – covering the axioms,
ethics and political principles required to achieve a completely free market
in a completely free society – is presented clearly and non-technically in a
series of conversations between Nikolai and Jacques, during which Jacques
often puts up a spirited defense of opposing points of view.  The story,
involving mystery, occasional high adventure, and Jacques falling in love
with the couple’s niece, Eila, unfolds alongside the philosophy.  The
narrative concludes with a dramatic escape to America when Nikolai and
Catriona’s secret life comes suddenly under threat.

Nicholas has been encouraged by some very good reactions from reviewers in
the United States, which country he believes could be a major market for the
book.  One reviewer, a Professor of Economics from Texas named Larry
Sechrest, wrote:  “This is a very good book indeed.  A major accomplishment
… The plot and characters are engrossing.  These are real people, not
cardboard cutouts, not flawless robots, but people.  There is adventure and
danger as well as warm affection and gentle eroticism.. The
manuscript abounds with lively descriptions that transport the reader to the
“The philosophical dialogues are a most entertaining way to present such
radical ideas. very persuasive.  Positively splendid commentary on both Marx
and Popper, absolutely on target!”

Another reviewer, Peter Saint-Andre, a literary editor from Colorado, wrote:
“Bravo!  Quite delightful.  ~Old Nick’s Guide to Happiness~ is an engaging
adventure on many levels:  it captures the mind most of all, but weaves in
suspense, diverse characters and humor as well.  I enjoyed it immensely.”

First, tobacco. Then travelling freely. Now it’s alcohol. Food’s next.

You just HAVE to see this, from Moonbattery. If these “Vegans” weren’t simply the unfathomably evil and deliberate destroyers of Man which they are, eating (as they must undoubtedly do) LOVELY tasty greasy bacon sandwiches in the night by the light of the fridge while nobody is looking, then they would be just funny.

They are not funny, not funny at all. We should fear them, and expose them, like the Ringwraiths which they are.

I’m not at all sure what ought to be done about these people. Trouble is, they make the subject of “good” Wireless Tele Vision, and others will pay them attention, reinforcing their belief that they are thus right.

Richard Littlejohn and the Dustbin Nazis. I love it. It could be a great title for J K Rowling’s next Hairy Pooter film.

David Davis

All this backs up Sean Gabb’s thesis, which is that while the EU is “a” problem, both for libertarianism and for English Liberalism, it is not really “the” problem. Today’s news re-inforces my own thesis that, for libertarianism to succeed, it must be first allied to English Nationalism.

LET’S RE-BOMB DRESDEN. And this time, for the right reasons; and this time, “ground-zero” is the “university” of “technology”. With a cruise missile, in which the embedded-40-MHz-386 knows the location of the toilets, and also precisely when the EU-bureaucratchiks, who came up with this nonsense, are having a slash. Read Richard Littlejohn (for Prime Minister) and you’ll see exactly why.

We’ll leave the Frauenkirche alone this time, honest, guv. Anyway, we’ve been lambasted enough by now, for destroying it on Stalin’s orders, and we even gave you a new Cross. My generation of liberal English People, whose fathers did the right thing, does not want to share Stalin’s guilt any more, no, not.

Here are some choice quotes form the EU, no less, to back up what goes on here:-

“Councils should set up a ‘police department’ to sift through rubbish to search for the addresses of ‘offenders’ in discarded mail, and issue fines of up to £400.”

“The Eurocrats admit bin charges are a ‘ politically sensitive issue’, and warn of ‘uncertain and perhaps uncontrollable citizens’ response’. But the handbook stresses ‘this lack of consensus should not be allowed to intimidate us into avoiding innovation’.”

Although these only have the status of “directives”, which is to say that other European nations interpret them freely and quite liberally, they are actually enforced rigorously here in the UK.

and here’s what I got from elsewhere:-


Many of you will have seen today’s Daily Mail and an article by Richard Littlejohn.  In view of his “capacity to colour his writing” (as somebody has said to me)  I hope it will be examined at leisure and critically. 


