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Defending (what bien-pensants say is) the Undefendable; Tesco and loads of cheap food for many poor people, in the Blue corner; and self-regarding high-tax (for everyone else) neo-pastoralists in the Red corner (where else to put the buggers, eh?)

Posted by David Davis 

Tesco is under renewed attack, again, this week, for wanting to open a 30,000 square foot supermarket in Manningtree, “England’s smallest town”. (For foreign readers, 30,000 square feet is slightly less than 3,000 square metres, or about 0.29 of a hectare. this is not exactly very large by today’s standards, and there will probably not be room for selling tellies, kitchen appliances etc.

You should also be aware that the modern British have a very stange character trait. This is to turn collectively and publicly (at dinner parties and in the media at any rate) against any person or enterprise which professionally and systematically achieves a very very great deal of success in its field. Slightly surprised amateurs who succeed, are not reviled and execrated to any like extent – witness Richard Branson and J K Rowling. By contrast, the flawed, wounded deities, who appear to struggle messianically against impossible odds, such as Tim Henman and Lady Diana, and who then severally fail or die tragically, are canonised.

The British have been fortunate to be able to have forgotten what it was like to “Go Shopping” in the 1940s, 50s and 60s. Nowadays, there is a (nearly) free market in retailing, on an American pattern, (except for the mechanics of property development which is quite regulated.) This has spoiled them into needing no memory of what it was like before.

Tesco, one of the “Big Four” with Asda, Sainsbury and Morrison’s (there were five but Safeway underperformed some years ago and was bought for too much money by Morrison’s) has been the most successful and professional in its business model.

That is to say, it has negotiated confidently on price, so being able to undercut much retail competition, while yet having a queue of wannabe suppliers stretching round the world. The result is the highest ROC for sharholders plus generally the lowest overall prices for customers. Couple this with a well-trained friendly staff who know how to “sell”, seem to know their stuff and offer to pack for you, plus not having to drive round for half an hour & then worry about traffic-gauleiters, and you have a winning formula. No wonder certain sections of the British Enemy Class hate Tesco.

Furthermore, they have done the unforgivable; they have (in the words of a lady in the 80s who thrw wine over Sir Terrence Conran at a party) “TAKEN ALL OUR PRECIOUS THINGS, AND YOU HAVE GIVEN THEM TO EVERYONE”.

But I say this: I said it on a Daily telegraph Blog about an hour ago:

Three cheers for Tesco. NO! That’s not enough; four, five, twenty-one! 

Thirty-odd years ago, Tesco was down there in the crud with Kwik-Save, and the rest of the 70s poor-service, dirty-produce losers. Who bothers to badmouth Kwik-save now? (It’s effectively bust anyway – read the business pages over the last few months.) 

More importantly, Tesco has succeeded so dramatically, because it does what we want (And what all you opponents, in your hearts, want too. In your guts, you all know that it is so!) Tesco brings affordable goods, especially food, and especially nice food, to poor British people, which is most of you on this blog! If as many people really hated Tesco as say they do, it too would be bust; it is not – why? Because you all go there, as do I. 

In a sort of pre-capitalist, theoretical, neo-pastoralist world, where there were no “Councils”, and no traffic-Gestapo slobbering their tickets everywhere, and no “pedestrianisation”, and if you could park everywhere in a normal way, then it might be fun to drive into say Much-Binding-In-The Marsh, park outside that lovely little greengrocer that sells fresh local produce every day, queue up to buy it from him/her, have a jolly banter with him and everyone else, then saunter the few yards along the High Street to your car! Great! I’d love it. So would you.

But you were all aslepp on the job while socialist, car-hating Soviets got control of your Town Halls, and stopped your vehicles from even thinking about being anywhere near this poor shopkeeper, so…….he went bust. You also have yourselves all to blame, if you do not like Tesco (and Mothercare, PCWorld, Tiles-R-Us, Staples, Halfords, Currys, Comet, homebase, B&Q….need I go on?) building all these O-O-T shopping centres on farmland and green belt. Enough of you people failed to not-vote-for gumments that allowed local Soviets to allow it.

You also failed to not vote for gumments that cared not a jot for farmers, and used DEFRA as an attack-dog to put them out of business (probably because most of them are naturally conservative – have you thought about that?) Small wonder that they found it more profitable to sell up – their land now vulnerable to “developers” – most of whom are in league with Soviets anyway; foolish not to be! 

If you wanted your “little shops” to survive, then you should have fought politically for the transport and access environment that would let customers (modern ones with less and less time to spend all day shopping for the next day) get at them! But enough of you voted Labour, for long enough, in enough kinds of election, especially local ones (for psychological self-gratification) that you have brought what YOU see as the “Tesco-Monster” upon yourselves. 

Tesco is wonderful. For the alternative, you can either shop in Britain in the 1950s, or go to an average Soviet-Empire town as late as 1990. you could even have European supermarkets, where the checkout assistants don’t smile at you, there are no carrier-bags (until recently), and they complain if you hand them say a 100-Zloty note for Z-68.19 of goods, and you don’t proffer the exact money! 

Think of life without Tesco; absolutely without it, and also without its clones whom you ought in all intellectual honesty to hate equally.  

Or do you all just hate Tesco because it’s successful and that’s what the British do?

The Pedal is going down to the metal. I’m sorry, it’s time for driving forward with some heroes.

I thought I would make the bolg a bit more zazzy.

Here are just six, in order as they appear on the masthead now;

Friedrich Hayek (to be controlled in one’s economic life is… be controlled in…..everything.)

Lord Harris of High Cross (bugger the saddo draggo bozo nazi non-smoker slairs. They are not only evil, but worse, they are boring and sad.)