To me this looks like another instance of domestic overkill!   You’ll notice that the directive quoted has been around for 13 years  already.  Also directives are not laws they are statements of policy aims and subject to local interpretation.  All countries except Britain usually adapt these to local conditions.  Our civil servants do the opposite – treat them as law and then strengthen them.    The remedy to THAT is a domestic one.


 I THINK - I may be wrong – that this is another “conspiracy’ dreamt up to agitate us,  There are elements of truth in it of course but I suspect much of it is an attempt to use the antagonism to Brussels as a tool to stop this.  In wehich case it cxould bac-fire for the remedy is closer at hand!  there is also some kite-flying.  


Right here where I live we have no wheelie bins.  We put out black sacks in a heap for about 8 houses.  The paper/plastic/foil/cardboard boxes are well used.  Garden refuse has its own sacks.  There are also kitchen waste (which, because I have virtually none) I ignore.  I haven’t room indoors for another container.  It all works efficiently and smoothly and everyone is happy.   In fact my black sack only goes out every other week now as I recycle so much more.  Plastic was filling it up before!


They have no means of enforcing anything and our newly elected Tory council (plus the two neighbouring ones) have all said they are not going to waste money giving us all wheelie bins.  Apart from those who suffer from age and infirmity there is no way they could get a wheelie bin up steps and stairs into their flats, round all the corners in it, down a high step to the gate.  


I think I’ll let it run a bit longer before jumping on this particular bandwagon!




Libertarian Alliance Showcase publication No 6: Ayn Rand and the Ascent of Man.

NB!!! If the below-tag does not work, here’s another possible one!

With the spring breaks and summer hols coming up, all you people will be wanting good poolside reading material, to garnish effectively your enjoyment of Sean Gabb’s latest novel. We therefore continue the week’s series of key papers from the Libertarian Alliance Library of online publications.

David Davis

Here’s Peter St-André, in fine form, on “Ayn Rand and the Ascent of Man.”

Libertarian Alliance Showcase Publication No 5: State Your Terms! On The Mis-Use of Language to Convey Subtle Collectivist Messages

David Davis

Neil Lock, in this 2002 LA publication from our Library, gets to the root of the problem.

I notice it in British GCSE and A-level science and geography papers and text books all the time.

Libertarian Alliance Showcase publication No 4: The Limits of Humanitarian Intervention

David Davis

With the present humanitarian aid-focus on the wretchedly-betrayed Burmese people, struggling not only under a fascist left military “government” but also the after-effects of a typhoon made massively worse by their own “government’s” refusal to give them access to the available aid, I found this in the LA library of our publications:

It does not specifically deal with a fully-humanitarian and non-political situation such as Burma recently, concentrating more on conflict scenarios. But it may add something to the discussion.

Telechefs, slebs, gratuitous “rudeness-theatre”, great food and Gordon Ramsay.

David Davis

A couple of weeks ago I began the long slow campaign to lambast jumped-up-chappies who can cook well, to whose heads goes the drug of celebrity-power, and who than start to influence politicians (all evil, especially at the moment) to execute pernicious and unthought-through “policies”, the effects of which will inflict on ordinary working people the torments reserved by Dante for the damned.

It seems that the Daily Telegraph thought he was going over the hill some time ago – nearly nine months, a lifetime in the sleb media.

Ramsay is a cook – plain and simple. He is a very, very good one, there’s no denying that: he would not have made the fortune he has, otherwise. The problem comes with all these people when they start believing the notion that the State ought to enforce certain behaviour, and that they and they alone have the power and right to dictate what to do. I even believe that the wife of a pop singer called Mr Andrew Sumner is trying to save the rain forests by flying everywhere with hundreds of staff, to “work on people”.

In a libertarian world, which is to say in reality something approaching a conservative minimal state, the way to influence policy would be truly via the ballot box. I suppose poeple like ramsay are trying to bypass it because they think the mechanism doesn’t work any more?