Chris Tame, as himself (what else can you say?) in the pose we all knew and loved, outside the Bookshop. (Let’s go for a burger afterwards!) 

Arthur Seldon (grand logician and great chap.)

Murray Rothbard (no prisoners to be taken on the way! Press ALL the buttons in front of you, to destroy ALL statism, now!)

And….the Gipper. Sound chap; he, er, saved the World (for a little time, but sadly everybody has now fallen asleep, and has forgotten,and the Hour Is Late) along with The Pope and The Prime Minister (there can be only One.)  All I want to say about him is “and so he passed over, and All The Trumpets sounded for him on The Other Side”. Even if it was only him waiting for us, and he’s fairly unimportant, I’d be chuffed. (I’m a Catholic ,you see.)

Sean Gabb; thoughts on the Human Rights Act.

My first thoughts on this matter;

 These are fairly random jottings put down in haste.
But here go my thoughts on the Human Rights Act.

A declaration of human rights is to be welcomed – especially a declaration
that cannot be overridden by ordinary legislation.  It is hard to place the
exact moment of death, but the English liberal tradition is now dead. This
rested on the notion that people had certain rights to life, liberty and
property, and that laws should not be made, except in limited circumstances,
to infringe these rights.
 However, we live now in a country where the law can be
changed so easily, that there are no laws at all in the old sense. See, for
example, the reaction of the Government whenever a taxpayer wins a case in
the courts. There is no acceptance by the Administration of such judgments. Instead, the
politicians set to work to “close the loophole”.

Or, regarding political rather than fiscal matters, I only ask you to see the first reaction
to the acquittal of Nick Griffin last year. The promise then was to rewrite
the laws so that he could be more efficiently prosecuted next time.

In such a legal environment, laws become a sword for the state rather than a
shield for the innocent. All that blunts them as an instrument of total
despotism is the irreducible effort needed to make changes.

So *a* >Human Rights Act< is to be welcomed, in principle, in a particular sense. To some extent, this means
welcoming *the* “Human Rights Act” – that is to say, the “European” one. The European Convention, from which the
HRA is derived, is a reasonable statement of liberal ideals – that is, it
emphasises the real rights of freedom to be left alone as opposed to the
socialist “rights” to live at the expense of others. Thus, the HRA declares
rights to freedom of speech and association and fair trial etc, and says
nothing about the “rights” to state education or healthcare or whatever.

The main fault of the HRA is that it imports into England the European
notion of abuse of rights.
Therefore, the section dealing with freedom of
speech does not simply affirm a right to say what we like, but adds
something about how this right must be balanced by duties. This is a formula
for censorship, as almost any speech not approved by the authorities can be
called an abuse of rights. That this has not been done very often owes much
to the influence of English judges
in the jurisprudence which is surrounding the
Convention as it stands.

There are complaints about the workings of the HRA – that is makes the
prosecution of crime very expensive. This may be due to various
misunderstandings of how rights should be upheld. It may be due to a more or
less conscious desire to sabotage a law that may do much to limit the power
of the State. But, ultimately, people do have certain rights to due process,
and matters of cost should not come into the question.

To elaborate on this matter of cost, justice is a very small part of the
overall State budget. If there is a shortage of money to prosecute crimes
while respecting suspects’ rights, then cuts should be made in less
essential functions of the State – fewer officials, for example, to check
through our bins or whatever. Otherwise, we should accept that there are too
many crimes, and that most of these do not protect life and property.
Therefore, all laws against the possession and sale of drugs and pornography
should be repealed. So should all other laws that do not seek to secure
individuals from attack on their lives and property.

To sum up, the Libertarian Alliance believes that the Human Rights Act is on
balance a good thing. If asked, we could suggest many improvements. But we
are glad that we at last in this country have some protection of our rights
and the the politicians are, to whatever extent, restrained from oppressing
us exactly as takes their fancy.

Boy of 11 shot on way home from football training (raises various libertarian issues.)

Look, I’m the Director of Northern Affairs, and this happened just kind of down the road (it’s a big place, the North, sonny.) I refer you first to the link. These are the comments I sent the Torygraph in reply.

Everyone knows, but it cannot be said, for fear of retribution, that the causes of these terrible crimes like the death of this poor little boy, are, as follows; 

(1) Very bad (but inwardly cowardly, hence the type of crime) unsocialised young men, caused directly by Marxo-Gramscian socialist education nostrums and saddo-failed theories, that specifically disadvantage white-Western and Black boys, since their prevailing family-structures are the ones specifically able to be weakened by the nonsense pedalled; and that this is probably on purpose (to later expand the population of the client-underclass so that bureaucrats shall have jobs.) Note that Asian boys in Britain have not generally been involved in this kind of thing hitherto (although watch this space) – in their families, the Father is strong as an iconic figure whom the younger family members respect, and deploys his disciplinary weight freely, in my experience of teaching all types. This is good. 

(2) The forced disarming of ordinary people, progressively orchestrated by set-piece-tragedies such as Hungerford and Dunblane. (A conspiracy-theorist could be forgiven for arguing that both incidents were set up deliberately, by………you may well ask…., although we shall have to wait 100 years for the Dunblane facts.) It is quite clear to a child of six that IF nobody can have guns, (or any weapon, you name the next one to be targetted) then criminals and thugs who want one will get them and be the ONLY people to have them. “God created Man in His own image, but Sam Colt made Men all equal” is as true today as in was in the 1860s.  

Until the bad-person realises that any or all citizens whom he can see around him at that moment may not only be armed, but may fight back (it assumes that philosophically they will collectively have re-acquired the will so to do) then this sort of tragedy will happen. Drive-by-shootings done by evil cowards in hoody-stuff are now possible, from a distance, because they know that – statistically – nobody will retaliate.