De-education, de-education, de-education. Further thoughts.

David Davis

Yesterday evening I dashed this off.

I think that the absolute removal of worthwhile liberal classical content and knowledge from, and the hollowing-out of, the British State “syllabuses” is a deliberate act by a socialist Enemy Class, sadly composed mostly of native British subjects. I have no real clue why they want to do this: it seems such an illogical thing to want, seem from my position as a bumpkin. 

They either instinctively hate our culture and what English liberalism is and stands for, or they have been taught to do so while our back was turned, by emplaced enemies from “outside”.

The best way to neutralise a powerful, morally-based civilisation whose people instinctively stand in your way because you are objectively evil and wicked, must be to spend some decades corrupting and perverting its education philosophy, content and objectives. If you are that evil, then you have  – as i said – all the time in the world. The Fabians come to mind, but I can’t credit them with deliberately encompassing that amount of intellectual and spiritual depravity, gestated over so long.


The British GCSE and A-level season is now fully upon us. De-education, de-education, de-education.

David Davis

This is not strictly an “education blog”, although there is at least one of those out there, written (rather occasionally) by the estimable Brian Micklethwait, (that is a link to his mainblog only, from which you can find the other one) and there may be many more such: I do not know: I have not time to scratch my bum right now, and this post has to be done in five minutes…

But, at this seasonal time, when all the British State Property known as “the kids”, which is to say nearly all teenagers, face the first real stress offered to them in their lovely easy modern lives full of nearly-worthless Wireless Tele Vision and other nugatory distractions, I want to point out the sheer vastness of the gulf between real “education” and what they are actually receiving.

Time after time, teaching these poor individuals, I get the enquiry: “do I have to know that?” … or … “is that in the syllabus?” … or worse: “is this an C-grade-question?” (that means “hard”, for those who are condemned as being not very smart, and have to do what is erroneously-termed “foundation”.) This is in response to my attempt to tell someone something fairly interesting – and also quite instructive and useful for deducing other facts about anything – about some aspect of how the Cosmos operates. I could be referring of course to cosmology or physics or biology (classical-, paleo- or the biophysics sort) or even some aspect of history, or why humans and their societies behave in the ways that they do, or why the Earth has no settled climate, and why therefore it’s a lie that “The Science is Settled!” Whatever.

Those who are clearly destined for one of the Two Universities (or perhaps the 8 or 9 others) engage with this direction. Some argue. Some are astounded. Others experience fright or sadness at the ways in which truth can be perverted by governments, or, better, at the realisation that they have been robbed of the opportunity to gain proper knowledge earlier “way down the school”. (Most of these are State school pupils.) Some, it is terrible to relate, ask why their school lessons are so boring and inconsequential, and contain material which many of them suspect (at least) is based on spurious or unprovable information.

Those who are not, which is to say they might perhaps go to places like “The University of SouthEast Working-Towards-Shire”, or perhaps not, are scandalised at being told stuff which they learn (from me) is outside the remit of what they are told to be allowed to know.

It is a tragedy that, we had and have a State government whose “dear leader” made his priority (apart from “24 hours to save the NHS”) “education, education, education”. I think he meant it in truth at the time, although if the only tool you have is a hammer, then the only solution to every problem must be a nail. It’s also tragic that the notion of “free” education, provided by the State, is so ingrained. The State therefore treats “the people” as a sort of “Human Resource”, to be force-fed the stuff that will inculcate the right attitudes to the State, and maximise the likely tax-generation powers for the next Five-Year-Plan.

And to end on a sad note:

Today, I tried a multiple choice GCSE question about testing of thalidomide for use in treating AIDS, on an intelligent 11-year-old who is about to move from a “bog-standard” State primary to a middling private secondary. The first question was “the trials will be conducted by……….?” and the choice of words to insert was “pregnant women: or, volunteers: or, research scientists: or, the government”.

The student chose ….. “the government”. Libertarians, we have a long and thankless battle ahead of us, in which we will all have to do our more-than-heroic duty, unsung, all functionally anonymous, and it will have to carry on very very long, long after our own deaths. But there is All the Time in the World.