This particular kind of crime will disappear, after a few robbers and muggers and burglars have been shot dead in cold blood by armed citizens. A further point to make is that as “The War On Drugs” is lost, valuable Police time can be saved. The admirable Police, in Merseyside or wherever, can then go out and crack down onordinary petty villains, who go about wanting to bully young footballers who are doing no harm, but whom they can’t shoot because their parents or other responsible grown-ups, or coach even, may be armed as well! 

So by letting the £100-a-day habit (which is what generates the crime) become the £5-a-day habit whereby addicts can get their drugs at a chemist, they can abolish “Drug-related Crime”. Pharmaceautical firms can then compete in the free market to supply the best (whatever it may be, your particular poison) to the cleanest standards, with the least side-effects, at the lowest price, about 48p a day. Gordon Brown or whoever the Chancellor is now, can then make the 48p drugs £5 or more by taxation, and give the money to the DHSS bureacrats for them to waste in the normal way. 

In addition, the People will be armed, criminals will take fright and wilt, the drugs trade will be – largely -destroyed, and membership of gun clubs will soar; the TA will in the long term reap a bonus from drawing on a basic-weapons-trained population.

The British are the Root Of All Evil (but you knew that….?) So what’s the surprise? It’s the price they have put on our heads!

THIS link will amaze you. Or maybe not. I got it quite by chance form a thread in Samizdata.  31 trillion dollars; that’s what we have cost “the people of the world”, in our murderous, rapacious, imperialistic autistic (I would not be surprised) galumph around the globe…..for five hundred years. And there are actually real, thinking persons, out there, who say that “they”, that is to say, “the people of the world”, want it back. Er?

Five hundred years ago, we had been without our first “Empire”, in what is now France, for more than half a century. About 1776, we “lost” part of our “second” one….

Furthermore, the “Empire” that these clever, clever, articulate, nasty, dangerous, to-be-watched-people on “britishreparations” talk about, never really existed in fact, and came into political being quite accidentally and without the authority of either our people or “our” gumment. I am concerned that a sufficiently large number of computer-connected individuals on this planet is sufficiently ghettoized by anti-truth-Nazis, specially among younger teachers in British State Schools, that this story may “run”, and especially here.

We don’t “do” “empires” in this shop, sorry. Not here. Never did, no demand; this is a grocer’s in the North, sonny. We don’t stock that line. Go and see the French or the Belgians across the road (but you’ll find they’ve “lost quite a lot of stock in suspicious fires in Africa” and stuff like that) or that KGB man Putin whose warehouse overlooks Arab Street, if you want that sort of know-how. He’s got some Empires he might sell you (and……. “it’s all about oil” !!!)

I wanted to put the dangerous buggers on the blogroll, so you could watch how it unfolds – but I guess those of you interested in the aftercare in the community of psychotic madmen who ought to be watched, will do it for us. Please report back to me from time to time.

I am going to tweak the site a bit now. Found the accelerator pedal at last.

The basic two-star unleaded WordPress masthead has gone. I am trying this one now. I may not like it after a couple of days, or I may, or else I may go and “billion-monkey” a few bits of stuff from round these parts; but please comment, for this is a democracy after all.  A few more of other people’s bolgs gone on the bolg-roll too.

A further rider to my Goldwater post (see below):

I remember, aged about 8, 9 or 10, seeing a piece on (black and white) British TV – it must have been the BBC as it was hostile I remember –  of a trailer to a Goldwater television advertisement.

It was very interesting, as it showed film footage of a nuclear explosion; I presume it was either the classic Los Alamos one or a later one. The voiceover I remember perfectly as if is was this morning; it said, in a gravelly Tv voiceover voice that you’d expect Dan Dare*** or other hero to have;


I can only conclude that this referred to Godwater’s alleged remark on the wireless about Vietnam, then only beginning to insert its baleful self into the arses of American political (non) civilisation. he said, in response to the usual question about what should be done; “in my view, we should put in nukes”.

I imagine at this distance, that he was talking about degrading the facilities at Hanoi and Haiphong.

With hindsight, I think that in 1960 or 1961 ish, we could just about have got away with that. It might have sent the message that we in the West were not only the first to do nukes, but that we were also not to be trifled with, as having found ourselves encompassed in the strong arms of science, we would be prepared to not blink first. I think that the pig Brzhezhnievh would have blinked first, and he would have phoned his wicked gestapo-nasty local Gauleiter Hho Chi Mhinh, and htold himh hto givh inh.

But what if we had miscalculated? Wars are started on miscalculations, after all, such as the 3rd world war of 1914-1918 and its second phase of 1939-1991 with an armistice from 1918-1939. Maybe the buggers would not have tried Cuba in 1962; maybe they would, and would even have meant it seriously; who can say?

I do not know, as Auberon Waugh says. However, I also remember a “PUNCH” cartoon, of the same vintage – it showed an embattled Goldwater, surrounded by darkness, and the caption was…

“Extremism in defence of Liberty is no vice”.

The planet is darkening, now, for those who love liberty, as my reader of this bolg knows. Should we adopt the methods of our enemies? Or should we just keep our heads down, and do “The 6th-Century-Irish-Saving-Of-The-World” thing, and just put what we can rescue onto CD-ROM and DVD, for “later”, when “times are better”?

I expect that Waugh would say “I do not know”.

***Did you know? Dan Dare’s creators, and presumably therefore their hero, came from Southport, Lancashire? There was a bronze bust of Dan Dare, in Lord Street, the main shopping thoroughfare,  commemorating his ancestry and town of birth, but it “has been Removed by the Council for Technical Reasons”.

Monday pm. Hmmm….better go to Samizdata for a quick rubberneck.

Samizdata quote of the day, 18.08.07

“I have little interest in streamlining government or in making it more efficient, for I mean to reduce its size. I do not undertake to promote welfare, for I propose to extend freedom. My aim is not to pass laws, but to repeal them. It is not to inaugurate new programs, but to cancel old ones that do violence to the Constitution or that have failed their purpose, or that impose on the people an unwarranted financial burden. I will not attempt to discover whether legislation is ‘needed” before I have first determined whether it is constitutionally permissible. And if I should later be attacked for neglecting my constituents’ ‘interests’, I shall reply that I was informed that their main interest is liberty and that in that cause I am doing the very best I can.”

- Barry Goldwater, the greatest president America never had.

Nothing more to say really, is there…?

A-level results: More jolly meeja-pictures of hysterically-delighted girls. So, where are the boys?

It cannot have escaped anyone’s notice, this years as in the past ones, that all the exciting and excited pictures of jubilantly happy teenagers in the press, posed as in the act of receiving theie A-level results, are girls. I presume that a few boys did actually turn up and sit some exams: surely it must also be reasonable to suppose that at least one or two of these got grades worth chirruping slightly about in front of a camera?

Libertarians are all more or less agreed that the very idea of a “National Curriculum” – that is to say, where the content of State-imposed education, and by inference, leakage and force, the content of most of that provided privately also – is inimical to human liberty and quite possibly dangerous to the proper and truthful spread of real knowledge also. The last is especially the case where an increasingly authoritarian State, such as this one that we have allowed here while we slept, has all its frames of reference and public discourse informed by gramscian marxism.

In this outfit’s efforts to turn all British children into good, non-sexist, dogma-fearing fascists, it has gutted real education and substituted a contentless, feminized, politically-correct (that is to say, marxist) de-historicized agglomeration of “topics”. the preferred learning style, from primary school upwards, favours girls in the first place, and also practically none of these “topics” is of much interest to boys or is presented in a way that will get their blood up and make them want to feel involved, still less to compete to do well. Intra-pupil competition is off the menu anyway, being an “elitist” concept that must not be allowed to be thought of – let alone spoken out loud.

I am not personally surprised that it is hard to find boys to take part in this obviously orchestrated results-junketing smugfest. And then we have the gumment wringing its hands yet again, asking what’s to be done about boys underperforming……again…..versus girls?

Perhaps happy girls sell more papers than happy boys? I do not know. (Have you noticed how all the girls’ teeth are always invariably perfect?)

If anybody has seen official pictures in the public prints, featuring jubilant boys gyrating for the camera while holding A-level (or GCSE, to come this Thursday 23rd August) results, please could they comment? I would be glad to be proved wrong.

Bill Deedes 1913-2007

It is needful, and also an honour, to say something about Bill Deedes. 

We are all journalists here in the Bolgosphere, else why the hell are we trying to save the world (as my poor long-suffering wife puts it)? Bill Deedes is THE classic example of why the only people who ought to be allowed to become politicians, and/or be listened to for any reason whatsoever, are those who have done some other real stuff in their lives. Until libertarian philosophy, and truly libertarian civilisations, are universally accepted as what any sane person believes is right (echoes of Islam here? Except we don’t spread it by the sword, thinking the pen, perhaps erroneously, to be mightier) politicians will be a necessary, but hopefully declining evil. there may even be a need for “libertarian politicians”, except that a hard-core Rothbardian Objectivist, or a Randian, would think this idea tautological!

The Free World is going down into the cesspit of socialist pre-capitalist barbarian darkness and noisome smelliness and megadeath, without even the benefits of fuelled transport or electricity, because those who are allowed to rise without trace under Statism into “positions of authority”, go straight “into” “politics” (or bureaucracy) without (a) having been educated classically, and (b) without having to do proper work, for themselves, or an employer, for money, earned as reward given for value received, conditional on customers being satisfied.

A few weeks’ gap-year-shelf-filling in Tesco does not count, admirable as it may be; the threat of firing is real but the consequences are nugatory, and the cost can be stood by parents. They can continue to study non-subjects such as sociology, at “universities”,  become part of the Salariat, or politicians – I cannot tell what is worse for humanity – with no bad consequences for themselves.

Bill Deedes was no libertarian, and would probably have been appalled to be described as anything more radical than a “liberal” (we here do note for example, that he advocated the decriminalisation of private homosexuality long before this came about.) But he personified the Man of Classical Liberal Education, who when the occasion demanded, could see the world through the eyes of those who were less fortunate, and, without having to invoke the wickedness-based “solutions” stridently trumpeted by the evil, imitation-personoids of socialist tyranny and darkness, could gently prod for good, by appealing to the natural humanity present in nearly all of us. Just read the length of tributes to him on the Telegraph web pages and elsewhere.

Lots of people say “we shall not see his like again”. I understand their sadness and sense of loss, but it is defeatist. I hope we will, for that bodes well for the rest of humanity.

Did you know this about Alaska? I did not. There may be hope for humanity in the coming Dark Age, and the place is so big, and the Greenazis will have no petrol to chase people with, as they will have closed the other wells.

The “prog” said that “file does not meet security guidelines”. Here is the link then;

(.) Just there to the left (sic)…………..


I forced it to accept it by operating in DOS, what a surprise! Here it is…….

alaska.jpg (Jesus H Christ!) FOUR United Kingdoms, and a bit more!

 More useful than France then, to run to and hide in, and with more oil and gas to burn, to keep the planet’s plants running until Man can be Free Again, without a global Ice Age pulling our pants down in the interim.