Quote of the day: The poor are always with us (but in case they’re not, let’s get some more…)

Great Mark Steyn-ism, from The Corner (NRO.) Since, as soon as nobody is “poor”  anymore, then nobody will vote for stupid bloodsucking blood-drenched stalinism and utopian policies, or “redistribution”, then the buggers have to “go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in.”

So that’s why we’ve got all the, er, certain kinds of people we’ve got, then. They’re brought here to vote Labour, that’s all. No Statist dictocrat cares a stuff for them, or what becomes of them, apart from that thing…Libertarian Party, get your act together soon please! Then they can be released form their Marxist chains.

David Davis

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Re: Common Sense from Samuelson   [Mark Steyn]

Mark, Robert Samuelson’s argument is so self-evident no politician can ever state it. A couple of weeks back, Statistics Canada reported that, after adjustment for inflation, Canadian wage-earners are earning less than in 1980. For example, in British Columbia the median wage-earner earns 11.3% less than a quarter-century ago. The media flew into a dither about all the usual fixes — increase taxes on the rich, etc — until one lone columnist, Trevor Lautens, pointed out the obvious:

In recent decades immigration, especially in British Columbia, has massively swung away from Europe to the less-developed (awful phrase) world… The plucky (another vanished word) of any nationality can overcome anything, as many praiseworthy immigrants have. But any immigrants to Canada without English, notoriously hard to learn and internationally valued — see the April 28 New Yorker story on Li Yang, who literally shouts what he calls “Crazy English” to his students in China — or French, are likely to settle into ethnic ghettos where they are vulnerable to exploitation, including lousy under-the-table wages…

So it’s not surprising that, as a group, immigrants for decades have dragged down Joe and Jane Median’s income.

When advanced economies admit ever larger numbers of unskilled workers (plus a chain of relatives through “family reunification”), they are importing poverty. The President says this is to do “the jobs Americans won’t do”. For the sake of argument, take him at his word. So why won’t Americans do them? Because they’re a great way to ensure you live in poverty. So we import foreigners to be our poor people. Can we import just the right number to ensure that poverty doesn’t “grow”? Unlikely.

There are arguments to be made both for and against immigration, but you can’t be in favor of mass unskilled immigration and then pledge to fight the “war on poverty”. It’s like spooning out a bathtub with a thimble while leaving the faucets running.


Tolkien’s Ring: an allegory for the modern State

David Davis

And this one’s for you, Tony, old chum!

While idly wandering around the Libertarian Alliance Library, I chanced on this and it fits with my perennially gloomy mood about the grand prospects for Liberty in an increasingly statist world. Here’s an exerpt from quotable reviews of the article:

Said by Gandalf, about Sauron:


That we should wish to cast him down and

have no one in his place is not a thought that

occurs to his mind.




NOW UPDATED…More personalised number plate pornography

David Davis

Seen last evening, following each other…

L600 KEN,  J111MVC,  D1NXY.

Closely followed, about 100 yards back, by P16 RYG, and then X4EMA.

In a real classical liberal civilisation, based in voluntariliy interacting individuals and free institutions, it would I think be considered sad, and a bit naff, to want this sort of stuff. But I guess we ought to be glad that the State has not yet encroached onto this little bit of unregulated ground. What shows clearly is the destruction of good taste and aspiration, through State-moderated television programmes of low (or no) inherent worth, and the transient pleasure gained by many through appearing to stand out.

Meanwhile, this morning, we have M1 SAAB (sad),  M13CH X (imaginative I guess), and D12TTO (I don’t know how to decode that…perhaps they have another of the same car?)

I know what to do! Let’s throw pennies at the poor-people who are shouting at us! Then, they will vote for us, as we are “on people’s side”!

David Davis

I don’t really know where to begin, as regards reviewing the comments from the MSM about Brown agreeing to bribe all “state-registered poor people” with £120 each. So I won’t. You’ve all read them anyway. Here’s one.