Homo Sapiens Sapiens may therefore yet survive. We have been through “genetic bottlenecks” before now, and we may have to do so again, if socialism and its current pre-capitalist barbarian warlord allies (and I don’t just mean Ken Livingstone, Hugo Chavez, the chap in Persia whose name I can’t ever spell, and the dead Guava-droid Castro – oh, and Polly Filla,) are allowed to prevail.

I don’t know what the illibertarian Greenazi movement is planning for Alaska, whe they will have managed to pull the blinds donw on the rest of the world, but I hope it’s not much. We’d all better encourage everyone to eat the Caribou that live there before it’s too late for Man.

Also, as the Earth warms up, more people will be able to live there, as in Greenland again. Good prospects then, and I can go to bed happy.

The decline of laughter; very sad. New good stuff by Roger Scruton.

I go to his stuff periodically. Here he is in the American Spectator for 23rd July 2007. (Go if you still can to the whole article; I have merely posted in the link via Roger, to avoid popups, but you will still be able to get it regardless – it will take longer.)

There will be a short written test on the content of this, for Feminazis, Radical Imams, and certain Police officers including ones controlling >censored counties< if they are not careful…!

Roger Scruton for Prime Minister.

(That is to say, in the Interregnum, when Dr Gabb is elected Proxy for Regent, after we have shredded the records and malleted the Hard Disks, and before the reconstituted liberal civilisation.)

I’m sure John Paul the Great and also Benedict XVI would approve heartily!


I could not resist sharing this with my bolg-reader.

Something fun for a change. God, Satan and the obesity-Nazis. And no, I did not originate the idea.

In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth and populated
the Earth with broccoli, cauliflower and spinach, green and yellow and orange and purple
and red vegetables of all kinds, and all manner of plant material that was

meet to be boiled without salt, so Man and Woman would live long and healthy lives. Then using God’s great gifts, Satan created Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, pate de foie gras,
and Krispy Creme Donuts. And Satan said, “You want chocolate with any of that?”

And Man said, “Yes!” and Woman said, “and as long as you’re at it,
add some sprinkles.” And they gained 10 pounds. And Satan smiled.

And God created the healthful yogurt with good bacteria, that Woman might keep the figure
that Man thought he found so fair. (Size 4; idiot chap. Bunner. (ed.)) And Satan brought forth white flour from the
wheat, and sugar from the cane, and he combined them. And Woman went from
size 4 to size 14.

So God said, “Try my fresh green salad. It is good.” And Satan presented Thousand-Island Dressing, buttery croutons and garlic toast on the side. And
Man and Woman unfastened their belts following the repast.
God then said, “It has pleased Me to send you heart-healthy vegetables and olive
oil in which to cook them.” And Satan brought forth deep fried fish
and chicken-fried steak so big that it needed its own platter. And Man
gained more weight and his cholesterol went through the roof.

God then created a light, fluffy white cake, named it “Angel Food
Cake,” and said, “Eat, It is good.” Satan then created chocolate cake and
named it “Devil’s Food.” They ate it also, and ballooned. 

God then brought forth running-shoes, from Java, so that His children might lose
those extra pounds. And Satan brought forth cable TV with a remote control so
that Man would not have to toil and strive in changing the channels. And Man and Woman laughed and cried before the flickering blue Gallium Arsenide pixels, and gained pounds.Then God brought forth the potato, naturally low in fat and brimming
with nutrition. God said; “It Pleases Me that you might eat three egg-sized potatoes per day,

boiled, without salt, as per the directions of the sainted Virginia Bottomley, whom it hath pleased me

 to create for you.  And Satan peeled off the healthful skin of the tasteless unboiled potato, and sliced
the starchy center into chips, and deep-fried them in tasty fat.
 And Man gained pounds.It pleased God then to give lean beef, so that Man might consume fewer

calories and still satisfy his appetite. And Satan created McDonald’s and its 99-cent double cheeseburger. Then Satan said, “You want fries with that?” And Man replied, “Yes! And super size them!” And Satan
said, “It is good.”
 And Man went into cardiac arrest.God sighed and created quadruple bypass surgery.

August Putney Debate with Tony Brown

On Friday 10th August 2007, the LA Putney Debate will be addressed by Tony Brown who will talk on the subject: ‘On Being a Libertarian Entrepreneur’.

Until recently Tony was a senior lobbyist working for the London based public affairs company Chelgate. He has also been a parliamentary candidate and a local government councillor for the Conservative Party. Now turning his back on party politics he has set sail for a career that aims to develop a range of innovative business organisations. A dedicated libertarian he will explain at this event what he aims to achieve and why.

For more details email Tim Evans at

Oh, God. It’s time to see what the film-stars think. Why didn’t we supplicate before them before?

A Leonardo de Ciprio, whatever that object might be, is holding the world to ransom tonight, in a groundbreaking statement of non-intent, about the “policies” of various “candidates” for the office of “President” of the “United States of America”. Here he is, on “environmental policy”. His words are portentious and his delivery is imperiously plangent, yet also studiedly-mysterious  and, strangely, godlike in a sort of benign, fascist and pre-revelational way:,,20050585,00.htmlLeonardo DiCaprio’s Presidential Vote Up for GrabsTHURSDAY AUGUST 09, 2007 07:00 AM EDTBy Nicholas WhiteLeonardo DiCaprio traveled to 14 states in 2004 to stump for Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. John Kerry – but the actor and environmentalist isn’t planning to campaign for any of the 2008 candidates just yet.“I’m still on the fence about it, to tell you the truth,” DiCaprio, 32, told reporters at Wednesday’s press conference for The 11th Hour in Beverly Hills. “I have yet to hear a candidate that has clearly laid out their environmental policy in a way that is inspiring to me.”The 11th Hour is DiCaprio’s new global-warming documentary, which he narrates and produces.Sen. Kerry’s candidacy prompted DiCaprio to become active in 2004’s presidential campaign, the actor says: “I thought he had an amazing environmental policy. But I have yet to hear a candidate that has compared in that regard.”The

Blood Diamond star says he’s looking for specifics from the 2008 candidates. “I’m waiting for the right questions to be asked, and for these candidates to give really clear responses to what they’re going to do in a tangible way – not a lot of rhetoric,” he said. “I want to hear hardcore facts.”But with the election still more than a year away, DiCaprio adds, “There is a lot of time left. …I’m not sure what I’m going to do.”Some Hollywood stars have already declared support for presidential candidates – at least financially. Campaign-donation records show Jennifer Annisto.

Well, that’s settled then. We mere mortals can’t form an opinion until this object has done so. How is it that these people get to be like this? What is it about film “stars” in the 21st century that makes them different from earlier ones, who seemed to have no interest in fascism, and less desire to promote it? 

Look, I only worry about this sort of crap because these objects which perform “on film” are clearly so deeply important to everybody. Nearly everyone I pass in the street will genuflect before this Caprio thingy, and yet I had to be told who he was….ought more research to be done?

Imho it is important to find a cultural way for these objects of affection to be either downgraded in the public view (unlikely), or else to upgrade the general appreciation of Western Culture, a real entity, such that these other objects will fall into their proper context, and their opinions thus properly and rightly, become of no account.

FOR ONCE, SOMETHING USEFUL FROM ME. (Do you self-publish, or want to?)

If the answer is yes, then my good friend Roy Crawford, his kind wife Dorothy, and their various sons and daughters and their in-laws, run a printing business near here. It’s that kind of business we sort of do around here, still. They have just installed……….


OTHER STUFF TO PRINT BOOKS (don’t ask me what, I am not a printer/binder.)

They have started doing small print runs, from 50 up to 3,000 copies, of books for anybody who can’t get loved and schmoozed by the big, politically-correct global publishers, all staffed by the Enemy Class, unless you are lucky! They will do hardback or paperback, leather or “ordinary”, whatever.

Contact; Roy Crawford, or call 01704 544701,

or fax to 01704 544353, or simply get in your 4×4 and go up the M6 to Arbour House, 32 Arbour Street, Southport, LANCASHIRE, PR8 6SQ

I’m not the Director of Northern Affairs for nothing!

Reviews so far of Sean Gabb’s New Book

I have so far found these reviews of my book:

Madsen Pirie

Paul Gottfried

James Leroy Wilson

Sam Tarran

A Member of The British National Party

Mark Steyn goes to Australia. Anglosphere stuff. Interesting posts to follow from his site, I expect. (Yet another long title from DD.)

You can get all the Mark Steyn’s stuff here, as I am sure that the reader of this bolg knows.

This is an excuse to talk about the Anglosphere, a real long-term practical construct of ordinary real people (unlike socialism, which is an imaginary system , deliberately and fraudulently sorcerized by dissaffected and unemployable intellectuals. Beat that, Polly Toynbee!) Societies in the Anglosphere have got the way they are cos’ they are based on fifteen centuries of reality that mugs you with its ineffable logic. The Anglosphere is branded “politically incorrect” within the fascist circles of the left (although they don’t say so publicly, we and they both know that they know, in whatever diabolically wicked objects function as their “hearts”, that this is true, and that they are assaulting it and that they would like it dead.)

My reader knows what the Anglosphere is anyway.

Perhaps Mark Steyn is going to Australia because it’s……………………….

(A) One of the only countries left in the War,

(B) He is a popular global columnist, who I try to read every day and who has even published my requests! (But the Strines don’t know that and wouldn’t give a 4-X for me anyway,)

(C) The next likely semi-global superpower, within the dwindling band of those nations that believe in and supposedly and outwardly love life (and individual creativity and free thought), as opposed to death (and the opposite of what was in the last bracket.)

I got hold of and read, a wonderful and inspiring book, about 30 years ago, called


It was put together by a couple of what I can only assume were Australian libertarians. There’s no wiki ref to it so I can’t tell you more about it in my usually lazy way, but the guys are John Singleton and Bob Howard, cos’ it’s in my library. It was published by Cassell of Australia, in 1977, and my copy came from Calderwood’s bookshop, 461 Pacific Highway, Crowsnest 43-5108 price $2.50, a bargain.

The book itself is a sort of clever and also extremely funny dictionary; it is of all the political and philosophic terms of discourse in the coming Armageddon between the forces of darkness, and the forces of Light (oh, sorry, I ought not to have said that –  I meant liberalism, or the “Anglosphere.

(The forces of Darkness are of course all leftists plus all greenazis which are the same thing (some of which know what they are doing, and are doing it deliberately which is culpable, and some do not – which I am afraid is equally culpable in this case as in any war  >à-l’outrance<    – they declared it, not us) and…….others….I’d better not say here as it’s public, and tough laws have recently been enacted to prevent me from saying their name.)

 The entry on socialism is particularly fine; it is so long, and I so can’t be arsed to scan it for you, that I will just put this, which is about para-3 in 4 pages;

“Socialism is an economic impossibility. When the Market is destroyed, economic calculation, and all possibility of it, are destroyed with it. A Free Market is almost a living thing – it is constantly in movement, as money, investment, production and resources, flow in response ot the individual decisions of millions of people all of whom are trying to mximize their wellbeing, and whose activity is constantly directed by the mechanism iof supply and demand with its barometer, prices.”