This is the price of a medium-good night out for two members of the State-Generated-Underclass, in a stalinist-ruined sink-city like Liverpool. It was great, once.

Can’t think how little it would buy you in London: a single trip on the central Line (is it still called that? Not the “Working Towards the People’s Grand_Cross Rail Junction” Line, or something equally portentious?) from Nutting Hell Gate to Bonk (or from Helland Poke, or Shaggard’s Bush)? (Or actually the other way round…)

This sad, tormented middle-aged white leftist man is a contradiction. This concatenation of characteristics ought to be a total tautology, if you think about what sheer internal self-confidence about one’s place in the world the proper understanding of our civilisation could have given to these exact kinds of male humans. (Where’s the confidence gone then?) But …

… Gordon Brown, a professional “student activist” having been the only real function he has ever had, seems to think that the best advice to take today is to “bung” all poor-people £120 each, if they have been “disadvantaged” by the removal of the 10p tax rate.

Wonder how they arrived at £120? Is there some treasury computer or summat?

That’s like a Student Union Treasurer, caught with his hand in the Union Till, saying he’ll reimburse “the members” with 50p each (or £1 – it matters not): but the difference is that this offer would  ‘av’ter-be’  his own dosh. The £120’s will come from the govt’s overdraft, and we’ll have to pay the Banks to lend it.

Old socialism didn’t work, and dressing up the mouldering skeleton in new clothes, animated by a clever guy (Blair) whom they got rid of because they thought he was a Tory,  will not work either. There are NO new socialist ideas. Gramsci is dead, thank God, and accompanies Hitler and Stalin and Mao and Pol Pot, in the coldness and emptiness of the Outer Void. Even Lucifer will not let them in, and hopefullt they will sonn be joined by Brezhnev, Yasser Arafat and Castro officially, if not already actually in all three cases.

(Oh, and by the way, unlike Castro, who has not been dead for very long, Osama Bin Laden will continue to remain dead, like for the last 6.5 years.)

Libertarian Alliance Quote of the Day: Neal Lawson in the Independent (a tautology.) We should start to quote for discussion purposes what the enemy class is saying.

David Davis

“Steve Richards, this papers  [sic]  political columnist, recently boiled Brownism down to one succinct phrase, it was about “making capitalism work for the poor”. Only the problem is that capitalism doesn’t work for the poor. It works to create winners and therefore losers. It’s the job of centre-left governments to ensure that accidents of birth do not blight the rest of people’s lives. The market is singularly ill equipped to carry out such a task.”

And why is the “Independent” so precious and touchy? Just look at the following:

Offensive or abusive comments will be removed and your IP address logged and may be used to prevent further submissions. In submitting a comment to the site, you agree to be bound by’s Terms of Use

The comments are worth a scream or two, but then having read that threatening and customer-unfriendly screed in red just above here, in clear, I personally would not deign to post a comment on its site, even if they paid me. They either want traffic or they do not. Or perhaps they just want to pretend that the “centre-left” is still winning…?




Will Gordon Brown resign, and how soon? Wilson did, so there’s a strong Labour tradition of bottling out. Libertarian Alliance rumour mill.

David Davis

Guido thinks that the soft left have turned against him (er, Brown, that is – not Guido! I must learn how to write.) Since they, the Enemy Class, run everything, I’d offer 5p at 10:1 that Gordon goes by 30th June.

The feeling of schadenfreude, that I can’t help enjoying, over Brown’s years of tantalised torment until he finally got what he wished for, has to be experienced to be believed.

That Indy columnist whose name I can’t remember, and who I believe would not invite me to his dinner parties, doesn’t get it about socialism. he just doesn’t: he thinks people want it, and can’t figure out where they’ve gone wrong. Oh, it’s someone called Neal Lawson, I’ve remembered now.

How to re-engender a love of science and engineering in today’s boys, so that this nation does not sink back into a Dark Age.