It goes on and gets even better. But the point is that this book was published almost half an ordinary persecuted Russian citizen’s lifetime ago, in a country that nobody reckoned on being important, at least nobody on the death-loving, success-hating, education-denying, Pol-Pot-smoking, lefty fascists’ side I expect.

I wonder if we can do a rap on that stuff? Any ideas anybody? All that hate an’ death an’ denial stuff suggests rap “music” to me, somehow. “Pol” and “Pot” are good monosyllabic rhyth-bits, whihc ought to be made serious fun of, as he was such an evil thing, and so, so opposite in all he did and stood for, if that is the right way to degrade such a useful word as “stand”.

My usual prize, of a fake FIAT coupon for a 50,000,000-Euro bottle of State-Champagne-substitute (max volume 30 cm³) goes to the first entry of a rap-death-socialism-green “song” opened, that I think is worthy of it, or who lives in Oldham or is of the right ****** mix, whichever is more strategically useful (aka BBC.) 

Watch Mark Steyn’s Australia posts. I think they will be readable.

Sean Gabb on Talk Sport Radio, Sunday 4th August 2007

Capturing Poles

This from Tim Worstall.

August 3, 2007

<!– –>

Well, Yes….

I suppose you can put it this way:

So the Russians have planted their flag underneath the Arctic to support their claims to ownership – I can’t say I’m surprised.This is, after all, a nation with some experience in capturing Poles.

For me, I have “nothing to add” (as Benes was reputed to state in the Czech gumment’s reply, when told the terms of Hitler’s occupation of the Sudetenland.)

Except…………..even if it’s “ALL ABOUT OIL” in the words of the Poolytoynbeeesquegroupies, and even if there is oodles of barrels of oil under it, the Russians will of course get away with it, becuase they are not seen as “of us”. They are not seen as “western” by the enemy class here. Their actions will be either ignored or praised. I don’t give a stuff personally either way, for if there is oil, then there will be a price on it and somebody will buy it. If it’s the Chinese now, it will benefit us through cheaper manufactures. If it’s the Indians in ten years, then same. If it’s the Africans in 20 years, same.

The only problem is that if there’s a fascist leftist putinesque heir in place in the USSR in 20 years when it comes on-stream, then anti-liberalism will benefit, in a country far far overdue for regime change. This ought to have been done properly in 1945, arguably the only window ever to present itself for this objective to have any chance of success. I don’t know whether to blame FDR for collusion, or Churchill and the British people for understandable tiredness.

Note to All Moderators of this Blog

I notice over the past few days we’ve been getting a certain amount of spam decked out as comments on our posts. I am removing these whenever I find them. Can other moderators also keep an eye out?



News Release against the DNA Database

In Association with the Libertarian International

Release Date: Thursday 2nd August 2007
Release Time: Immediate

Contact Details:
Dr Sean Gabb (Director), 07956 472 199,

For other contact and link details, see the foot of this message
Release url:


The Libertarian Alliance, the radical free market and civil liberties policy institute, today denounces the call by police chiefs for people suspected of speeding or dropping litter to have samples of their DNA taken and stored on a British Government computer.

Libertarian Alliance Director, Dr Sean Gabb, says:

“These debates are always set up to look like arguments between those who want to do something about crime and those who want to do nothing. However, we do not need a DNA database to fight crime. What we need is a reduction in the number of criminal offences – possession of recreational drugs, for instance – plus harsh punishments for crimes against life and property, plus a restored right of self-defence. Do this, and crime will fall back to the levels of the 1950s.

“Nor is it certain that harvesting DNA samples from the whole British population would only be used for fighting crime. It gives tyrannical powers to the STate. “You may insist you have nothing to fear because you have noting to hide. That is your choice. But if you consent to this extension, you are not choosing only for yourself.

“Do you want your children on that database? Can you be sure that some demented government scientist two decades from now will not decide that the surest way to heaven on earth is to stop certain people from breeding? Can you be sure that your children will not show up negative on a DNA database that will have enabled an old authoritarian fantasy to be made into bureaucratic reality?

“Are there no criminal tendencies somewhere in your family background? No racial or sexual characteristics that may one day be again be as unfashionable as they have been in other times and places? No bad eyes or flat feet? No predisposition to obesity or illnesses that it will for the foreseeable future be expensive to treat on the National Health Service?

“Do you want grandchildren? Or do you want to risk seeing your genes scientifically combed from the general pool?

“Or do you want your DNA samples handed over to foreign governments? I imagine data will soon be shared between the various governments of the European Union, which means Rumania and Bulgaria and possibly soon Turkey as well.

“Or do you want your DNA samples at risk of theft from thieves?

“The whole idea of a DNA database is abhorrent. The Libertarian Alliance believes it should be shut down and all the data on it wiped. We certainly oppose any extension.”


The British State-Education-Results-annual Jamboree is about to hit…yet more Stachanovite “even harder-working pupils and their teachers” to be praised!

Seasonal time to bolg again about edducayshun. I expect there’ll be a bit more edducayshun-bolging in 2-3 weeks………… 

Mid August marks the arrival of the British A-level results. About the 22nd, the GCSEs. About a week before either, the meeja start trailing gumment leaks about how much harder everyone involved has worked this year over last, to produce these “ever better” results. at least that’s how it was under the Blair Terror. It remains to be seem what happens under the Brownout.

As my reader knows, it’s all a sham, and a fan-dance. I, and other (some non-retired, therefore too scared to speak out) teachers who are honest with themselves, all have an archive of things called “past papers”. Mine go back about 40 years, to my own. I would be scared to sit my own A-level maths from 1968, without serious “reading up the night before”. Instead, I would probably have to set them to a class of today’s 2nd-year university maths undergraduates, and expect an average pass rate. Now I am sorry if this sounds patronizing and unfair, to any students reading here, and it’s not meant like that; it’s just that my tester-of-truth, the “Any Child Of Six” whom I employ here on this bolg can spot what stuff leaves the syllabus and when. You can almost set your watch by it.

One simple example is ordinary differentiation of straightforward algebraic functions – like

y = 4x² + 6x -10

or even…….. y =  2sin2x

These were set in one of the 1966 “O” level “elementary” maths papers. (I sat it.) They now do differentiation of various things only in A-level, and according to the exam board it varies from year 1 (AS) to year 2 (A2). There is no mention whatever of calculus in any English GCSe paper whatsoever.

The purpose of course of the whole scam is not about letting the students know how badly they are being robbed (they are.) It is to publicly validate the outcomes of the various “Five-Year-Plans” that the English anti-liberal (that is to say, anti-English-civilisation) Stalinist apparatchiks in the Dis-Educationpolizeiamt have wreaked upon us while we were asleep. These people  – Sean Gabb calls them the Enemy Class –  have marched for long through our institutions, learning in dark, and wickedly – unashamedly – evil, Gramscian ways how to destroy us, as our punishment for making them historically irrelevant.

We kindly saved them time and effort by showing their ideology to be diabolic and hideous, since capitalism and liberty had already shown what would be achieved by sovereign individuals instead. But in return they ungratefully repay us for giving them lots of spare time to shag, smoke pot and live off the land in mid-Wales – by trying to destroy Western Civilisation at its root – here in England.

Why mid-Wales? Or wherever, it does not matter….. The tragedy and the trouble is that I just like Wales, a beautiful country near here, and full of nice kind people; I wish it to be free of these awful Silent-Spring-type greenazis, drags, bozos and half-educated scumbags, who hate everyone except themselves, and who just don’t belong among nice ordinary Welsh – Last year the GCSE science syllabus was “redesigned” – I think they used the word “updated” (so as to contain no actual science) but to be teachable to classes by non-scientists. I leave you to draw your own conclusions.

Here’s a useful link to an article on grasstops. I would print the whole thing, but you can find it yourself, and I’d be happy to email it anyway to anyone. It’s about really how Gresham’s Law works in what the writer calls “public education” – (in the UK it’s called State education.)

A Libertarian, for new readers, would of course reject totally the whole idea of a “National Curriculum” – as if the gumment had any business whatsoever in telling people what people ought to be taught, and indeed, what questions can even be asked or what topics discussed, or how, and at what age.

But watch how the pass rate, say, for A-levels, has gone up yet again. I wonder if it will exceed 100% this time? The usual fiat coupon for a bottle of state-champagne-substitute for the commentor who gets nearest to the right answer for the overall pass rate. Your bets to be given to TWO decimal places please, for tie-breaking purposes.

Paul Gottfried Reviews Sean Gabb’s New Book

Sean Gabb in the Media

Two things:

Me speaking on BBC Radio Three Counties about extending the DNA Database:

Me speaking to webcam about the proposed extension of the 28 day detention limit. This was supposed to be for an Internet TV station, but something went wrong with the upload, so I stuck it on Google:

90 years on from Passchendaele, it’s the memorials that differentiate liberal societies from others.

12-03-07_1519.jpgThere There are about three chaps in Britain thought still to be living who fought in that great liberal-vs-socialist conflict, WW1. By contrast, there are about 70,000 memorials to those who failed to return. Many have later names carved on them; the most recent here was only last month. The 90th anniversary of the start of “3rd Ypres”, called Passchendaele, falls now. This is probably the last time such an event will mean much to anybody, as this war now passes fully into legend and memory.

This conflict should be seen as an unmitigated disaster for the British people; the start of our profitless entanglements with the European Mainland, and the theatre of our greatest single loss of life on any one day, 1st July 1916 – a still-open cultural wound that may never be fully healed. despite the best efforts and plans of their General Staffs including the honest and much-traduced Haig, entire regiments of voluteers, often recuited together from the same streets in places like Accrington, Kendal, Preston, Bradford, Newcastle, and round us here, and with their own semi-official Regimental names, were destroyed almost to a man.

I see this conflict as the natural response of a liberal pluralist nation to naked aggression and gangsterism of the worst collectivist – that is to say, European-ruling-elite- sort. We had no option but to “Do The Right Thing”. 

In keeping with our outlook, there is no memorial that is just like any other. the Lutyens thingy in Whithall is a plain, bland monolith almost, with hardly anything written thereon.  The one in Ormskirk down the road states, baldly; “THE BLOOD OF HEROES IS THE SEED OF FREEDOM”. Ours here is I think particularly fine; a 60-f00t obelisk on its own traffic island, with very fine classical Greek temples, each covered with names in its galleries, either side each on its own large landscaped garden, the whole occupying the broad centre of the town’s main boulevard. On the side of one temple is carved;

“Remember that the men whose names live on these walls, died in youth or prime that future generations might inherit a happier world, and a human society more righteous and more loving than those brave men and their generation knew.” I’ve uploaded a rather poor pic of it from my phone.

Austrian economists apart, this is a civilisation which gave the fully-articulated and at least partly-constructed, concept of individual liberty, which leads logically to Libertarianism, to the world. At the time of these memorials’ construction, it still thought the idea so important that it was in effect prepared to die, en masse, to bring it about. I am quite sure that no individual soldier wished to lose his life, but the collective will to overcome outright tyranny was present in an entire population, which I do not detect today. (mental note. Must rescue the word “collective” from the enemy – along with “liberalism” and “capitalism”.)