David Davis

Nice article about Meccano, a great scientific/mechanical invention, out of Liverpool.

The modern plastic stuff with all the wrong types of dedicated, non-standardised parts, in wacky zazzy colours, is just not gong to do what we want.

Here are the “Giant Blocksetting Crane”, and the “South Shields Assymmetric Blocksetting crane”, both famous models, realised all over the world, for decades.



OK, OK, OK, we can pay Chindia to build real ones for us, but we lose stature as a people if the knowledge of how to make one is no longer present as embedded in the culture, not as folk-memory but as something which people are proud to know.

When I was a boy, probably about aged 9 or so, I overheard a converstaion between my parents and my maths teacher, Mr Roberts, en ex-WW2 RSM. He was advised by my father that I was building fairly ambitious structures out of Meccano, but said that…

“Well, Mr Davis, here in the school, we don’t really recommend science toys in which the young boys are presented with pre-fabricated metal parts – it kills their initiative, you see. They should learn how to machine the parts themselves!”

Oh well, at least there’s K-Nex. It’s a good toy, but not really a patch on Meccano…

I often think about Mr Roberts, who fought all the way across North Africa, and up Italy, until he fetched up as a maths/Scripture/current affairs teacher at my prep school. If he had seen what was coming in the guise of “education, education, education”, in his nation, I can’t predict his reaction. … good dog!

David Davis

Yup. Nice Gorebone…here!

The point is, anybody who says he/she is “green”, is a murderer. Of humans. Forget “animals” and plants; they are for us. I am so, so sorry, but someone has to say it first. You are thus on a level with Che Guevara (and your T-shirt is even less cool now than when I lambasted you before, no, I will NOT let you into my Club) Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Castro, Chavez, Ceaucescu and Hitler, to name but some socialists.


I have suddenly decided that any Libertarian parties should be extremely hard nationalist, that is to say especially British or English. Discuss.

How about the “British National Libertarian Party”?

David Davis

For why, see my comments responding to Tristram on my earlier post here. Er, about English churches being allowed to deliberately fall into ruin, owing to visceral hatred from Gramsco-Eagletonian fascist Marxists.

Libertarian Alliance quote of the day … Polly Toynbee trashed on Guido

David Davis

From Guido:-

Polly Toynbee hates the contradictory “barrage” of comments that follow her articles because she has an over-inflated view of the value of her analysis. Many of us only read her articles for the pleasure of seeing them torn to shreds in the comments that interactively follow. Polly is highly paid and successful because she is a provocative columnist, not because she is a better analyst of social affairs than Frank Field. That is a valuable hack talent she shares with Richard Littlejohn…

One in five British churches faces being lost, if the atheist socialist extreme UK guvmint can get its way.

Brixworth ChurchDavid Davis

Here is where they will be lost.

The point is that Libertarianism has only arisen, let alone flourished (if you can define what we are doing as “flourishing”) in specifically Christian, and also specifically English-speaking civilisation. A great part of what defines this sort of society in which we are (still, sort of) fortunate to live, is the presence and influence in “local” “communities” of a thing called a “Church”. It may have been there in some concrete form or other for up to fifteen centuries. Brixworth in Northants is an example.

I believe that money is denied to these buildings by British socialist Gramsco-Eagletonians (most of whom have now got into the guvmint or are operating the levers of power in the “administration”, including all UK Soviets) for a reason. It is precisely because they passionately oppose the existence of voluntary institutions such as the Christian Religion, the Women’s Institute, the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides and the like, the local Cricket Club, and so on, that they want these buildings, many of which are architecturally and historically important, to fall into ruin. Of course, for them to replace existing human nature with another one in their own unfathomably evil image, a new form of human nature and associational behaviour has to be created, and it can only flourish on the ruins of the old one, in their eyes.

What utter bastards they must be, to get to think like that.

Does anybody think that powerful libertarian forces will become deployable in places such as, er, say…



Caracas (er, possibly! Why? Discuss.)

Much Wenlock (yes.)